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ivr. L. 

8 m 

2 ^ ' ■ 

5054 : 



3 1833 01101 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 




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PUllI.^SU'iRS OF TUli B'lSroS ;>lKECT(>Kr, Ni:NV-HyOI.AXO business niEECTORY, 



.tUe Omec'ot^tlir I-ibfAriar of Cook-ri^s, at Washitigion. Wi^S*^ \1»' 

-- (/' r^^^A I 

V i^ * y«f~) rriiUdl by Uam>. AVKKV, A Co , 3 Ci^rnhiU. lioston. ^-^^ \ ^'-V) n ^' 

jW ^■^' :^>- --^^^>-— — 

^ i 

V K I{ M 

() X .,- 

X K W 

'^ ^^ ^^ 1^ s ir I li ,.; 

'I -u 

c (^"T^'^^^^^Tr.T-Trv 



H.l .U. M.I.I >( 

.>JAJ' iii^- 

torynis lonNsMn vf^,! \iiio\i)s"si\ii()v, i k 


u </ r T ir 

^ C^Pf c 



^-.^^vK' H 

J ' The MASSAGHaSETTS register and iDusiness directory.. 

83^9 serial no.LXXXYr- 

1^03 Boston I852- 

yv, 23-'25cin. /:' ^— -r .-V ,/..-./.--.: ^;^i:v./.•^/ 

•V •• TitlB varies slightly. / ^^ '/ 2^ ^^"' • ' 

Continuation of The Massachusetts state record. i 

\ . I 

-. ,- SHELc"^^ ION 61-2060 i 

'"""•■ - , . i 

--■ . . ' ■. " "■ ;■■■■• I 

F3-v^:^ i 736729TI 

' f 





Academies 1 00 

Advertising Index 5 

Ahnsliouses, State 92 

Assessors, U. S. Internal Kevenuc 78 

Baiiki'iiptey, Kegisters in 85 

Banks 579 

Barnstable County Civil OlTicers 33 

Berkshire County Civil Oilioers 35 

Blind Asylum . T 94 

Board of Agriculture, State 95 

Board of Education 96 

Board of St.ite Charities 95. 

Boston Business Directory 129 

Bristol County Civil Ollicurs 37 

Business Directory of Fxjt^ton 129 

Business Directory of Massachusetts 249 

Business Directory of Patrons in other States 9 

Census of xMassdchusetts 577 

City Clerks 75 

Clerg-ymeii 147, 328 

C.jr.v> of C );irt. 33, 35. 37, 40, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 58, 01, 64, 71 

Collect(-)rs of Internal Uovenue 78 

Colleges 97 

Commercial Colleges 151, 344 

Commissioners, Coutty, 33, 35,37, 40, 41, 46,48, 50, 52, 59, 62, 71 

Conjmissioners in otiier States for Massachusetts 104 

Commissioners for other States 102, 151 

Commissioners of Insolvency, 33, 35, 38, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 

58, 59, 62, 64, 71 
Commissioners to Qualify Civil OfKcers, 33, 35, 38, 40, 42, 46, 

48, 50, 52, 58, 59, 02, 64, 71 

Commissioners, State 102 

Commissioners L",S. Court (»f Claims 103 

Commissioners C. S. Circuit Court 30 

Commissioners of Wrecks 33, 38. 40, 42, 58, 59, 62, 70 

Committees of the Legislature 23 

Congress, Massachusi'tts Members .24 

Congressional Districts 29 

Constables, State 91 

Consuls 154 

Coroners 31:, 37, 39, 40,45, 47, 49. 51, 57, 58, 61, 64, 70, 75 

Councillor Districts 25 

'/.vCv>;-D ,■l^-'^■i INDEX TO CONTENTS. 3 


Councillors, State 19 

County Uommissionors, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 59, 

62, 71 
County Treasurers, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 58, 59, 

61, 64, 71 

Courts of Insolvency 35, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 62 

Courts, District 31 

Courts, Municipal 32 

Courts, Police 32 

Courts, Probate, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, 59, 62, 64, 71 

Courts, Superior 31 

Courts, Supreme Judicial 30 

Courts, United States 30 

Custom House Ofticers 84 

D( puty Sheriils. ..33, 35,37.40, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 59, 61, 64, 71 

Distances of Towns from Boston 106 

District Attorneys •: . 31 

District ( 'ourts 31 

Dukes County Civil Officers ' 40 

■ Essex County Civil Officers 41 

Expresses 237 

Franklin Coun ty Civil Officers 45 

Gas Lig-ht Companies 598 

Governor's Stat!" 19 

Grand Army of tiie Republic 576 

liampl-n Cou ity Civil Officers 47 

Hampshire County Civil Officers 50 

Harbor Commissioners " 102 

Horse Railroads 603 

Hospitals 92 

Hotels 177, 427 

House of Representatives 21 

Index t(^ Advertisements 5 

Insolvency Courts 35, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 62 

Insurance Agents 179, 598 

Insurance Commissioner 102 

Insurance Companies 592 

Internal Revenue Officers 78 

Jailers 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, 62, 71 

Judges of Probite, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 58, 61, 64, 71 

Judiciary of Massachusetts 30 

Justices of the Peace, 31, 35, 38, 40, 42, 40, 48, 50, 53, 58, 

59, 62, 65, 72 

, Lawyers 184, 443 

<? Legislature 20, 21 

Manufacturing Companies 192, 609 

Massachusetts Business l)irecti>ry 249 

^ Misters Houses of Correction. . .' 41, 46, 52, 58, 62, 64 

>ft Masters in Cliancery 38, 42, 46, 48, 52, 59, 62, 64, 71 

^ Mid llesex County Civil Officers 52 

^' Militia of Massachusetts 86 

^- Money Order i^)st Offices 79 

'^-'■4^, Municipal Courts 32 

Q^J^ Nantucket County Civil Otlicers 58 

Newspapers 603, 606 



Norfolk County Civil Ofilcers 58 

Normal schools 96 

Notaries Public, 3i, 37, 3!>, IQ, 15, 47, 49, 51, 57, 58, Gl, 61, 70, 75 
Overseers Houses of Correction, 33, 35, 37, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 

59, 61, 71 

Packets 204 

Pension Agent, U. S 85 

Pension Examining- Surg-eons 85 

Physicians .' 208, 496 

Pilot Commissioners 102 

Plymouth County Civil Officers 61 

Police Courts ' 32 

Police, State 91 

Population of Massachusetts 577 

Post Offices and Post Masters in Massachusetts 79 

Probate Courts, 33, 35, 37, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, 59, 62, 64, 71 
Public xVdministrators, 33, 35, 38, 40, 41, 46, 48, 50, 52, 58, 

59, 62, 64, 71 

Railroad Commissioners 102 

Railroads 601 

Reform Schools, State 94 

Registers in Bankruptcy 85 

Rec^isters of Deeds, 33, 35, 37,40,41, 45,47, 50, 52, 58, 61, 64, 71 
Registers of Probate, 33, 35, 37,40, 41, 45,47, 50, 52, 58, 61, 64, 71 

Representative Districts 27 

Savings Banks 589 

Schools 96 to 101 

Senate, State 20 

Senatorial Districts 25 

Sessions of Courts, (see Courts) 

Sheriffs 33, 35; 37, 40, 41, 45, 47, 50, 52, 58, 59, 61, 64, 71 

Smith Charities 94 

State Almshouses 92 

State Charities 95 

State Government 19 

State Industrial School for Girls 94 

State Library 95 

State Normal Schools 96 

State Police 91 

State Prison 93 

State Reform School for Boys 94 

State Representative^Districts 27 

Suffolk County Civil Ofticc^rs 64 

Superior Court in Massachusetts 31 

Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts 30 

Town Clerks 75 

Trial Justices. 34, 37, 39, 40, 45, 47, 49, 51, 57, 58, 61, 63, 70, 74 

U. S. Courts in Massachusetts 30 

U. S. Engineers 83 

U.S. Internal Revenue 78 

U. S. I'ension Agency 85 

U. S. Repn^sentatives Iroiu ^lassachusotts 24 

U. S. Senators from .Massachusetts 24 

Volunteer Militia of Massachusetts 86 

\Vt)rcester County Civil Officers 71 




Abbott F. IT. Mrs.. Wakefield, Mass . . (iol 
Aborn 8.. Bi>'-ton, M;i.«>i., iii^idt- back covor. 
Adiims A. M, Townsend, Mars . . . . 71'2 
Adiuiis Itro.t & Co.. .So. Adams, Mas?. . 77(1 

Adams Hdusc, Av(>r. M:i-s 7h'J 

Albro H . .spriti>:fipld. .Ma-i.s 750 

Aldt-a Morron. Ka^r l>ri(i^»water, Mass. 744 

Allen Saiim<-1 il , Bo-ton. Mass 704 

Allen & MU]<. New Hedford, Ma^^s . . . 75,<< 
American Hank Note Company, Boston, 

Mass r,41 

American Tack Co., Fairhavon, ^fa-^s. . 758 
American 'J'wist Dril! Co.. Fast li'.ack- 
stone, 3IasK.. front colored .... 
Andrews Bros., Flyinotitli, Mass .... 747 
Anthonv & Cu<hn)aii, Taunton Afass. . 7SI 
Arnold .James G., Worcester, Mass. . . 7:54 
Arnold & \'ans'one. Kali itiver, Mass. . Go"! 
Arrin^jton .Samuel W., Salem, Mass. . . 7'^"-i 

Austin A. B., Worce-ter, Mass 731 

Avery W. W.. Flymoutli. Mass 747 

Babcock .James F., Boston, .Mass. . . . Cii'J 

Badger F. .S., Boston. Mass 6(VJ 

Bagshaw W. IF, Lowell. Mass 7(i4 

Bailey H. F., -SpriiiKtield, Mass 749 

Bailey S: Gilbert. Boston. Mass 6W 

Baird \Viliiam <v ^^0I1. Lvnn, Mass . . . 726 
Baldwin.!. F.. Fa-l Boston. .' . . . G44 
Banfield. Foiristall. i; Co.. IJoston, Mass. nns 
Bangs Anson &. Co.. Worcester, Mass . 7:!:i 

Barnes (orbau, Fiyrnoiith, 3la>^s 747 

Barnes E. & J. C. & Co., Fiymoutb, 

Mass 745 

Barnes, Marlborougli, Mass . . 718 
Barney .J. E. & Co., Boston, Ma-«s. . . . 7cO 
Barrows Oliver C, East Bridgevvatf>r, 

,AIiiss 744 

Bar.sfow N. H. & IF. Mattapoi>ett, :Mass 7oU 
Bnrtiie .Joseph C. \Ves)lield. Mass . . . 7tJ'J 

Bateman C. H. Boston, Mass 700 

Bates Moses, Boston, Mass tH4 

Baxter ."»tacy, Boston, Mas-) C'Xi 

Beckwith Lumber Co.. Fitchburg, Mass. 714 

Bell & Chapin. Boston, -Mass tiiil 

Benedict & Hurnham Manut'^' Co., Bos- 
ton, Ma-^s -4r. 

Bennett Jolui F., East Boston, Mass . . G75 
Bennett M. T. Jr. & Co., Full River, 

Mans e,r>f, 

Bill A. D , Boston, Mass . t'f^ 

Billines .lames F. & Co.. Pittsfleid. .Mass 770 
Bird (Jeorge }>l . k Co., Fast Boston, 

Mass n7r, 

Bi.xbv Wm. F. & Co.. llohnke. Mass. . 77'.) 

Blajsd'-li S..Jr. & Co.. (^liicopee. Mass. 778 

Blake Geo. F. & Co.. Bo-ton, Mass. . . tJ-15 

B!od;,'ett ('.. P.o.-ton, Mass *>(«S 

Boote F. & K, Boston. :Ma-s f.(i.=) 

Bossorn & Borsh, Bo-ton. M.i-s 04>) 

Boston .S,: Maine Railroad «>00 

Boston Duilv New-, l^i.-mn, Mass . . . 7'.tii 

Bofstnn H«ra!d. i'.o-tui', Ma-- 7l»:j 

Boston Lead Co.. ISostoit, Mass C5?y 

Bo-'ton >tereotvpe l-'oundrv, iioston, 

Mass ... ' : c,::] 

Boston lime-i. B.o.-ron. Ma*;* 7'.'~ 

Boston Travellir. Bo>foii. Ma-s 7'.»4 

BoufeMLewis. New B. d'"ord. M.ics. . . 7.57 

r.owdlear > G. &: Co. Bo-toi;, .Mass. . TM 

Brfidlord & Co., FIvniMufti, .Mass . . . . 74r) 

Braman .l(!-e|.!i li , Boston. Mass. . . TOJ 

Brandlv V. ,<; Go.. Boston, Ma-- (V^ 

Breuer ('b.rk .t .^oii*, Bo.toii. .Nlass . . (84 

Bri?g« v<c .\!l n, Lawreice, .Ma--.. . . 7-,'4 
Brii,M,atii, Wliiim.ui, ^Sc Co. .South Abiu^'- 

lou. .^Lv-s 7:V> 

Bri)?iiam W. C. .v f\> . Bo-f ii. Mass . . GU 

Brook- F. A., Sprinatield. Ma--. . • . 7.^:i 

Brook- W. A .V Co.. Cliebea. >Liss. . . 7oe. 

Brown B. F. it Co., Bosu>n, .Ma-s. . . . 080 
Brown I >aniel, ion. & Co., Fall River, 

.Ma-s r,ry.\ 

Brown J. W. & Co., Boston, >Lis8 ... 044 


Brown & Freeman, Lee, ^rass 773 

I'.rowiwSc Noyes, Xewbiiryport, Mass.. 711 

Itubier vt Co , lioston, .Mh'«s 0('.8 

Bii.-k Bros.. Millhury, Mass 710 

Buckley, Bancrolr, '&■ Bovden, Boston, 

3L'\ss .' r)i.5 

Bull .L \., Springlield, Mass r.50 

Bunten A.. Boston, Ma-s OM 

Biurnl'am Robert P., Lawience, Mass . 724 

Burr Horace F., Boston, .Mass 070 

l'>urt & King. I'aunion, Ma-s 785 

BiitKr I'.dw. K.. Boston Mass. 703 

Buttertield William & Wood-nan, Bos- 
ton. Ma-s 702 

P.uxtoii .J. L-. Milford, Mass 747 

Byrns .Icremiah, Ware, .Mass 75-3 

Carl & .Modlich. Bo-ton. :\Ias3 r64 

Carter F. K., Pittsfi.dd, Muss 770 

Carter .T. !<"., (iloucCHter. .Mass 710 

Clu'idwick J. H. & Co., Bo-ton, Mass . . 689 
Chamberlain Ii. B. & ^V. C., Boston, 

-Ma-s C9l 

Chartif>erbiin & Son, Salem, Mass. . . . 721 
Charlton Wjlliain B., Boston, .Mass. . . 047 

Chase S. B., Fall River, Mass 056 

Chase & Co., Boston, Mass 6'.t3 

Chase & Trull, Boston, Mass 6("6 

Chetu'v C. \Varren, Athol Depot, IMass. 716 
Child. Hall, .s: Streefer, Springlield, .Mass 752 
Chilson Gardner, Bo.-ton. inside front cover 
Chipman W. V\'., Boston, Mass. .... 061 
Christian Register Association, Boston, 

Mass 604 

Churchill .1. S. & Co.. Worcester, 3r«ss. 7130 
Clatssens F. W., Treas., Boston, Iront 

Cl.ipp David & Son, Boston, Mass. . . . 087 
Clapp, Evans, & Co., Boston, Mass. . . 69a 

Clapp George P., Boston. 3Iass tJOQ 

Clareniotit Manufacturing' Co., Clare- 

moid. N. TL . COS aud F05 

Clark A. X. Si Co., Boston, Mass .... 61)3 
Claik & Cliapman Machine Co., Turn- 
er's Falls, Mass 720 

Clark :i Leaiherbee, Boston, Masn . . . 082 
Clarke Aiithur & Co., Boston, 3[ass. . . 003 
Clary & Rus-<'11, I'irtstield, Mass. ... 770 
Cleavtland Walter F., North Bridge- 

waier, 742 

Cobb, Stevens. & Ireson, Fall River, 

Mass 6.'i2 

Cobb & Drew, Plvmouth, Mass 746 

Coburn, Lang, & Co., Boston, Mass. . . 080 
Codmau .S: Shnrthlf. Boston, Mass . . . Gs-O 

Cody Edward, Boston, .Mass G75 

ColRn & Woodward, Boston, Mass . . . 005 

C(»hoes Comi)aiiv, Cohoes, N. Y 806 

Cohoes Straw Board Mill, Cohoes, N. Y. 807 
Colman .Moses & Son, Bo.-ton. ,Mass. . . 703 
Colton .J. W . \Ve-ttield, front colored 

Comnionwealth. Boston, .^hlss 802 

Coiigregationali-t, Boston. Mass. . . . 801 

Contiell P.ter, Fail River, Mass 055 

Coiinor Brothers. Holvoke, Mass. . . . 770 

Cook .1. >F,Bostor, Mass.. ...... G,^7 

Co(,)k & Duriee. Kail River, JIass .... C).^ 

Copt land Robert Morris, Boston. Mass. 700 

Corbett A. (».. Boston. :Vla.-s 042 

Conliu^'lev W. S. & F . Boston. Mass. . 046 
Cowdr.v E. T. & Co.. Boston. .Mass. . . 078 

Crane E. B., Worcester, .Ma-s 7o3 

Crocker Bros. & Co., 'I'anototi, .Mass . . 7.^5 
CioiiiDioii Ge(n-ge. Worcister. Mass. . . 729 
Cro-bv, ilorse, i Fos-, I5o.-ton, .Mass. . 002 
t unniiim:'* J- A. k Co.. Boston, .Mass. . Or,3 
Cit-iimaii & Baker, .Medtield. .Mass. . . 7o8 
Cuibr .\. L. .^ ( o..Bostoi., .Mass . . . . 014 

Cutting IF <i , Bo-ton. .Ma-s . . 

. 009 

Dase." S, Flvmouih. .Mass 716 

Davidson F.'A.. llnd.-on, .Mass. ... 718 

Davi.s .\-ahel, Lowell. .Ma-s 7t").{ 

Davis Daniel C,Ch.lsea.Mrt*s 706 

Davis Henry \'., New Bedfurd, .Mass.. 757 



Duvifl Iliram A., Kast Boston, Mass . . C,77 I 

Davis J. K., Kail River. Ma.--- v'ij | 

DaviH &. Farmitii. l;i,':<t(jii, M t->* .... • fjo | 
Davis & (inrrirl.l, \V'wri-f>^t(T, Ma^s . . . r;!4 I 

Di-ake CJfor^f. IJnston, Ma>--. c.;.' i 

D.-arboni .1. F., Ho-toi, .M...->i (,i,'.) I 

DtMiisun .1. U. & Co.. N. Uollord, Ma«H. r.Oti | 
Dirbv, Wliitcomb, & (Jo., Lt'ominster, 

Ma^s 715 i 

DL-wick <i. F. & Co.. Ho^ton. .Mas.^ . . . :uu ] 
Dfxter Albert .M., Miitiiipoi-ftt, Mass . 7.")-; I 
Di'Xter .^ Co . li'isloti. .M:t<s . . , . ;<.)> j 
Diil-ii D. yi. 8c Co., Fi.chbiutr, Mass . . ri-t 
Dobbins William. I.ow.ll, Mii^s . . 7'!(> 

DodiTC. Colii<r, & I'.rkins. iv.sto.i, .Afa-^s. (Wi | 
Dodjie L. & Co..^ (Jranviile, N. Y. 8u7 j 

Do-I^e L. C, Loufll. Mmss . 7C.7 I 

Dodf^f. .Stewart, & Co , \V.u»:Tt<ir(l N. Y. SO? \ 
Dod^'e Thomas [I , \Vor.v,.ter, .M:t<s . . 7.7 ' 
DfiiptT G' ort,'f & 8 >n, Hopedal^-, .Mass . 7'>'.) j 
Dres-erC. A., S'lntlibridge. Ma.-s . . . r,.=>l 

Daft" James liostou. .Mass C^'J ! 

Dune 111 & Copelaud. Bo>ton. Mass . . . CoU^ | 
Dunham William F... Fall iJivcr, Mass . fi.v,' i 
Dv^^^^^'., So Abinuroa. .Mass . . . . 7:;'.) | 

EH.ston & Co., n>>-toii. Mass (i.^:; 

Eclipse Skate Marml'^r Co., f.vnn, Mass 7jn 
Eldr. dpre J. A. & Co.. SpringtiPid, .M.l^s 75\L 
E. Ste .bins Manul'g Co., Springtield, 7,Tl 

Exley & Parsons, Mnrlborongh, . 71S 
Fairb tnks Mo>os .^ Co., Boston, JUass . (isi) 
FairbanUs & K'>.ss, L^nn,.Ala s . . . 725 

Eaiigrieve Geirge W., Lowell, Mr^-* . . 7().s 
Farris Jeremiah, n'^t., I'lyiriouih. Mass., 

front coloptd. 
Fawcett, Haw kes, .Sc Co., I'.o.ston Mass., 

front colored. 

Faxon & Loeko. Snleni, Mass 721 i 

Fearing:. Hodman, & Swift. Huston. Mass ("US j 

Feeley John. I'itt^tield. :M;i>3 77-J | 

Fern (}• orge, Boston, Mass O'JJ I 

Fi'.ikle & Lyon Manuft: Co., Beaton, 

Mas- . . CoO 

Fisher Ilenrv H., New lUdtc-d, Mass . 7'>'.' 
Fisk H. J., Dr., .So. Ad;.m>, :\Lt-> . . . 77(i 
Flander.s A. O. & C E., No. Cainbrid;,'e. 

Mass 7:i4 

Fletcher & Dwyer. Lynn. .Mass .... 7:-M 
Fobes, ILivward, it Co., Bo-tun, Mass . (i'.M 

Fopjj Willi) m. Boston ALss, c.'.ts 

Fol.-om r. K & Co., Bo.-tnn, Mass . . , (j(i:i 
Forehand & Wadiworth, Worcester 


iiiirl Chester, .Ir , I'ro.ns., Boston, Ma?.s 
lunev A. S., W, 11 el. am, .^LlS.s . . . 

iirney D B , Lynn, M.iss 

iiy t<c Brother>. I'e.ibody, >Li'<s . 
.lie Selh, I'loC , W. -reefer, Mii^h . 
all Chits. K. & Co . Bosion. back color 

d! & (^iiinlv, Boston, Mass .... 

un L. .M., l?o-to... .NLi-<> 

.imer J. W., l,ouel|, .M is.s .... 
an.illon .1 . U , A;liol Dej.or, Mass . 
.uepden Eini.Ty C'l,, (^lH>ter. ALfs 
arringtou F. A. Sc Co., Wi.rcc.-te 



7 id 



Fowkr A. B. it Co., North Rrid;;ewater, 

Foy Josetdi, Boston. .Mass (iS!| 

Fruprie Geo. W., Fall tiiver. M.iss . . . C,:-', | 
Fruzier Is.ric. L>. nii. 3[ass ....... 7u'tj '■■ 

Freneli F. M. & W. L.. No. Bridge wafer, \ 

Mas- 7.V1 I 

French Wa-bin-ton ^f.. <,,)uii;cv, :5ras^ . 7:'.>: j 
Frosf S. (;ilman. Fiichbui ;.■■, Ma-s . . . 71.") | 

Fro-t & Ad. tins. Bo-ton. .M:is> 7'in 

Fuller Setli W.. B.oston, Ma'^s Css | 

Furnald & Cambrid;^a', Ko-ton, ^Liss . . 701 j 
Gardner WMliii.m. ICa-t Bo>t(m. Afa-s . . H77 j 
Garri.-on Cieorofe T., Boston, .Alas.* . . (i>7 i 
Gavlori Mamu 'g Co.. (Jhicopee, Mass . 7r(t | 

GenlleeT. 1'.. Lynn, Ma>s 7-,'7 ! 

Gfrrv Geo. .*t Son, .-Mhol I).^por, Mass . 7'i; \ 

Gilbert A. &Co., Bo-ton. .Ma<s 7>7 i 

Gill & Haves, S{)'injjlield, ^^1^s . . , . 7V.> | 
Goddard !L & son. Lowell, ALrss .... 7i;4 1 

Go.'wey .L.hii A...Mban\,.\.Y N""> j 

Gold-niith Seiti, <'harle-tn\vn, Mn-'-' . . 'i'l 
G<ddtnuaite L., No B.i.iir. w^ter, Ma--^. 711 \ 
Gooispeed & Wym;io, Winciiemlon, | 

GoM'io'id yriii>, N.-u-'n'tdrur.!, Si'i-s '. ' . 7.5.-, ! 

Goss Charles H K. i'.ri.Jirew :,ier, ALish. 74! . 
Grant (Inir'es W., l'..«-t..n. Ma-s . . . . t.>J ; 
(Jrant John .) . <;re»n'i.M, >ia-s . . . 777! 
Graves l\ L >(c F. H , B.osioii. .Mass . . (■.7'i 1 

Green H. A., Lyi:n. Ma-i 7Jii ; 

GreenKaf G. J. & Anthonv, Boston, j 

-Mas.s ■ r,7l 1 

GreenoMgh .!ose[)h F , Bo-foii, .>Lis-- , . 07L» ; 
Gre;,'ory & Robinson, Boatou.buck col- j 


ILiriiimion Georgf' B., Boston, ^Li-»s 
Hart .L W. & Co.. Loweli, Mass . . . 

Hiiriford T. T , Boston, .Mas-. 

lLi--e & I'ratr, Fa-t Bo-ton, Mas.s , . 
H:i.-iiiigs F. C. & Co.. Boston, Mass . 
ILf.havviiv W. IF, Fall iUver, ALi .s . 
Ilawe- JLichiite (-o . F.ill Kiver, .^Ll^3 
llMukins K. .AL, Fall River. Mass. . 
H.awkins & Biundl, .Spiingtieid, JIasa 

Ilive- .\liirtin. Bo.-^ion, .Ma.-s 

TIewctt G<'0. F.. Woreesier, .Mass . . 
Hewin- & lIoUis. Bo-ton, .Ma-s . . . 
lievw-ood S. K , Worce.-ter, Mlss . . 
Hicks Sc Badger, li.-ton, Mu-s . . 
Hide & Leather Macliine Co., Boston 


Hiidreih .S. W., Atliol Depot, Mdss . 

Hill H. K., Lowell, Mass 

Hill, Holmes, & Co., Koston, Ma-s . . 
Him Rowland. Km-I Bo-lon. iLiss . . 
Hill Wil i;im C, Bo-'on. ALiss .... 
Hill-, Turner, \^ Harmon, Boston, front 

Hi-. 'OX A. J., Lowell & Worcester. >Liss 

Hitiintcer .jncob. Boston, .Mass 

Hnd-e E. /i Co.. East Boston, Alass , . 
Hi. d-e Otis .L. North Ad.inis. iMass . . 
Hud^e- W. A., t^uinev, .>Liss . . . . . 
lloiliiig- It. & Co., B>;sion, Mass., Bos- 
ton lo.)t lin>s. 

Hnl'mes K. C.. Medford, Ma-s 

Holmes K. T. .^ Co.. r,.)stoi.. Miss . . . 
Holme-i Frank IL, King-ton, .NLiSs . . . 
Hdmes John IL Cha ie^town ..... 
Holmes, K -ndall, & Co., Nvrtli Bridge- 

wa-er, .\ 

Holme- & Hlarchird, Boston, 3fass . , 
H. dines & Wightmm, F.dl Itiver, Mass 
Ilmel Flai.d. rs North Canibiidge, Ma-s 

Houghton J. I".. Hudson. AL.iss 

Hour Glii-s. Bo-ton. Mass , 

llovev (.hark'S IL, Boston, 3Liss, bacc 

Hnhbaid A. W., Fitclihurg, Mass. . . 
Hume & ."\Iur ill. Ame-bnrv, Mass . . . 

Hiinr E S, Weymouth. Ma-s 

ILmt K. W. & (.:o., Boston,. ALiss .... 
Hunt, i'ui clu 11, & Co.. Bo-^ion, .Mass. 
HunlAmos 1), Caud)ri-<£,'e. Mass. . . 
Hu-sev li. C. & Co.. .MilfWrd, Mtss . . . 
lii-timtion <or the Blind. Bo-ion, Ma-s. 
.Ltcob- Bi-oth<>rs. Boston, Mass . . . . , 

.L,cobM)ii J.. Boston. .Ma-s 

J itnes (jeorge I!. cSc Co , Boston, JIass . 
Jenkins L. Edward, Ctiel-ea, Mass., back 

.J«-nney Stephen, Bo-ton. Mass .... 
.Jes.-oi» William \: Sous, Boston, Mass., 

trout colored. 
.Jewel! (.Jeoige .M . . I'.o-ton. Mass .... 
Jill-ou James, llud-on, Ma.-s ..... 
John H.iiK-eck .Mutmil i>ite Insurance 

Co.. Bo-ton. .M.(«- 

Johonn<-r .K: Sa-imierH. B..-ton, Mass . . 
•lones. AL-Dutlee, ^^ .straiton, Bo.-ton, 

.Ma-s • 

fveiih (^harlei. Greeniield. Ma-s 

KelkM E , Fall Kiver, .Ma-s 

Kellv .Jei-emiali, Fall Biv.r, .Mjk- . . .. 
Keiiney H. .Sc .Sou, Ka-t Bo-ton, Mush, . 
Keunev L.C..S: Co. Worcester, .Mass. 
i\!lburii. Lincoln, v>i: Co.. hall Liver, Mass 

K-mtiall Henrv ,L, Fitchbin-. .^Ll.^s 

Kifsou liichard, Low- 11, .Ma^s 

ivuHpp,t .Morev, Loueil, .\F.,.s . . . . 
Ruowies .Sc Sibley. Warren, .Mass . . . 
Knowlton Bi others, >Vorcester, 31as8 . 















7 US 

»•,'.» I 








Knowlfon George K.& Co., Lynn, Mass. 7':'> i Morrill it Wintlow, Boston, Mass . . . <549 

Lnnikiii H., Concord, >[h.>'.s 71..' i Mor.-e liroilurs, (/untoii. .Ma«./< , . . . 707 

Lftiii-on K. K , Trc;i^.. Uoston. Ma<3 . . <i7» | Mor-n- C I). & Co . .Millhurv . .Muss ... 710 
I>ane & VVitluTLll, Kiist lioston, .Muss . 077 .Mor.«e C. U.. .\i-\vbur\ porr,' .M:iss .... 71:i 
Langley, Curbec, & Co., Kist liualou, | Morion A. .M. & Co., lio.ston, .Muss, front 

Mii.^B . . . • Oro ; colored. 

Lanza Ciirlos, Boston, Ma«s. . ..... dtiit i Morton .lames. Tlvrnouth. }ila->% . ... 747 

LalJiille Ak-.\aM.l,r. .>.>ti' hbriJge, Muss . 7:(7 : .Mud;;e Alfred & Son, r.o-ton, .Mu.<s.opp. 248 

Leacli B F., ilcadviiU-, .M,i-s :■ 7 1 Munroe A. B.,jr., Bo-ton. .Ma.i^ ('..^9 

Lercli ./ani.-s Fall liivtT, .Mass 76,' j .^lun-on J. M., Cji ffulieid .M.i'^s 77G 

Lcite^ter Coorge \'., Boetou, Maas. front ; Mui look WjlliMtu E, BuMon, .Mass. . lOl 

colored. i NaKh ,F W & Co., Lowell, .Mass . ... 767 
Leonard Samuel k Co., Xevv Bedford, \ Na\lor II. F.. Bos(un. .Mas- 6>-i 

Mass 7.'')4 ^ N»-leii F. U'.. .spiinu'tield. .M.i.-s 751 

Lewis (Jeor^e S. Sprincrteld, ilass . . . 76 1 , Nettleton E. B . ^V(M■(Je:^ter. .... 732 

Lewis J. D, Bo-ton, Mass 6,s0 ; New Bedford Cop^le^ Co , New Bedford, 

Lincoln A. B., Boston. .Mass 70': j Ma-s • . 755 

Lincoln Marvin. BustO'i. .Mass Ml I New Bedford Flour Co., New Bedford. 

Lincoln & Frendley, Cliol>ea, Mass . . . 70*! j Ma.-s 75fi 

Locke Brothers. Bo>tan, Mass .... 6t>0 ! Newell .hiines S. & Co., Boton, ^la.Sfi. . fi70 
Lockliurt Win. L , K. Cambridge, Mass. 7.^4 I New England Drain I'ipe Co., Itoslon, 

Loinb.ird X. C, Boston, Ma-s. .' .... •;:)■) i .Alass CG4 

Lombutd &c (;o.. Boston. .Ma>s d'jo i New En^jiand Linen Hose Manufg. Co. 

Lord D.iniel B. jr , 6aleni and Peabody, i Bo-iion, Masu., fr<inr colored. 

Mh-s 720 i New Engiund Type Foundry, Boston. 

Loring ,\u?. B . No. Bridgewater, Mass.. 7-lf) j ,Mas> . ngo 

Loring C. ^L. \Vorce>tor, M-iss ~.VZ ! Newhall George N., \V'orce.«ter, Mass.. 727 

Loring Satruiel, Plvinourli, Mass . . . . 74(P Niantic Tlireiid Co.. Fall Biver, Mass . (;54 

Lovej.iy Daniel & So<i<, Lowell, Mass . 7r)0 i NichoN Alanson, Lowell, Mass 7(51 

Lovejoy H. U'., Lowell. Mass 7r-'J I Nicliols .lanies K. & Co., Bo.»ton, Mass . ()U5 

Lovewell & (Jr enwood, Chel-ea, Mass, (i.^0 Nichols & Hall, Boston. Mass- .... ("nil 

Lowell Card Co.. Lowell. Ma-s 7u*: ', Ni.xon L .). Tjunion, Mass 7bO 

Lowell l)ail> Citizen and News, Lowell, Noi tli Admis Foldincr Cbair Co., North 

Mass 708 I Adams. ^[a<s . .\ 775 

Lowell Daily (Courier. Lowell, Mhs.s.. . 76S ! Northainj.ton Emery Wheel Co., Leeds, 778 
Luc^s & B irth(MoMie\v. Ciicster. .^LlSS. . 7>S : North, Meriann, & Co., Boston, Mass . . 6.^7 

Macv George W., Nantucket, Mass. . . 7i)ti \ Nott Gordon H , B ston, .Mass 6oi> 

Magoun Thos. V. 1 , Worcester, Mass. 727 j Novelty Plaster Works, Lowell, Mass . TOG 

Malionev i Kirwin, Boston. Mass. . . . (iU4 i Noves B , Boston. Jla^s tiOi 

Manning J. MurlhorouLrh, .Ma-s . . . . 718 i Noves P., Boston, W4 

Man.-ion House, N-w Bedford, .Ma-s , 757 i Old Colony House, Hin-ham .Mass . . . 7?,7 
JIanson & l'eter>on, East Boston, .Mass. (575 ; Old Colony Sentinel, Phmoutli, .5Iass . 747 
Manutacturers' G '.s Light Company of i Oliver J., .Aihol L)rpot, >r.iss 7tt 

New England, Bo>toM. Mass . . . r^8 Ordwav & Co., Bo^t-n, .^Lis.s (504 

Harden & Rowcll. Lowell, M.iss .... 7oS ' O.-born Louis, Ea^t Bostor., Jfa.^.'^ fi7(i 

Matjoran .1. W. W., Boston. .Mass 6t;j , Osgood (ioorge W.. Ame-bnry. Mass . . 711 

Markhani & Hawley. Boston. Mass . . . ( : Owen Paper Co., Housa'onic. Mfiss . . 774 
JIarsh George W.. Chelsivi, ^^lss .. . . 7i>6 . Packara J. W.. No. Bridi:< water, Mass.. 74:J 
Jlarsh M. ^L & Son, Amherst, .Ma^s . . 777 PalfVev .John (i.. Liosfou. Ma?s ..... 700 
Martin .Iamt\s & Son. Boston. ^Li-s . . i\'.n\ < Park Brot'ier & Co.. Boston, Mass , . . (578 
Martin & Strong, Lowell. Mass. . . . 7r.5 i Parker , J. B. & Co . Cilnton, Mass .. . . 717 
MMrvel, Davul, & Co., ball Hiver, Mass. •'.'54 j Parker .John L., Worcester. Mass. . . . 7:?'2 
Mason William. Taunton, ^Ll■<s . . . . 7j>(5 i Parry F. D.,Amcsbnry. Mass. . . . 711 
Massachusetts .Mutual Life Iii>urance Co. Patent Pr. ssed Metalic Heel Co., Boston, 

Springfield, Mass 752; Mass f.,S(> 

Mass. Ploughman. Boston, .Mas.*. . , . 7V'.) Patten O. O., North Bridgewater, ^lass. 741 
May & Co. Boston, Mis-., inside hack cov. i Payne Stephen Sc Co.. Boston. Mass . . . (5.s4 
Ma>nard .lames A., Ea-t Bu-ron, .NIass . (:3:i P.ay.-on ct Cutler. Holliston, Mass. . . . 70'J 
Maynard i^c Noves, Boston. .Mass., Iront i Penrsim George W., Lowell, .Mass. . • 7(55 

colored. ' ! I'ease (i. W., L(nve!l, :^Ia-"i 7(56 

Mavo H., Boston, Mass. G05 I Pease & Zimmerman, Boston. Mass . . 608 

McC;orniick 'fhomas, Boston, Mass . . . tvS2 , I'eiice .J. N., Lowell, Mass . ..... 7(52 

Mc(iHiin r F , Boston. Mass ...... 7o;< i INirce John W., New Bedford, Mass . . 7.57 

McLanthiin Geo. l\ & Co., Boston. Mass G74 i Pence Lloyd ,N.. New Bedford. Mass . 757 
M Kenna it Devanny, Pitt.-heid. .Mass. 772 ^ I'erkins Sampson, rau!itr>n. Miss. . . 781 
JIcKenzie G .^ Co..X^!iincv, ihiss . . . 7 i/ ; Peters C..I.&Son, Boston, Mass . . . (iii."? 

McNuir J. J. B .^ton, .Mass' t37y ; Petimgell C. F., Amesburv .Mil's. Ma.-.i. 711 

McPhernon E. .AL, B .:<ton. Mass .... 7o4 Phelps, Dalton, A Co., Boston. .Mn-s . (H;i 
M<-Hd (;. W., Bo-ton. Mass . . ,. . . (i44 Pliillips Ebrn B. & Co.. Boston , .Ma-s . 005 

Jlead & Addv, Boston. .Miss n7'.> IMiilli;)-, Mowr\, &. Co, Springlield, 

Meany Edward F., Bo-fon. .Mass o>5 : Mass . . . .' 7r>0 

Merchant S, L. & (Jo . Boston, . . ti4:J ; Pliillips Willard P., Salem. Mass . . 722 
Mernam E. D., Greenfield. .Mii>s . • . 777 , PInnney S. C. S: J.G., Stoiighf.n, Mass. 708 
Merriatn Otis Jc .'.•on. Chelsea. .Muss . . 7U) : Phippen Charles H., S;t!em, .Mass. . . . 721 
JMerriam & Putnam, Chelsea .Mass. . . 70'); Poreui.x Mamit. Co., I'aunton. Mass. . 779 
Metcalf I', it Co., Boston. Mass. ..... &St5 i Pierce (.;. S.. North Bri tgew.itcr, Mass. 740 

Me\er Ciias, E. fc Co.. Bo.-to I. .Mass . . oMi ' Pierce Samuel. Headmsr >L»ss fol 

Middle Gr.i'ivilie Straw Board Mill, Mid- F'ie.ce Saniuel I'.. Lowell. .Mass . . . . 704 

die (iranviile. .\,V .-07 Pierrepont A Ladd, We-t!i. Id, .Muss . . 7t5a 

Miller IE M W.sifield, Mass n'.vj l'if)er D. B., Wmohendon. .Mass 719 

Mitchell Go<n-;re E . Lowe!!, Ma-s. . . 70 i Platr. B.u lies, i;; Co., Rock Dale Milln, 

Monument MilN, Hon..,iitouio, Mass.. . 77;]' -Ma-s 773 

Morev diaries S., Noiih Bridgewater, Plviiioiith Mill-, Plymouth, Mass., front 

^[l-.■. . . . . • 7!0 ' cilored. 

Morey & Smith. Bo.-,tor!, .Mass Gj4 Plynnuth Bock, PIvmouth. M;iss . . . 747 

Morrill. Cttoper. a; .Mur[>hy, So. Ames- i I'lsmovith i'lick and Ki\et \\orks, Ply- 

barv, .>Li^s 711 • ' month, Mas^ 746 

Morrdr.J. W . Amesburv, .\ 711 , Pollard C. F . Lvnn, Mass • 72(\ 

Morrili, Wliittemore, sc Co., Boston, ; Pope 1". W.. North Bridgewater, Mass . 74.i 

Muss 674 i Porter J. Sc Co., Boston, Mass f/83 


Porter R. N., Dperfiekl, Ma^s ..... 777 
I'otfer .ShiiiucI, \Vorcc.>-t»'r, Mat-s .... 7^11 
I'ottcr r. & Co.. SoLithbrid.^'e, yXasi • . 7 '.ii 

Fotter W. R,, lauuti'U, Muss 7,^0 

rrutt Amos, Ka^iuu, .Ma>s . . . . • . . 758 

Priitt J. A.. IJd^ton, ri(.4 

Priut. L. & Co., ri\ moiith, .Miis'< .... 740 
I'renbrey btuve l^inin^' Lo., Taunton, 

Md.M8 7S.'i 

rrcstoii ,i(j!in, Lowell, Mass . . • . . 7t)7 
I'res'on Walter I., I5o>ton, Muss. . . . (*.ri5 

Proctor.]. W , Lowell, Mmss 78'J 

Purrint;ton lloiiry J ,, ilatinpoiyelt, Musa 76^ 
Putnam E. i Co , Bu-ton. Mass . . . . »u31 
Putnam F W., Mileni, .Mit«s • .... 7-M 
Putnam & Heddoe, I'.o^ton, Mass . • . ('i47 
Randal! lirotliera, Lowell, Ma^^i .... 7ii5 
Khv Samuel C, .Sprmgiield, .Ma*« , . . 75-! 
Kayniond George, Kite!iliur<:, Mass . 715 
Read, s^tevenson, .v Co., Uocton, Ma«3 . G.S4 
Reed Cliarles G., Worcester, Mh.«s . . . 7-i5 

Reed & .spencer, Aver, Ma,■^» 7sy 

lienne William & Sons. l'itt-«Iield, Mass. 771 
Reynolds E. D. Sc U. U., North IJridge- 

' water, Mass • . . 050 

Reynolds ic Thompson, >i'ortli Bridge- 

watfr, Ma!<3 ... . 742 

Rice, Kendall, & Co., Bo.-?ton, Mass . . 6(>7 
Rice, IJvermurp. & Co., lio.-ton, ilass . 645 
Rich»rd-.on C. K., Boston, Ma.-*s .... CJ-i 
Richard:ion G. IL & C. F.,Aliio! Depot, 

Mass 719 

Richardson & Waters, Salem, Mass . . 7J4 

Richer V., Hositon, Ma^s 070 

Ridge Edwin, Lowell, Ma.'^s 7iiy 

Rilev & Damon. Boston, Ma^e r.o:} 

Robbins Curtis M., Kitclibur;^. JL"\8S . . 715 
Robert!<on Joliu A., Bo.-ton, .Mu.-a . . . CM) 
Robinson &: Brown, Charlestown. Masa. 7'JJ 
Roclie .John, 8i)ringti»-id, .Mass . .... 751 
Rotrers Jacob &, Co., Lowell, Mass . . . 7(37 
RogerF, Smith, & Cochrane, Boston, 

.Ma>»3., front colored. 
RugLT Gt^orge W., Worcester, Mass . . 734 
Ryan William B., Qumcy, Mis.- .... 7.iS 
Sulein Glue Company, Salem, Masg . . 7~.'4 
Saiem Lead Company, Salem, 3Iass . . 7^3 

Salem I'res.s, Salem, .>L'.>s 721 

Sampson, Davenport, & Co., Boston. 

Mass., front colored and 24S 

Sanford Jt Ureeno, Bo-ton, 3Li»3 . . . . 6:)H 
Sanger 2S'. C ^^ Sons, Watertown, JIase. 7v'(i 
Saturday Cltronicle. Charlestown, .Mass. (54:5 
Saturday Eve'g K.xpres8. lios'on, 3Iass. 7'j:? 

Savory T. C. Bu-ton, Mass Gsi 

Scarbao Madisnn, .^Mh-hur\' .Mills, .Mas?. 711 
SearK W. B., Boston, .^Ll■*s .... opp. li'J 
Seymour &. Bro., Sprmgiield, Mu'-J!* . . . 742 
Shales D. k Co.. South Boston, .Mass. . 6(3^ 

Shattuck W. G., Boston, Mass (;U4 

Shattuck & Farw»-ll. Clinton, .^Ias8 . • 7.S7 
Shedd .L .Sc Co., Waltham, Ma'S . . . . uk) 
Shedd & Sawver, Boston. .^Ll'i^. . . . Csii 
Sheldon F. & Co., Fitcliburg, Mas* ... 714 
Sheldon & Barllelt, Worct ster, ilass . 7.'5o 

Shelton El. C. S. I-ynn, Mhss 7.;t) 

Shepard [lenry C.. Bo-ton, Mass . . . 700 
Sliepard H. S. & Chester, Boston, Mas?. (\5S 
Shepard W. B., |[in^-ham. Mass. . . . 737 
Sherman N. B,, BoMon. Ma<s ..... «-,s:{ 
Sherman .t Howe. .--pcMe-r, Ma«s . . 7:i(5 
Shoninger B. .Sc Co., N>w HaTen, Conn. 65!) 

Sibley Srephcn, CheNfa, >Liss 70ii 

Sibley W. H.^; F., Westborou;.:)-., Mas,s. 7o.h 
Silver Sc (iay, North Ch.lin<iord, .^Llss . 75'.i 
Simmons Gecr^e, I'hnioiifii, >ht,-s . . . 744 

Simoiids N. J., Woburn. Mas-. 7M 

SiH<on Otis A., New I'.edt'ord, Masa . . 757 
Si/er Kinersun, We*t!i'l.i. Ma-s . . . . 7,i.j 
.Sbide D. Jl L , llostou X Ch.l.Hea. >\:i*s. 70t) 
Sleeper, .lohn-on. !t ( o.. Bo-I.wi. ^rass. C.^i 
Small. Wethrrell, .V Co., B..ston. Mass. i\M 
bnd'ch Charlcrf .K. < o., i;..-Mn, M ,ss . . ("'.»''. 

Smiih .Liines (^ (.^•liurv. M ,^> :;;7 

Smith .!e-'».-, Worre-ter, Ma, s 7.!l 

Smith.) Fold. :-^U-u<. Ma-» ..... 7j1 
Smith iiobert A.. NC whuryf-ort, Mass. 710 
Bmith Samue! !L, S-.ih'tn, .Muss. , . . T.'l 
Smith W. W., I'rov incetown. Mass . . 70S 
Smith ^: D.ivis, Bustun, iLisM , . . . . f-fS 

I Snell .Mannfacturin/r Co., Fiskdale, Mass 736 
■ Southard, Herbert, & Co.. Bo-ton, Mass (i57 
' Southbrid^e BiickCo.,Souihbridge,Muss 7:j(J 
! Southworth Lullier, jr. & Co., stougli- 

1 ton, .Mass 7CS 

I Spear K. D., M.D., Boston, Mass .... (378 

' Spear .James E., Boston, Mass (i(V> 

."-peiicr House, Spencer, Mass. .... 73G 

Spencer N. A.. Ayer, -Mass 712 

i Speneer Thomas IL, \\ est Stockbridge, 

j Mass 771 

I Spiller G. W., Nortli Bridgewater, Mass 740 

I Spiller s. M., Boston, .Mas.H (JbO 

j Sijinney Leonard ic Co.. Boston, Mass. 703 
1 Springer L. U.. Boston, .... 701 
i Spriiiiilield Brass Foundry, Springfield, 

! Mass 751 

j Springhleld F. and M. Ins. Co., Spring- 

! held, Mn>s 791 

' Springfi. Id Sword Co., Springtield. .Mass 750 
Standish House, .North liridgewaier, 

i Mass 740 

I Staples & Phillips, Taunton, ^Nlasa . . . 78'^ 

: Stark John, Waltham, Mass 7i:j 

: Stearns A. .AL & Co., Bo.-ton, Mass ... (381 
I Stearns A. T. & Sons, Boston, 31ass . . (385 
' Stearns Joseph E., W< rcester, Mass . . 7.33 
; Stearns Nathaniel C., Boston, Mass . . (3(52 
i Stedman D. B. & Co., Boston, Mass . . (59'J 
j Stetson & Talbot, Holli.-'ton, Mass. . . 722 
i Stevens Charles P., Boston. :\las8 . • . ()b2 

I Stevens E. M., Boston, Mass 060 

I Stevens G. C. & J. F., Aver, Mass ... 788 
' Stevens Geortro M. He Co.' B iston. Mass 070 

! Stewart J. & W., Boston, Mass 695 

i Stoddard N. W. &Co., Bostuii, .Mass . . 698 
i Stone Charles, North Bridgewater, Mass 742 

: Stone Hetirv N., Boston, Mass 095 

' Story David (),, Boston, Mass 6.^3 

Stovve A. F., ^VoI•ce^ter, 3Ias8 7b9, 

Stratton F. A., Worcester, Mass . . . - 737 

I Stut)bs J. A.,Boston,3lHSs Ct^a 

j Swain. Earle, & Co., Boscon, Mass . . (390 
' Swain Turbine Co. No. ("helmsfbid. Mass 761 
: Tuber I'laue Co., New B> dlord, Mass • . 757 

'I'aft JolnWi., agent trout colored 

Tanner E. P.. L e. Mass 770 

; Tarr George J., (Jloucester. Mass . . . . 710 
j Taunton Iron Works Co., Taunton, Mass 7bi 
i Technical Institute, Worce-ter, Mass . 783 

: Terry .J. C., Fall ILiver, 3Iuss 654 

: Thomas A Gritiiihs, Bostoi!, Mass . . . G72 

1 I'iliy N'., Springfield, Mass 753 

Tint'me E. .\., Worcester, Mass 727 

; Tingley Automatic Heat Governor Co, 

Boston, .Mass 

Tinkliam S. M. &c Sons, Taunton, Mass . 



TohnanS. P. ^Sc l".. A. Hunting . . 
Tougas L. T., Miltord, .Mas- , . . 
lower Biothers, Hudson, 3[ass . 
Tower (Jeorge, Falmouth and Worces- 
ter, >hiss .... 743 

Tower S. S., Athoi Depot, Mass 717 

Tuck S- v.. North Bridgewater, Ma.«3 . 742 
Tucki-r N'. (j., Worcester, .^hlss . . , • . 7o2 
Tvler M. A.N: Son, W'otuirn. Mass . . 7ri3 
I'liion Boiler Co.. N'ew lit-dturd. Mass . 754 
Union Fui nace (Jo., 'iaunton. Mass . . , 782 

Luion Hou-e, I'i) mouth, M iss 74(3 

L'nion ."^tone Co., Boston, Mass. . inside 

back cover 
United slates Steam Guage Co., Boston, 

3Liss CA7 

Universalist Pub. House, Boston, Mass. b'K) 
L'p lam Tnos. A., lit)ston. Muss .... 6t;2 
WrthluJ. Adan. Boston, Mass Iront colored 
Walker J, W., Leomin-ter. Mass. . . 715 
^Valke^ Svlvenus, Ba.-toii, .MaeS .... 7o2 

Wal.-hJaines, Boston. Mass 691^ 

NV'alton Bi-iij T , Salem, .Masa 721 

Warner CO.. Florence, JIass 77S 

\\'arner D N: Co., G.xlord, . . . . 6o5 
Wa~liburn H. L. & Co , We.-t Bridgewa- 
ter, Ma-s 744 

U'asiii)([!-n X .Moen Ihinuiacturin;^ Co. 

Worcester. .Mass 7-33 

Watch, nan and BetUctor, Bo-ton, Mass. feOJ 
VVatcrloid Straw r.oard iliil, Water- 
lord. N.V 807 

Watsou B. M., Plymoutli, Mass 747 


Waymotli A. D. .t Co.. Fitchbiirg. Mass 714 

Web-^ttT U'., North i'.riiJ;.'-i'\v>iler, Mass . 7J;i 

AVet'd.-ii W'tn. X.. iJo^toii, .Muss .... i)SZ 

Wt-lch & <.n!lifli-, l$ustou, M.i-s . . . . r.>ss 

A\'t'r«t n. K. Attieb.Tuusili, Mass . . . . 7>S L. B & Co., launion, .Mass. . . 781 
"Weston Stt iin i'rt'ss-lMute Works, 

Lowtll, M,ss 701 

Wlit-at.Mi WalttT F.. N. w i'..<l!or.!, 7r>i> 

"Whtf.''»r W. I''., Worcester. Mass . . . 7'-!5 

■Whidiieii & Clinton, H istoii, .Mass . . , 70-^ 
Wiiipi>leJ. J. & Co., North Hridgewatt'r, 

>rH>s 744 

Wliitcher .J. C. Woburn, ^[ass 76.\ 

While liro<. i Kilburn, iio-toa, ,Mas3 . Or,5 

White .'^aniitel 6.. Boston, Mass .... (i7l 

White W. B., Boston, Mass 701 

Whitoley .John, shiriey Vilhij^e, Mas.s. . 712 
Whitin '.Machine Wot-ks, Whitiuaville, 

,Ma.*s 70y 

WJiitin« G. A. & J. U . Plvmouth, Mass 745 

Whitin^,' Lewis V., I'.o.vton, :vias3 .... (ii^(> 

Wliitney Giles H., Winchendon. . 719 

Wiiitney t + . R., No. Itridu'ewaTer, Mass. 741 

Wliitnev Sc Willard, Lowell, .Muss . . . 7tis 

Whltten Mattiiew, Ka-t Boston, Muss . 044 

AViese F., 8i;rin>,Micld, .Mass 7oU 

Wilder Charles, uiit., Worcester, ilass. 732 

, Wilder H. H. & Co., Lowell, Mass . . 765 

I Wditer .S. & Co., Holliston, .AL'.s.s . . . 703 

I Wilkinson A. .J. & Co , Bo-ton, .Mass . . 704 

i Williams Cluirles. jr.. Bo-<ton, .Mass . . 070 

I Wdlianis (i. W., Boston, .Mass 677 

i Williiitns II. Jj., Boston, Mass. .... (HI 

i Williams .John, Worcester, Mass . . . 7V2 

' AVilliams Jonathan, t^nincy. .Mass. . . 7.'<9 

; Williams .1. K.. 'rauMon. .Masn .... 780 

i Wiliiiims ,S: Kdwards, Fiieh')i.rp. Mass . 713 

I Windsor .ManuC Co., Boston, Mass . . ()74 

j Winshjw hanuiel, Worcester, .Mass . . . 7:jl 

I Wishart Wm., Clinton, Mass .... 716 
j Witherby, Uufrg, & Richardson, Wor- 

I cester. Mass 730 

Wood .J. De"V , rittsfieid. Mab8 . ... 772 

Wood & Allen, Talmer, Mass 749 

Worcester .M A., ^\' orcestor. Mass . . . 735 

\Vorcester .t Austin, Boston, ^Masa . . 075 

Wright .Joseph, 'lanntou, Mass 782 

Wright & Potter, iioston. Mass .... 678 
Vale Lock Mannt. Co. fetamfurd. Conn. 10 

Yerrinton F. M., Bo^ton. ilass 701 

Young A. F., Otter River Mass. . . . 7/0 

Young A. 11., Boston, Mass (iSl 

Youni: Jacob K., East Abington, Muss . 739 

Youuglove T. G. & Co.,CohoeB, N.Y . . 807 


Bleachers and Dyers. 

Rhode Island BleacJ! and Dye Works. 
Geo. J. Adams, agent, 27 Custom 
House 8t. Providence, R.I. 

Boiler Mauiifactiirers. 

Providence Stoaiu Engine Co. 

Providence, R.I. 

Book Binders. 

Claremont jrinn'acturins: Co. (fiee 
pages 608 and 505} "Claremont, N.H. 

Brass 3IaiiiufHCtiirer.s. 

The Plume & .Atvvood .Maniifacturing 
Co. i). 6. Plume, treas. Tliumaston, Conn. 

Buckle Mauufactiirer.s. 

West IJitven Buckle Co. West ILaven, Ct. 
Carriage Manufacturers. 

Lyndon Carriage Co. Lyndon, Vt, 
Vermont Novelty Works Co. (Chil- 

dren'.s Springlield, Vt. 

Coinmissioikers for >Ias.s. re.sidiiig in 
other State-t. 

(See also page 104.) 
Holmes R. G. Beaufort, S C. 

Cohen Augustus £. Charleston, S.C. 

Hoyne Pliilip A. Cliic-ago, III. 

Conner Charles G. K.Keter, N.H. 

Morris Staats S. Newark, N.J. 

Andrews Horace, 5^> Liberty, 2s'ew York 
Corey Edwin F. 54 Wall, 
Furniss William, 55 Wall, " 

Merchant .Marvin ,1. 7 Warren, " 

Rice Ji'jshrod F. 11,) Broadway, *' 

Thoriicll llionia-^ L lA Broadway, "' 

Diver J. Paul, 114 ^0. Third, I'hiladelphia 
Smith N. Proctor, .San Francisco, Cal 

Alleu Edmund T. 419 Olive, 6t. Louis, Mo. 

Burroughs John W. 
Piatt Jos. T. K. 801 E, 

Savannah, Ga. 
Washington, D.C. 

Cotton Factor. 

Holmes R. G. Beaufort, S.C 

Cotton Goods 3Ianufacturers. 

Cabot Manuf. Co., Benj. Greene, agt. 

Brunswick, Me, 

Central Manuf. Co. Central Village, Conn. 
Stark Mills, Manchester, N.H. 

Jackson Co. Na.shua, N.H. 

Vale Mills, Bcnj. Saunders, treas. " 

Bernon Manuf. Co. Henry AVaterman, 
treas. 31 Market sq. Providence, R.I. 

I'onaganset Co., John H. Barden. 


Montgomery J. R. & Co. (cotton warps) 

Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Dry Goods Importers. 

JatTray E. S. & Co. 350 Broadway, New Y'ork 

Fan Dlanufacturers. 

American I'an Co. Nashua, N.H. 

Fire Arms Manufacturers. 

R(^per .-^porting Arms Co. Hartford, Conn. 

Winchester Ropeatin;^' Arms Co. 

New Haven, Conn. 

Hermetically Sealed Provisions. 

Portland Packing Co. Portland, Me. 

IIolloAv "Ware Jlanxif. 

Goowey Joiin A. 20 Itroadwuv 'see 
page too), Albany N.y. 

j Iron Founder. 

Goewey .John A. 20 Broadway (see 

page 805). Albany, N.T. 

Iron Manufacturers. 

Thames Iron Works (bar), Norwich, Conn. 



liAmp Triminin£js. 

The Plurne & Atwood Co., TUomaston, Ct- 

Hoynp riiilip A. Chica;::o, III. 

Loe 8c. Uodriitin. G Court pi. Louisviili-, Ky. 
Morri-< .*>f:iats S. NL-w.trk. X.J. 

Andrcu-s idirac. 5:> I^ibt'rty, Now Ynr.v 

Furniss William, :>5 Wall, " 

jMerclmut ^Iiirvin J. 7 Warren, " 

Rici' Bu^hrofi F.lif) liroudwHV, " 

Ulman Sc Gazzam 157 IJroatisvtiy, " 

Burroughs John W. Savaniiuh. Ga. 

Allen Edmund T. 419 Olive, St. I.ouis, Mo. 

Lime Maiiiifucturer. 
Higglns J. E. Brandon, Vt. 

liOck MaimfactiirtTS. 


Manufacturers of Unpickable Bank 
Rtid Safe Lock-i ; tine .store Door 
Locks ; Rirn und Mortise Ni^iclit 
Latches ; Closet, Chest, Desk, and 
Drawer Locks; also I'ost Ottice Lock 
Boxes, Prison Locks, and Locks 
for Sate Depos-it Boxes. Office No. 
1 Barclay St. New York 

Lumber Dealers. 

Lewiston Steam .Mill Co. Lewiston, Me. 

Organ Manufacturers. 

Shoninprr B & Co (see jmsre '";■(')), ^7, 
5'J, and 61 Cht-stuut. New liaven. Conn. 

Paper Manufacturers. 

Ciaremont Manufg. Co. (see paces fOS 
and SO.t), Ciaremont, N.H. 

CohoeH Straw Board Mill, T. O. Young- 
love & Co. (straw board.s, se*' i a^ie 
bh7) Cohot-H, N.Y. 

Middle Granville Straw Board Mill. 
L hoilire Sc Co. (str.iw hoards, st-e 
pagesDT). .Middle GranviUo, N.Y.- 

Wiit.'rford Straw Bioail Mill, Dodge, 
Stewart. & Co. (jtraw b'-frd-', ->re 
page fcOr), Wutertord, N.Y. 


Cl.iremnnt Manufg. Co. (.see pag^^s fiOS 
and 8<35) Ciaremont, N.H. 

Roofing- Slate. 

Eagle Slate Co. Hydeville, Vt. 

^Se-winff Macliines. 

The Stamford Sewing Machine, manu- 
lac^nred by the Guinnes.- Sewing 
Machine Co. Stamfurd, Conn. 

•S'ewlns: Maclxlne Shuttles. 

Koper S[)orting Arms Co. Hartford, Conn 

Shear Manufacturers. 
Barnard, Son, & Co. Waterbury, Conn. 

Spring and Axle Manufacturers. 
Bridgeport Spring Co. Bridgeport, Conn. 

Steam Eiigine Builders. 
Providence Steam Engine Co. 

Providence, R.I. 


Ciaremont Manufg. Co. (see page SO.)), 

Ciaremont, N.H 

Stra^v Board Manufacturers. 

Cohoe.« Straw Itnard Mill, T. G. Young- 
love & Co. (see page b07), ^olioes, N.Y^ 
Middle Granville Straw 15oard Mill, L. 
Dodge & Co. (see paL.'e S07) , 

Middle (iranville, .Y. 
Wnferford Straw Boaril .M 11, Dodge, 
Stewart & Co. (see p.ige Sn?;, 

Waterford, N.Y. 

.Suspendrr 3Ianufacturers. 

Pussell MiMi :!g Co. Middletown, Conn. 

Thread .'♦lanu fuet nrcrs. 

Conant Thr- ad Co. Pawtuckct, R.I. 

Tool .'>la»iufacturer8. 

Provideiioe Too! Co. Providence, R.I. 

Wliite Lead 2»Ianufacturer3. 

Colburu II K. i. Co. Ansonia, Conn 

Water Power. 

Cohoes Ci>. T. (_,. Youiiglove. atrent, 
(see p.i>:'- >--'■•! Cohoes, N.Y. 

"IVoollcM ('ood!* Manufacturer. 

Mcv'-i;iker, South Windham, Me. 


GOVERNMENT l ^x^s^ vf, ,. ^ OF THE 


And Officers immediately connected tkcreicith,iinth places of residence. 

Annual Election Tuesday after Pirst Monday in November. 


His Excellency, WILLIAM B. WASHBURN, of Greenfu Id,.. Governor. 
His Honor, JOSEPH TUCKER, of Lenox..., Lieutenant Governor. 


District 1. — Alfred Macv of Nantucket, 

, '• 2. — William L. Keed , of Abin;rr<.n. 

" 3. — Miio llihireth of Norttiboro'. 

" 4. — .Tona< Fich o) Hu,-loii. 

" 5. — Ji)hii h\ Harri* of >fiubl.head. 

«* 6. — .Im'i ithan W. Winn of AV(jbiirn. 

«' 7. — Elijah K. Stoddard of W-.rcoter. ' 

" 8.— Kdvs'in Cha^e of Hoi yoke, j 

Private Sec re f 'I rtj of the Governor. Sidney Andrews of i^oston. "^ 

M&ssenyer to the Governor ami Council^ William H. D. P^uton of Cambridge. 


Oliver Warner of Northampton. 

15/ Clerk, Ciiarles W. Lovett, of Boston. | 2d Clerk. Denj. C. Piper, of 13o;ton. 


Charles Adam?, jr of North Brookficld 

lat Clerk, D.iiiiel t£. Rogers, of Broaklino. | 2 I Clerk, Arceraaa Harmon, of Maiden. 


D. A. Gleason of Medford. 


Charles Endicott of Canton. 

1st Clerk, Edward S. Davis, of Lynn. | 2il Clerk, Augustus Brown, of Salem. 


Charles R. Train , of Boston. 


James C. Davis of Boston. 

Governor's Staff. 


James A. Cunningham of Gloucester. 

SURGEON-GENERAL. (Riiuk, Brrgadler-Gencral. ) 
William J. Dale of North Andover. 


Nehemiah Brown of Boston. 


Anson l\ Hooker of Cambridge. 


Willinra C. Capelle of Boston. 

AbSL->TANr iNsi'KcroK-GENERAL. (Rank, Captain.) 
William E. Wilson of Boston. 




of Boston, 


Rf.v. Edward Aiuiott, 
John Morissev, 

SiifToIk County 

1st District. — llufas S. Frost, 

2d " Alonzo W. Boardman, 

3d « Charles Hale, 

4th " Horace IT. Coolidjre, 

5th '^ AVilliam II. Learnard, . 

6th " Robert Johnson, 


of Chelsea 
of Boston 
of Boston 
of Boston 
of Boston 
of Boston 

1st DiST 










1st District 









6 th 




1st District 









1st District 



Essex C'ouuty, 

Orriii Howes, 
Daniel E. Satlbrd, 
John K. Tarbox, . 
D. T. \Vood\vell, . 
iSewell Giles, 

Middlesex County. 

William B. Long, 
J. S. Botrer, 
Fvobert O. Fuller, 
J. N. Bjke, 
Levi Wallace, • 
Carroll D. Wriaht, 
George Y. Richardson, 

Worcester County. 

Adin Thayer, 

S M. Gri;2:gs, 

A. J. Bartholomew, 

Baxter 1). W'futney, 

George A. Torrey, 

Hampden County. 

William L. Smith, 
Reuben Noble, 

of Lynn 

of Hamilton 

of Lawrence 

of Newburyport 

of Rockport 

of Charlestown 

of Arlington 

of Cambridge 

of Ashland 

of Pepf)erell 

of Readinpr 

of Lowell 

of Worcester 

of Westborough 

of Soutlibridge 

of Winchendon 

of Fitchbm-o: 

of Springfield 
of Westfield 

IlanipsUlrc, Franklin, and Berkshire Counties. 

Hampsiiiri: District. — Rvilus I). Woods, . . of Enfield 

Franklin " (rcorge Sheklon, . . of Deerfie d 

Bekkshirf. " Shepird Thayer, . of North Adams 

Berkshire and HAMr.<iiiRE District. — E. II. Brewster, of Worthin;:ton 

Norfolk and Plymoutli Counties. 

1st Norfolk District. — James vS. Whitnev, . • ofBrookline 

2d '• '' Thomas L. ^Vakefield, . of Dedham 

3d " " E. P. Carpenter, . . ofFoxborough 

1st Plymouth Dl^tiuct. — George W. Lobdell, . of Mattapoisett 

2d '' " Lloyd Parsons, . . of Bridge water 

Norfolk .^.nd Plymouth District. — James Humphrey, of Weymouth 

Bristol County. 

1st District. — Frederick L. Ames, 

2d *' Is.uic H. Cue. 

3d " Charles P. Stickney, 

of Easton 

. of New Bed. lord 

of Fall River 

BarnstaWtr, Xantucket, and Dukes Counties. 

Cape District. — Ju^eph Iv. Baker, . . . of Dennis 

Island DiSTuicr. — Charles Bradley, . . . of Tisbury 




John E. Sanford, of Taunton, Speaker. 

Wn-MAM S. Rop.iNsox Clerk. 

Rev. Warrkn H. Cudwoktii, Chaplain. 

John Morissey, Serg €?Lt-at-Aiirf. 


^1. EdwHrd Pearl, of Boston. 
Henry B. Hill, of Bo-ton. 
Henry S. \Vii«hburn, of Boston. 

2. William Taylor, of Boston. 
Michael Carney, of Boston. 
Henry Splain, of Boston. 

3. George Going, of Boston. 
John Newell, of Boston. 
Charles M. Kingsley. of Boston. 

4. John A. Lumso >, of Boston. 
Samuel M. Quincy, of Boston. 
Bardey Hull, of Boston. 

5. K<i\vi\rd B. Piankin, of Boston. 
George A. Shaw, of Boston. 
John J. .Mur[)hy, of Boston. 

6. F. \V. Lincoln, of Boston. 
Charles U. Codman, of Boston. 
John J. Smith, of Boston. 

7. Hugh J. Tolaiid, of Boston. 
P. O'Connor, of Boston. 
Michael J. Croak, of B ston. 

8. Moses Kimball, of Boston. 
Ira L. Moore, of Boston. 
Julius K. Bannister, of Boston. 

9. Francis 1). Stedman, of Boston. 
Jeremiah L. Newton, of Boston. 

10. Noah Lincoln, of Boston. 
S. B Hopkins, of Boston. 

11. Charles V. Poor, of Boston. 
E W. Griggs, of Boston. 
Daniel A. Patch, of Boston. 

12. Albert .1. Wright, of B.-ston. 
Liberty I). Packard, of Boston. 

13. Horatio B. Her>ey, of Chelsea. 
EU)ridge C. Donnell, of Chelsea. 
Thomas W. Porter, of Revere. 


1. B. F. Sargent, of Amesbury. 

J. K. I) irgin. of West Newbury. 

2. Wil iam K. Blunt, of Hnveriiill. 
Henry O. B.urr, of Haverhill. 
A. R. Lancaster, of Havernill. 

3. Horace C. Bacon, of Lawrence. 
Geo. E. Davis, of Lawrence. 
Jos. S. Howe, of .Methuen. 
4. George H. Poor, of Andover. 
6. Leverett Hopkinson, of Groveland. 

6. K -bert Coucii, of Ne\v(-iuryport. 
(ieo. W. Clark, of Newbiiryptirt. 
Wm Cudiins, of Newt.uryport. 

7. Charles A. Sayward, of I[)-wich. 

8. Benjamin H. Corliss, of Gloucester. 
C. I*. 'I'hiinpson. of (iloueester. 
John C. Clioatc, if Gloucester. 

9. .lanie^ W Bradlev, of Rockport. 

10. F. W. Cressv, of BeV'.T'v. 
Nutha H. Webb, of BeVerly. 

11. Geor/s H. Peabodv, of Danvers. 

12. C. V. Hanson, of Peabo.iv. 

13. Wiltard 1'. Phillips, uf S;ilem. 
George Sanborn, of Salem. 

14. William A. Cressv, of Salem. 

15. F. K. Pedrick, of Marblehead. 
Geo. Hatch, of Marblehead. 

16. Bowman B. Breed, of Lvnn. 

17. John W. Blaney, of Lynn. 

18. Henry B. Lovering, of Lynn. 

19. James P. Bacheiler, of Lynn. 

20. Anson McLoud, of Topstield. 


1. 0. C. Turner, of Attleborough. 

2. Jnhn R. Rogerson. of Norton. 

3. Geo. H. Bates, of Easton. 

4. John K. Sanford, of Taunton. 
J. H. Church, of Taunton. 
Wm. R. Black, of Taunton. 

5. \A'm. Babbitt, of Berkley. 

6. Job Gardner, jr. of Swanzey. 

7. G. 0. Fairbanks, of Fall River. 
Geo. H. Eddv, of Fall River. 
T. F Holder, of Fall River. 
Giles Brownell, of Wesrport. 
Benj. F. Wing, of Darimouth. 
Joseph H. Cornell, of New Bedford. 
Ellis Perrv, of New Bedford. 
Isaac D. Hall, of New Bedford. 
Thomas B. Tnpp, of New Bedford. 
William H. Whitlie.d, of Fairhaven. 


0. Avers, of Charlestown. 
Thomas B. Harris, of Charlestown. 
Joseph H Cotton, of Charlestown. 
Chns. Curtis, of Charlestown. 
Andrew J. Bailey, of Charlestown. 
Clias. H. i'aylor, of Sorncrville. 
Samuel A. Carlton, of Somerville. 
J.H. Abbott, of >hdden. 
Benj. K. Hay^s, of Medfoni. 
D. N. Skilbngs, of Winchester. 
Charles F. W alcott, of Cambridge. 

8. Curtis C. Nichols, of Cambridge. 
John McDntfy, of Cambridge. 
John W. Han^imond, of Cambridge. 

9. Ezra I'armenter, of Cambridge. 

10. Rev, Ezra D. Winslow, of Newton. 
A. B. Ely, of Newton. 

11. George W. Ware, ir.. of Belmont. 

12. W. A. Adams, of Waltham. 

13. William Nurt, of Natick. 

14 P. R. .lohnson, of Holliston. 
15. A. C. I'utnam, of Hopkinton. 
IG. J(Mias Kendall, of Franiingham. 

17. Kdward [.. Bigelow, of Marlboro'. 

18. B. W. Gleason, of Stow. 

19. Horace Heard, of Wavland. 

20. C. IL Piske, of Wcsto'n. 

21. W. M. Ashby, of Bcdtord. 

22. Walter Wyrnan, of Wolnjrn. 

23. Nelson Cochran, of Melrose. 
Anios Hi!!, of Stonehain. 

24. William J. Wiglitnian, of Wilmington. 

25. A. Marshall, of Tewksbury. 



26. Jonathan P. Folsom, of Lowell. 
Geo. F. Scril>ner, of Lowell. 

27. W. H. L .uehlin, of La we!!. 

28. W. H. Aruierson. (;f Lowell. 

29. \V. A. Brown, of LnweH. 

30. .1. Henrv Keai), of \\V-,ttnrd. 

31. E. Dhiv.i [iiuicroft, cf Aver. 

32. Alviu Lawtou. of bhirlev. 



A. G. Sinclair, of Winchendon. 
George H. Hoyt, of Athol. 
William Stont^, of IVmpleton. 
Lyuuin Woodwar-l. of Hubburdston. 
Hardioo; Woods, of l^nrre. 

.J. \\. Kiaiuall, of Fitchlmrg. 
Geo. E. Towne. of Firchbiirg. 
E. P. Loriiip, of Fitchljurir. 
George A. Parker, of Luucaster. 
Jonas E H )we, of Clinton. 
Asa Keves, of Sterling. 
I. K. Ko^s, of Holden.^ 
Lewis Barnard, of Worcester. 
John Gate-;, of Worce-^ter. 

B. \V. Potter, of Worcester. 
John S. Baldwin, of Worcester. 
Jo-eph K. Torrey, of Worcester. 
George P. Kenarick, of Worcester. 
George F. Siocuuib, <'f Grat'con, 
Francis Fisher, of Southixiro'. 
Williatn Knowlton, of I'ptou. 
Geo. B. Blake, of Mil r.-:-il. 

W. H. Aldririi, of .\LMidon. 
George W. Hobbs. of L'xbridge. 
H')race I. -loslin, of Webster. 
E. Harris Howlaud, of fJ.xford. 
Irvin B. Sayles, of .Miilbury. 
L. G. Sturtevaiit, of Leicester. 
Wiliiam Uphain, of Speiicer. 
S. H. Sibl>-y, of Warren. 

D. W. Knig'ht, of Xortli Brookfield. 


Moses R. Colrnan, of .'^cituate, 
FLr.vkes, of Hi!i!::!;:irn. 
Thoi. B. Wa^e inan. o! S .uth Scituate. 
J. d'. Z. 'rn'.'mp-..'i, I'l Halifax. 
,L-.-iah I'ett^r^r,!!. .:f Hiixt urv. 
Ti«iale S. White. r,f Plymouth. 
Wildam Perkin-^, ot" Piynipton. 
Alden Be^se. <f Wareh'Mm. 
Geo. W. Hn;v.;)hrev. of lioche-ter. 
Noah C. I'erknisof .Middleboro'. 
S uirhworth Harlow, of P>ridL'ewater. 
W. II. Osbonie, ..f Ka^t I'.ri Igewarer. 

E. L. Idia.ver, of North Bridgewuter. 
Franklin P. Harlow, of Abiiigtoa. 
Albert F. Kellev, of Abin-rton. 


1. Rice S. >Luo5. of Monsori. 

2. E[»hrai!n Allen, of Wilbra'iam. 

3. James Parker, of Sj-rinclield. 
John W. I'lit-jps, of .>prii.gfipid. 

4. W. C. St'.iitevaiir. of Sprinmield. 
6. C. C .Merritt. of .Sprinj^tield. 

6. Geo. Arm-, of Ciiijoj^ee. 
Reuben Sike*, of Ln-llow. 

7. R:ihh Perrv, of A-^'await). 

An-el H. Ward, ot U e-r .Springfield. 

8. L. R. Norton, of W.'.--ttie!d.' 

9. T. Keefe, of Chester. 


1. David Eastrrian, of New Salem. 

2. J. H. Root, of Montague. 

3. Asa A. Holton, of Northfield. 
Win. Keith, of Grcenfn^ld. 

4. Lafayette Anderson, of Shelburno. 
S. B.' Crafts, of Whately. 

5. Chauncey L. Spear, of'Buckland. 


1. Aug. B. Endicott, of Dedham. 

2. Rob't Seaver, of VVest Koxbury. 

3. Albert Palmer, of Bo>ton. 
George Bartliolomesz, of Boston. 
Browiiel! Granger, of B 'Ston. 

4. Charles Stanwood, f)f Boston. 

5. Laban Pratt, of Bostr-.n. 
Flenry S. Adams, of Hyde Park. 

6. Henry H. Faxon, of Qiaincy. 

7. B. L. Morrison, of Braintree. 

8. Noah B. Thayer, of Weymouth. 
Charles Q. Tirre!!, of Wpvmouth. 

9. Lndovicus F. Wild, of Randolph. 

10. Henry Jones, of Stoiiglron. 

11. James S. Shepard, of Canton 
D. W. lucker, of Milton. 

12. W. H. Thomas, of Foxborough. 
George Sheldon, of Wrentham. 

13. Seneca Burr, of Beliin^ham. 

14. John M. Harris, of 

15. A. \V. Benton, of Brookline. 


1. Edward .7. Tower, of Lnnesborough. 

2. F. P. Brown, of North Adams. 
S. P. Dresser, of Savov. 

3. James M. B trker, of Pitt^field. 
\Vm. H. Murray, of Pittsfield. 

4. Chapin Converse, of Hinsdale. 

5. Geo. 0. Peck, of Lenox. 

6. C. E. Slater, of Tviingham. 

7. F. T. Whiting, of'GreTit Barrington. 

8. Milton Abbey, of Sandisfield. 


1. W. F. Arnold, of Northampton. 
S. B. Quigles-, of South;impton. 

2. Suraner l . Churcdi, of Middl^field. 
3: Thom;is M. Carter, of Wiiliam-burg. 

4. Ira B. Wright, of SMUth Hadley. 

5. Dr. C. B. Sndth, of Grunhy. 
G. ohu W. Robinson, of Ware. 


1. .T. B. D. Coggswell, of Falmouth. 
Ezra C. Howard, of Sandwich. 
Nathaniel Sears, of Barnstable. 

2. Erastus Cha.'^e, of Harwich. 
Zoeth Snow, of Brewster. 

3. Lot Higcins, of Or'eans. 

4. Jesse S. i'enderpra^t, of Truro. 
R. G. Sparks, ot Provincetown. 


1. Nathaniel E. Jernegan, of Edgartown. 

' Nniitucket. 

1. Robert F. Gardner, of Nantucket. 




A</riniUure — Menhrn. Woods, ot Hamp- 

Jji^^iV-tV/ry — Messrs. Wiik.'liold, of Norfolk,' «I\iiv, niiil Am.."<, of i{^i^.f<)l, or the Somle. 
Rii'lKii-dsoii, of Mhldlt'^-'u'C, I{oiirdin;iu, ot Mes-r.'<. K.iss of Mold.-ii. I'liule, of .Milton, 
SutVolk, rnuyer, ot Worcester, ;ijid Torrey, of Hiwf.of Mcthucii, Hopkiii-'oi), of <ii .)vi-)arid 
Worct^rtttT. ; and Andfrson, uf .S(i.-d)ui-in', of tl(f llun.ii'.. 

/'rofxtte and Chancery — M-s-<rH. Ik-»rt)ioI- ' Jianks ami lUinkiiii/ — .^Il•^.■s^M. Siii-kuev, of 
omew, of W'orcf-rer, Huiui^lirey, of Ti/- Hii-tol, and Giie^«. of Esnex. "/ f/ic .S'e/ui/e. 
jnoMtn, -lud ^miili, of H iiiuidt'U. Mo-'srs. Hiirr i>, of Cli irk-.-tort ii, Hrr^t-y, (f 

Tre isury — ),h-Ai<rA. Sliokiiey. of Briatol, Chid-ru. Keiih, of Or. eiitifld, Carlton', of 
"VY'dcnoy, of Worces er, and Leaniird, of htiMu-ivilk'. and (Joutli, of Nc-wbur) port, of 
Sutfolk. \ the fJonse. 

Printinrj — Mo«!-rs. Huniphroy, of Ply- i Clninis — M('H>rs. Satford, of Essex, and 
moiiMi, Woo dwell, of Etsex, and Smith, ofj Tike, of .Middlf>ex, of tlce b'^wife. Mt-M^^ri. 
Hauip 1 n. Artd>'r>on, ol Lowell, I'ratt oi' l5()5<tou. li ib- 

JJills ill Third Reading — M«'ssr8. Barthol- bitt, of H<M-kley, Root, of M JM'ngue, and 

omew, of Worce-^tei'. '•Hllord, of Essex, Ricli 
ardnon, of .Middle-ex, liumplirey, of ^'ly- 
month, and vvM^^h:, of Middlusi-x. 

Ea^/roMsed BilU — >!■ .■smv-. Gri,,^!,"'. of Wor- 

IV-rkin", of IMy.npton, of the // 

Eliic dioii— 'Sh-ii^rn. Bartliul ew, of 

Woro.-Ht.-', and Eearnard, uf 8ntf ilk, of the Mes^r.^. Wa'lii)urn, of Ito.s-nn, Mald- 

C''r<-r. l$rcwster,ot Hamp.'liire, and Wallace, , wi.i. of Worcrsfer, Eaitinan. of .\<'\v >aleni, 
of Mi'idie-ex. I Inrner, of .AtMeh>ri', and liuuip.'irey, of 

Lc ice of ^6.venc«— Messrs. LobdeU. of Roolu-stcr, f/^/**' llau^e. 
Plyinontli, liewes, of Essex, and Noole, of Felaril licluli >iix — Me-isr.'», Ri<'liard'<on, 
Hainpdeu. of Middlesex, and Carp-n'er, of Norfolk, of 

the Sen.ite. Me-sr«. K. VV. Liii»;oln, of Bos- 
ton, tJo^swrP, of Varnioutli. rnornii.-soti, of 
Gl >uc '^t r, fit'ird, of Wayland, and riniitli, 
of B >-t)ii, o/'the [{jHse. 

Fi<herie.-i — Mf-s-iM. linidlev, of the I«land, 
and Baker of I lie CA\)v,ot' th>- Sen.ite. .Messrs. 
Ctniey. uf Bo-ioii. Wiiire, ot I'iynioutn, 


Jjf /i'.-t iry — Messrs, C 'gswtdl, of Yar 

an i (jressv, ol Salein. of' the. Hou.<e. 

Harbor's— .Messr-. KroM, of .Sutfolk, .John- 
son, of sntfo.k, and Wliitney, of Norfolk, of 
t'-'t Seiude. .Messrs. l*.irkt-r, of I/uiea-ter, 

moutli, riioinpsoii.ol Gl-ncesi.-r. ^.•\vtorl,of (jna<--. of Hai vvicli. Wiiiti'liidd. of Eairliaven, 
Bo>toii, lirown. of Ad un-, Quincv, of Bos ... -. 

ton, Walcott, of Cambridge, and Loriu^, oi 

Prob d's and Ch^uicery — Ales-rs. Bacon, of 
Lawrence, Bluat, of Uavrehill, Nutt, of i Cotton, of CliarJe.'tovvn, .\oali Lincoln, of 
N.ifick. S.iyw.ird, of !()swioii, Osborne, of | Boston. B.-^-e, of W.irr-h mi. Haintnond of 
Ea>t Brid.;ewater, I'otter, of Worcester, ana ! (Jai.ibrid;,'f, Skdiinu's, of Wmctw^ter, Harris, 
Tiireil, of W.-vrnoiitn. I uf .Ne <l;i,trn, and i'lielps, of Sprinj^rielil, of 

fi/a/ije - .Mcv-'.-.r-'. Kirn!>i!i, of ^^^•<t on, the II >u.-te. 
G inlner.of N.Miiucket, Woo hvard, of Hub- j /.i/;r,t/7/ — M-s.srs. Sheldon, of Franklin, 
ba'd-iton, I'lirnani, uf II i., kin o i, (Jourc.i ,of i Ames, ot" Bri-tol. and Woods, ot llainp-hire, 
Middletie^d, Murray, of i'itt-ljeld, aud faleh, o/'il/ie .?eu /?e Me-srs. I'aekurd, of P.oston, 
of Boston. i McLou 1. of ro|»slield. and Keyes, ot Ster- 

ELectijns—'S\.Qi*r%. B.iil.'iy, of C'nirles i liii'_' oTthe ff' 
town, Bi;,'elow, of ^Iiriboio'. .Jon*-.-, of ,Vf/«u// 7';i/-fi.-f — MfS9r.=i. Wliitney, of Wor- 
btoii^ht on, Aldric'i, of .NJfiid ui, Ad nns of: caster, and Cari.enter, of Norfolk, of the 
"Waliuanj, Cartir, of W!iliani->bnrg,aad .■5in- Sen ite. .Mi-s-r-. Upb un of SpenCtr, .^b^■p■ 
clair. of Wmc'iendr n. i ani. of Canton K<'ndiill, of KcaniinKJi un, 

UiUs in Tnir I Ileuling— M^'^sr.s. Ware, of Anie-, <>f Ciin-.oiiee, and Si\ies, of iliUbury, 
Behnonr, l^ou^'ulia. oi, Munn. of yf fh^ /l.,„.<e. 

Jlon.^on, Lanci-ter, ..f Haveiiiill. 'i'a\ lor, of I ' .\[-rr..intUe .-t/f/rs — .Messrs. Fro^t. of 
Boston, Burr, of Bellinj(liaiu,a!id B.itciieller, I Sntl'olk, and B.ikrr, of tin- ('aj.e, <// the 
Ol Lynn, ; Sewde. .Me-'sro. I'i'wn-, ot Fitchburji" Cor- 

Enrjrossed Hills — Mes-rs. Wnght,of \\o<- \ li,,<,<,i Glone.-sier, CnsniH;;. of .\.-'.vbui yport, 
ton, i'entb igrast, of druro, rolniui, of Scit- Kolsom, of LowvU.and Bauni.•^ter, of Boston, 
uate, Sanbuiii, ot Su em, iitrtlioioni --z, of of the t[ iwe 

Boston, Blar-k, of Taunton, and Curtis, of Insurance — Ma^^r*. Richardson, of Mi,i- 
Cliarlesfown. ! <ll,-.-vcx. and Wnif ae\ , of .N'o folk, ,>n!ie Sen- 

County K.-itiinates—'S\^'*:vi. H.ill. of New ' ate. .Me-,-rs. Bartiard.ol Woree?irr, Adams, 
Bedford, S.irg.-i.t of Anic-bnry, Higgin", uf^ or llvde I'.irk, Sturu-vmir. of Sprin^,',! dd, 

Orleans, r.'.-tc, of Lenox, R )b!n -on, ot Ware, 
xl.rrlow, of Bri(.ij;evvater, and .Moirisun, of 

I'.nj /i*>/i— Me<srs. Norton, of W<'sttield, 
Kingsley. of Bo-ton, Sikt--, of Ludlow 

Benton, of Bro )kline. and New.-U. ol Bos- 
ton, of Hie House. 

MliUiri/ .-Ji/Wir.v— Jlessrs I'otter. of .Mid- 
dl.Kex, and Wiignt, ot .Mid ile-j-x, <>/• r/ic 
Senate. Mt'^>rs. Kiinijall. of Fitciibur.<, 

Tiias er, of North Brid/ewaier, Wild, of Ran- Pearl, of Boston, Port, r, of Ri-vere. Wynian, 
dolph. IVd.iek, ot Marbiehea'l, and Lawtoii, j of Wobarn, ai.d Smitn, of Granbv, of the 
Of Siiirlt-y. Ilouie. 

Le creofAhsenee— Messrs. Tolnnd, of Bos- I /'.(ri-ihi'S and Reliyioiix S'lcietics — .Mes-rs. 
ton. Spear, of li ickland. .\bl). v. of S mdi-S- i S;»iT .rd, uf E-<.>.ex, and Co*-, ot l'.\\-toi, of the 
fl.dd K.-ndrick, of SVorcr.-ter,' K.itcb. o( ] Sejude. M.-srs. I'rrry , of Ai: iwain. Peier- 
31arbliln'.id. Murphy, ot Bo.ston, and Trip}),! «on. of Daxniirv, Snow, <>f BrfW«Tt-r, VVrij^^bt, 
Ol Ntw B.dfo.d. I (d'S.uith iladit-y, and Craltji. of NVbattdy, ./ 

I'ahli,: JhiUdni'/s — Mi'.«^r>;. Sbaw. of Bos- the House. 
ton, Blan-v. of Lv nil. C'oiivrr-e ot Hins.lab-, 1 /V-/i,/,;s — Messrs. Potter, of .Middic'-ex, 
Bl^ke.of.Nidiord. Asbb>,ot Be.Uord,>ptrke«. a„d .>iieldon. of Franklin. <f the Senate. 
of Provin:.'tosvn. and Bro>Mi(-ll. i;f W'rsl- >!,-.srv Winsiow, of Newton. Eodu'ott. of 
port. I) W,iilin>f, of tirt-at B.irrio^'ton, 

Printi'u;— Mp««r.<. Nic ■oN. of Cunbridtre, Cloni.b. ..f I'aunton, and Jo.-^lui, ot Webaler, 
Webb. otB.'verly. Grij;_r.s,.>f Boston, Woods, of tlie Houne 

of B.irr.., Wtn^'.'of Uartmontb, I'iiomas, of , ' I'ahlic Charitable /n:ifdntinns — }>lef>.<*T». 
Foxboro', and Rankin of Boston. 'Thayer, of Worcester, uud Fuller, of Mid- 



6\*iiex, of thf Senate. Mes^rn. Stcdiimn, of 
Boston, rrtniu'iifcr, of Cnriihri(1><e. I'our. of 
Ho-ton, i?rif d, uf Lynn, .ind Eddy, of Fall 
River, of the ILm^e. 

Public Lnnis — Messrs. Bradh-y, of the 
IslAud. and Noble, of Humpd.-ii. o/ th>; f^en- 
ate. M''H,«rs. I'.-rkin^, of M'ddlehoro', lioii'l, 
of Westfurd, Al)*-n, uf Wilbr.«hiim. (.ardiier. 
of Swrtiizey, and Slater, of Tyrifif^hurn, u/ 
the House' 

iJ(ii7w."(ii/3- — MesTS. Flale, of Suffolk, Tlmy- 
er, of Berkshire, and Tirbox, of Kr^^t.-x, of 
ihe Striate. M<>s6rs. I'hillips, of Suiein, Cod- 
man, of Bo'^ton, (iloa-ton. of .St<^\v, Kair- 
banks, of Fall liiver, Ely, of Newton, 
Knowlton, of U(>to[i. Scnbiier, of Lowell, 
»nd Barker, of l'itt«rield, of the Hutiae. 

Horse I'ldHidii/s— yh'^-*rs Loui:. of Mid- 
dlci-ex, Origins, of Worce-ter, unci Wallace. 
of Mi<idlesex. of the Senate. Messrs. (Jor- 
nell, of New Bt-dford, Lanision. of Boston. 
Brown, of Lowell, i'.ancroft, of Ayer, I'arker, 
of .Springfield, Habbn, ot Lxhridge, i'almer. 
of Boston, and Kokien, of Fall Kivcr, of the 

liuails and Bridges— Messrs. Brewpter, of 
Hanip-tiire, and Lobdeil, of Plynioisth, of 
the Sennte. Me^Rrs. .Jernaiian. of Edirar- 
tovrn. Howard, of . ■Sandwich, Hayes, of .Med- 
ford, Abbott, of >Lilden, and Clark, of New- 
buTTpoVr. of the }[<in.^e. 

State House— >\v-.<ri. Boardman. of .Suf- 
folk, I'nr.son-i, of I'K month, and Wright, of 
Middlesex, of the St'natp. .M^'^sr.s. Howe, of 
Clinton. Hoiton, of Nortiitieid. Stuldon, of 
Wrentharn, Hill, of Bo.^tun. and Waterman, 
of Scituate. of the House. 

j-oji-us — 3ie-sr(». Torroy, of Worcester, 
and Woodwell. of Essex, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Quigley, of Soniliainpron, (joMitc, of 
Boston. l-iske,'of Weston, Slocum, ot (irat- 
ton, and Dargin, of West Xt-wbury, of the 

IIoosi:u: Thinnel arul Troij and Greenjield 

Railroad — ^MessrB. Johnson, of Suffolk. 
Wood-*, of Hanipxinre, and .Sfieldon, of 
Franklin, of the Seixitf. Me-<sr.s. Kimb-ili, of 
Bo-ton. W', of Readintr, Ho>t, of 
Athol, Ayeri, ol Ch.'iriesto vu, I'oor, of An- 
dover, .Merritt. of 9j)riiipfield, (}ran},^er, of 
Boston, and Donneil, of Chelaea, of the. 


Liquor Law — Messrs. Coe, of Bristol, 
Walliioe, of .Middlesex, and Noble, of Htrnp- 
den; of the Senate. MeMwrs. Hanson, of Pea- 
body, Arnold, of Nortiiarnpton, Sione, of 
Teaipleton, Hoi,'erson, of Norton, Bradley, 
of Kockport, Faxon, of Quincy, Siblev, of 
Warren, and O'Connor, of Boston, of the 

State Poli'e—'S\en*T9. Parsons, of Ply- 
month, Giles, of Essex, and Boardman, of 
Suffolk, of the Senate. Mes,irs. Bate^i. of 
Easton, .St-tnwood of Boston, Cret<sey, of 
Beverly, Torrey. of Worcester, Hull, of Boa- 
ton, Marriliall, of Tewktsbury, Thompson, of 
Halifax, and Murphy, of Lawrence, of the 

Wiiman Suffrage — Me«sr?. Pike, of Mid- 
dlesex. .Sn\iiTi. of Hampden, and Coj. of 
Bristol, of the Senate. Messrs. Towne. of 
Fitchburg. K«dley, of A!)in;<ton, 6tu^t^ vatit, 
of LeiccHter. Gates, of V\\)rcestPr, Hopkins. 
of Boston, Thayer, ot Wevmouth Ketfe, of 
Che>iter. and Dreiser, of Savoy, of the House. 

Lithor Question — Mestirs. Lon>r. of Mid- 
dh.-ex, Howes, of E»sex, and Fuller, of 
Middlesex, of the Senate Messrs. .McDuffic, 
of Cambridge, Fiarlow, of Abington, John- 
son, of Hullii"t()n, Taylor, of Someiviile,. 
Peabody, of Danvers. Hill, of Stoneliam, 
Knipht.' of North lirooktield, and Levering, 
of Lynn, oflhi House. 

Compensation of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Jfcc. 

The salary of the ^iovernor is $.>.0O0; ofthe Licutenrint-rTovernor. SI. 500 
for the regular .'^e«?ion of the Legishiture, and SIO oQ per day during the 
subsequent sessions ofthe Councii. The pay of the Councillors is S'ioO and 
S5.00 per dav f(jr each day's atteiidanci' at suhseipient sessions. The pay of" 
Senators and Uepresentativfs i- S7.">0 for the anntial session. 

The salarv of the Sei-rt-tary of the Commonwealth is 53.500 ; Treasurer, 
$3,500; Auditor, S3, 500 ; Attorney General, S3, 500 ; Adjutant Gtnera!, 


Charles Sumner, of IJoston, 
Henry Wilson, of Natick, 

term expires March 3, 1875 
term ex[)ires March 3, 18 7 7 



[ rernis expire March 3, 1873.] 

District 1. 

James iii:fUuton, 



Oakes .\in' ?. 



Ghwvy Twicliell, 



.'^anuii 1 HooyiiT, 



iM-njamin F. Ihifier, 



Xathani.d ?. Hauhs, 



(ieor;ie M. Brooks, 



(•eorire F. Hoar, 



Alvab i'T'.^ki'v. 



Henrv L. Dawi's, 

of Fall River- 

of North Ka-ton 

of iirookline 

of l^oston 

of (iloucrster 

of Walt ham 

of Conctjr'l 

of V/oicester 


of Pittsfield: 



As csiahlishtd h>i Chap. 221, Ads of 18G6. 
Dist. - I ^ J 

1. — The Island, tho Cape, the First Plymouth, and the Second and Third Bristoa 

Senatorial Districts. 

2. — The Second Pivnioutli, the. P'irst Bristol, the Norfolk and I'lymouth, and th 

Second and riiirii Norfollc Senatorial Districts. 

•■>.— The Sixth Siufolk. the First Norfolk, the Third and Fourth Middlesex, and the 
Second Worcester Senatorial Districts. 

4. — The First, Second. Third, Fourth, and Fifth Suffolk Senatorial Districts. 

o. — The tive Setiatoriui Districts in the County of Essex. 

6. — The First, Second, Fifth, Sixtii, and Seventh Middlesex Senatorial Districts. 

7. — The First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Worcester, and the Franklin Senatorial 

8. — The Hanip.->hire, the First and Second Hampden, the Berkshire, and the Berk- 
shire and Hampshire Senatorial Districts. 


As established by Chap. 120, Acls o/'lSC6, with the number of legal voters in each district. 

f Wdiole number of legal voters in the State on the 1st of May, 18G5, 246,282. Average 
ratio for each district in the State, 6,157.] 

Suffolk County — Sis Senators. [Average ratio, 6,133.] 

First District. — Chelsea, * North Chelsea, Winthrop, and Ward No. 1, Boston. Legal 

voters, 6,3^)0. 
Second Duinrt. — Ward.-< Nos. 2, 3, and 6, Boston. Legal voters, 8,795. 
Third List rirt. — Wards Nos. 4 and 5, Boston. Legal voters, 6,105. 
Fourth JJistrict. — Wards Nos. S and 9, Boston. Legal voters, 5,lo7. 
Fifth District. — Wardy^ Nos. 10 and 11. Boston. Legal voters, 5,109. 
Sixth District. — Wards Nos. 7 and 12, Boston. Legal voters, 5,224. 

Essex County — Five Senators. [Average ratio, 6,616.J 

First District. — Lynn. Lynnfield, Marblehead, Nahant, Saugus, and Swarapscott. 

Legal voters, 6,S55. 
Second District. — Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, Salem, f South Dauvers, Topsfield, 

and Wenham. Legal voters, '-.;,215. 
Third District. — Andover. Boxford, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, and North Ando- 

ver. Legal voters, 7,111. 
Fourth District. — Amesbury, Bradford, Georgetown, Groveland, Newbury, Newbury- 

port, Salisbury, and West Newbury. Legal voters, 6,267. 
Fifth District. — "Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Manchester, Rockport,. and. 

Rowley. Legal voters, 0,624. 

Middlesex County. — Seven Senators. [Average ratio, 5.991.] 

First District. — Cbarle.^toNvn. Leg.'ii voters, 5,500. 

Second District. — B.rhnont, Maiden, Medford, Somerviile, Waltham, Watertown, and' 

I We.-t Cambridge. Leg-al voters, 6.462, 
Third District. — Cambridge^ and Hrigiiton. Leiial voters, 5,810. 
Fourth District. — Ashland, Framina;hara, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Newton, Sher- 

born. Wayland, and Weston. Legal voters, 6,259. 
Fifth District. — Acton, Asliby. Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Dunstable, Groton, 

Hudson, Lincoln, Litrleton, Marlborough, Pepperell, Shiriey, Stow, Sudbury, 

1 ownsend, Tynssbovough, and Westford. Legal voters, 5,82S. 
.S!>('A />/s(/-!cf. — Bedford. Billerica, Burlington.^ Lexington, Melrose, North Reading, 

Heading, §South Keadir.g, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Winchester, and 

Wobnrn. Legal voters, 6,014. 
Seventh District. — Chehn^tord. Dracut, and Lowell. Legal voters, 5,967. 

Worcester County— Five Senators. [Average ratio, G.-i.5l.] 

{■'irst District. — Worcester. Lo<ral voters, 5,SS0. 

Siccnd District. — Bhick^tone, Douglas. Grafr(;n, Mendon, Milford, Northborough,, 
Northbridge, Shrew-'jury. Southborough, Upton, Uxbridge, and We^tborough. Legal 
voters, 6,b\^3. 

Third /district. — Aubwr'A, Brookfield, Charl{.'>n. Dudley, Leicester, Millbury, Oxford.. 
Southbridu'C, Spericer. Sturbridge, Sutton, Warnn, Webster, and We>t Brooktleld. 
Leg:U V'ltors, 6,535. 

Fourth District. — Athol, Barre, Dana. Gardner, Hardwick. Holden, Hubbardston, 
New Braintn-e. North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, i'ctor.-ham, I'hillipston, Royals- 
ton, Rutland, Tenipl-ton. nv.d Wincliendon. Legal voters, u.o.^o. 

* Chan.'cd to U.'vere. Is71. t Chanced to Arlin<rton. Jipril ,^0, Ibn',:. 

t t'liau^'td to I'tabudv, l,>5'i. - § Changed to \\'ak<.:l.eld, J uue 30, 186i». 



Fifth District. — Ashburnharn, Derlin, Bolton, Boylstoii, Clinton, Fitchburg, Hiirvan!, 
Lancaster, Leoriiiiii.<ter. Lunenburg, Princeton, Sterling, West Boyl>ton, and West- 
minster. Legal voters, G,o7 1. 

Hampden County — Two Senators. [Average ratio, 0,105.] 

First District. — Brinineld, Holland, Monson, Palmer, Sprinc^field, Wales, and Wilbra- 
haui. Legal voters, f".,;;'!*). 

Second DiftT'irt. — Agawam, I'.landford, Chester, Chicopee, (Jrnnville, Holyoke, Long- 
meadow, Ludlo'.v, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland, Westtield, and West 
Spriugticld. Legal voters, G,024. 

Hampshire County— One Senator. [Average ratio, 6.347.] 

Hampshire District. — AiTihcrst, Relchertown, Eastliampton, Enfield, Granby, Green- 
wich, Hadley, Hatfield, Northampton, Pelham, Prcscott, South Hadley, South- 
ampton, Ware, "Westharnpton, and Williamsburg. Legal voters, 6,347. 

Berkshire and Hampshire Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio. G,l4i>.] 

Berlshire and Hm»nshire Districts. — Alford, Becket, Egremont, Great Barrington, 
Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Moutit Washington, New Marlborough, Gtis, Sandi^tleld, 
Goshen, Huntington, !\Iiddlefield, Plalnfield, and AVorthington. Legal voters, 

Berkshire and Franklin Counties — One Senator. [Average ratio, G,oi3.] 

Berlshire District. — Adams. Cheshire, Chirksbury, Dalton, Florida, Hancock, Hins- 
dale. Lanesborough, New Ashfurd, Peru, Pittsfield, Klchmond, Savoy, Washing- 
ton, Williamstown, Windsor, Hawley, and ^lonroe. Legal voters, 6,013. 

Franklin County — One Senator. [Average ratio ,6,937.] 

Franklin District. — A^hficld, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Coleraine, Conway. 
Deerfield, Erving, Giil. Greenl'ield, Heath, Leverett, Leyiien, Montague, New 
Salem, Northfield, Orange, liowe, Shelburne, Shuteshnry," Sunderland, Warwick, 
Wendell, and Whately. Legal voters, 6,987. 

Norfolk County— Three Senators. [Average ratio, 6,134.] 

First District. — Broi-kline, * Roxbury, and West Roxbury. Lecral voters. 6,235. 
Second District. — Canton, Dedham,' t Dorchester, Dover, ^lilton, Needham, and 

Quincy. Legal voters, 6,094. 
Third District. — ' Bellinc;ham, Foxborough, Franklin, Medfield, ^ledway, Randolph, 

Sharon, Stougiiton, Walpole, and Wrentham. Legal voters, 6,084. 

Bristol County — Three Senators. [Average ratio, C,192.] 

First District. — Attleborough, Fasten, Mansfield, Norton, Rayuham, and Taunton. 
Lccjal voters, 6,<)r.S. 

Second District. — Acu^hvxQt, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, and New Bedford. Legal voters. 

Third District. — Berklov. Dighton. Fall River, Freetown, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somer- 
set, Swanzey, and Westport. Legal voters, 8,246. 

Plymouth County— Two Senators. [Average ratio. 5,9-j5.] 

First Distinct. — Carver, Duxbury, Kingston, Lakeville, Marion. Mattapoisett, Mid- 
dleboron^h, Plymouth, Plyinpton, Rochester, and Warelnim. Leiral voters, •'•,973. 

Second District. — AhinL'tnn, I5ridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Hanson, North 
Bridgewater, Pembroke, and West Bridgewater. Legal voters, 5,878. 

Norfolk and Plymouth Counties— One Senator. [Average ratio. 5,1K>1.] 

Xor/vlk and Plyiu^uth I)!s>rirt. — Cohasset, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Marshfield, 
Scituate, South Scituate, Draintree, and Weymouth. Legal voters, '.,904. 

Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket Counties— Two Senators. 
[Average ratio, o.VSi.] 

Island District. — Barnstnblf, (?.iy He;id, Falmouth, Marshpee. Sandwich, Chilmark, 
EdgartowM, Gusi.oid, Ti-buiy, ar.d N.mtiicket. L<\l^u1 voters. 4.'>':2. 

Qipe District. — iirewster, Ciuith'arn, Deimis, Kastiiain, Harwich, Orieaus, Province- 
town, Truro, Welileet, and Yarmouth. Legal voters, 5,681. 

• Annexed to Boston. January, 186S. \ Annexed to Boston. January, 1870. 




As established bv the County ComTnlssioiiens ot" the several Cousitios other th;in vSuf- 
folk, and the Mayor and Aldermen ol the Ciry of Boston, for the County of vSulVolk, 
pursuant to tlie 21st Art. of Ainciidinent?; of the Constitution oiid Chap. 10:j of the 
Acts of ISG'j; with the nunnberof Legal voters in each District (accordin;^ to the 
census of IStJoj, and the number of Kepresctitativos to whicii said districts are re- 
spectively entitled. Number of Kepresentatives, 'li\). Number of voters to each 
Repiesemitive, 1,025. 

Suffolk County. 



Boston 1st Ward. 
Boston 2d Ward. 
Boston 3d. Ward. 
Boston 4th Ward. 
Boston 5:h Ward. 
Boston Gth Ward. 
Boston 7th Ward. 
Boston Sth Ward. 
Boston 9th Ward. 
Bost-on 10th Ward. 
Boston 11th Ward. 
Boston 12th Ward. 
Chelsea, North Chelsea, | 
Winthrop. j 

Essex County. 


Voters. Rep. 
3,530 3 



Salfsburv, Amesbury, ) 
West Newburv. " j 

2. Haveriiill, Bradford. 

3. Lawrence, Methuen. 

4. Andover, North Andovcr. 
6. Georgetown, Grove- | 

land. Box ford. j 

6. Newburyport, Newbury. 

7. Ipswich, Rowley. 

8. Gloucester, Essex. 

9. Rock port. 

10. Beverly, Manchester, | 

Hamilton. f 

Danvers. Wenham. 
South Danvers. 
Salem 1st Ward, 2d ( 

Ward, 31 Ward. ( 

Saletn 4th Ward, 6th Ward. 
Marblehead, Saiem oth | 

Ward. I 

Lynn 4th Wiird, Nahant. 
Lynn 2d Ward, Sth Ward. 
Lynn 3d Ward, Swampscott. 
Lvnn 1st Ward, 6th ) 

"Ward, 7th Ward. \ 
Sau;^us. Lynnfield, / 

.Middleton, Topsfield. ) 



















Middlesex County 



Charlestown 1st Ward. 





Charle^town 2d Ward. 





Charlestown 3d Ward. 





Sornerville, .\lalden. 









We^t Cambridge, Wic- 






Cambridge 1st Ward, 
5tlj Ward. 





Cambridge 2d Ward, 
4th Ward. 






Cambridge 3d Ward. 




Newton, l;.-ighton. 





Watertown, Belmont. 











lioliiston, Shcrborn, 




Ilopkinton, Ashland. 






Hudson, Stow, Box- ; 

borough, Littleton. j 


Acton, Sudbury, Way land 


Concord, Lincoln, Weston. 


LextuL'ton, Bedford, J 

Burlington, Carlisle. | 




Stoneham, South Read- / 

ing, .Melrose. \ 

Readine, North Read- / 

ing, Wilmington. \ 

Chelmsford, Billerica, } 

TeA^ksburv. \ 

26. Lowell 1st Ward, 2d / 

Ward, 6th Ward. 1 

27. Lowell 3d Ward. 

28. Lowell 4th Ward. 

29. Lowell 5th Ward. 

30. Dracut,Tyngsborough, } 

Dun-table, Westford. ) 

31. Groton, Pepperell 
32 '■■ - ■ • • 
















lownsend, Ashby, Shirley. 1,029 

Total, 41,935 
Worcester County. 
A^hburnham, Winchendon. 1,119 

Royalston, Athol. 

Gardner, Templeton. 

Petersham, Dana, Phil- ] 
lipston, Hubbards- ! 
ton, Barre, Hard- f 
wick. New Braintree. j 

Westminster, Fitch- \ 
burg, Lunenburg, I 
Leominster. i 

Lancaster, Bolton, Harvard. 

Clinton, Berlin, North- / 

Sterling, West Boyl- 
ston, Boylston. 

Rutland. Holdeii, 
Princeton, Oakham 

Worcester 1st War.l, 2d ) 
Ward, 3d Ward, Sth \ 
Ward, Paxton. ) 

Worcester 4th Ward, ) 
5th Ward, Oth Ward, • 
7th Ward. \ 

Gratlon, Shrewsbury. 

We>tb(^rough, Southborough 

Northbridge, Upton. 

Milford, ^!endon, \ 

Blackstone, Ux- i 
bridge. \ 

Douglas, Webster, ) 

Dudley, Oxtord, '■ 

Sutton, Millbury. \ 

Auburn, Leicester, 1 

Spencer, Chariton, ■■ 
Soutlibridge. ) 

Sturbrid^e, Brookfield, ) 
North Brook field, W. V 
Brookfield, Warren. ) 









3,034 3 

1,020 1 


,983 3 








Total, 31,780 31 



Hampshire County. 

K-i^tlKiinptdn, Hunting- 1 
ton, N.irtiuun[)ron, f 
Sv>utlKiinpton, \Ve>t- ( 


■i. C 

;:'hc'»trrr!elii, Cuminini^- 1 
ton, r.MHtu'n, Mi.liile- J 
liel.J, riaintield, Wor- f 
ihin^'ton. J 

■^, llu.lley, Huttield, Wil- / 
lianV-burg. j 

i. A;iiherst, S). II;\'iley. 

.",. lU'lrhortown, Granbv, / 
I'elhum. " S 

*j, Kiifu'ld. Greenwich, / 
Trescott, Ware. V 

Hampden County. 
1. Mon*on. Brimfield, Hul- / 

laud, Wales. \ 

V'. Palmer, Wilbraham. 
8. Sprinafield 1st Ward. | 

•2d Ward, -M Ward, i 
i. Springfield 4th Ward, / 

.3th Ward. j 

5. Springfield 5th Ward, I 

7th Ward, 8th Want. ( 
rl. Ilolyuke, Chicopee, Ludlow. 
7. Gnmviiie, Southv/ick, \ 

Agawam, W. Spring;- 1- 

field, Longn>eado'.v. ) 
"<. Westtield. 
^. Chester, B landlord, ) 

Montgonierv, Kus- :■ 

sell, Tolland. ) 



















Total, 1 
Franklin County. 

Warwick, Orange, New / 
Salem. \ 

Montague, Snnderland, » 
I.overett, Shutes- | 
bury, Wendell. ) 

Greenfield, Coleraine. ) 
I.evden, Bernard.^ton, ( 
Gill, NorthtleM, Kr- I 
ving. j 

Deertield, Shelbtsrnc, | 
Whutely, Conwav, [• 
Ashiield, Hawlov. ) 

I5iu-klaiid, Charleniont. / 
ileuth, Kowe,Miwiroe \ 






Total, 7,1 r 
Berkshire County. 
Haiicock. Lanesboro", 

aiicocK, i^anesuoro , i 

New Ash turd, Wil- ■ 

lianistown. ) 

A'lanis, Che.^hin-. ) 

Clarksburg. Fl'jrida, I 


Dulton, l'itt.-.ficld. nioli- / 
niond. \ 

Brcket. Hinsdale, Per;:. ) 
Washiiigton, Wind- • 

L'^nox, Stockhri'iL^i\ / 

Wo^t Stockliridgi.'. i 

I.*'". Montery, (>ti>. I 

Tyri!i:rhaui. \ 

.\U"-rd, K-rrenioiit, (it. i 

I'.arriiigton, Mnunt J- 

Wa-hington. ) 

New .Mariboroneh. San- / 

a;stk;d, Sho:!ie!d. \ 








Total, iu,.')6(i 10 

ITorfolk County. 

Deilham. 1,268 1 

West Koxburv. 991 1 
Koxburv 2d \Vard, 3d ) 

Ward"; 4th Ward, 5th \ 3,485 3 

Ward. ) 

Knxbiuv 1st Ward. 998 1 

Dorchester. 1,800 2 

<,>uincy. 1,276 1 

BraintVee. 777 1 

Wevn-iouth. 1,843 2 

Rand.jjph. 1,201 1 

Stoiighton. 1,020 1 

Canton, Milton, Wal- i . q.^ •> 

pole, Sharon. > ' 

Foxborough, Wren- / ,, q^ » ^ 

tharn, Medway. j ""' 

Franklin, Bellingham. 819 1 

Needham, Medt^eld, Dover. 855 1 

Brookline. 761 1 

. Total, 21,525 21 

Bristol County. 


Mansfield, Norton. 

Easton, Ilaynhani. 


Seekonk, Kehoboth, \ 

Dighton, Berkley. \ 
Somerset, Swansea, i 

Freetown. \ 

Fall River. 
New Bedford 1st Ward. 

2d Ward, 3d Ward. 
New Bedford 4th Ward, 

5th Ward, 6th Ward. 
Fairhaven, Acushnet. 










Total, 18.576 

Plymouth County. 

Cohasset, Scituate. 

Hingham, Hull. 

South Scituate, Hano- 
ver, Hanson. 

Marshfield, Pembroke, 

Duxbury, Kingsti^i. 

Fly mouth. Carver, 

Wareham, Marion. 

Mattapoisett, Koches- 
ter, Lakeville. 


Bridfrevvater. West 
Bridge water. 

East Bridge water, No. 
Bridgewater. , 







Total, 14. 
Barnstable County. 

BarnstuMt', S:vi'.dwich. / 
Fahnuuth, Yarmouth. \ 

Dennis, Harwicli, i>rev/:?ter. 

Chatham. Orleans. 

f:astham,Wellrteet.Tru- ) 
ro, I'rovincetown. ) 

Dukes County. 

F.dgartown, Tislury, / 
Chilmark, Go^noid. ) 

NantuckQt County. 

1,064 1 
931 1 

1,166 1 









, 8,334 


,107 1 






Bistnct I. 

The several towns in the counties of 
Barnstable, Duke^, and Nantucket, to- 
gether with the cities of New Be(Uor(l 
and F;il! Eiver, and the towns of Acu-li- 
net, Dart:ncath. Fairiiaven, Freetown, and 
Westport, in tlie county of Bristol: and 
the towns of Carver, Duxbury, Halifax, 
Kinfrston. Lakeville, Marion, .Mattapoisett, 
Mid'dleborousrh, Pembroke, Plymouth, 
Plympton, Kochester, and Wareham, in 
the couuty of Plymouth. 

District 2, 

The towns of Attleborou'jh, Berkley, 
Dightou, Eastou, Manstield, Norton, Rayn- 
ham, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swan- 
zQy, and the city of Taunton, in the county 
of Bristol: and the towns of Abington, 
Bridgewater, East Bridgewater. Hingham, 
Hanover, Hanson, Hull. Marshfield, Scitu- 
ate, South Seitaate, North Bridgewater, 
nnd West Brid^j^water, in tliv county of 
Plymouth: and the towns of Brain'tree, 
Canton, Cokasset, a Dorchester. Milton, 
(^uincv, Randolpli, Sharon, Stoughton, 
and Weymouth, in the county of Norfolk. 

District 3. 

The J city of Kojibnry and the tov.-n of 
Brookline. in the county of Nortolk: and 
the territory comprised in the wards num- 
bered rive, seven, eight, ten. eleven, and 
twelve, in the city of Boston, in the Coun- 
ty of Suiiblk. 

District 4. 

The territory comprised in the wards 
numbered one. two, three, four, six, and 
nine, in the city of Boston, the city of 
Chelsea, and the towns of e North Chelsea 
aud Wititlirop, in the County of Suifolk: 
and the city of Cambridge, in the count\- 
of Middlesex. 

District 5. 

Tlie cities of Lynn, Newbury port, and 
Salem, and the towns of Amesbury, Bev- 
erly, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown", Glou- 
cester. Groveland, Hamilton, I[)swich, 
LynnrieM, Manchester. Marblehead. Mid- 
dleton, Nihant, Newbury, Ilockport, Row- 
ley, Saii?bury, d South Danvers, Swamp- 
ecott, Topstie'.d, Wenham, and West New- 
bury^ in the county of E^sex. 

a Annexed to Boston. 
b Anrifxed to Boston. 
C Chungt'd lo Ktvtre. 
d Cuanged to'l'tabody. 

District 6. 

The city of Lawrence, and tlie towt:^ 

of Anduver. Boxford, Bradford, Haverhil!. 

j Methuen, North And(A-er, and Saugus. in 

I the county of Essex; -And the city (>f 

j Charlestown, and the towns of Belmont, 

I Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, xMalden 

i Med lord. Melrose, North Reading. Readir;g, 

I Somcrville, e South Reading, Stoneham. 

! Tewk-lniry, Waltham, /' We>t Cambridge, 

Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn, in 

the cou'.ty of .Middlesex. 

Disti-ict 7. 
The city of Lowell, and the towns of 
Acton, Ashby, Ashland, Bedford, I'ox- 
borough, Brighton, Carlisle, Chelmsforl, 
Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, Framinghan), 
Groton, Holliston, Hopkititon, Lincoln, 
Littleton, LMarlboi"ough, Natick, Newton, 
Peppered, Sherborn, Shirley, Stow. Sud- 
bury, Townsend, Tyngsborough, Wa'er-, Wayland, \\HHstford, and Weston, in 
the couuty of Middies<3x; and the towris 
of Dedhani, Dover, Medrield, Needluun, 
and West Roxbury, in the county of Nor- 

District 8. 
The city of Worcester, and the towjic 
of Auburn, Blackstone, Boylston, Brook- 
rield, Charlton, Douglas, Dudley, Grafton, 
Holden, Leicester, Mendon, MiUbrd, :Mi!l- 
bury. New Braintree, Northborough, 
Northbridee, North Brookfield, Oakham. 
Oxford, paxton, Rutland, Shrewsbury, 
Southborough, Southbridge, Spencer, Stnr- 
bridge, Sutton, Upton, L'xbridge, Warren, 
Webster, Westborough, West Boylston, 

I and West Brooktield, in the county of 

I Worcester; and the towns of Beiliugliam. 

! Foxborough. Franklin. Medsvay, Walpole. 

j and Wrentliam, in the county of Nortolk. 

District 9. 
The several towns in the counties of 
Hampshire and Franklin, and the towns 
of Ashburniuim, Athol, Barre, Berlin, Bol- 
ton, Clinton, Dana, Fitchburir, Gar.iner, 
! Hardwick, Harvard, Hubbard:~ton, Lan- 
j carter. Leominster, Lunenburg, Peters 
; ham, Phillipston, Princeton, Royalston, 
j Sterling, Templelon, Westminster, and 
i Vv'iuchendon, iu the county of Worcester. 

District 10. 

The city of Springtield. and the several 
towns in "Hampden county, together with 
the several towns in Berkshire county. 

e Changed to Waketicld- 
/ Changed to Arliui,non. 




L'. S. Court House, 1 10 Trumont St. 

Nathan Cliffl^rd, Associate Justice U. 

S. Supreme Court. 
(n'O. F. Sliopley, Judge of U. S. Cir- 

rnil Court. 
-f<»Iiii Ivowell, District Jrulqe. 
l>avi'l 11. Mason, Di<trict Alfornej/. 
Fntnds W. Hurd, E. P. Xettleton, 

Frederick Dabney, Asst. Dis. Attor- 

Kfjl.uul (jr. Usher, Marshal. 
baiMucl \V. Ki -bardson, D. G. Lonirr 

H. I). Sf\mour, of "Boston, and 

Wni. S. C'obb of X(.w Bedford, 

Drjnit// Marshals. 
.I-)hn (t. Stetson. Clerk Circuit Court. 
i:dTvard l)t-.\ter, Cierk District Court. 

Cofiiissioners of the Circuit Court 
of thi United States, -or th^- first 
Circuit, and District of Massachu- 
»i'tts : Ch;is. Levi Woodbury, Elias 
.Mcrwin, Charb's P. Curtis, Caleb 
\\ 111, Loiinjz. Wni. S. Ucxtcr, Henry 
L. Hulktt, CliarUs W. Tuttle, Chas. 
!>cniond, Winslow Warren, Jr., Ed- 
Nvin H. Abbott, and Fisher Ames, of 
llostoti : William L. Smith, of Spring- 
field ; (ieorire Mai'stou and Chas. AV. 
Clifford, ot' Ne'w Ik-diord ; Wen- 
.IcU T. Davis, of CreenHeld; J. Hen- 
ry Hill, of A\'orcester ; Wnu How- 
laud, of Lvnn ; and Ed'jar ^^1. Wood, 
of FiitsficlH. 

Cir -nit Courts, liolden at Boston, 
l.'>!h of May aud 15fb of October, in 
e I'dj year. 

District Ccurts, hoMeu at Boston, 
^M 'l'ut-(Liy in March : -Itli Tuesday 
in. lime; "id I'uesday in Sept.; aud 
1st Tuesday in Dee. ; ami Special 
''-U'ts are hoMen u-ually on eaidi 
Friday, and on other il lys at the dis- 
crt-iion of the diui-ie- 


< 'iunfy ('(iurt Hou-e, Court Siniare, 


K- u:.'t-n A. Cha[)niaii, Mouson. Chief 

W'ti-ui.- (ir.iv, ,h.-., F.o-tou. "i , 
••'•m U lb. (.bicopee, I . 

•'"-- D. Colt. Fittsfield. ;- r • 

;^;'h Aiu..,, lioston, I •.'";'' 

M If. US Murlon, Audover. J *^'* 

Salary of tlie Cliicf Justice, ^5,500 
and of each Associate, S5,000. 

Charles R. Train, Boston, Altorney 
General. Salary, 82,500, and 
S 1,000 Clerk hire. 

George C. Wilde, Boston, Clerk for 
the Commowcealih. 

Geo. W. Nichols, Boston, Asst. Clerk. 

Albert G. Browne, Jr., Boston, Re- 


At Boston, 1st Wed. Jan. of each 
year, which term may be adjourned 
from time to time to such places and 
times as may be most conductive to 
tlie dis[)atch of business and the 
interest of the public ; and all ques- 
tions of law, whether arising upon 
ajipeal, exception, or otherwise, and 
from whichever court, shall be therein- 
entered and determined, if the same 
arise in either of the fbilowinp; coun- 
ties: Sutfolk. Middlesex. Norfolk, Bris- 
tol, Barnstable, Dukes, or Nantucket. 

For Berkshire County, at Pittsfield, 
2d Tues. Sept. 

For Bristol Countv, at Taunton, 
4tb Tues. Oct. 

For the Counties of Hampshire and 
Franklin, at Greenfield, Mon. af 2d 
Tues. S(^pt. 

For Hampden County, at Spring- 
field, 3d .Mon. af. 1st 'fu. of Sept. 

For I'lymouth County, at Ply- 
mouth, od Tues. Oct. 

For Worcester County, at Worces- 
ter, 4th Tu. after 1st Tu. of Sept. 

For Essex County, at Salem, 1st 
Tues. of Nov. 


For the Counties of Barnstable and 
I)ukes. at Barnstaf)le, 1st Tu. Mav. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d'Tu. 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 3d Tues. 
Ap. ; at New Bcdli)rd, 2d Tues. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 3d Tues. Ap., 
and 1st Tues. Nov. 

Franklin Co., at CrrtenfieUI, 2d 
Tues. A{)ri!. 

Hampden Co., at Springfield, 4th 
Tues. April. 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 
3d Tues. April. 



Middlesex Co., at Lowell, '3d Tuos. 
April ; and Cambridge, 3d Tiies. Oct. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Tues. July. 

Norfolk Co., at Dcdham, 3d Tues. 

riyinouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d 
Tue:?. ]May. 

Sullblk'Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. of 
April, and 2d Tues. of Sept. 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d 
Tues. April. 


Lincoln F. Brijjjham, Salem, Chief 
Justice. Sal. S4.44U. 

Julius Rockwell, Pittslield; Otis 
P. Lord, Salem ; Francis J L I)e\yey, 
Worcester; Ezra Wilkinson. Wren- 
tham ; John P. Putnian, Boston ; 
Charles Devens, Jr., Worcester; 
Henry A. Scudder, Boston ; Robert 
C. Pitman, New Bedford ; John W. 
Bacon, Natick, As.^ociate Justices. 
Salary, $4,200 each. 

Jos. A. \\'illard, Boston, Clerk. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh, Boston, Asst. 

Henry Homer, Clerk (Criminal 


Barnstable Co.. at Barnstable, on 
Tues. next after 1st Mon. April, and 
2d Tues. Oct. 

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfi-ld, 4th 
Mon. Feb., June, and Oct. {Civil), 
2d Mon. Jan. and July (Criminal). 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 2d Mon. 
March and Sept. ; at New Bedford, 
2d ^lon. June and JJec. 

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, on last 
Mon. ]\Iay and Sept. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st ]Mon. June 
and ])ec. (Cicil), 4th Mon. Jan. 
(Criminal); at Lawrence, 1st Mon. 
March (Cicil), 1st Mon. Oct. (Crimi- 
nal) ; at Newburvport, 1st Mon. Sept. 
(Cicil), 2d Mon. May {Criminal). 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d 
Mon. ^ larch and 2d i\lon. Aug. and 

Hampden Co., at SprioLdield, 2d 
Mon. ]Nlarch and June, and 4th Mon. 
Oct. (Civil). 3d Mon. May and 1st 
Mon Dec. {Criminal). 

Ham[)shire Co.. at Northampton, 
3d jMon. Feb., Iht Mon. .Uim\ ;5d 
Mon. Oct. {Civil) ; 2d Mun. June, 
and 3d Mon. Dec. (Crifuinal). 

:\IiddK-fX Co., at Lowell, 2d M(jn. 
Mar. auil 1st Mon. Sept. (Civil), 
and 3d Mon. Oct. ((Criminal)', at 
Cambridge, 1st Mon. June, 2d Mon. 
Dec. (Civil), and 2d Mon. Feb. and 
4th Mon. June (Criminal). 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st 
Mon. fJune and Oct. 

Norlblk Co., at Dedham, 4th ?kIon. 
Apr., Sept., and Dec. (Cicil), Ist 
Mon. Apr., Sept., and Dec* (Crimi 

riy mouth Co.. at Plymouth, 2d 
Mon. Feb. and June, and 4th Men. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tues. 
Jan., Apr., July, and Oct. (Civil), 
and 1st Mon. every month (Crimi- 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st 
Mon. I\Iarch, Mon. next af. 4th ^lon. 
Aug. and 2d Mon. Dec. (CivH), 3d 
j\hjn. Jan., 2d Mon. May. and 3d 
iVIon. Oct. (Criminal) ; at Fitchburg, 
2d i\Ion. June and Nov. (Civil), and 
2d Mon. Aug. (Criminal). 


[Elected by the several districts for 
terms of three years, ending Januarv, 

Northern District. — ^liddlesex Co.. 
John B. Goodrich of Newton. 

Eastern District. — Essex County,, 
Edgar J. Sherman, of Lawrence. 

Southern District. — Bristol, Barn- 
stable. Dukes, and Nantucket Coun- 
ties, George Marston, of Barnstable. 

South-Eastern District. — Norfolk 
and Plymouth Counties, Asa French, 
of Brain tree. 

Middle District. — Worcester Coun- 
ty, ^Vm. W. Rice, of Worcester. 

Wes'ern District. — Hampden and 
Berkshire Counties, George M. 
Stearns, of Chicopee. 

Xorth- 1 Vestern District. — Ham]v 
shire and Franklin Counties, Wm. B. 
S; Hopkins, of Greenfield. 

Sujfolk County. — J. Wilder ^lay, 
of Boston. Horace R. Cheney, of 
Boston (appointed by Governor and 
Council), Assistant Attorney. 


SHIRE. Pittsfield. 

Henry S. Briggs, Standing Jus'ice. 
John Patlock "and Lyman I'ayne, 
Spcrial Justices. Walter B. Smith, 

BERKSHIRE. North Adams. 
Jarvis Rockwell, SiaudiiKj Justice. 
Wm. F. Darlev. S/>vcifd Justice. 
CiiarU'S W. Van De Mark, Chrk. 


iu:KK>niiiE. Great Barrington. 
James Bradford, Standinrj Justice. 


n*n<-elaer A. Couch and James H. 
Kowl.-y, S/^ecial Justices. Thomas 
Siijuins, CV-./•^•. 

KKN woKCESTEii. Soutlibridge and 


Clark Jillson, Sfari'laif/ Juslice. 
Frederick W. Botham anil William 
U. l)avi<, Special /u.^Vices. 



Mt'llen Chamberlain, Chief Justice. 
Joseph 31. Churcliill and Win. E. Par- 
nienter, Associate Justices. John C. 
Loigliton, Clerk, criminal business. 
\Vm. T. Connolly, Clerk, civil busi- 


Peter S. Wheeloek, Justice. Ira 
Allen and Solomon A. Bolster, 
Special Justices. Alfred W'illiams, 


William Henry Fox. Prin. Justice. 
William E. Fuller, Associate Justice. 
James P. Ellis, Clerk. 


Hartley Williams, Standing Justice. 
J. A. Titus, and Samuel Utley, 
Special Justices. T. S. Johnson, 



John S. Ladd. SfanrJinr/ Justice. 
Henry W. Mussey and John W. ^ 
Hammond. Special Justices. Thomas I 
Mclntyre. Jr., Clerk. | 


George Washington Warren, Stand- 
ing Justice. Jo^hn W. Pcttin'jlll, 
Sperial Justice. Daniel Williams, 


Hamh-tt Bates, Standing Justice. 
Hrastus Kugg, Ho.-t-a Ilsley, Special 


Kdwiu O. Carter. Siandin;/ Justice 
•Simon (i. Southworth, Special Justice^ 


f^^^'.iis Lafiham, Standing Justice. 
Janu s Ford. S/>ecial Justice. Augus- 
tus B. Li^-onard, Clerk. 


Thornton K. Ware, Standinq Jus- 
a ". David 11. Merrlam, Edward P. 

Loring, Special Justices. George W- 
Cann, Clerk. 


James Davis, Standing Justice. 
Elbridge (t. Friend, Special Justice. 


Henry Carter, Sfandimi Justice. 
Wm. E. ]>lunt. Allied Kittredge, 
Special Justices. Joseph K. .Jeuness, 



Joseph P. Buckland, Standing /«<- 
tice. Porter Underwood, William B. 
C. Pearson, Special Justices. 


W^m. Stevens, Standinrj Justice. 
AVm. IT. P. Wright, E. W. Chapin. 
Special Justices. Cha 

E. Brigg:, 


Isaac C. Ives, Standing Justice. 
James Bullard, Franklin W. Gibbs, 

Special Justices. 


Nathan Crosby, Standing Justict . 
George vStevens, John Davis. Special 
Justices. Samuel P. Hadle}-, Clerk. 


James P. Newhall, Standing Jus- 
tice. N. iNIortimcr Hawkes, Special 
Justice. Henry C. Oliver, Clerk. 

Charles A. Dewey, Standing Jus- 
tice. Elias Whitney, James P. Davis. 

Special Justices. 


Alanson Borden, Standing Justice. 
Edmund Anthony, Vim. W. Crapo. 
Special Justices, Francis L. Porter. 


Wm. E. Currier, Standing Justice. 
John N. Pike, Henry W. Chapman, 
Special Justices. E. F. Bartlett. 


Jos. G. Waters, Stan' Urn/ Justice. 
Stephen P. Webb, Joseph B. F. Os- 
good, Special Justices. Samuel P. 
Andrews, Clerk. 

Jas. H. Morton, Standing Justice. 
Chas. A. Winchester, Edward ^\or- 
ris, Sptcia' Justice. 

John 11. lUiL'kley. Standing Justice- 
Andrew M. Smith, Henry L. Sabiu. 
Special Justices. 




Incorporated, June 2, 1085. 
Shire Town, Barnstahlk. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency/,. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvenc//,. 

Clerk of \he Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, j 
Barnstable, ) 

Overseers of House of Correction. 


Sheriff, - 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Barnstable, Tliomas Harris. 
Brewster, Joseph McLoud. 
Dennis Port, Isaiah C. Innian. 
Fabnonth, Isaac S. LawreiK-e. 
Harwich Port, Elbridge G. Doane. 
Provincefown, Robert Knowles, 
Sandwich, Ezra T. Pooe. 
WellferJ, Reuben C. Sparrow. 
Yarmouth, Charles M, Bray. 

Barnstable, Georo-e PL Whelden. 
Provincetown, Joshua Cook. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tuesday of Jan., 
Feb., ]\rar., Aug., Sept.. and Dec, 
and 3rd Tuesday of April and June. 

A.t Brewster, Tues. after 3d Islon. 
of April. 

At Dennis, Thurs. after 2d Tues. 
of Oct. 

At Falmouth, 3rd Tues. of Novem- 

At Harwich, 2d Monday after 1st 
Tues. of ^lay, and Mon. afcer 3d 
Tues. of Get. 

At Orleans, 3d Tues. of -May, and 
4th Tues. of Oct. 

At Pr(>vinceto>rn, Wednesday after 
3d Tues. of May, and ^Vednesday 
after 2d :\Ion. of October! 

At Wellfhet, Wednesday afier 3rd 
Tues. of May, and Tues. after the 
2d Mon. of Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

E. Sto'-vell Whitteinore. Sandwich, 
Term expires, Dec, 18 72. Janie.s S. 
Howes, Dennis, Dec. IS 73. ]!Iija]i E. 
Knowles, Easthanu Dec. IS 74. 

Special Conunissioners. — ^Vm. A. 
Atkins, Provincc.toivn, Dec. 1874. 
Tully Crosby, Brewster, Dec 1874. 

Ti/nes of Meeting. — At BarnsV-ible, 

Joseph M. Day, Barnstable. 

cTonatliau Hi<iLrins, Orleans. 

James B. Crocker, Yarmouth. 

Frederick Scudder, Barnstable. 

Samuel liiggins, Chatham. 

Josiah Hinckley, BarnstabL. 

George A. King Barnstable. 

Ebenezer Smith, Barnstable. 

James Gitfoni, Provincetown. 

Robert Knowles, ..Provincetown. 

David Bursley, Barnstable. 

I 2d Tuesdav of April and 2d Tuesdav 
of Oct. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Barnsicdile, Thomas Harris, Alvan 
S. Hailett. 

Chatham, Josiah Hardy. 
Dennis (East), David P. Howes. 
Easiham, Abijah Mayo, Elijah E. 

Hyannis, Alvan S. Hailett. 
North Easthani, Isaiah H. Ilorton, 
Orleans, George W. Comiiin. 
Sandwich, Azariali Wing. 
Truro, Asa Sellew. 
WeUjleet, William Cleverly, Isaiah 
j Hatch, Robert H. Eibby, Thomas 
Holbrook, Mulford Rich. John New- 
comb, Setli Newcomb, jr. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
BarnsledAe. Gorham Hailett. 
Sandwich, ii. G. O. Ellis. 
Wellfleet, II. P. Harrinian. 

Public Administrator. 
Sandwich, E. Stowell ^Vhittemore. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 


Barnstable, Joseph !M. Day, Fredk. 

Brewster, Wm. W. Knowles. 

Dennis, Obed Baker. 2d, Zadoc 

Dt nnisport, James BeiTV. 

Fcdmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, 
Erasmus Gould, ^Vm. Nye, jr. 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, jr. 
West //oni'/cA,Xehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, <Jonathan Hi<j:gin3. 

Provincetown, Nathan D. Freeman, 
Jeremiah Stone. 

Sa)id/cich. E. Stowell W'hittemore, 
Chas. B. Hall. 

WeUjleet, Simeon Atwocwi, Thomas 

Yarmoufhport, James B. Crocker. 



Justices of the Peace. 

< l,ic'wl>nii JuMictf of thf Pence and (Riorum, 'Icxio- 
.!/■ :' /yf/ f/i-' sffir', nnd Ju.<ttres or' thf I'rftre (ind 
h..n »i;(» throwjhout the Cominonutalth, (/esii/ncited by 

llini.<t(ihle. Chas. C. Bearse, Wal- 
ter ("liipman, fJoseph M. Dav, Jos. 
\\. Hall, Alvan S. Ilalk'tt, Jaiues H. 
llallitt, Thomas Harris, fNatlianiel 
HinckK-y, Ferdinand G. Kcllcy, 
*(;to. A. Kini,', Asa E. Lovell, Chas. 
H. Nye, SylvanuslJ. Phinney, Fredk. 
Scudiler, Nathaniel Sears, John I*. 
Washburn. Asa Younr^. Cofult Port, 
Andrew Lovell. West Bamsfahle, 
Frederick Parker. Hijanui^, Theo. 

F. Basset. OstercUle, Geo. H. Hink- 

Brewster, Tully Crosby, Solomon 
Freeman, Samuel H. Gould. West 
Brewster, Anthony Smalley. 

Chatham, Joshua Bearse, Auo;ustus 
L. Hardy, Samuel Higgins, Josiali 
Mayo, AV^arren Rogers, Nathaniel 
Snow, Ephraim Taylor. Chatham 
Port, Isaac Bea. North Chatham, 
Benj. T. Freeman. South Chatham, 
Levi Eldridge. 

Dennis, James S. Howes. Dennis 
Port, Joseph K. Baker, jr., *James 
l»erry, Abner L. Ellis, Isaiah L. 
Inman, Shubael B. Howes, Joshua 
Wixon. East Dennis, Seth Crowell, 
Stephen Homer. North Dennis, 
Josliua E. Howes. South Dewds, 
flona. Bangs, ISFiUer W. Niekerson, 
fMarshall S. Underwood. We.<t Dennis, 
Obed Baker, 2d, Edward E. Crow- 
ell, Nehemiah Crowell, Zadoe Crow- 
ell, Alvin Small. 

Easthani, IMyrick Clark, IMichael 
Collins, Elijah P]. Knowles. 

Falmouth, Sauuiel P. Bourne, 
Jabez Davis, Erasmus (iould, Isaac 
S. La^v^ence, Thos. H. Lawrence, 
Thomas Lewis, jr., Joshua C. Robin- 
sou, Oliver C. Switt, I*ichard vS. 
Wood. North Falmouth, Francis A. 
Nye. West Falmouth, Gilbert R. 

Harwich, Obed Brooks, Cyrus 
Cahoon, Sheldon Crowell, flames S. 
Paine, Dantbrth S. -Steele, Xathan 
I'liderwood. Harwich Port. Elbridge 

G. Doane, Nathaniel Doaue. jr., 
Sluibai'l B. KeUey. South Harwidi, 
Cyrus Weeks. ]\%'st Harwich, Isaiah 
Chase, Davis TvOthrop. 

"■/^(7//,^•, John Doane. f Jonathan 
ni.'.f !(!>:, Eu>ign B. Rogers. South 
Ud'ous, f John Kenrick. 

f*c/,viti('eto'rn,Jon-dt.\Min Cook, John 
^V. Divi-;. Xathan D. Fieeman, Jas. 
GitVord, lienj. F. Hutchinson, Jerc- 
nii.di Stone. 

>'i'i(Iwichf Benjamin F. Bourne, 

Robert C. Clarke, Reuben Collins, 
Virgil B. Collins, Harrison G. Ellis, 
Charles B. Hall, Ebenezer Nye, 
Frederick S. Pope, Asa Raymond, 
fE. Stowell AV'hittemore. ' North 
Saiiihoich, Chas. II. Burgess, 2d. 
South Sanrln-ich, Solomon C. How- 
land, Solomon Attaquin. JVest Sand- 
rvich, Hopkins B, Cady. 

Truro, AVallacc T. Miller. North 
Truro, Smith K. Hopkins, "Willard 
IL S. Parkard. 

WeUfleet, Ebenezer T. Atwood, 
Simeon Atwood, »Tohn ]M. Frei-man, 
Hiram P. Harriman, Thomas Hol- 
brook, Robert H. Libby, Nathaniel 
P. Wiley, Geo. T. AVyer. 

Yarmouth, Chas. Thacher. Yar- 
mouthport, *James B. Crocker, Joshua 
M. Howes, Amos Otis, fCharles F. 
Swift, Chas. Thacher, 2nd. South 
Yarmouth. Russell D. Farris, flohn 
Larkin, Stephen Sears, Elisha Taylor. 
West Yarmouth, Heman B. Chase, 
Theodore Drew. 

Trial Justices. 

Barnstable (Hyannis), Theodore 
F. Basset. 

Chatham (Port), Isaac Bea. 

Dennis ( South), ISl'dTshali S. Under- 

Falmouth, Richard S. Wood. 

Sandwich, E. Stowell Whitte- 

Welljiect, Geo. T. AVyer. 

Truro (North), Smith K. Hopkins. 

Yarmouth (Port), Jas. B. Crocker. 

Notaries Public. 

Barnstable (Hyannis), Alvan S. 

Brewster, Tully Crosby. 

Chatham, Isaiah Harding, Warren 

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d. 

Dainisport, Joseph K. Baker, jr. 

West Dennis, I^dw^ard E. Crowell. 

Falmouth, Richard S. AVood. 

Hanvich, William II. Underwood. 

West Haricich, Nehemiah D. Kel- 

Provincetincn. Thomas Hilliard, 
Benjamin F. Ilutcliinson, Godlrey 
Rider, Godfrev Rider, jr. 

S<indwich, Charles B. Hall. E. Sto- 
well AVhittemore. 

WeUjleel, Thonuis Holbrook. 

Barnstable, Special, Thos. Harris. 
Provincetown, Jeremiah Stone. 
Sandwich, Isaac K. Chipman. 
Yarmouth, Theodore Drew. 

Agent Province Lands. 
Provincetown, Jo>eph P. Johu.^on. 




Incorporated 21 April, 1761. 
Shire Town Pittskield. 



Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency,. 

Clerk of the Courts, 

Register of Deeds (North District),. 
Register of Deeds (Middle Db^trict),. 
Register of Deeds (South District),, 
County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correcti 


Jcinies T. Robinson,. . . .North Adams 
Andrew J. Waterman,. .. .P/z/n^cW. 

Henry W. Taft Pittsfudd: 

Herbert S. Fuller, Adams. 

George J. Tucker, Pitt sf eld. 

Isaac Seeley, Great Barrington. 

George J. Tucker, PittsfieUL 

Jolm^C., Pittsfield 

Jabez L. Peck, Pittsfield 

> Charles T. Barker, Pittsfield. 

Sheriff, ' Graham A. Pvoot, Pittsfield. 

Deputy Sherififs. 

Adams, William G. Farnsworth, 
Horace S. Streeter : (North Adam^), 
Wm. Hodskin, Josiah Q. Robinson. 

Becket, Timothy F. Snow. 

Great Barrington, Harvey Holmes, 
F. G. Ahbey. 

Lanesboruugh, J. W. Newton. 

Lee, A. H. Pease, ]\Ioses H. Pease. 
S. A. Hurll)ert, J. C. Chaffee. 

Lenox, Phineas Cone. 

Otis, Edward L. Day. 

Pern, Georire Weils. 

Pittsfield, John Crosby, jr., Hiram 
B. Wellington, Timothy Hall, Henry 
H. Newton. 

ShefTieUl, Georize B. Cook. 

Tyrinfjham, Albert C. Heath. 

West 'Stockbridge, George H. Cobb. 

Williamsiov-ii, John R. Bulkley, 
Samuel B, Kellogg. 

Pittsfield. Graham A. Root. 
Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Adams, Timi-s. after 1st Tu. of 
Jim., April, and Oct., and Thurs. at- 
ter 3d Tu. of July. 

At Great Barrington, Wed. next 
after 1st Tu. in Feb., May, SL-pt., and 

At Lee, AVed. next after 1st Tu. of 
Jan., April, and Oct., and Wed. next 
after 3d Tu. in Jul v. 

At Pitl.f.hl, 1st Tu. of Jan.. Feb., 
March, Ajjril, May, June, Srpt., Oct.. 
and Doc, and 3d Tu. of July, and 
Wed. after l.-^t Z^Ion. of Nov. 
. Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Pittsfdd, Ist \\'ed. of every 

County Commissioners. 
Edward S. Mav, Lee, terin expires 
Dec. 1.^72 ; C. J. KittredL^N Hins- 
dale, term expires Dec. 1873; Wm. 
J. Bliss, Adams, term expires Dec. 

j 1874. 

I Special Commissioners. — Emmons 

j Arnold, Sheffield ; John B. Wells, 

j Cheshire. 

j Times of Meetings. — At Pittsfield, 

j 1st Tu. in April, July, and Sept., and 

I last Tu. in Dec. 

I Commissioners of Insolvency. 

j Pittsfield, Edgar M.Wood, xVndrew 
J. Waterman. 

Williams town, Keyes Dan forth. 

t Public Administrator. 

I Stockbridge, Henry J. Duidiam. 

I Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Adams (North), Sylvander John- 
son, Henry P. Phillips, l>cnjamin F. 
Robinson, James T. Robinson. 

Dalton, Zenas M. Crane. 

Great Barrington, Billings Palmer, 
Ralph Taylor. 

Lenox, Henry W. Taft, (Jeorge J. 
Tucker, William S. Tucker. 

Pitlsfeld, Robert W. Adam. James 
M. Barker, J. N. Dunham, Wm. T. 
Filley. John Tatlock. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, 
Charles M. Owen. 

Willi»nn, Keyes Danfortb, 
Henry L. Sabin. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(!nclu,:in<j JiLitirfs ofthr? t'lnr.- nn-i '..iiorrin, de3- 
iijiidt- ,1 liri a', na<t Ju.^iiciif thrvtijhout t/ic < oiuiiion- 
iceaKh ilcsifpiated by a \). 

Adams, Oscar A. Archer, John F. 
Arnold, Henry J. Bliss, Frederick P, 




Brown, Daniel F. P>urlln;:arao, Silas 
P. Putlcr, Iliram T. CrandalK Wil- 
liam (j. Farnswortli, Ilerbert A. Ful- 
ler, Aniasa VV. Kiehatd-on, Ira Rich- 
mond, Franklin (). Saylos. Daniel Up- 
ton : Xi'ii.^' Ad'vns, Nathan S. Babbiu, 
Juel 15a' on. Austin Bond, Watonuan 
Brown, Salmon Bui-linizame, William 
Hod^kin. Sylvander Johnson, Edward 
C. Kiely. John I. LeRoy. William 
McKay. Henry S, Millard, Georiie 
W. Nottinnjham. *Henry P. Phillips, 
William 1'. Porter, Andrew PotCfM-, 
Arnold G. Potter, Abiathar W. Pres- 
ton, David H. Ilaymond, George L. 
Rice, t^enj. F. Robinson, tJames T. 
Robinson, Jusiali Q. Robinson. Jarvis 
Rockvrell, Shepard Thaver. Rufas G. 
Walden, Rodman H. ^Vells, Ezra I). 
W^iitaker, Ashley B. Wright. 

Alford, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C. 
Tick nor. 

Becbt, ^Mark P. Carter, AVilliam 
S. Huntington, Charles O. Perkins- 
— West B'.ckef, Stephen W. Carter. 

Charhmont, Bernard N. Farren. 

Clte^hire, Henry J. Brown, Stephen 
Chapman. Edmund D. Foster. 

Chirlshurg. Joseph D. Clark, 
Eleazer Ketch urn. 

Dalton, Henrv Ferre, Oliver Bliss 
Hayes, Wm. H! Wartleld, Caleb S. 
Warren, Byn^n Weston. 

Egreninnt ( SoufJi), Joseph A. Ben- 
jamin, David Dalzeil, jr!, Roscoe C. 
Taft ; North Egremont. Sevmour B. 
Dewey, * James H. Rowley,' Wm. W. 

Florida, Xaimm P. P.rown, Israel 
Whitcomb. Hno.<iic Tu/mcl, Gilbert 
II. Mann, Alonzo D. Tower. 

Gruit Bmrhigton, R. N. Couch, 
Justin Dewey, jr., Julius Dresser. Au- 
frnstine Gidd'ings. Waher W. Hollen- 
heck, Egbert Hollistou, Herbert C. 
Jovner, Billings Palmer, Isaac Seeley, 
John M. .Seeley. Tiiomas Siggins. Au- 
ren Stnith, Charles J. Taylor, Joseph 

n<inrock\ Lvuian EMrid'je, Orestes 
G. Eldridge, VVm. H. JUulsell, Calvin 
P. La[)!iam, Rufus L. Mason. 

Jfifis'falii. Theodore Barrows, *Milo 
Stowi'll, Amory E. Taylor. 

L(inp,-<bornng.i/, Reuben W. Field, 
Wm. A- Fuller, Lester (rorton, Jede- 
diah A\'. Newton, Ezra H. Sherman, 
Justus Tower, Chas. B. Whitney. 

Lee, Preuti-s C. Baird, William 
J. l^artlett, Alonzo Biadhy. Joiin 
Pwaimiut:. Harrison Garfu-ld, Frank- 
lin W. Glb])s, AllK-rt M. Ilowk, Thom- 
afi Judd, Edward A. Lan^don, E<-bert 

M. Langdon, Samuel S. Rogers, Nor- 
man W. Shoies, Edwin Sturges. 

Le?iox, Cliauncey Sears, Henry W. 
Taft, ^George J. Tucker, * William 
S. Tucker. Lenox Furnace^ Robert 
G. Averill, Thomas Sedgwick. 

Monf€r(-.i/, ^Marshall S. Bidwell, 
jAlbum J.' Fargo, Egbert B. Garfield, 
]^Jilton Judd, Chauncy D. Langdon. 
AVili)er C. Langdon, Oscar L. Mansir, 
Lyman Thomson, Albert Tryon. 

Mount Washington. Isaac Spurr, 
Orrin C. Whitbeek. 

Nei.o AshfonL Phinehas Harmon. 
Geo. W. Phelps, Noble F. Roys. 

JVew Marlborough. Sheldon ^^^ 
Wright. IlartsvUle, Harvey Sheldon, 
Harlow S. L^nderwood. Alill Riivr. 
Edwin Adam. Ea:<t Sheffield^ Ger- 
shom M. Fitch. 

Otls^ Alanson Crittenden, Elam P. 
Norton, Samuel H. Norton, Norman 

Peru, Benjamin F. Pierce, George 

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam, James 
M. Barker, * Samuel W. Bowerman. 
Geo. P. Briggs, f Henry S. Briggs, 
Nathan G. Brown, Josiah Carter, 
Benjaniin Chickering. f Henry Chick- 
ering, James H. Collin, Henry Colt, 
t James D. Colt, f Thomas Colt, John 
Crosby, jr., Daniel Day, James H. 
Dunham, Jarvis N. Dunham. Irving 
D. Ferrey. J. Dwight Francis, Wm. 
T. Filley, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, Geo. 
Gay, Sanuiel E. Howe, »Iosiah A. 
Mills, Phineas L. Page, Thos. P. Pin- 
gree, f Thos. F. Plunkett, Wm. R. 
Plunkett, Wesley L Shepardson, 
John Tatlock, John M. Taylor, An- 
drew J. Waterman, Hiram B. Wel- 
lington, John C. "West, ^Marshall 
Wilcox, Edgar M. Wood. 

Richmond, Wm. Bacon. 

Sandisji'fld, Montvide, George A. 
Shepard. New Boston, *Orlo Burt, 
Samuel C. Parsons, Joshua M. Sears. 

Sdvog, Jos. B. Ingram, Leonard 

Shqjidd. ,]ame< Bradford, Jolm D. 
Burtch, Bela N. Clark. Gilbert Smith. 
Ashleg Falls, Robert E. Hedilen, Al- 
bert Leroy. 

Stoclhridgr, Ilemy J. Dunham, 
Daniel B. Feun, .JoM'ph R. French, 
t John Z. Goodrich, Marshal AVarner. 
Cnrtisi'ille, Henry M. Burrall. 

'furinqliam, Eli G. Hale. 

Washington, Simpson Bell, Philip 

West Stockhridge. George H. Cobb, 
(ieo. W. Kniilin, Vsm. ^L Kiullin. 
Wm. C. Spaulding. 



Wilfiamstown, John R. Bulkley, 
Keyes Dantoith, Samuel T. Mather, 
Benjainiu F. .Mills, Henry T. Tall- 
madj^e, f Joseph White. jSoufh Wil- 
liam.<toicu, Jas. A. I'JdridiTe. 

Windsor. Norman Miner. East 
Windsor, George Hathaway, lieuben 
Pierce. Sacoy. Andrew J. Babbitt. 
Trial Justices. 

Becket (North), AVilliam S. Hun- 

Uli.^, Norman Strickland. 

Lenox, Wm. S. Tucker. 

Stockhridfj'', Henry J. Dunham. 

West Stockbridgc, \Y. C. Spauldinpr- 
Notaries Public. 

Adams (North), Wm. P. Porter, 
Arnold H. Crandall, Chhrles H. In- 
galls, Arnold G. Potter, Edward S. 

' Wilkinson. (South), Henry J. Bliss, 
Harvey H. Wellington. 

Great Bnrriiujton, Fred. N. Deland, 
Isaac Seeley. 

Hancock, Orestes G. Eldridge. 

Lee, Thomas ^L Judd, Norman W. 
Shores, Wm. Taylor. 

Pifts/ield, Hubert ^V. Adam, James 
M. Barker, Melvin L. Parker. 

Stockhridqe, Heurv J. Dunham, 
Daniel R. \Villiams. ' 

Adams, Horace M. Holmes. 
A'lams (Nordi), Wm. Hodskin. 
Dalton, Joseph ^V. Russell. 
Lee, Abial H. Pease. 
Pitts fieUL Henry :\I. Peii^on, (Spe- 
cial), Hiram B. Wellington. 

Williamstown, John R. Bulkley. 


Incorporated, June 2, 1685. 

County Towns Taunton and New Bedford. 


•Jailers . 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency . . 

Clerk of Courts 

Registers of ) North District . ....... 

Deeds. ] South Disfncf 

Courdy Treasurer 

Overseers of House of Correction . . -j 



Deputy Sheriffs. 

Altleborough, James W. Riley, 
Quincy A. Hooper. 

Dartmouth, Wn). Barker, jr. 

Easfon, Rutus H. Willis. 

Pall }iivrr, Franklin (iray. James 
Wixon, Geo. W. Palmer, Joseph 

Preetoicn, Guilford Hathaway. 

Mansfield. James A. lilake. 

Norton, George H. Arnold. 

New Bedford, Charles D. I)nrt, 
.John \V. Nickerson, H. N. Kim))aU. 

Rai/nham, S. W. Robinson. 

Taufiton, Isaac G. Carrier, Henry 
F. Cobb, Geo. H Babbitt, jr., Peti'r 
C. lliayer. Orriu M. In-all., ("iiaun- 
cey G. Wiishburn, Isaac G. Carrier, jr. 

Edmund H. Bennett, 

W. E. Fuller 

Simeon Borden 

Joseph Wilbar 

. . Taunton. 
. . Taunton. 
.. . Taunton. 
. . . Taunton. 

Charles C. Sayer New Bedford 

Thomas J. Lothrop. .... . . Taunton. 

James D. Thompson } ,t j-^ ir , 

•^ \- JSev: Bedford. 
Samuel Watson. ) 

William S. Cobb New Bedford. 

Isaac G. Carrier Taunton. 

Charles D. Burt New Bedford. 

I Sessions of Probate Courts. 

I At Fall River, 1st Fr. of Jan., Apr., 

■ Oct., and 2d Fr. of Julv. 

At New Bedford, 1st' Fr. of Feb., 
May, Aug., and Nov. 

At Taunton, 1st Fr. of March, 
June, Sept.. and Dec. 

County Commissio:.er3. 
E. T. Jackson, Tamtnu. term ex- 
pires 1872; Elisha Thornton, Jr., 
New Brd/nrd. term expires IHTo; 
Guilford H. Hathaway, /a// River, 
term e\ [tires 18 74. 

Sijeciid C'>/iunlssionrrs, Leonard 

Hodires, Nnrroji, term expires Dec, 

1S71; Daniel J. Lewi-, Fairhaven, 

i ti-rm ex[)ires Di-c, 18 74. 

i Times (f Mealing. — At Taunton, 



on the 4th Tuesdays in March and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Maa<fiehi E. Maltbv Reed. 
New lit (l/onl, Chas. T. Bonney. 
Taunton., (jeo. Eflg;ir W'iHiams. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
New Bedford, Job .Vliny. 
WeMport., Abraliani Dyer, Edward 

Public Administrators. 
New Bedford^ Edwin L. Barney, 
Charles T. Bonney, \Vni. W. Crapo. 
Taunton., Henry J. Fuller, 

Master in Chancory. 
New Bedford., Edwin L. Barney. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Olfl- 

EasUjn (North), Anson Gilmore. 

Easton (South), Seba Howard. 

Fad Ricer, Hizekiab Battelle, 
Jo>iali C. Blaisdell. Simeon Borden, 
John S. Bra\ ton, James Ford. 

Frti'toien. Ebenezer W' . Pierce. 

New Bedford. Wendell H. Cobb, 
Thomas ^I. James, George Marston, 
Wni. H, Taylor, flames D. Thomp- 
son, John T. Tillint^hast, Joseph Til- 
lin;iha>t, Jos. S. TilliuLibast. 

launton, George H. Babbitt, Sam- 
uel L. Crocker, James F. Ellis, Ho- 
ratio Fratt, Jo^epli W'ilbar. George 
M. Woodward, Thomas J. Lothrop. 

Justices of the Peace. 

(LichtiHnrj Jtitsires or' the Peac (uid Quoi-um cJe.-ig- 
nat"'! b'j a ' , an I ..I'lsiices thromjhout the Commoa- 
v:eulth,'<U$ignaltd by a t.) 

Acw<h^et. Cyrus E. Clark, Benja- 
min White. Long Plain, Abial F. 

Aftteborowjh, John T. Bates, N. H. 
Bliss, Jose})h W. Ca})ron, Geo. N. 
Crandal!, Homer M. Dangett, John 
Daggett, l.,yinan W. Dean, Geori::e F. 
Itle, *Harttbrd Ide, Elisha G. '^^lay, 
James Newell. Horatio N. Richard-' 
son, Lyman M. .Stanley, Gardner C. 
Wriglit. North Aft/eb'orouqh, Henrv 
K. \V. Allen, 'niomas A. Barden, 
Simeon F>owL'n, Hciiry Riee, Thomas i 
G. Sandland. Sou'h Att/ehoro', Wm. \ 
P. Shaw. 

Berkley, Wm. B<ibbitt, Abiel B. 
Crane, W. H. S. Crane, Herbert 
A. Dean, Oliver E. FnMich, Giles L. 
Eeach, Walter D. Xirhols. 

Dttrtnwuth, Elisha .^. Crapo, John 
W. Howland, Fraui-is W. Mason, | 
North Diirtinoufh, Wn;. liarker. jr.. i 
Calvin K. Turner, '2d, liirain Wha-i 
h)n. South Dartmouth, Benjamin S. \ 
Anthony, Samuel AL Davis, Edward | 
F. Fotter. | 

Dighton, (Jeo. C. Burgr-s, William ' 

Cobb, Xoah Chace, Oliver Eaton, 

Jeremiah F. Edson, (Jeo. E. (iood- 

ing, Alfred W. Faul, George A. 


Easton, Elislia M. Dunham. Alson 

Gilmore, Chas. H. Fveed, Albert .\, 
! Roteh, Daniel B. Wheaton, Geo. G. 
I Witliington. North Easton, f Oakes 
I Ames, (jliver Ame.s, Geo. II. Bates. 
j Tisdale Harlow, Geo. W. Kennedy. 
I South Eastnn, jGuilford White, Har- 
I rison T. IMitclndl. 
! Fairhaven, Henry T. Aiken, Chas. 

Bryant, Chas. Drew, Frederick M. 

Fuller, John A. Hawes, Geo. H. 

Taber, Job. C. Tripp. 

Fall River, Job B. Ashley, Geo. A. 

Ballard, *llez(.'kiah Battelle, Josiah 

C. Blaisdell, fSimeou Borden, fJohn 
S Brayton, Robert ('. Brown, George 
A. Chace, Isaac B. Chace, Samut'l A. 
Chace, Prelet D. Conant, William M. 
Connelly. fRobert T. Davis, Henry 
Diman,"ilugh W. Dubois, fWalter C. 
Durfee, Bt.'njamin Earl, Alexander 

D. Easton, INIorton Eddy, George O. 
Fairbanks, *Jaraes Ford, Stephen B. 
Gifford, Wm. S. Greene, Horatio N. 
Gunn, Abraham G, Hart, Guiltbrd H. 
Hathaway, John B. Hathaway, *Nich- 
olas Ilatheway, Clias. J. Holmes, 
Wm. II. Jennings, Aug. B. Leonard, 
Benjamin K. Lovatt, James T. iMilne, 
Jas. M. Morton, Jas. M. Morton, jr., 
Wm. H. Feirce, Thomas T. Fottor, 
Clinton V. S. Remington, John F. 
Slade, Irani Smith, Isaac Smith, jr., 
Charles F. Stickney, *Eliab Williams, 
Benjamin F. A\^inslow, Jas. Wixon, 
Jona. M. Wood, "j-Stephen C. ^Vright- 

Freetown, Alden Hathaway, D. C. 
H, Hathaway, Thos. G. Nichols, 
Ebenczt^r W. Feirce, Silas F, Rich- 
mond. Eeist Freetown, Osmond F. 
Braley, Chas. A. I\Iorton, Charles A. 
^Iorton,jr., Reuel A. Washburn. 

Mansfield, Wm. B. Bates, Jacob 
A. Blake, Thomas M. George, Her- 
man Hall, Howard Ferkins, Erastus 
W. Reed, AVm. Ilobinson, Seth C. 
Shepard. West Mansfield, Leonard 
W. Sweet. 

Ntw Bedford, fCharles Aimy, Ed- 
mund Anthony, f]*2dv,'in L. Barney, 
Charles F. Botiney, Josiah S. Bonney, 
Alanson Borden, George A. Bourne, 
James M. lUuiker, Charles I), liurt, 
Sanmel P. liurt, Chas. W. Cliflbrd, 
fJohn H. Cliflbrd. Thomas J. Cobb, 
Wendell H. Cobb, \Villiam S. Cobb, 
f James B. Congdon, Timothy D. Cook, 
William Cook, fWiiliam W. Crapo, 
John Davis, Ezra K. Delano, Tilson 



B. Dt'iiliam, Tristram R. Dcnnison, 
John Fne'iom, flioduey French, 
Francis L. (rilnian, Francis li. ( ireune, 
Gt'orire C. Hatch, Lnther G. liewin.-, 
James C. Hitch, *Jo3hua C. ilitcii, 
■^George Ilowland, jr., Thomas M. 
Janu'S, \\'ni. II. Johnson, David B. 
Kenipton, ?tIanassL-h Kemptoii. Hora- 
tio -X. Kimhall, Warren Ladd, Henry 
T. Leonard, Georixe R. Lonir, Adam 
Maekie, f Geoi-ge Mai-ston, William IL 
Matthews, Edward MiUikrn, Joini W. 
Niclcerson, G-o. H. Pahuer. Albert R. 
PauldinL^ William A. Pauldinn. Jolm 
H. Perry, George R. Phillips, William 
Phillips, Andrew G. Pierce, Philip A. 
Pierce, fRobert C. Pitman, -Francis , 
L. Porter, -"Oliver Prescott, Lsaiah C. ! 
Ray, Benj. T. Ricketson, Charles C. \ 
Saver, Otis Seaburv, Orriek Smaller, ' 
Thos. M. Stetson, VVilliam H. Taylor, ^ 
Elias Terry, * James I). Thompson, ! 
*John T. Tdllnghast, ^Joseph S. Til- 
linghast, Charles W. Underwood. Hi- ! 
ram Van Campen, Hiram Webb. Lem- ' 
uel T. Willcox, Alfred Wilson. I 

Norton^ Albert A. Austin, Horatio 
Bates, Daniel S. Cobb, George B. 
Crane, Leonard Hodges, Harrison T. 
Lincoln, Austin ^lessi-nger, John R. 
Ro'jerson, Caleb B. Wetherell, Wm. 
D. AVifhereli. 

Iia//nkaiii, Braddock Field, Samuel 
Jones, SyUanus ]\LTkepeaee, Jo-eph 
E.. Presho, Godfrev Robinson, Nathan 
W. Shaw, Seth D. Wilbur. East 
Tmntton, Enoch King, Chaunccy (j. 

Rehohoth, George W. Bliss. Elisha 
Davis, Danforth G. Horton, Wm. A. 
KinLi", Cyrus M. Wheaton. 

StehtnJc, Joseph Brown. Raymond 
IL P)urr, Davis Carpenter, Viall Mcd- 

Somen^et, Geo. B. Bnlfington. John 
D. CartNvright, George F. M. Forres- 
ter, William P. Hood, Job M. Leon- 
ard, .losepli Marble, Jonathan B.Siadc. 

Sicanzei/, Joseph G. Luther, Allen 
Mason, ^Vm. Mitchell. — Xorth Sa-an- 
zey, Ma<on Jiarney. jr. 

Tnunfon, Charles H. Atwootl. (iCo. 
B. Atwood. (Jeo. H. Babbitt, ]VA- 
mund H, Bennett, James Brown, 
William IL Brown, fSamuel L. Crock- 
er, Robert Grossman, "Jnd, James M. 
Cushman, Jas. H. Dean, *Jas. P. El- 
Jis, Charles Fo^-ter. William IL Fox. 
ilenry J. Fuller, William E. Fuller. 
An(h-ew IL Haii, Henry N. Harvey, 
«John Holland, James R. Husband, 
Elisha T. Jaek.^on, ('has. F. Johnson, 
i"Thuinas J. Lothrop, Chas. L. Lever- 
ing, Willard Loverlng, fDjniel L. 

.Mitchell, Stephen Pierce, *IIoratio 
Pratt, John Radiey, Charles A. Reed, 
Erastiis M. Reed, John E. Smford, 
AVilllam Sinmis, fAlbert E. Swasey. 
Peter C. Thayer, San)uel R. Town- 
send, fllarrlson Tweed, George A. 
Washlnirn, Isaac Washburn, .Jos. R. 
Wheeler, fllenry B. Wheelwriirht, 
Joseph Wilbar, Jos.E. Wilbar, (L Ed- 
gar \Villiams, Henry Williams, Benj. 
L. ^^'ood, George ^I. Woodward. — 
East Taunton^ David Dean. 

Westport, George IL Gdlord. Isaac 
Howland. — South Westpoii, Zelotes 
L. Almy, Charles Fisher. — Central 
Villdfje, Stephen A. Browned. 

Trial Justices. 
Easfon, Albert xV. Rotch. 
F>'cetoii:n, Ebenezer W. Peirce. 
Mansjiehl Erastus ]\L Reed. 
Noi'th Att/ehoroiif//i, Henry Rice. 
Seekonk; Viall ]\iedbury. 
Somerset, Jonathan B. Slade. 
Swan-^e// (Nor!h),'M;\son Barney,jr. 
IVestport, Geo. H. Gitlbrd. 

Notaries Public. 
Attlehoroughj John Daggett, Lyman 
W. Dean. — North Aft leborough, Sim- 
eon Bowen, Thomas G. Sandland. 

Easton (North), Joseph Barrows, 
George AV. Kennedy. John IL Swain. 
Fairhaven, Chas. Drew. 
FaU River, Wm. G. Bennett, Jo- 
siah C. Blaisdell. Simeon Borden, 
John S. Brayton, Robert C. Brown, 
S;unuel ]\L Brown, Benjamin Earl, 
Henry II. Earl, IMorton Eddy. Benj. 
K. Lovatt, Eliab Williams, Benjamin 
F. Winslow. 

Nei'j Bedford, Chai'lcs T. Bonney, 
Alanson Borden, James M. Bunker, 
Samuel P. Burt, Charles W. Clitlbrd, 
Wendell H. Cobb. Wm. W. Crapo, 
Fraiicis B. Greene, (tco. C. Hatch, 
Elisha C. Leonard. Geo. R. Long, 
Geori^e Marston. Francis L. P<:>rter, 
George H. Palmer, Albert R. Pauld- 
ing, Isaiah C. Ray, Thomas ]\I. Stet- 
son, rlamc'^ Taylor, \X\\\. 1 1. Taylor. 
Frederick A. Washburn, NVilliam H. 

Tnunton, James P. Ellis, Wm. E. 
Fidler, Charles A. Reed, George M. 

Atdrhoroiigh, John T. Bates. Ly- 
man M. Stanlev. 

FoJi River, Chas. C. Dillingham. 
h'n eto'rn, Fbenezer A\\ [\-Irce. 
N> 'V Bedford, lloYiMv) N'. Kiuiball. 
Jld'/ii/iain (s[)ecial), Seth 1). Wilbur. 
Somerset, Ednmnd BullinLTton. 
Taunton (special), (Jeorge H. Bab- 
bitt, jr. 




Incorporated, 1683. 
SiiiuE Town Edgartown. 


J}i(!f/e of Probate and Imoh-pncy, . . . Theodore G. Mayhcw, . . . Ech/artoim. 

Ihf/imer of Probate and Insolvenci/,. . Hebron Yiiiceiit, Edgartown. 

Clrrk of Courts, Samuel Keniston, jr., Edgartown. 

ller/ister of Deeds. Jolin S. Siuitli, Edgartown. 

Countij Treasurer, Barnard C. Marcliant, . . .Edgartown. 

>ilieriff, Howes Norris, Edgartown. 

Depu/i/ Shrriff, Jason Dexter, Edgartown. 

.failer, Chase Pease, Edgartown. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Edgartown. od Mon. c/f Jan. and 
Julv, and 1st Mon. of March and 

At Tishurii, .')d ]Mon. ot April, and 
Lsr Mon. of Sept. 

At West n^biiry. 1st ^Mon. of June 
and ;kl Mon. of Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

Chas. J. Barney. Edgano'rn. term 
e.xpires Dec is 72. Tlios. II. Lam- 
f'crt. C/iihnark. Dec, 1873 ; Daniel W. 
Mayhew, Tishnrg. Dec. 18 74. 

Specl(U Conuni^st')n<:rs. — Al>raliam 
C. White, Gosnokl, Dec, lb74 ; Shu- 
hael L. Norton. Dec. 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — Ai /■Jdgarto'.m, 
Wed. next after ;!d 2\Ion. in I\Iay, 
and Wed. next after 2d ^\oi\. in Nov. 

Commissioners cf Insciv^ency. 

CiiViiairk, John W. Ma\ iiew. 

Edgartoirn. \r{:\\\\)3.\(\ T'delleii. 
" Tishurg, ^^'illiam J. Kr.r,li. 
Public Administrators. 

Edgartown. Jo.-eT)i! i. Pea-e, Sam 
nel (i. Vincent. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Edgartown. AVilliam P. C'iiadwick. 
Charle:!* F. Dunham, Thouias J. Diin- 
iiam, Rufu? P. Pease. 

Commissioners to. Qualify Civil 

Ed</m\'ti>rn. Theo. (»- Ma\'hi'W, 
Jr.M,ph T. Pease. Piehard L. lVa>e. 
'I'-shiirg. Thomas Bradley. 
Justices of the Peace. 

' l-i,-tn!i.i.j.lH.'l„-r'':.rth.- I'^nr. „„<) I ,>'„., u,„ , rlrH,,- 

"'fr-l '„ n '. l!„'l ./■■^t;,, . tf,,..u li .,it Ih. C. ,,;,„. Oll- 

'-«'//, ilr*i:V'Ut'-<l till a f.i 

('ldh/i(irk\ .Saumtj Fhi:;der 


I Mayhew, John W. ^Mayhew, Horatio 
I N. Pease. 

I Edgartown. Sirson P. CofHn. Henry 
I H. l)avis, Charles G. M. Dunham, 
I Ichabod N. Luce. Barnard C. ]Mar- 
! chant. Cornelius B. ^larchant, »Iohn 
I Mayhen-. fTlieo. G. ]Mayhew, Archi- 
i bald Mellen, fSamuel Osborne, jr., 
[ Jeremiah Pease, *Joseph T. Pease, 
I *Kichard L. Pease, John S. Smith. 
i Hebton Vincent. 

j Gag Head, William A. Vander- 
I hoop. 

Gosnold, John W. Gilford, Abra- 
j ham C. ^Vhite. 

] Tishurg (Vineyard Haven), Henry 
! P)radh!y, ^Matthe'w P. Butler, David 
j I\Iayhe\v. Eliakim Norton. — IP. Tis- 
j burg. \\\\\. B. Mayhew, John D. 

Trial Justices. 

Edgartown^ Jeremiah Pease. 
Notaries Public. 

Edgartown. Wm. Bradley, Wm. P. 
i Chadwick, Sir.>on P. Coihn. diaries 
I F. Dunham, Tarlton C. Luce, Shaw 
! Norris, Richard L. Pease. 
j Gosnohl. John A\'. Gilford. 
I Tishurg (Vineyard Haven). Henry 
■ "W. Beetle. Htnry Bradley. Charles 
' Holme.''. John Holmes, John Holmes, 
jr.. »). Wheldon Holmes. 

I Coroners. 

j Edgartown. (special), John S. 

j Smith. 

j Tishurg. (Vineyard Haven), John 

I Ihihnes, Jr. 




Shire Towns, 

Incorporated, May 10, 1643. 
Salem, XEWBURYroux, 



Judge of Probate and Insolrencij,. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolvency^. . 
Assistant R' g. " ." *' 

Cltrk of Courts, 

Assistant Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, Southern Dislrict,. . 

" " " Nothern District,.. 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction at \ 
Lawrence. ) 

Overseers of House of Correction at V 
Ipswich, 1 

Sheriff, : 

Deputy SherifFs. 

Arneshury. Joseph T. Clarkson. 

Andocer, E. Kendall Jenkins. 

Danvers. Charles H. Adams. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins, jr. 

Gcorgeioirn, Otis Thompson, Geo. 
W. Boynton. 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Haverhill, F. O." Raymond, David 

Ipswich. Joseph Spiller. 

Lawrence, Alanson Briiigs, James 
M. Currier, John P. Bradstreet. 

Lynn, Charles Merritt. 

Methuen, Charles E. Goss. 

Newhuryport, John xVkernuan, Jas. 
W. Cheney. 

Peabody, Stephen Upton. 

Salem, Daniel Potter, John D. 


Newhuryport, John Akerman. 

Salem, John D. Cross. 

Lawrence, Horatio G. Ilerriek. 
Masters of House of Correction. 

Ipswich, Yorick G. Hnrd. 

Lawrence, Horatio G. Ilerriek. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Gloucesttr, 2d Tu. in April and 

At Haitrhill, 3d Tii. in Mnv and 

At Ipswich, 3d Tu. in Mareh and 

At Lawrence, 2d Tii. in Jan., Ft-b., 
Mareh, June, Sept., Nov., and Dec. 

George F. Choate,. Salem. 

Abner C. Goodell, jr., Salem. 

E. D. nines, Danversport. 

Alfred A. Abbott, Peabody. 

Geo. R. Lord, 

Ephraim Brown, Salem. 

Gilbert E. Hood, Lawrence. 

Allen W. Dodge, Hamilton. 

George Foster, indover. 

John Keeley, Haverhill. 

Sherman Nelson, Georgetown. 

Henry Hobbs, Wenham . 

Rufus Kimball, Lynn. 

D. H. Stickney, Groveland 

Horatio G. Herrick, Lawrence. 

• At Newburyport, 3d Tu. in Jan., 
\ Feb., April, June, July, Oct., and 
; ^ec. 

; At Salem, 1st Tu. in every month. 
i Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 
: At Salem, on the 2d and 4th Mon. 
! of each month. 

At Lawrence, on Probate Court 
: days in afternoon. 

I At Newburyport, on Probate Court 
, days in aiternoon. 

County Commissioners. 
I James Kimball, Salem, term expires 
'1872; Jackson B. Sweit, Haverhill, 
'term expires 1873; Charles P. Pres- 
: ton, Danvers, term expires 18 74. 
I Special Commissioners, Aaron Srw- 
, yev, Amesbury, Nehcmiah Burnham. 
I Essex ; terms expire 1874. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — At 
Ipsirich, on the 2d Tu. of A{)ril. 

Salem, Thursday of each week. 

Newburyport, on the 2d Tu. of Oct. 

On the 4th Tu. of Dec. at Saletn. 
Ipswich, ov Newburyport, as the Court 
may determine at the term next pre- 

At Lawrence, on the last Tu. of Aug. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Lawrence, William L. Thomp^fjn. 

L'inn, l)ean Peabody. 

Sahni, Nathaniel J. Holden. 
Public Administrators, 

Andover, George Fo.-ter. 

D'invers, John W. Porter. 

Gloucester, David W. Low. 



y, 'cbunjjHirf, Ednuind Smith. 
5a .^'W, Klijali F. Kobinson. 
Masters in Chancery. 
Lti>rr^i<rt\ Nathan W. Harmon? 
An<lrc\v C. Stone. 

^altin, Xathanit'l J. Ilolden. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

G'uuce-^fcr, John Avars, jr., Xehe- 
iniah D. Cunningham, jr., I)an. Rob- 

Ijj-irich, Theodore Andrews. 

Lunn, Sylvester B. Breed, Nathan- 
iel L"ar. 

N' ichurijport, Edmund Sinith. 

Su'iunpscoft. John Ch.apman. 

Conxmissioners to Qualify Civil 

Andover, Georiie Foster, Nathan 
W. Hazen. 

Bei-erly, Fred. W. Choate, James 

Gloucester, Charles P. Thompson, 
John S. Webber. 

Haverhill, David Boynton, William 

Ipswich, Charles Kimball. 

L'mvence, James H. Eaton, George 
R. Rowe. 

Lynn, Rufus Kimball, Elbridge 
Lovejoy, Henry C. Oliver. 

Maiblehead, Joseph P. Turner. 

Newhurif, Daniel Lunt. 

Neicbunjpoii, David J. Adams, 
John T. Brovrn, ^Moses Pettin^ell, 
John Porter, Edward W. Rand. " 

Ptahody, Alfred A. Abbott. 

Sdltjn, John Chapman. Chatles 
Kimball, George R. Lord, Joseph B. 
F. Osgood, George Wheatland. 
Justices of the Peace. 

(IncJudin'j Ju. 
rncile'l h;/ a *, c 
iC'-.altA, (Itji^/uated Oy a , 

Amesbnry, William C. Binney, 
GeorLre H. BriL'iJS, Joseph Gale. Wil- 
liam II. Haskell, Joseph :Merri!l, 
* Jonathan Nayson, Orlando S. Pat- 
ten. George Turner. — SoiUh ximes- 
b'ii-y, Charlt-s E. Rowell. — ]Vt.<t 
Ainesbiiry, f Joshua Colbv. John S. 
Morse, James S. Pike, *David M. 

Andoi-tr. Asa A. Abbott, f Nathan- 
iel S. Berry, Isaac O. Bhmt, William 
Chickcrinir. f Francis Cogswell, John 
Flint, t George Fo>ter. George W. 
Foster. Moses Foster, Samuid Grav, 
•Nathan W. Hazen, John B. Jen- 
kiris. j Marcus Morton, Georo-e H. 


p'-rerly, Hooper A. Apph-ton, 
t John 1. Baker, Stephens Baker. 
M-r^dtrick W. Choate. Francis J. 
Crt:>wt'll, UolK-rt R. Endicott, Jcslah 

of the Peac? nnd (Jiiorwn, des- 
iffnafed b;/ a*, and Justices throti'jhout the Coiuinon- 

\ A. HaskiH, James Hill. Abraham V>. 

j Lord. Elijah E. Lunnnus. Nathan P. 

I ]\Ieldrum. Francis Norwood. Joseph 
E. Ober, Charles H. Odell. Sanmel 
Porter, Geoige Kcjundy, William So- 
hier, Joseph D. Turk, Kichard P. 
"Waters, Elisha Woodberry. 

Box ford. Benj. S. Barnes. ^Loses 
Dorman, Tliomas T. D(jrnian, (ieorLie 
Perley. — West Boxford, William R. 

j BrwJford, Henry Carter, Harrison 

I E. Chadwick, f George Cogswell, 

j Charles B. Emerson, \\'alter Goodell. 
^Villiam Hazletine. Sanmel W. Hop- 

j kinson, * George Johnson, Albert L. 

I Kimball, Horatio Pearl. 

Danvers, 1. W. Andrews, Francis 
Dodge, Samuel P. Fowler, Horace L. 

! Hadley, Ezra D. Hines, Edward L, 

! Hill, Andrew Nichols, John AY. Por- 

I ter, John A. Putnam, Otis F. Put- 
nam, Charles Tapley, George Tapley, 

I AVilliam L. AVeston. — Danversport. 
Ebenezer Hunt, David Mead, Rufus 

Essex, Daniel AA^. Bartletl, Aaron L. 
Burnham, Hervey Burnham, *Ne!!e- 
miah Burnham, * David Choate, Ezra 

I Perkins, Jr.. Ebenezer vStanwood. 
Geoiyjetovjn., Charles E. Jewett, 
* Jeremiah P. Jones, Caleb Tenney, 
Gorham D. Tenney, Orlando B. Ten- 
ney. Richard Tenney. 

Gloucester, John J. Babson, Edward 
E. Burnham, Henry A. Burnham, 
Henry Center, Benjamin H. Corliss, 
John Corliss, f James A. Cunningham, 
James Davis, Elbiidge G. Friend, 
Charles E. Grover, Alien Knowlton. 
David AA'. Low, Gt'orire J. !Ma!sh. 
Aaron Parsons, AVilliam IL Perrin. 
Alfred Presson, Joseph O. Pr(jctor, 
Benjamin H. Smith. Cyrus Story, 
Chas. P. Thompson, * John S. AVeb- 
ber. — East Gloucester, Hum[)hri'y L, 
Calder. — Anrii-quain, John N. Davis. 
— Lanesville, Samuel L. Young. 

Grocei'uid, AVm. S. Balch. Nathan- 
iel H. Griffith, Charks W. Ilopkin- 
son. Gardner P. Ladd, Jeremiah B. 
P. Ladd. Nathaniel Ladd. * Charles 
G. Savary, Jt.'reniiah Spoflbrd. 

Hmrdlton, Jos. P. Loverintr, Daniel 
E. Safford. 

HdverhilL John A. Appleton, AYm. 
E. Blunt, Franklin Ih-ickett, David 
Boynton, Etlmund G. \\'. Cartwright, 
IL-nry Cununings, Alphrus Currier, 
James Davis, jr., Edward C. Dubois, 
AYm. B. Eaton, Jones Fra^ikle, Ed- 
ward (t. h'rothingham, Edwaril G. 
Frolhingham, jr., Elbridge G. Gne- 
nough, Andrew AV. Haauuond, Ed- 



V.MU P. IlUltCaleb D. Ilunklnjj, Elias 
T. In;^ral!i, Addisr.a B. Jaqiies, \Vm. 
Jeffer!-!, Joseph K.Jenness, John Kee- 
Icv, *AhVt'd Khtreilge, Nathan S. 
Kindall, J(,knJas. Marsh, licruy N. 
Merrill, Jt>hn M. Poor, Oliver 11. Roh- 
erLs, Benjamin AddisDn Sawyer, Jas. 
V. Smiley. Leonard V. Spauklirg, 
Williaiii Taggart, ]\Iartin Taylor, 
David B. Tenucy, Elbri'ige (x. Wood. 
— East Harerhill, KnA'^n S. Himkins. 
— Aifirs Villogt, Orenzo T. Emerson, 

Ipncich, Tiioodore Andrews, Wes- 
ley K. Bell, *Aaron Cogswell, Gilbert 
Conant, George Haskell, fChas. Kim- 
ball. Edward P. Kimball. Joseph Ross, 
Charles A. Savward, Joseph Spiller, 
*Abram D. Wal'. 

Lawrence, Nathaniel Ambrose. Par- 
don Armington, Clark L, Austin. Hor- 
ace C. Baeon, Jonathan. C. Bowker, 
Chas. E. Bri'jfgs, John H. Brown, Al- 
bert Y. Bugbee, Elbrldge T. Burley, 
Geo. D. Cabot, Alonzo C. Chadwiik, 
Edward F. Childs, Alfred P. Clark, 
Jos. Cleaveland, Baldwin Coolidge, 
Patrick W. Cronin, Ebenezer B. Cur- 
rier, Samuel M. Davis, John 1. Do- 
land, James H. Eaton. Alfred J. 
French, W. Fisk Gile, John P. Gil- 
more, Henry H. Hall, ^Nathan W. 
Harmon, ^Michael D. Hart, Horatio 
G. Herrick, Gilbert E. lluod. Henry 
F. Hopkins, Nath. P. Houghton, Wm. 
H. Jaquiih. Wm, S. Knox, George S. 
jNIerrill, Wni. Morse. Jolin K. Nor- 
wood. E. B. Osgood, Thus, A. Parsons, 
Joseph L. Partridge. Hubert W. Pear- 
son, William R. Pedriek. George AV. 
Plummer, Phineas B. Robinson, John 
K. Rollins, George R. R.owe, Aretes 
R. Sanborn, John C. Sanborn, Frank 
L. Sargent, fGeorge VC. Sargent, 
Caleb Saunders, Daniel Saunders, 
Daniel Saunders, jr., Edgar J. Sher- 
man, Jamvs H. Stannard, "^Villiam 
Stevens, Andrew C. Stone, Albi/rt D. 
Swan, David S. Swan, Patrick Swee- 
ney, John K. Tarbox, Robert H. 
Tewksburv, Wm. P. Thompson, Na- 
thaniel G^. White, William H. P. 

L>/nn, Daniel Alley, Gustavus An- 
drews, David Austin, Charles C. 
Ayer, Ezra Baker, Edwin Q. Bateh- 
elder, Jaeob Batcheider, John Barch- 
elder, John W. Berry, Saumei J. Bcr- 
rv, Abijah K. BloO'i, Andrews Iire<id, 
liirani N. Breed. Jos. Breed. "2d, 
(k'O. F. Bned. Wilfred Breed. Ed- 
■ft'ard A. Beruge. Wni. A. Brown, John 
H. Bubier, James N. Bull'um, Geo. H. 
Chase, Charles B. Clou_di, *Oliver 
B. Coolidge, Henry H. Curtice, ■'Ed- 

i ward S. Davis, Thomas Driver, Geo. 

E. J-lmery, P>enjan^!n V. Freiicli, Wil- 
liam H. Creriish, John E. Gray, "*Jo- 
seph Haines, X. ^lortimer Hawkes, 

: Gilbert C. Hoair, William H6wland„ 
i Ephraim A. Ingalls, Xatlnmicl In- 
; ^alls, William F. rrohnson, Benj. II. 
I Jones, (reoroe W. Keene, Charles E. 
I Kimball, Rufus Kimball, Larkin 
I A. Lang, James S. Lewis, EI- 
i bridge Lovt-joy, Valentine Meader, 
, Edwin J. Medbury. Charle.s Mer- 
: ritt, Henrv Moore, Ezra W. Mudge, 
jP.ter M.' Neal, Asa T. Newhall, 
I Cheever Newhall Geo. T. Newhall, 
: Harrison Newhall, James R. Neuhall, 
ifThomes B. Newhall, Wm. H. Niles, 
Arthur F. L. Norris, Henry C, Oliver, 
j Isaiah H. Parrott, Ebon PaVsons, Chas. 

F. Patch, L-a J. Patch, fDean Pea- 
body. Edward K. Phillips, Charles J. 

j PickfoiMl, Isaac Pinkham. William D. 
I Pool, Benj. K. Prentiss, Frederick M. 
! Putnam, Thos. P. Kiehardyju, Simon 
I J. R(X)uey, (leo, D. Sargcant. Jas. ISL 
Sargent, Wm. P. Sargent. fWilliam 
Schouler, Robert G. S. Shelton, John 
L. Shorey, N. Everett Silsbec Her- 
bert A. Smith, Charles H. Stick ney, 
j L>avld [L Sweet.ser, Anios P. ']';t()lev, 
Waldo Thompson, Wilder S. Thurs- 
jton. Hall W. Tibbetts, MInoc Tirrell, 
! jr., George B. Tolman, Cyrus M. Tra- 
I ey, Ebenezer Trask, (ieo. B. Tucker, 
jtGardiner Tufts, Roland G. Usher, 
1 Jabez Wood, John P. Woodbury. 
I Lijnnjield, John Dantbrth, Josiah 
I Newhall. — LijnnHeid Centre, Geo. L. 
I Hawkes. Jacob Hood, Andrew Mans- 
! field, John Perkins. 

-Manclies/er. J>a\id B. Kimbali, Jno. 
I Lee, John Pric-. 

j Mnrblclira'L Sam. Bowden,fWm. B. 
I Brown, William H. Coati s, John J, 
! Conway, Simeon DodL'e. * William 
j Fabens, Thomas Foss, William (Jilley, 
']\\, Jas. GreL'orv, fJohn F. Harris. 
j J. H. Orne,'Wm. W. Pratt, William 
i Reynolds, Samuel S. Ti'efrv. 
! Miihueii, Chas. F. Abbott. Joseph 
j E. Bu-well, fGerry W. (.'o'lirar.e, 
I John Davis, Jacob EmtTson. jr., John 
j W. Frederick, (leoi-ge W. Gage, 
! Chai-les E. Goss, Ji»8eph Ho\ve,»Ios. S. 
illowe, Jos. F. Ingalls, J.)hn Low. Da- 
j rius Pieice, Wm. ]\I. Rogx^rs, Eben- 
iezer Sawyer, Samufl (r. .Sawver. 
i Middkton. Jose[)h A. BitVh.lder. 
jEhen S. Phelps. 

I N'lha/it, Fiancis B. Cfowninshlidd, 
j Washiiiiiton H. Johnson. 
j Xcieburi/, Moses Colman, William 
I Little. — liiijh 'uL Henry E. I'earsou, 
{ Heruion D. h'ogers, Martin Root. 



Srirhw-tiport, David J. Atkins, 
•JoliiJ Akf iMiiaii, Edward F. Bartlett, 
l.-<i:ic 11. lioardman, William II. 
I'lrt-vvstcr, flohii T. Browu, Frvnlcric 
1). rmrnkuu, Geijrge W. Clavk, 
Ff dirirk .1. Coffin, Stvphen Collins, 
Ail't.'rt CiurltT, William E. C>irriv.>T, 
tt'.tk'b Cusliin;:;, William (Ju-^Iiint;. 
Cliarlo.-* C. Dame, Xathai)iel Fu?ter, 
l; (iardner Genisb, Josupli G. Ger- 
»i««h, William Graves, Na*lianit'l Gr».'e- 
lov, Albfvt W. Greenleaf. Joshua 
HaU'. Ju^iah L. Hale, Closes E. Hale, I 
Kichard C- Hale, Nathaniel Hills, | 
rhiiip K. Hills, Jacob Horton. Fr,in-j 
(is A. Howe, Thomas Huse, Geo. ^V^ [ 
.|a'-kn\an, jr., Harrison G. Jolmson, j 
*Caleb Lamson, ^licajah Lunt, ^'Ste- 1 
pheii W. ^laj-ston, John A. .Maynard, j 
David J. Merrill, Amos W. Mooi:ey, 
' lOdward S. Moseley, (.'. Osgood 
Morse, Nathan A. MouIjor, Henry 
W. Moultou, Amos Noye^. Edward L. 
Xoves, *Moses rettiiigell, Nathaniel 
PiJrce, ^ly^xmA P. Pike, John N. 
Pike, Richard Plunier, -Edward W. 1 
Uand, Moses D. Ri^ndall, George K. | 
Steven^, *Edmund Smith, Wooster' 
bn>ith, "lEben F. Stone. Jacob Stone, j 
William Timrston, David ^Vood. i 

Nnrih Awlocer, Joseph F. Allen, I 
Phineas W. P>arnes,t William J. Dale, i 
George L. Davis, James M. Hubbard, ! 
Theron Johnson, John F. Kinib;Ul, ,■ 
Horace N. Stevens, Moses T. Stevens, j 
£bea Sutton, I^^uis "Weil. 

Pf'db >'!((, tAlired A. Abbott, Lewis 
Allen, Sidney C. Bancroft, John 13. 
Clemenr, Georire Holman, pAlward 
W. J.icobs, William H. Little, Jere- j 
miah T. M ih jney, Eilward Me Car- j 
thy, George A. Osborne, Peniamin C. I 
Perkins. Fitch Poole, Nathan 11. \ 
Poor. -^Eben S, Poor, Thomas E. ! 
I'roctor, Thomas ]\L Stimpson, fWil- i 
ham Sutton, Stephen F})ton, William 
\Va!cott, I 

lto-h^/<)ii, Zeno A. Appleton, Eben ( 
liiatchtord, Henry Dennis^ Henry 
l>ennis, jr., Ezra Eaiiies, Newell 
<nlv.s. John W. Marshall, Altied Par- 
?ions, Calvin W. Pool, (ieorgi' H. Vib- 
ert, Henii N. Wood, Nathaniel F. S. 

Ro'ii- ji, George I>. PKxigett, BcrJ. 
V. Mijl.dl, Benjintin H. Smith, J. 
S ' Todd. 

Snlein, Nathaniel K. Allen. '^>^:inuiel ! 
W Andrew^. William Ah.-Ikt, John I 
P u-luw, .Juhn A. 15a>seti. l!phi-,-'im i 
r»r>wn, jAlbert G. Ih'owne, Henry A. I 
L.t-own. Joim T. Btirnham, San)uel P). } 
liunriek, %h>eph S. Cabot. Oliver j 
<- .uion, jJohii Chapman, t^^^^i^fo'-' i'- I 

Choate, William S. Cleveland, Wil- 
iam Cogswell, Francis Cox, Henry 
J. Cross, John D. Cross, George 
R. Curwen, William II. DairympK>, 
Henry Derby, John H. Derby, ^ Geo. 
H. Devereux, >ViHiam ('. Endlcott, 
William S. Felton, Wm. II. Fletcher, 
George F. Flint, fCaleb Foote, ^^'m, 
IL Foster, Charles B. Fowler, Kutus 
B. Giflord, James A. Gillis, Abrier C. 
Goodell, jr., Frederick Grant, Benj. 
A. Gray, Leonard B. Harrin-ton, 
3i'ark Haskell, fNathaniel J. Holden, 
George Holman, Thomas F. Hunt. 
'^Stephen B. Ive^s, jr., John Jewett. 
Daniel H. Johnson, Sanuiel A. John- 
son, Thos. H. Johnson, *Jas. Kimball, 
Walter A. Kezar, John Kinsman,, 
John Is. Lakeman, Wm. W. Lander. 
Solomon Lincoln, jr., Thonuis Looby,. 
*George R. Lord, Geor-ge B. Loring. 
J. T. Slahoney, *Mieajah B. ^Jans- 
field, William Maynes. Josepli A. 
Moore, Henry P. Moulton, Ezra F. 
Newell, fWilfiam D. Northend. Wil- 
liam Northey, t Hcni-y K. Oliver, 
Charles S. Ossood, f Joseph B. F. Os- 
good, Johti jjrooks Parker^ \Xm. B. 
Parker, Edward H. Payson, Geo. H. 
Peirson, Aaron Perkins, Benj. C. Per- 
kins, fJonathan C. Perkins, jairns W. 
Perry, Chas. A. Pliillips, Willard P. 
Phillips. George D. Phi{)pen, Charles 
IL 1 rice, Robert S. Rantoul, Charlee- 
AL Richardson, Chas. V\ . Richardson, 
Joseph J. Rider, f David Roberts- 
flames R/)pes, George Sanboin, 
Charles Sewall, James Shats- 
well, James C. Stimpscn, Augustus 
Story, Gilbert L. Streeter, Charles^ 
E. Symonds, Nathaniel G. Symonds. 
J. Hardy Town.e, fChas. W. F{)ham, 
\\'illiam P. Upham. George Upt^ai, 
fEben N. Walton, *Joseph G. Wat< rs. 
^Stephen P. Webb. ^George Wheat- 
land, Stephen G. Wheatland. 

Salishnri/y^loses J. Bartlett, George 
W. Gate, Thomas J. Clark, Benja- 
min E. Fifield, *Josiah B. Gale, Aaron 
Morrill, jr., John Rowell, Azor O. 
"Webster^ Daniel Webster. — East Sal- 
ishun/. P. Albert Trne. 

Sauf^/iL'y, Joseph S. Adlington, Geo. 
i\L Amerige. Augustus B. Davis, tieo. 
W. Fairbanks, Harmon Hall. Herbert 
B. Newlialh Wilbur F. Newhall. Wil- 
liam H. Newhall, Elijah P. Robinson, 
Albert H. Sweetser. Geo. II. Sweetser. 

Sn-umps'-ot!^ Eli E. [ioynton, Phi- 
landei- Holden, Samuel C. Pitman. 

Tops/iiJjL ,fo>v\A\ W. Batchelder. 
Charles H. IL.knes. Salmon D. Huod. 
Samuel S. McKeuzie, "^Richard Phil- 



Wenhnm, Andrew Dodgo, Rufus A. 
Dod'jf, Simeon ])o'l^e. 

IVesf N< icburi/, 'David L. Ambro^j, 
John C. Carr, Edaiund Little, AVil- 
liam ^lerrill, Joseph Newell. 

Trial Justices. 

Ameshuri/, Georire Turner. 

Andocer, George II. Poor. 

Bearh/, James Hill. 
k Dani-ers (Port). David }ilead. 

Georg'town, Orlando B. Tenney. 

Jp.^u'lch, Wesley K. Bell. 

Marhlehend. A\'illiam Fabens. 

Methucn, William M. Tlogers. 

Peahodi/, Benjamin C. Perkins. 

Rockport, Pleury Dennis. 
■. RoirJey. J. Scott Todd. 

Salisbury, George W. Gate. 

Saugu.<, Augustus B. Davis. 

Notaries Public- 

Ameshurij. George Turner. 

Andover, George Foster. George H. 

Becerhf. Fred'k W. Choate. Samuel 
Porter. Joseph D. Tuck. 

Bradford, Henry Carter. 

Dativers, J. T. Blv, Edward L. 

QloHce-^ter, James Davis. David W. 
Low. John S. "Webber, Cyrus Story. 
— Ea.-it Gloucester^ Humphrev L. 

Horerhill, David Boyntou, Charles 
H. Coffin, John L. Ilobson, Joseph 
K. Jenness, John J. Marsh. 

Ip<wickf Charles A Say ward. 

Ldrrrence. John F. Co2«well, W. 
Fisk Gile, Nathan W. Harmon, Na- 
thaniel G. AVhite. 

Lf/nn. Edward S, Davis. Nathan M. 
Hawkes \Villiam Howland, James 
R. Newhall, ^linot Tirrell, jr., C\ rus 
M. Tra/y. 

MarhleJiead. Sanmel Bowden, "Wil- 
liam Fabens, James (rregory. 

Methucn, William M. Bo^jers. 

Neirhuryporl^ Edward F. liai-tlett. 
Jsaac H. Boardman, John T. Brown. 
Henrv W. Chapuian, Edward W. 

Peabody, Alfred A. Abbott, Benja- 
min C. Perkins. Fitch Poole. 

Salem, Samuel P. Andrews, ^Vm. 
C. Eudicott, Daniel P. Fitz, James 

A. Gillis, Henry P. Guilford, Joseph 

B. F. Osgood, Gilbert L. Streeter, 
Joseph G. Waters. Stephen P. Webb. 

Salisbury, Thouicis J. Clark. 


Amesbury^ George Turner. 

Andnver, Stephen Tracy. 

JJanvers, Richard Hood. 

GeorgeioJrn, Joseph P. Stickney. 

Gloucester, J. Franklin Dyer. 

Haverhill, "William JeJliers, Fnincis 
J. Stevens. 

La>crence (special), John Stowe, 
William D. Lamb. 

Lynn, Hiram N. Breed, Joseph G. 
Pink him. 

Marblehead, William Gilley, jr. 

Newhuryport, James W. Chenev, 
Edward VV. Rand. 


Shike Town, 


Judge of Probate and In.<olvency,. . . . 
Register of Probate and Insolcenry,. . 

Clerk of Courts, 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction.. . - 


Deputy Sheriffs. 
Ash/itld, Job Lilley. 
Charlemont. Charles Peck. 
Coleraine, Shubael B. Buck. 
Conway, (lordon H. Johnson. 
Dterf eld (South). Austin Ware. 
Greenff Id, Lorenzo D. Joilyn, 

June 24, 1811. 


Chester C. Conant, Greenfield. 

Francis M. Thom\yson... .Greenfield. 

Edward E. Lyman Greenjirld. 

Humphrey Stevens, Greeufeld. 

Bela Kellogg, Greerfie'd. 

Lewis ]Merriam. Greenfield. 

Rut "us Howland Greenjie'd. 

Solomon C. Wells, Green. rieUl. 

Geo. A. Kimball, Chauncey l»ry- 
; Mi>n!aqni', William W. Tliaver. 
' Nnr:hfi.ld, Eii-ha Alexanrlei-. 
' New 'Side in. Willard S. (VAX. 
O range. James H. Clark. 
Shrl/'urne Falls, H. S. Swan. 
Shute.<bury, John H. Forbes. 



Deputies in Hampshire County. 

AiuJierst, Fredtrick A. Palm.T. 
Xor'h"mpi.t>n. Ansel \\'riuiit, jr. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- ; 
rection. \ 

Solomon C. Wells, Grefnficld. \ 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Conira'j, 3d Tu. in May. 
At Greeufelil, 1st Tu. of every 
montlv exee[)t Noveniber. 

At North fitU, on the 'Id Tu. in :\Iay 1 
and September, j 

At Ora/ir/e. 2d Tu. in ^larcli and I 
Dec. and 3d Tu. in June, and next 
after 2d Tu. in July. 

At Shdhurne Falls, on the 2d Tu. j 
in Feb.. and 4th Tu. in I\Iay and Oct. j 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. j 

At Greenfield, on the 1st ^Monday 
in each mouth. 

County Commissioners. 

Nelson Burrows, Gilt: Geo. D. 
Crittenden, Biicliand : R. X. Oakman, 

Special Commissioners. "William C. 
Campbell, Ccv?2C''<^/; Humphrey Leach, j 

Times of Meetiiuj. — At Gretnfiehl. I 
1st Tu. in ]\Iarch and Sept., and 2d 
Tu. in June and Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Gneufeld. Geo. W. Bartlett, Almon 

Shelhurne, II. M. Puffer. 

Public Administrator. 
Greenfield, Humphrey Stevens. 

Masters in Char.ceiy. 
Greenfu'Ul. Chester C. Conant 
Samuel O. Lamb. ! 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil ! 
OliiceiS. j 

Charlemrmt. Anst-I L. Tyler : East \ 
Charlemont. Roi^er 11. Leavirf. | 

G rei: ri fi fl d, Wxwow Pralnard. dies- i 
trr C. Conant. Wendell T. Davis, j 
Geopje Grennell, AVhitinij Griswold, j 
Edw;u'd E. Lvman. Ilumphrev 8tev- j 
ens. ' ■ ' I 

Oranfie, Rutus I). Ch.i-e. Joiin C. 
Felt. Davis Godilanl, Edwin Stone, 
Hiram A\'o(;d\Yard. 

Justices ot the Peace. 

{/iiclii'liny ./((.'tires It/ thi' J'rK.vdji'i (,',./•/«>;>, ne.^'j- 1 
*(it,-,l l.t/a*, OH-I Jn~tirr< th>ovi!.n,it tic l\,inm(jii-\ 
'fii'lU, ,U .«'</r('(ti..i l.ij (I +. ) 

.Uhfi^d. Lot na-ett. Si la. Hlalce, I 
Alvin Perrv, H'iii\- S. U uunv. — j 
Su'iih AshfilUh Wait Bvment, CiiarlfS j 
H. Day. ' I 

Hfrnardston, Silas X. Brooks. Bry- | 

ant S. Burrows, William Dwiurht, 
Aretas Ferry, El)enezer S. Hull ert. 

Bii'-Uand. Ezekiel 1). Bement, 
Fayette Nicdiols. Josiah Trow. — Shel- 
bur7ie Fal/s, James S. HalliLran. 

Charlemont. Fvichard E. Field, B. 
Parsons ^lansfield, Joseph H. Sears. 
Ansel L. Tyler. — East Charlemont, 
Hart Leavitt, Roarer H. Leavitt, Ash- 
ley R. White. ^ 

Coleraine, Orson B. Curtis, Fred. 
W. :\Iather, Hugh B. :^Iiller, David 
L. Smith. 

Conivau. Henrv W. BillinL^s. Edwin 
Coolev. Austin Rice, John Sprague, 
John D. Todd. 

Deerfield. Wm. D. Bates, Dexter 
Childs,' Henry S. Childs. Virgil ^sL 
Howard, Ransom N. Porter, George 
Sheldon, Chri.-topher A. Stebbins. — 
Sonth Deerfield. Charles Stowell, Arte- 
mas Williams. 

Erving. Xewton J. Benjamin, Xoah 
Rankin.— J/;//er'.9 Falls. Daniel P. 

Florida. Xahum P. Brown. 

GilL Xelson Burrows. Josiah D. 
Canning, Roswell Field, Otis F. Hale, 
Jonatlmn S. Purple. 

Grcenfi.eld, *David Aiken, George 
W. Bartlett, Joseph Beals, Edward 
Benton, * Almon Brainard, Matthew 
Chapman. Chester C. Conant. "j-Wen- 
dell T. Davis. *Austin DeWolf, Wm. 
Elliot. Samuel S. Eastman. Joseph P. 
Felton, Charles K. Grennell, fGeo. 
Grennell, * Whiting Griswold, Wm. 
S. B. Hopkins, Rui'us Howland. Sam'l 
O. Lamb, Theo. Leonard. Edward E. 
Lyman. Sanuiel J. Lyons, Lewis ]\Ier- 
I'iara, Bowdoin S. Parker, * Sam'l H. 
Reed, Fred. G. Smith, Humphrey 
Stevens, Francis M. Thompson, Anson 
K. Warner, fAVm. B. ^\'ashbu^n, Noah 
S. Wells, Gorham D. Williams. 

Ilawleg, William O. Bassett. Johi^ 

Heath. Aaron Dickinson. Daniel 
Gale, Wm. M, .Maxwell. 

Leverett, Luther Dudley. Aldcn C. 
Field. Sanford S. Graves. — North Lcc- 
erett, Humphrey S. Leach. 

Leyden. George Childs. Avery J. 
Denni;on, David 3Iowry, Henry Shel- 

Monroe, David Goodell, ^Asahel 

Montar/ne. Amos Adams. Philander 
Boutweli Robert B. Cam{)bell, Isaac 
Chenerv, Harrison F. Root. .Joseph 
II. Root. 

New Salem. Sauuici Giles, Elijah F. 
Porter, Willard Putnam. Jabez Saw- 
ver, Samuel H. Stowell. — Millinjtoru 



Lyman E. Moore, Francis W. Nev;- 
land. — North New Sale/n, Bcriali W. 
Fay, F. W. New land. 

Xorthjidd, Jost-ph B. Callender, 
Edward" Vs'e.\U Colton, Samuel W. 
Button, Marshall S.Meade, Sauuiel II. 
Moody, Charli-s Os<iOod, Albert C. 
Parsons, Charles Poniei'oy. — Norlh- 
yield Fanji.^, Simeon A Field. 

Oranr/e, Rut'us D. Chase, Andrew 
J. Clark, Samuel S. Di.'xter, John C. 
Felt, Levi Gage, jr., Davis Goddard, 
Geonie A. Maynard, fEdwin Stone, 
Franklin L. Waters. John W. ^Mieel- 
er, Geo. A. AVhipple, lliram Wood- 
ward. — North Orange, Philbrook 

Rowe, Samuel P. Everett, James 
M. Ford, I{un)phrey Gould. 

Shelburne, Orsamus O. Bardwell, 
Charles M. Duncan, Pliny Fisk, Elam 
KellouriT- — Shidbume Fails^ Samuel D. 
Bardwell, Samuel T. Field, Alanson 
K. Hawks, Arthur Maxwell, Henry 
M. Puiler. 

Shiiteshury, Hardin Plemenway, 
Samuel PI. Stowell. 

Sunderland, Henry J. Graves, 
fHorace Lyman, Albert Montague, 
John M. Smith, -Levi P. Warner, D. 
Dwight Whitmore. — South Deerfield, 
Nathaniel G. Trow. 

Warwick, Arlon S. Atherton, J. F. 

arns, James Stock- 

. Bridge, Clark S 

: well." 

j Wendell, Tliomas D. Brooks 

I dell Depot, Jolin C. Holston. 

Whatel/f, James M. Cratts, Samuel 
Lcsure, Justin R. Smith, Samuel B. 
AVhite. Ea.^t Whatelfj, Elihu Be Ideu. 
Trial Justices. 
Charlemont, Richard E. Field. 
Comcaj/, Henry W. Billiiiiis. 
Greenflehl, Almon Brainard, Wen- 
dell T. Davis. 

Montague, Joseph H. Root. 
New Salem, Willard Putnam. 
Nnrthjield, Samuel W. Dutton. 
Orange, Hiram Woodward. 
Shelhurne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 

Sunderland, Albert' Montacue. 

Notaries Public. 
Conicaj/, Henry W. Billings. 
Greenjield, "William H. Allen, Wen- 
dell T. Davis, Charles K. Grennell, 
Lewis Merrlam. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase. 
Shelhurne Falls, Alanson K. Hawks, 
Arthur Maxwell. 


Deerjield, ]Moses Stebbins. 
Gill, Roswell Purple. 
Greenfield, Rufus Howland, Sam'l 
J. Lyons ; special, Alli-ed ^Veils. 


Incorporated, February 20, 1812. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvencg. . . . William S. ShurtlelP Springfield. 

Register of Probate and Fnsolcency. . Samuel B. Spooner Springfeld. 

Clerk of Courts George 15. Morris Springfeld. 

Register of Deeds James E. Russell Springfield. 

County Treasurer jNL Wells Pjridge Springfeld. 

r George Dwight Springfeld. 

Overseers of House of Correction,, 
Sherijf - 

Deputy SherifTs. 

Bhindford, F. C. Knox. 
Chester, John C.Gamwell. 
C hie pee, N. Cutler. 
Chieopee (Falls), Frank II. ^lorton. 
Granville, Ethan 1>. DicVin-on. 
Ilolyoke, Thomas H. Wellington. 
Ludlo'.r, I^avenport L. P'nllor. 
Mon-^on, p]dward P. Xewton. 
Palmer, James S. Loomis, 

Gideon Wells Springfeld. 

( E. y. Ij. IPolcomb Chieopee. 

. Addison M. Bradley Springfeld 

! Palmer {Tliorndike), Geo. ^loores. 
' Sprinrfuld, David A. Adanjs. A. H. 
i G. Lewis, W. PL PI. Blair, F. K. 
' Lathrop. 

Tolland. Phillip L. C. Sloeum. 

Wesfjiehl, Merritt Van Deusen. 
Timothy M. CooU'y. 

West Springfeld, William C Hatch. 

Wdhraham {North), Y.. C. Colton. 

W'dbraham {South), Moses H. War- 




Jo?eph S. Noble, Springfield. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At j\Io/ison, 2J Tu. of June. 

At Pahncr, 2d Tu. of Sept. 

Springji' I'l, 1st Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
!Mar., April, May, June, July, Sept., 
Nov., Dee. 

At W'StJield, 3d Tu. IMar., June, 
Sept, and Dec. 

Sessions Court of Insolvency. 
At Spring nekl^ 2d and 4tli Sat. of 
each month. 

County Commissioners. 
"Wm. ]M. Lewis, Bland ford, term 
expires Dec. 18 72. George Iv. Towns- 
ley, Springfidd, term expires Dec. 
1873. James S. Loomis, Palmer, 
term expires Dec. 1874. 

Special Commissioners. 
S. G. Southworth, Cldcopee, term 
expires Dec. 187-4. Andrew Camp- 
bell, 2d, WestJiLld, term expires Dec. 

Tim'S of m'tling. — At Springfield. 
d Tu. of April. Ut Tu. of Oct., and 
th Tu. of June and Dec. 
CommiBsioners of Insolvency. 
Pahmr, James G. Allen ; Aga- 
?raf/<, Charles C. AVright ; Wesl field, 
Henry B. Lewis. 

Public Administratoi'. 
Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Master in Chancery. 
Springfield, Henry \V. Bosworth. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Ofii- 

Pa^m>r, James G. Allen, Gordon 
M. Fisk. 

Springfi- idy Georoje Bliss, Geori::^e 
B. Morris, Samuel B. Spooner, "W'il- 
liam S. SburtletF. 

ir^.s-.^z'^/V/, William G. Bates, Jas. 
Fowler, Norman T. Leonard, Henry 

B. L(>wis, Milton B. Whitney! 
Wilhrnham (South), Solomon C. 

Spelman, L. B. Bliss. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{Tnr!uil)n'j Ji..<.*i(>.« or Ute !'• are awl IMiontm, ih'^Kj- 
tuit, il '■•/ n * : / Jii.itirfu ihoroMjhunt the Voinmoti.- 
Health 'leii'jnaO d hii a f.) 

Agnica/n. Joseph Bedortha, James 
IL Ferre. — Feeding Ilids, Charles 

C. Wri-ht. 

Biartdfnrd, Wm. M. Lewis, Klisha 
W. Shepard. — Xnvth iUnndfonl, 
Samuel A. Bartholomew. 

PjrlnfitJd, * Henry F. l5ro\vn, Jas. 
B. Brown, Samuel W. Brown. — 
East Brimfi did. Parsons Alien. 

C7((.v<^;', Joel Ha.skins, Daniel Gran- 

ger, Chas. W. Knox. — Clostrr Cen- 
tre, Benjamin B. Eastman, Thad. K. 
Dewolf. — North Chester, Herman 

Chicopee, Ezekiel Blake, Edwin O. 
Carter. Nath'l Cutler, Le^t^r Dickin- 
son, Amory Doolittle, tl^noch V. \\. 
Holcomb, (Jeorixe D. liobinson, Sidney 
Sanders, Simon G. Southworth, Pliin- 
eas Stedman, Jerome Wells, t'^ohn 
^YQ\h.— Chicopee Falls, John Der- 
rick, Andrew Hubbard, Edgar T. 
Paige, George S. Taylor. 

Granvdle (Corners), llufiis H. 
Barlow, Balph S. Brown, William 
^Vells. — West Granville, James Isl. 

Ilollatul, William A. Webber. 

Holi/oke, Joseph P. Buckland, Ed- 
win Chase, S. Stewart Chase, Wm. A. 
Chase, Chester Crafts, Chas. H. lley- 
wood, Daniel E. Kingsburv, Robert 
ISIitchell, Jos. Murray, William B. C. 
Pearsons, Albert A. Tyler, *Porter 

Longmeadow, Gad. O. Bliss, Dimon 
Chandler, Stephen T. Colton. — East 
Longrneadoir, George W. Converse, 
Oliver Woleott. 

Ludlow, Lemuel H. Biuirham, 
Chauncy L. Buell, John P. Hubbard, 
Eli M. Smith, Henry K. Wight. 

Monson, fWilliam N. Flynt, Char- 
les Fuller, *Austin Fuller, Edward F. 
Morris, George H. Newton, Hiram 
Newton, Calvin S. Pease, Daniel G. 
Potter, Joseph L. Ptcynolds, Joshua 

Monignmerii, Horace Bartholomew, 
Berijah H. Kagwin. 

Palmer, Braman B. xVdams, James 
G. Allen, Alonzo V. Blanchard, 
Enos Calkins, Alonzo B. Chapman, 
John ]M. Cochran, Alvah ]M. Higgins, 
Jas. S. Loomis. — Thormllkc, Frank 
]M. Murdock, Gamaliel Collins, Charles 
L. Gardner, George T. Hill, Abra- 
ham 11. 3Iurdock. — Bund's Village, 
Abraham R. ]\Iurdock, jr. — Tliree 
Fivers, George W. Randall, Dwight 
M. Stebbins. 

Jlu^sell, Nelson D. Parks, Roland 

Southirick, Sardis (Hllett, Seymour 
L. (Jranger, Amasa Holcomb, Henry 
B. Judkins, Uansford W. Kello'ji:, 
Joseph AV. Rockwell, Carnii Shurtletf. 

Sprinqpeld, WaitstiU 11. Alli>, 
fllenrv Ah'xander. jr., Stephen C 
liemis, Augustine lUu't, Ephraim W. 
Bond, Henry W. Bosworth, jNlelvilie 
AV. Bridge,' Albert D. Briggs, Jo- 
seph AV. lirown, 'i'imothy M. lirown, 
Horatio N. Case, AVm. *G. Chamber- 



lain, Justin M. Cooley, Chaiincey L. 
Covell, IIu;:li Donnelly, Iliiam E. 
Emery, Albvit T. Fulsoin, Edmund 
Freeman, Joseph B. Gardiner, Homer 
G. (Tilmore, ^Villiam S. Crreene, 
Sanford J. Hall, iMMStus Haves, 
Roger B. Hildreth, Jo.-^oph 'W. 
Ilolmos, Eli A. Hubbard, Henry S. 
Hyde, James Kirkham, Marcus P 
Knowlton, Charles R. Ladd, f Ed- 
ward H. Lathrop, Henry S. Lee, 
Nehemiah A. Leonard, Chas. Marsh, 
Elisha B. Maynard. James E. Mc- 
Intin^ William E. Montague, R^jjer ; 
S. ^loore, Edward Morris, *Henry | 
Morris, Geortre B. ]\L)rris, Robert O. I 
Morris, ^flames H. Morton, Simeon ! 
Newell, fJamcs Parker, Wm. Patten, i 
fSmith R. Phillips, Marcellus Pinney, j 
Sam'l W. Porter, Joseph C. Pvnehon. 
♦Caleb Rice, diaries W. Rlee, Wil- \ 
liam B. Roarers, James A. Rum- ! 
rill, James E. Russell, Stephen E. | 
Seymour, Charles L. Shaw, William j 
S. ' Shurtleff, Hrraan Smith, *Wm. | 
L. Smith, Augustus L. Souie, Samuel i 
B. Spooner, John M. Stebbins. fWm. ' 
Stowe, Andrew Titus, f James M. i 
Thompson. Lewis A. TilFt, fEliphalet | 
Trask, Stephen C. Warriner, f Geo. I 
Walker, Gideon Wells, Luther White, I 
Chas. A. Winchester. — Indian Or-\ 
chariL Calvin J. Eaton. j 

Tolland, Aurelius Fowler, Geo. W. ' 
Grander, Fowler T. Moore, Pliilander 
F. Twinin^j. 

Tr«A-'s, Feidinand L. Burley, Ab- 
salom Gardiner. 

WestfieUL ^WWYx^xm G. Bates, Phin- 
eas L. Buell, Anilrew L. Bush, Timo-! 
thv ^L Dewey, f James Fowler, Sam'l i 

Fowler, * Henrv Fs 

t Ed^ 

B. Gillett, *Norman T. Leonard, 
♦Henry B. Lewis, Leicester Loomis, 
Asa P.' Rand, Robert B. Robinson, 
IVIillard L. Robinson, Homer B. 
Stevens. Asa B. Whitman, Milton B. 

West Springfield, Richard Bee be, 
John ^L Harmun. Edward Parsons, 
Henry A. Phelon, (rcorge C. S. South- , 
worth, Justin L. Woitiiy. i 

WVbrahain, A. Jackson Blanchard, j 
♦Luther B. Bliss, John M. Merrick, | 

Ira G. Potter, Francis J. Warner. — 
South WUhrahanu wSunmer Smith, 
j Solomon C. Spellman, William P. 

Trial Justices. 

Chester, Daniel Granger. 

Gmnville (West), James M. Good- 

Ho/i/oL-e, William B. C. Pearsons, 
Porter Underwood. 

Mo7ison, Joshua Tracy. 

Palmer, Charles L. Gardner. 

West/ield, Samuel Fowler, Henry 
B. L^'wis. 

West Sprinr/Jield, Geo. C. S. South- 

Wilhraliam (South), Solomon C. 

Notaries Public, 
Chicopee. Edward P. Nettleton, 
Edward H. Lothrop, (George D. Rob- 
inson. George M. Stearns, Luther 

Ilnlynl-e, Edward W. Chapin, Chas. 
W. Ranlet, Porter Underwood. 

M onsen, Edward F. Moriis, Joel B. 

Pahnrr, James G. Allen. 

Spr inn field. Peter S. Bailey, T. Al- 
den Curtis, Wm. S. Greene, Frederic 
H. Harris, Edward H. Hyde, Henry 
S. Lee. Edward H. Lothrop. James 
E. Mclntire, Edward ]\Iorris, Henry 
.AL Phillips, Smith R. Phillips, JamJs 
M. Porter, James A. Run^rili, Stephen 
E. Seymour, Henry K. Simonds, John 
M. Stebbins, James M. Thompson. 

Westjield, xindrew L. Bush. Henry 
Fuller, Henry 1^. Lewis, Asa P. 
Rand. Homer B. Stevens, Milton B. 

Chicopee, Simon G. Southworth. 


Holyoke, Charles Blodgett, Ed-ar S. 
Draper, Luther F. Humeston. Daniel 
E. Kingsbury. 

SpriiKjnfld, Cornelius F. Coleman, 
Stephen C. Bemis, J'imothy Henry, 
John Hooker. W^m. E. ^Montague, Eli- 
plialct Trask. 

West field, Jehiel Abbott. 




Incorporated, M^y 7, 1602. 
Shire Towx, Northampton. 


Judge of Probate and In^olvencu,. . . . Samuel F. Lyman, Noiihampton. 

Register of Probate and Insolvencg,. Luke Lyman, Northampton. 

Clerk of Courts^. William P. Strickland,. .iYo/-Ma?«y;/o;?.. 

Register of Deeds, Henry P. Billings, ... Hatfield. 

County Treasurerj Henry S. Grere Northampton. 

f "William P. StvicM?LVn\,.. Northampton. 

Overseers of House of Correction.,. . < ]Marvin ]\L French,. . . .Northdmpton. 

V Daniel Kingsley, Northampton. 

Sheriff, Henry A. Longley, Northampton. 

peputy Sheriffs. I 

Amherst, Frederick A Pahncr, j 

Belchertoicn, Samuel W. Longley. j 
Chesterfield, Spencer Tower. I 

Cummington, Arunstbrd llhoades. I 
Easthftmpton, J. Lyman CamDbell. I 
Enfirld, Henry ^L Potter. 
Hadieij. Enos E. Cook. 
Huntington, G. M. Lindsey. 
Northampton, Ansel Wright, Ansel 
Wriglit, jr., E. Y. Lilley. 

Plaliifitid, Leonard Campbell. 
South Hadie'/, Samuel N. JMiller. 
Ware, Samuel H. Phelps. 

Deputies in Hampden County. 

Hobjol-e, Thomas H. AVellington. 
Westfield, L. B, Walkley. 

Deputies in Franklin County. 
Greenfictd, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, 
Chauncey Bryant. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 

Henry A. Longley, Northampton. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Aralterst, 2d Tu. in Jan. and 

At Belcherlown, 2d Tu. in ]May and 

At Northampton, 1st Tu. of every 

At WitUamshurg, 3d Tu. in May i 
and Oct. ' i 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. | 

At NortJtam'pton, 2d ^\''ednesday of I 
every month. i 

County Commissioners. \ 

Samuel M. Cook, Granhj/, term j 
expires Derember, 18 72; Elisha A. | 
Edwai'ils, Southiimpt'in, IM73 ; Justin | 
Thayer, Northampton, 1.H74. | 

Special Commissioners, Elnathan 
Graves, WiUiam.^hurg, 1874 ; A.Ralph 
Owen, Belchcrtown, 1874. 

Times of Meeting. — At Northamp- 
ton, IsL Tu. in Mar., Se[)t., and Dec, 
and Tu. next after 2d Monday of 
June, annually. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Belchertown, Franklin Dickinson. 
Enfield. Charles S. Richards. 

Williamsburg, Benj. S. Johnson. 

Public Administrators. 
Northampton, Samuel L. Parsons. 
Ware, Otis Lane. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Amherst, Tthamar F. Conkey, Ed- 
ward Dickinson. 

Bidciicrtown, Calvin Bridgman. 

Enfield, Josiah B. Woods. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, 
Harvey Kirkland, Henry A. Longley, 
Wm. P. Strickland, Oliver Warner, 
Eliphalet Williams. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, William Hyde, Franklin D. 
Richards, Charles A. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{Including Justices nf'lhe Peace and Quorum, d'.iig- 
nated b>j a •, iind JtiMiccs throu.jhout the Cuinnion- 
ivealtU designated bij a f) 

Amherst, Forster P. Ainsworth, 
Simeon Clark, Wm. S. Clark, jLha- 
mar F. Conkey, Geo Cutler, fEdward 
Dickinson, Wm. A. Dickinson, Abner 
G. ^Ljsman, Frederick A. Palmer, 
Oliver Pease, fliCvi Stockbridue. — 
North Amhrsf. Edward P. Custiman, 
D. P,. Xel.son Fish. 

Btlchertoirn, Leonard Barrett, 
Franklin Diclcinson, Thos. R. Greene, 
Asahel (ioodell, Jc^shua G. Longley, 
*Samuel W. Lon^lev. 



Chesterjicld, Albert Nichols, Orson 
M. iVarl, Loren L. Tower. 

Cunimlnghm, Francis II. Dawes, 
Darius \V. Lovell, Nathan Orcutt. — 
Wc.^t Cmnriihigton, Forilyce Wliit- 

Dana, Daniel Stone. 

KaslJiumpton, AVilliam G. Bassett, 
Lafayette Clapp, Geor<xe S. Clark, 
Charles B. Jolmson, fHoratio G. 
KniL^ht, ]\Ioses H. Leonard, Lanren 

D. Lyman, Kdnumd H. Sawyer, Al- 
fred L. Strong'. Seth Warner, Charles 

E. Williams. Joseph AV. Winslow. 
Enjidd, Ezra Cary, Geo. A. Ellis, 

Horace Hunt, William B. Kimball, 
♦Charles Richards. 

Goshen, Alvan Barrus, Calvin A. 

Granhj, Philo Cliapin, Charles S. 

Greenwich^ David Allen. — Green- 
ivich Village. Cullen Warner. 

Hadley. George Allen. Simon F. 
Cooley, Royal M. Montaiiue, -j-Eleazer 
Porter, William P. Porter, Rodney 
Smith, William S. Shipman, Samuel 
C. Wilder. 

Hatfiekl Henry P. Billinfis, Sam'l 
P. Billings, AVilliam IL Dickinson, 
Horace W. Field, John T. Fitch, 
George W. Hubbard, Silas G. Hub- 
bard, Henry S. Porter. 

Huntington, f Alfred M. Copeland, 
John Parks, Elijah N. Woods. 
Mkldhfiekl *John L. Bell. 

Northampton^ Wm. Allen, fOsmyn 
Baker, Henry P. Bil!in<TS, Daniel 
W.Bond, ILaynesH. Chiison, *Chas. 
Delano, Geo. B. Drurv, Pliny Earle, 
William B. Hale, Janies S. Hartwell, 
John C. Hammond, Henry R. Hinck- 
ley, fllarvey Kirkland, Henry A. 
Longley, Caleb Loud, Luke Lyman, 
fSamuel F. Lyman, Chauncey H. 
Pierce, Enos Parsons, *A. Perry 
Peck, C. EdiMr Smith, ( )ran Storer, 
^lilo J. Smith. *Samuel T. Spaulding, 
Haynes K. Starkweather, William H. 
Stoddard, Wm. P. Strickland, Ju^<tin 
Thayer, fOliv^r Walker. Lewis War- 
ner, John AVhittlesey , f Oliver War- 
ner, James L. A\'arriner, Eliphalet 
Williams. Luclen B. AVilliains. Ff<>r- 
enci'. Emery C Davis, Horace K. Par- 
sons. Laae 1). Smith. 

Pcllunn, John Jones. 

Plainjitld, Frederic E. Campbell, 
Albert Hver, Jasan Richards. Ash- 
field. Wm. A. Rates. 

Prescon, Liberty Crosett. North 
Prescolf, Frederic N. Peirce. 

Sdiithampton^ Elisha A. Edwards 
Isaac Parsons. 

South Hadley, G. Morgan Smith 

South Hadley Falls. Joseph Bard- 
well, R. Ogden Dwight, llirara 
Smith, jr., Henrv AV. Tavlor, Ira B. 

Ware, Sylvester B. Bond, Henry 
C. Davis, Wm. C. Eaton, Lewis N. 
Gilbert, Joseph Hartwell, t^Villiam 
Hyde, fOtis Lane, Milton Lewis. Ed- 
ward E. Paiker, Samuel H. Phelps, 
Franklin D. Richards, xVddison Sand- 
ford, fCharles A. Stevens, Charles E. 
Stevens, Philo D. Willis. 

Wesfhampfon, xVnson Chapman, 
Thos. C. Davenport, Freak. H. Judd. 

Widiamsburg, Thos. M. Carter, 
fStephen ]\I. Crosby, John B. Glea- 
son, Frederick L. Hayden, Addison 
H. Whhe. 

Worthington, John Adams, Charles 
K. Brewster, Elisha H. Brewster, 
Daniel T. Hewitt. 

Trial Justices. 
Amherst, Oliver Pease. 
Bdchertoicn, Franklin Dickinson. 
Cummhigton, Francis H. Dawes. 
Easthampton, Wm. G. Bassett. 
Enfield. Chas. Richards. 
Huntington^ Alfred M. Copeland. 
Northampton, C. Edgar Smith. 
South Hadley Falls, R. Ogden 

Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 
Worthington, Elisha H. Brewster. 

T^otaries Public. 
Amherst. Ithamar F. Conkey, Ed- 
ward Dickinson. 

Belchertoicn, Franklin Dickinson. 
Eastitampton, Wm. G. Bassett, Ed- 
mund H. Sawyer. 

Northampton, Chas. Delano, Chas. 

! G. Delano, Harvey Kirkland. Enos 

i Parsons, A. Perry Peck, Chauncey 

I H. Pierce, C. Edgar Smith. Isaac D. 

I Smith, Samuel T. Spaulding, Oliver 

Walker. Florence, Henry H. Bond. 

South Hadley Falls, 'R. Ogden 


Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 
Ware, Wm. S. Hyde, Otis Lane. 

Easthamptun, Jo-^eph W. Winslow. 
Hadlty, Eleazer Porter. 
Northampton. Ansel AVright. Spe- 
cial, Ansel Wright, jr. 




Incorporated, May 10, 1643. 

Shike Towns, 

Cambridge and Lowell. 


Judge, of Probate and Insolcency^ .... 
Register of Probate and Insolvency ^. . 
Assistant, " " . . 

Clerk of (he Courts, 

Assiitant, '• 

Register of Deeds (South District) . . . 
Register of Deeds {North District),.. . 
County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,. . ^ 


Win. A. Richardson, Camhridge. 

Joseph H. Tyler,. .(East) Camhridge. 
Isaac F. Jones,. . .(East) Cambridge. 
Theodore C. Hurd,. . . .Framingham. 

John J. Sawyer, Soiaerville. 

Chas. B. Stevens,.. (iia,-,-?) Cambridge. 

Ithamar W. Beard, Lowtll. 

Amos Stone, Charlestoicn. 

G. D. B. Blanchard, Mahlen. 

James M. Usher, Med ford. 

Thomas Rice, jr., .Newton. 

Charles Kmiball, Lowell. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ayer, Abel T. Lawton. 

Cambridge (East), Luther L. Par- 

Charlestown, Jonathan Oldham. 

Concord. John B. Moore. 

Framingham. Jos. G. Bannister. 

Groton, Asa S. Lawrer.ce. 

Ilopl'inton, Jonathan Whittemore. 

Hudson, Charles IL Robinson. 

Lowell, Jeffurson Bancroft, Wm. 
H. Clemence 

Maiden, Charles IL Rhoades. 

Melrose, John H. Clark. 

Medford, John T. White. 
. Naticic, E. H. Bricrham. 

Townsend, B. F. Lewis. 

Wcdthani, Eben AV. Fiske. 

Wohurn, Horace Callamore. 

CanAridqe, Charles J. Adams. 

Lowell. Charles Kimball. 

Master of House of Correction. 

Cambridge (East), Chas. J. Adams. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Cambridge, 1st, 2d, and 4th 
Tu. of each month, except Auirust. 

At Concord, Lst Tu. in Jan., I\Iar., 
May, and Oct. 

At Lowell, ;M Tu. of Jan., March, 
May. and July. 
Sessions of the Court of Insolvency. 

At Lonxdl. 3d Tu. of Jan., March, 
May, July. Sept., and Nov. 

At Ca'mhridge, 2d and 4th Wed. of 
C'ach month, except August, ami on j 
"iher days by special assignment and 
adjournment. I 

County Commissioners. 

Leonard Huntress, Tetckshury. term 
expires Jan. 1873; Joseph H. Waitt, 
Maiden, Jan. 1874; Harrison liar- 
wood, Natick, Jan. 1875. 

Special Commissioners. — Lyman 
Dike, Stoneham, Jan. 1875 ; Samuel 
Staples, Concord. Jan. 1875. 

Times and Places of Meeting. — 
At Camhridge, 1st Tu. of Jan. and 
June ; at Lowell, 1st Tu. of Sept. 
Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Camhridge, John ^V. Hammond. 

Lowell, Georo;e Stevens. 

Marlborough, ^Vm. B. Gale. 

Public Administrators. 

Charlesto'cn. Duncan Jiradtbrd. 

Lowell, Jonathan Ladd, George 

Masters in Chancery. 

Cambridge (East), Joseph H. 

Cliarlestoicn, Henry W. Bragg, Jo- 
seph IL Cotton. 

Ltncell, Chas. F. Howe. 

Newton, William S. Gardner. 

Tewkshnry, Arthur P. Bonney. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Aycr, E. D. Bancroft, James C. 

Ca/nbridge (East), Isaac F. Jones. 

Charh sloirn, Andrew J. Baiiev, 
John \V. rcttrni^nll, Bickford Pulsitcr, 
Amos Stone, Fiiniciias J. Stone, Geo. 
Washington \Varrcn. 

Concord, Geo. M. Brooks, George 
I ley wood. 



Framliigham^ Colman S. Adams, 
.Moses E.lgell. 

Orofon, lienj. P. DIx, George D. 

Lou-ell, Nathan CrGsl)y, Cliarles C. 
ILitehinson, George Stevens, S. W. 

PepperclL Christopher W. Bellows. 

Shirley, James (). Parker. 

S one ham, Dexter Buiknam, Geo. 
W. Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Justices of the Peace. 

{IndwUng Justice.^ of the Ppuce im'l Quorum, de- 
tirjintted f't,/ a ', and Justices throughout the O)iiunon- 
Ktialtli, di'si'jnatcd by af.) 

Acton, Luther Conant, Ebenezer 
Davis, S.iniuel Ilosiner, Isaae (x. Reed, 
IL-nrv ]\L Smith, * Moses Tavlor, 
William D. Tuttle, Daniel Wether- 
bee. — ^'. Acton, ■* W. E. Eaulkner, 
Jona. K ^^^\Vetherbee. — West Acton, 
Nath'l E. Cutter, Andrew Ilapgood 

Arlington, John F. Allen, ira O. 
Carter, Samuel S. Davis, Addison 
Hill, John O.born, AVilliam E. Par- 
menter, Ijenjamin Poland, George \. 

Ashh/j, Dennis Fay, Francis W. 

Ashland, Henry Cutler, A\ m. 1 . El- 
lis, Elias Grout. Geo. W. .Morse, Geo. 
W. Noiris, J. Xewton Pike, William 
Seaver, Samuel W. Wiggins. 

Ayer, Abel L. Lawton, James Ger- 
rish, Abel Prescott, Levi Sherwin, 
John Spauldiug. 

Bedford, *Phinehas 'W. Chamberlin, 
Amos B. Cutler, Thomas Stiles. 

Behn(int,,]o\n\ L Alexander, Henry 
^l. Clarke, William H. Locke, Isaac 

Bilkrica, Leander Crosby, Dudley 
Foster, (ieorge C. Gilmau, Charles H. 
Parker. * Charles A. R.udet, James 
Scott, t Thomas Talbot, George H. 

Boxboro, Paul Hayward, Oliver 

Brighton, Henry Baldwin, Joseph 
Bennett, Wm. F. Bennett, Isaac G. 
Braman, Jose])h B. Braman, * Chas. 
Heard, Creo. IL Howe, Daniel Kings- 
ley, Augustus Ma>on, James M. Mur- 
dock, Edmund IJicc Albert T. Sin- 
clair, Ste[)hen Trowbridge, \\\'b;;ter 
F. Warren, William F. Warren, F. 
Lyman ^\'in^hip. 

Bi.irliri'jton, Nathan Blanchard,^\'m. 

Caird>rilq*', John N. Barbour, Jas. 
:NLBarker; James E. Bates, Ches. ^L 
Bennett, John H. Bentlev. Marshall 
T. Bigelow, Daniel A. Bu'-khy, John 
Cahillj Francis L. Chaj)uuin, Joseph 

' Cutler, John B. Dana, Curtis Davis, 
: Henderson J. Edwards, ^Voodward 
! Emerv, i"\\ in. Everett, John C. Farn- 
; ham. S. T. Farwell, John J. Fatal, W. 
; Fro,-t, N. St. John Green, Hamlin 11. 
! Harding, J. A\'atson Harris, Charles 
i W. Hawkes, Wm. A. Hayes, William 
: G. UAl Henry W. Holland, Joseph 

G. Holt, Varnum S. Holt, Henry O. 
; Houghton, Peter ^L Howard, Jo.-ej)h 
j W. Kinsley, Kufus Lamson, William 
I Edwin Lloyd, Chas. J. ]\h'Tntire, Geo. 
I A. 3Iorse, f Isaac S. Morse, James II. 
; MoT"se, Henry "W. Muzzey, Daniel W. 
I Niles, Charles H. Pattee, John IL 
•, fWillard Phillips, George 

F. Piukham, John L. Porter, Charles 
, C. Bead, J. Stacey Read, Charles C. 
' Richardson, fChas. Theo. Rus?ell, 
I Edwd, G. Russell, fChas. IL Saunders, 
I Geo. S. Saunders, \\n\. A. Saunders, 
! John A. Smith, * Joshua B. Smith, 
|tWm. B. Stearns, Atherton H. Ste- 
! vens, jr., Fredeiick T. Stevens, For- 

dyec M. Stimpson, Richard Stone, jr., 

Henry Thayer, Henry B, W^ard, 
i ftlenry Ware, ] Emory Washburn, 

John \V'. Wellman. Edward IL Wes- 
: ton, Benj. W. Whitney, William L. 
\ Whitney. 

Cand>rid(jeport, Sumner Albee, Geo. 
; A. Alden, ^Michael S. Busuach, Geo. 
; P. Carter, Henry M. Chamberlain, 
: Josiah G. Chase, Josiah W. Cook, Jas. 
i Cox, W^atson G. Cutter, William F. 
; Engley, Joel W. Fletcher, George IL 

Foiger, J. W. Hammond, Joseph A. 
i Holmes, Bela F. Jaeobs, Justin A. 
i flacobs, WiHia\n F. Knowles, f Isaac 

Llvermore, John Livermore, Jolin 
I iMcDuilee, John N. Meriam, *Lucius 
'; R. Page, Zebina L. Raymond, Edward 
; Rieharitson, fWilliam A. Richardson. 

f.Iohn Sargent, James AI. Thi-esher, 
; Enoch IL Wakefield, Benj. Welsh. 
i East Cambridge, Warren J. Apple- 
I ton, William J. Parry, Augustus P. 
I (irilling, John W. Hammond, * Isaac 
! F. Jones, I]li C. Kinsley, *John S. 
! Ladd, ^^'illiam Lomax, jr., Lorenzo 

^Marrett, Wm. W. ]Ma<on, Thomas 
: Melntire, jr.. Geo. F. Morgan, Chas. 
j W. Munrue, Luther L. Parker, Benj. 
i R. Rand, Chaidt s B. Stevens, George 
; Stevens, Henry A. Stevens, fJoseph 

IL Tyler, Jos<-ph Whitney, John T. 
I Wilson, William \Vyman. 

Xorth Cambridge, James R. Morse, 
; Ja )ez A. Sawyer. 

: Car.'iste, ^'George F. Duren, Selar 
I Simonds. 

C'Aa/7e.s'/"//v?, Jas. Adams, SinK^on P. 
i Adams, Andri'w J. r»aiU-y, .lohn T. 
1 Bamrick, H. C. P/icktbrd, Lyman IL 



liil^elov'ir, Duncan Bradfonl, Heuiy 
W. lji:iir_', Abel K. JJrid^^e, DenJ.uuin 
F. lirovvii, Jolm II. rjiuit r, Conicliiis 
S. Cartec, Lowell W. Chamberlain. 
*Franels Cluhh, Bradley M. Clark, 
(jilntrt 1). Cooper, Jojej)h II. Cotton, 
*Jaiiies Dana, Thomas M. J)v'ven.s, 
John X. Deveraux, Thomas Doane, 
Thomas J. Eliott, *Chailes Field, 
Alvin L. FLsher, ilenry K. Frothinir- 
ham, Kichard Frothino;!uun, John 
Gardner, Gastavus V. llaii, Jusoph S. 
Hart, *(udeon Ilaynes, Moses llol- 
brook, "Walter Howe, *Liverus Hull, 
f Horace G. Hutchiu:?, Georjie II. Ja- 
cobs, *( ieo. K. Kelso, Geo. i'. Kettell, 
Seth \V. Lewis, W'm. IL Loivj;, Wau. 
11. Miller, Anthony S. Morss, Judson 
Murdock, jLugene L. Norton, Jas. ^V. 
O'liriju, Jonathan Oldham, William 
Peirce, Wra. W. Feirce, flsrael Fer- 
kius, John \V. Fettlngill, James F. 
Pickering, George W. IVescott, John 
T. Priest, fBiektord Fulsitier. Caleb 
Rand, Oiviu F. llaymond, 8. G. Rob- 
inson. Charles W. Sawyer, Timothy 
T. Sawyer, Samuel D. Sawin, Abra- 
ham B. Shedd, William Sherburn, 
Benj. F. Stacey, Wiliiam S. Stearns. 
Amos Stone, f'Lis. M. Stone, Fhine- 
has J. Stone, Charles E, Swei\ey, 
*Erdix T. Switt, Charles S. Tennev; 
Edwin Thom[)Son, Francis Thom])son, 
Edwd. Thorndike, Everett Torrey. 
^Edwin G. Walker, fGeorge Wash- 
ington Warren, David B. \Vest(m, 
Rutus A. White, Daniel Williams, 
Sanmel S. Willson, Wood- 

Chelmsford, Ziba Gay, (icorge A 
Parkhurst. — North Cheliusfoni, Benj. 
Adams, Nathan B. Edwards.— UV.</ 
Chduisfordy Jonathan J. Hoyt, Daw- 
son Fodard, Christopher Buby. 

Coiv.-ordy Stephen J. Ballou, Rich- 
ard Barrett, Jonathan F. Barrett, 
jGeorge M. Brooks, Geo. E. Potter, 
George Hey wood, D. Goodwin Lang, 
Josepli Reynolds. 

Dr-vnt. Geoi'LTC W. Coburn, Gavton 
M. Hall. Ira Hall, Henry L. Newhad, 
Henry Richardson, Edward A. Ste- 
vens, Atkinson C. Varnum. 

Diiusf libit, elames T. lUjraap. Allen 
Cumminirs. Benjandn French, (lilman 
lioby. ^^ 

El\rett, William ^V. Bullock, Jo- 
se{)li H.Cantiell, J. H. ^Vi^^tnuln. 

Fra<diu{jliiiin, Colm m S. Adams. 
Ju-t'!)h (r. BannistC!', Samuel B. Bird, 
J.t>-. W. Brown, James \V. Chirk, 
Mo^es Edged, *Alexr. li. Esty, fCon- 
nmtine C. Esty, David Fisk,'Charles 
J- I lost, Robert Gonion, Jonathan 

\ Greenwood, William Hastings, Ben- 
'jamin Iv. Haven, Theodore C. Ilurd, 
Warren Nixon, Fran(;is C. Steams, 
i Ebenezer Stone, Charles S. V> hit- 
more. — S. Fra/iti/H/hojii, Alex. Clark, 
I Newe-ll Clark, W'illard Howe, Justus 
j Ft. Ivennedy, Edgar Fotter, Thomas 
j F. I*ower, George Trowbridge, JO. W. 
I W^ishburne. — SaxonviUe, Chas. Fiske, 
! Luther F, Fuller. 

I Groton. — Josiah K. Bennett, t(Teo. 
j S. Boutwell, George D. Brigham, 
I Benjamin P. Dix, *Asa F. Lawrence, 
Asa S. Lawrant-e, Daniel Needham, 
* Samuel W. Rowe, Walter Slwittuck, 
Andrew Spaulding, Willard Torrey, 
Alden Warren, Charles II. Vv'alers. 

Hoi/islon, John M. F)atchelder. Lu- 
ther Bellows, Elias Bullard, Andrew 
J. Cass, George B. Fi.-ke, George E. 
Johnson, * Alden Leland, Abel Pond, 
Ornn Tiiomson, Edwin F. Whiting. 

Hopkinton, Charles W\ CLiliin, 
W^. Fisk Clailin, Daniel Eamcs, John 
A. Fitch, Clement Meserve, ""Silas 
Mirick, Lucius H. A\'akefield, Jona- 
than Whittemore, J. A. \\'oodbiiry. — 
Haijden Row, Martin Y. Phip[;s.— 
Woodville, Albert Wood. 

Hudson, Francis D. Brigham, 
George A. Cotting, James T. Jdslin, 
George S. Rawson, Charles II. Rob- 
inson, Silas H. Stuart. 

Lexhuj'on, Leonard G. Babrock, 
Joseph N. Brewer. Asa Cottrell, Isaac 
N. Damon, George O. Davis, How- 
land Ilulmes. fCharles Hudson, fdohn 
W. Hudson, ILunmon Reed, \\'arren 
E. Russell, *Aug. E. Scott. Bradley 
C. Whitcher. — East Lexinyton, Chas. 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin, Geo. H. 
Snuth, S. Binton Thomson. 

Linleton, John W. Adams, Peter C. 
Edwards, Shattuck Hartweil, Jos. A. 
Harwood, William Kind)all, Jc^seph 
A. Priest, Geo. \V. Sanderson, Sam- 
uel Snuth. 

Lo/crll, Julian Abbott, Jas. C. Ab- 
bott, Horace J. Adams, *Edwin A. 
Aluer, *Wm. II. Anderson, David O. 
Alien, Nathan Allen, Abel T. Ath- 
erton, Jas. Bailey, Squire L. P>ailey, 
Benjanun Baldwin, ^-Jeilerson I^an- 
cnji'i, Ja' ob Baron, Charles E. A. Bart- 
lett, Frank F. Battles, Ithamir W. 
Iieard, Wm. S. Bennett, W^m. II. 
Bent, Amos A. Blanchard. Wm. D. 
Blanchard, Charle- R. Blaisdell, Mor- 
riil M. Bohonan, f Arthur P. liouney, 
(jerritt J. Bradt, George Brandon, 
I'homas F. Burgess, jl'^uijamiu F. 
Butler, Frank (.). Buttertield,, lames G. 
Buttrick, John A. Buttrick, fGeo. J. 



Carney, Enc-h B. Carter. *Robert B. 
Caverlv. AllKd IT. Cha^e. J^-reiniah 
Clark, '^Wm. II. Clemence, Chas. B. 
Coburn, James Cook. Isaac Cooper. 
Charles Cowley. John E. Crane, *Xa- 
thaii Crosl)y, Jeremiah Crowley, John 
Davis, John S. Devlin. Luke C. 
Dodge, Luther J. frames, Georire M. 
Elliot, Alonzo Falls. Alpha B.' Fair. 
Jacob G. Favor, David C. G. Field. 
Horatio R. Fletcher, Jonathan P. 
Folsoin, Jauics B. Francis. Abrani 
French, *John F. Frye, Nathan W. 
Fi'ye, Geo. Gardner, Thos. G. (jer- 
rish, Alfred Gilman, fJohn A. Good- 
^vin, Dana B. Gove, Francis (ioward, 
Frederick Graham, * John W. 
Graves. Fred. T. Greenlialgh. *Sam'l 
r. Hadley, jr.. Epaphras A. Hill. Jo- 
seph S. liolt, James Hopkins. *Hocum 
Hoslbrd, Charles F. Howe. Lorenzo 
G. Howe, John (}. A. Hubbard. Elihu 
S. Hunt, John B. Hunt. Lucius \V. 
Huntinoton, Georfje L. Huntoon. 
Charles C. Hutchinson. * Andrew F. 
Jewett, Francis Jewett, Jonathan 
Johnson, ]\Ioses A. Johnson, J. Jud- 
son Judkins. fCharles Kimi)all, *J. 
Chellis Kimball, John F. Kimball. 
*John A. Knowles. G. AV. Knowlt<jn. 
*Jonarhan Ladd, Tobias L. P. Lara- 
son, David Lane, Cyrus Latham, Cy- 
rus II. Latham. Alvin Lawrence. Geo. 
P. Lawrence, Georire W. Lawience. 
Samuel Lawrence, fPeter Lawson. 
John T. Lee. Wm. E. Livingston. 
William H. Loughlin. James Lough- 
ran, Simon G. Lytbrd, *Sewall G. 
^Lick. John F. ^lanahan, fJoshua N. 
:Marshall, John B. Mc Alvin. John H. 
McAlvin. John F. rdcEvoy, Owen 
jMcXamara. Samuel .V. r^lcPiietres, 
Benj. G. Mooney. Albert 'SI. Moore, 
John N. Moore, George F. Morew 
Horace E. ^lor.^e, Alanson Niehols, 
Frank A. Nichols. *\Vm. North. Wra. 
L. North. Francis H. Xourse. ^Vm. 
F. Osgood. *Kphraim B. Pitch. Bald- 
win T. Peabody, tJo>i ih G. Peabody. 
Leivis L. Peia-in, John X. Pierce, jr.. 
*Henry P. Perkins. ^Lijor G. Per- 
kins, George E. Bevey. Jolui ]\I. Pe- 
vey, Joseph D. Finder, Irving S. Por- 
ter, Joel Powers. Samuel C. Pratt. 
*Thos. W. Pressev, Asahel I). PutFer. 
John W. Peed, D;lvi.I Hall Rice. Ed- 
ward C. Rice, fD.vniel S. Richardson, 
Geo. F. Pilehard.-on, George Rlph-y. 
Alexr. H. Riibinson, Jacoo Ro^-er-. 
Chester W. lUvss. *n'i!!iam F. Sab 

Smith. *Lucian P. Stacy, *Geo. Ste- 
vens, f Samuel ^V. Stickney. llulhand 
S^reeter. *Chas. A. F, Swan. *Theo. 
II. Sweetser, De.xter Symonds. Wil- 
fred P. Taylor, Stark Totuian. Ed- 
ward Tuck. Artemas S. Tyler, Leavitt 
R. J. Varnum. Aldis ]j. Waiie. Benj. 
Walker. Daniel K. Wallace, Charles 
R. Wallingtbrd. Edward F. Watson, 
rhas. Watson. *Wn\. P. Webster, Chas. 
' A. W^elch. fTappan Wentwurth, Wm. 
, T. Whitten, James S. Whitu.y. Hen- 
I ry H. Wilder. Charles M. Wiliiams, 
I Sam'l. N. Wood. Frederick Woudies, 
I Andrew C. Wright, Sanuiel B. Wy- 
i man. Edward R. York. 
' Maiden, David Ayers, George T. 
Bailey, Augustus C. Carey, IClisha S. 
Converse, * George W. Copeland, 
! George T. Coverly, George P. Cox, 
Loren N. Fuller, John B. (lillett, Wm. 
Hardy, Walter Harmon, Err.stus W. 
Leavens, Charles Merrill, Joshua H. 
]\Iil!etr. Jeremiah D. Parker, Horatio 
': G. Pope, William H. Ri'-hanison, 
; fWilliam S. Robinson, Josepli ]\I. Rus- 
' sell, Albert F. Sargent, George S. 
I Scamnion, Francis C. Su-ett, Joseph 
IL W^utt, Samuel Woods. — ^[o.ple'■ 
\ wood, James F. Eaton. 
I Marlborour/h, *Sarauel N. Aldrich, 
' William Barnes, Edward L. Bigelow, 
' Levi Bigeiovv, John Chipman, *Wm. 
B. Gale. Charles M. Howe, Elbridge 
Howe, Simon H. Howe. Edward F. 
Johnson, SAUiuel B. ^Nlaynard, Ste- 
})hcn Morse, Benjamin F. Underbill, 
Edmund C. \Vhitney, Lewis ^Vilkins, 
X^ahum Witherbee. 

Maipi'ird. Ass((he(, Asaliel Balcom, 
Mohn Hilhs, Joseph W. lleiid. 

Med ford, John Ay res, James O. 
Curtis.' Benj. P. Cutter, John Ward 
Dean, r^Iark IL L)urgin, jDaniel A. 
: Gleason. Thomas S. Harlow. Edmund 
; T. HastinL^s. Benjamin F. Hayes. Asa 
'\ Law, Danie! W. Lawience, Sam'l. C. 
I Lawrence, Parker R. Litchtield, Bax- 
ter E. Perrv, Abner J. Pliipps. Chas. 
Russell, *John S[)arrell, dames F. 
U>her, * James M. Usher, Josf-ph IL 
Westcwtt, John T. White. — West 
y fed fort L Luther Farwell. 


William I>n<.le, Andrew 

mon. Jost'pli L. 
telle, Alfred Sc 
ner, * Luther E. 
ard, *Edward F. Sherman, John \\ 

\irgeut. C.Lbin Saw- 

tt. Gtv)rge F. Serib- 

hepard, Wn\. Shep- 

H. Briu'gs. George T. Brown, Wm. 

! P). Bur'icss, Jonathan Cochran. Xel- 
<<)i\ Cochran, Isaac Emerst)n. David 

, Fairl)anks, ,Iose[)h A. I'airi)anks, Geo. 
W. Farn.'-worth, ^Villiam C. Firns- 
worth, William J. Farnsworth, jHan- 
iel W. Gouch, Levi S. (Jould. dohn 

i R. flones. *Alonzo V. Lynde, Henry 

; A. Norris. Urcn R. Peck, Horatio N. 



Perkins, Wm. F. Poole. Joseph H. i J. Bi-aillce, fGcon.^e 0. Brastow, John 
Sanfonl, Kuiory !>. vSmith. • II. lirookhouse, Alpheus Jl. lirown, 

Nnfi'-k', fJohn W.Bacon. Oliver N. llussell II. Coiiv^ell, Thomas CuiiuinL'- 
Bacon. Gforn;e Beard, Jackson Bi^^e- ham, George II. Difki-rnian, Cliarks K. 
low. Alex. lilancy, Henry CoLL^in. Gihnaii, John K. I lall. Francis Houl^Ii- 
Moses Fames, John M. Farvvell. Sied- ton, Charles II. Hudson, (ieorg-e \V. 
man Ilirtwell, Charles L. Hosiuer, Ireland, Charles F. ,loyce, Oren S. 
WalttT N. Mason, AVilliam P. Mitch- Knapp, Charles S. Lincoln, John C 
ell, Newton Morse, William Nutt, ]\Ia<j;oun, A\'illiam II. Piene, Chas. G. 
Asher Parlin, Flijah Perry, George L. Pope, Fdward C. Purdy, Aaron Sar- 
Sleeper, Fdward P. Travis. i ^^t:'nt, f James i\I. JShute, Melville 

Neictofi, Joseph N. Bacon, James Stacy, fCharles 11. Taylor, Thomas 
AV. Bailev, John F. Bovd, George G. Temple, Franeis Tufts. *Co!umbu3 
' P. Chan- Tyler, John F. Tvler, Kobert A. Vi- 


E. Bridge, fTheop 

dier, fDaniei. Dewey, fAllred B. nal, Simon N. Watson, 

Ely, John ]\I. Fisk, Henry Fuller, , Vv'hittle. 

Georiie W. 

John B. Goodrich, Edwin Ilolman, i 
Horatio N. Hyde, George H. Jones, : 
Isaac L. Kidder. fJohn Lowell, J. 
Willard Rice, Wm. F. Slocam, Henry 
A. Snow, f Adin B. Underwood, i 
Levi C. Wade, Ebenezer AVoodward, 
— Newton Centre, Ezra C. Hutchins, , 
tJames F. C. Hyde, Charles E. Lane. \ 
fUavid H. ^Nlason, William Morton, 
Harrison Prescott, Georire C. Rand, i 
Marshall S. Rice, John 1). Towle,| 

iSloneliam, John Botume, jr., *Dex- 
ter Bucknam, "Edward Backnam, 
Wilbur Fisk Crafts, Silas Dean, fGuo. 
W. Dike, *Lyman Dike, George W. 
Dillon. Amasa Farrier, Ira Gerry, 
Amos Hill, 2d, William B. Stevens, 
Samuel Tidd. 

Stow, A. G. Pv. Hale, Ephraim 
Stone, Charles Tower, Edwin Whit- 

Sudhurji, Jonas S. Hunt, James 

John AVard. — ytwt>muille, Horatio F. I ^loore, Charh-s Thompson. — South 

Allen, fWilliam Clathn, Cornelius P. 
Harkins, Marcus T. Heywood, Dustin 
Lancey, Winfield S. Slocum. — Au- 
burndale, Ce{)has Brigham, William 
C. Green, fJames B. F. Marshall, 

Sudhurii, B. H. Richardson. 

Tewksbur//, Jacob Cogiiin, Leonard 
Huntress, t'l'homas J. Marsh, Elijah 
j>I. Read, *Benjamin F. Spaulding, 
Frank M. Spaulding, Henry E. War- 

Nash, Daniel Nou-mss, Byron A. Os- 
!lood, Benjamin F. Packard, Cyrus 

Henry H. ]Mather, Joseph J. Rider, ; ner. 

Henry B. "Williams. — S'^ewton Lo;rer\ To u'n.s'cnf/, Samuel S. Haynes, Al- 
Falls, Laac Hagar, Luther E. Leland, i bert Howe, Benjamin F. Lewis, Levi 
jThomas Rice. jr. — Xewlon Upper • Stearns, Ephraim S. AVilder, Frederic 
i'^rtZ/s, Joseph Barnev, Charles Ellis, i A. Worcester. — W. Townsend, Geo. 
Hosea C. Hoyt, Otis Petree. — TFes/ ; Taft, James N. Tuckir. 
Newton, George E. Allen, fJulius L. i J'f/rigshoroff/h, Lutlier Butterfield, 
Claike, jEdv.ard J. Collins, fSeth Reuben S. Coburn. 
Davis, Thomas Drew, Frank II. Wakefield, Lucius Beebe, *James 
Graves, William P. Honght(jn, Elisha O. Boswidl, Albert Day, Chester W. 
F. Thayer, Ira I). Van'Duzee. Eaton, Lilley Eaton, Abel F. Hutch- 

North Reading. Samuel P. Bree<l, inson, Samuel Kinnman, tSte[)him G. 
Sanuiel Flint, Charles P. Howard. 

Peppered., *Chri5to[)her \\\ Bellows, 
Nathaniel Gilson, jr., Putnam Shat- i Wakefield, Daniel G. Walton, Adam 

Wiley. — Greenwdod. Paul II. Sweet- 

IF^////mw, Josiah Beard, *Frank ^V. 
Bigelow, Heniy A. Brown, Lorenzo 
Purge, Calvin Clark, *Eben AV. 
Fi<ke. Daniel Frenrh, Charles H. 
Houghton, Jarvi- Lewis, Horatio 
Moore, Jo>iah Rutter, William E. 
Slu'dd. William G. Sprague. Fred. M. 
Sr.(^nt', Au'iu.-^tus '^Fownsend, Samuel 
(). Upham.' Danirl F. Vih-s. 

U'(.'.V/-iVj//'n, Joel liarnard, jr., Chas. 

HMhlcn. Janus P. Longley, Samuel J. Barry, Ciiarhs Bends, Isaac V. Be- 

Lun^'ley. '.nis, Jose])h Crat'ts, (norge Frazar. 

Sninerriite. Albion H. Bailey, Clark David T. Ilucklns, \Villiam IL Ingra- 

I'-'Tuiitt, CJilnian F. Bcse-nt,' Samuel ham, George • R. Kid^der, Jesse A. 

tuck, Samuel P. Shattuck, Levi Wal- 
lace, Abel B. Winn. 

lUading, Solon Bancro!^, Hiram 
Barrus, Stephen Foster, Chauncy P. 
Jn.dd, John B. Leathe, Stilhnan F. 
Parker, Nathan P. Pratt, ^Alfred A. 
Pioeott, Wm. J. "WiL,ditman, Carroll 
D. AVrh-ht. 

Sh.rinnu IbMiry W. lUtllard. 
Jo-epli Dowse, jr., j'anv> H. Leland. 

Shirlt-fi, fleruine (jardner, .\Io<cs T. 
Gardner, James Gerrish, Siilhnan P. 



Locke, George N. March, Eduard 
O'Brien, jr., Fitz 11. Rice, Sarnti.'! 
Iviehardsou. Isaac Ko])l>iiis, .Toliii K. 
Stickney, William Whitf, Leouanl 
A\'hitne\', jr., 1>. O-gc^oJ \\'ils(ju. 

Wcn/hiwL David Lee ChiM, David 
Heard. Levis Jones, fl^dward Melleii, 
Jonas X. Morsf, lienrv Wiolit. 

IVesfthni, Juhii W. r. Abbot. Allan 
Cameron, Xadd. B. Fisk, Asa Uil- 
dreth, Edward Brescott, Lutlier Bres- 

IVt'Sfon. Frederick T. Bush. Alonzo 
S. Fi>ke. Edwin Hobb->. 

Wilminr/lon, Cyrus L. Carter, Wm. 
H. Carter, Lemuel C. Fames, Samuel 
B. Nichols. 

Wir<c!ii:sfcr, Geor2;e F.Brown, *0H- 
ver R. Clark, Abraham B. Co!Hn, 
James F. Duinell, Sand. H. Folsom, 
*BenjamIn F, Ham. Andrew X. Shej> 
ard, Hatvil K. Stanton, Josiah F. 
Stone, f Edwin A. Wadleigh, John T. 

Wobarn, Benjamin E. Bond, John 
R. Carter, Edward AV. Champney 
George II. Colin. Horace Collamore^ 
*Joshua B. Converse, Sherman Con- 
verse, Barker L. Converse. *J. Cum- 
ming-s, John \V. Da}-, Marcus Eaton, 
David D. Hart, Edward D. Hayden, 
Sparrow Horton, John Johnson, John 
L. Parker, Rutus Bickering, Tbos. J. 
Porter, Lemuel G. Richardson, Lewis 
L. ^Vhitney, fJonathan B. Winn 
— East Woburn, Albert L. Richard- 
son. — North IVohurn, Albert Thomp- 
son, Cyrus Tiiom[)Son, Edward E. 
Thompson. ^-Leonard Thompson, 
Samd. F. Thompson, ]\Ioses F. A\'inn 

Trial Justices. 

Arlington. Ira O. Carter. 

Ashldjid, J. Xewton Bike. 

Af/tr. James Gerrish. 

Brlr/hton. Joseph Bennett, -Stephen 
W. Trowbridire. 

Concord. Joseph Reynolds. 

Frambujharn, Colman S. Adams. 

Groton, Samuel W. Rowe. 

Hod h ton, Aldeu Leland. 

Hopldnton, John A. Fitch. 

Hudson. James T. Joslln. 

Lexington., AuLTustus E. Scott. 

Middrn. J.diirW. Brrten-ill. 

jMarlborouijJi, Xahum Witherbee. ! 

j\Iai/nard, Asahel B'dcom. 

Mcdrhrd. Beiij. F. Hayes. \ 

JMelro^e, Andrew H. Brigo;^. i 

N(tf'n'k\ New ton Morse, George L. j 

A'< K-t<)n. ^^'illianl F. Slocum. 

Skirli-ji. Jam.-s Gerrish. 

Somerville. Francis Tufts. 

'' '^ton'ltfun. Dexter Ibickuam. 

Ti irksbnri/.^ Leonard Hunti'es.s. 

Ton-nsrfid, Levi Stearns. 
Wnhjiild. Cluster \V. Eaton. 
W<dth(nii. Josiah Ruttei-. 
]Viit<:i1(,n-ii, Henderson d. Edwards, 
i Wiudnnd, David Hear(i. 
i W'stjord, Luther Bresc«)tt. 
\ Wohurn. Joshua B. Convci-se, Bar- 
ker L. Converse. 

Notaries Public. 

Ayp.r, J. K. Bennett, Levi Slocum, 
John Spaulding. 

Brighton, Bela S. Fiske, Edward B. 

(Jand)ridg(% Alfred L. Ijarl)Our, 
Levi L. Gushing, jr., Josejih G. Holt, 
Charles C. Read, Benj. W. Whitney. 
— Cambrldgeporf, John X. Barbour, 
J. AV. Hammond. — East Cambridge^ 
Lorenzo Marrett. 

Chariestoicn, Duncan Bradford, Wil- 
liam Beirce, 

Concord, George M. Brooks, George 

Fi-a/ninghanu Constantine C. Esty. 

Hudson, Silas H. Stuai-t. 

Hodi.ston, Elias Bullard. 

HopLinfon, Silas ^Nlii'ick. 

LowiU, Edwin A. Alger. John A. 
Buttrick, Georse J. Carnev, Joseph 
H. Ely, Geo. IX' Hills, Chas.'F. Howe, 
Jonathan Ladd, (xeorge Stevens, Sam- 
uel W. Stiekney, Abel AVhitney. 

Makh-n, Albert F. Sargent. ' 

Marlborough, Edmund C. Whitney. 

Mtdford^ V)^^]. F. Haves, Charles 

X'ltirk. X'ewton ^Nlorse. 

Xc'rfn/i, Andi'cw B. Cobb. 

Nt'i-tonrUlv. Dustin Lancey. 

SointrciHc, Samuel J. Bradlee. 

Tnicnsend, C-harles Osgood. 

Waki'jield, James O. Boswell, Ches- 
ter W. Eaton, I>yron A. Osgood. 

Wahhani, liyron li. Johnson. Fred- 
erick .M. Stone. 

Wuburn, Alpha E. Thompson. 


Dillrrica, Georire A. Monroe. 

Brighton, Isoac G. Braman, Augus- 
tus Mason. 

Cand>ridge (Port), William H.AVel- 

Cnubridr/,' (East), Luther L. Bar- 
ker. Edward H. We.-«ton. 

Ch'i.ricsfoivit, Duncan Bradford, Seth 
W. Lewis. Da\id B. ^\'eston. 

(/<Mu-ord. John B, Moore. 

Framinghan/, Colmau S. Adams, 
Joseph (r. Bannister. 

Groton, Asa S. Lawrence, John C^. 



Ilopkintou, Silas Mirick. 

Hu/lson, Charlt'S II. Kobinson. 

LarrUy Calvin O. Cliainberlaiu. — 
Spfcial, Jftlei-son Baiicrot't, Lucius 
"\V. Huiitiduton, Thomas W. Pressey. 

M'<t'(I' n, Francis C. Swctt. 

2Iiirll»>roii';h, Xahum Witherbee. 

M"ilfnnK 'folm T. White. 

Mtlrosi , AVilllani J. Farnsworth. 

NaiicL\ Alexander Coolidge. 

Neictun, John M. Fisk. — (Lower 

FaJh). George T. Perkins. 

J'rppenll, Jan)es ,M. Stirkney. 

Sh'rboru, Albert II. IJlau'-hanl. 

Soiiicrrilh , John C ^lagoun, ^lel- 
villc C. Paikhurst. 

Swlhnrji, W'eljster Moore. 

Tt /rkshuri/, lienj. F. Spaulding. 

WciHItain, Ebenezer \V. Fiske. 

Win<-hestei\ Alonzo Chapln. 

Wohurn, Thomas J. Porter. 



f Incorporated, June 20, 1095. 


Judfje of ProhalP and Imolvcnc'i Edward M. Gardner Nantucket. 

Register of Probate and In^olcency.. . Sanuiel Swain Nantucket. 

Tonm and County Treasurer Samuel Swain Nantucket. 

Clerk of the Court<! George Cobb. . Nantucket. 

Register of Deeds W. II. :\Iaey Nantucket. 

Sheriff Joseph Nl'Cleave Nantucket, 

Jailer and Master of the Hou.^e of 

Koland Foliier Nantucket. 

Sessions of Probate Court. , Notaries Public. 

At Xaiitucket, Thursdav next after I Gcoro;e Cobb, P^dward M. Gardner. 

Alfred Atacy. 

Justices of the Peace. 

2d Tuesday in each month. 

Commissioners of Wrecks 

Ntnfucket, George AV. ColHn, Alex" I nate'/ 'ti'a'*. 

•f^ of tkti Peace iimJ ijnoruiit, tlesig- 
I Jiiit'ire^ or the Pcacf: through- 

Peter Fob^'er- I ^''^ -- '-'o'"-"'?"'^'''"/'.'^' 'Je^'yicf^'J b>/ a t.) 

Nantucket, Fred. A. Chase, Georue 

ander 11. Duidiam, 

Andrew G. Hussey, Joseph/ B- j (.^j;;'';^;;p(^- £^;;jj;;;; ^;^: 


Public Administrator. 
Nanturket, Geo. Cobb. 

i friez, William C. Folger, f Edward INI. 
I Gardner, Alfred ]\Iacy, George AV. 
I ^Nlaev, William 11. ]Macv, ^Joseph 
! :Mirchell, AVilliam B. Mitchell, Alex- 
' ander B. Robinson, Samuel Swain, 
; William II. Waitt. 

Trial Justice. 
! Frederick A. Chase. 
Nan'urkif, Frederick A. Chase, I Coroner. 

George Col»b, William B. ^Mitchell. I Nantucket, Frederick A. Chase. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Nanturkft, George Cobb, AVilliam 
II. Macy, William IL \V'aitt. 

Comraissioners to Qualify Civil 


Incorporated, March 26, 1793. 
SiiiRF. ToAVx, DEDriA:\r. 


Judge of Prohnte and hisnh-, nr//. . . . 
Rigishrr of Prolate and Insoln tic>/.. 
-l.s.sV Pi'-gis'tr of Probate and In<olv. 
Cltrk of Courts 


Grorge White Needham. 

Jonailian 11. Cobb Di.dhani. 

Jonathan Cobb Dtdhmn. 

Erastus Worthington Dtdhani' 




.Is.s-V derlc of Courts. 

Ber/is(er of De'.(U 

Count u Treasurer... . 

Ocer.<€crs of House of Correction. . 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Canton, Rutus C. Wood. 

Dedhom, Aupfustus B. Endicott 

Medicafj {West), Y^ilentine R. 

Mi/ton, John I). Bradlee. 

Qulnof, Wa-hitigton ]\[. Fn-mli. 

Rondo' ph, William II. Warren. 

Stoughfon, Abram C. Paul. 

Wet/mouth, Gcorije W. White, jr. 
Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Dc'Iham. 1st Tu. ot" each month 
except AuLTiist. 

At Q'lho'i/, '2d Wed. each month 
except August. 

At H//de Pari:, 4th Wed. each 
month except August. 

At ll'rtntham, 3d Tues. in May, 
Aug., and Xov. 

At Jledirai/, 3d Tu. in Feb , June, 
and Oct. 

County Commissioners. 

Milton M. Fidier, Mrdnui//, term 
expires D^'C. 16 72 ; Joseph M. 
Churchill, Jli/ton, term expires Dec. 
1873 ; David H. Bates, Braintrec, 
term expires Dec. 1874. 

Special Commissioners.— Galen Orr, 
Necdhani, term ex[)ii-es Dec. IS 74 ; 
Amos ir. Ilolbrook, Bedingham, term 
expires Dec. IS 74. 

Tim:s of Mo tin</.~ At Dedham, 
3d Tu. of April 4th 'Tu. uf June and 
Sept., and last Wed. of D-.-e. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Dedhanu Frederick J). Elv. 
Mediraiu Charles II. Deans. 
Rand O' ph. Wm. E. Jewell. 

Public Administrator. 
Dedham. Ira Cleveland. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Dedham, Chester 1. Ured, Thomas 
L. Wakefield, Erastus Worthinnton. 
Hf/de Pari: Horace K. Cheney. 
Wrst Jloxhunj, James lit- v. ins. 
Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Cohasset. Loring Bates. ^Varren 
l»ates, jr., Joseph 11. .Sndth. 

Commissioners to Quaiiiy Civil 

I>rain!rrr, Xaaman E. \\'hite. 

D'dham. Cliauiiey C. Cliurchiil. 

Jonathan li. Cubb, Edumnd Tliomas. 

Edgar II. Kingsbury Dedhara. 

James Foord Dedhtnn. 

Chauncev C. Churchill Dedliam. 

II. O. Ilildi-eth Dedham. 

Asa French Braintree. 

C. C. Churchill Dedham. 

Jolm AV. Thonias Dedham. 

j West Rojdntri/ (Jamaica Plain), 

j William Harris. 

I Wrtnfham, Daniel A Cook. 

Justices of the Peace. 

hiclwliiKj Jiii:ticc..i or the Priicp anil Qu rvin. 'hfig- 
natod hij a ',ai>il Justices ihroi.njhoul t/ie Comnion- 
wealth ,desi<jnated by a f.) 

Bellinf/hani, Andrew A. Bates, 
Xathan A. Cook. — Xorth Dellingham, 
Savel Metcalf. 

Braintree, John B. Arnold, Edward 
Avery, C()arles II. l^ow, f Asa French, 
N. F. T. Ilayden, J(din Kimball, Dan- 
iel Potter, William F. Eocke, Ehe- 
nezer F. E. Tliayer, fNaaman E. 
AMiite. — Soudi Braintree, David H. 
Bates, Joseph K. Frasier, Elias Hay- 
ward, Francis A. Ilobart, Xewell A. 
Langley, Eli^ha Thayer, Xoah Tor- 
re y. 

BrooJdine. fSeth Ames, AVilliam 

Aspinwall, Benjamin F. Baker, W\\- 

liam I. Bowditch, Charles Burrill. 

: John W. Candler, fWilliam E. Cand- 

Ter, Nathaniel CE Chapin, David IE 

j Daniels, AVilliam Dearborn, Charles 

i IE Drew. Francis P. Denny, Gustavus 

j M. Finotti, Clement K. Fay, f George 

Griggs, William B. Hazeltine,f George 

F. ilomer, jMartin P. Kennar<l, Brad- 

! ford Kingman, *Anios A. Eawrence, 

I Francis W. Eawi-ence, fllenry Eee, 

jr.. Ri)bert T. Eittle, Augivstus Eow- 

' ell, +Thomas Parsons, Abraham B. 

Shedd, Augustine Shurtlell", Eewis 

Slack, Charles IE Stearns, fGiiiery 

Twitchell, Oti< Withington. — Lonrj' 

wood, John Ru-jgles. 

Canton, fElHs Ames, Frank M 
Ames, A\'illiam Bense, Georiie E. 
Duwnes, Eilward II. Eager, fCharles 
Enrlicott, Charles H. Freneh, Thomas 
E. Grover, Daniel T. V. Ilriuroon. 
A\'iUiam Mansheld, fSamutd B. Noyes. 
James T. Sumner, llut'us C'. Wo(xL 

( '<)na^S( t. Solomon J. Beal. IMartin 
Eincoln. John Q. A. Eothiop, Aaron 
Pratt. Edward Tower. 

7>^//V;w. Jam-s M. Battles. J.,hn II. 
Bui-dakin, Cliatles J. Capen. *( 'haun- 
cev C. Ciiurchiil, *Ira Cleveiaiid. 
John D. Cubh, Jonathan Cobb. 
^Jonathan IE fobl). * Waldo Colburn, 
John Cox. jr., Fred, D. Elv, Augus- 
tus B. Endicott, James Foord, Calvin 



GuiM, IL-nrv O. IliMr'th, Kd-ar IT. 
Kingsbury, Lewis II. Kin,^l>ll^y, An- 
son Morx", Heni-v W. iTicliards, 
iMirirk r. Sumner, Kzra W. l\itr, 
*Kilni!iiHl Tlimua.-. Jolui ^V. 'I1v;>mas, 
fl]/ra W'ilkin-^on, Alonzo i>. \\'fnt- 
\v(irth, f Krastiis VVorihiiiLiton. — Saufh 
DeiUiam, Joseph Day, i^benezt'r F. 
Gav, Willanl Gav, Curtis G. InLu-.s^. 
— I1V7 Ihdhnm, ^rerriU 1). Kllis. 

Dorer, Linus Bliss, Calvin liieh- 

Foxhorough, EiJL^ar R. Butcerworth, 
James Capen, *Jaa:es E. Carpenter. 
Ednjund Carroll, Otis Cary, Edwin 
W. Clarke, John M. Everett. Alfred 
Fales, Edward D. Hewins, Alfred 
Hodges, Charles W. Ilodiies, Jose{)h 
E. Pond, jr., Carini Riehmond, Isaac 
Smith, Wni. H. Thomas, Daniel P. 

Franklin, Paul B. Clark, Alb.-rt E. 
Daniels, Waldo Daniels, James 2^1. 
Freeman, Stephen ^V. Riehai-dson. 
William Ikx-kwood, Alpheus A. Rus- 
scgne, Adin D. Sargeant, Charles W. 

Hijde Park, Henry C. Adams. Hen- 
ry S. Adams, *Wni. 11. H. Andrews, 
*Cotton C. Bradbury, Wilmot E. 
Brood, Isaac J. Brown, Charles G. 
Chick, Ilenrv II. Curtice. E. P. Davis, 
Wiliard F. 'Estey, *Orin T. Gray, 
Williani Hamilton. ^Chailes Sturte- 
vant, Henry B. Terry, William T. 
Thatelier, RosYv'ell \V. Turner, Ben]. 
C. Vose. 

Mulfif-hl Jeremiah B. Hale, Chas. 
Ilamant, diaries C. SewalL 

Me'hrai/, W'iiliani 11. Coy, Alcan 
da Fairbanks. fMilton.M. Fislier, JoA 
E. Hunt, -j- Wan en Lovering, (ieo. P. 
;Metcalf; *-Luth.'r Metcalr", Clark Part- 
Pia^e.— 7?'7s/ Mid^rn.i, Amos II. Bul- 
leu.— UVs'^ M"hr.i.f, Charhjs II. 
Deans, Asa :M. P.. Fuller, Addison P. 
Tha\er, Mareellus A. Vrooilward. — 
Uoi'krWe, Amos II. Bovd, ^\'lllal■d P. 

Milfon, S.unutd Pjabcoek, Gideon 
Beck, John D. Pra-Jhe, Chas. i^reek, 
Jess.' Bunton. Chas. AI. S. riiurehiU. 
tJose[)h .Mrlv. Churchiii. iThornton 
K. Lothrop. (Tiurgc Penniman, f lid- 
ward L. Pierce, Ja<on lu'ed. fileurv 
S. Ru^se-lLfXathuiiel F. Sitlord.Jas. 
Sumner. Jas. P. TlKUer. (ieo. N'ose, 
Jo^iah Webi), James K. White. 

X,,dmnu, l-:diar 11. P.owers. 
Tieorg*' I"'.. Fat'Mi, ( iiarl*.'- C. (ireen- 
woud, Emerv (Irmrr. — \,r/r-''ui i'n- 
/)■ r /''n'/s, Pieharti P-iynton. — \', //•- 
t'-n Lo'f- r F<i:'s, JuAui.i J. (iwuhl, 
Ellsworth Torrcy, jGeu. White. — 

^'/v//)//-;/.V, Geo. K. Dnnhdl— ir./- 
/'s'/r//. Henry F Duraut, Solomon 
PI;!M-u-. (it'orge' J;'nnin^s, Aloses 

Xorrh'k, Al})ert G. Hi IF, Daniel J. 
Holbrook. Levis 1). .Metealf, Samuel 
I). S<-ott, Henry Trovrbridiic. 

(/iiin<\>/, Wym;in Abi-rcrombie, 
fJohn Q. Adams. Srtli Adams, Henrv 
Barker, D. Howard Pilis, Charles W'. 
Carter, Xoah Cumnn'mrs. xVugustus 
R. Diiggan, Vv'm. Lyman F;ixon, 
t Wm. B. Duggan, Ensiirn Fellows, 
AVashiuL'ton ]\i. French, Geo. L. (riil, 
John Hardwiek, Charles A How- 
land, Charh>s :VIarsh. * William S. 
Morton, William S. Pattee, Wliit- 
eomb Porter, E. Granville Pratt, 
Josiah P. Quincy," Joseph W.Rob- 
ertson, H. Farnam Smith. Horace B. 
Spear, Edmund I'l. Taylor, Jas E. 
Tirrell, Isaiah G. "Whiion. 

Jlam/oljjJ/, John Adams, Hiram C. 
Alden, Eleazer Beal, J. White Bel- 
cher, Ezra S. Conant, Zenas French, 
Charles G. Hathaway, Daniel How- 
ard, Nathaniel Howard, William E. 
Jewell, Seth :\lann, 2d, John G. 
Poole, Jas. Augustus Tower, Royal 
W. Turner, f Seih Tuiner, John Un- 
derh.iy, George W. Wales, William 
H. Warren. — Fast U'lrvloipli. Jacob 
AMiiteomb, Oramel "White, Thomas 
AVhite. — :Snutli Fan<h>.i)]i, Thomas 

Shtirot), San lord W. Billings, Lewis 
W. Morse, Josiali Johnson, Otis John- 
son, William R. Mann. 

Sff>u<!htun, Caleb Blodgott, jr., 
John A. Bowdlear. Lucius Clapp. 
Jesse Holmes. Henry C. Kimball, Lu- 
ther S. Leach, Aniasa Souihwoi-th. 
Geo. Talbot, Jabez Talbot, jr. — /w/s/ 
SlDiiqliioii, Ciirlsto[)her Dyer, jr., John 
II. Simmons. 

Wdljioh'^ Nathaniel Bird, Edmund 
W. CJap, Smith Gray, Josliua B. 
Ilanners. James II. Leland. Geo. P. 
Morey, James G. Scott, Joshua Stet- 
son, Hubbard W. Tiiton, William S. 
Tllton, Horatio AVood. — Fa^t Wnl- 
poh , •\ Fraat is \W Bird. Samuel Bird. 
— ■ Sonf/i W^.'i'po'c, Henry S. Clark, 
Truman Clarke. 

llV.s'f y/o,/'/'.'/-'/, f Jonathan Amor\', 
Joseph IT BiUlugs. Abijah W. Dra- 
])er, Ephi-aim M. Diidhy, Gt'Oi-ge -S. 
Frost, Leonard P. Holden, Auirustus 
C. Jordan, Geor'j.t-* Ivempton, Theo- 
dore- P. Mosrs. Thr.s. Yioavy. Charles 
Pope. Fruik W. Keyn^Fls, f B. F. 
Thomas, libeiiezer W . 'I'olman Chris- 
to[)her M. \\\-l].--Ja.'n'i<ru J'Uiin, 
J. Ingersoll Bi^wditch, Geoi-ge O. 



Currier, I^Miiainiii F. f'utkr. Joseph 
P. Elli.-ott, David S Greenoii<:ii. jr., 
William S. Kinu'^ibury, Robert M. 
]\Iorse, jr.. Geo. E. ()t\-. Thomas P. 
Proctor. Uolx-i-t Scaver. W'ilh'aiu :\Iac- 
cartv, f luMij uiiiii W. Williams, 
IL'uvy \V. \Villiam.<. 

Wctimonth, Everett C. liiun])us. 
Eben(';^er A. Hunt. Rieliard A. Hunt. 
John J. Loud. John W. Loud. Elias 
Ricliards. Asa B. Wah-.^ Saml. Webb, 
George W. White, jr. — Ea^t Wrif- 
-month, Loveil Bickiie!!, Zaehariah L. 
Birknell, Abner IloUirook, -Alvati 
llaymond. — Xor'li 1 1 '' unionth. Elias 
S. Bea's, James num[>hrey. N. 
Quincy Tirrell, Jas. Torrey. — SmiUi 
We;imo>tfJi, George PL B.i'tes, Jacob 
Loud, John A. E. Loud. Quincy L. 
Reed, Xoah Vininij, B. F. AVhite. 
Oran ^"\'hite- 

Wr<^ntii(nn, William W. Cowell, 
Nathan Ely, Charles J. Ran.Iall, 
Samuel Warner. 

Trial Justices. 
BrooJdhiP. Charles II Drew. 
Canton, Thomas E. Gro\er. 
Cohn^set, Solomon J. Beal. 
Dc'Iham, Frederick D. Ely. 
H>/'h' Park; W illard F. Estev. 
3ir:hca_i/ (W€M),C\rd^. II. Deans, 
Milton, Charles .AI. S. Churchill. 
NcedJiam. Emory Grover. 
Qiihic/f, Wm. S. Morton. 
Rawlolph, J. White Belcher. 

Stof/f/I/tnn, Caleb Blodgett, jr. 
JVrst /l('xf)un/ (Jdintiica Plain)^ 
George E. Otis.' 

Wc/jmowh, Everett C. Bumpus. 
Notaries Public. 

Ciiittnn, Francis \X . Deane, Charles 

D'dlnini, Channcy C. Churchill, 
Lewis {{. Kingsbiu-y. 

Firink'iin^ Alpheus A. Russegue. 

Hiick Pari; William F. Estey. 

Me'dro//, Milton M. Fisher. 

M>''on^ Iloraee E. Ware. 

Qni/iri/, Henry F. Barker, Rupert 
F. Clallin. 

Rau'loiph, Royal AV. Turner. 

\Ve:<t llnxburti {Jamaica Plain). 
George O. Cui rier. 

WeiinimulK Everett C. Bumpus, 
ffohn J. Loud. 

TF/'r ntJiam, Samuel Warner. 

Braintree, Jonathan French. 

CoJ/a^set, John Q. A. Lothr«:'p. 

Canton (special), Rut'us C. Wood. 

H>/(/': Park, Charles Stuitevant. 

Merlaviy, ^''alentine R. Coombs. 

J////on.'john D. Bradlee. 

Nftdliam, George K. Daniell. 

Qniiicfj, Lewis Bass. 

RajLiloljih^ Ral[)h Houghton. 

SlourjJiton., Nathaniel \Vales. 

Wejjuioulh, George W. White, jr. 

Wei^t Roxhury (Jamaica Plain), 
Joseph Stedman. 


Incorporated, June 2, ld83. 
Shire To^\'^^ . Plymouth. 


Jiulgp ofPrnhatf ami ln.-<'>.'vrnr\>/, .... Wm. II. Wood, Mid'Uihorouqh. 

lirfjisi' r of Prohifte and Insfi/v nry,. . Danitd E. ]_)amon Plf/uiouth. 

Ch:rh of Courts ^\'iHiam H. Whitman Phimonth. 

Rrfjistr ofD-'ds . . . William S. Danforth Pli/mouth. 

County Trtasnr. r^ William R. Sever, Ply mouth. 

<- William H. Whitnum,. . . .Plymnuih. 

Ocrrsrrvs of House -of Corrrriion J. D. Robl)ins, Plynnnith. 

( Daniel E. Damon. I-'lymnirfh. 

Shcrljf James Bates, Plymouth. 

Deputy Sheritfs, 
Ahinqton, flosiah Cushman. 
Piridijcwater, P. D. Kiu'nnan. 
Diuhury, Wm. J. Ald.-n. 
Hanover, Hira W. Bates. 

ITin<,ham, G. F. Hersev. 
}farion, Daniel Hall. 
M'ir.-l/ji' td. John Baker. 
Midilt.horouyh, James Colo, jr. 
JV. IJri'li/< water, Otis llayward. 




iN'. Cari-er. B*>n). Ran-oin. 
Pll/mouth, Joliii IVikins. 

" John Atwoud. 
Rochesff-r, R. C. Kaudall. 
Sci'wit<:, J. (). Coif. 

" Francis Merritt. 
S. Srit'Kile, Willard Torrey. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

P'//moufh., James Ixites. 

Se;:sions of Probate Courts. 
At Abinrjtoji, ith Mon. of May, 
AuLT., and Nov. 

At Brid(j<;ica'er, ith ]\Ion. of Sept. 
At E<i<t Bn(I<ieiri'Jer, 4tli Mon. of 
Feb. an'l Dec. 

At H'lnoV':)-, 4tli ]Mon. of June. 
At Hinrjliam, At\\^lon. in March. 
At M/''l>/'^eh'jroufjh. 4th Mon. of Jan., 
A[)ril, and 2d Mon. in July. 

At North Brhl'itii'ider^ 3d !Mon. of 
April and Oct. 

At P/t/ni'f/ith. 2d ]\Ion. of Jan., Feb.. 
^larch, April, May, June, Sept., Ocr., 
Nov., and Dec. 

At W'lrtham, 4tli Mon. of Oct. 
Sessions of Insolvency Courts. 
At Pii/mouUi, 2nd Mon. in every 

County Commissioners. 
Harrison Stajdes. LcikevV'c^ term 
expires Dec. is 72 ; Wni. P. Corfhell, 
Ahm'i>n,t, IS 73; Charles 11. Paine, 
ILillfax. 18 74. 

Special Coi/nnissioriei's. — Alden S. 
Bradford. KirKjsion, term " expires 
1874 ; Jedetiiah Dwellev, Hanovtr, 

Thiif^ of 'ytf'Jlnrj. — At Plijniou'h, 
3d Tu. in Alarch, l:^t Tu. in Aug. and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Ahinrjton, rJai'ol) B. Harris. 
North Brlhj' iraier, Jonas R. Per- 

Piiimoaihy Albert ]Mason. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Diuhurii, Klislia Iloiuu-s. 
//'///, Xclieniiali Ri|»Icv, jr. 
Marshjit''f, John r.;ikcr! Otis I>ak- 
er, Curti'- l». (;<).M-1. (rfo. IL Hall. 
Ea.<l MarshH'M, Cliarles L. Tilden. 
Phnnouth, J(^siah D. iiaxter, Barna- 
bas II. Ilolme.^ 

Soulh'h. C(>nit;>rt Whitinir, 
Scituat'', I'erry L. I'ukcr. Jolm 
TiMen. — Nur!!i Scldrrt, W'ni. J. New- 

Puble Adaiinistrator. 
Daxhur'i, ."^auiucl Si. iM.ii. 
Master in Chaucery. 
Phnnouih, Willi un il. \\ liituian. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Ahinf/ton,.)v><L\ F. Keith. 

/ii-i<l//HiC(iter, fh)sii. F. Crane, .Abra- 
ham \Vashburn. 2d. 

Dnrlninj. Sanniel Stetson. 

Hinr/hmn, Amos Piates, Solomon 

AIii/i/hdjon)ii(jh, Everett Robinson, 
Fliab ^Vard. 

North Brhhi< water, Geo. AV. Bryant, 
Jouns R. Perkins. 

Phpnouih, :Moses Bates, Wm. S. 
Danforth. Jacob II. Loud, John J. 
Russell William II. ^Miitman. 

Hoche^ter, Josej)h Haskell, Theophi- 
lus KinL^ James Rnirules. 

Scituate, John Beal. 

Sooth Scituate, Samuel A. Turner. 

Warcharn, Seth :^[iller. 

West Bri'/geica/er, Austin Packard. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Inchjilinn Jn.<ticrs of the Peace and Quonun dtsirj- 
iidiril h'/'o*; mill JvMicc'f throughout the ConDUOn- 
wealth ,ie.<i<jnatcd bu a t.) 

Ahiiigton. Charles W. Howland. 
Freeman P. Howland, Jesse E. Keith, 
]\Iicali Nash, James Noyes, Henry B. 
Peirce, Otis W. Soule, Geo. L. Rich- 
ardson, Sanuiel B. Thaxter, John D. 
Wormell. — EaM Abington, Nathaniel 
Beal. Charles Bearse, f-bicob B. Har- 
ris, Zenas rJenkins, Ezekiel R. Studley^ 
Charles W. Soule, Franklin Smith, 
Horace C. Totman. — North Ahing- 
fou, David Ford, James Ford, Georize 
AV. Pi-att, i:dwar<l 1\ Reed.— 5'oi;//^ 
Ahiiigton, William P. Corthelh Albert 
Davis. Samuel Dyer, Charles S, 
Morse, Wm. L. Reed, Hosea F. "Wddd- 

Bridge/cater, Samuel Breck, Fred- 
erick Crafts, t Josima E. Crane, Phil- 
i]) E. Hill, *Le\vis Holmes, ^Mitchell 
Hooper. Lafayette Keith, Francis D. 
KiuLT, Hosea Kinsman, Philip D. 
Kingman, -^W illiams Latham, Fi-ank- 
lin Leach, Philander Leach, Spencer 
Leonard, jAsa Mil'ett, Lloyd Parsons, 
eJeiemiah Tucker. I"Ji Washburn. 

Carrer, jJes>e IMurdock. Benjamin 
Ransom. \\'illiam Savery, Jliouias 
Southworth. Thomas Vaughan. 

Diuhunj, William Bradlbrd, Wil- 
liam II. CunnniniiS. rfonathan S. Ford, 
John Holmes. John S. Loring. Sanmel 
Loiing, Samuel Stet-on, Jo-hua \\. 
Swiit.— >'n;;/// Poxhortj, llarvev 
Soule.— lIV.s? Dojlnrg, Elbridue 
Ctiandler. Henry \\. M I'jlathlin. (ieo. 
W. Standisli. — >noth Mnr^iijidil, Ben- 
jamin Bovlstou, 

yw/.s7 lh-i(lg<ir(,ifo\ Jacob P.a.tes, 
*M(ises I)ates. rioseph Chamberlain, 
Aaron Hobart. jr., Henry llobart 



Benjamin \V. Keith, Thomns Keith, I 
fJainos II. Mitchell, \Vm. 11. O.-horne, 
Calvin Pu-ed. ! 

Halifax, Edwin Inijlee, Charles II. j 
Paine, Ira L. Sturtevant, Ephraim B. ' 
Thompson. } 

Hi.Diovrr, Robert S. Curtis, Jede- i 
diah Dwelley. 

Hanson, Andrew Bowker, Josephus I 
Bryant, Robi-rt Perry, Joseph Smith, j 
George F. Stet-^on. — SouJ/i Hanson, 
Isaiali Bearce, Eben B. K. Gurney, | 
— South Hanover, Edward Y. Perry. } 

HingJiam, Quincy Bicknell, f^^'^lo- ! 
mon Lincoln, Charles N. ^Nlarsh, 
Charles W. Seymour, Elijali Shute, 
Sidney S[)rague, fJoseph B. Thaxter. 

Hingliam Centre, James S. Lewis, 
Henry Sidt-rs. 

Hull, Lewis P. Loring. 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Alden S. 
Bradford, Philander Cobb, Samuel 
E. Cushman, Walter H. Faunce. Ed- 
ward Gray, Noah Prince, Edwin 

Lolceville, Reuben Hafford. Abiez- 
ier T. Ilarrey, John F. Montojomery, 
Job Pierce. Fileazer Richmond, 
Churchill T. Westsrate, Henry L. 
Williams, Asa T. Winslow, J. Wins- 

Marion, *Obed Delano, Daniel Hall, 
Barnabas Ililler, Joseph S. Luce, 
Moses II. Switt. 

Marshjiehh John Baker, Warren 
W. Barker, Nathaniel J.- Damon, 
James Geddes Dav. John Ford, *Lu- 
ther Hatch.— A'o/7/i MarshfeUl, flli- 
ram A. Oakman. 

Mattajwis'itt. W*ilson Barstow, Noah 
Hammojid, Tliomas Nelson, Noah C. 

Miiblkhorniigh, John Bennett, 
Sylvanus Hinckley, Samuel T. Pat- 
terson, Nr)ah C. Perkins, Everett Rob- 
inson, John C. Sullivan, AN'iiliam xV. 
Thompson, Andrew L. Tinkham. 
Sidney Tucker, Eliab Ward, Cor- 
nelius B. Wood, lieorne \V. Wood, 
Joseph T. Wood, fWilliam II. Wood. 
— North y[i(bIli:h(>rou(j}i, Andrew Jj. 
Alden. Zebulon Pratr.'Wm. B. White. 
—EaH MublhJx.rnufjh. Joshua M. Ed- 
dy, Au<ju<tus H. "Soule. llnck.— 
Ichabotl F. Atwood. Snufh Muldle- 
horourjh .—'SiWhwMi I^ensou. 

N'Tlh }]ri'l(i-ira(tr, Frederick C. 
Blanchar'l. (\x-uvsi} W. lltynnt, David 
L. Cowi'll, Francis ]\L Fnii-'li, Suui- 
ner A. Hay ward, AiiL^njtu- T. .Iimi'-s 
Eilwin II. Kin^ruian, h-AW Kinuman. 
John L. Morgan, '-*Jonas R. Piikins. 
Wm. Perry. Loring W. Puil'er, Isaac 
E. Suell, Edward Southworch. fJona- 

than White. — Campello, Nelson J. 
Foss, Josiah W. Kingman, (ialen E. 

Pembroke (East), George F. Hatch, 
Andrew E. Poole. — North J\:nibro/:e, 
Francis Collamor(,'. — Sonfh Hanson, 
*Martln Bryant, William II. 11. Bry- 

Plymouth, Gustavus D. Bates, Jas. 
Bates, *xMoses Bates. *Jos'h D. Bax- 
ter. Lem'l Bradford, Chas, Q. Church- 
ill, Charles ^\. Coolidge, James Cox, 
Daniel E. Damon, Alien Dan forth, 
fWm. S. Danfoith, fChas. G. Davis, 
\Vm. T. Davis, Geo. G. Dyer, Timothy 
Gordon, John T. Hall, Benjamin A. 
Hathaway, Barnabas II. Holmes, 
Thomas Loring, fJacob II. Loud, 
Leander Lovell, xVlbert Mason, John 
Perkins, Thomas Pierce, Daniel J. 
Rohbins. Edmund Robbins, f John J. 
Russell, Tiiomas B. Sears, fEleazer 
C. Sherman, Charles W. Sjtooner. 
Isaac N. Stoddard, *William Thomas, 
Ezekiel C. Turner, * William II. 
AVhitman, Oliver T. Wood. — Chilton- 
ville, George Bramhall. 

P/l/mptnn, James C. Ellis. Zaccheus 
Parker, Wm. Perkins. — North Pl/jmj)- 
ton. Zenas Cushsnan. 

Rochester, John Blackmer, Thomas 
Ellis, Theopb.ilus King, James H. 
Look, George Pierce, James Ruggles. 
George M. White. North Roches- 
ter. — Israel F. Nickerson. 

Scitnate, *John Beal, Ezekiel 
Jones. North Sc/tuate. — Joseph O. 
Cole, Geo. C. Lee. 

South Scitnate, Ebenezer T. Fogg. 
Charles A. Litchfield, George H. Tor- 
rey, ^Samuel A. Turner. Hanorer, 
Lemuel C. AVaterman, Samuel Tol- 
man, jr. — West Scltuate, Elisha Ja- 

]Vari:]iam, Wm. L. Chipman. Jo- 
seph P. Ilayden, Darius :\Iiller, Seth 
Miller, jr., ' James G. Sproat. — East 
Wanhaia, John M.Kinney, Adolphus 
Savery, Nathaniel Sherman. — \Vtst 
Wareham, Noble Howard. 

West Jjriilgi icater, James Howard, 
William II. Jennings. Austin Pack- 

Trial Justices. 

Ablngton. Otis W. Senile. 

Bri'b/e'ratcr, Lewis Holmes. 

]-:asi Jlridijuvater, William II. Os- 
j lliiojlunn (Cenfrr), Jarties S. Lewis. 
! Mi/bl'vhorongh, Cornelius B. Wood. 
{ North Jjri(b/eiV(tt<:r, Jonas R. Per- 
! kins. 
j /V^//io"-//A, Albert Mason. 




ScHnnte, Caleb W. Proiity. 

Wnnhdm. Scth Miller. 
Notaries Public. 

Ahlihlfnit, ,]c<>K' E. Kuith, 
. 7vr-/ liriilf/' u-"f( r. Most's Bates. 

I/nit/mi/tK Henry C. ll;i!'din«r. 

JM'tilitjirii.'^'At, Tlioiuas Xt'lson. 

N(K Brkhjtinittr. Jonas li. Perkins. 

P/f/iunit/h, ]\Io-es Pate:^, AVra. S. 
Danti)ttli, Jacob II. Loud, John J. 

Wnieham, ^Vil]ianl L. Chipnnan, 
James (J. Sproat. 


Brulr/e/rafer, (Speeial) Diilip 1>. 

3L>rs/>/leld (East) Eliot R. Til.len. 

Midflh'honnuih. Ehen W. Drrtke. 

N<irth Bridge /('(fter, Benjamin A. 

:SeilU({te, Caleb W. Prouty. 


Incorporated, May 10, 1643. 

Shire Town Bostox. 


Judge of Prolxde and In^tolv^ncij,. • . . 
Reg'iMtr of Prohdte and Insohrenci/. . . 
As't Ih gistf^r ofProhtde and Insolvrnqj 

Cleric of Supr'/nc Court 

Assi.-<larit Cl>:rk Suprrme Court 

Clerk of Suprriur Couii. 

Assistant Ch rk Snpi rior Court 

Clerk (fSnprrior Court, rrifn'l business 

R<gist,_r of Dr>:ds 

Count If Treasurer 

Cominniiwridth's Attorn' g 

Assistant " ^' 


Deputy Sheriffs. 
Benj. F. Bailey, Court House. 
John P). Dearborn, '• " 

William D. Martin, " " 
Ilarum Merrill, " " 

: - John B. Iniralls, " " 
Master of House of Correction. 
Charles II. Davis, Sijuth Boston. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At the Pmbate Olhce in Boston 
everv Monday in each month except 

Masters in Chancery. 

Boston, Itohcrt I. l^iriAink, John 

Codman, Horace H. ('(>)iidL[e, Chas, 

C. Nutter, (iiles II. Kich. James B. 

Kichardson, James B. Tluu er. [ 

Isaac Ames Boston. 

P. R. Guiney Boston. 

James L. Crombie Boston. 

George C. AVilde Boston. 

George W. Nichols Boston. 

Joseph A. Wlllard Boston. 

Edwin A. Wadleigh Boston. 

Henry Homer Boston. 

Thomas F. Temple Boston. 

Frederick U. Tracy Boston. 

J. Wilder May B:>ston. 

Moorfield vStorey . Boston. 

John M.Clark, ojjice Ct. House. Boston, 

t Commissioners of Insolvency. 
j Boston, Da\ id H. Coolidue, Joseph 
Wlllard, W. W. Blackmar.'^ 

Public Administrators. 
Boston, Francis E. Parker, Joseph 
F. Clark, Lorenzo S. Cragln, James 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Boston, John P. P)i<jelow, Neht-miah 
Brown, Charles B. Hall, William G. 
Harris, Charles W . Lovett, Benjamin 
C. Piper, David Pulsiter. 

Chelsea^ Henrv J. Coolldire, llosea 



(Justices of the Peace and Qitorum, <!rsijnn(.:d h;/ n*, Justices throiiyhout the State, hya].) 

Abbot K<l\vin H. 
Alfbott Abii'l 
Abbott Curtis 
fAbbott Jo,-iali G. 
Abbott Samuel A. B. 
Abcll Cha-^. K. 
Adains Albert W. 
Adams (has. 15. F. 
Adams (ba.-. V.. .Jr. 
Adams ("has. Hall 
Adams Fi'ancis >I. 
Adams (irorge E. 
Adams (ieor^ii' Z. 
Adams Henry S. 
Adams .Joseph H. 
Adrtiiis ,). (icdiiey 
Adams Nathaniel 
Adams Faul 
Adams Thomas 
Adams Warren P. 
A<ri'r George \^. 
A.irer Solomon 
Albee Sumn>r 
Alexander Jolm L. 
Alfrcr Edwin A. 
tAllen Charles 
*Allen Charles E. 
Allen Horatio F. 
Allen Ini 
Allen .lames AV. 
Allen Stejihen 31. 
Allen Stillman LJ. 
Amerige George M. 
Ames Fislier 
fAmes Isaac 
Ames P. Adams 
Ammidon Fhilip K. 
fAmory Charles 
Araory George K 
Amory .lonathuu 
Amory Thomas C. 
Anderson Wxw. S. 
Andrews Frank W. 
Andrews .lohi! L. 
Andrews Samuel 
Andrews \Vm. fl H. 
Angell (ieorge T. 
Apoiionio Nidi. A. 
Appletou Fred'k H. 
Apfileton Geortce C. 
Aptliorp [{obert E. 
Archibald Geo. F. 
Asjiinwall William 
Atherton Samuel 
Attwood Coru'ls G. 
Atwood Cliarles 
Atwood (ieorge 31. 
*Anstin Ivers ,1. 
Averv Eiiward 
Avres .Io!in 
I'.abrock .John \\. 
J'.ab.-on Thomas 31. 
liacoii Franeis 
F.acon Tliomas II. 
Haeon Wm. 
IJailey Adrian F. 
liailev Albion II. 
Ilailey .lo-epli T. 
l»aker Atiios 
leaker Edmund .f. 
iJaker Ezra 11. Jr. 
Baker .l,,hn li. 
Haker K. W. 
Haker William P. 
liaker Wm. W. 
I'-ahh Fr.mcis V. 
I'.a!.:!, .I( W. 
iJ.ildv.-in i:!i/ur 
f'ahiuin Ceo. W. 
iJitldwm H.iiry 
Baldwin .1. I'homas 

Ball .Toshua D. 

Ballard .lames 31. 

Bancrol'i Cieorge 

Barnard Cha'-les A. 

Barnar.l (.eo. 31. Jr. 

liarnes Edwin C. 
I Barnes Francis G. 
I Barnes Parker 
' Barnes AN'alter A. 

i')arreTt Jonathan F. 
j Barrows Horace G. 

Barrv H. Storer 

Barriett Cluis. E. A. 

liartlett Francis 

tBartlett Homer 

Bartlett Schuyler S. 

*Bartlett Siiiney 

Bartlett Sidney, Jr. 

Bartlett Wm. S. 

Basseit Elislia 

Bassett Jolm 

Ba-sett John F. 

P.atclu'kler ^am., .Jr. 

liates 3Ioses 

Bate? Samuel W. 

Batt Charies K. 

Baxter Francis J. 

Baxter Thompson 

Bayley Benj. F. 

Bayley James C. 

Baylies Henry 

Beal Alexand'er 

Beal J aims 

Beal .Janies H. 

Beal William L. 

Beale Joseph H. 

Beals William 
I Beebe James 31. 
j tlkdl James B. 
I Bell Tlieodore H. 
j Piellows Jo»iah G. 
I Bemis (ieorge 
i Benn .lames C 
I Bennett J(tseph 
j Bennett Wm. F. 
I Benton Austin 3Y, 
; Berrv 3rorriiI P. 
! I'.errV Nchemiah C. 
' Bicknell William E. 
i liigeiow Al)rah'mG. 
I liigeiow .-Vlanson 

Bigelow Edwin 31. 

I'direlow George B. 
' Bigelow Gee>. F. 
i tBigtdow Geo. T. 
I f liigeiow .lolin P. 

liigeiow Timothy 

Bishop liobert U. 

Bispham Eleazer J. 

Blackmar W.W. 

Blai-dell 3rark A. 

Blake Edward 

BiakeJohn H. 

Blake Jo>iah W. 

Blake William P. 

Bhuicli.ird ( harles 

Blanchard .Joiin A. 

Biandin Chas. F. 

Blaney David H. 

Blanev Hetsry 

r.l.i^land Cideon B. 

Bhitchtoni Ceo. W. 

tBloeii Abraham F, 

Blodget Henrv T. 

Bl...i-ett Caleb, .Jr. 

lilodgert l.utlKT 

15!ood Charles S. 

P.oardman Aion. W. 

T.uit Edward D. 

I'.oll.s 3Iattiiew 

F.ol.-ter .^ulomon A. 

i;.,iin. y IN'lham 

Borrow>cale John 

Botume John, Jr. 
Bourne .Jacob F. 
Bouve J'.i)hraim W. 
Bowditch .1. I. 
Bowdilch William I. 
Bowen Hosea B. 
liowen Stephen 
Bowker Albert 
I'.owman Selwin Z. 
Brackett (k-o. H. 
lirackett .1. t^. A. 
Bradbury Horace I). 
Bradburv Samuel A. 
Bradford J. Kussell 
Bradish Levi J. 
Bradlee Jolm T. 
^Bradlee .J. Putnam 
Bradlee Nathaniel J. 
Bradlee Samuel J. 
fBradley .Joseph II. 
*r)ragdon .Joseph H. 
Brainard Edward 11. 
Bramau <4. T. W . 
Braman Jarvis D. 
Branuin .Joseph B. 
Bramhull William 
Breed (ieorge F. 
Brewer Gardner 
lirewer Nathaniel 
Brewer Thomas 31. 
Brewster Aug. U. 
Brewster .John 
Brewster Osymu 
Briard Oliver 
Bridge Abel E. 
Briggs Andrew II. 
Brill's Fred'k 31. 
Briggs Harrison O. 
Briggs Luther 
Brigham Ceplias 
Brigliam Henry R. 
Brigham Wm. T. 
tBrimmer ^fartin 
Brooks Beiij. F. 
Brooks Francis A. 
Brooks Henry C. 
Brooks James W. 
I'.rooks Wm. G. 
Browsi Alpheus li. 
r.rown Augustus 
I'.rown iienj. F. 
Brown Charies F. 
t Brown Edward 
lirown Edward P. 
Brown Francis H. 
lirown Jeremiah 
P.rown .John 
Brown .Jolm 3Iurray 
fBrown Nehomiali 
I'.rown Richard S. 
Brown Samuel N. jr. 
P.rowne C. Allen 
Browne Edward I. 
Bruce (ieorge A. 
Brvant David 
Brvant Fred. E. C. 
Brvant G. J. F. 
Bryant Jolm 1). 
lir\ant .Vapoleon B. 
Buck EcBvard 
Backmin.-ttT Wm. J. 
Bn-bee .lames 31. 
I'.uihird Daui.I W. 
Ihillard (ieorge E. 
B.uilard John li. 
Bulh/ns (ieo. S. 
Bumstea<i John 
I'.unton Wm. H. 
tliurbank Robert I. 
Bnr^e LoreuiTi) 
Burge-^ nu)ma.s H. 
Burke Eiinmnd W. 
Burnett Lvsaader 

Buridiam I'.enj. F. I )aiiiel S. 
Burra-.- ,\Uah A. 
liunage Wm. W. 
tBurt William L. 
Bu.-teed (ieorge W. 
Bu>well Henry F. 
Butler Cha.s .Sliorey 
Butler .John Henry 
liutler I'eter 
liutterlield (ieorge 
Butterli. 1(1 Simeon 
Butterworth A. F. 
Byam (ieorge A. 
Caduc E. Ernest 
Callemler l>eiijamin 
Calrow William H. 
Camjibell Isaac T. 
Capelle Wm. C 
Caiien Aaron D. 
Capen .John 
Capen Samuel C. 
Capen 'I'homas W. 
Carlton Wm. T. 
Carpenter (jeorge O. 
Carr (ieorge E. 
Carr Jolin 
Carrct .James R. 
Carrufh Nathan 
Carruth Wm. W'. 
Carter Augustus W. 
Carter C Willard 
Carter Josiali H. 
Cartwright .Jno. W. 
Cary Nathan C. 
Cary Wm. A. 
Caverly Charles, Jr. 
(JaznuiV I'll .mas 3V. 
(L'aznc It'll Andrew 
Chamberlin David 
Chamjmev Edw. W. 
tChandlei- Peleg W. 
Chapin (xeorge II. 
Chapin ^Catii. G. 
Chaplin Henian W. 
Chapman (ieo. R. 
Cluipma.n .John W. 
Chase Geo. W . 
Chase Henry S. 
Chase B. (ia'rdner 
Cheever Tracy P. 
Clicnev Arthur 
CluMie'v Horace R. 
Child Dudley R. 
Cidid (ieorge F. 
Child Linus 31. 
(.'hipnian tieo. W. 
' Choate Chas. F. 
Churcli Henrv A. 
Churchill Jo.<"ephR. 
Clapi) Ebenezer 
Llapp ( ieorge P. 
( lapp Henry A. 
Clap]) .Je^^huii AW 
Clapp Otis 
Clai-p Wm. W. 
Clark Albe C. 
Clark i;.uj. C 
Clark Charles P. 
Clark Isaac P. 
*Clark John 31. 
Clark .Joseph F. 
(^lark Ki.bert F. 
Clark Wm. U. 
Clarke H.iirv 31. 
t(^!arke John J. 
Clarke I homa.- \V. 
Clarv Henrv 1). 
CleuVes Nathaniel 
Cleaves N. Porter 

CeatS S\l\r.-ter S. 

Cobb Henry E. 
Cobb Samuel C. 



Cobb Siumiol T. 
Coiiiiiaii < li:iri;-^ R. 
Co'liiiau i; !'.\;iraU'. 
*C"oiliii:in .lohii 
CO'liiKiu llitbtrt 
CiK' Oliver I!. 
Cotrui (;. WiiUhrop 
CoUi.i ir<iirv A. 
(.'o;r.'Util \\i!ii;iiu 
I'oibiini .K-ii.'iiiiab 
(.'olbiini Win. G. 
Colbv Jobn F. 
Colby Will. R. 
Cob' Cbarb^s D. 
Cob'Oliver n. 
Colbiiuure Jnlin 
Collin^ 1 »cnuis J. 
Collins. I :imrs 
Collins .luhu il. 
Collins Ratrick A. 
Colt Janu-s 1'. 
Comer Geo. X. 
Conant .lulin H. 
Conkey Jolni A. 
Connolly Wni. T. 
Connor Jaine^ 
Converie Albert T. 
Converse .James W. 
Converse .Joseph II. 
Converse .Josiiua 1'. 
Cook Charles E. 
Cook Col'-man 
Cook Kdward 
Couk (ieor'.'-e 3[. 
Cook Rr.f,i> R. 
Cook William 
Cook William 11. 
*Cooke .Josiab V. 
Cooliilue Austin J. 
Cooli.lge I>avi.l H. 
Coolidixe Horace II. 
Coolidge .John T. Jr. 
Cooney Patrick U. 
Cory Rariiev 
Covell Robert S. 
Crafts Wm. A. 
Cottin;: Clias. U. 
Cottrell Asa 
Cowtlin .John 
Cowdin Robert 
Cowing Walter IT. 
Cou-les Willianx W. 
Cowley Cli.uii's 
Cragin L. ."<., .)r. 
Cram (i-o. W. 
Crandall H. Ibirr 
Crane l>avi i F. 
Cr/.ne lloiatio X. 
Crane .loliu E. 
*Crane ."^anuiel D. 
Creech Sam'l W,, Jr. 
Crocker (.eorge G. 
fCrocker Henry 
Crocker Erie! 
Crocker Eriel H. 
("rombie .lames E. 
Crosby Franklin 
Cro^by ,Io.M-p!i 15. 
Crosbv Sumner 
tCrowell Henry G. 
Crowley John ('. 
tCrowu'in-hield F.B. 
Culver Wm. C. 
Cumin'.'.- I'.radh'V X. 
Cumini:- (iiarles IE 
Cundy Wm. IE 
*Currier lUuj. IE 
Currier lEnaee IE 
Currier Ser«no I-.. D. 
Currier T. I loriau 
Curtis Ciia-. 1*. 
Curt;^ l»uniel IE 
Curtis I'reikrick 
Curtii <ie..ri;e 
( urtis < ie..i u'c ,E 
C.irti.-..)am.- F. 
Curtis .Fame- W. 
Curtis Samu.-l S. 
Eurtis VSai'.er 
Curtis \\ 111, l>. C. 

Curtis.<» John L. 

Cashing Itenjamin 
Cusliingllavward R. 
Cushii.g Henry W. 
Cu^inmr Sidney 
('ashing 'riiounis 
( 'ashman Albert 
Curler I'.beii 
Culler .loseph 
Cutler Eucms A. 
Cutter Isaac .E 
Cutter .John A. IE 
Cutter Eeonard R. 
Dabney Lewis 8. 
Hacey 'Timothy J. 
liailv .James 
n)are Thoron ,T. 
H)ale William J. 
Dalton H< urv [.. 
*I)ame .Vbraiiam A, 
Dame <_'hark'S C. 
Dame Frank O. 
Dame riieodcjre S. 
Damrell .John S. 
Dana liichard IE 
IDana R. IE, Jr. 
r>ana Samuel T. 
DantV.rth .lolin X. 
Daniels J o-lma W. 
Daniels Xathan IE 
Darling Samuel C. 
Dary (ieorge A. 
Davenport Henry 
Davie s Daniel 
Davis Adolphus 
Davi-; Rarnabas 
Davis Charles 
Davis Charles E.,Jr. 
Davis Charles IE 
Davis Edward S. 
Davis Ileury 
Davis James 
*Davis Jerome 
Davis Joshua W. 
Davis Samuel C. 
Davis ThomasW'. 
Davis limothy 
Davis Wm. F, 
Davis Williiuu F. 
Davis William F. 
Day Closes H. 
Deari l'>enj mnu 
Dean Chauucy C. 
Dean Horace W. 
Dean Thomas 
Dearborn Edmu'd B. 
Dea.rborn .John 1>. 
Deblois Stephen G. 
l)emond diaries 
Dennie .James 
Denny Daniel 
Denuv lleurv G. 
Denny .J. Waldo 
Derbv (ieorge S. 
Derby Isaac W. 
Devereaux .John 
Dmvey S. W. .Jr. 
Dewson Francis A. 
Dexter Everett Iv. 
Dexter James H. 
De.Krer S. I'arkmau 
Dexter William S. 
Diokerman .Vlhert 
Dickinson M. F., Jr. 
l>ill:iwav Charles K. 
Dilhnvav Chas. O.E. 
Din-lev' E.hvard IE 
Dixon Francis B. 
Dockrav .las. R. 
Dod-e Frederick 
Dohertv Wm. W. 
Donah. )e fatrick 
Donnelly (ha-. F. 
DoolirtleO-ear H. 
Dorr William B. 
Dow .lames 1',. 
Dowling .Martin 
Downes (ieorge E. 
Drake Jeremy 

Drew Charles IE 
Dudlev Dean 
Dudley San ford IE 
Dunham Ch:irles E. 
Dunham .lo-iah 
Dunham Tiu)s. IE 
Dnnklee Benj. W. 
Diiulap .John S. 
Dunn Edwani H. 
Dunnels E/ra 1'. 
Du{>ee .lames A. 
Durant Henrv F. 
Durant Wm. B. 
*Durgin Samuel IE 
Dutton Henrv W. 
Dyer B. Franklin 
Dvcr Frank B. 
Dyer 3Iicah, .Jr. 
Eastburn .lohn IE 
Easterbrook A\'m, 
Eastman Ambrose 
Ea>tmau Geo. A. 
Eddy Robert IE 
Edmunds (Jharles 
Edson William 
Edwards (ieorge IE 
FLdwards Ilend'n J. 
Edwards Henry 
Egan .lames 
Eldredge Chas. W. 
Eldridge John E. 
Ellii.'ott Joseph P. 
Ellis Abijah 
Ellis Charles 3E 
Ellis George M\ 
Ellis John T. 
Ellis Rowland 
Ellison William V. 
Elson .Julius 
Ely Alfred B. 
Emery Caleb S. 
Emery (jeorge F. 
Emery Woodward 
Endicott Henry 
Endicott Wm., .Jr. 
English .James L. 
Estabrook (}. Wm. 
F:ustis William T. 
Evans Alouzo IE 
Evans Richard 
Everett IE Sidney 
Everett .J. .Alason 
Everett ()tis 
Fairbuirn Robert B. 
F'allon James (Jtis 
Fallon .Joseph D. 
Farley J as. R. 
Farley Jume.sP., Jr. 
Farmer .lesse 
Farnsworth i-".zra 
FurnsNsorth Isaac D. 
Farwell Henry 
F'aunce (ieorge B. 
Fav Clement K. 
Fay Frank B. 
Fe'arnig Henry E. 
Fen nelly Kiciiard J. 
Fenou (.'liarles IE 
FieM Benj. F. 
Field (ieoige G. 
Field Hem-v 
Field Walbridgo A. 
Finan Bernard F. 
Firth Abraliam 
Fi-chaclier .Max 
Fi-^her < ieoi-ire A. 
Fisher (ieorge W. 
Fisher Tiieo. W, 
Fi.-keCha>. H. 
IFi.-ke.lohn .M. 
Fitch H.nrv H. 
- Fitch .lonas 
Fir/ Dainel F. 
I'hz Eustace C. 
Fit/gerald .lohn E. 
Flatlev Michael .1. 
Flatley Pal rick. I. 
FlendngChas. IE 
Fletcher .fo(d W. 
Fletcher John W. 

1 Flood Hugh 

Flovd (.'buries O. 
I Flo\d Edward E. 
I Flovd Sammd E. 

Flvnn Daniel F. 

Flynn .lames .1. 

Fol-er (ieori^e IE 

Folsom Albert A. 

FoEom Sewall S.W. 

Forbes Frank IE 

Ford \Vw. E. 

Forsaith Wm. J. 

Forsjth Jam-s B. 

Foster David W. 

tFoster Dwi.i;ht 

Foster Eben B. 

Foster Xathan'l, Jr. 

Fowle .Setii A. 

Fowle Wm. B. 

Fowler (ieorge R. 

Fox Charles B. 

*Fox James A. 

Fox Thomas B. 

Francis Xathaniel 

Freeman .J. (E 

Freeman William 

F>ench Abram 

French Francis O. 

French (ieo. P. 

French .James 

Frost Eben R. 

Frost George S. 

Frost Henrv W. 

Frost Joseph B. 

Frost Rulu- S. 

Frothiiigham Sam'l 

Frothinuham i\ B. 

Fuller Henry Weld 

Fuller Samuel D. 

Fuller Stephen P. 

F^urber William IE 

GalTield Thomas 

Galloupe Chas. W. 

(iardner Francis 

Gardner Henry F. 

(iardner John 

(iardner Win. S. 

(iargan Thomas J. 

*(.iaston A\'illiam 

(iay Eben F. 

tjiay (ieorge F. 

(iay .lames F. 

(.iay Wm. 1!. S. 

Gerrish William 

Gibbens Joseph 31. 

Gibbs Fraukhn 

(iitVord Xatiian B. 

Gilbert Benj. W. 

(iilchrist Daniel rf. 

Giles Alfred E. 

(iillett .lohn P.. 

(.illey .John E. .M. 

(iillingham Ca-p'r .S. 

Gilman .lolin E. 

Girardin Eouis 

(ilancy John 

(ilea.-ou Horace 

(ilidden Daniel A. 

(ioddard Maurice 

Goldsbury .lohn 

(ioodnow .1 ones (i. 

(ioodrich Eiiiah D. 

(ioodrich .lohn IE 

Goodwin Albert (,i. 

Goodwin Daiuel 

(ioodwin Frank 

(ioodwin Eichard D. 

(iordou (le-nge IE 

(iore Tlieodore W. 

(iorely Charles P. 

(iouM Francis 

(iould Frciierick 

(iouid .Ies>e • 

(iould .-^amuel 

tiratton Daniel (i. 

(iran.ujer David 

(irantham I'reil. 

(.rav.s Frank H. 

(iray Hollis \l. 

*Gray John C. 




Gray John C, Jr. 

*(ji;iv William 
Grav Wmiain 11. 
(ircvri Xii'liol'sSt.J. 
(Jrct lU' Oscar V. 
(inM-nlcaf lii.-liM C. 
<irfeuoiiirli (lia-! T. 
(incDoii^'li Win. W. 
(jlriliin Win. F. 
(iri;.'u''< lifOi-^'-e 
Gri-uultl I). ('. 
Goiii'l A. F/iuTi'nce 
Guil<! Cliarles H. 
GiiiM <rfOi-;^e K. 
(juild .lauu-.s 
Guild .losiali F. 
Giiihl William IT. 
riarkftr Frank W. 
lla.lawav JohnT. 
IIa!r Cvrus K. 
Halo Francis P. 
til ale (jcorc^e S. 
Hale Theodore P. 
Halrv John J. 
Hall Andrew T. 
tHall (^liarl.s li. 
Hall Kdward F. 
Hall Francis A. 
Hall John K. 
Hull Oliver 
Hiillett Henry L. 
Hallott Theodore 
Hamblin Howard -M. 
Haiiunond K. L. S. 
Hanson liadley P. 
Haii.iTood lAnian S. 
Harding Lvin;ni L. 
Harding Win. P.. 
Hai-low Thomas 8. 
Hirnion Stephen\r. 
Harrington Chas. F. 
HarrinLTton Jolm C. 
Harris K,hvard D. 
Harris J. ^Vatson 
t Harris Wm. G. 
Hart. S. Powlaud 
Hart Wm. H. 
*Harvey Peter 
Harwood H-ving I. 
Ha.kell Daniel X. 
Hassani John 
Ha^-ain John T. 
Ha>tinL;S Andrew J. 
Hasti[i-s Fdward 
Ha<tin-s John W. 
Hatch Albert D. 
Hatch Sannud 
Hatch WimLsor2d 
Hatlu'way Simon ^V 
*Haven Fraiiklin 
tHaven Frank'n, Jr. 
Hawkes Thomas l'>. 
Havden Charles J. 
H.iydcn William 
tHayes Francis 15. 
Have- Francis L. 
Haves Wm. A., Jr. 
Head Charles D. 
Healv A. Sherwood 
niealv.Iuhn P. 
H.alvWin. K. 
Hel.ard SvlvesterH. 
Herlire William 
Henieiavav Alfred 
Henihmail Nath. H. 
H.i,-l,;iw Fred. H, 
Hra^haw Joseph L, 
Herrick f'liarles I'. 
H.rrick Wm. A. 
If' r-ev AltV.'d C. 
Hei-ev (Jcor-e F. 
He— Itiiie F. S. 
H'U.s .labez F. 
Hr-.\ ins James 
Hi!a);i,d Win. C. 
Hh-d,Mi-n (Jeo. R, 
iFijgi.i.-on Stephen 
Hill <-!ement H. 
Hill Hamilton A. 
Hill Hamiltiiu A. 

IHII Xoble H. 
Hill Thomas 
mil Thoinas H. 
Hill Wm. II. 
liillard O.urge S. 
Hills William .S. 
HilU TIkhu.s 
llincklrv >amnel L. 
Hinds ("alvin P. 
Hoagii.' Isaac 1'. 
niobart Aaron 
Hobart Artiiur Wm, 
Hobbs (ieorge M. 
tHobbs \Villiam 
Hodgdon Micah W. 
Hodges >amuel W. 
Hod-kins Wm. H. 
Holbr.jok Horatio N 
llolbrook Silas P. 
Holden A. U. 
Holden Fdward 
Hohlen Leonard P. 
Holland Henrv W, 
Holiis J. Kdward 
Hollis Thomas 
Holman llalph ^Y. 
Holmes Kdward J. 
H(;lmo3 George 
Holmes Jabez S. 
Holmes John S. 
Jlolmes Oliver 31. 
Holmes O. W., Jr. 
Holmes Kichard 
Holway Merrill S. 
Homaiis Charles D. 
Homer G<,'orge 
Homer George F. 
t Homer Peter T. 
Hooper Koobert 
Hopkins Albeit H. 
Houghton (.'harlcs 
Hovey F^dwin S. 
Hovey .Joseph F. 
Hovev Solomon 
Howard J as. M. F. 
Howard Martin 
Howard Win. 1\ 
Howe Closes G. 
* Howes Kewis W. 
Howland Ichabod 
Hoxie Tinjothv ^V. 
Ihnt Henrv 
Hubbard Charles 
Hubbard ('has. E. 
Hubbard Josiali W. 
Hiibbard Silas P. 
Hurlson Charles H. 
Hud-on Joiin E 
-l!u.l>on Jolm W. 
Ihimphiey F. J. 
Huniiewcll Francis 
Hunt Hai'rison G. 
Hunt Henrv «.'. 
Hunt ^V. k: o. 
Hunter Henry M. 
Hunting Kdwtird A. 
Hunting (ieorge F. 
Huntinu-ton C. W. 
Hurd Charles H. 
Hur<l Francis W. 
Hurd Tlieo. C. 
Hutch ins Kzni C. 
Hutchiils Henrv C. 
Hutchinson Chas.C. 
HurchiuMMi Wm. H. 
11^ lU- Henrv I>. 
In-ails.lohi'i 15. 
In-alls Melville K. 
Inualh N\ illiam 
Ire-on S. i.iKvin 
Mves .steph. K., Jr. 
.lacksoii ^Vbraham 
Jack.^on (•> .irles K. 
Jark.-on .ioliu (i. 
Jark.-on Patrick V. 
.lack.-oii >aHiuei S. 
.)amr.4 K. Wort hen 
.laipir- I'rancis 
JeSiru'S .lohn, Jr. 
Jenks Lemuel P. 

Jenks Thos. K. 
.Ienni:-on .^aniuel 
Johnson Andrew L. 
Johns(yn Henrv A. 
Johnson Heury W. 
Johnson Pobert 
.folm-on Samn<'l, Jr. 
Johnst'Ui J. Albert 
Jone-; Arthur l]. 
Jones .\uL.oi>line 
f.Joues Id ward J. 
.Jones (WM. H. 
Jones (ieorge S. 
.foues .Jerome 
Jones Leonard A. 
.Jordan Fiank W. 
.Jtjrdan Louis W. 
Jordan Wm. 11. S. 
Josselvn F. 3L 
Joy Albion K. P. 
Keele Win. J. 
Keep Jabez 
tlveith .James M. 
tKellv lalward A. 
Kfcllv ^\^ F. A. 
Kemp U. X. D.. Jr. 
Kendall Pobt. H. 
Kennedy Thomas C. 
Kent James L>. 
Kent i5arker iK 
Kent Wm. H. 
Kern Francis V. B. 
Kettell Kdward H. 
Kettell .John B. 
Keves Charles G. 
Keyes F:beu W. 
Keyes Stephen F. 
Kidder L->aac L. 
Kilton John F. 
Kimbidl Charles W. 
Kimball David 
Kinball David P. 
Kimball Kdgar L. 
Kiinbidl Henrv H. 
Kimball .J. Chellis 
Kimball Moses 
Kimball Otis 
King Dexter S. 
King John G. 
K i n gs bu ry A aron 
Kingsbury (Jeo. H. 
Iviugsbury Wm. B. 
fivin-lev Kdw. W. 
Klttredge Chas. F. 
Kittredge FrancisW 
Knapp Oren S. 
*Knight Henry T. 
Knowles fsai:ih, Jr. 
Ivuim tieorge H. 
Kuhn .lohn 
Kyle \\'inslow S. 
Laiorme .Joseph A. 
Lamb Thomas 
Lamsou Artem's W. 
Lamson .John A. 
Lane Charles B. 
Lane Charles E. 
Lappen Owen 
Lathrop .John 
Lathrup Win. ^F. 
Lawrence Abbott 
*Lawren CO Amos A. 
Lawrence Chas. W. 
f^awr* iiCe lOben S. 
Lawrence FrancisW 
Leach (ieorge C. 
Learned Fi-ancis H. 
Leary .Michael 
Leavitt Charles H. 
Leavitt Wm. P. 
L.e .lame.- W. 
L.e.Iohii Howard 
L.e WUliaiu IL 
L. ir>-lrr (O'O. V. 
'[.'•i_'hton John C. 
Lei-,, ion .iobn W. 
Leiaiid ham r-on 
Leonard! ( oo. B. 
laoriard Joseph 
'Lewis (.ieoriie 

Lewis .T.imos S' 
Lewis Weston 
Lewis Wiuslow 
Lincolii .Vrtbur 
Lincoln Chas. D. 
Lincf)ln ('ha-. S. 
t Lincoln F. W., Jr. 
Lincoln Lowrll 
Lincoln. Pobert B. 
Lincoln Sob/inou 
Litchlield Ira 
Little Charles H. 
Little Samuel 
Littlehtdd Waiter 
Livermore 'J'hos. L.. 
t Locke Jesse A. 
Lombard PichardT. 
Long. John D. 
Long William II. 
Lord J. Br< 
Lord John "W. 
Lord Thomas H. 
Loring (ale!) W. 
Loring Kdward Day 
Loring Klea/er B. 
Loring Horace 
Loring L-aac W. 
Loring .John A. 
Lo)-ing .Joshua 
Lothrop I'.ben W. 
fLothrop i\ K. 
Loud Andrew J. 
Loud Samuel C. 
Lovejoy Saiimel 31. 
Lovejoy V.'illiam B. 
Loverinsr Chas. T. 
Levering l)a:iiel, Jr. 
Lovett (has. W. 
Lovett Chas. W. Jr. 
Lovett .J(;shua 
Low John 
Lowe Abraham T. 
Lowell Augustus 
*Lowell Jolin 
Lucas Winslow D. 
Lund Koduey 
Lynch .John P. 
Lynde Alonzo V. 
Lyndon I'atrick F. 
3facdonald K. A. 
]\L\ck Thomas 
3Lickintosh 11. B. 
Mackintosh Win. H. 
.^lacoinber Fiank G. 
Macy George X. 
ilagonn Herbert 
3Iaguire Thos. F. 
3Iahan .John W. 
3Iair (ieorge H. 
.Mair Tliomas 
3[andell Moses J. 
^ranley .John 
Mann .lohn Julian 
3Ianstieid t rideou T. 
.Marble William 
^larch George XT. 
.March .John S. 
3Iarsh Fre.h'rick A. 
?.Iarsh Henrv .\. 
t-Marsh Lucius B. 
^larsh Robert 
]Marsh Samuel B. 
3IarshStil!inan P. 
^Marshall Wvzeman 
Martin \Villi;im D. 
.^lason KdA:ird H. 
Mason Lvman 
yiason Wult.T X. 
.Mason Wm. H. 
Ma<on Win. P. 
-Mather Heury H. 
.Alattbew- X'athan 
ilatthews Richard 
M;iv .John 
.Ma.v .lohu .r. 
t.Mav J. Wilder 
:dav■^\ ni. 11. 
Mauiadier Jas. K. 
McClcarv .-auri F. 



MoCiellan John 
Mc'"ormick James 
McHlrov .lohu 
Mcfinin; Janie^i II. 
MeK'^fver lit iiry h\ 
yirKim .lohii U'. 
Mcl.t.).! Artlmr J. 
M.-l'ii;ul A. .M., Jr. 
M<"-ht('v John J. 
>Ic:ui Michai-1 
.^It:iii< Win. G. 
>It";irs (r. (iranville 
.M»*ars Jolm, Jr. 
MfiTiam Adolphus 
MtTriurn Joseph \V. 
:M.Tri:mi Otis \V. 
3I.Trill Aiuo> B. 
3Iern!l Charles A. 
Mt^rrill Charles H. 
Merrill Harum 
.Alerrill Moodv 
.Merrilt Franklin S. 
Mt-Tritt Neliemiah 
3Ierwin Kli as 
Meserve I<aac H. 
3reston Lvman B. 
3Iiles Charles E. 
-Metcalf Henry B. 
Miles Cliarles E. 
Millett Joslr.ui H. 
MiUikea Ebeu C 
Mills Dexter T. 
Mills John F. 
Minot Jolm O. B. 
5Ilnot William, Jr. 
Minot Willi im, -3.1 
Mitehell Charles L. 
Jlolineux Kobert (i, 
Molineux UobertW. 
*.Moore Charles W. 
Moore Edward B. 
Moore Fredk. H. 
Moore H. 
Morrill Ceorge 
Morris Robert 
3Iorse Bashrod 
Morse Georjj^e A. 
Morse G^■or■_'e W. 
Jlorse Horace E. 
Morse James C. 
3Iorse Joi.n T., Jr. 
^lorse Nathan 
3Iorse Ilob't M., Jr. 
Morton Andrew J. 
Jlortun Edwin 
Morton Francis T. 
Moselev E'lward A. 
Motte Ellis L. 
]\Ion!ton I'.arron C. 
Moulton (ha-:. J. B. 
Jlowrv Oscar B. 
Mnlliii Wm. F. 
Munra Peter (f. 
JIunroe Francis J. 
3Iunroe Williiua 
!Mur<ioch .Joseph 
3Iurdock Jud?on 
Nason Almon F. 
Nason .[esse L. 
Naylor ir.J.ert F. 
Xuzro Charles G. 
Neale Alonzo F. 
NoeiHiani Daniel 
Nettleio!! Aaron F. 
Xettleton Fdward l\ 
Xewhall Ezra F. 
Xewtou .It'rtnuali L. 
Nicliols Curti< C. 
Nichols Frank A-. 
NichoN (.eur-e \V. 
Nichols .lolui l\ 
NichoU Lviiian 
Nl-hols Robert C. 
Nichols Wm. Jr. 
Ni.-hols Wm. W. 
Nicholson .lames L. 
Nick.Tson.Iohn A. 
Nick.rsou .lu-eph 
Ni.kerson Plinv 
Nilts ."Stephen U. 

Noble John 
Noble. lohn 
No bit- William 
t\orcrii-s ( >fis 
Norman .fames S. 
Norton Michael 
Nour<e P.-aij. F. 
Nowell .lohn A. 
Noves (iecrire D. 
Nutter Charles C. 
Nutter Thomas F. 
D'Bricn Wm J. 
<)'( onnor Edw. B. 
Odione .Fames C. 
Olney Richard 
Ordway .John P. 
Osborn' I-'runcis A. 
Osgood Bvron A. 
Osgood Lewis W. 
Otis Edaumd B. 
+ot-s Tlseo. 
Ot=s William C. 
Owen Rosooe P. 
Page Cyrus A. 
Page E'lward 
Page Timothy Tl. 
Paiiie Robert Treat 
Paine Rob. Trent, Jr. 
Palfrey JVancis W. 
Palmer .Tulius A. 
Palmer Wm. H. 
Park Diiniel 
Park George W. 
Park Jolm C. 
Park William D. 
*Parker Anrelius D. 
Parker Clias. If am. 
Parker ( has. Henry 
Parker Henry G. 
Parker Horatio G. 
Parker Jeremiah D. 
Parker John B. 
Parker .lohn D. 
tParker Samuel D. 
*Parker AVilliam 
Parker William 31. 
Parkiaan William 
Parks Natifl Austin 
Parnvnter Wm. E. 
Par.-ous Solomon 
['arsons 'j'liomas 
Pattee Chas. H. 
Patten Claudius B. 
PatriM) (reorge W. 
I'avne Charles F. 
*Pavsou T'louias 
Pea"br.<lv William S. Chas. L. 
I'ease Frederick 
Peck Oreu H. 
Peck William G. 
Peirce \Viniam 
I'eir^on ( 'harles L. 
Pelton Floretine W. 
Pemiier .J. Read 
Perkins Charles B. 
Perkins Hcnrv P. 
Perkins H. \V..Jr. 
Perkins Ihomas H. 
Perkins William 
Perkin< \Viliiam E. 
P.rry i'axter E, 
Perrv Francis A. 
I'errv (.eorge.V. 
Peters E.iward D. 
INtersou Reuben, Jr. 
Phel!.- .James T. 
l"iil!ip< <"h;trle>i A. 
*Phi;li!)'^(;eo. Wm. 
Phipnen Geor_'c, Jr. 
IMckriin- ivlward 
!'ii-k<Tin_r Hfurv 
Piekrrii.-.Ia.ue.-. F. 
Pickeiiu',' .Io!m 
Pierce Kdw.ird 
Pi.-rce Edward H. 
Pi.Tc- Samuel B. 
Pike Charles E, 
Pike E/ekiel W. 

PilNburv Albert E. 
PindelU harir. E. 
PiuLTry Siuimel H. 
Pinkham (;ei)rge F. 
Piper (jeorire F. 
Pitciier .James W. 
Plumer i\.\ery 
Plumer . Joseph A. 
Plummer C. (r.C. 
tPlummer Farnham 
Pond I5enjauun 
Poor Franklin N. 
Poor (;eo. H. 
Poor. Jolm o. 
Pope Frederic G. 
I'ope !:icliard 
Pope ^^'illiam 
Porter lalward F. 
Porter John L. 
Potter Andrew B. 
Potter Asa 1'. 
Potter Robert K. 
Power 'I'ileston C. 
Powers Cliarles E. 
Pratt Albert S. 
Pratt ("'alob I. 
Pratt Charles E. 
Pratt Elea/er F. 
Pratt (:ieorge L. 
Pratt (ieorge W. 
Pratt Isaac, Jr. 
Pratt Jerahmeel C. 
Pratt John C. 
Pratt Laban 
Pray Benj. S. 
Prentice (ieorge W. 
Prentice Theo. 
Prescott Levi T. 
Preston James W. 
Preston Jonathan 
*Price E. Sewall 
Prince Frederick O. 
Prince .John T. 
Prince Thomas 
Proctor Darwin A. 
Proctor (ico. II. 
Proctor Thoiuas P. 
Putnam Edwin M. 
Quincy Geo. H. 
t<^uincy dosiaii 
(^uinc'.'Siimuel 31. 
(^Miincy \Vm. II. 
(^)uinn James 
fRand Edward S. 
Rand Etlward S., Jr. 
Rand (ief)rire C. 
Randall Otis G. 
Kaukin Simeon S. 
Raiiuey Amiirosc A. 
Ransorn Chandler R. 
Rantoul Robert S. 
Rav l-alwin 
Read Charles C. 
Read .James 
* Red lie Id Isaac F. 
Reed t:iiarles M. 
Reed Etiward 
Reed Gorge M. 
R.'ed Isaac (;. 
Ree.l .James II. 
Reed John 
tReed Jolm H. 
R.L-d .Joseph W. 
Ree<l Sampson 
Reed W. F. 
Revnoids Henrv R. 
Rhodes. I.. I m p;. 
rRice Ahxaiuler II. 
i:ice Fit/ H. 
Rice (ieo. Woods 
Rice S.i;uU( I 
Rbh Giles H. 
Ricli Oti> 
Richards lldward 
Richards (.eo. H 
Richard> .J. Av,>rv 
Richard-on Abij.di 
Richard'ou Albert L 
Richardson Ceo. i*. 

TllcliardsonCr. P...rr. 
Richardson Ivorv \. 
RichanUon Ivory W. 
Ivichardson .la-. I). 
Ricbard.-on .Jeil'rev 
Richardson. John' 
Richardson S. W. 
Richardson Thos. F. 
IMchardson Wm. F. 
Rid. -out .Ju-^tiu 
Ridler ^amuel P. 
Rilev Edward 
Hlilcy Patrick 
Rilev Thoina« 
Riplev i:bed L. 
Ri.-ley .John E. 
t Ritchie Harri-on 
jliitchie James 
Robb James il. 
Robbins .Tosiah D. 
Robert.s George L. 
Roberts James II. 
Robinson A. J. 
Robinson Edwin A. 
Robinson George I, 
Robinson .John C. 
Robinson Thomas 
Robinson Tho.-. ^V. 
Rogers Daniel H. 
Rogers Henry M. 
Rogers James O. 
Rogers Joseph P. 
Rogers sluibael G. 
iioilins Hiram .s. 
Rollins .lames "W. 
Ross Alphonzo 
Ross .Samuel J. 
Rotch Benj S. 
Rowe Geo H. 31.. 
Rowean Thcima.s 
Royce Burnham 
Ruhin George L. 
Ruinrill James A. 
Rugg Erastus 
Russ Augustus 
Russell Belli. F. 
Russell Charles 
Russell Daniel V,'. 
Russell Saml. H. 
IRussell Thomas 
Russell Thomas H. 
Rus..ell Wm. G. 
Satl'ord Geo. F. 
Salisburv Daniel W. 
Salom 3iark 
Sam[)son Oscar II. 
Samuels Edwanl A. 
Sanborn Edward ^\'. 
.*^anborii Era-tu.s W. 
Sanford Bayli"s 
Sanibrd .Joseph B. 
Sanford t)liver S. 
tSanger Geo. P. 
*Saundcrs (iia-. G. 
Saunders Daniel, Jr. 
Savage Edward H. 
Sawyer Fred. W. 
Sawyer .Jabez A. 
.Sayles Henry 
Sayward Win. 
Scanlan .Micluiel 
Scott Augu-tus E. 
Scudder Hi-rirv A. 
Searle (ieorire W. 
Sears Philip H. 
Sears Richard W. 
Sears Willard T. 
Scary, Wni. 15. 
Seavcr Nathaniel 
SeaviT 'WiliiMii 
Seaward Addi-on .1. 
Sedgv. ick Artiiar G. 
Sewall Simael E. 
.>liarp Daniel 
Shattuck (ieo. O. 
>liaw ill iij t.inin S. 
'-havs *,r<ni:i- A. 
-■haw (.e..r-e S. 
Shaw Henry S, 
Shaw Horace 



Sli.'iw Lomuel 
Shaw Koland C, 

Sti;L\V >:l!lllicl 1'. 

Siiaw Siuiiuel S. 
ShiM I'atrirk F. 
Slicl.lou Henry X. 
Siit'ld'iii Will. K. ri,;i<. A. B. 
Mi.'p;ira IMwtnl O. 
Slicrwiu I'lioiiias 
Shiiiiiiiiu Chns. V. 
Shirley I>iU)icl H, 
bliiverick (ivov^e 
Shurtlcir Miram S. 
tSlmrtlelT Niitli'l IJ. 
Sliiitf Jame^ M., Jr 
Si4»'i\-< Cluuii-s 
Sil:-by .lost-pii P. 
Siiniiions t <l\vard yi 
.Siiui!i(»ii's (it'll. A. 
Siiniiions \\'m. A. 
Siinoii(!:5 Alviin 
.Siiiioiids .Tolni II. 
Sii'.i'htir Albert T. 
Skillin^^s I>uvi;lN. 
Shi.'k Chas. \V. 
Slade Lucia:; 
S1..T1KT Charles F. 
>>leei)er Herbert 
TSleeper ,I:icob 
.'^luL'uui >\'iiliam F. 
.Smart Wm. B. 
Smith Albert 
Siaitii Ainos 
Sniitli Ch^irles 
Smith Cliauncey 
Sinilli Kihvard J. 
Suiitli Miiiory B. 
Smith francis 31. 
Smith Franklin W. 
Smitii Henry 
Smitli Henry Hyde 
Smith Henry W. 
Smith Horace 
Smith H. Farnliara 
*SmithJo-hua !'.. 
Smith Lebbeus W. 
Smith Phineas B.. Jr 
Smith Hubert D. 
Smith Thos. C. 
Smith Thomas >r. 
Smith 'Will. A. 
Smyfhe «ieo. A. 
Snellinir Samuel G. 
Snow Henry A. 
Snuw Samuel 
Snow Samuel T. 
*Suhier IMivard I). 
•''•Sijhier Wiiiianx 
Somerby (i. A. 
Soreu .John J. 
Suuthard CJKirle.s B. 
S{Kinl>l!U'_r Ira 1>, 
Si>-are Alden 
Spinney J-^dwin B. 
Spinney Samuel 11. 
Siioouer Nathaniel 
Spotmer .Nalh'l B 
Spraijue Cliarle; J. 
SpraL;ue Fr;incis 
Spra;,Mie Heury if. 
Si raL^ue Tliom'as 
spurr Oliver H. 
S-iuire.!. U. V.. 
srarkpole David D, 
Murkuole .J. I,ewi3 
M lev 'Melville 
••^tailor.l Ciiarles F. 
••-MiHii.h L. Mihv^ 
^r Kidi-h Wiliiatu 
'M.ii'l - llaiiiiiionB. 
t^teart,,- l-Mw:!;- I 
S!e,,ia^ i;f,)r_'e r. 
>?earns .Vaih'l ('. 
St. bbiusSoh.monB. 
Steanian !>aniel l^. 
Mediirau Francis L). 

, I 

Stetson Sidney A. 
tStet;-on \Vm. .1. 
Mevens i'.euj. F. 
Stevi'ii> Clias. E. 
Stevens Henry J. 
Stevens Hiram A. 
Steven? .Ii>>eph C. 
Stevens ^luiu-oe 
Stevens Oliver 
Stevens William B. 
Srevenson .). Thos. 
Stiles I. Auirustus 
Stin\-on AuiS,. G. 
Stoddard Chas. 
Studder.JolinW. T. 
Stone Anson J. 
fStone Banian 
Stone Pit'iiard, Jr. 
Storey Cnarles W. 
Storey 3Iuorlie!d 
Storrow Charles S. 
Storrow .James J. 
Story Isaac 
StorV .Joseph 
Stratton Clias. E.,Jr. 
Stratton T. ^Vilsou 
Stubbe Wm. H. 
Sturtevant Tiios. L. 
Sullivan i;ichard 
Sullivan Thtniias I . 
Suter Hales W. 
Swan Charles II. 
Swan James 
Swan Robert T. 
Swan William W. 
Sweet-er David II. 
Swett Samuel W. 
Swiuson A\'iiliam 
Tainier Alon/o E. 
Taibot Newtwu 
Tallon .James H. 
Tarbell.john P. 
Tasker Ebenezer 
TavlorCeor-e t[.T. 
Taylor T. Albert 
Taylor W. (). 
Teiid Edw. L. 
Teele John O. 
Tenney A1*mizo C. 
Tenney Beiij. F. 
Teseiiemaeiier P. E, 
Thacln.T j-aac 
Thacher I'eter 
Thaciier Sieplien 
Thacher Wm. G. 
TliaxterDunc. .McB. 
Tliaxter ,Jos,'i)ii B. 
Thay.'r Albert F. 
Thayer Clias. F. 
Tliayer David 
Th:r,er .lames 15. 
Thing J. M. " 
Tiiumis Charles G. 
Thomas .James B. F. 
Thomas Serb .J. 
Thomas William 
'I'liompson CIk's. W. 
Thi.>ni])son liiiciauB. 
t rhoiiii)son X. A,. 
Thitinpson Wm. V. 
Thomson .lames D. 
t I'hornilike .John H. 
Tliurndike .Joim E. 
Thorndike Sam'[ L. 
'l'hwiii'4 Siijiidv C. 
Tirrell Cliarfe.'*^- 
Titus John W. 
Tohev t.erald C. 
' Tulmaii i:ben'r W. 
Tomfikins De.Kt<M* A. 
'i'oMiii-'in "-ai.iuel 
■i'..rr>' i; ei. i;. 

inrre. ( Jmu 
Torr-v «.. -.. \V. 
Torrev.i. ,.,■;, it V. 
Towiie C. or.'o (}, 
Tovvue NVUIkuu B. 

Towne AVilli:;m H. 
Tracv Frederick U. 
tTraiii Charles K. 
Tread\\ell .loim P. 
Tripp (.e,.. H. 
Tripp W. D. 
Tucker Horace G. 
Tucker .Jame,-> C. 
Tucker .Joseph AV. 
T'licker P. is <in\ l). 
Tucker Widiam \V. 
Turner Allied T. 
Turner Cliarjes W. 
Turner Ilenrv C. 
Tuttle diaries W. 
Tuttle Samuel .J. 
Tuxburv (ieo. ^V. 
Vyler Charles H. 
■j'yler .lulm 
Tvler .John S. 
Tvler Wm. C. 
Tyndale Iheo. II. 
Underwood F. H. 
Underwood Geo. L. 
Underwood (iuy C. 
Upliam Henry " 
t Upton Geo. B. 
Veazie Joseph A. 
Vialle Charles A. 
Vila .Joseph 
Vina] Paul .T. 
Vincent George II. 
Vincent Wm. H. 
Vinton Alfred C. 

Vose Pobert 

Vose Bobert. jr. 
Wade Joseph .\I. 
*AVa'.dciirh Edwin A. 
Wadsvv-orth Alex. 

AVakelleld Cvrus 

Waketield Enoch H 

Wakefield Thos. L. 
WivlbridiTP Fred. (i. 
Walcott Charles F. 

Walker Clement A. 
AValker Henrv 

Walker Henry "W. 

Walker Samuel A. 

tWallev Samuel H. 

Wallev William P. 

AVallis Elbnd-e G. 

Walsh .iamos ' 

Ward Francis ,) . 

Ward .Joseph II. 

"Ward .lo-eph W. 

W'M-d -Michael .r. 

Ward Samuel I), 

Ward well Henry 

A\'are Darwin E. 

Ware Geo. W. ,!r. 

Ware Horace E. 

Warner Aaron E. 

V.'arner .John 

t Warren Cliarles H, 

Warren Ceurge W. 

Warren \Vm. \\'. 

Warren Wm. W. 

Warren Win^rw..Ir. 

AVashlnirn Ali'X. C. 

Wa-^hburn Beuj. D. 

WasiiburnChas. H. 

Washburn ,Jo!in M. 

Watson .John C. 

Wav John M. 

Wa'v >aniuel A. 

Webb ( harle> H. 

Week.- Allen S. 

Wellington Ambr's 

Wellington Asa 

Wt'lliimtou Hiram 

Wellmau.lohn W\ 

\\'ellman Wm. A. 

Wells I'.euj. T. 

WelD Ilenrv .J. 
n'ells Miciiae'l F. 
W<d-!i l.dward J. 
\Velch .lonarhan W, 
\Vcutworth Alou. B, 

Wentwoith Sam. II. 
+ West Belli. H. 
West Win! H. 
A\eston Thomas, Jr. 
Wheeler .\lex. S. 
Wheeler Cliarles 
Wheelock Furd'ce F. 
Wheelock .John 
tWheelock Pi'ter S, 
Wheelwri','ht A. C. 
Whipple- .John E. 
White Benj. F. 
White Edward ^r. 
^Vhite Henrv B. 
AVhite IJora'ce H. 
Whitehouse C. H. 
Whitman .los. H. 
Whitman Wm. D.A. 
AVhituev Calvin C. 
Whirney Daniel H. 
Whitney Wm. S. 
Whirtemore B. F. 
^Vhittemore Henrv 
Whitten Cha<. V. 
Whit well Wm. S, 
AViirgin Charles E. 
Wiggins .Jolin H. 
Wightman .Jos. M. 
Wilbur Asa 
Wilbur Horace B. 
tWilder James H. 
tWilder Marshall P. 
Wilkius Fred'k A. 
Wilkins Levi 
Willcins Samuel F. 
tWillard.i.oeph A. 
Willard Timor hvW. 
Willcut Levi E. 
Willov Tolman 
Williams Alfred 
Williams Charles F'. 
Williams Illijah 
William? H."B. 
Williams Henry W. 
Williams Horace 
Williams Horace P. 
Williams .Jas.M.W. 
Williams .John 
Williams Moses, Jr. 
Williams liobert B. 
AViiliams S. H. 
A\ illiams W. Koscoe 
Williamson Wm. C. 
Wiilis Bufus .V. 
"Wil-on Artluir I*. 
Wilson Henry W. 
Wilson ./ohn T. 
Wil?on Thomas 
Wilson \\'m. Harry 
\Vinnett .Jason 
AVinship F. Lyman 
AVinslow Edward 
Wiuslow Frank 
"Winslow .ioliii B. 
Wi-e Edwarrl 
AVithington Win. 
W\)odl'erry Chas. D. 
Woodburv Charles 
Woodbury .Jesse P. 
Woodman Cims. T. 
Woodman (ieorge 
vroodman Horatio 
AVood>ide Franklin 
AVooisDU .James A. 
Worthingthi Itoland 
IWriirht Albert J. 
Wri-ht A. i;liss 
Wridit Carroll D. 
Wriuht Edwin 
^Wright I-aac If. 
Wri-iit .James J. 
Wrmht .John S. 
Wrigiit Smith 
\V\nian .Vsa, .Jr. 
AVyman Isaac C. 
Young Hiram C. 
Young P. Ambrose 



Trial Justice. 
Revcrf, Jonathan IfarriiiLi'ton. 
Justices of the Peace. 

^TnrJ,r/!,i'i Jiisi;,; >■ nt' fh" I'ciirr nn-t ihiirnni, /Irs- 
iij.tni' I }j« n '. n.i.l ./„.<t:r, N throwjho>'t. t/n: Coimnon- 
trtuWi. <l'-'i.inatr.l h>i at.] 

Cheh'-a, Isaiah M. Atkins, Edwin 
C. r>:irn/s, Samuel Bassett. tllamlett 
liat.-s. Ralph Boatley, John iiell, 
Ch^-^. r>lan(;hai-d, Caleb Blod'jett, jr., 
William V, Bowen, *Jo?ei)h II. Brau:;- 
don, ^Vn^. P. B. Brooks, Simeon But- 
terfield, Jose{)li 11. Carr, jr., McIUmi 
Chamberlain, Henry L. Champiin, Ira 
Chct'ver, Tracy P. Cheever, AlbiTt 
Dwiirht, James P. Farley, James P. 
Farley, jr., Frank B. Fay, Charles II. 
Ferson, Max Fisehacher, ICustace C. 
Fitz, John W. Fletcher, James B. 
Forsyth, lluf'us S. Frost, Benjamin 
J. Gerrl?li, William Gerrish, John E. 
M. Gilley, A. Lawrence Gould. Jesse 
Gould, James S. Green, John T. Had- 
away, Amlrew L. Haskell, ^Merrill S. 
Ilohvay, Charles Hubbard, Samuel 
S. Jack<on, * Henry T. Kni;^ht, Wil- 
liam H. Lon^', Isaac W. Lorinor, Eben 
W. Lothrop, John Low, Stillman P. 
Marsh, Charles A. Merriam, Otis Mer- 
riam. Otis W. Merriam, Euuene Mil- 
likin, Jacob Mitchell, Samuel Orcutt, 
John P. Pa\son,^Villiam R. Pearmain, 
Benj. Phi{)ps ji'-. Allen Pratt, John 
M. i'rince, Harvey Rogers, Hiram S. 
R dlins, Erastus Ru^'CT- Alonzo C. Ten- 
ney. John AVarner, \V. A. Williams. 

Rei'tfr, Benjamin H. De\vinL2", Jon- 
athan Harrington, yW^ai. G. Harris, 
Ivory N. Richardson. 

Win'/iro/), David Belcher, *Edward 
I'loyd, George F. Satford. 

Bosfon, Frederic S. Ainsworth. Lyi 
Allen, Horace G. Inirrows, William 
I\I. Cornell, Hugh Doherty, Joseph R. 
Draper, (^eor^je E. Evans. Vine II. 
Fitch, John S. II. Forriv/John ^Y. 
Foye, William H. H. Ila>tin-N Pas- 
chal P. Ingalls Richard M. In-alls, 
John J.MeSlu'ehy, Edward B. Moore. 
Aaron P. Rich;trdson, Dunean McB. 
Thaxter, David I'haver, Wm. E. Un- 
derwood. Robert V'ose, jr., Robert 
White, jr., Arthur H. WiKon ; S/;e- 
cia!, Eravtns W. Sanborn, Charles 
Smith. (.'h'.!s'(t, James B. Forsyth. 
Noi'iiries Public. 

Bos:on. Albert W. Adams. Chas. 
B. F. A lam-^. Edwin .V. Alirer, Geo. 
Ames. P. Ad;un> Aiue--, Jona. Amory, 
Wm. S. Andri'-o!i. ."^amuel .\tidre\v.-.. 
Geo. T. Angell. Hermati .V-k-iis-iv. 
John R. Biker. John X. Baibour, 
Elisha Ras<ett. Adolpjms 1> art-s, Jas. 
B. Brll, Morrill P. Berry, Charles 
Blanehard, Abraham F. Bioch, 

Luther Blod^fctt, Jos. R. Bradford- 
Samuel J. Bradlee, Fredk. .M. liri-is 
Lloyd Briggs, Charles II. Brown. 
Edwin ^V. P>rown. Robert IT. Buck, 
I Wm. John Buckminstcr, John R. 
! Bidlard, Robert I. Burbank, Benja 
I min F. Bui'idiam, Wm. W. Inirrau'C, 
i K. Ernest, Caduc, Chas. P. Clark, 
I Henry 1). Clary, Henry E. Cobb, 
1 Henry A. Collin, Wm. W. Cowles, 
: Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. Curris, 
j GeoVu^e H. Cutter, Timothy ]>avis, 
j Thomas A. Dexter, Chas. E. W. 
1 Dimmoek, Charles H. Drew, Francis 
I S. Dyer, George W. Est^brook, 
i George B. Faunce, Alfred G. Fisher, 
I Henry II. Fitch, George II. Folger, 
j John B. Folger, Wm. II. Foster, 
j Benjamin W\ (rilbert, John E. M. 
j Gil lev, Theo. AV. (Tore, J. Brainerd 
i Hal!.' Ri(diard S. Haven. Joseph L. 
! Hen^haw. Cdvin P. Hinds. George 
\ :\I. llobbs, Wm. Ilobbs. jr., Job H. 
! Ilodgman, John S. Holmes, Willis 
j Howes. John W. Hu'lson. Harrison 
1 (t. Hunt, Francis W. Jacobs. Samuel 
I Jennison, Freeman M. Jo.-selyn, John 
{ H. Kimball. Nathan P. Lamson, Wm. 
31. Lathrop. Thomas H. Leavitt, 
Wm. H. Lew's. AValter LittlefieLL 
John D. Long, Samuel C. Loiid, 
vSamuel M. Lovejoy, Ebenr. M. IMc- 
{ Pherson, John Otis Mills, James C. 
! !Morse. Andrew J. Aloi'ton, Ellis L. 
j ^lotte. Edwai-d P. Nettleton, Curtis 
I C. Nichols. Byron A. Osgood. N. 
' Austin Parks, ' Claudius B. Pat'en, 
Frederick Pease, Franklin S. Phelps, 
Asa P. Po'ter. Cln-istooher Prince, 
Otis G. RandaU. Chandler R. R m- 
som, John B. Rhodes. Henry Rice, 
J. Avery Richards. James Rittdiie. 
, Edward Russell. Francis Seaverns. jr.. 
' Daniel vSharp, (^eo. S. Shaw, (icorge 
.Sherman. J. Edwin Sherman. II. 
Farnam Sniith. John J. Spaldinu. 
David D. Staekpole, George C. 
Stearns. Joseph L. Stone. Wm. II. 
Stubbe, Hales W. Snter. J. AVatson 
T.-ivlor. Dinican ?iIeBean Thaxier. 
Charles F Thaver. Newell A. Thomp- 
son. Wm. H. 'Thompson. Paid P. 
Todd. Charles A. Tu-ker. Joseph W. 
Tueker. John S. Tyler. Joseph Vila. 
Chas. F. \\'alcott. Aaron E. \Varn.>r. 
Olivei" Warn^M-. AltVed B. \\arrrn, 
fJohn C. Watson, ^Vmbrose Welling- 
ton. Fraidc (r. ^Vobster. ^V. Ro^loc 
Wrdiams. William C. Williamson. V. 
L\nian Wi'iduj). J. P. Cushinii; ^\'in- 
ship. < '/,cls'-<t. Handelt Bates. Charles 
Blanehard. r'.ben Hutchinson. 
Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
Boittoii, ]\Ioses B. Tower. 
Wi/tthn/p, Edward Floyd. 




Incorporated, April 2, 1731. 

SiiiRE Towns, Worcester and Fitciirurg. 


Judge of Probate and In^olcfucy,. . . . IL-nry Chapin, Worcester. 

Register of Prohnfe and Insolceiicy,. . Chas. E. Stevens, Worcester. 

Ass''tRe(jlsft:rofPrnhateandInsoh-encij Fredk. W. Southwick,. .. . V/orcester. 

Clerk of Courts, Joseph ]Mason, Worcester. 

Assistant Clerk, John A. Dana, Worcester. 

Register of Deeds, Alexander II. Wilder, .... Worcester. 

Countg Treasurer, Charles A. Chase, Worcester. 

f .Jidius E. Tucker, ^ 

I Saml. A. Porter. j- . . . °. . . Worcester. 

r\ X- TT r n 4- Joseph D. Daniels, ) 

Overseers at Houses of Correction,. < m S /. . < 

-' -^ ' ] Ajvah Lro''ker, ) 

William Baker, > Fitchhurg. 

[_ Silas Ilolman, ) 

Sheriff] Augustus B. R. Sprague,. . Worcester. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Atliol, Gardiner Lord. 

Barre, Daniel Cumuiings. 

Blacksfonf, Edmund (). Bacon. 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Douglas. Cornehiis Enimons. 

Fitchburg, Francis Buttiick. 

Gardner, Lucien W. Ih-ov/n. 

Graf on. S. Davis liall. 

Milford, Samuel ^^^ Ilavward. 

North Brookfield, Luther P. De 

Oxford, (Jrrin W. Chaflee. 

Soufhbridgp, {Globe Village), Solo- 
luon Thayer. 

Spt.ncer, Nathan Ilersey. 

Uxbridge. Merrill (jrecn. 

Warren, William Comb-^. 

Webster, Solomon Shumwav. 

Winchendon. Eliphalet S.' Wood. 

Worcester. Jonathan B. Sibl.'V. 
Chas. N. Hair, David M. Earle. 

Paifus Cjirtrr. Jrnrre.^ter. 
Edwin rpton, Fitchburg. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Barre. \\'.mI. next atU-r 2d, Tu. 
of May and Oct. 

At 'Fitchbnrg. 4th Tu. ot' April and 

At Mif>rd, 2d Ti). of April an<l 

At Ti./npirion, 2d Tu, of ]Mav and 

At Worcester. l>t and 3d Tu. of 
every rnontii, except August. 

County Commissioners. 

Velorous Taft. Upton, term expires 
Dec. 187-2; J. Warren Bigclow, Rut- 
land. t*^rm. expires Dtc, 1873; A\'m. 
O. Brown, Fitchburg, term expires 
Dec. 1874, 

Special Commissioners, Silas Ilol- 
man, uJ'jlton, Henry E. Ptice, Barre, 
terms cx-:*re Dec. 1874. 

Time> cj Meeting. — At Worcester. 
4th Tu, in Mar., 3d Tu, in flune, 2d 
Tu. in Sept*, and 4th Tu. ot'Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Athol. Far well F. Fay. 
Fitchburg, David II, ^Merriam, 
Weslbnrough, Ai'thur G. Biscoe. 
Worcester, Frank P. Goulding. 

Public Administrators. 
Lunenburg, Thomas Billings. 
Shreu'sburg, Adam Harriniiton. 
]Vorccsfcr, Francis T. Blackmer, 
James Green, jr. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Worcester, J, Henry Hill. Joseph 
Mason, Henry C. Bice, Hartley Wil- 
liams, (xco. ]M. A\'oodward. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 


Athol (Dp,>l). Charles Field, Na- 
thaniel liichardson. 

Bnrre. ,Iaines W. Ji'uklns, Edwin 

F'tchlnirq. Ebenezi-r Torrev. Geo. 
A. l'..rrev,\Nathani«d Wno.l. ' 

Mif^rd. Thus. <;. Kent. 

.\o]-th Brookfuld, Charles AV. 


Oxford, Emery Sanfonl, Jasper ' Stevens, Cliristoplier C. Stone, Jo-luia 
Brown. I 'i'hissi'll, Charles \V. Worcester. 

]Vliirh,n.],,n. Edwin S. ^lerrill. ; />n<^/, Nathaniel L. Joimson, Al- 
Gili's II. Wiiitney. i pheiis J. Nye, Daniel Stone. 

H'"/Tr*7/r, Henry Chaj)in. Charles I />>///////>•," Warren Ilunn'S, Geor-re 
A. Cha<.-, Jnlin A. Dana, Charles W. F. Ilutchins, Wni. 1). Jones.— 7?^./ 
Hartshorn, Jos.-ph :\[ ison, GeorL'e W. j Dow/I, is, Fenner Badu'ller, Afloli)hns 
Kiehanl-on, Win. A. Smith, Clias. E. j F. IJi-own, Samuel W. Heath, Lyman 
Stevens. } Parsons. 

Justices of the Peace. j i^'<^//e//, William L.Davis, Ira F. 

[Inclwlinfj J'u','';< or- the I'.ace. and Quorum, <Ich.,- \ Jaeobs, CliarleS C. ^^'0(Jd. 

tr.'alr!,,,fe.-vj7ia!tdii,n*.l I i' /^r/d/y/Z/Y/, CluiS. J. P>1 llin<:S, Hiram 

A Aslthnrnhamy Jiihn L. Cnmminirs, i A. Blood, Lewis H. Dradtord, E(hvai'd 

\' Daniel Ellis, jr.. Win. P. EUis J»romr ; A. Brown, Wm. O. Brown, Thos. C. 

AV. Foster, Marshall Wethe.bee, j Cahlwell, fAlvali Crocker, Festns C. 

Ohio Whitney, jr. Askljuniham\ Cxirnev, Edward P. Downe, Walter 

Depot, Wilbur F. Whitney. Nnrfh | A. Eanies, Geo. F. Fay, Charles Fes- 

' Ashburnham, Alfred Whitmore. | senden, Charles S. Hayden, *Stillman 

Athr>U Benjamin Estabrook, Far- j Haynes, f Alfred Hitchcock, George S. 

well F. Fay, Thomas H. Goo(l>t)eed. j Honghton, Henry Jackson, Edward 

Lyman W.'Hapgood. Joseph ]\[.'Har- j P- Eoring, Moses G. Lyon, *Charies 

ring-ton, Franklin U. Haskell, George ] ^^lason, Havid H. Merriam, Charles 

W. Horr, Enoch T. Lewis, Samuel j A. Morgan, f Amasa Xorcross, Hale 

M. Osgood. AthoJ Dfpot, tCharles I ^^"• Page, John B. Proctor, Geoi-ge 

Field, (ieor^e H. Hoyt. Howard i Baymond, Ezra I>. Rockwood, Otis T. 

B. Hunt, Xath Ltiiel Richardson, j Rugbies, Edward B. Sawtell, Alvin 
Walter Tliorpe. ' | M. "Sawyer, AbelSimonds, Charles H. 

^u/^;'/r/^ John ^Mellish, Demosthenes j B. Snow, Cyrus Thurston, fEbene/.er 
TitVany. - j Torrey, George A. Torrey, George E. 

Barrr, Pliny H. Babbitt, Charles ' Towne, Edwin Upton, Wm. H. Vose, 
Brimbieeom, Humphrey F. Brooks, j Thornton K. AVare. Joseph Willard, 
J. ]\Iartin Gorhani, --James W. Jenk- ; lltMiry A. ^Vi^lis. ■"Xathanlel Wood, 
ins. ^"Henry E. Pdr-e, Henry J. Shat- { James M. Woodlmry, William Wood- 
tuck, Edwin Woods. ! bury. 

BrrUn, Albert Bjijcock. Wm. Bas- i G>rnJn,:r, John Edgell, Thomas E. 
sett, Rufus S. Hastings, Josiah E. I Glazier, Charles Ileywood, Ephriain 
Sawver. " | D. Howe, John M. Moore, Francis 

B'hick^f.nw', Svlvanus H. Benson, i Richardson, Edward J. Sawyer, Sim- 
Estes Burdon. Silas A. Buru^■ss, Uon W. A. Stevens. 
Francis KL-Uey, Arthur A. Putnam.; (inir'io,,, -Abraham ]\1. Bigelow, 
Moses D. S)Uthwiek, Pre^erv<d S. i '^^infl ilaningion, Luther K. Lcland, 
Thayer, Willard Wilson. 7v(srZJ'(a-/i,-- 1 'h)hn McClelian. Jasper S. Nelson, 
ton>\ Andrew K<'ily. MUlci'JL',, John i George K. Niehol'^, *1). Webster Nor- 

C. Seott. I cross, flames G Piitnam. Ashley \\ . 
iio/^<y^ Roswell Barrett, Silas Hoi- j Riee. George F. Slocomb, Je.-se II. 

man, Solomon H. Howe, E<iwin A. i Smith, Rufus E. \\'.ii-ren, fJoua. D. 
Whitcomb. j Wheeder, W. White, Stephen P. 

Bof//s(on (^'' ■/(■/•' ), Charles An- I "^^'hiu^ Hkuiry F. AVing, Charles C. 
drews, Jos. ^I. Wriizht. ; Wood, Jonathan H. Wood. — >Sau//- 

nrnnl:ii<hf.(;eo. S. Duell. *l)wl<rhti </rrsrii/r, Gilbert C. Tatt. 
Hyile, (leorg.- \V. JMhiis.-u, Hiram; //''/v/zr/V/-, Daniel S.Collins, James 
Newton. Emmons Twitehell. A^/s/ P- Fay, Albert E. Knight, John F 
Bmokrichl, Samuel D. Cole, trco. Btich.— r;/'//, /-/r/Z/V . Wm. H. Tueker. 
Forbes. llnrrnni, Trumbull Bull, Asa D. 

iJi'ir'ton, Henrv Clarke, Rutus B. Farnswortli, Edwin A. Hildreth, 
Dodge, Alfred \\. Fi-ke, Allman Eno^ h Peikins, Au'iustus J. Sawyer, 
S impson. ' "fKi)--t,,n I '//y, Simeon Sauund F.Whitne\, Wm. B. Wilhwd. 
Landj, *U'm. P. Marble. ' . : H'ndi,,, Lrael" M. liall, Charles 

(.'iintnii, Daniel H. Bemi--. Henrv Challin, Charles Flagg, Joseph H. 
X. Bigelow, Eli-ha Brindirdi, -.lohli Cleason, ls:iac N. Uo.s, Jacob N. Tol- 
T. Dame, Franklin Forb'-s, iHnoch I'lan. 

K. (;;b|)s, Henry C. Givriey. (harles II ni,hnnlsh,n. Win. Bennett, A\'m. 
F. W. Parkhur^r, . Willini:t(m F]. H. Morse, Levi Pierce, Lyman Wood- 
Parkhni-st, Ezra Sawyer, Charles G. ward. 



Lanra.^ff-'i% Francis B. Fay, Jacob 
Fi.^her, Georje \\ . Howe, Caleb T. 
Sv/nmes, John L. S. Thompson, Solon 

Leicester, John 1). CoL'swell, Chas. 
A. Denny. Joseph A. Denny, Silas 
(ileapod, Cheney Hatch, John N. 
Munlock, Henry O. Smith, Luke (t. 
Sturtrvant. — C//^/t// Valleii, Albert 
E. Smith. — Roch'ldie, Elbridge G. 

Leoininisttr^ Joel C. Allen. James 
Bennett, Alfred L. Buniltt, Geor<xe 
S. Burrntre. Leonard Burrage, Chaun- 
cey \V. Carter, Caleb C. Field, Jonas 
^V. Gates, Manson D. Haws, John 
H. Loekey, Chas. H. Merriaui, Sam'i 
Putnam, ffoseph G. Tennev, Merritt 

Lunenhurrj, William Baker, Thomas 
Billinjis, Georsze A. Cunniuizham, 
Chas. A. Goodrich, *Cyrn.s Kilburn. 

Afendon, Nathan George, John G. 
Metcait', Samuel H. Tatt, Gustavus B. 

Milford, Chas. F. Chapin, Lloyd H. 
Cook, Jas. K. Davis, Chas. A. Dewey, 
A\'m, F. Draper, Henry E. Fah^s. Lew- 
is Fales, Zibnon C. Fields. Leander 
llolbrook:, fThos. G. Knit, f Aaron C. 
Mayhew, Abraham Mead, George G. 
Parker, Lawrence Keaile. John S. 
Scammel, An<irew J. Sumner, Alvin 
G. Underwood, Orison Underwood. 

Millburif, David Atwood, Heary L. 
Bancroft, George A. Flagg. — West 
MUlhury, Jonathan E. Waters. 

New Braintret, Charles A. Gleason, 
Josiah P. Gleason, Benj. F. Hamil- 
ton, George K. Tufts. 

NorOtJiorouqJi. \\'ilder Bush, Sam'l 
Clark, George C. Davis, Milo Jlil- 
dreth, Anson Bice, Abraham W. Sea- 

Northhridqe. Charles O. Bachelor, 
Joel Bachelor, P. Whltin Dudley, 
^Vm. D. ^lasrroft, Hiram Wing. 
— Whitinsvil'e, Robert G. Adams, 
H. Aug. Goodell, fCharles E. ^Vhirin. 

yorl/> Brof)kpeJ.(LfC\m<: Adams, jr., 
Chas. W. Adams, Robert E. Beecher, 
George Harwood, John Hill, Hiram 
Knight, Bonum Nye, Joshua Porter, 
Edward J. Russell, Augustus Smith, 
Wavreu Tyler, f Amasa Walker. 

()(i/:/iam, Closes O. Avres, Mark 
Haskell. ' ' 

O.rfonf, Charles A. Angell, Jasper 
Brown, Jonathan P. Dina, Alexander 
De Witt, Alfred W. Lou-. John B. 
Pratt. Samuel W. Smith. James Tay- 
lor.— A^or.'A Oxford, Sam'l R. Barton, 
E. Harris Howlaml. 

Barf on, John C. Bigelow, David G. 


' Davis, Silas D. ITaiTlngtnn, TLanntiond 

I W. Hubb.ird, William Mulligan, Geo. 

: W. Partridge. 

j Befershii/tt, Collins Andrews. Steph. 

; D. Goddard, John (t. ]\Iudge, Josiah 

[ White, Lewis Whitney. 

j P/'fi':lps:o/), Jason Gouldiug, Henr\- 

I S. Miner. 

I Princeton^ Asa H. Goddard, David 

1 n. Gregory. Albert C. Howe, Eph- 
riam Osgood, fCharles Russell. — East 

j Princeton, Wm. H. Brown. 

j RouniMon. Barnet Bullock, Nahum 

j Longley. 

I Rufla/id, Alonzo Davis, John A. 

I Harris. J. ^Va^■ren Bigelow. 

I S/iren\-;Jnir)f, Chas. O. Green, *Chas. 

• O. Green, jr., George H. Harlow, 
Wm. H. Knowlton, George Leonard, 
Jonathan H. Nelson. Thomas W. 

Soudihoro\ Franklin Este, Jonas 
Fay, Richardson Go<idard, Curtis 
Newton. Dexter Newton, Henrv S. 
Wheeler. -Co/v/rti-///^, Hubbard Will- 

Soufhhrkhie, Andrew J. Bartholo- 
mew, *Frederick W. Botham, Syl- 
vester Dresser, Samuel ]M. Lane, Man- 
ning Leonard, John O. ^[cKinstr\-, 
Danforth K. Olney. 

Spencer, Joshua Bemis, John N. 
Grout, Nathan Hersey, *Lutlier Hill, 
Erastus Jones. Theodore C. Prouty. 
Thomas A. Prouty, Wm. Sampson 
Richard Sugden, William Upham. — 
Charlton Depot, Levi A. Doane. — 
Leicester, George A. Craig. 

Sttriiiitj, Eli Kilburn, William D. 

Sturhridae, Henrv Havnes, Henrv 
E. Hitchcock, Noali D. Ladd.— F/.4- 
dcde, E. L. Bates, Averv P. Tavlor, 
David Widit. 

Sutton, Stephen B. Holbrook, Hor- 
ace Leland, Solomon Severy, Russell 
Titus, -John W. Whipple. — Man- 
chaiuj, Wm. Abbott. — ]Vv>:t Snffon, 
Njithan "Waters. — Wi/linsnrtvidfi, Isaac 
B. Ilartwell, Wm. B. Hill. 

Tfinpieton. Edwin G. Adams, John 
M. Brown. Gerard Buslinell. Stillman 
Cady, Gilman Day, Elisha C. Farns- 
worth, Dexter Gilbert, Joshua B. 
Gouki, (jcorge P. Hawkes, Veranus 
P. Parkhurst, Wm. Smith, E. Wyman 
Stone, John W. W^ork. 

Upton, George S. Ball, Horace For- 
bush, Levi W. Tat>, Velorous Taft. 

U.d>rid<p^, Asahel F. Aldrich, Val- 
entine 31. Aldrich, Henry Capron. 
Alvin Cook, Francis Deane, Fre<i»'ric 
B. Deane, ^lerrill (ireene, (leorL^e W. 
Hobbs, Eugene H. Newton, Zadok 



A. Taf>, p:dwara C. Thayer, Charles 

Warren, James S. Davis, Samuel 
N. Gleason, fJoseph F. liiteheoek, 
Joseph H. Louiharil, Georoe ^I Xew- 
(xni, Willi im L. Towers, D. Warren 
Sliep'iird, John Tyler, — West Wcuixn, 
Amori F. Howard. 

Wcf/.^fer^ Iliram Allen, Frederic 
1). Brown, Chester C. Corbin, fWm. 
H. Davis, Edwin May, John B. llas- 
ler, John H. Stoekwell, Seymour A. 

Weslhoro\ Curtis Beenian, Arthur 
G. Bisioe, Geo. O. Brigham, Jo;iah 
Childs, Jolm A. Fayerweather, Jabez 
G. Fisher, Samuel %L Girngs, Brain- 
erd Hall, l>aniel F. Xewton, Benj. 

B. Nour.-ie, Sidney S. Turner. 

West Boylston, Albert Hinds, Geo. 
F. Howe, David P. Waite, Aaron E. 
Winter. — Onkddk, Ebentzer M llo^- 
mer, Hamson E. Morton, Joseph E. 

West Broolfiehi, Lyman H. Chara- 
berlin, Lemuel Fullam, Alar.son 
Hamilton, Avery Keep, Horace G. 

Westminster^ Joel Merriam, jr., 
Daniel C. ]Miles, Harrison G. Whit- 
nev, James B. Wood, Bt-nj.Wyman. 

Winchendon^ Amos W\ Buttriek, 
Bethuel Ellis, * Edwin S. Merrill, 
Isaac ^L Murdock, Henry W. Pierce, 
Lafayette W. Pierce, Chas. J. Kiee, 
Ira Kussell. Frank V>. Spalter, Web- 
ster IL Tucker, Joseph S. Watson, 
Windsor >:. White, *Giles H. W^hit- 

'Worcester, Frederick E. Abbott. fP. 
Emory Aldrich, Chas. Allen, Lucius 
S. Allen, James G. Arnold, Henry 
Bacon, Better C. Bacon, Geo. H. Ball, 
Phineas Ball, Chas. Ballard, eLimes 
H. Bancrott, Frederick J. Barnard, 
I^wis Barnard, ^\m. C. jja.'lxmr, 
Wm. S. Barton, Daniel W, Bemis, 
Merrick Beniis, James H. Benchley, 
Sam'l T. Bigtdoiv, Francis T. Bla.k- 
mer, Harrison lilies, jr., Cluirhs E. 
Brings, John IL Brook<, (ieorge A. 
Brown, jAugustus G. Bullock, Asa 
L. Burbank, Charles W, Burbank, 
Charhs IL Burleigh, Albert C. But- 
trick, fllenrv Chapin, f Antliv. Chase, 
Charles A. ' Chase, P. ^V. Colleary, 
Samutd H. Culton, Mirick H. Cow- 
den. Wm. Cross, AriLi:ur^rufi N. Cur- 
rier, *Johii A. Dana, ,]o>eph D. Dan- 
iels, Edward L. Davis, f ;saac Davis. 
Jo>eph E. Davis, ^V'iiiiJm S. Davis, 
WillianiS. Denny, fFraiicis H. Duwy, 
Thomas H. Dodge, Jas. N. Djennan, 
jJohn MilUjn Earle, A. Jones Eaton, 

Lyman A. Ely, Geo. IL Estabrook, 
Jones E. Estabrook, Frain-is A. Gas- 
kill, William A. Gile, Samuel B. L 
Goddard, Milton B. Goodcdl, Ransom 
3L Gould, Fi-ank P. Goulding, James 
Green, jr. .John U.Greene, Julius (iun- 
ther, E. P.Halsted. J. P,rainard Hall, 
J. P. Hamilton, T. W. Hanunond, 
William B. Hardiiig, Clarendon ILir- 
ris, Darnel W. Haskins, Ossian L. 
Hatch, Samuel F. Haven, Daniel A. 
Ha\vkins, jr., William H. Hevwood, 
*J. Henry* Hill, Charles A. Holbrook, 
Henry J. Ilowland, Joseph A. How- 
land, Clark Jillson, Edward Ken- 
dall, George A. Kimball, Francis 
L. King, Francis H. Kiimicutt. Asa 
L. Kneeland, Joseph B. Knox, 
William S. Lincoln, Thomas Mag- 
en nis, David Manning, jr., Jerome 
F. ^Manning, Edwin T. Marble, Henry 

A. Mai*sh, ^Joseph Mason, ^William 

B. Maxwell, Mathew J. McCatlerty, 
James MelanclV, Isaac S. Merriam, 
Henry K. Mcrrifield, Chas. 3d. Allies, 
fThomas L. Nelson, John C. Oiis, 
Charles Pacaud, Nathaniel Paine, 
Amos M. Parker, Henry L. Parker, 
Loien C. Parks, David F. Parmenter. 
Fi'ank W^. Perry, fivers Phillips, Bur- 
ton W. Potter. ^laurice A. Power, 
Charles B. Pratt, fCharles L Putnam, 
Charles \a. lleddmn, Charles W. Rice, 
George T. Rice, Ilei^ry C. Rice, Her- 
bert M. Rice, fWiluam W. Rice, 
fGeo. W\ Richardson, James S. Rolt- 
ers, Ste[)hen Salisbury, Ste|)lien Sal- 
isbury, jr., Jonathan B. Sibley, Chis. 
E. Simmons, George E. Smith, G. Ed- 
ward Smith, Samuel Smith, Sidney 
Smith, Frederick W. Soutlnvick, 
fAngustus B. R. S[)rague, Franklin 
M. Sprague, W^ddam E. Siarr, Cha.-. 

E. Stevens, ]Y.\\yA\\ B. Stoddard. 
Samuel V. Stone, f George Swan , 
fPutman W. Tait, fAdin Thayer, 
John R. Thayer, Josiah A. Thomj)- 
son. Joseph A. Titus, Jnhus F.Tucker, 
Sanuiel Ctley, Edward W. ^^^iil. 
George F. ^'e^^y, Horace B. Vcny, 
James H. Wall, jr., Justin A. ^\'a^e, 
Thornton K. V{nr(.\ *Charles Wash- 
burn, fJohti D. Wa>hburn. \Villi,;m 
Ansel Washburn, fJoini \\. Weth- 
erell, Hen.v 3L Wherler. Franklin 
Whipple. Charles B. Whit in-, Silas 
\Viiitmore. Harvey B. ^Vi^h•r, fHart- 
ley Wdiiams, William A. ^Villiams, 
Emery Wdson, Charles AWxxi, (ice 

F. \Vo<id, George M. \\'o(jdward, 
Heiiry Wocwlward. 

Trial Justices. 
Athul (D,p.4), Franklin R. Haskell. 
Barre^ Edwin Woods. 



Black'^ttonr, Silas N. Buriios'. 
Hro.>kp.hl, Georiie S. Duell. 
CUnion, Clirisro[»h*'r C Stone. 
Dana (North). Daniel Stone. 
I)r>w//as (East), S unuel W. Heaih. 
OarJner, Thomas H. (j\;\/.wr. 
Gntffon, ,liinu-s \V. White. 
Hnrd'rkk, Janu's P. Fav. 
Hnlden. Joseph H. (;it'a'son. _ 
L^'nmimfer, Charles li. Meiriain. 
Mil (bur I/, Georiie A. Flaofir. 
Northboroiu/h, Samuel Clark. 
Spencer, Lutiier Hill. 
Templeton, E. Wynian Stone. 
Upton, Veloroiis Tatt. 
Uxhridge, Zadok A. Taft. 
Warren, Joseph F. Hitclieoek. 
Westhorough, Curtis Beeman. 
West Boyhton, Albert Hinds. 
Winchendon, Bethuel Eilis. 
Worcester, Henry C. Rlee. 

Notaries Public. 

Ashhurnham, Jerome W. Foster. 

Athol, Farwell F. Fay, George W. 

Athol (Depot), Charles Flekl, Na- 
thaniel Richardson. 

Barre, Charles Brimbleeom. 

Blackstone, Silas A. Burf^e^s. 

Brookjield, Gteorge SV . Johnson. 

Clinton, Charles. G. Stevens, Chas. 
M. Dinsmore. 

Douglas (East), Lyman Parsons. 

Fifchhurg, Stillman Haynes, Hiland 
C. Hitchcock, Edward P. Loring, 
Amasa Norcro<<, George A. Torvey, 
Thornton K. Ware, Nathaniel Wood, 
James M. Woodbury. 

Gardner, Francis Richardson. 

Grafton, James W. White. 

Lancaster, John L. S. Th(jmpson. 

Leicester, Chas. A. Denny, Chencv 

Leominster, Jas. Bennett, Channcey 
W. Carter. 

Milford, Napoleon B. Jolinson, 
Thomas (t. Kent. 

MiUhuri/, Ira N. Goddard. 

XnrfJdiorovfjh, Samuel Clark. 

Norlhbrid(je, ( WhiSin^cilie), Edward 

Oxford, Emory Santbrd. 

Southhridge, Manning Leonard, Cal- 
vin A. Paige. 

Spencer, Luther Hill. 

Uxhridge, John AV. Capron. 

Warren. Joseph F. Hitchcock. 

Webster, John H. Stockwell. 

Westhorough, Arthur G. Biscoe. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, 
Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, Wm. S. Barton, Charles 
]\[. Bent, Samuel T. Bigtdow, John 
Boyden, John A, Dana, A. Jones 
p]aton, George H. Estabrook, William 
T. Harlow, M. Henrv Hill, Charles 
A. Merrill Henry L. 'P.irker, Henry 
C. Rice, Samuel Smith, Eiiiah B. 
Stoddard, Charles B. AVlnting," Hart- 
ley Williams. 


Athol, Enoch T. Lewis. 

Barre, Henry J. Shattuck. 

Clinton, Lucius Fl« Id. 

Fifchhurg, xVltred Miller. 

J////orfi," George B. Blake. 

Southboro' (special) Curtis Newton. 

Sturbridge, David "Wiudit. 

Sutton, (Special) John W.Whipple. 

Warren, Nt-Ison Carpenter. 

Westhorough, (Special) David F. 

Winchendon, Joseph S. Watson. 

Worcester, David F. Pannenter, 
Frank IL Rice, J. >Larcus Rice. 
Special, Jonathan B. Sibley. 


Barnstable County. 
Barnstable, F. G. Kelly. Centreville 
Brewst'-r, S. Foster 
Chatham, Josiah Mavo 
Denuis.Obed B.iker,'2.i,West Dennis 
Easth im, Joshua Paiae 
Falmoiuh, d'hos. Lewis, Jr. 
Harwich, Freeman Snow 
Orleans, Frcem m Mayo, Ea-t Orleans 
I'rovincetown, Parou C. Vounix 
Sandwudi, H. Cr. O.Ellis 
Truro. Samuel C. Paine 
^Vellth't't, James T. Atwood 
Yarmouth, Wm. P. Davis 

Berkshiro County. 

I Adams, Mvron liaiTOws, Nortli Adams 

! Allbrd, William B. Fenn 

; Berket, Mari< P. Carter 

; Cheshire, lOdwMu F. \i<kerson 

I Clarksburg, J. I). Clark, Nn-th Adams 

jDalton, Henry M. Parker 

i Egremont, .Joseph .V. Benjamin, S. 

! Egremont 

Florida, .V. D. Tower 

Great Barrin'jton, Isaac Seeley 

Hancock, Chas. H. Wells 

Hinsdale, John Cady 

Lanesboroiigh. Chas. B. Whitney 


Leo, John Stallman 
Lenox, Wm. I). Curtis 
Monterey, MerDck C. Lanj^don 
Mount Washington, Orrin C, Wlii*- 

New Asbfbrd, Elilm Inoraluim 
New Marlborough, Seth Tease, r^Iil 

Otis, Isaac L Norton 
Peru, S. H. Pelton 
Piitslield, John M. Taylor 
Richmond, Henry B. Stevens 
Sandistieki, S. M'. Caetle, ^MontvIIle 
Savov, N. E. Golf 
Sheffield, John D. Pnirteh 
Stockbridge. E. Seyini.ur 
Tyringham, Creo. AV. (TarlJeld 
Washington, A. P. Pomeroy 
AV. Stockbridge, Wm. C. Spaulding 
Williamstown, B. F. blather, jr. 
\Vind?or, James L. White 

Bristol County. 
Acushnet, Creorge P. ]Morse 
Attleborough, Narbati C. Luther 
Berkley, T. P. Burt ^ 
Dartmouth, Creorge F. llowland 
Dighton, Wm. ^^ ood 
ICaston, John Kimball 
Fairhaven, Tucker IJamon. jr. 
Fall River, George A. Ballard 
Freetown, D. C. H. Hatheway 
Manslield, AU'red V. Kogeirson 
New Bedford, Henry T. Leonard 
Norton, ^ih.'^senl^er 
Raynham, A. A. Leach 
Rehoboth, Cyrus M. Wheaton 
Seekonk, Jonathan ChalTee, E. Prov- 

idenre, R. L 
Somerset, John G. Tinkham 
Swanzey, Joseph G. Listber 
Taunton. James M. Cushman 
Westport, Albert C. Kir by, Central 


Dukes County. 

Chilmark, AViliiam Norton 
Edgartowu, B. C. Marchant 
Gosnold, Samuel E. SkitF 
Tisbury, Lot Luce 

Essex County. 
Aniesbury. Jos. Merrill 
Andover, E. K. Jenkins 
Beverly, James Hill 
Boxtbrd, Thomas P. Dorman 
Bradtbrd, Nathaniel ilatrh 
Danvers. A. S. 1 Ibward 
Essex, John C". Choate 
Georgetown, (). !>. Tenney 
Glou< ester, David ^V. i»w 
Groveland, Cli.ts. II. llopkinson 
Hamilton, L F. Kninvlton 
Haverhill, U illiam B. Eaton 
Ipswieh, We>ley K. Bell 

Lawrence, Geo. R. Rowe 

Lynn, Benjamin H. Jones 

Lynnfield, John Dantbrth, Lynnficld 
i Manchester, John Lee 
I ^larblehead. William Gilley, jr. 
: ^Metliuen, S. G. Sargent 
I Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelder 

Nahant, Alfred D. Johnson 
I Newbury, \Vm. Little 
! Newburyport, C4eorge H. Stevens 
j North Andover, A. 1). Carlton 
i Peabody, Nathan H. Poor 
j Roekport, Calvin W. Pool 
! Rowley, John S. Prime 
j Salem, Henry ^I. .Meek 
I Salisbury, Samuel J. Biown 
I Saugus, Wm. H. Newhall 
j Swampscott, Wm. 1). Brackett, jr. 
I To{)shehl, J. P. Townc 
I Wenhara, Wellington J'ool 
I West Newbury, John C. Carr 

I Franklin County. 

j AshBeld, M. G. Cook 

j Beiaiardston, Silas N. Brooks 

I Buekland, R. L, Packard, Sheiburne 

j Falls 

! Ciiarlemont, B. A. Farnsworth 

! Coleraine, A. C. Smith 

■t Conway, H. W. Billin':^s 

I Deerfield, Elisha Wells 

j Erving, Noah Rankin 

Gill, Josiah I). Cannintz 
I Greenfield, Noah S. \Vells 
j Hawley, Harvey Baker, West Hawiey 
I Heath, Ephraim Scott 
j Leverett, E. M. Ingram 
! Leyden, U. T. Darhng.jr. 
I Monroe, rloseph H. Hicks 
j Montague, J. H. Root 
i New Salem, Royal Whitaker 

Northfield, Samuel \\'. Button 

Orange, R. D. Ciiase 

Rowe, Charles H. Scott 

Shelburne, Alanson K. Hawke3 

Shutesbury, A. P. Brown 

Sunderland, John ]M, Smith 

Warwick, A. S. Atherton 

Wendell, Andrew T. Bemis 

Whately, Samuel Lesure 

Hampden County. 

Agawam, S. H, Bodurtha 

Blandfbrd, J'^lisha W. Shepard 

BrimtieM, Henry F. Brown 

Chester, Timothy Keete 

Chicopce, Lester Dickinson 

Granville, R. S. Brown 

Holland, F. E. Kinnev 

HolyokcE. H. Fla-g' 

Longmcadow, Oliver ^\'oIcott, East 

Ludlow, Benjamin F, Burr 

Monson, Edwin E. Towne 



Mo!it,!ioincry, Lewis T. Allyu 
Palmer, James B. Shaw 
Kus^ell, 11. W. Parks 
Soiuhwick, William Phelps 
SpriuirfieM, Albert T. Fulsom 
'rdL-nid, Wm. AV. Harrison 
AVal<j>, G. S. Iio;j:«m's 
Westfield, Robert B. Robinson 
W. SpriagHeld, J. M. Ilarmoa 
Wiibraham, Robert R. Wright, jr. 

Hampshire County. 

Amherst, Samuel C. Carter 
Bt'l/hertown, E. R. Bridgman 
Chesterrield, Albert Nirhols 
Cummingtou, Almon ^Mitchell 
Enfield, Augustus ?^Ioody 
Goslien, Elijah Billin'js 
Granby, Charles S. Ferry 
Greenwich, David Alk-ti, Greenwich 

Hadley, Wni. S. Shipman 
Hattield, Wm. L). Billings 
Huntington, Wm. S. Tinker 
Middletield, J. :\[cE!wain 
Northampton, W. F. Arnold 
Peiham, George W. Shephard 
Plainfield, Freeman Hamlen 
Prescott, Frederick N. Pierce, North 

South Hadlev, Ira B. Wright, South 

Hadley Falls 
Southampton, 11 A. Edwards 
Ware, Lewis P. Edward-: 
Westliampton, Fred H. Judd j 

Williamsburg, Tiiomas M. Carter j 

Worthington, Charles K. Brewster 

Middlesex County. I 

Acton, William D. Tuttle | 

Arlington, John F. Allen I 

A^ibv, A. A. Carr I 

Ashland, William A. Tilton I 

Ayer, Andrew W. Ftdch ! 

Bedtbrd, Charles A. Corey 
Belmont, William W. :\Tead 
I'.illerica, Dudley F()srer 
Boxliorough, Oliver Weth -rbee, \\ 

Aecun, P. O. 
BriLihton, Webster F. Warren 
Burlington, Snmuel Sewall 
Caml)i-idge. Jii>tin A. JacoU 
C irli>le, Sclar Simoads 
Charlestown, John T. Prii-st 
Ciitdmstbrd, (ieo. A. Parkhurst 
Couc-ord, GeorL'e Ileywood 
Dracut, Henry L. Nrwhall 
Dunstable, Henry J. dulles 
Ev't:'rt'tt, Juse[)h H. Canncll 
Frauiiniiham. Charles S. W'hitmore 
Groton, (ieorgc D. Brighani 
Holliston, Juhn M Bif.du Ider 
Hopkiuton, Clement Meserve 
Hudson, Edwin AmsiK-n 


Lexington, Leonard G. Babcock 
Lincoln. Henry C. Cha{»in 
Littleton, Wm'. Kimball 
Lowell, Samuel A. ^IcPhetres 
.AL-dden, Albert F. Sarg.-nt 
Marllxu-ough, William A. Alley 
^La\nard, E. R. Cha^e, 
Medtbrd, Parker R. Litchneld 
Melrose. James Wort hen 
Natick, George L. Slcper 
Newton, Marshall S. Rice 
North Reading. Charles P. Howard 
Pepperell, David W Jewett 
Reading, AVm. J. Wightman 
Sherborn, Jos. Dowse, jr. 
Shirley, Jonas Longley 
Somerville, Charles E. Gilman 
Stoneham, Silas Dean 
Stow. Henry Gates 
Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 
Tewksijury, Samuel L. Allen 
Townsend. Christopher (xates 
Tynusborough, Howard Coburn 
Wcikefield. Benjamin F. Packard 
Wattham, Daniel F. Viles 
^V'atertown, Joseph Crafts 
Wayland, J. A. l^oby 
Westtbrd, Winthrop F. Wheeler 
Weston, George W. Cuttinir, jr. 
Wilmington, W^. H. Carter, North 

Winchester, George P. Brown 
"Woburn, Nathan Wymau 

Kantucket County. 
Nantucket, William Cobb 

Norfolk County. 
Bellingham. Joseph T. Massey 
Braintree, Elias liayward 
Brookline, Benjamin F. Baker 
Canton. Andrew Lopez 
Cohasset, Edward Towei- 
Dedham, Jonathan H. Cobb 
Dover, Abner L. Smith 
Foxborough. William H. Thomas 
Franklin, Al])hens A. Rus^-egue 
Hvde Paik, Henrv B. Terry 
:Med field, Jeremiah B. Hale' 
Med way, (jeorge P. ^Nletcalf 
Milton, flason Ueed 
Xeedham. Solomon Flagg, Weilesley 
Xortblk, Silas E. Fales ' 
Quincy, (icorge L. Gill 
Randolph, Hii-ani C. Alden 
Sharon, Otis Johnson 
St(/u-hton. Mark O. Wlieaton 
Walpole, (ieorge P. Morey 
West Roxbury, A\'illiam Maccarty 
U'eMUonth, Francis AuilVier 
Wreuiham, Samuel A\'arner 

Plymouth County. 
Abington, Geo. L. Biehardson 
Brid_^e water, Lewl> Holmes 




Carver, X»l-on P)arrows 
Duxbury, Jo<iah Pcter.-on 
Kast Biidirewater, .Jacob A. Rogers 
Halifax, Ell win In-jlec 
Hanover, Ijcrnard Damon, ^Ve^t Han- 
Hansui), Josephus Rryaiit 
Hingliaiu. Charles X. Marsh 
Hull, Lewis P. Loring 
Kingston, ^'atlian IJrooks 
Lakeville. C. T. AWstgate 
Clarion, Chailes H. Delano 
!MarslifieM, Daniel Stcvt-ns 
Mattapoi-ett, Thomas Nelson 
Mid(llL-l>oroiigh. CotneUus B. Wood 
North Bridgt'water, W. H. Wales 
Pembroke, George H. R\der 
Plymouth, Leander Lovell 
Plympton, AVilliam Perkins 
Rochester, John 8. Ryder 
Seitnate, J. L. Menitt, North Srituate 
South Seituate, Ebvnizer T. Fogg 
"Wareham. Frank Gibhs 
West BridgL-waier, Austin Packard 

Suffolk County. 
Boston, Samuel F. ]Nh.>Cleary 
Chel.-ea, Saniuel Bassett 
Revere, William T. Hail 
Winthrop, Watren Belcher 

Worcester County. 
Ashburnham, William P. Ellis 
Athol. Thomas H. Goodspeed 
Aubmn. Emory Stone 
Barre, H. F. Brooks 
Berlin. Josiah E. Sawyer 
Blackstone, Junius Bates 
Bolton, Pa( hard S. Edes 
Boylston, H. H. Jjrigham, Boylston 

Brookficld, H. V. Crosby 
Charlton, Alfred E. Fiske 
Clinton, W. E. Parkimrst 
Dana, D. L. Pvichards. North Dana 
Douglas, AVllHam 11. Moore 

; Dudley, Mo>es Barnes, jr, 
i Fitchbnuu, Henry Jackson 
: Gardner, Francis Rithardson 

(irafton, James W. \Miite 

Hard wick, Albert E. Knight 
; Harvard, Hiram ^\ hitney 
! Holden, Gi-orge F. Rogeis 
I Hubbardst(^n, Lyman \\'oodward 
I Lancaster, J. L. S. Thompson 
j Leicester, Jose])h A. Denny 
I Leominster, Joel C. Allen 
i Lunenburg, James Putn^uii 

]Nh'ndon, David Adams 

Milford, Lewis Fales 
; Millbui y, Ira N. Goddard 
I New Piraintree, George K. Tufts 
1 Northborough, A. S. Waits 
; Northbridge, Hiram Wing 
I North Brookficld, Hiram Knight 
I Oakham, Jesse Allen 

Oxford, Alfred AV. Long 
I Pax ton, John C Bigelow 
i Petersham, Lewis Whitney 
: Phillip^ton, Albert A. Bolton 
i Princeton, D. H. Gregory 
I Royalston, Joseph T. Nichols 
i Rutland, George A. Putnam 
! Shrewsbury, William H. Knowlton 
j Southborougli, Franklin Este 
i Southbridge, S. S. Perry 
' Spencer, Emerson Stone 
; SterliuLS William D. Peck 
! Sturbiid'je, A. C. Morse. Fiskdale 
j Sutton, William C. Chase 
I Templeton, Gerard Busbnell 
; Upton, Jerome Wilmoth 
i Uxbridge, Henry Capron 
I Warien, Samuel E. Blair 

Web>ter, S. A. Tingier 
j Westborough, Samuel M. Griggs 

West Bovlston, Horatio Houghiou 

West Brboktield. E. H. Biair 
j Westminster, William Mayo 
! Winchcndon, \Vebster Whitney 
■ Worcester, Samuel Smith 





^ 4 








4 th. 








C. B. H. Fe<^enden, Pl>/r,>outh. ; 1st. 
Natlianiel AVales. Stoiu/htnti. 
W. R. Lee, Bo./on. 

Otis Clapp. Bostnn. 

Eben. F. Stone, X(^'-hitr?/i)ort. 

P. J. Sr.aie. C/,,trl. s!r,>r!i. 

C. C. E^tv.!n>/I,.>n>. 

^^illi;u^ T. Harh.u-. ]V<.r>ysttr 

Amasa Norei-oss. Fi.'r/.hurf/. 

T. M. P>rown, >i'/ iiit/fi' !(l. 

\ -Jd. 
I 3(j. 

■ nth. 
I 7th. 
i 8th. 

! 9th. 

C. W. (rreene. Fall RU-er, 
15. W. Harris. Bo:^tmi. 
Charles W. Slack, Boston. 
John Sarfient, Boston. 
C. C. Dame, Ne>vbur;iporf. 
George Cogswell, IldverhiU. 
Georjje H. CJordon, Boston. 
A. P>. 11. Spraiiue. W'orcfsff 
Luke Lyman. Xi.r'Iidinpton. 

10th. E. R. Tinker, Xorf/t A>i(iJ 

Supffrvisor, Ih.-i. ojMass., R. /., and Conn., Wni. A. Simmons, Bcstci: 



Towns are also given which are not Podt-oflices ; but tlieir Post-office immediate ly fo'lows. 
]\anie8 iu Small Capitals are Mouey-Order CWIicea. 

East Abint^ton, 
North •' 
South " 


Benj. L. Nasli 

Joshua ;!. Sniitli 

George Clevtrlv 

Albert Davis 

John E. Cutter 

South Acton, Jona. K. W. Wciherbee 
West •' Charles ll;istingri 

Aoushnpt, Cyru3 K. CUirk 

Adam-', John E. Mole 

Nourn Adams, Edwin Itoj^ers 

lilackinton, Edward W. Blackiuton 

Adanisville, j-ee Coleraiu 

A^awam, Lyman Allen 

Feeding Hills, Ezra (i. Gavlord 

Alford, James H. Edwards 

Allston, ?ee Brighton 

Amesbury, Wm. H. B. Currier 

South Amesbury, Clias. E. Kuwell 

We?<t *' ' Joseph ^y. Sartrent 

Amhf.RsT, JairuH L. Skhiuer 

Nonti Amherst, Forester 1*. Ainswurth 
South •' Waitstill Di<-'kin.son 

Ayi)()\'Ea. William Marland 

Ballard Vale, JsaacU. Blunt 

Annisquam. see G-louccster i 

Arlington, Frederick E. Fowie 

Ashburnham, Geo. C. Winchester 

Ashburnhana Depot, David E. Poland 

Burrageville, Jonas W. Dwinell 

Ashbv, Charles U. Green 

Ashrield, il ses G. Cook 

South Ashfield, Chandler A. Ward 

Asliland, James H. Jones 

Ashley Falls, see Sheffit'Id 

Ashleyville, t^ee West Springdeld 

A>.-ahet, ?ee Mayuard 

Athol, Thomas U. Goodspeed 

AtholDkpot, Lucien Lord 

Attloborough, Nathan C. Luther 

North Attleborough, Thos. R. Jones 

South *' Janu's S. Day 

Hebrouville, Charles V/. Lilliebridge 

Auburn, Williatn Bunce 

Auburndale, see Newton 

Ayek, William H. Harlow 

Ayer's Villa;:je, see Haverhill 

Biildwinxviile, see Tenipleton 

Ballard Vale, sv^e Andover 

Bancrott,' see Middlttield 

Bardwell's Ferry, see Shelburne 

B.VKNs iWHUK, Janies Clagg 

Centreville, Ferdinand G. Kelley 

Cotuit I'oint, Ciiarles C. Bearce 

Ilvannis. Theo. F. Bassett 

Jlarston's Mills, Charles Bassett 

O-'t.erville, George ii. Hincklev 

W. Barnstable, Shadrack \, Howland 

B.VKRK, Aspasio f. Wilson 

Barre Plains, Edward Denny 

Smiliiville, J. Edwin Smith 

Bay View, ^ee Gloucester 

Becket, Jonathan W. Wheeler i 

Becket Centre, Mrs. liuth(;. Smith ' 

Wf't Becker, Miss Linilv A. Sowle 

Be'lford. -Marcus B. \Vobb>-r ' 

Bclohertown, Sainu.d W, Li-ULclfy 

Bellin».'iuiin. Uuel F. Tliavor 

No. r.'Uinghara, Stephen B. Smith 

Caryville, Calvin Fairbanks 

Belmont, Aaron A. .loncs 

Waverley, Larra W. Manroe 

Berkb'v. Daniel S. Brii,'gs 

Berk-hire, see Lanesboroi'.ah 

Berlin, liulus 3. Hastinu'S 

Wc«t B'Tlin, .>il<is li. ( artir 

Bernardston, Wiiiiam Dwiglit 

Beverly, Thomas D. D.iv is 

North Beverly, Moses F. Fostt'r 

Beverly Farms, Isiiac S. Day 

Billerica, Franklin JaqMirh,jr. 

North Billerica, James VVhittmorc 

Blackiuton, see Adams 

Blackstone, Junius Bates 

East Blackstone, Theophilus B. Gurney 
3Iillville, I'reserved S. Tliayer 

Blandtord. Howard P, Kohinson 

North Blandford, Charles M. Waite 

Bolton, Exra S. Moore 

Bond's Village, see Palmer 

Bo.>TO>', William L. Burt 

Dorchester, Kobeat Vose, jr. 

Harrison Square, Jeremiah Sanborn, jr. 
Mattapan, Charles E. Stevenson 

Neponset, Amory C. Southworth 

Boxborough, Lymau ^lead 

Boxford, Fredfiiek A. Howe 

Vt'est Boxford, Wm. Ii. Kimball 

Boylston, James A. Weeks 

Boylston Centre, Henry White 

Boylston Station, see West Koxbury 

Bradford, James Kimbill, jr. 

Brajrgviiie, see Ilolliston 

Brain tree, Charles W. Proctor 

South Braintree, Josepli Dyer, jr. 

Brewster, Mrs. Martha B. Hiickins 

West Brewster, Eben F. Ryder 

East *' Josepli Foster 

South " Nathaniel .Myrick 

Bridokw.\teb, Lewis Holmes 

Scotland, ^Hss Hasadiah K. Chipmau 

Brighton, Mrs. Sybil S. Day 

Allston, .loiin Parklmrst 

Brimtield. Henry F. Brown 

East Brimileld, Charles Varuey 

Brooktield, John i^. Ainsworth 

Ea-t Brooktield, George Forbes 

Brookline, Cyrus W. Buggies 

Buckland, Samuel B. Taylor 

Burlington. Silas Cutler 

Burragc'viile, see Ashburnham 

Bytiela, see Newbury 

C.VMBKIDGE, George M.Osgood 

Ea.-t Cambridge, Marrha A. Laniley 

North " John A. Goodwin 

CA.Mt!HIl)GP:POliT, John 3IcDutlie 

Campello, see No. Bridgewater 

Ca.nto.v, Rufus C. Wood 

Carii>le, Sydney A. liull 

Carver, Pelham W. Burrows 

North Carver, BtMij. Ransom, jr. 

South " Augustus F. Tillson 

Caryville, see Bellingham 

Ceutreville, see Barnntuble 

Central Village, see West port 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Taylor 

F'fst Charlemont, Lorin Merr'iam 

Zoar, Isaac D. Hawks 

Ch.irb-s River Village, see Dover 

CUAULtsi'ow.v, Rufus A. \N'lnte 

Chariton, AM'red E. !<'i.-ke 

Charlton City, xMrs. Julia A. Mclutir.- 

Charlton Depot, Almon ."^ impson 

Chatliam. Ziba Nickerson 

ChattKun Port, Enos Kt-nt 

North Cliathdra, Benj. T. Frei-iuan 

South " Levi Elhridgf. jr. 

We-t " Sanuiel Doaue 

Chf-luisf.jrd, George A. Parkluir-t 

North Clielmsford, Hli-lia H. Sliaw 

South " Thonia-i M. (Jerri^li 

\\ f-t " ChristopluT R.)by 

MiiMlescx Vilhige, John W. Damon 

Ciii"!.st.\, Clifton A. Blanchard 

Ch'Try Valley, see Leicester 

Chv-hirL', Henrv C. Bowen 

t:!ifHter, William Fay 

North Chester, Herman l*uw»-rs 

Chester Centre, James \V. ."^mith 





Chesterri< lij, Joel Engriirn, jr. 

W»-«t Chesterfield. .loseph W. Tirrell 

C'hejttimt Hill, see Newton 
Cmcoi-LK, Andrews. Hunter 

Cnicoi'LK Falls, AVra. M. Gilbert 

WillitTKiUietl, rascal J. Newell 

Chilniark, John Danham 

Chilton vlile, see Plymouth 
Clarkj'burtr, no V. U.: ad(iro8s N. Adams. 
Cliftondale, t^ee tjaugus 

Clin'Ton, Charles M. Dinsmore 

Cochoactt, soe West IJridgewuter 
Cochitufite, see Wayland 
Cohasset, Edward Tower 

North Coha.^set, Welcome lical 

roUl Brook Spring, see Oakham 

North Falmouth, 

Wood's Hole, 

Ferdinand G. Nye 

Stephen DillinL'ham 

Sila- llatL'h, ..'d 

Owen Kldridge 

Crocker H. Bearae 

Orson B. Curtis 

John Wilson 

Joseph T. Miller 

Joseph (irit-wold, jr. 

Calvin W. Shattuck 


Elm (irove, 

College Hill, see Medtbrd 

Collins's Depot, see Wilbraham 

CONOOKD, Henry L. Whiteomb 

W^estvale, "Geo. E. I'olter 

Conway, Richard Tucker 

Cordaville, see Southborough 

Cotuit Point, see Barnstable 

Cummiiigton, Darius W. Lovell 

Curamiiigton W. Village, (.'has. Harlow- 
Swift Kiver, Wm. H. Guillord 

Curtisville, see Stockbridge 


North Dana, 

Danvers Centre, 

Danvers i'ort, 

We.->t Danvers, 

North Dartmouth 


West Dedham, 


Keadviile Station, 

South Deerfield, 

Dennis Port, 

South Dennis, 


West " 

North Dighton, 
Dorchester,' st-e Boston 
Douglas, 31 is 

East Douglas, 

diaries Kiver Village 

West Dudley, 
Dux bury, 


East Bridgewater, 

Jo[.j)a \'illage, 

North Efistham, 

North Ea^tou, 


Vineyard Grove, 

North Kgreiuuut 


Ks.M X, 


riios. G. Carbon 

W^illiam H. Balcom 

David L. Kicliards 

Joseph E. Hood 

Frederick A. Wilkins 

David 3Jead 

Samuel Wolcott 

Francis W. IMason 

Abner P. Barker 

Thomas E. Sant'ord 

Ambrose B. Galucia 

Theodore Gay, 'Jd 


Enoch P. Davis 

Miss Martha G. Pratt 

Obed S. Arms 

Howes Chapman 

Thos. Howes, Jr. 

Marshall S. Underwood 

Lothrop Hjwes, jr. 

Zadok Crowpll 

William B. Whitmarsn 

Edward A hay 

Fariiumsville, see Grafton 

Fayville. see .Southborough 

Feeding Hills, see Agawani 

Fiskdale, see Sturbridge 

FiTCHiuiutJ. George E. Goodrich 

West Fitchburg, William Baldwin 

Florence, see Northampton 
Florida, Nathan White 

Hoosac Tunnel, Michael B. Collins 

Forge \'illage,see Westford 
FoxiiuKotroii, Joseph F. Hodges 

East Foxborough, David Wyman 

West '' MiH9 Fannie S. Everett 

Framingham, Mrs. Julia H.S.Wilde 

South Fp.amingham, Willard Howe 

Saxonville, Luther F. Fuller 

Fkaxkhx, Joseph A. Woodward 

South Frimklin, Joseph H. Wadsworth 
Franklin City, see Norfolk 
Freetown, Joshua Shove 

East Freetown, Reuel Washburn 

Gardner, Charles W. Bush 

South Gari>n'er, Simeon W. A. bteveus 
Gay Head, no Post-oiEce 

(ieorgetov/u, Oliver S. Butler 

Gilbertville, see Hardwick 
Gill, Josiah D. Canaing 

Glendale, see Stockbridge 
Globe Village, see Southbridge 

Charle.s E. Grover 

John D. Davis 

Henry H. Bennett 

Wni. B, Sargent 

Josepli W. AVonson 

Henry C. L. Hiskell 

Joseph Hawks 

J. Frank Searle 

James A. Morse 

Wm. T. Barker 

GlU>ert C. Taft 

Phllo Chapia 

Factory S'lllnge, see Greenfleid 

3Iary Ann.Holman ! 

George '\V Spencer i 

Isaac Howe | 

;e, Marshall Newell I 

James H. AViisou ! 

William L. Davis j 

Wm. H. Pearson j 

Elliott O. Taylor 1 

Henry L. Sampson * 

Harvey Soule | 

George 1{. s'tandi-h ' 

iSeiij. W. Keirii 

Warren K. ( huronill 

Micah S. Paine 

Abram M. Horton 

Jeremiah H. Bardwt-11 

John Kimball 

George B. Cogswell 

George Co;, eland 

Jared W. CoiUn 

Charles M. Vincent 

Seymour B. Dewey 

Ju.-eph A. i'>eiij:imin 

Gilbert E. Walker 

Noah liaukiu 

Daniel W. B.irtlett 

(no E. Kiaiball 



Bay View, 


East Gloucester, 

"West Gloucester, 


New England Village, 

Gran by, 

(liraniteville, see Westford 
Grantville, see Needhaiii 
Granville : 

(iranville Corners, Rufus H. Barlow 

East Granville, Ralph S. Brown 

West *■' Rufus Smith 

Grkat BarrinqtoK, Isaac Seeiey 

Housatonic, John M. Seeiey 

Van Deuseaville, Miss Jane Van Deusen 
GrkknfikI-d. Lewis Mem im 

Factory Village, Seth Wuod^ 

Greenwich, Sylvester F. Root 

Greenwich Village, Henry M. Brovrn 

Greenwood, see Wakeiield 
Griswoldville, see Colerain 
Groton. Hattie E. Farnsworth 

Groton Junction, changed to Ayer 

West Groton, 

South Groveland, 

North Hadlev, 

South Hanover, 


SoMtii Hanson, 


Charles H.Hill 

Chas. H. Hopkiiison 

Eustis P. Parker 

William S. Shipiuan 

Simon K. Cooley 

(Jfdeb Poole, jr. 

Austin A. Whipple 

Wm. H. liapliam 

Robert S. Curtis 

Isaac G. .■^-tetsoa 

Horatio B. MiLToun 

Andrew iiowker 

Cvrus A Hatr?s 

Albert E. Knight 

Lewis N. Gil'jert 

Long Plain, 

Fall Uivku, 

East FaluioutU, 

Elbridge G. Morton 

John .Manter jr. 

JMwin Shaw 

Thomas H. Lawrence 

Josbuu W. Duvii 

Harri-on Square, see Boston 

Hartsviile, see New Marlborough 

Harvard, Zophar Wctlierbea 

Still Uiver, AViiham F. I'latiiiian 

Harwkmi. William H. Underwood 

Ea-t liai wicli. IHrain E. Nicker.sou 

North '• Elijah B. <ears 

Soutli " William M. Ehlndge 

West Harwich, l-.rastus Ciia^e 

Harwich Port. Shubael B. Kelley 

Hatohville, see Falmouth 

Hatlleld, Mr«. Ursula B. Grav«8 




North Hatfield, Reuben H. Belden ! 

HAVCRniLf,. Davitl IJovnton I 

East H'verhill, John P. Nichols | 

Avt-r'd Vilhii^'e, Charles II. Hurnhaiu i 

Uuwh-y. Edwin Scott ' 

West Uawley. Mark. II. V'iucent I 

Hayden Kow. jiee Kopkinton i 

Haydeuville, see VV'illiamsburor ! 

lltath, Horace McGeo i 

Hehronville, see Attleboroufrii I 

HinKhani. Edwin Wilder. 2d ; 

Huii^'hiim Centre, Henry Sidors ; 

South Uingham, Josiah I-ano ! 

Hinsdale, John Cady I 

Holdfc-n, Samuel W. Armington I 

Holland, Francis E. Kinney \ 

HoLLrsTON, .Jame8 F. Fi-ke \ 

East HoUiston, Edward 0. Parker j 

T>rag{.'villp, Dennis llart->linrn : 

Holin.'s'd Hole, changed to Viuevard Havtn ! 
Hor.YOKt:, Charles B. Presoott j 

Ireland, Chester Crafta 1 

Hoosac Tunnel, see Florida I 

Hopedale, see Jliltbrd 
HopKiMON, Mrs. Ann F. Pierce | 

Hayden Kow, Benjamin Phfpps i 

Woodville, Albert Wood ! 

Housatonic, see Great Barrington ! 

Hubbardston, Lyniiui Woodward j 

Huo-ON, Silas F. .Mansoii I 

Hull, Joseph Pope | 

Hunting^ton, Samuel T. Ey man 

Norwlcii, Osman E. Knight I 

Hyanni!!. see Barnstable j 

Hyde Park, William J, Stewart | 

Indian Orchard, see Springdeid I 

Ipswich, John H. Cogswell 

Ireland, see Holyoke 
Jamaica Plain, see West Roxbury 
Joppa Village, see East Bridgowater 
Kingston, Azel H. Sampson 

Lakeville, C*'phas Haskins i 

EancaNter, Humphrey Barrett | 

South Lancaster, Daniel il. Howard 

Lanesborough, Charles L. Wood i 

Berkshire, William G. Harding | 

Lanesville, see Gloucester i 

Lawuknce, Geo. S. Merrill I 

Lkk, Eliphalet Wright I 

East Lee, Wm. P. llatubljn '■ 

South " William G. Merrill i 

Leeds, see Northampton I 

I.,eicester, Lyman D. Thurston I 

Cherrv Valley, George Browning i 

Roclidale, Mrs. S. M. House | 

Lenox, Thomas Post 

Lenox Furnace, Andrew T. .Servin 

Nl'w Lenox, Ofcar H. Hutch5n>;on 

Leominster, Charles II. C-'lhurn 

Nortii Leominster, William F. Howe j 

Levtrett, Bradford 'A. Field i 

North Leverett, <_)tis Chittenden i 

Lexington, Leonard G. Haboock ' 

East Lexington, Augustus ('hilds ' 

Leyden, Mrs. J. Vining ! 

Lincoln, Jamts J^. Chapin j 

.Soutli Lincoln, Albert A. Cook 1 

Littleton, Josoph A. Ilarwood 

Lock's Village, see Wendell I 

Lo!igme.:id >w. Edwin K. Cohon i 

East Longmeadow. Cortez F. Russell i 

Long Plain, see Fairhaven i 

LaNVKLL, John A. (Goodwin j 

Ludlow. Eli M. .Smith | 

Lunenburg, Daniel Putman ! 

Ly.n'.v, John Batclu'!d<-r | 

Lynniicld. James Jack.son | 

L\ imtitld Centre, Levi H. Russt-d i 

Maldt-n, . Trmple l)n,\i:<i j 

South Maiden, Gt-orge E. Kiinball | 

.Mil>lt'\vood. Elkauah A. Cummings | 

Manoliaug, see Sutton i 

Jlanctiest».T, Julius F. Rabardr | 

MaiKiitld, Sumue! C. J.ovi-ll j 

West Man.§ficld. Albert Perry j 

Majiicwood, .«ee Maiden | 

M \Kiii.i:uKAi.), Knotl V. Martin | 

llinon. SylvunuH W. Hall i 

MAKi.noi'.ouGK, John S Fav ! 

Marsiuield, George 31. Baker | 

East Marshfield, Mrs. Almira L. Damon 
North •' Benjamin Flatch 

^Marshtiee, Solomon Ataquin 

^larston's 3Iill.s, see Barnstable 
Mattapan, see Boston 

-Mattapoisett, William E. Sparrow 

Mavnard, Abel (}. HavTies 

3r«^dtield, Isaac Fiske 

Med lord, John H. Eanies 

We>t ."Medford, lieiiben Wih-y 

Colh-e Hill. Benj. T. White 

3l!:r>w.vv, Henry E. !\Iason 

East .^ledway, Mrs. Mariam Ituniels 

West •' Joseph N. Tourtillotte 

Rockville, Fred*^ric Swarman 

^lelrose, Mrs. Susan E. Eastman 

Jlondon. Henrv A. .\ldricn 

Metluien. Samuel G. Sarijent 

Middleborough, Andrevi- L. Tinkharn 

P]ast Middleborough, Anna C. Eddy 

North " Solomon White 

South •' Jolin S. Benson 

Rook, [srael Smith 

^liddletield, Oliver Church 

Bancroft. Chester W. Merritield 

Middlesex Village, see Chelmsford 

Middleton, Joseph A. Batchelde 

Mil.Foiin, George G. i'ond 

South Milford, Hatnkt B. Fisk 

Hopedale, G<'ori;e Draper 

Milibliry, Roland E. Bowen 

We.n Millbury, Mrs. Emily C. Goulding 

IVIil! River, see New Marlborough 

^liller's Fulls, see Montague 

Millingtou. see New Salem 

Millviile, see Blackstone 

Milton, Henry Pope 

Milton Railway ia a Sub-oifice 
3Iirickville, see Taunton 
Mittiaeague, see West Springtield 
Monroe, Stiiltnan Whitcomb 

MoNSOX. Edwin E. Towne 

Montaguf, Isaac Cheney 

MoiitaiTue City, Daniel Wilder 

Miller's Falls, Edward E. Conant 

Turner's Falls, Rector L. Goss 

Monterev, Wilbur C. Langdon 

Montgomery, H e n ry S . S tile 9 

Montville, see Sandisfield 
Monument, see Sandwich 
Mount Auburn, see Watertown 
Mount Washington, no P. O ; address So. 


Nahant, Welcome W, Johnson 

Nantucket, Andrew "Whitney 

Natick. Mrs. Caroline Brigham 

Souti) Natick, Isaac B. Sanger 

Nkkdham, Charles C. Greenwood 

Grantville, Alvin Fuller, 2d 

A\ ellesley, Francis W. Fuller 

Nefionset, see Boston 

New Ashford, Miss Caroline Dewey 

Nkw liEOFOUD, Edmund Anthony 

New ]'.oston. see Sandisfield 
New Braintree, George K. Tufts 


Bytitld, 3Ii8s Harriet L. Moody 

Nkwiu'uyport, Richard Plumer 

New i:iig!and Village, see Gralton 
New Leuox, see Lenox 

New -Marlborough, Sheldon W. Wright 

Hartsville. Frederick E. Starks 

3Iili River, Flind Tiivlor 

Southrield, WillinTn fl. Baldwin 

New Salem, Frederick A. Haskell 

Nortli New Salem, Erasmus I). Andrews 

•Millington, Lyman E. Moore 

Newtox, .loim G. Latta 

Newton Centre, .Miss Lucy A. White 

Newton Hiarhlands, James F. ('. Hyde 

Newton Lower Falls, William R. l»in!ond 

.Newton L'pper Falls. Joseph F. Web-ter 

Newtonville, Jeremi:ili B. Lovett 

W<-t Newton, John H. liixby 

Aubumdale, George L. Bourne 

Chestnut Hill, Isaac King'^bury 

Nortolk, Henry Trowbridge 

Franklin City, John F. Torrey 

Nonrii.vMPioN, Lorenzo W. Joy 

Florence, litnry F. Cutler 



North Ainiover, 

North An. lover Depot 
North hriii;:*-, 

Northbridtre Centre, 

Noil 1 1 1 1 ! u u n:; i; w at i:r, 


North- Wt'it Bridgewater 


Alfred P. Critchlow | 

John Kof*t<T I 

, Amirt-W Smith I 

John l;. (r.iwfurd I 

Lenndur K. Miiith I 

Win. 15. Fuller | 

James F. Whitin ! 

Henry French \ 

Nel.'^on .1. FoHx i 

Levi French I 

^V'm. L. Poland | 

North Ch'j^ea, changed to Kevere 
Nortlitiehl, Lewis T. ^rebstor 

Northtield Farms, 3Io-es Firield 

We^t Noitlitield. Elijah K. r..ddihff 

North Keadin^', Al<Mtzo K. Damon 

Norton. iJIrs. Harriet Hodges 

Norwich, ?ee Huntington 
Oakdale, see West Boylston 
Oakham, Alanson Pronty 

Cold Brook Springs, Geo, L. I'Jpley 

Davis (ioddurd 
Natlian L. Jolm^^on 
Miss Amelia 6now 
John Kenrii'k 


North Orange 

South < »r]ean8, 

Ea!<t Orleans, 
Osterville, see Barnstable 

West Oti", 
Otter Kiver, see Tempk-ton 


South Jiovalston, 


North ILutland, 
West Rutland, 

Sai> M, 


i:ast Salisbury, 

New Boston, 
South sandisfield 

East Sandwich. 
North Samlwicli, 
Soutii Sandwich, 
West Sandwich, 
Spring Hill, 

Sungus C'entre 

Lot Higgins 

Joseph Ken yon 
Jabez C. A\'ard 

J. Scott Todd 

Obadiah Walk.r 

Burton B. Murduek 

Horace Parks 

Alon/o Davi* 

nerbrrt '}. I'honias 

Andrew J Pitrcfe 

Geo. ii Pi<-rson 

Ezra .Merrill, jr. 

Samuel U. Chapin 

Geo. F. Butler 

Samuel M. Ca-th? 

Orlo Burt 

RoUin A. Web.-ter 

Frederick S. I'ope 

Joseph Ewer, jr. 

Charles Hourne 

Solomon C. How land 

Isaac N. Keith 

Abram F. Swilt 

Asa Raymond 

Joseph G liolway 

Miss Charlotte ]\L Hawke's 

John E. Stocker 

George H. Sweerser 


North Oxford, 


Three L'ivers, 

Bond'd Village, 

East Pembroke. 

North Pembroke 

East Peppereil, 

Pigeon C'ovp. see Rockport 
PrrTsFij:i.i», Henrv Chickering 

We«t I'itt-^field, Augustus W. Williams 
Plainfield. Leonard Campbell 

Plain vilie. see Wrentham 

William E. Pease | 

Miss Martha E. Stone j 

Cyrus Knox I 

Hiram E. W. Clark 

Abel Webber I 

Nathan D. Wight i 

Nathaniel Clark 

Winsor M. Ward 

Mvret E. Bovnton 

Seth Whitman 

Miss L. A. Hatch 

Francis P. Arnold 

John Coring 

James A. Elliott 

Svlvester S. P>owen 

Samson Wetherell i 

Jason Goulding 1 

Saundersville. see Grafton 
Savoy, Calvin Bowker 

Saxonville, see Framingham 
Scituate. Ezekiel Jones, jr. 

North Scituate, Benjamin Brown, jr. 

Scotland, see Bridgewater 
Seekonk Andrew N. Medbnry 

South Seekonk, Nathan JIunroe 

Sharon. Charles F. Bryant 

East Sharon, Warren Cobb 

Shattuckville, see Colerain 


East Sheffield, 
Ashley Fails, 


Ea-t Shelburne, 
SHKLut:H>;K Falls 
Bardwell's Ferrv. 

Mrs. Abigail R. Ensljrn 

Robert L. la It 

Albert LeKoy 

John A. Franklin 

Henry M. Fi.-k 

Alfred Bowen 

Levi Dole 

Slieldonville. see Wrentham 

Ply.mol IH. 

South Plvmouth, 


Piyniptnn Station, 

Nortli Pl>inpton, 
Poca>-et, see Sandwich 
I'ratt's Junction, see Sterling 

Georee F. Weston 

Miss Adelaide Hovey 

Geo. Bramliall. jr. 

Zaclieus I'arker 

Ceplias Wasiiburn 

James M. Harub 


North Prescott, 

Ea.-t Princeton, 


Quincv Point, 


Ea-t irandolpb. 

South Randolph, 
Ray n ham, 

North Raynham, 

Liberty Cosette 
John F. Sampson 
David H. Gr.i.'orv 
Jolui A. Mirick 
Paron C. Young 
John B. Bass 
Zena* H. Siiielinger 
Wni. A.Thayer 
Jolin (i, I'odle 
John T. Southworth 
ilioah \^. Faxon 
Arunah A. Leach | 
Sanmel W. Robinson | 
Lewis K. Gieason i 

ReafiviUf; >tat!on, see I>ed]ium 

Efhoboth, John C. ^rurvel 

North Rehoboth, Greenville Stevens 

ReverP, James L. Wiixgin 

Richmond, Miss Jennie E. Williams 

I{ingvi!le, <cp Worthinirton 
Rociidale, see Leicester 

Ruchester. Henry C. Nye 

Rock, see Middleborough 
Rockbotfoin. ?ee >tow 
Rock Dale .^lills. see We-t Stockbr)d!Te 
RcMkport, Wilii.Hm VV. Mursball 

I'igeon Cove, Austin W, Story 

Rock vilie, Bee Medway 1 

R'oplindale, see West Roxburv I 

Kowe, Edward Wright I 


Shirley Village, 
Smithville, see Barre 

East S merville, 

North Somerviile, 

( 'orduviiie, 


Globe Village, 
Southtield. st 
South Ihtdley, 

South Hadley Falls, 
South Scituate. 

West Scituate, 

North Spencer, 

Indian Orchard, 
Sprint: Hill, see Sandwich 
State Line, see West Stockbridge 
Sterling, Perley Bartle'lt 

West Sterling, Julius Fitti 

I'ratt's Junction, Isaac H. Currier 

Still i:iver, see Harvard 

Anthony P. Rogers 

Jonas Loiigley 

William W. Edgerton 

Samuel J. Howe 

Abel P. Browu 

Nathan S. Davis 
Nathaniel A. Daniels 
Alunzo B. Evans 
Thomas G. Temple 
Ard G. Judd 
Daniel S. Whitney 
Curtis Wood 
Dexter Xewtosi 
P. Henry Carpenter 
George A. Hanson 
New ilarlboronijh 

Gilbert M. Smith 
Hiram Smith jr. 
Ebenezer T. Fogg. jr. 
Benjamin N. (uiiis 
Joseph W. Rockwell 
Emerson Stone 
Sheldin C. Tyrrell 
William Stowe 
Calvin J. Eaton 


t urti.-ville, 


East Stuughton, 

North Stoughlou, 

Rock T'.otton), 
Sturbiidu'c, ^_^.j 


North Sudbury, 

South Sudbury, 

Nathaniel A. Waters 

Henry JL Bun:ill 

diaries Goodrich 

Charles K. Home 

Charlea S. Ricluud.-^on 

James Ivi-ith 

Henry .\L (iill 

John S. Fletcher 

Augu.«tus Bice 

H»nry Havnes 

Emory L. Bate* 

Jonas S. Hunt 

Edwin A. C"ou»i>t 

Emory Hunt 




West Sutton, 



North' Swanzpv, 

HoracH I>vinan 

Wilder S. lloMVook 

llenrv l^. Itullard 

William AH.oU 

David T. Dudloy 

D. r. ;^tinip!(jn 

Henry O. Wood 

■^hison Harney, jr. 

West lirooklield, 


West lord, 
Vor^Q Village, 

Charles Perkins 

i:zra U. Blnir 

Thomas Kneil 

Sherrrian D. Fletcher 

Luther I'rewcott 

Aithur Wri;^ht 

Swift Kiver, see CummincK 

Taunton. .^^aniueio I)iinl-<ar 

East launtan, Chaunry G. Wa-liburn 

Mirickville, SVilliani Siiiuu:* 

Tenipleton, rercivul Uiodgett 

Baldwuisville, '.'lis D. .Sawiu 

Ea.-t Ternpkton, Fitch L. Sar^jent 

Otter River, Francis Lelaiid 

Tewk^biiry. Henry E. I'leston 

Thorndike, jsee Palmer 

Thr»^ Kivers, see Palmer 

Tisbury • 
North Ti.^bury, Thoma.-' Merry 

Vineyard Haven, James T). Peakes 

West Tisbury,. Mrs. Caroline W. Nickerson 

Tolland William ^V . Harrison 

Topstield. Benjamin P. Adams 

Townseud. William P. Taylor 

Town^fMid Harbor, Cliarlcs Emery 

West To-\vnsend, Albert Howe 

Truro, Samuel C. Paine 

North Truro, Joini Giozer 

Turner's Falls, see Montague 

Tyn^^borougij. J. H. D. Littlehale 

Tyringham, Orson Webs-tcr 

Upton, Hornce Forbush 

West Upton, Eli W. P>atchelor 

UxHRllKxt:, Charles A. Taft 

North Uxbridge, Arnold S. Sweet 

Van Deusenville, see Great Barringtou 

Vineyard Grove, ?ee Kdeartown 

Vineyard Haven, see J'isbury 

Wachurett Villa;^e, see Westminster 

Waketield, Samuel Kinfrniin 

Greenwood, Char!e> M. Oliver 

Wales. Warnn ^^haw 

Wftlpole, James G. Harrshoru 

East \\'H]pule, George W. Johnson 

South Walpole, Naaman P. Wilmarth 

Waliham, Samuel O. Uphuin 

Waquoit, see Falmouth 

Wakk, Jolin W. Cumminnr-i 

Wareliam. 3Iiss Ann C. Cliureliill 

East W^areham, Washington Ba-selt 

West \N areham, 3Io.-es >. F. Toh^y 

Warwick, Abner Albee 

Warren. Joseph F. Hiti-hcock 

We>t Warren, l,e\\ is El-.vell 

Washington, Henry M. Spear 

Watkktowx, Archibald il. ilcMaster 

Mt. Auburn. Kobert B. fcudord 

Waverly. see Belmont 

Wa>land. Charles L. Howard 

Cochituate, Joseph .^l. Moore 

Wt:risTKR, Augustus E. Day 

Weliesiev, -ee Needham 

Wki.lfleei, George T. Wyer 

South \Vi::LLFLEET, Stephen A. H.t'rch 

Wendell, Lyman G. G nild 

Wendell Depot, Danfortli pLitnam 

Lofk's ViU.ige, Abrara K. Haskell 

Wenham, Ih'ury Hobba 

WKsT!',(.Knt;oH, Frank ^V Bullard 

West l'.()\l«tou, David P. Waite 

Oakiiale, JoscpJi F>. Waite 

Wedt Bridgewater, Jarvjs I). Burrell 

We^^t (iloucester, see Gloucester 

West Hampton. Ihomas C. Davenport 

Westniinst'T. Sannu-l G. Kendall 

W.'stuiin^ter Depot, <:<•'>. K. Walcott 

Wachu-^Htt ViUage, Bei'ja;Tiin Wvman 

West Newbury, n-T-nrv T. Bailey 

Weston. George W. Cutting- 

Westport. John C Macomber 

South Westport, Samuel Gilford 

Central Village, T. Shaw 

Westport Point, Alexander H. Cory 

West Roxbnry, William S. Keith 

Bovlston Station, Albert Tower 

Jamaica Plain, Silas Poole 

Koslin(iale, Wm. B. Blakemore 

ATest Scituate. pee South Scituate 

We<t Springfield, Henry A. Phelon 

Ashlewilie. Edward Kneeland 

Mitfineatrne, Buke Bliss 

West Stockbridcre, WiUIam C. Spaulding- 
Bock Dale Mills, Cliarle- S. Piatt 

West Stockbridge Centre, Jas. B. Munn 
State l>ine, George Arnold 

West vale, see Concord 

Wevmoath, George W. White, jr. 

East WevmoutlK Henry Loud 

South Weymouth, Frederick K. Wri-zht 
North Weymouth, Jolm W. Bartlett 

Wliatelv. Samuel Losure 

East Whately, Horace H. Hastings 

Whitinsville, see Northbridge 

Wilbraham, Mrs. Hannah E. Hempstead 
Soutii Wilbralium, Sullivan W. Stanton 
Collin'i's Depot, Warren CoIIIls 

Wilkinsiinville. see Sutton 

Williamsburg, Henry L. James 

flavdenviUe, Joel Hayden.jr. 

WiLLiA>iSTOWX, Calvin II. Tan 

South Williamstown, Wm. E. Johnson 

Williinaiisett, see Chicopee 

Wilmington, Joseph A. Ames 

North Wilmington, Silas Buck 

WiNCHENDON, Edwin S. ^lerrill 

Winchester, George P. Brown 

Windsor. Addison E. Stearns 

East ^Vindso^, Reuben Pierce 

Winthrop, Warren Belcher 

WoBCKX, Nathan Wyman 

Norrh Woburn. Ed^i-ard E. Thompson 

i: ist Woburn. Albert L. Richardson 

Wollaston, see Quinoy 

Wood's Hole, st e Falmouth 

M'oodville, see iiopkiuton 

WoKCF.STER, Josiab Pickett 

Worthington. Horace Cole 

West Worthington, Russell Bartlett 

Ringville, Wm. D.Sanderson 

South Worthington, Elisha R Converse 

Wrentham, Mrs. >araii D. I'.arnard 

West Wrentham, Philander P. Cock 

Plainville. Joim P. Choever 

Sheldonville, Homer A. Follett 

Yarniouth, I"^aac Ryder 

Yakmoutii Port, Benjamin IP Mattliews 
West Yarmouth. Freeman H. Crowel! 

SOUTH Yarmouth. Peleg P. Akin 

Zoar, see Charlemout 

* U. S. ENGraEERS. 

U. S. Eu(jiw:tr^' Oifire /<»• Fort awl. S'a Wal!.'<, 75 State Street. 

Maj.-Gtn. II. W. li'iiiiaiii, senior Eiiirin<er in charge ot" Forts Warren, 
Iiifk'pendfiiee, and Wintiu'up, ami the Sea Walls of Boston Harbor ; Lieut. 
Thomas Turlle, and Lieut. II. L. Hoxie, a.*^t. en;zineei-s. 

17. N. Eiigin':> rs\ipli-p for i/Dpravrmen/s in Boston and Prorincffown ILivhors, 
2 HnlliDch street. Lrig. Geu. Geo. Thoui, Kngiueer in charge. Lieut. 
J. B. Qultm, Assistant. 




District of Boston and Charlestown. 

The Custom House opens at 9 

o'clock, A.M., and clo.-es at 3 o'clock, 


Col: ''('tor y Thomas Rus?c!l. 

D'pitt'j Collector and A uililor, John 
M. Fiskc. 

Depufii Collectors, Cornelius G. Att- 
wood, Jame? Baxter, jr. 

Cashier, Ephm. L. Frothinirham, jr. 

Naval Officer, Walter Ilarriman.' 

Deputji Xaval Ojficer, Ilirani Smart- 

Surve>/or, A. B. Underwood. 

Deputy SuiTe>/or, Thos. Sherwin. 

Superintendent of Warehouses, Asa 
M. Cook. 

General Appraiser, O. B. Dorraiice, 
177 State St. 

Appraisers, Thos. G. Rice, Robert 
K. Darrali. 

Assistant Appraisers, George C. 
Jo.slin, Francis Blake, 
^Boarding Officers, R. Torrey, jr., 11. 
Newoomb, S. Carruth. 
Revenue Cutter, " Mahoning." 

Captain, Edwiird A. Freeman : \st 
Lieut., , 2d Lieut., Jo- 
seph Congdon ; 3d Lieut., Wm. Mc- 
Kendry. j 

Revenue Steam Cutter, " H. I 

Hamlin." j 

1st Lieut. Cow., J. M. Rosse; En-\ 

ginee^, Daniel F. Kelly ; Pilot, E. N. ! 

Thatcher. ' j 

Sub-Treasury. ! 

Assistant Trea.<urcr, Franklin Ha- i 

ven, jr., 55 State St. ! 

Ditsriet of Barnstable. I 

Port of Barnstable. — Chas. F. I 
Swift, CnUector; Walter Chlpman, ; 
Deputy Collector. i 

Port of Falmouth. — John W. | 
Davis, Deputy Collector. \ 

Port of Ilynnnis. — Alvan S. Hal- I 
lett. Deputy Coll- ctor. j 

Port of Chatham. — Isaac B. Young, ! 
Deputy Collector. '^ j 

I*ort of South Dennis. — Joseph K. | 
Baker, jr.. Deputy Collector. 

Port of liar 'rich. — llra^tus Chase, 

Port of Wellf.eet. — Simeon At- 
wood, Deputy Collector. 

Port of Provincetown. fames Crif- 

Ibrd, />.;;;//;/ Co'lcctor ; Nathaniel E. 
Atwood, Aid to the L'ecrriue. 

District of JCdgartown. 

Port of Edyarto'cn. ~ C. B. Mar- 
chant, Collector: Jen-miah Pea>e, 
h'puty Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Vineyard Haven. — Henry 
W. Beetle, Deputy Collector and In- 

District of Fall River. 
Port of Fall Piver. — James Brady, 
jr., Collector; Isaac Borden, I)eput>/ 
I Collector and Ins/tector ; Earl P. Bow- 
;en. Inspector, Weigher, §*c. 
j District of Gloucester. 

j Port of Gloucester. — Fitz J. Bab- 
I son. Collector; Addison Center, Dep- 
I utij Collector ; B. H. Smith, Surveyor : 
B! F. Cook, B. F. Blatcbford, X F. 
I Foster, Stephen Rich, Inspectors. 
i Port of Rockport. — T. F. Parsons, 
jjr., Inspector. 

j L^ort of Bay View. — Daniel Rob- 
j inson. Inspector. 
\ District of Marblehead. 

[ Port of Marblehead. — Simeon 
i Dodge, Collector ; Xathanitd II. At- 
I kins, Deputy Collector ; John Cross, 
i Inspector, Weigher, &'c. 
I Port of Lynn. — Charles McDevitt, 
' Deputy Collector and Inspector. 
, District of Nantucket. 

Port of Nantucket. — Allred ]Macv, 
Collector ; W. H. Waitt, Deputy Col- 
lector; ]\Iatthew Macy, Inspector. 
District of New Bedford. 

Port of Ne>o Bedford.— 3. A. P. 
Allen, Collector ; 'James Taylor, Dep- 
uty Collector ; Geo. B. Richmond, 
Inspector ; James V. Cox, Inspector 
and Boarding Officer; James C. Hitch, 

Port of Fairhaven. — Joseph Taber. 

I^ort of Mattapoi^elt. — Jonathan II. 
Holmes, Inspector. 

Port of Sip}>ican. — George H. Kel- 
ley. Inspector. 

Port of Wareham. — Silas T. 
Soule, Deputy Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Dartmouth. — David II. 
Bartlett, Inspector. 

Poft of Westport. — Isaac Cory, 

District of Newburyport. 

Port "fNe/rhun/port. — William II. 
Huse, Collector;' Daniel P. Pike, 
Deputy Collector ; ^Nloses Pettengill jr. 
Inspector; William A. Little, Weigh- 
er and Measurer : Henry Stover, Sur- 

^Port of Ipsivich. — Philip E. Clark, 

District of Plymouth. 

Port of Plymouth. — I'luimas Loi- 
! ing. Collector: Charles O. C'hurL-bili, 


Henry II. Iloltbinsi, Dtputy CoUectors 
and Inspcrfors. 

Portof Duxhury. — William Alden, 
Deputy Col'ecfor and Inspecior. 

Port of KlnqMon. — Stf-ph. Holmes, 
Deputy Collector and Insprrior. 

Port of Sr if wife. — Jo-ei;»}i S. 
Drew, Deputy Collector and Inspector. 
District of Salein and Beverly. 

Port of Salern. — Chirles W. 
Palfray, Collector; Charles S. Os- 
gooi, Deputy Collector ; Charles D. 

Howard, Surveyor ; Wm. C. 
Storekeeper ; Ephraim F. Mi 
thaniel M. no()j)ei-, Wm. V. 
Samut-1 11. Hathaway, (J. 
Bray, Charles A. liecktbrtl, 
liurr, In^pcctorf< ; Simon O. 
pie. Weiqlier and ( ianqer. 

Port of Beverly. — (riistav 

Port of Danver 

Her. Na- 





113 Ober, 
s\ — Abner S. Mea<l, 



District 1. —James M. Bunker, Neir Bnfurd. 
" 2. — Samuel B. Xoyes Canton. 

3. — Claries M. EYii:^. Bo.<fn„. 
"■ 4. — Samuel L. Thorndike, Boston. 
" 5. — Benjamin C. Perkins, 
" 6. — Edgar J. Sherman, Lnfrrenc. 
" 7. — Andrew F. Jewett, Lou-ell. 
'' 8. — Peter C. Bacon, IFo/reN/er. 
*' 9. — Ithamar F. Conkey, Amherst. 
" 10. — Gideon Weds, Spnn;,f>'d. 


CHARLES A. PHELPS, Agent for New England. 
Office, 15 Kilby Street, Boston. 

PE\^^IOX EXilfI\S\0 SUflOEO:\S 


Abin>2ton, B. F. Hastings 
Athol Depot. Vernon (>. Taylor 
Barnstable, John .M. Smith 
Boston, Horace Chase, (ieorn-e De 

J. B. Tread well 
Bridgewater, Asa ]\Iillett 
Dan vers, Ebenezer Hunt 
Ed<jartown, Jolin Pierce 
Fall River, J. Dweliy 
Fif.-hburg, Geo. Jewett. Alfred M 
Foxboro', J. G. S. ilitcheock 
Greenfi.'M, Chas. L. Fisk.jr. 
HavThill. Kendall Flint 
Hyannis. P. Pinneo 
Lawrence, Henrv M. Chase 
Lee. Eliphalet Wri-ht 
Lynn, L i;ic F. (ialloiipe 
Nantucket. John B. Kin-j 

Natick, J. E. Wright 
Xew Bedford, Joiin H. Machie 
Xewburvport, Henrv C. Perkins 
rby, Noi-rh Adams, N. S.' Babbitt 

Northampton, Sanmel A. Fisk, Chas, 

! S. Knowlton 

|PittsheId, Henry Eastman 

: Plymouth, Alex. Jacks >n 
S ilem, David Choate 
illcr : Shelheld, Horace D. Train 

I Spencer, E, ]NL Wheeler 

I Springfield, :Marshall Calkins 

] Taunton, Jolm B. Cha<e 

I Wareham, F. A. Sawyer 

, Winchester, Alonzo Chapin 

I Worcester, Henry Clarke, Oramel 

I Martin, Albert Wood 




The number of EnroUeil MilitLa in the Commonwealth for the year 1871 
is 12S,22 7. au increase of G,50S over the year 1870. 

Agreeably to the provisions of Cliap. 210, Acts of 186^;, the number of 
companies uf the Volunteer Militia '.veie apporrioned as follows : ot Infan- 
try, one huinlred eompuiies ; of Cavah'y, eight companies, and of l^ight 
ArtilK-ry, five companies. These were exclusive of the two companies of 
Cade-s. Tliere arc at the present time ninety-two com[)anies ot' Intantrv, 
five companies of Cavalry, and five Batteries of Liglit Artillery. These 
are divided among counties as follows: Suffolk County, twentj -four coni- 
pin es of Infantry, three companies of Cavalry, and two conip;mies of Liij^ht 
Artillery. Middlesex County, nineteen coinpaides of Infantry, two com- 
panies o: Cavalry, iiud one eonipany of Artilleiy. Essex County, liftmen 
coiiijjanies of Infantry, and one company of xVrtillery. Brisrol Connty. six 
comj»anies of Infantry. NVorcestcr County, ten companies of Inf;intry, and 
one company of Aitillery. N»)rfolk: Coimtv, two comparies ot Infanfrv. 
Ilam[)sliire County, three com[).inies of Infantry. Plymoutli C'uutv. six 
compaides ot Infantry. Hampden County, ti\e companies ot" In!anrry. 
Berksliire County, one company of Infantry. Franklin County, one com- 
pany ot" Infantry. 

CoDimander in Chief and Staif. 

Comma nder-ln-Chief\ His Excellency, Willi im B, Washburn, Greenfield. 
AdjuUint-Gcnend (wifh rank of Major~Gci''l), dames A. Cunninuhain, Boston. 
Surgeon General {icifh rank, of Brig.-Gen'l), \Vm. J. Dale, of North Andover. 
AssiM. Adju'ant-Gentral {tcith j-ank of Col.), Nehemiah Brown, of Boston. 
Assist. Surgeon-General (icuh rank (f CoL), Anson P. Hooker, of Cambiidge. 
Surgeon-General's Department (rank Major), Wildam C. Capelle, of IJoston. 
Assist. Inspector-General (rank <f Caj/t.), William E. Wilson, of Boston, 

Division Commander and Staff. 

Major-General, Benjamin F. Butler, of Lowell. 

Assist. Adjutant-General {rank of CoL), Edgar J. Sherman, of Lawrence. 

Medical Director (rank of Col.), Yorick G. llurd, of Ipswich. 

Assist. Inspector-General (rank of Lt.-Col.), Ivhvard J. Jones, of Boston. 

Assist. Quartermaster (trith rank of J J. -Col.), George J. Carney, of Lowell. 

Aide- de- Camp (with ra/dc of Mo/or), Roland (x. Usher, of L}nn. 

Aide-de-Camp (with rank of Major), 

Judge Advocate (icith rank of Majdr)^ Edwin I^. Barney, of New Bedford. 
Engineer (tcith rank of Major), John W. Kimball, of Fitchburg. 

First Brigade. 

Brigadier-General, Isaac S Burrill, of Boston. 

Assist. Adju'ant-Genf^ral (icith rank <f Lt.-Col.) Hobart ^loore, of Boston. 

M'diral Dinsctor (rank of Lt.-Col.) f- 

As.dsf. Quartermaster (rank of Capt.), Thomas Decatur, of W. Roxbury. 
Assi-<f. Lts/H/ctor-General (rank of Major), Solomon A. Bolster, of Boston.> r (tcith rank of Captain), Brownell (rranger, of Boston. 
Aidf'-dc-Camp (rank Captain), EbtMi R. Frost, of Boston. 
Judge Adcocate (rajik Captain), Patrick A. Collins, of Boston. 

First Ktglnient of Infanfry. i CoMPAMKS. 

G'lvntl, Gt-o. H. .Ioluist(3ii, of Boston. \ A. — W. Koxburv, Capt. George F. Wood- 

Z,leu^-G'i!<^ne/, Alfred N, Proctor of Boston. ! , man. ,, , . , 

.,.,,,, , ^ ,. L<^ Lu^i^. \\illard H. Lethbndcre. 

.l/.y.T, Juha MoDonoiieh, of Boston. | 2d Lieut., A«!i S. Wei 1. 

A'huf'iit, Charles E. .Mu<ii;e, 1,'f Boston. '„ „ ^ ^^ , 

Q'l irttnn'tsfer, Albert K. Frr-ctor, lioston. 
Surffum i^raiik of M !Jor), Robert White, 
jr., of Bjston. 

Auist. Saryeon, 

Chiiptnin, Warren H. Cud worth, of Boston. 

1st LiiHt., Georire It. Battis. 
2d Lieut., ShaJrack K. .Morris. 

C. — Rnstoti, (^'iipt., Henry Parkinson. 
1st Lieut., William H. Warner. 
2d Litut., Joseph L. Fletcher. 



|>,_no>ton, C'/>^, I-iartc F. Gfagg. 

1st Ltt.ut., Chiuios 11. I). Stockbridge. 
2d Litut.^ Hiirry C. Gardner. 

K. — Boston, C(ij>t., Paul M. Foss. 
lij( Litut., George .MyricK, 
2d Litut., John Weigel. 

F, — Boston, CV7^^, VViliiiim Evans. 
1st Litut., .Uatthew Walsh. 
2dLitut., Dauiei Mitchell. 

(i. — Boston, Qij>t., Henry A. Snow. 
lit Litut., Geurge G. Nichols. 
2d Litut., Geoige 1. ^ears. 

! L. — Carver, C"pt., Linns A. Sliaw. 
! \st Litut., Henrv White. 

I 2'/ Litut., Ansef B. Ward. 

I M. — Plyinoutli,C<'/?<., Stephen C. Phinney, 
I 1st Litut., Charles W. Lannian. 

I 2d Litut., Henry L. Kipley. 

^'inth IleKiiueat of liifaiitry. 

CvL, Bernard F. Finan, Boston. 


M(tjur, Michael scaulan, Boston. 
J Adjutant, Kdmunii H. Firzpatrick, Boston. 
I Qaiirternidsitr, James Dowlii.g. Bu.-ton. 

H.— Chelsea, Qipt., Stephen W.Wheeler. I S'i/v/eo/i, Archibald F. McDon..!.!, Boston. 
•• -^ ' . . ' \ Anstst. bunjton, .James A. .McDonald, 

1st Litut., Lionel D. PiiilUp.-^ 
2c/ X/tM^, Joseph. SV. Wniie. 

I, — Dorchester, Capt., Joseph T. Paget. 

l6t Litut., 

2d Litut., Ediiiand B. Smith. 

K. — Boston, Capt., H. Floyd Faulkner. 
1st Litut., ucoige t. Page. 
2d Litut., 

L. — Newton, C'ipt., I>aac F. Kingsbury. 
1st Litut., i-reuenck P. Barnes. 
2d Licut., George F. t^ark. 

Chaplain. Henry .M. Smyth, Boston. 

A. — Boston, Cupt. Patrick Houghton, jr. 

1st Litut., Jas. P. J. Haji^y. 

2d Litut., William FitZMmmons. 

B.— Boston, Capt. M.chael .1. Dunn. 
I.-:;! Litut., Patrick C Conwaj-. 
2d Litut., 

C. — I'.uston, Capt., Thomas J. Hyland. 
Is-; Litut. Famund B. M.-ehan. 
2d Litut. Francis J. Dulierry. 

Tlilrd Regiment of liifaiitry. 

Cvluitl, Bradlbr.i D. DaVoi, Fall Kiver. 

Liei't.-Coluntl, Frederick Mason, launton 

Major, liiuiiias B. (jntiith, Carvtjr. 

Adjutant, Merra L. Braley, Fall Kiver. j 

Uaartcrnuisttr, Wm. Cx. Bennect, i-ail Kiver. ; E. — H-i-^to'i, Cipl. Wm-M- Strachan. 

Hurijton, Joseph W . hav vvarU, iaui;ion. 

Assist, <b(-(/•7co>/^,l^aac Smith, jr., i'^.i Kive 

Cliitjpl'iin, L,evvis b. Ba'tcf, Aew iieatoru. 


A. — Plalifax, CajjL, Lvsauaer M. Tliomp- 


1st Litut., Gibson Beal. 

2U Lieut., George H. Bouney. 

B.— Fail Kiver, Capt., Edward 1. Marvel. 
1st Litut. Jo.-epa Bowers, jr. 
2d Litut., U-Car J. Coiie. 

C. — So. Abiugtoii, Cupt., 

1st Litui., iieiir\ \V. Puw«r.?. 
g 2d Litut., Jerome V\ a^iiuurii. 

D.— Fail iliver, Capt.,.Uj^\Ah A. Hunt.j 
Ist Licui., Uavcr \V. Pieice.. 
2d Licut., Licvi ii. .Moriou. 

E. — New Bedlord, C"pt., Dau'i .\. 

1st Litut., 

2d Luut., \\m. G. Davis. 

F. — i"auntoii, Gipt., David B. Lincoln. 

1st Litut., rlitied li. Huugi a. 

2d Licut., i>iiac C. Dunham. 

G. — Taunton, Ca^t., Francis L. Morse. 
lit Litul., Wiiiiam A. v\ il.ara. 
2d LituL, i"'rauii. Boj^ortti. 

II. — (^uihcy, Capt., v\ iiliani I>)yd. 

1st Luut., llamjihiey .\l'.yiiLli>in. 
2d Lit at., 1 uuwUiy .MUipii_). 

I. — No. _ Bridge, Capt., ^au^l B. 

1st Litut.,' 

2d Li<ut., Elmer \V, ilolrnes. 

K« — Abington,C''.7/^, Timothy S. Atwood. 
1st Litut., Natli'l O. HoR>rook. {. 
2(/ Zicu^, John M. Lvon. 

D. — Boston, Capt. Lawrence J. Logan. 
\st Litut., Hugh McGniiigli:^. 
2d Litut., Thomas Owens. 

1st Litut., Deiiiiis F. O'Sullivan. 
2d Litut., Dennis J. Lohi 

F. — Boston, Capt., Henry P. Kelley. 

15^ Litut., Dennis J. Caihilian.' 
2d Lieut., John B. Reardon. 

G. — Charlestown, Capt., Thomas J. Har- 

1st LJtut., Dennis Donavan. 
2d Litut. 

H. — Capt., .lohn J. Weston. 

1st Litut., Cuas. E. Lyons. 
2d Litut. Simon F. Curan. 

I, — Boston, Capt., 

1st JJtut., Michati H. Kr.wright. 
2d Litut. Daniel J. Collins. 

K. — Bo>ton, Capt. George A. J. Colgan. 
1st Litut., William Banj-. 
2c/ Litut., Thomas F. Murry. 

First Battalion of lufautiy. 

M"j<a; Doug ass Frtizar. l?o>t'm. 
Adjutant, Mil run A. Mu'iroe, Boston. 
(^narttrinasttr, Genrtre J. CuiTis, Newton. 
Sur;jt(>n, .lames H. Bodge, li'v-ti-n. 


i A. — Boston, Capt., A. C. W.^llingtoi'. 

I Is! Litut. , Wm. S. Frosr. 

I 2d Litut.. Francis S. Howard. 

I 15, _ Bo-toii, Capt , George H. Drew. 
! 1st Litut., J. Henry i'.rown. 

id Litut., James M. Cleverly. 

(_;, — Boston. r'7'C., John W. W . Marjornm. 
1st Litut., Peter L. Lnnib. it. 
2d Litut., Wdliain J. Fuz meyer. 

D. __ l',oj.ron, Capt., (iiirdoii S. Brown. 

1st Litut., 

2d Litut., Albert P. Sanborn. 



Second Battalion of Infantry. 

Mninr, Lewis (laul. Boston. 
Adjutnul, William (i. Butler. Bo-^ton. 
Qu'irttrjniisttr, Lewis H. Latimer, Boston. 
Surytvii, Jas. F. Still, D(;ston. 

^,_Bo^t'.n, C'ipt., Jatnes B. Watkins, 

15.' Lieut., Chas. F. A. Francis. 

2d Lieut., James IL (rieeniuge. 

B. — New Bedford, Capf . -'ohn T. Tolliver. 
\si LJtut., Jas. K. Rcvnolds. 
2d Litut., George Delavan. 

First Battalion of Cavalry. 

Litut.~C<-i., Albert Freonian, Boston. 
Afnjor, George Curtis, Boston. 
Adjutant, Jolm H. Roberts, Chelsen. 
iluar(triii"sftr, Samuel Seward, Boston. 
iSuryton, Benj. H. Mann, Boston. 

A.— Boston, Capt., Oliver H. P. Smith. 

Is^ LJtut., Thomas W. Neal. 

2d Li tut., Cvrus C. Emery. 

B. — Bo«ton, Copt., Murdock Mathe«on. 
1st Litut., David Scott. 
2d LAtut., Moses F. Webster. 

C — Charlestown, Copt., Freeman L. Gil- 
Is^ Litxd., William iL Roberts. 
2d LJtut., Kelsey -^L Gilmore. 

D.— Boston, Capt., Augustus \\ Calder. 

l5^ Litut., 

2d LJtut., Aaron A. Flail. 

First Battalion of IJ-ht Artillery 

}f"j<»; Dexter H. Follelt. 




A.— Capt., Edwin C. Lau.irley. 

1st LJtut., Ira C. Fo-tt^r. 

\st Litut., Jolm F. .MiuTay. 

2d Litut., Isaac Chase. 

2d Litut., James A. Feabody 

B.— Capt., Charles W. Baxter, 
l*'^ IJtut., Horace J. Hooton. 
\st Litut., B. Frank Treadwell. 
2d Litut., Thomas .1. Tute. 
2d Lieut., Charles W. Reed. 

Second Brigade of Infantry. 

Brigndier-G eixeral, Gtorge H. Pt-irsnn, of Salem. 

Ass't AdJ.-Gen. (rank Lt.-CoL), Kobert S. Daniels, of South Dnnvers. , 

Mtdical Director, " "■ Willinm Ii!f;^alls, of Boston. 

Ass't Inspector-Genl (with rank of Major), Eben Sutton, North Audovor. 

Aide-dc'-Cainp (icilh rank of Captain), flos. A. Iiip;alls, Swampscott. 

A^s't Quartermaster (with rank of Captain), iJanid W. LaAvrenc^^, Medtbrd. 

Engineer (with rank of Captain), LoriuL' ^V• ^luzzey, Lexington. 

Judge Adfocate (rank Captain), John W. Eludson, Lexington. 

Fiftli Repiment of Infantry. 

Colonet, WaltiT Everett, Charlestown. 

Lieut. Col., Cyn.s I'ay, Woburn. 

Afajni: Granvide W. Daniels, Somerville. 

Adpitavt. Ezra J. Trull, Charlestown. 

ilu rrttruuiittr, John T. Bolton, Somer- 

Surr/tou, Edward J. For^ter, Charlestown. 

At^st. Sur^t'ii, Allen H. Sumner. Boston. 

Chaphita, Ciiarles E. Grinn.eli, Charles- 


A.— Charlestown. C"pt.. Frank W. Frsy. 
1^'f IJtHt., H<"nrv C. Ciuler. 
2d LJtut., William F^'. Carr. 

B.— Sornervide, T'V'/., Ch)i=;. F. Kinir. 
Is' Li>id , William E. DicRmim. 
2d Lnat., Georire E. Loveit. 

C— C:'nibrid-e. Capt., . 

L-C f.i--ut., .Micliae! F>'ilto!t. 
2a JJuit.. George L. miov>-. 

D.— Ciiarle^N'wn*. ''aj>t . l;ic!id. R. '■"'arm^r. 
\st IJt'j/., Wm. 11. Dnyle. 
27 Litut., Freoeiiek !l. i'.()j;H:i. 

I-:.— Medi< rd. Crpt., \<:\-Ac F. R. Hosoa. 
l.v' iJtut., .Vibert F. iJ>i\v. 
2d Li' lit., .loshanius H. Whitney 

F,_Me.'r..r.i, O'pt., . 

]rJ Litut., Charle's (). Burbank, 
2d Litut., Lorenzo LitchfioUl. 

I G. — Woburn, Capt., Edwin F. Mver. 
! 1st Lieut., Luke R. Tidd. 

' 2d LJtut., Aloiizo Richardson. 


[ H. — Charlestown. Capt., Samuel R. ^!;.r 

! pie, jr. 

I Is^ LJtut., George H. Munro. 

i 2d Litut., Frank N. Hu«sey. 

1 I.— Hudson, Capt., Joseph W. Pedrick. 
i \6t Lieut., Calvin H. Carter. 

I 2d Litut., William H. Trowe. 

i K.— Feabodv, Capt., Wm. H. Hildreth. 
I 1st LJtut., .lohn W. Finlev. 

\ 2d Lieut., Benj. A. Dou-hty- 

I .'^ixth Kt'^iment of Infantry. 

' CvlnneU Melvin Beal, of Lawrence. 

I Liint.-Col, Beiij. F. Goddard, of Lowell. 

I .Mijar, James W. Hart, of Lowell. 

' Adjutant, Chas. C. Whitney, of Lawrenre. 

j Quariermasttr, James G. Abbott, of Law- 

I rence. 

I Surfjtr-n, Walter Burnhom. of Lowell. 

' .Is.sf. Sur-fjtim. Georee W. Sargent, ot" Law- 

i rence. 

I Chaplain, (ieo. S. Weaver, of Lawrence. 

I Companies. 

i A Waketleld, O'pt., Saml. F. Littlefield. 

I Isf Lieut., . 

I 2d Litut., Gc'ir^e K. Gilman. 

j B.— Groton, Capt., .losiah S. Williams. 
lat LJeut., Ciiarles F. Williamson. 
1 2'^ Zee///., Parker J. Kemp. 



C.— Lowell, C'ipt., Charles H. Khiiball. 

2'1 Lieut., William K. Grovcr. 

D.— Lowell, CopL, Jiimos M. Torsey. 
1*'^ LieiiL, Alfred J. Hall, 
2d Lieut., Edwin \V. Bartlett. 

E.— Acton, O'pt., Luke J. Uohbins. 
1st Litut., 6\h\< H. Taylur. 
2'i Lieut., Fraiik E. Hams. 

F.-Haverhill, C'pt.^E. G. W. Cartwright. 
1st Lit'ut., \\ illiain H. Tiirner. 
2d Lit at., George F. Wheeler. 

G. — Lowell, (yipi., Richard B. Frown. 
1st Litut., George G. Tarbell. 
2d Litut., Charles H. Richardson. 

II.— Lowell, C'ipt., John O'Grady. 
1st Litut., Francis Mc<Jaad"e. 
2d Litut., Timothy Leahey. 

I,— Lawrence, C''pt.^ Timothy Deacey. 
1st Litut., Kiciiard F. Sullivan. 
2d Lieut., Timothy Reardon. 

K. — Lawrence, O'pt., Smith Decker. 

1st Li tut., LawreHce N. I'uciiesney. 
2d Lieut., John H. Statiord. 

Eiglith Regiment of Infantry. 

Colonel, Benjamin F. Peach, jr. of Lynn. 
Litut. -O'L, Francis E. Porter, of Beverly. 
Mojor, Uavid \V. Low, of Gloucester. 
Adjuttnt, Abrani H, Berry, of Lynn. 
Qujirttrmaster, Chas. E. KirabaU, of Lynn. 
Hurtjton, John L. Robinson, of Wenham. 
Ass't Surfftuu, Proton .\L Clia-^e, Danvers, 
Ch'tpl'iin, J. R. T!iursto[i,of Newburyport. 


A. — Newburyport, C".pt., Elbridge G. Mor- 
rison". " I 

1st Litut., Edward F. Bartlett. ! 

2d Litut., Edward Sexton. \ 

B.— Newburyport, Cnpt., Chas. L. Avers. I 

1st Litut , George II. Stevens. ! 

2d Litut., \V. Byron Tiiton. I 

C.—Marblehead,^'^/-'^. Francis A. Osgood. ' 

Ist Litut., Benjamin F. Doliber. j 

2d Litut., Joseph H. Phillips. i 

D. — Lynn, C'ipt., George T. XewhaH. 
1st Litut , Edward C. Xeal. 
2d Lieut., John G. Warner. 

E.— Beverly, Capt., Hugh J. .Munsey. 
1st Litut., Benjamin F. Herrick. 
2d Lieut., Charles L. Dodge. 

F.— Lynn, C<u>t., Josiah F. Kimball. 
Ist f/fut., William H. G;ile. 
2d Lieut., WiUiam J. Clark. 

G. — Gloucester, C"j>t., . 

1st Litut., Charles H. Pew. 
j 2d Lieut., Charles H. Parsons. 

! H.— Salem, Cnpt., .John P. Reynolds. 
j Isi Lieut., Arthur H. Pluppen. 

I 2d LJeut., Jonathan Osborn. 

I. — Lynn, Cnpt., Jeremiah C. Bacheiler. 
1st Lieut., Charles C. Fry. 
2d Lieut., James F. Pool. 

; K.— Salem, Copt., Winsor M. Ward. 
! 1st Lieut., Gharles C. JewelL 

j 2d Lieut , Enoch J. Redman. 

I Company P Fnattachetl Cavalry 

I Captain, Christopher Roby. 
j Adjutant, H. Herbert Emerson. 
i Isi Lieut., Allen Cameron. 
I 2d Lieut., Benjamin F. Day. 
j Ass't Surgeon, Levi Howard. 

I Third Battery of I.i-ht Artillery 
I C.nalden). 

I Captain, Clark B. Baldwin. 
' 1st Lieut., Charles O. Bovd. 
I 1st Lieut., Jacob M. Ellis. 
I 2d Litut., H. Frank Xevins. 
I 2d Lituf , Frank Turner. 
j Adjutant, William B. Pattison. 

I Fourtli Battery of T.isjUt Artillery 
] (Lawrence), 

Captain, George S. Merrill. 
1st Lieut., George G. Durrell. 
1st Lieut., Wallace M. Priest. 
2d Lieut., Alonzo Joy. 
Ass't Surgton, Edmund SeyriUrth. 

Third Brigade. 

Briqndier-GeneraU Robert IL Chamberlain, of Worcester. 

Ass't Adj.-Cieneral (rank Licuf.-Col.) Joseph A. Titus, Worcester. 

Medicat Director (rank Lieut.-Col.), Samuel Flaii^r, Worcester. 

Ass't Lupecior-General (rank Major), Henry ]\L I'hillips, Springfield. 

.I.v.sV Qaarlerma^-ttr (rank Captain), Charles S. Chapin, Worcester. 

Engineer (rank Captain), ■- . 

Aiile-de-Canip (rank Captain), Edward B. Flaniilton, Worcester. 
Judge Advocate, (rank Captain), Henry A. Willis, Fitchburg. 

Second Regiment of Infantry. 

Colvntl, Josepih B. Parsons, of Northamp- 

Litut.- Col., Homer G. Gilniorc, of Spring- 
tie Id. 

•^f'jur, Emburv P. Clark, of Hrdvoke. 

A'ljutaiit (r"nk of l£i Licit.), Hubbard M. 
Abbott, of Nurciiumpon. 

Uuarttrmisttr [rank a/ 1st Lieut.), Eugene 
i). Capron, of Springfield. 

Surgeon {rank of .Ifajor), Dyer B. N. Fish, 

of Amherst. 
Chaplain, Peter V. Finch, of Greenfield. 
Ass't Surgeon (rank of 1st Lieut.), John F. 

iiurley, of Chicopee. 


A. — Greenfield, Copt., Anson Withey. 
1st Litut., Herbert C. Baker. 
2d Litut., Aziel A. Packard. 



IJ, _ Sprin;:field, OipL, Nf wton E. Kellogg. 
\st Litnl., Euizene B. Hovey. 
2d Littit., Willard \V. Sawyer. 

C. — Amherst, O'/'t., . 

1st Lunt., .laiiics A, Baker. 
2d Litut., Loren/o Draper. 

!>._ WestfieM, Cnpt., Andrew L. Bush. 
\ft LUut., Kiluin L>. Smith. 
2d Litiit.^ Phirieas Solomon. 

E. — Pittf-field, Copt., Henry S. Brigf^?. 
\st IJtiit., Geori:;e K. Linseutelter. 
2d Lieut., Oh:irles B. Williams. 

F, — Northampton, CapL, Lewis Day. 

1st Lieut., Benjamin F. Ockinc^ton, 
2d Lieut., Wiliiaui L. Norton. 

G. — Sprinjjfield. CapL, Francis E. Gray. 
1st Lieut., Rob Koy McGregor. 
2d Lieut., Charles'G. Burdett. 

II. — Northampton, Capt., Henry A. 
\st Lieut., David McGuire. 
2d Lieut., . 

I.— Chicopee, Crrpt., \Vm. C. Tracey. 
1st Lieut., Chester H. Ballard. 
2d Lieut., Timothy Connavan. 

K. — Holyoke, Cipt., Charles H. Flanders. 
1st Lieut., George E. Whitaker. 
2d Lieut., Alvin C. Pratt. 

Tentli Rea;"»^«"t ***" Infantry. 

Colonel, .lames Tvlny, oi Fitchburg. 
Lieut. -Cvlouel, Wiili'.rd Clark, of Milford. 
Mn'i>,v, James M. Dreniian, of Worcester. 
Adjutant {rank of Ist Lieut.), Geo. F. Mer- 

riam, of Fitchburg. 
QuarteTmnsler (rank of 1st Lieut.), Richard 

Tucker, of FiVchburg. 
Surgeon {rauk of Major), George Jewett, 

of Fitchburg. 
Chaplain, George S. Ball, of Tiptop. 
Ass't <S«/v/to/; [rank «f l.s/ Lieut.), William 

H. Hildreth, of Fitchburg. 


A.- Worcester, O'pt., William H. Kiisg. 
Is^ Lieut., Frank A. Harrington. 
2d Lieut., Everett A. iMorse. 

B.— Fitchburg, ^'7/>^, George E. Goodrich. 
1st Lieut., Rus^ell 0. Houghton. 
2d Lieut., Henry G. Green. 

C.— Worcester, C"/;/., .T<'hn A. Lovell. 
\st Lieut., Asa X. Wheeler. 
2d Lieut., Harrison H. Comings. 

I D. — Fitchl)urg, O7;/., Geo. A. Whitcomb. 
lit Lieut., George R. Lawrence. 
2d Lieut., William Kwen. 

E. — Ashburrdiam, C<'pt., Win. H. Lindlev. 
1st JAtut., Walter O. Parker. 
2d Lieut., Michael Fitzgibbon. 

F.— Milford, Capt., John G. McCarter. 
1st Lieut., Henry J. iiayley. 
2d Lieut., Henry E. Fafes.' 

G. — Grafton, Copt., John F. Searle. 
1st Lieut., .lames Gieason. 
2d Lieut., George W. Walcott. 

II. — Westminster, O';;/"., Ethan W. Holden. 
1st Lieut., Edward P. Miller. 
2d Lieut., Hobart Raymond. 

I. — Sterling, Capt., . 

1st Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., William H. Sawyer. 

K. — Leominster, Capt., Lucien A. Cook. 
1st Lieut., Eugene A. Bennett. 
2d Lieut,, Charles D. Pierce. 

First Com]>any of Cadets 

Cajjt. {with rank of] Lieut.-Col), Francis 

W. Palfrey.' 
Lieut, {ii'ith rank of M"jor), Steplien M. 

Ensign {with rank 0/ Jfajoi'), Jere. Abbott. 
Surgeon {with rank of Major), B. Joy 

Adjutant [witii rank of Captain), Thomas 

F. Edmands. 
Quartermaster {rcith rank of 1st Lieut.), 

Charles E. Stevens. 
1st Lieut., William F. Lawrence. 
I 1^-/ Lieut., Otis E. Weld. 

I \st Lieut., . 

Is; Lieut., Charles P. Horton. 
1st Lieut., Francis L. Higginson. 

Second Company of Cadets 

Afajor, A. Parker Browne. 

Capt., Samuel Dnlton. 

i Adjutant, . 

I Quartermaster, Edward A. Simonds. 

! 18^ Lieut., Joseph C. Foster. 
I 1st Lieut., Philip G. Skinner. 
i 1st Lieut , Edward Hobbs. 

2d Lieut., Charles H. Masurv. 

2d Lieut., . 

2d Lieut., James Pope. 


The f )llowIni; Military Corai)anv mainly of OOicers of other 
Militia. - ' . 


Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. for 1871-72. 

Captain. Cnptain Edwin C. P>ailey. Fir^t Lieiifenanf, Captain Jolm ?.Iack. Srron'I 
Lieutenant. Captain Kit-hard .M. llark.T. Aajiitnnt, Captain K-lwittd \l. Fro-t. /V;-,v^ >'• r- 
fjfnnt, Cii^MAUx Wii.l.iiT) n.i'umlv. S,'roii't Sirarf/nt, .Ser;;t. William Pfail'. Third >'/"- 

giant, • / -" /7/( ,s, ,v/,v,-„r, S,.r^r. H. K. W. ilibhard. Fifth Sergeant, .)oUn 

A. Lowell, .s/ /■///, S.r,i,(iiit, Str>,'t. \'i!K-fiir Faforme. S< i,nth Sernidiit, (W'ortre."^. Ka^t- 
man. Fi;/hth St-ri/r, nit , iUiut. Horace iioekwcll. Mnth >t )v/rr/,.,^'(,;ipt. .lolin >L Wliite. 
Tenth Sin/eant, A. W. Hobart. Tren.^ur, r am/ J'(n/ina.<t''r, (.'n\>t. .)o\\t\ (i. iJobtTts. ( /<'■■• 
and A.-'^istnut I'aumu-^ter, Fieiit. (jeorm- IL Allen, ' (?((arftr;/ia«7tr, Cupt. C'liarles S. LuUi- 
btrt. vlr;/{.>rtT, (.'apt. Kii.hard -M. F.arker. 





Office, 37 Wasliiiigtou Street, Boston. 


\ "'..:>. . 

Chlof Constable of the Coiiitnoiiwealtli. 

EDWARD J. JONES. . . . Offi>-e, 24 Pemberton Square, B ,ston. 

Clerical Dejiartiiacjit. 

Gustavus Andrews. Lebbeus Stetson, 

Detective Force. 

Thonns P. Ra^rley. 
Charles F. Haimnond. 
Daniel C. Jones. 
"W'illiatu K. Jones, 

Harrison D. LittlefieliL 
Hollis a Pinkham. 
Francis ]NL Smith. 
James P. ^V'ade. 

CoiistaTiIes of the Co!ii!iio«iwealt3i. 

Barnstable County. i 

Raymonil Ellincrton, Provincetown j 
Benjamin H. Matthews^ Yarmouthport j 

Berkshire County. 
William Mi.Kay, North Adams 
Moses H. Pease 

Bristol County. 
Robert Grossman. 2d, Taunton 
David Dean. Fall River 
Georire Dunham. New Bedford 
Alfred G. Iliteh, New Bedford 

Essex County. 
Charles L. Avers, Newburyport 
Melvin Beal. Lawrence 
George W. B(\vnton, Georgetown 
William C. Bowler, Salem' 
John F. Brown, Lynn 
Josepli A. ^L)ore, Gloucester 
John E. vSmirh, Lvnn 

Franklin County. 

Hurrh B. Miller, (ireentield 
George H. Piielp>, Northtield 

Hampden County. 
Harvey H. Billin-js, S[)rinLdleld \ 

Stephen C. Coutdi, Springlield j 

Hampsliiro County. 

William E. Lewi-;. Ware 
Edward P. Ni.-hols, Northampton 

Middlesex County. 
Joslah A. Bean, Natiek 
X'harles A. Davi.^, S unerville 
Francis Hincklev, Maiden 

Hosea C. Ho^■t, Newton 
George H. ^forse, Lowell 
]Micah B. Priest, ^L\rlboro' 
Albert Finder. Lowell 
Pembroke S. Rich, Aver 
Edward E. Souther, Charlestown 
John E, Tidd, Woburn 

Norfolk County. 

Christopher T. Bailey, Wevmouth 
Benjamin P. Eldridiie, Neponset 
Andrew J. Garey. Weymouth 
Isaac Porter, South Braintree 
Lewis R. Whittaker. Franklin 

Plymouth County. 
James B. Collingwood, Plymouth 
Uriah ^lacey, Brid^'ewateV 
George C. Pratt, Aliinirton 

Suffolk County. 
Richard F. Andrews, John A. Da- 
ley, John E. Oilman, Fred'-ric A. 
Marsh, James H. McGuire, ^Michael 
Meade, Daniel Noonan, Edward L. 
Noyes, George F. Raymond, William 
^L Strachan, John Tewksbury. John 
S. Tobey, George G. Trull, Samuel 
A. Waterman, Clark Waters. 

Worcester County. 

Abijah Brown, l>olton 
Chark^s \V. Davis, Templeton 
Suniu-l J. Fletcher, AVIiitinsville 
Augustus W. Keene. Milti)rd 
Solomon Shumvvay, Webster 
Edward J. Russell, ^\'orcestc^ 





state Almshouse at Tewksbury. 

Franci.s II. Nourse, Lowell ; IV iij. 
C. IVrkins. Teabody ; (teornje T. 
Kllii)t„ liilleiica, In^iptctovs. Thoaias 
J. Mrir?k, Supenntciultnf. 
State Almshouse at Bridgewater. 

John I). Hathaway, Fall Kivor ; 
James IL Mitchell, East Bridgcwater ; 

Joseph B. Thaxter, Ilinixliam, Inspec- 
tors. Nahum Leoiianl. jr., Suj)t. 
State Almshouse at Monson. 
Eleazer Porter, iladley; Gordoa 
iVI. Fisk, Falinei- ; 'Ihonias Rice, 
Shrewsbury. Insp'-clora. Horace F. 
Wakefield,' Su2)t. 


State Lunatic Hospital at North- 
ampton, Mass. 
Incorporated 1850. 

Trxs^ee^. Hon. Edmund II. Sawyer, 
Easthamptoii ; Edward Ilirchcock. 
M.D., Amherst ; Silas M. Siuiili, E.S(|., 
Northam[)roii : Hon. P^liphalet Tr;isk, 
Springfield ; Henry L. Sabin, M.D., 

R'-xuhnt Officers, Pliny Earle, 
A.M.. .M. D., Phjisiclnn and Superinten- 
dent ; Edward B. Nims, M.D., .l.s'sf. 
Physk-ian ; Edward 11. Sp;iuhiin2, 
M.D., '2d J.vs?. P/njsiri'in ; Walter B. 
AVelton, Clerk. Trensurer. i'litn' 
Earle, Xortbampton, office at the Hos- 
The "Worcester Lunatic Ho.^pital. 

Wa< founded by the State, and was 
first opt-ned for patients Jan. l*^. 
183;>. It \\-d< of late been su-taincd 
bv tlw price of board of yianents. 
The charL'<* i-^ S3. 50 and So.OO per 
week. Fcitients are eomniiited by 
order of Judges of Probate, by Over- 
seers of the Poor, by warrant from the 
Governor, and by private bonds, 
with sworn certificates of insanity 
from two piivsicians. 

Tru<-e,s. "U. \V. Hooper. ^I. D., 
Pioston : Francis W. Bird. Walpole ; 
Hon. Henrv Ch.apin, Worcest-r; Wni. 
Woikman.' M.D.. Woreesti-r ; and 
Hon. S. E. Sew all. of l)o>ton. 

liesident 0//a>r.<. Merrick Bemis. 
M. D.. Snpf^rinlendent ; 1). H. Love- 
joy. M.D . >rary Stlnson. .M.D.; As- 
sistant Pii!isictnns ; Caroline A. Be- 
mis, M'i'ro:i : rianette W. Wright, 
Clrrt : Dviuel \V. Bemis, S'^'vard 
and Tn-asurtr. 
State Lunatic Hospital, Taunton. 

Trus'e-s, Le B.uou lui>seU, F.oston 5 
Chas. 11. Atwood, Taunton; ( reorge 
Howland, jr, Ncw Bedtbrd ; Oliver 

Ames, No. Easton ; Chas. Edward 

Cook, Boston. 

President Officers, William W. 

Godding, ]M. D., Superintendent ; 

William II. Gage. M. D., Assistant 
\ I'^hijsician : John Kittredge, Treasurer 
\ and Clerk. 

I Massachusetts General Hospital, 
±Jios30m Street, Bostou. 

Incorporated isll. 

Edward AViggle.-worth, President^ 

J. Thomas Stevenson, Treasurer, 
I Henrv B. Koirers, James M. Bee!»e, 
I William S. Bullard, Charles IL Dai- 
j ton, Samuel Eliot, (Jeorge Higginson, 

Saamel G. Howe, James L. Little, 
I John Lowell, Charles S. Storrow, 
I Edmund Dwight, Ezra Faruswortli. 
; Trustees. 


\ Benjamin S. Shaw, ^I D., Resid^mt 
! P//'/sicia)t and Snptrinlendent. (.ieo. 
I C. Shattuck, M.l)„ Francis Minor, 
' .M. 1)., Calvin Ellis, M.D., Sanuud L. 
i Abbot, .M.Ll.. James C. White, .M.D., 
I IL-nry K. OUver, jr., M. I)., T7>- 
! itinq Ph>/sicians. Ileniv J. Bitielow, 
I M.'I)., ilenrv G. Clark,' M. D., Samu- 
lel Cabot, M.D., George II. Gav. 
i M.D., Bichard M. Hodges M D., Al- 
! gernon Cooliilgf, ^I.I).. Visiiinej Snr- 
\qeons. Hall Curtis, M.D., George 
j'F. Tarbelh M.l,)., Ph/jsirians to ()<r- 
\ patients. J. Theodore Heard, ril.U-, 
I Chailes B. Porter, M.D., Sun/eons to 
; Out-patients. Calvin Ellis, M^.D.. Mi- 
I croscopist and Curator of the Pa'ho- 
j logical Cabinet. 

I OlUcers of McLean Asylum for In- 
I sane, Somervitle. 

i freoi'L'C F. Jillv, Sufx rintendfUt. 
I O. F. Rogers, F. 'A. Stillings, Asst. 
I P/i //sicians, and Apo'htcaries. Cieor'^c 
I \V.' Whittle, Steu-ard. Mrs. Abby M. 
' ^\'hittle, Matron. 

/.: H 




City Hospital, Boston. 
Ilirrison AvriiUf, opposlto 
:r Siiuar 


rcijuire temp )ra 

For tlio.>e only who 

Con.^uUir.'f Pl/f/sicians' and Surgeon.'^, 
vhvjird ll"', M.I>. ; Wiru^low 
LiMvIs, M.D.; Jelin JeilVies ^M-D ; 
Silas Diirkt-e, JNl.D. ; Bt'iijaiuin E. 
Cottinir, M.D., Junes E. i>uck:in<;- 
liara, M. D J'isi/inq Pli'iMcians, 

Fitch E-lward Oliver. M.I). ; John N. 
B>rl,unl, M.l). : John (r. Blake, MA).- 
John r. UrvnoMs, M.D : Ilill Cur- 
tis, M.D. ; '.Vlexaniler D. Sinclair, 
M.I). Vi<Uinq Surqeoiis, I). 3Icl>. 
Thaxter, jr., Al.D.; Charles D. Ho- 
man.s, ^[.D. ; David \V. Cheever, 
M.D.; \V. H. Thorndike, M.D. : \V. C. 
B. Fifield. M.D. ; William Injialls, 
M.I). Opthabulr Surr/eons, H'cnrv W. 
Williams, M.D, Oiivrr F. Wads- 
worth, M.D. Acbivttinrj Ph//.iiclan, 
Howard F. Damon, M.D. Pa'hologlst, 
S. G. Webber, M.D. P/ti/.-ticians to 
Out-Palieiifs, Frederick I. Kni^^-ht, 
M.D., William B. .Mackh-, M.D. 
Department for Skin Diseases, Out- 


)Hrqeons to 



Ouf'PaUenfs, M. F. G 
\V. Gay, M D. 

Trustees for 1871. [Elected by 
concurrent vote in January.] Alder- 
min, Henry L. Pierce. Councilmen, 
Stephen L. Emery, Thomas W. 
Brown, jr. At Larr/e, John T. Brad- 
ley (Pre-t.)s James Guild, Jotd Rich- 
ards, Samuel S. Snow, Theodore 
Metcalf, David H. Cooli(be, (Stcre- 
tnr;i). Superintendent, Lucius A. 
Cutler, otlice in the Hospital. 

A[)pliv'atioiis tor adnussion of pa- 
tients may i)e made bt•t^v•cen It and 11 
A. ]\I. Persons accidently injured 
wid be received at all hours. 

Mass. nomceopafihie Hospital, 14 
Burrju^fcis tr'iace, -Bostja, 

lncor{»orated 1n5.3. 
Henry S. llasst-ll, Presllent. Frank 
W. Andrews, Treasurer. 1. T. Tal- 
bot. Secrefar'j. Uoval E. Robbins, 
William Pope, David H. Blaney, il. 
C. Ahlborn. Henry C. An-cll, E. B. 
De GersdorlV, J. II. Woodbury, Con- 
rad Wesselhoet't, Trustees. 

I Boston Lying-in Hospital. 

xVnnual meetin<r in Miy. Ciiarlcs 
H. Parker, President, Francis i>oyd, 
Vice-President. Thornton K. Loth- 
rop, Treasurer. Francis A. Hall, 

The Society has not now any hos- 
pital, but dispenses its charities m pri- 
vate tjimilit's. 

Boston Lunatic Hogpi^^al, South 

Clement .V. Walker, :^I.D., Suptr- 
intendcnt. Theodore ^\^ Fisher, M.D., 
Assistant Superintendent. 

"Worcester City Hospital. 
Founded 18 71. 

For those only who require tempo- 
raiy^ relief. Trustees, F. H. Kelley, 
Joseph Sargent, Geo. Jacpies, Ster)hen 
Salisburv, P. L. JMoen, Sumner Pratt, 
Charles's. Childs. 

Consulting Ph/jsicians and Sur- 
geons, O. Martin, Joseph N. Bates, 
GeoigeN. Bates, Thomas Ga^e.IIenrv 
Clarke, Rufus Woodward, Albert f. 
Wood, (ieorge E. Franci-, J. G. Parir, 
J. ]M. Rice, E. Warner, H. Y. Simp- 
son. Superintendent, J.G. Park, M.D. 
National Sailors' Home, Qulncy. 
Or:ianized 18()5. 

Alex. H. Rire, President. Wil- 
liam Perkins, Treasurer. Joshua 
Crane, Cleric. 

Consumptives' Home, Boston. 

Opened Sept., 18G4, for the gratu- 
itous care of poor, si'k with consum{>- 
tion. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions. Charles Cullis, M.D., 
Physician and Superintendent. 

Lowell Hospital Association. 

Hospital, Merrimack corner Paw- 
tucket Stret-t. Organized in 1840, 
by the several manuf;ictnring com- 
paides, for the benefit and medical 
care ot' tho>e in their employ, who 
may be sick. Tlie anents or su[)erin- 
tendcnts of the several comfjanies are 
the Trustei-s. Pin/sician and Su- 
perintendent, .J. W. Graves, ^I.D. 
U. .S. Marine Hospital, Chelsea. 

Amos B. Bancroft, Surgeon in 
charge. Leveritt 1). Gnnter. Asst. 
Surg<on. Andrew Bartlett, Chaplain. 


Ix)cated at Charle^t'jwn. 

Samuel E. CliambeJ-lain, IVardm. Almon Hale, /)'7>u/v- [I'/n/Vn. Win. 
Peiree, C7r/^-. ,]ij\\n (i. Dcdv\h>vn, J'hi/^>cian. William \V. Colburn, Chap- 
l<iin. Eugene L. Norton, Charlestown ; Hirmon Hall, Saugu-. ; f]d\vaid H. 
Dunn, Bu-ton, In^p^dors. 

Agent for Discharged Conri':ts, D.iniel Russell, Boston. 




Instituted, 1828. Located at South Boston. 

Depository and Office, 20 Bromfidil Street. 

/^resident. Joseph Lyaiciii. Vice-President. "William 


XORTHAMrTO.V. InCoI: l'( ' JiA'l 1 1>. IMiL 

For the benefit of Indij/ent Wi(]ows and Cliildreii. 
Oenrcrc W. HiihKnrd. President. ' George W. Ilubbiird, Jeriidi S. Smith, 
Chivrles Arms, Tmste'S. 

Cl;irtin, Treasurer. Samiicl G. IIowo, M.D., Director (utd S<cretar>/. Tlios. 

T. liouve, Samuel Eliot, Jusiah Quincy, James Stui-<i:is, William B. Rogers, 

Augustus LowL'lK George S. Hale, of Boston; E. R. Mudge, S-vvampscott, 

Fi ant-is BrooVs, Mt-dibrd ; Edward N. Pfrkiiis, Brookline ; Jo^e[)h Lyman, l 

Benjamin S. Rotcli, Jamaica Plain, Trustees. | 



Eight}), bet wren M and N streets, South Boston. f 
Samr.el G. Howe, Prcsidmf. Emory W'ashbui-n, Vice-President. F. W. 
G. May, Treasurer. Edward Jarvis, Secretary. Samuel G. Howe, Samuel 
Eliot, R'jbert B. Stover, Samuel A. Gi'een, of Boston ; Edward Jarvis. F. W', \ 
G. May, Emory Washburn, of Cambridge, I'rustees appointed hij tlie Corpor- * 
Qtion. John Flint, Boston; Josiah Bartletr, Concord; James B. Congdon, ;' 
New Bedfoi'd ; Lewis x\llen, Peabody ; Henry G. Denny, Boston; Ed- 
win Morton, Boston, Trustees appointed by the Governor and Council. ": 



-, ^ '^- 


Board of Trustees for 1872 : President, William T. Bowditch. Treasurer and 
Secretary, Gilbert L. Streeter. Trustees, William L Bowditch, William 
Chase. Jas. Kimball, Samuel P. Andrews. Geo. R. Chapman, (r. L. Streeter, 
Aaron Perkins, Thomas Nichols, jr., John C. Lee, James B. Curwen. Sujit., i 

C. A. Johnson. | 


Congregate and Family Asylum combined. 

Westboro*. Established, 1848. f 

Eli A. Hubbard, Springfield ; Levi L. Goodspeed, Bridgewater ; Stephen ;^ 

G. Deblois, Boston; fJolm Ayers. ]Medford ; Lucius W. Pond, Worcester : a 

George C. Da\is. Xnrthborough, Trustees. George C. Davis, Northborough, t" 

Treasurer. Benjamin Evans. Superintendent. |^ 


Boston Harbor. y 

Mat'hew Ilowland. New Bedford; Tliomas Russell, Boston ; William T. 

Davis, Plvmouth; Vrilliam Fabons, :\larblehead ; Alfred C. Ilersev, Hing- 

ham; Osi3')rn IIow(>s. Jairus B -ai, Boston, Trustees. Charles W. Reed, -.^ 

BijSton, Treasurer. 'M. L. Eldridge, Snjterin.'ende.nt. i i 


Lancaster. Established, 185.5. 

Frank B. Fay, Che]>ea ; George Cunmiings, Lancaster ; George B. Emer- 
son. Boston ; Daniel Denny, Doi-chesrer ; tlorace J. Adams. Lowell ; John = 
L. S. Thompson, Lancaster; Albert Tolman. ^y orcesti-r. Trustees. Frank 
P>. Fay, Tn usurer. Ru-sell Sturgis.jr.. Sccrrfary. 

Marcus Amvs, Supu-ii:!ent/e/d'' anil C'!,aj>/aii,. Lucy A. Proctor, 5ii/)fri/.- 
tendrnt's Assistant. A. E. Boynton, Farnn r. J. L. S. Tliomj'son, M.D., i;^ 

Physician. Mis Susan A. P>yers. Mrs. Harriet P. Abbott, Mrs. Harriet F. 
Perry, ]Miss Eliza G. Longfellow, Miss Isabella C. Spaulding, Matrons. 

ETC. 90' 


In the State House, for the use of the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, the 
Couneii, the Senate, the House ot" lle[)re?entatives, and sueh otiier otlieers of 
the ;:overnuient and other persons as may Iroui time to time be permitted to 
use the same. 

The Library is open durint^ the Session of the Legislature, each day, with- 
out intermission, from 9, A.M., to 5, p.m., except on Saturday P.M., when it is 
closed at 1 o'clock. 

All persons whatsoever may use the Library for consultation or reference. 



Edwin P. Whipple, Jacob M. Planning, George O. Sliattuck, of Boston. 
Joseph Wiiite, Librarian, Ex ojficio. 
Sanmel C. Jackson, acting Librarian. 
C. K. Jackson, E. M. Sawver, Assistants. 


Mf^:mhers ex-ojJicUs. His Excellency AVilham B. Washburn, His Honor 
Joseph Tucker, Hon. Oliver Warner, Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

William S. Clark, Pre^. Mas':. Agricultural College. 

Appointed by the Governor and Council. 

James F. C. Hyde, of Newton ; Louis Agassiz, of Cambridge ; Mai^shall P. 
Wilder, of Boston. 

Cli0<en by the County Societies. — Massachu^iefts, Leverett Saltonstall, of 
Newton ; Essex, George B. Loring, of Salem ; Middlesex, John B. ]Moore, of 
Concord; Middlesex (North), Jonathan Ladd. of Lowell ; Middlesex (South), 
John Johnson, of Framingham ; Worcester, Tliomas W. Ward, of Shrews- 
bury ; Worcester (West), \]o\m T. Ellsworth, of Bane : Worcester (North), 
Lewis H. Bradtbrd, of Fitchimrir; Worcester (North-we.-^t), Farweil F. Fay, 
of Athol ; Worcester (South), Newton S. Hubbard, of Biimlield ; Worcester 
(South-east), William Knowlton, of L'pton ; HampsJiire. Franklin, and 
Hampden, A. Perry Peck, of Northampton ; Hampshire, Levi Stockbridge, 
of Amherst ; Highland, Geor'ye T. Plunkeft, of Hinsdale; Hampden, ^Vm. 
Birnie, of Springfield ; Hampden (East), lllrian Converse, of Palmer ; Union, 
E. W. Boise, of Blaiidtbrd ; Franklin, Tliomas L. AUis, of Conway; Berk- 
shire, Andrew J. Bucklin, of South Adams; Hoosac Valley, Nahum P. 
Brown, of Florida ; Housatonic, Richard Goodman, of Lenox ; Norfolk, Eh- 
phalet Stone, of Dedham; Hingham, Albert Fearing, of Hingham ; Bristol, 
Avery P. Slatle, of Somerset ; Bristol { Central), Nathan Durfee, of Fall 
River; P/'/mou;/;, Charles G. Davis, of I'lymouth ; Marshfeld, Gtorge M. 
Baker, of Marshtield; Barnstable. S. P>. I^hinney, of Barnstable; Nantucket, 
Andrew ^L ^lyrick, of Nantacket ; Marthas Vineyard, Herman Vincent, of 
Chihuark ; Charles L. Flint, Secretary. 


Edward Earh^ Worcester; Nathan Allen, Lowell ; Samuel G. Howe, Bos- 
ton ; Moses Kimball, l>oston ; Franklin B. Sanborn, Springfield; S. C. 
Wrightington, Fall River, Gtneral Agent',, Edward L. Pierce, ]\Iiltou, 






Office at thk State House 

The Governor and Lie 
and ei.G;ht meml)er«i, one 

:utenant-r4ovornor of the Commonwealth, ex-njjit:ii.<, 
. .^ , . . to be appointed annually hy rhe Governor and 

Council; Henry Chapin. W(ircc^fi:r, term expires 187G; Gardner G. Hub- 
bard, Camhri(l(/e, 187S; AVilliam Rice, S[n-'nt<itit:kU term expires 1879 ; Alonzo 
A. Miner, yios'^j/i, 187 7 ; Con.stantine C. Esty, Framiitfjhain, 1872; Samuel 
T. Seelye, East},ainpton, 1873; John D. Philbrick, Boston. 1S74. 

Joseph White. Secrefar// and Treasurer ; Samuel C. Jaekson, ^Issisiant Stcre- 
tarij ; Abner J. Phipps, .1^67?^ 



The State Normal Schools are designed for those ovbi -who purpose to 
tsfich, and especially for those v.lio puvjiuse to teach in the Common Schooli. 
Of those who avail themselves of the advantag'es of these Schools, and who 
afterwards become teachers in the Common Schools of Massachusetts, no 
tuition fee is retpiired. 

Tliere are at present four in the Commonwealth, as follo\Ys: — 

State NoiorAL School, Fka.mingha?!. State Normal School at Westfield. 

(Incorporated, 1S44.) 

FOR both sexes. 

John W. Dickinson, A.M., Princi- 


Annie E. Johnson. PrlncipaL 
Ori<4inaliy establi>hcd at Lexing- 
ton, July 3. 1839. Transferred in 
May, 1814, to West Newton; from 
thence, in 1853, to Framingham. 

BiuccKWATER Statk Normal School. 

(Established, 1840.) 


Albert G. P.oyden. A.^NI., PrindpaL 
^lale applicants for admission must 
be at least 17 yeirs of a'je. Female 
applicants, 16. Tuition free. 


This school first went into opera- 
tion at Barre, September 4, 1630. In 
1841 it was susj^ended, and in Sep- 
tember. 1844, was re-commenced at 

Sale:m State Normal School. 

i for females only. 

i Opened. September 13, 1854. 

i Daniel B. Hagar, Ph.D., Prlndpai 


The l*uhlic are Cdiifioned af/ainst ])(n/inff inoneff in ad- 
vauce to ant/ persons chthning to be connected icifh us or 
our pubUcuf'uHis, as our Afjents never tahe a)ty siun^ how- 
ever small, in ftdrance. 

SAMPSON. DAVENPORT, &. CO.. Directory Publishers, 





Harvard College, Cambridge. 

(Incorporated, 163G.) 




John A. Lowell, LL.D., Georire 
Putnam, D.D., Georgre T. Biirelow, 
LL.D., Francis B. Crowninshich), 
A.M.. Natbani.l Thayer, A M. ; Treas- 
urer, Nathaniel feil^sbee, A.M. 


The President and Treasurer of 
the L^niversity, ej-ojficio, and the fol- 
lowing persons bv election: — 

Geoi-e W. C. Noble, A.M., AVilliam 
Gray, A.M.. James Freeman Clarke, i Denison Colt, LL.D., Hon. John Zac- 
D.D'., Darwin E. Ware. LL.F5., S<im- 1 cheus Goodrich, Rev. Robert Russell 
nel Eliot, LL.D., Ralph Waldo Euipr- f Booth, D.D., Hon. Wilham E. Dodge, 
son, LL.D., Seth Sweetser, D.D , Hon. Giles Bacon Kellogg, Hon. 
Francis E. Parker, LL.B., Henry | Thomas Nelson, Rev, Samuel Trenii'us 
Lee, A.M., Jonathan I. Bowditch, ! Prime, D.D., Hon. Francis Henshavv 
A.M., Ebenezer R. Hoar, LL.D., j Dewey, Samuel Dennis Warr 

Williams College, Williams- 

(Incorj^orated, 17C>:>.) 






Rev. :\Iark Hopkins, D.D., LL.D., 
Hon. Henry Lyman Sabin, M.D., 
Charles Stoddard, Es([., Rev. John 
Todd, D.D., Hon. J<;seph White, 
LL.D., Hon. Erastus Cornelius Ben- 
edict, LL.D., Hon. William Hyde, 
Rev. Nalium Gaie, D.D.. Hon. James 

John H. Clillbrd, LL.D., Presuhut ; 
George Otis Shattuck, LL.B.. Theo- 
dore Lvman, S.B.. Samuel A. Green. 
M.D., ' Edward Everett Hale. A. 
:M., William A. Richardson, A.:\I., 
Waldo Higginson, A..M., Charles 
FranciS Adams, LL.]>., AVilUam (i. 
Russell, LL.B., James Walker, D.D., 
LL.D., John C. Ropes, LL.B., ^Alartin 
Brimmer, A.B., llenrv W. Paine, 
LL.D., Phillips Brooks, A.M., Steph- 
en Silisburv, A.M.. {icor"-e S. Ilil- 
lard, LL.I).:RichanI II. D.n.a. LL.D., 
James Law^rence, A.^vL, Thomas Hill. 
D.D., LL.D.. Nathaniel B. Shurtldf, 
M.D., S,rn(<u->/. 


Charles W. Eliot, LL.D., PresUlcnf ; 
Ephraim W. (Jurnev, A.B.. Dean; 
Andrew P. Peabudy, D.D., LL.D., 
Benjauiin Peir<-e, LL.D., Francis 
Bowen, A.M., Joseph Lovering, A.^L, 
Henry W. Toriey, A.M.. Evangelinus 
A. Sophocles. LL.D., James 11. Low- 
ell, A.M., Francis J. Child, Ph.D.,| 
George M. Lane. Ph.D., James Jen- 1 
nison, A.M.. J»siidi P. Cooke, A.M., I 
Charles F. Dunbar, A.B., AVilliam \V. | 
Goodwin, Ph. D., Ferdinand 15ocher, ! 
James M. Peirce. A.M., Ellis Peter- i 
^on, A.M., James B. (n-eenouLih, A. 15., | 
Henrv Adams. A.B., William Everett, ■ 
A.M.,' Charles J. White, A.M., Clem-i MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY, 

ent L. Smith. A.M.. John R. Denjiert. ' Rev. William A. Stearns, D.D., 
A.B.. John Trowbridge, S.P>., Arthur i LL.D.. Pr>su!< ut. Ebenezer S. Snell, 
L Flske, A.B., James J. Myers, A,B.|LL.D., Charles U. Shepard, M.D., 

1^....,, ......._. ^. ...„...., Esq. 


Rev. ]\Iark Hopkins D.D., LL.D., 

President. Albert Hopkins, LL.D., 
Rev. John Tatlock, LL.D., R.-v. John 
Pjascom, A.^NL, Arthur L. Perry, A.M., 
Charles F. Gilson, A.M., Sanborn 
Tenny, A.M., Cyrus ]M. Todd, A.M., 
William R. Diunriock, A.]\I., Arthur 
W. Wright, Ph.D., Franklin Carter, 
A.:\I., Henrv W. Smith, A.B., Rev.N. 
H. GrifFui, D.D., Librarian. 

Amherst College, Amherst. 

(Incorporated, 1825.) 


D.D., LL.D., 

Ebenezer Alden. ^I.D., Hon. Samuel 
Willi>ton, Henrv Edwards, Esq., Hon. C. Perkins, Hon. Alexander 
II. Bullock. LL.D., Rev. William P. 
Paine, D.D., Hon. Heni-y ^^Jorris, Rev. 
Ivlward S. Dwiirht. Hon. Alpheus 
Ilanly, Nathan Allen. M.D., Hon. 
Edward 1>. Gillett. Rev. Lewis Sabin, 
D.D., Rev. Richard S. Storrs, jr., 
D.D., Sanmel Bowles, Esq., Rev. 
lleniv Ward Beecher. Rev. Edward 
S. Divight. Rev. Roswell D. Hitch- 
cock, D.D., Seeretarfi. Hon. Edward 
Dickinson. LL.D., Trea.<nrrr. 



LL.D.. Rev. William S. Tvler, D.D.,| faculty. 

Kev. Julius II. Seelye, K.lward l\\ William S. Clark, Th.D.. Hon. 
Crowell. A.M., Edward Tui'kennan, ! Levi Stockbrid^jje, Henry fl. Goodtdl, 
LL.B., Edward Ilitrhcock, A.M., i A.M., Chas A. GGcssmann. Pli.i)., H. 
M.D., William L. :\lonta<,rue, A.M., j W. Parker, A.M., S. IL Peabodv, 
Kichard H. .Mather, A.M., Rev. L. ! A.M., W. C. Ware, P.S. 

Clark Seelve. A\'illiam C. Estv, A.:\r., 
Elijah P. Harris. Rev. Enoch F. Burr, 
D.i),. Hon. Tlieodore W. Dwight. 
LL.D., Rev. John W. Clunvhill, A.M., 
Henry B. Richardson, A.M., John K. 
Richardson, A.M., Benj. K. Emerson, 
Ph.D., Robert M. Woods, A.M., Ed- ^I-l>-^ 
ward P. Root, A.B. 

New-England Female Medical 
Colle.2:e, Boston. 


Franklin Snov/, Pres. Amariah 
Storrs, Treas. Samuel Grejiory, 
Sec. John S. Tyler, fJohn 
' Batchelder, Jonas Fitch, Osborn 
i Howes, Alden Speare, Curtis C. 
i Nichols, John Olmstead, Henry, 
j Hutchinson, Hezekiah S. Chase, 
1 Spencer W. Richardson, John South- 
i er, Henry D. Hyde. Joshua ^Merrill. 


Franklin Snow, Pres. S.tephcn 
Richard Frothing- 1 Tracy, M.D., Dean of the Faculty. 
i Frances S. Cooke, M.I)., Edward 
I Aiken, M.D., Wm. H. Campbell, 
iM.D., Samuel M. Logan, M.D., 
Amelia F. Waters, I\LD. Annual 
I term begins 1st Wednesday in No- 

Tufts College, Medford. 
(Incorporated, 1852.) 
Charles Robinson, jr., Vice-Presi- 
dent. Rev. Lucius li. Paige, D.D., 
Secretarf/. Hon 
ham, A.M., Tn-asurer. 


Rev. Alonzo A. Miner, D.D., Hon. 
Israel Wa>hburn, jr., Rev. Thomas J. 
Greenwood, Charles Tufts, Esq., 
Timothy Cottimr, Esq., James O. 
Curtis, Esq., Thomas Crane, E3(p, 
Rev. Thomas B. Thaver, D.D., Nath- 
aniel Adams. Es(j., Hon. Timothy T. 
Sawver, Newton Talbot, Esq., Heurv 
B. Metcalf. 


Alonzo A. Miner. D.D., President. 
John P. M.rshall. A.^L, Jerome 
Schneider. Ph.D., Heman A. Dear- 
born. A.]M., Benj, G. Brown, A.M., 
Wilham R. Shipmau, A.^L, Stcre- 
tart/. Moses T. Brown, A.M., Charles 
E. Fav, A.B., Tli'imas H. Armstrong, 
A.B., Charles D. Bray, C.E. 

Massachusetts Agricultural 
College, Amherst. 




Marshall P. Wilder, 

Davis, Nathan Dui'tee, 

Charles C. Srwall. Paoli Latiirop, 
Phineas Ste^iuian, Allen VV. Dodge, 
George Mai^ton. William B. \Vash- 
burn, Henry L. Whitinrr. D. Waldo 
Lincoln, Henry F. Hills, Daniel Need- 

His Exeellenry, William P.. Wash- 
burn, Hon. Chailes L. Flint, S> rrrfiiri/ 
of th" Bnnrd nj A'/rirni'/ure, Hon. 
Jose{)li W hite. Stcrttur>/ of the Board 

Smith College, Northampton, 

Incorporated 1871. Not yet in 


Hon. Osmyn Baker, Northamp- 

' ton ; Hon. Samuel P. S[>auldJng, 

Northampton ; Rev. John ]M. Greene, 

I South ILidley ; Vvof. ^Vm. S. Tyler, 

I xVmher^t ; Prof. Julius H. Seelye, 

' Amherst ; Hon. ^^'m. B. Washburn, 

Greenfield ; Prof. Edwards A. Park, 

Andover ; Hon. Jose}>h White, Wil- 

; liamstown ; Rev. B. G. Northrop, 

I New Haven, Conn ; Hon. Edward B. 

I Gillett, Westfield ; Hon. Geo. ^V. 

I Hubbard, Hatfield. 

; Andover Theological Semi- 

I nary, Andover. 

I Incorporated 18uS. 

Henry Colt, i Rev. John L. Taylor, President- 

Charles G. 

Qj Education. 

Rev. Edward A. Park, D.D., Au^rin 
Phelps, D.D., Rev. Egbert Suivth, 
liev. J. IL Thaver, Rev. Charlss 
:\I. :Mead, Rev. J.* Wesley Churchill, 
D.D., Professors. 

Boston Theological Seminary, 
36 Bromfield St., Boston. 

Bnard nf Ins'runlnn : Wm. F. ^\'iu^ 
ren, Vif'-Prts'i,!i_ht. Da\id Patten. 
Sf'ninr Prof ssor ami J.ihniria/,. John 
W. Linvlsay, »Iames E. Latimer, Lu- 
ther T. Townsend, Professors. 



Newton Theological Institu- 
tion, Newton Centre. 
Incorporated 182t>. 
President, Rev. Alb.-rt Ilovey, D.D. 

Boston Dental College, No. 5 
Hamilton Place, Boston. 
GtiO. 15. llairiinan, D.D.S., IsLD.^ 
Dean. J. A. Folletr, M.D., W. H- : 
Atkinson, M.D., D. S. Dickinson? ■ 
D.D.S., M.D., R. L. Robl.ins, D.D.S., ! 
W. F. Clark, S.B., J. P. Ordway, | 
M.D. I 

Boston College. ! 

Incorporared 18G4. j 

President, R<)bert: Fult'in. Facwfi/, \ 
Rev. A. Charlier, Mcs.-rs. Connolly, 
Miirpliy, Shandelle, Brutcu, O'Toole, 
and McLaugldin. ! 

College of the Holy Cross, 


Incorporated 1?^42. j 

President, Rev. Antony F. Ciampi- | 

Faculty, Rtv. Albert J. i'etcrs, Rev- | 

B. O'kiellv, Rev. James :Maior. Rev- : 

Charles 11. Fulmer, Mr. Whitetbrd, i 

Stephen E. Fohm, James McIIuiih, ', 

John ]\lullaskey, Daniel McGoldrick, ! 

P. Degnon, Georire P. Bnrt. i 

Worcester Co. Free Institute 
of Industrial Science, Wor- , 
cester. j 

Incorporated 1865. i 

Board of Trustees : Hon. Stephen' 
Salisbnry, President. Hon. D. Wal- | 
do Lincoln, ,S't^c/(f^ar2/. David Whit-; 
comb, E>q., Treasurer. Rev. Seth | 
Sweetser, D.D.. Hon. Geor-je F. 
Hoar, Rev. H. K. Ptrvear, Charles 
H. Mortran, Es({., Philip L. ^bx-n, 
K^q., R.:-v. EdNvard II. Hall, Hon. 
Lucius J. Knowles. On the part of 
the Board of F duration, Hon. "William 
AV. Rice. Ex-oj/icio, ]Mayor, Geo. F. 


O. TliMmp-oiu X.'M..Prin' 
>. I. Aldrn. B.S.. Geor-e 
E. Gladui'u J(.bn E. Sinclair. A M., 
^Irs. M. S. Sinclair, Ah.u/o S. Kim- 
ball, A.M., Ht-nrv P. Armsby. Sup- 

cipal. C 

erintendent of Machine Shop, ]\Iilton 
P. Ili'jLiins, B.S. (See page 783). 

Peabody Academy of Science, 

Incorporated 18*18. 
Trustees, A>a Gra}', Cand;ridge ; 
AViiliam C. Eudicott, Salem ; G. 
Peabody Russell, Bri>tob R.I. ; Otli- 
niel C. March, New Haven, Conn,; 
Henry ^Vheatiand, Salem; Abner 
C. Goodell, jr., Salem ; James R. 
Nicbols, Haveibill: Henry C Per- 
kins, Newburyport ; S. Endicott Pea- 
body, Salem 


President, W. C. Endicott. Vice- 
President, Henry ^Vheatland. Sec- 
retary of the Trustees, A. C. Goodell, 
jr. Treasurer, J. R. Xicliols. Di- 
rector of the Museum, F. Vs . Putnam. 
Stcretnry of the Council, A. S. Pack- 
ard, jr. 

Essex Institute, Salem. 

Henry Wheatland, President. A. 
C. Goodell, jr., Vice-President of His- 
lorij. ^^'illiam Sutton, Vice-President 
of Horticulture. George Peabody, 
Vice-President of Fine Arts. F. W. 
Putnam, Vice-President of Natural 
History. A. H. Johnson. Home Sec- 
retary. A. S. Packard, jr., Foreign 
Secretary. Henry AVheatland, Treas- 
urer. Wm. P. Upham, Z//>raWan. and 
curators in each department, which, 
with the above olHcei's, form the 
Board of Directors for the manage- 
ment of the Institute. 

Massachusetts Institute of 

Technology, Boston. 

Incorj)orated 18G1. 


John D. Runkle, LL.D., President. 
AVilliam Ph.D., John B. 
Ib^nck, A.M., William R. Ware. S.B., 
William P. Atkinson, A.:M., George 
A. Osborne, S.B.. Alfred P. Rock- 
well, A.M., Edward C PickerintXi 
S.B.. Samuel Kneelan<I, A.M., ^l.D., 
John M. Ordwav, A.^I., James M. 
Crafts, S.B., RobiTt H. Richards, T. 
Stvrry Hunt, LL.D., Wm. R. N'ich- 
uls, Charles R. Cross. 

Boston Almanac & Business Directory 

- FOR 1872. 

Price Fifty Centa. 


4 7 Cvtifjrtss Street f Bostoiu 




Al.l)Ott Feinal.\ Andovor. Inc. 1S2>*. Prinrlpal, Miss Pliil.tia :\IrKi'an. 

rriiicipal, Kcv. Charles W. 

Auburndale Selfrt Bovs' Scliool, .Vuburiidale. 

Cushin- A. >I. 

Binl Seminary. South Boston. Principal, Miss M. L. Sliefii^'ld. 
Boston Conservatoi-v of ^In-^ic, 154 Tremont St., Boston. Director, Julius 

Boston Music School, 22 Eliot, Boston. B. F. Baker. 

Bradford Academy, Bradford. Incorporated ISOl:. Principal, Ahby II. 

Brido;ewater, Bridge water. Incorporated 1799. Principal. C C. Woodman. 

Bristol, Taunton. Incor[)orated 1796. Principal, J. Russell Reed. 

Brvant & Stratton Business Colle<re, 3(56 Washiu'rton, Boston. Principal, 
H. E. Hil.hard. 

CAIiTEirS COMMERCIAL COLLErxE. Pittsfield. Incorporated 18(31. 
Principal, I^merson F. Carter, A. M. (see patie 7 70.) 

Chlcopee Ilitih School, Ciiicof)ee. Principal, Truman H. Kimpton. 

Clarke Institution tor Deaf Mut-s, Northampton. Incorporated 1867. Prin- 
cipal. Miss Harriet B. Rogers. 

Comer's Conmiercial Colleire, Boston. Principal, George X. Comer. 

Cottinfr Fliixh School. Arlington. Principal, Marshmau W. Ilazen. 

DEAN ACADEMY, Franklin. Incorporated 1865. Principal, Charles A. 
Daniels, A.M. 

Deerfield Academy, Deertield. Ineor. 179 7. Principal. Yirgil M. Howard. 

Derbv. Hintrham. Inmrporated 1797. Piincipal. F. J. Marsh. 

Dr. HERO'S SCIKJOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Westborou-di, Princi- 
pal, J. II. Hero. 

Dukes County Acadt-my, West T^shury. Principal, ^Moses ^Mitchell. 

Dummer Academy, Byfield, Newbury. Pi-incipal, Levi \V. Sranton. 

Edwards Place School, Stockbridge. Pi-incipal, Jared Reid, jr. 

Friends' Academy, New BedtbrtL Principal, John Tetlow. 

Gravlock Insritut'e. S. \Yilliamstown. Pi-incIpal, B. F. 2vlills. 

GROYE HILL SEMINARY, Yineyard Haven. Principal. H. B. Marshall. 

Hanover Academy, Hanover. Inorponited 1828. Piin., J. \V. 3dc Donald. 

Highland Instinite. Petersham. Piincipal, Rev. J. Shepanlson. 

Highland Military Aeadcmy, ^Yorceste^. Supt., Caleb B. Mctcalf Princi- 
pal, J. A. Shaw. 

Hitchcock F^ree School. Brimfield. Principal, E. AY. Norwood. 

Holmes' Commercial College, Fall 11 ver. Principal, F". A. Holmes. 

Ho})kins', H id ley. Principal. George H. \Yhite. 

Houghton High School, Bolton. Incorporated 18 49. Principal, Theodore 
C. Gleason. 

Howe School. Billerica. Principal, Samuel Tucdcer « 

Ipswich Female Seminary, Ipswich. Pi'incipal, Mrs. J. P. Cowles. 

Lancaster, Lancaster. Incoi-porated 1847. Principal, \Vm. A. Kilbourn. 

Lasell Female Seminary, Auburndale. Inc. 1851. Prin., Rev, Chas. W. 
Cu-hing. A.M. 

Lawrence, Falmouth. Incorporated 1835. Principal, Ltieian Hunt, A.M. 

Leicester Academy. Incorporated 1 781. Pi-incipal, C. A. Wetmore. 

Majjlewood Institute for Younir Ladies, Pittstieid. Founded 184L Princi- 
pal, li'-v. C. Y. Spear. 

Mendelssohn Mu>ical Institute, 5 Columbus S(|uare, B')^tou. Principal, 
Edward B. Oliver. 

Mon^on. Monson. Im-i.rporated 1804. Principal, Rev. Charles Hammond. 

Mv.Hint Holvoke Feiu de S<'uiinirv. South li.idley. Incoi-porated 18;j6., IFlen :M. French. 

Mount Pleasiut Institute t'ov Bovs, Andierst. Principal, H. C. Nash. 

New Englarid Conservatory of Music, Music Hall, B »>ton. Director, E 

New Salem, New Salem. Incorporated 1795. Princi])al. Lorenzo White. 

Niehols, Dudley. Licorporated Ibii). Principal, Leonard .Morse. 


Couv 18G9. Principal, Charles II. 

Oakland Hal!, N •e-lham. rrincipal, J. B. Clark. 
OKKAD COLLKtilATE L\S riTirJ'!], for Young Ladies, Worcester. 

Principal, Prof. 11 tnis 11. (ireeiie. A.M. 
ORHAD GUA.MMAR SCHOOL for iioy.s and Girls, Worcester. Prlnci- 

pa!. I'n^f. Harris U. Greene. A.M. 
PartridLre, Duxnury. hicorporated l*ii'>. i'rineipal, E Imiind W. Wright. 
Peirct; Aeaderay, Middlei/oro'. Incorporated 1606. 
l*eppfrell Academy, iVpperell. Principal, Rev. J. E. B. Jewett. 
Pui.lli[>s Academy, Andover. Ineorporaied 1780. Pnn.ipal, Frederick W. 

Powers Institute, Bernardsroii. Incorporated 1857. Principal, S. C. Smith. 
Pratt Free School, North Middleborough. Piiacipal, Earl Inualls. 
Prospect Hill School, (.rrecniield. Principal, Miss Louisa 11. \Vright. 
lloxbiirv Latin School, Kearsarsic ave., Bostoa Hiij^lilands. Fouutled 1G4.3. 

.' Principal, William C. Collar. 
Sanderson .Veademy, Ashfield. Principal, AV. W\ Mitchell. 
Sandwich Iliiili Sciiool, Sandwich. Principal, L. il. Marvel. 
Sedgwick Institute, Great B irrington. Principal, Rev. I. Bird. 
Shelburne Falls Academy, Sheihurne Falls. Trustee, C Putfer. 
vSlieldon Academy, Southampton. Principal, Mrs. Ophelia Ciapp. 
Smith Academy, Hatticld. 
South Berkshire Institute, New Marlboro'. Incorporated 18oG. Principal, 

M. M. Traeey. 
South wick .-Vcidemy, South wick. Principal, C. E. Parkinson. 
St. Mirk's S hool, Southboro'. Principal, Robert Lowell. 
SrOCGHTONHAM IXSTITCTE, Sharon. Principal, Sanford Waters 

Vine Cottage Seminary, Sudbury. Principal, Miss L. M. Battershall. 
Walthani New Church School, \VaUham. Principil, Benjamin Worcester. 
Warren Academy, Woburii. Incorporated l^iSO. I'rincipai, Wdiliaoi A.Stone 
AVatatic Academy, Ashby. 

Weslcyan Academy, Wilbraham. Com. 1821-. Prin., Edward Cooke. 
AVesttortl Acadcm\-. Westford. Incorporated 17^3. Pnn., C. O. Whitman. 

Newton. Incorporated 185i. Principal, Nathaniel T. Allen. 
Wheaton Female Senunary, Norton. Principal, Mrs. C. C. Metcalf. 
"W'iliiams Academy, Stockbridge. lucor. 18-J8. Principal, Benj. B. Hills. 
AV^illiston Scminarv, East Il.impton. Incorporated 1841. Piincipal, Mar- 
shall Hcnshaw, LL.D. 
WILLOW PARK SEMINARY (Dr. Hero's School for Young Ladie-) 

is at Westboro', Mass. — A thorough course laid out tor tliose wi.-h- 

ing to gra'iuate. Pjiysical CulcLire a leading feature. Addre-s 

tor circular. Dr. J. II. Hero, Westboro'. ^lass. 
Worcester Academy, Worcester. Inc. 1834. Principal, David Weston. 



A Hi^^iory of C'oiiiiKiiiy K 

Has receu Iv bpen publislitnl, comprising an account of all the eiijjatrciiients in which the 
oUi Tweiuy-Fifth participated .liwiii^,' it--< thrct- ytaPM ol .-crvice,a r<Turd fhowiiii? thf iianica 
ami location of the v.irii^UM t'licarnpiiifitt--, &c., tjuibodied in an Addrcsn dt-iivt-rcd by ('iij)!. 
.)- ^\'u!do l)cany, at the second unnual ru union ot 1\ A^.-ociatiou, at Worcester; tou'i'ther 
with a Company iio-tt-r. sivini; the iianie> ui uli who were at any time connected with ttie 
organuation, a list of the killed and wounded, ^vc. 

Price, Fifty Cents. Seut, postpaid, on application to 

No* 47 Congress Street^ liostoHy Mass, 




Harbor Commissioners. i 

Fred. \V. L-m-olii, jr., JJoston : 
Jo>hiiii N. IShn'^h-dU, Lotnell ; Darwin 
K. War.', yfarh'<la:nd; William T. ; 
Graminer, ]V<>bitra. j 

Pilot Commissioners, I 

Elias E. Davison, Bf>.-(oii ; Jacob ' 
'' G- Pierce, Mitfon, OiHce in Boston, I 

1 39 Lewis Wharf. i 

,-v,)^ Commissioaers on Hours of Labor. 
Henry I. Bowdit<-h, Boston : Frank- 
lin B. Sanborn, Conconl ; Wm. P. 
Tilden, Boston; Elizur Wright, Bos- 
ton; Geo. II. Snelling, Boston; Edwd. 
11. Rogers, Clids^ia; William Hvde, 
Ware: Amasa Walker,xV. Bronljidd. 
Commissioners on Inland Fisheries. | 
Theodore Lyman, i?/vv<^-/(/(e ; Thos. 
Talbot, BUlerica ; Edward A. Brack- 
ett, Wu,rhestir. 

Commissioners Obstruction to Pas- 
sage of Fish m Coun. and Merr. 
Hi vers. 

Theodore Lvman, Bronk'ine ; Al- 
fred A. Hv^ed, Bos/on. 
Superintendents of Alien Passengers. 

James Y. Cox, of Fairhavfn, for 
New Bedford, Fairhaven, Dartmoutli, 
Westporr, Mattapoisett, ]Marion, and j 
Wareham ; Ephraim Bnrr, /.b'a/ew; i 

Jolin Gilley, Marh'duad : Park<:r 
Bowh^n, Fall. River ; Samuel na.-ki'll. 

Guardians of Indians. 
Charles r)rigliam, jr., Gmfton : 
Bt-n]'. F. Winslow, Fall River ; Joim 
W. Bacon, Na/ick ; Charles Endicott, 
Canton ; E. Stowell Whittemore, 
Sandwich ; Bainaid C. Marchant. 
Eihjitriown ; Era>Uis Alton, Wihster. 

Commissioners Public Lands. 
Franklin Haven. Bnston : Edward 

C. Purdy, So7n>-rviUr : Samuel D. 
Warren, Boston. (^(Kce, State Hou.<e. 

Insurance Commissioner. 
Jidius L. Clarke, West Newton. 
Office in Boston, at State House. 

Agent of Province Lands. 
Joseph P. Johnson, Frocincetotcn. 
Commissioner of Savings Banks. 
Frederick ZnL Stone, of Waltham. 
Office in Boston, at State House. 

Liquor Commissioner. 
Josiah A. Broadhead, Boston. 
Railroad Commissioners, 
James C. Converse, Sonthhoro' ; A. 

D. Briggs, SprijigfiAd ; Chas. F. 
Adams, jr., Boston. 


2i''sid^'nt in Ma.^.<acJi!i.<;rtts, appointed by Other States to take testimony to be 
used, and Acknowledgments of L)eeds to be recorded, in said States. 

Commissioners resid'int in Boston, on paffe 151. 


Lan-rence. John K. l\arbox ; Slock- \ ^\cstfehl, N.^T. Leonard ; Worccs 
^/vV/y-. .Jonathan E. Field ; Westfiehl. 
X. j. Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry 


Ameshiiry. Wm. C. Binney; Lowell, 
Charles A. F. Swan ; N<w Bedford, 
James ^l. Bunker; Worcester^ J. 
Henry Hiil. 


Lowell, E.J win A. AlLrer, R. B. 

ier, J. Henry Hi 


Wesffeld, N. T. Leonard. 


Lowell. R. B. Caverlv, JoTiathnn 
Ladd; Pittsfeld. W. R. Plnnkett : 
Sal-m. K. S. Rantoul, S. P. Webb : 
Worcister, J. Henry Hill. 


Lowell, Robert B. Caverlv. ,Tona- 

Caverly, Jonallian Ladd ; X>w Bed- j than Ladd ; PittsfieUL Wm. II. Plunk- 

f'ird, E. L. P>.\rnev ; Sprimjjii Id. S 
P. Phillips; U'-./r-,v,'c/-, J. Henry 

ter, J. Henry Hill. 

ett ; Salein^ J. B. F. Osgood, Robert 
S. Rantoul, S. P. Webb: Wesfr/d. 
< X. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. iieniy 

Westfeld, y>. T. r^fonard ; Worce.^^- Kansas. 

Lowell, R. B. Caverlv. 
Worcesttr, J. Henry Hill. 




Salcm, Diivid Roberts; We^ffiehl,' ^m/^^rs/, W. A. Dickinson; Great 

N. T. Leonard; Worcester, ^. liiiwrv Barrirypnn, IVillin<is Palmer; Grten- 

Hill. jyfeA/, Almon Brainard; Lo'i-clL Edwin 

MAINE. ! A. Al<j:er, Robert B. Caverly. Charles 

A. F. Swan ; Lynn, Wm. iiowlaiid ; 

N<:ii: Beilford, James ^I. Bunker, W. 

/....., A p >^K 1 1 . r ,„ /; T> K ..^ li- Cobb, Tiiomas M. Stetson; North- 
town, A. i>. Miedd ; LmcctL l\.obert i ^ \ o li i a- .? < ; 
Bri ,. 1 ri , , T , r'u„. (nnnton, A. i. reck; JSortk Adanis. 
. Caverlv, iSamuel Lawrence, Lnas. ' ..J -^ . 

Abington, F. P. Rowland ; Cmn- 
bridq<i, Will. A. RieharJson ; Charles- 

James H. 3Iorton ; ]Ves'fie/d, N. T. i 

Leonard; Worcesirr, J. Henrv Hill.; OHIO. 

' i Lowell, R. B. Caverlv, Jonathan 

__ „ , ' \ V. T T^' TT- iLadd; Salem, R. S. Rantoul ; IFor- 

^ew Bedford, E. L. Barney ; TI or" > tester, J. H. Hill. 
ce>-/er, J. Henry Hill. i 

' ^ OREGON. 

MICHIGAN. I Sprlngfidd, S. R. Phillips; TFor- 

Cambridge, Wm. A. Richardson ; | (-.g^^^.,- j/|Ie,ij.y UiU^ 
Zo^i-f//, R.^ B. Caverlv, Jonathan ' ' ^^'^^^'^^^^ 

Li 1 A^ n 11- 1 riV T /-I 1 1 PENNSYLVANI.\. 

add : Ae?i' Bedford, Ihos. J. Cobb, I t> n r. i a- t-, 

We-idell H. Cobb, Wm. W. Crapo, ! ^'^"'C'^^ !>-• B. Caverly ; ^ev: Bed- 
Oliver Prescott; Pitts field, Wm. R. !.A>''^^- Alanson Borden; Srdun, U.S. 
Plunkett; Sa'em, Wm". C. Endicott ; j 1^-^ntoul S. P. ^\ ebb ; U e^rneld, N. 
Sto-we, Edwin Whitney; Westfleld, T.Leonard; IV orc^.s^er, J. Henry Hdi. 


Ajnesbury, William C. BInney ; 

N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry 

MINNESOTA. Lotcell, Charles A. F. Swan ; Ne>v 

Cambridge, Wm. A. Richardson; ^Mford, E. L. Barney. R. C. Pit- 

LowcU, Ladd; Worcester, i ^^"^ ^ Salem, David Roberts ; Spring- 

\Jield, Jame= H. Morton; Tr-.x/.n^A/, N. 
T. Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry 
I Hill. 
Worcester, \ south Carolina. 

j Springfield, James H. Morton, Wm. 
I S. Shurtletf;' V/<:stfield. X. T. LeoL- 
j ard ; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 

J. Henry Hill. 


LoicrlL R. B. Caverlv 
J. Henry Hill. 


LoiciJl, Chas. A. F. Swan ; yorth- 
arnp'on, A. P. Peck. 


Aniesbury, \Vni. C. Binney, G. W. 
Gate, Geori;e Turner: Laimmce, H. 
C. Ba-on;" 7.o/rr//, Wm. H. Ander- 
son. R. B. Caverlv, John Davis, 
Charles A. F. Swan. Wm. P. Web- 
ster; Xcr Bedford, E. L. i^arncy ; 
A^e/r'x/r^/x)/-/. Edmnnd Smith: Soh ni, 
R. S. Rmtoul. S. P. Webb; Wi>rrts- 
ter, J. H. Hill. 


N"(dnir/iporf, John X. Pike : Wesf- 
P^Ul^ X. T. Leon.ird; Woreesttr, J. 
'Hcnrv Hdl. 

West field, N. T. Leonard ; Worces- 
ter, J. Henry Hill. 


Westfild, X. T. Leonard. 


Lo/rell, Al{>!ieus R. P)rown, Jonathan 
Ladil, Charles A, F. Swan, ^Villiam 
P. Webster, Thomas .M. Stetson ; 
Worcester, J. Hi-nry Hdl. 


Greerifrld, Almon Brainard : Lowell, 
R. B. Caverlv. Jonathan Ladd; L^'pin, 
Wm. Howland; Wtstfdd, X." T. 
Leonard; Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


B,,<t(ot, D, S. Gilchrist; X>ir Lndr'nrd, Thomas ^I. Stetson; ^cj/tvn, Joseph 
B. F. Osgood; Worc.shr, J. Henry llilL 

■( ..I 




Resident in othtr Sf'-ttes, who have been nppointed by the Governor of Massachusetts to 
take testiiiiony ami depositions to be read in the' Courts of ^hlss:lchusetts ; also to 
adtniiii^ter oaths, and to take the Ackiiowleiltjment of Deeds, I'owers of Attoriiey, 
and all iri>trunietit>^ under seal, to be recorded in said Commonwealth. 

[Xi>ri-; — Tht. tcna /or wiil:h these Coinndsshiiiers hold tlielr oj/ice is /■(.sfricfLd to three 


Oakland Citi/, \Viliiam Iloskins 
Sacramenio, Edwavd Cadwalader 

•• iSaniULd Cro>s 

San FniJicisco, John S. Jiuubee 

" Parker Crittenden 

" el. l)oiiLdasa Saunders 

" Frank V. Sjudder 

" Edward Gray Stet^-on j Baltimore, Joseph T 

" Eiuile V. Sutter 

Fred. J. Thihault 
" George N. AVilliains 

San Jose, Jas. R. Lowe, jr. 


Brld'jpport, Geor'je W. Warner 
Ilari/onl, Charles E. P\ll<jwe3 

'• Edward (joodinau 

" AVui. Hauu-rsley 

*' Wm. Edgar Simonds 

Xoncich, Ebenczer Learned 

'• John T. Wait 


Wllminglori, Cieorge IL Bates 

'' Samuel ]M. llairington 

Washington. Edmund F. Lrown 
"• James N. Catlan 

" Nieholas Callan 

" Geo. F. MfLrllan 

E St. ror. Eighth 
« A. N. Zevely 


Jachonvillc', Edward ^L Cheney 
" Wm. P. Dockray 

" O^ear Hart 

Atlanta, P.enjamin R. Freeman 
Au'/ir<fa, Joseph P. Carr 

Frank JI. Miller 
1)9 P)ay 
" Edward C. Richardson 

Chicago, Daiiirl L. Boone 
" 1). U iri\ H imns^r^ A. HOYXE 
" Simeon \V. King 


Indianaj>'jli.<, Luther R. Martin 

LouisviU,:, S TEPHEN St.D. STONE, 
G Court place 


New Or'tans, Henry Ballard 

P. Cha<. CuviUier 
" John G. Eusiis '< 

New Orleans, James Graliam 
" Andrew Hero 

" Alfred Jngraham 

" E. Sumner Mansfield 

Bangor, John E. Godf'roy 
Batii, John H. Kimball " 
Portland, Jas. O'iJonnell 


Hermon L. EmniGns, jr. 
" W. W. Latimer 

William P,. Hill 


Detroit, William J. Waterman 


Minneapolis, Cyrus Aldrich 


Jackson, Hinds Co.. G. A. Smythe 


St. Louis, EDMUND T. ALLEN, 
419 Olive 
"' Austin Drake 

" Ciiarles D. Greene, jr. 

" Rudolph IMackwitz 

" Joseph L. Papin 


Austin, Alfred E. Shannon 


Concord, Asa Fowler 
Docer, Charhvs W, Woodman 
Ktene, Francis A. Faulk 
Portsmouth, William H. Hackett 


Camden^ James M. Cassady 
Elizaheth, Sauuu 1 D. Haines 
Samuel S. ^loore 
Jrrsen Citg, George W. Cassedy 
Morristotrn, Augustus W. Cutler 
Ne/cark; James F. Bond 

Vineland, Edwin Isl. Turner 

Alhang, Worthiiij^fon Frothinghani 

" Edward \Vade 
Buff<da, James S. (7il)bs 
Brookign, (rordon L. Ford 

Wm. Edwin 0>born 
" Benjimin E. Valentine 

Hudson. Stephen L. Magoun 

'- Peter M. Jordan 

Lnck'gort, John Ilon'oe 
Xeu-hnrgh, Darwin \\ . Esmond 
Xc'c York; Frederick R. Anderson 
" John S. Anderson 

bb Liberty 

A, ■.■..'M-\ 

1!) ai 

w (\-'VV.! '.V^^A 



New York^ Frank IL Angier 
Ilarvev IJakrr 


James'M. Ball 


Henry C. Hanks 


E.hnund B. Barnura 


William II. B.arker ' 


Marcus P. Bestow 


John Bi^stll 


George W. Colles 


John H Coiner 





Theo.lore F. C. Demarest 


Frederic N. Dodge 


Jajob DuBoIs 


James H. Fav 




Peter I. Gage 


Nath. Gill 


William L. Gardner 


Samuel B. Goodale 


James W. Hale 


David P. II:dl,jr. 


Charles H. Hatch 

u. < 

Dexter A. Hawkins 


Charles H. Hildreth 

« ; 

John A. Hillery 


Isaac Howbnd' 


Dana L. Hubbard 


Theodore Hinsdale 


Henry Chas. Howells 


George B. Jaques 


Judson Jarvis 


Alexander B. Johnson 


Frederick I. King 


Arthur W. Knapp 


Sylvester Lay 

«'""'• ^ 

Sigismond Lasar 


William F. Lett 


Moses B. Maclav 


Kufus K. M( llarg 


Montgomery M. Livingston 


MAKVIX J. 3li:iN 

CHANT, 7 Warren 


George B. Morris, jr. 


Charles Nettleion 


Alexander H. Xones 


Jose{)h B. Nones 


Alexander Ostrander 


Charles H. Phelps 


Michael Phillips 


Nath'l A. Prentiss 


William L. llavmond 



1 la Broaihvav 


William Russell 


William H. Iiu<sell 


Thomas Sadler 


Henry D. Sedgwick 


James M. Slevin 


Isaac S. Smiih 


Frederick B. Swift 



ELL, 120 Broadway 

I New York, Robert B, Valentine 
" John AVhipple 
" Franklin A. Wilcox 
" Walter B. Wines 
TroT/f Charles L. xVlden 

Cinclnnattij Samuel S. Carpenter 
Alex. IL M'(iuliey 
" Hiram D. Peck 
" Reuben Tyler 
Cleveland^ Allan T. Brinsraade 

" James Wade, jr. 
Toledo, Wm. H. Gorrill 


Easton, Elisha Allis 

Lock ILivc/i, Paul S. Merrill 

Philade/j)/iia, Arthur ]M. l>urton 

" J. Edward Carpenter 

" Charles Chauncv 

South Third St. 
" Joseph Prankish 

" John Hancock 

** John S. Ilenkels 

" Samuel B. Huey 

" F. Herbert danvier 

" Charles E. Morris 

" S. Henry Norris 

" Sam'l W. Penny packer 

" Edward L. Perkins 

" Henry Phillips, jr. 

" Theodore D. Rand 

" Alexander Ramsey 

" Edward Shippen 

" Joshua Spcring 

" James Stirr 

" Samuel L. Taylor 

" Kinlev J. PVner 

PilLdmrri, AVilliam F. Robb 
Titusville, Frederick Bates 


Ne'cport, Francis l^riidey 
Providence. Henry ^lartin 
" Charles Selden 


Aiken, Frederick A. Ford 
'' Virginius J. Tobias 


KnoxvUte, Charles Seymour 
Memphis, R. Dudley Frayser 


Gafceston, Robert S. Johnson 
Houston, Emile Simmler 


Salt Lake Cit'/, William P. Appleby 
*' AUred S. Gould 


Richmond, Charles S. Bundy 

" Edmund T. Winst on 


MiUcaukee, Francis Bloodgood 






And from their Shire Town. 

The dislances from other important points are also given in some 

cases. The figures denote tJie number of miles by the 

slwrtest railroad route, unless otherwise slated. 

Abington, Plymouth Co., from Boston 19 miles, from Plymouth 

16 miles 
Acton, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 12 
Acushnet, Bristol Co., Boston 62, Taunton 19 
Adams, Berkshire Co., Boston 120, Pittsiield IT 
Agawam, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 3 
Alford, Berkshire Co., Boston 190, Pittstield 19 ^ ' 

Amesbury, Essex Co., Boston -40, Newburyport 6 
Amherst, Hampshire Co., Boston 103, -Northampton (by high- 
way) 8 
Andover, Essex Co., Bost(ni 23, Lawrence 3, Newburyport 27 
Arlington, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Cambridge 2, Lowell 31 
Ashburnham,, Worcester Co., Boston 61, Worcester 30 
Ashby, Middlesex Co., Boston 51, Lowell 33 
Ashtield, Franklin Co., Boston 118, Greenfield (by highway) 12 
Ashland, Middlesex Co., Boston 24, Lowell (by highway) 30 
Athol, Worcester Co., Boston 83, Worcester 59 
Attleburo', Bristol Co., Boston 31, Taunton 12 
Auburn, Worcester Co., Boston 4:9, Worcester 5 
Ayer, Middlesex Co., Boston 35, Lowell 17 
Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Boston 73 
Barre, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester (by 

highway) 20 
Becket, Berksiiire Co., Boston 135, Pittsfield 16 
Bedford, Middlesex Co., Boston (by highway) 1-4, Lowell (by 

highway) 12 
Belchertown, Hampshire Co., Boston 94:, Northampton (by 

highway) 16 
Bellinghani I Norfolk Co., Boston 31, Dedham 19 
Belmont, Middlesex Co., Boston 6, Cambridge o\, Lowell 32 
Berkley, Bristol Co., Boston 37, Taunton 3, New Bedford 15 
Berlin, Worcester Co., Boston 41, Worcester 21 (by highway 12) 
Bernardston, I'ranklin Co., Boston 113, Greenfield 7 
Beverly, E.ssex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 18 
Billerica, Nliddlesex Co., Boston 19, Lowell 7 
Blackstone, \V\u-cester Co., Boston 34, Worcester 25 
Blandford, Hampden Co., Boston 119, Springlield 21 

i} V t 


Bolton, Worcester Co., from Boston 43 miles, from Worcester 

15 miles 
Boxboro', Middlesex Co., Boston 27, Lowell 25 (by highway 13) 
Boxtbrd, Essex Co., Boston 28, Newburypurt 12, Salem 18 
Boylston, Worcester Co., Bost(jn -10, Worcester (by hig-hway) 7 
Bradford, Essex Co., Boston 32, Salem IS, Newburyport 11, Law- 
rence 6 
Braintree, Norfolk Co., Boston 10, Dedham 19 (by highway 10) 
Brewster, Barnstable Co., Boston 89, Barnstable 16 
Bridge water, Plymouth Co., Boston 27, Plymouth 24 
Brighton, Middlesex Co., Boston 5, Lowell 31 
Brimlield, Hampden Co., Boston 79, Spriiigtield 19 
Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 67, Worcester 23 
Brookline, Norfolk Co., Boston 4, Dedham 14 
Buckland, Franklin Co., Boston 116, Greenfield 10 
Burlington, Middlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 15 
Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 
Canton, Norfolk Co., Boston 14, Dedham 6 
Carlisle, JNliddlesex Co., Boston 18, Lowell 9 
Carver, Plymouth Co., Boston 42, Plymouth 8 
Charlemont, Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield 13 
Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Boston 1, Lowell 27 
Charlton, W^orcester Co., Boston 57, Worcester 13 
Chatham, Barnstable Co.. Boston 90, Barnstable 17 
Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 
Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Boston 4 
Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Boston 136, Pittsfield 9 
Chester, Hampden Co.. Boston 126, Springfield 28 
Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 140, Northampton 15 
Chicopee, Hampden Co., Boston 101, Springfield 3 
Chilmark, Dukes Co., Boston 85, Edgartown 12 
Clarksburg, Berkshire Co., Boston 141, Pittsfield 23 
Clinton, W^orcester Co., Boston 45, Worcester 17 
Cohasset, Norfolk Co., Boston 21, Dedham 20 
Coleraine, Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenfield (by highway) 9 
Concord, Middlesex Co., Boston 20, Lowell 14 
Conwa}'', Franklin Co., Boston 114, Greenlieid (by highway) 8 
Cummington, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton (by 

higltway) 16 
Dalton, Berkshire Co., Boston 146, Pittsfield 5 
Dana, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester (by highway) 25 
Danvers, Essex Co., Boston 21, Salem 5 

Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Boston 60, New Bedford (by highway) 6 
Dedham, Norfolk Co., Boston 11 
Deerfield, Franklin Co., Boston 123, Greenfield 13 
Dennis, Barnstable Co., Boston 84, Barnstable 11 
Dighton, Bristol Co., Boston 41, Taunton 4, New Bedford 20 
Douglas, Worcester Co., Boston 48, Worcester 26 
Dover, N<>rf)lkCo., Boston 16, Dedham 6 
Dracut, Middlesex Co., Boston 29, Lowell 3 
Dudley, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Di-nstable. Middlesex Co., I^)ston 35, Lowell 10 
Duxbury, Plymoutli Co., P>oston 37, Plymouth 8 
East Uridgewater, Plymouth Co., i^jston 25, Plymouth 19 
Eastham, Barnstable Co., Boston 97^ (by highway 66), Barn- 
stable 2t 



Easthampton, Hampshire Co., from Boston 119 miles, from North- 
ampton 5 miles 
Easton, Bristol Co., Boston 2tJ, Taunton 10 
Edgartown, Dukes Co., Boston 85 

Egremont, Berkshire Co., Boston 176 (by highway 140), Pitts- 
field 25 
Enfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 99, Northampton 16 
Erving, Franklin Co., Boston 92, Greenfield 14 
Essex, Essex Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 13 

I Everett, Middlesex Co., Boston 3, Lowell 29 

<, Fairhaven, Bristol Co., Boston 60, Taunton 17, New Bedford 1 

^ F^all River, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 15, New Bedford 14 
Falmouth, Barnstable Co., Boston 65, Barnstable (by highw) 22 
Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Boston 50, Worcester 26 
Florida, Berkshire Co., Boston 132, Fittsfield 25 
Foxboro', Norfolk Co., Boston 22, Dedham 10 

• Framingham, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Worcester 23, Lowell 25 
Franklin, Norfolk Co., Boston 27, Dedham 17 
Freetown, Bristol Co., Boston 45, New Bedford 9 
Gardner, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 26 
; Gay Head, Dukes Co., Boston 75, Edgartown 16 
Georgetown, Essex Co., Boston 31, Newburyport 9 
Gill, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Greenfield (by highway) 5 
Gloucester, Essex Co., Boston 32, Salem 16 
Goshen, Hampshire Co , Boston 122, Northampton 12 
Gosnold, Dukes Co., Boston 70, Edgartown 13 
' Grafton, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 6 
Granby, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 85, Northampton 

(by highway) 9 
Granville, Hampden Co., Boston 117, Springfield (by highw.) 14 
■ Great Barrington, Berkshire Co., Boston 174,.rittstield 23 
Greenfield, Franklin Co., Boston 106 

Greenwich, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 73, Northamp- 
ton (bv highway) 20 
Groton, Middlesex Co., Boston 38, Lowell 20 
Groveland, Essex Co., Boston 34, Salem 20, Newburyport 12 
\' Iladley, Hampshire Co., Boston 109. Northampton 3 
Halifax, Plymouth Co., Boston 28, Plymouth 9 
: Hamilton, Essex Co., Boston 24, Newburyport 12 

' ' Hancock, Berkshire Co., Boston 158, Pittslield (by highway) 7 
■ • Hanover, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, PlyHiouth 26 

\' Hanson, Plyniouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 13 

'■ IJardwick, Worcester Co., Boston 75, Worcester (by highw.) 22 
Harvard, Worcester Co., Boston 38, Worcester 25 
Harwich, liarnstable Co., Boston 85, Barnstable 12 
Hatlield, Hampshire Co., Boston 120, Northampton 4 
Haverhill. Essex Co., Boston 33, Salem 31, Newburyport 12 
Hawley. Fnmklin C'o., Boston 120, Greenfield (by highway) 14 
Heath. Franklin Co., Boston 119, Greenfield (by highway) 13 
Hingh;im, Plymouth Co., Boston 17, (by water 12), Plymouth 

(bv highwav) 26 
Hinsdale. Berksh'ire Co., Boston 143, Pittslield 8 
Holden, \Vi>rcester Co., Boston 52, Worcester 8 
Holland, Hanipden Co , Boston 70, Springfield (by highway) 23 
Holliston, Middlesex Co., Boston 26, Lowell 35 
Holyoke, Hampden Co., Boston 106, Springfield 8 

;. ! i 


1 /.^l-'V^^H 


IIopkintoTi, Middlesex Co , from Boston 30 miles, from Lowell 3T 

miles (sta;i-e to C<»rdaville) 
Ilubbardston, Worcester Co., Boston 64, Worcester 20 
Hudson, Middlesex Co., Boston 34, Lowell 27 
Hull, Plymouth Co., Boston 22, (by water 9), Plymouth (by 

water) 30 
Huntington, Hampshire Co., Boston 119, Northampton (by 

higliway) 12 
Hyde Park, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedhara 3 
Ipswich, Plymouth Co., Boston 27, Salem 11, Newburyport 9 
Iving-ston, Plymouth Co., Boston 33, Plymouth 4 
Lakeville, Plymouth Co., Boston 34|, Plymouth (by highway) 18 
Lancaster, Worcester Co., Boston 44, Worcester 19 
Lanesborough, Berkshire Co., Boston 157, Pittsfield 6 
Lawrence, Essex Co., Boston 20, Salem 20 
Lee, Berkshire Co., Boston 162, Pittstield 11 
Leicester, Worcester Co., Boston 50, Worcester (by highway) 6 
Lenox, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Pittstield 8 
Leominster, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 21 
Leverett, Franklin Co., Boston 106, Green held 16 
Lexington, Middlesex Co., Boston 11, Lowell (by highway) 15 
Leyden, Franklin Co., Boston 115, Greenfield (by higliway) 9 
Lincoln, Middlesex Co., Boston 17. Lowell (by higliway) 14 
Littleton, ^liddlesex Co., Boston 31, Lowell 21 
Longrneadow, Plampden Co., Boston 102, Springfield 4 
Lowell, Middlesex Co., Boston 26 
Ludlow, Hampden Co., Boston 90, Springfield 9 * 
Lunenburg, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 29 
Lynn, Essex Co., Boston 11, Salem 5 
Lynnfield, Essex Co., Boston 13, Salem 8 
Maiden, Middlesex Co., Boston 4, Lowell 23 ' 

Manchester, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9 
Mansfield, Bristol Co., Boston 24, New Bedford 31, Taunton 12 
Marblehead, Essex Co., J^oston 20, Salem 4 
Marion, Plymouth Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 18 
Marlboro', 'Middlesex Co., Boston 32, 'Lowell 40'^( by "highway 24) 
Marshfieki, Plymouth Co., Boston 30, Plymouth (by highway) 15 
Marshpee, Barnstable (Jo., Boston 64, Barnstable (by highway) 8 
Mattapoisett, Plymouth Co., Boston 55, Plymouth (by highw.)24 
Maynard, Middlesex Co., Boston 27, Concord 7 
Medfield, Norfolk Co., Boston 20, Dedham 13 
Medford, Middlesex Co., Boston 5, Lowell 21 
Medway, Norfolk Co., Boston 25, Dedham 19 . 

Melrose, Middlesex Co., Boston 7, Lowell 20 
Mcndon, Worcester Co., Boston 32, Worcester 22 
Methuen, Essex Co., Boston 28, Salem 20 

Middleboro', Plymouth Co., Boston 35. Plymouth (by highw.) 14 
Middlefield, Hampshire Co., Boston 131, Northampton 39 (by 

highway 20) 
^liddleton, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 8 
Milford, W'orcester Co., Boston 23, Worcester 35 
.Millbury, Worcester Co., Boston 42, Worcester 6 
Milton, Norfolk Co., Boston 7, Dedham 6 
^lonioe, Franklin Co., Boston, 136, Croenfield 34 
Monson, Hampden Co., Boston 87, Springfield 19 
Montague, FrankUn Co., Jiostou 102, Greenfield 4 


7/ ;:..,. :1a/:. 



Monterey, Berkshire Co., from Boston 136 miles, from Pittsfield 

(by liig-liway) 18 miles 
Montg-oinery, Hampden Co., Boston 118, Spring-Held 20 
Mount Washing-ton, Berkshire Co., Boston 183, Bittstield (by higli- 

way) 32 
Nahant, Essex Co., Boston 14 (by water 10), Lynn 4 
Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Boston 110 
Natick, Middlesex Co., Boston 17 

Needham, Norfolk Co., Boston 12, Dedham (by hig-hway) 5 
New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Boston 164, Bittstield (by hig-h.) 13 
New Bedford, Bristol Co., Boston 55, Taunton 20 
New Braintree, AVorcester Co., Boston 62, Worcester (by high- 

way) 18 
Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 34, Newbur\^port 3 
Newburyport, Essex Co., Boston 36, Salem 20 
New Marlboro', Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Pittsfield (by high- 
way) 24 
New Salem, Franklin Co., Boston 91, Greenfield (by highway) 15 
Newton, Middlesex Co., Boston 7, Lowell 33 
Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Boston 23, Dedham 11 
Northampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 115 
North Andover, Essex Co., Boston 28, Lawrence 2 
Northborough, Worcester Co., Boston 35, Worcester (by high- 
way) 10 
Northbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 46, Worcester 13 
North Bridgewater, Fl^-mouth Co., Boston 20, Plymouth 24 
North Brookfield, Worcester Co., Boston 67, Worcester 23 
Northfield, Franklin Co., Boston 101, Greenfield (by highway) 6 
North Reading, Middlesex Co., Boston 23, Lowell 14 
Norton, Bristol Co., Boston 28, Taunton 8 

Oakham, Worcester Co., Boston 59, Worcester (by highway) 15 
Orange, P'ranklin Co., Boston 87, Greenfield 10 
Orleans, Barnstable Co., Boston 94, Barnstable 21 
Otis, Berkshire Co., Boston 128, Pittsiield (by highway) 22 
Oxford, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 11 
Palmer, Hampden Co., Boston 83, Springfield 15 
Paxton, Worcester Co., Boston 51, Worcester (by highway) 7 
Peabody, Essex Co., Boston 18, Salem 2, Newburyport 22 
Pelham, Hampshire Co., Boston 76, Northampton (by high.) 14 
Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Boston 26, Plymouth (by highway) 12 
Pepperell, Middlesex Co., Boston 43, Worcester 36 
Peru, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittsfield (by highway) 12 
Petersham, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 65, Worcester 

(by highway) 27 
Phillipston, Worcester Co., Boston (by liighway) 58, Worcester 

(by highwa}' ) 27 
Pittsfield, Berksiiire Co., Boston 151 

Plainfield, Hampshire Co., Boston 124, Northampton (by high.)29 
Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Boston 37^ 
Plympton, Plymouth Co., Boston 30, Plymouth 8 
Prescott, Hampshire Co., Boston (by highway) 67, Northampton 

(by highway) 16 
Princeton, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester 16 
Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Boston 118 (by water 55), Barn- 
stable 45 (by water 26) 
Quincy, Norfolk Co., Boston 8, Dedham (by highway) 10 


.,.i/i .V^MHIi.p 


Randolph, Norfolk Co., from Boston 15 nriiles, from Dedliam (by 

highway) 8 miles 
Raynliaiii, Bristol Co., Boston 30, Taunton 3 
Heading, Middlesex Co., Boston 12, Lowell 15 
Kehuboth, Bristol Co., Boston o9, Taunton (by highway) 10 
Revere, Sutlblk Co., Boston G 

Richmond, Berkshire Co., Boston 159, Fittstield 8 
Rochester, Blyniouth Co., Boston 49, Plymouth (by highway) 16 
Rockport, Essex Co., Boston o6, Salem 20 
Rowe, Franklin Co., Boston 132, Greenfield 26 
Rowley, Essex Co., Boston 31, Salem 15, iNewburyport 5 
Koyalston, Worcester Co., Boston 77, Worcester 53 
Russell, Hampden Co., Boston 116, Springfield 18 
Rutland, Worcester Co., Boston 54, Worcester (by highway) 13 
Salem, Essex Co., Boston 16, iSewburyport 20 
Salisbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, iS'ewburyport 2 
Saudisfield, Berkshire Co., Boston (by highway to Springfield) 

125, Pittslield (by highway) 27 
Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Boston 62, Barnstable 11 
Saugus, Essex Co., Boston 9, Salem 10 

Savoy, Berkshire Co., Boston 133, Fittstield (by highway) 15 
Scituate, Flymouth Co., Boston 25, Flymouth (by highway) 20 
Seekonk, Bristol Co., Boston 40, Taunton (by highway) 14 
Sharon, Norfolk Co., Boston 22, Bedham 14 
Sheltield, Berkshire Co., Boston 182, Fittsiield 31 
Shelburne, Franklin Co., Boston 113, Greentield 7 
Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Boston 24, Framingham 4 
Shirley, Middlesex Co., Boston 40, Lowell 22 
Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Boston (by highway) 36, Worcester 

(by highway) 5 
Shutesbury, Franklin Co., Boston 112, Greenfield 22 (by high. 13) 
Somerset, Bristol Co., Boston 44, Taunton 10 J 
Somervilie, Middlesex Co., Boston 2, Lowell 24 
Southampton, llampshii-e Co., Boston 115, Northampton 9 
Southboro', Worcester Co , Boston 28, W^orcester 17 
Soutlibridge, Worcester Co., Boston 70, Worcester 27 
South lladley, Hampshire Co., Bc^ston 112, Springfield 14 
South S(;ituate, Flymouth Co., Boston 20, Flymouth (by high.)16 
Southwick, Hampden Co., Boston 114, Springtield 18 
Spencer, Worcester Co., i^oston 62, Worcester 18 
Springlield, Hampden Co., Boston 98 
Sterling, Worcester Co., Boston 49. Worcester 14 
Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 168, Fittsiield 17 
Stoneham, Middlesex Co., Boston 9, Lowell 16 
Stoughtcul, Noriblk Co., Boston 18, Dedham 6 
Stow, ^liddlesex Co., Boston 30, Lowell 32 

Stuibridge, Worcester Co., Boston 60, Worcester (by liig'hw.) 18 
Sudbury, Middlesex Co., l^oston (by highway) 26, Lowell 20 
Sunderland, Franklin Co., Boston 107, Greenfield (byhighw.) 9 
Suttnn, Worcester Co., Boston 40, Worcester 9 
Swampscott, Essex Co., Boston 12. Salem 4, xNcwburyport 24 
Sw.uizev, Bristol Co., Boston 48, Taunton 13 
Tuuiit')n, Bri.stol Co., Buston 33, New Be.lfurd 20 
Templeton, Worcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 45 (by high- 
way 26) 
Tewksbury, Middlesex Co., Boston 21, Lowell 5 


Tisbury, Dukes Co., from Boston 7T miles, from Edg^artown 8 miles 
Tolhind, JIainpden Co., BustDii V2o, Spring'rtcld (by highway) 22 ''' 
Topsheld, Essex Co., Boston 25, Salem 9, Newburyport 15 
Townsend, xMiddlesex Co., Boston 45, Lowell 27 
Truro, Barnstable Co., Boston 112 (by water 60), Brovincetown 

9, Barnstable 37 
Tyng'sborong'li, Middlesex Co., Bost(jn 33, Lowell 7 
Tyriugham, Berkshire Co., Boston 14-2, Pittslield 20 
Upton, Worcester Co., Boston 36, Worcester (by highway) 13 
Uxbridge, Worcester Co., Boston 30, Worcester 18 
Wakefield, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell 28 
AV^ales, Hampden Co., Boston 93, Springfield 25 
■ Walpole, Norfolk Co., Boston 19, Dedham 9 
Waltham, Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell (by highway) 18 
Ware, Hampshire Co., Boston 91, Northampton 40 
Warehain, Blymoutli Co., Boston 50, Plymouth (by highway) 15 
Warren, Worcester Co., Boston 73, Worcester 28 
Warwick, Eranklin Co., Boston 87, Greenfield 11 
Washington, Berkshire Co., Boston 138, Bittstield 13 
Watertown, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 34, Cambridge 5 
Wayland, Middlesex Co., B(,)ston (by highway) 16, Lowell 42 
Webster, Worcester Co., Boston 59, Worcester 16 [33 

AVellfleet, Barnstable Co., Boston 106 (by water 65), Barnstable 
Wendell, Eranklin Co., Boston 90, Greenfield 16 
Wenham, Essex Co., Boston 22, Salem 6, Newburyport 14 
Westborough, Worcester Co., Boston 32, VV^orcester 12 
West BoylstoU; Worcester Co., Boston 53, Worcester 9 
West Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Boston 25, Plymouth 25 
West Brooktield, A^^jrcester Co., Boston 69, Worcester 25 
Westfield, Hampden Co., Boston 108, Springfield 10 
Westford, Middlesex Co., Boston 33, Lowell 7 
West Hampton, Hampshire Co., Boston 123, Northampton (by 

highway) 8 
Westminster, Worcester Co., Boston 55, Worcester 30 
West Newbury, Essex Co., Boston 38, Newburyport 4 
Weston, Middlesex Co., Boston 13, Lowell 39 (by highway 18) 
Westport, Bristol Co., Bosttm 56, New Jk'dford "(by highway) 8 
West Hoxbury, Norfolk Co., Boston 3|, Dedham 3 
West Springfield, Hampden Co., Boston 100, Springfield 2 
AVest Stnckbridge, Berkshire Co., Boston 162, Pittslield 11 
Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Boston 15, Dedham 24 (by highway 11) 
Whately, Eranklin Co., Boston 116, Greenhrdd 10 
Wilbraliani, Hampden Co., Boston 89, Springfield 9 
Williamsburg, Hampshire Co., i^oston 131, Northampton 7 
Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Boston 140, Pittslield 25 
"Wilmington, .Middlesex Co., Boston 15, Lowell 10, Lawrence U ,_ 
Wincliendon, Worcester Co., Boston 68, Worcester 44 » 

Winchester, Middlesex Co., Boston 8, Lowell 16 
Winds*. r, Berkshire Co., B..ston 140, Pittslield (by highway) 12 
AVinthrop, Sutlulk Co., Boston 10 (by water 4) 
Woburn, .Middlesex Co., Boston 10, Lowell 16 
W(»rcestor, Worcester Co., lioston 44 

Worthingtun, Hampshire Co., Boston 143, Northampton (by high- 
way) 17 
Wrentham, Co., Boston 28, Dedham 19 , - 

Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Boston 76, Barnstable 3 



i i 

ymon insyratice 










i = ^^-J. 






^ ''-■■:,.:' -.■■1:^ 


[Union Ins. Co.'s Building, 41G and 418 California Street, San Francisco.] 


ill Gold Colli, 



i B. CF.AFLIX, of H. B. Chitlin & Co. GKOIKJE Ul'DYKK, of George Opdyke & Co. 

■•• I». r.VUKEK, Director Fireman's Fund lut^. Co. J. B. TIK >M \S, of Standard .'^ugar Ketinery. 

•'"1 IKK PAL.MEK. FIELD, LEMEK, .^ CO. 1[A31LIX. Ji ALE, & C< ). BLliLEY & TYRKELL. 

ancli Office, lU Sroadway, New York. 


('. L. Slsi-.l^, 11. i:. i',..\\.r-~, \V. D. 1.. Uoiighion- 

'•'ItK A(iKN'CV, F'iroiimn's Fund !n-<. ('>...'<an IVaiivis.-n: Narragansett liis. Co., Frovidt-nce ; Commerce 
Ins. Co., Albany; Orient in>. CD., Uanrurd ; li.iy-.stati; Ins. Co., \Vorce-3ter, .Ma^-s, 

JO State Street, .... BOSTOIST 

<;...; ''^UC 

■/" i 

■|./;>iCi < 



w^Li i <^ 

Furjd 0ns. Co. 

S^N FJi^IsrciSCO, C^T-. 

■■:,- ■ 


i : ^ 


-'•-;■ ^ ■■ ■-'''. 


: : ] 



Fireman's Yund Ins. Co.'s Building, S.'t\'. cor. Caliibrnia and Sansom Sta., San Francisco.) 


D. J. STAPLES, President. G. T. LAWTON, Vice-President. 

OHAELES E. BOND, Secretary. 

CAPITAL, ^^^ (^^^^^ Coin, $500,000.C. 


IT. B. CLAI-I-IX, of H. P.. Clulliu &, Co. GEORGE OPDYKE, of George Opdyke & Co. 


J. D. PAPJvEM, Director Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. GEO. WM. BOND, of Geo, Wm. Bond Sc Co. 



Braiicli OiUcGj 114 Broad way ^ New Yorl ! 


C. L. .>k.c.J.-.. tl. E. J-.usvcri, W. 1>. L. Buiightun. 

N!'\V Y'oHFv Ai«r..N'< ' V, riilmi Ins. Co., ."-^aii Fr:inci^i:ii: Xurrriv'ansc-tt ]i\s. Co., Proviilence: Conuuerce I^'" 
Albany; Uriuiit lus. Cn., ILirti'.-nl; iiay-.'<late liis. Co., Worcester, :Ma-5^. 


4-0 State Street, .... BOSTO> \ 




Ac«'<niiiJ :intl 13<><rlc 


jjlNXlNG Gf.O. F. SSchaol 

K. !!.■!!<• Jjiinos. l'.> Court 
K,T!^ C. C. VV SaiiiMicr 
]. ,,!t r. H. 41 Kii'>\- 

M :'<■ (;. ^•l-i.'.' II. _•" Do IRC 

•.!,.. r Th^ I"-.-, lT 1).. me 

i .i-ruT A. J{. :;u C.MirC 

v> j;lc ('harlt -, -I"; Trt'mont 

Waters Geo. \V. 1 Peinbf rton sq. 

Ac-elii- A«i<l Miinul". 

^^KKK? A: DrPt:h, IM State 


f^OUD JACOB n. .!- Dfvv,.iihire 

Wri.^'ht EHzur, S'.> Stute, room \t2 
Atljiiiotoi's uf Averaares. 

i'li.'lps f . S. -s: Co. .>j State 

Atyu^ters «>l'C'oiin>Ii- 
cated Acioimt*. 

Bulii-tL-rJ. f.-.T MutL- 
J_j[UNTiNG GEU. F. ?. Schooi 

Wluolock GLOr;;e F. si AVi,h. 

Ailju-tei* of Maiine 
;iatl I'Jre X-«>»«.es. 

HrudKird i Fi/k'er. .".n .>tute 

il.ivcs U. V. 14 h;.YLU:ni-e 
I'lifips t'. S. i; C-'. O.'/ ^:att.■ 
."nDDiii-r JL- t'^vitiis, ■; .Mei-ciiants ro-a- 
'£ VLEIl JOUX S. :i.i state, rni. 

A»lvei'r.i!»iii<f Aa^euts. 

^Y'J-V^lS TUU.MA>. i," Cougrtss 

brooks, W'^dker, A Co. '17 Ti'emout 
Liula.s.v IV.-lvluuu, Ui'T.T.aont 
(jl .M.MIXO.- L-.A,.-^) \Va:,hiuir- 

liavis Churk-i. J M'u.-liiii_ton 
Ojvis J. \V. & CO. --■ Kilbs 
i'..aa llurucr, iL'i \Vu.-hn;-;on 
l:\un-i i. v. l'«; \V.;siiia-t..u 
i ...^.. : .■> i_,..l ;-.ui;ii. S. \V,,-li. 
■! .'. A l; ^ h.a.S..n. j;C..iirc 
1-. .u.UL.I .Vlv. AL' 
.'•!'A.,ul:uy it. e. i.., \Va.-ii.ii-L..ii 
•M' rcanulf Advcrtisiu- Uoiiu Co. 

.:." '1 r<.i,iout 
.NiUs S. i;. i; IV-.-mont 
J'- itciijiia S. M. ot to. Ill St.ite 
j><)Gt.KS i ilTTS, ir.j Wash. 

I awMipsun A. J. .^ Co. -v} \V;i,.ii. 
NViilcuU S. U. G. a: Co. r^ .Si;huol 

Atlverti^iii-; !«.iijii<*. 
J^l l.M A.N i;uU AUU G. -13 

(^"ItA.Nh J. a. D:i Union 

J\[Ai;s>lALLJ. 1'. C. IJ-J Wdshi- 

^* Wutcr 
•V:^riiuitui-al I^uu^iaeorM. 

<Ul.ul) , SAWViU. 7 Ct-urt 


_\MK> ul.iV.M; ,v ■<u.\>, oitioe 

Atfi icuUui-al .Sl',»i-e». 

^\M i.s I'l.uW CO.. C!uaii;y Hull 

'-•.■••ic J.s, iSon, 51X. .Mjrk.t 
i^*- lil IS i£ CDUB, li;i Irtinoiit 

Davenport Geo. & Co. Ho Milk 
HoUtrook F. F. .V Co. 10 S. Miiiket 
||(,> VE Y ii CO. .v; Xortli iUsirket 

L.womus E. E. -JO South Market 
pAllKKR &: GAXXcTT, 4!' N. 
'■ Marki't, aud +; M-srchauts' 


^^ ll't .MilkCs.^c pa-ff^r,) 
Whittfri'.ore-, Bt-kher, ot Co. :H 
JlercUants row 


^- KIXS, 11.5 Wash. (,.seO I.. '^1) 


Q.RAVES C. IL;;5 Hawkins 
Mills D. T. & Co. W Ctnfru! w hf. 
Ale, l*orter, and tidei'. 

PEXZ AXTOX, 1104 Waihiiig- 

Bixb> S. C. .'■; Water 
iJostuu Bet- r Cu. i;i Central v.!;nrf 
UUAY a: haves, 140 Milk (.lui- 
^ porters;, 
Breniian J. yU7 W'uU-t 
BurKliardt G. F. :; Centra! 
Cameron J. A.U.F. Mis. .'Ut Hov- 

n'oBUKX, LA^G, & CO. \iM 

^ Worcesiensee j.a-e 'Ini) 
/10LLINS JAoES\v CO. IZ'-i 
^ Beucli. anaj-4 Broad wav 
riO MS i'oCK, GONE, i CO. 30 
^ Canal 
(JOOK. ISAAC &. CO, J-j Central 

Ciinunings C. D. iV^ Treiiiont 
Cu-shinirJ. H. :^7* Cuiiin>ereial 
Dul.ue J. 1'. r. ■; Central 
lU KA-Vr. FLOY 17. X- "WAL- 
^ KFK, JOS Coninieveial u-iiler; 
L(^Vli;U.\.NKS .MO.'^KS A: CO., 
-*- ilowurd Atheiiaiuiu i^see pa^u 

J^MELL* S. C. & CO. .34 Court sq. 

jroKD JOliX, l.>;Fedrrul 

rOXES FUANK i CO. :.>jDev- 

^ oiishoe 

Keet'e Bios. c." Albany 

Kf Itoti J. P. i'J Contrress, and 12 

Linelian John, it Williams eourt, 

and 0.4 \\ a.-hini;t<.i» 
\|A11(^-N1;Y i KiUWIX, lGI 
-^'-L Xortli (.ve pa-e o'.'i) 
^'-'- L-sj North, and -i^ fltet 
-MeKni-ht John's Sous, -H Kilhy 
( j'OONXEi.E B. F. l::i;aud l.'S 
^ Fnitoti 
POriEH i FOSTER. Lincoln, 

c. Enecland 
Kobin.>on, Wibun, i LeL'a'ite, lOJ 

<,CK'li>"r( 111. & PAUKEK. 31 

"^ (,wi!it :',ua;-e 

Sniilii .lames .M. i: Co. ;» Court sq. 

Miiith Wm. J. IJ Lindali 

St.uve S. V. .s: E. H. -v; Co. l.w 

Uudlev (small I.ecr) 
Tav lor'.-^ Son, ll- Cotniiier'l 

1 ra<- -y .M. E.. Haw e, cor. Uecitnr 

V'I.N( 1.x r. li.V IIIAWAV, .s: 

* CO. loj BiX>ad 

\\r U 1 I I. l>OL i; E ABE, 
■' l^»:r VVa = h'iii.ioH 
Wilder U. G. 4;)Eineoln 

Ale *v ISeei- .V |»|»:»!-atUH. 

Ui l-Auy C. L. to; Court 

.Viiiiaotil:t .^laaari*. 

(<Kv).-»> J. \. ll'iMuk (aqua am- 

^ Ml.OUll.l 

A II eh on*.. 

Boston Fi'r-f Co. LH Kilhv 
PEAKIXG. Bol>.\l \X, & 
■^ SWIb'T, LV'.aud-J.-. Commer- 
cial (--eo pa'.'e ''W) 
Llifkin Xathn-i. I'li lir.onen. E.G. 
WniFl'O.s, BUO THEit, & CO. 
*'' 3: Commercial 


Crcitrhton James R. j Beach (pneu- 

pULLER SETH W. :>.> Devon- 

shire (see patre i;^^) 
f rOLMES E. t. & CO. 3 Milk 
^^ (see page C'il) 


Tltose iitdi kid irith a ' a. e iiiemhers 
of the .M.vss.\ciiasETTs Col- 


Adam.s .\. L. •_!!.■; .Meridian, E.B. 
♦Alden E. Aui.;5, ?-; Guild row 
A EEEX W .M. .\L r.h\) and 11.-.3 
-^ Tremont 
*AImv Sylvester, Tremont, corner 

Appleton G. II. lTI M,ridian,E.B. 
Atkinson W. U. jr., |.s.-^ 'J'remoat 
•Babo Leopold, i:i l;.Alstoii 
Bachelder S. l'' "/.I lJo:vh. ave. 
Barrlett W. U. L. 1 iT Lovorett . 
Bartltt & Durliiii:. ir,-> Xonh 
Berrv X. W. 14:» Hampdoil 
Bi^pham 11. C. .■ill) t ourth, c. D 
lilasiand Ihomas, 3id Broadway 
Bolirinaiiu c«t Heiiback, Ut^jTre 

Bo>iun Dispensary, Ash.c.Bennet 
'Boydcu Ashel, Joy, c. .\Ivitle 
Biooks Geo. P., 1?;.> Dorchester 

ave. ward Id 
Brown Edwin A. B. b\i) Tremont 
* Brown Josvpli T.a: Co. -/.rj Wash. 
Bushfc J. A. 40 .Mavi.Tick sq. 
Caine James F., Oak, cor. Hudson 
Call I hatlfs U. lUsl Washin^'ton 

^ B load way 
Cannimr A: Patch, itit Green 
Choate Henry A. 1 Revere House 
Church Beiij. T. '17 tamliridee 
Chureii F. l ., Court, cor. Howard 
Cioe-k Frank B. i;o CambridLre 
Cobb G. W., Mciiaian, c. London 
ColtoM G., Cambrioge, cor. North 

Coltoii James B.TiX; Tremont 
C<ninor T. J.tur Broadwaj" 
CordwellGeo. P.. IS."..; Wash. 
Cox John E., Gi-o\e, c. Phillip3 
Cox Euciaii A. 31 Blossom 
Craii,-J. S.. Nepoiisrt ave. c. Minot 
Cro:-nv B. E. 7.", Bench 
Harliu:.; 1. lo. .N..rth 
Dav C. H. .V F. B. \s Mavf-icksq. 

and -Meridian, cor. Saratc-a 
Dean Eduard, ,"».".li Doicuester ave. 
Decrin-- J. P..;r Causeway 
i)od;.'e Geo. S. .t Co. l.>; Endicott 
Duai-d p. ."1)3 Prenionl 
Duncan J. E. .t Co. '.i3 (Jreen 
♦D'.er J. Ilowo, i; -1 >hawmut av. 
*Eati>n Charles I. !-";3 Waslii!ii.'fn 
Fenelon J. J. A: .\|. F. I's- Broad, 

and -o.; Caudirid-e 
*Fei!.Mismi Dennis, -J. Broadway, 

and Dorcbvstcr, cor. Eiirlith 
Folj.'cr ^^ . S. .v Co. rj3 ruunont 
L''l>LSOM JA.M KS, L'o'.t Coinmer- 
■'- cud, ana I Eustcri. ave. 
■[.■'oWLh H. 1>. n Prince 

I'ov Frank E. l.V- Broadway 
tra^vrClia-. L. 1 lo .Mi riuian, E.U. 
•French Charles, ::'.4 Hanover 
Fr. t!ui)-di: tn 1>. I). 1 d l..v.;rett 
Fuller ->. II., HaiiLock. Hear Co- 

GariUu'rBriij- ^V. 17,1 Wasii. 
rlEoKGE JA.\ll.> W.. Dcar- 
^ t'.oo. c...-. l-.u^U. 
J^IL.NIAX AL 1 - llioadway 

(.dman .1. r. 171 .X.ulll 
Gilsoii Bros. ij.;o I rcmoiit 

U Vi;i 


.He < 

r^A^ VTVTTTPTQ ;{«;;► \\'a-.hinirt«u .so eet. IBo^taa, 

\-*Xi.O j; J.^a.X UXtJUOt IS. il01.L.l.>CiS» »V: CO., ai low i.tleei*. 

♦GleesDU J. A.. \r,l nanism ave. ' 
•GlLC-.n M. 11. ll-'t Wu-hiniton 
Gordou H. K. IMrtU.l 1>; Or.iUtry 
Gruw^ v<; Niwv.->iuti.'.'.>Cain>>ri(l^e 
GrovcrK. U. T.' 1 ,.urth, c.h". li 
Guild CiiarU- K. Ilf. I'ltfusaiit 
ii&.vi Jaines <.;^ ^^-> StUnt 
llurdy Win. G. UH iiiuadway, and 

F, wor. lourtl. 
Harris*.- S. }.';ii Tr,'i>K>nt 
llatluiwiiv li. J. I:i-.:.Wa.-hi»>jS..u 
•Ilfiii-hrnan lJaiiK-1. t;.". L'..i»brniiie 
Hiildfii li Co. \:,j Uro.idwiiV o. 4;uvia 4.-. .^nieui 

•j [01.1.16 i'UOMAs, liJ I'TiioR 

Ho. kino Win. B. \i':V< Tremoiit 
-*-»- Walnut uvc. t,bt;« 
bnt-k L-.ioit-v! pa.-^i 
Howiird Will. P. ;.-.Ks ;v.; ilaaover 
Uo*e .>TaiiK'V.:T-4 li,<>:Hlv,ay 
Irisli Gt-.. C. 1 .'. Caml.rid-e 
Jul k.s..u ,1. W. C. .UJ llarris.>n 
Jeiik.n-' I>. L li'.'LcvtTttt 
Jeiikj T. J.., .M< rrimac. «;. 'IVavtra 
KecK-v .hvhii J. It; Lovf-rctt 
•K:tii:"Ka.t. K. 7 Winthr>,i. Mixk 
Kiiil'T l);inu-J B. -JS Mavt-nck sq. 
kiu„'ht E. II. & Co. li-.l iJi.miiway 
Ki.ljiit Ik'iiiy T.^'J .Mtrriiuae 
Kini,'lit» r.. rt. t'7 Court 
Laki;i J. 11. -<; Cu. -f. Caii^ewav 
Lawk-y t.lwin A. L".'J Utouin.u'K.n 
Le<:ds"?^tillj;iapi. .4.;r ^Kav.luut a\e. 
•Lincoln U. W., CUarlcd, conitr 

*LittUrie)il A., Beaeh. c. Lincoln 
Lu..v:oiub A. T., Fourth, cor. D'/r- 

clu-.-tcr :tve. 
Marsliull .)a;iu-.s H. liyi Wasl;. 
JIcDoual.l A. E. Ii>.3 Salem 

■^'-'- Trciiiuiit \sve pa-'*' 0.) 
Moort E. B. Ill-' Hanover 
MorrU raUick. Etdcral, c. Beach 
Ncilsoii IKn'-rU Kiii Washiiiiiton 

Ncsuiv.iii 11 S; Co. 817 Wasliinston 
Niins O. E.Mi Cambridge 
Noble S. .1. .V. Grctn 
Noweil W. K. !".«.' Mfrrimac 
Noyis C. I). V.<;-.i Wa^hiiiifton 
•O'lvrit u Janies J., Hudson, cor. 

Paire W. ^Y., Tremont, cori>tr 

•Parkt-rJ. L. -J'.-' T.-eniont 
*l'anii. liter G. W. -.n ll.mGver 
Patch .John W. bUN v\u^hlng^OD 
Patl^e A. F. I'M .-Suawniut av. 
•Paftfu 1. B. .'ic Co..;7 Harrison are. 

nisd i;..; Sovfnth 
PeaUodv N. C. (hoin.).^>; Beach 
Pcrcival John I'. T -.^ \Va.-<h. 
•IVrrv E. li. 71". WasliiiiStun 
IVrrv' Ira X Co. .-.■; Bovljtuu 
I'iirce Win. C. ll.>. lieniont 
P.;l!ard D. W. .-..'.i W»>hiiii.'toli 
lliiyniorc Gl-o. E. 44 llarn-on ave. 
R. kifunx TUoinar:. L'.i Trtiuont 
Kichmond Wn\. B. 7j Cnureh 
•i:i.-kfrGt(). i>. ir^Salcin 
r.icker O. V.'l'A Wasiun^'lon 
Kidi-out J. W. & Co. - ■> Simmer 
Kol,;n-on John G.>17 Wa.h. 
K..r:,T. W. no>ken. IM EUot 
Kir-fU Eilwar.l, 117 Hain()<len 
Ku>m1I J.uiif.- i>. .511) E\i.'luli 
?anhurn JiTKniiaJi, Adaui.^, corner 

Dorciii.-terave. ward hi 
Shav* .!.:ooh B. -.'l I'lea^aiit 
•Sli.-l'.pard S.A.O. .t l. o. ,^M Wash. 
Skiiiurr EiUard .\1. >7 'Iriinunt 
•Snialhy Ehuih, L'7'> Harrison ave. 
Snow .I."Wu,kir, 111 Portland, and 

5'i M.-rriinao 
South«?r E. 7:> Green, e. Lvnian 
Southworth A. Chapin, "Walaut, 

corner WOod. ward 1». 
Siiiiltr F. .M. .V Co. Havre, corner 

I), .ati.r. E li. 
Sfehbini E.S. 1 and 2 Charlestown 
Stone V. U. .'.-d Noith 
CToNEK J. W. io.-, Trenlon 

Stowell Daniel. ■'- 1 Wa-hmrfon 
Sullivan -■(: [.■■'./.*•■ Ir.i, .■..-. 
SW( U Geo. \\ . :;," (.'■■ort . i.-..t. ) 
Tai> C. E. X Co ^A> Ir-r.iont 
Tliavvr Eli.<; lo. .-4 ihu, -v. r 
Tiioinpsori ll.d-y P. i'.r-:.dway, 

Cor. .\ 
•Tompkins (»rIando, SI Wiuh. 
•Tower Loi. jr. l.>d Wu-U. 
Tower Lewin, Es^ex.eor. .•'outh 
Tnekcr Frank, 1 .■^> rreniont 
TufU J. \V. A Co. 1 -A Hanover 

T'wlerwof^l C.G.,May. i>q. c. Lewis 

%'o.,e P^d/.jr.. llarvard.c. V/aah- 

iir,;ton. ward l'> 
Warren Geo. 1 ■•'.'i Washiiict-m 
Wel^ter S.A .-ion, t.: W arrvn arc. 
W'etherSe F. >1. IJ.'. \Va.*hin?lon 
White IKiirv, Ehot .^-luure, ituf. 

WhiJe.l. F. -^<Sudhnry 
Whirc lJd>r. jr. ::H lUnovsr 
Will.or .\lex:inder 15. !t-^-. Cowl 
»\ViilH.r A. G. .Vl7 W.i>nin-'<on 
Will-on .1. W. t. 47.? Broadway 
Wibo:i Wni. J. 1.;-.") Fremont 
WiMxl E. C.ACo ^I'i.sliawnvnt ae, 
Woudi.Kin D.S. •-'<» C'emral .-^i..E.B. 
W.Kxh utf Galen, .iV4 Trenu.iii 
Woods B. O. ■■'.-A Federal 
Woodvvard.!. li. .<: Co. 1>S» Hanov'r 
•WtiHiward W. E. L'V^ iJudWy 
♦Wrisht Vim. h., SVest Cedar, KOr. 


Young P. .Ambrose, ^V7 "Wash. 

UIBI) HENUY C.Si CO. l-k;Tr«> 
^ inont 


.Allen Franc's, >,\ Stde. room 11 
.V IT'LEToX i>.vMEL, ll> Ptm- 

\ TW(njD CHAR 
-^ PenUx'.t.m .-una- 
Barton S. .M. IJ .>ch(Hd 
hateioan Cha^^. ,J. L'4 Sfu.lio bidg. 

BATES .M()^ES,.-T 
;;s 4see pa"'e i ; 1 1 ) 
Berrv A. Him'^ 17 >tiid!<) hnildina 
Bilhn-s 11. Ji J. E. Jo Seh ol, rm T 
Bither.Vltred S. ■:'■) School, r'ln Q. 
Bovd Thonnis, -'i^ Stale^rooia ;.« 
Biadlee Niith. J. 1.^ Peiiiix-rton sq. 
BriL'j.'.s L. A Co. ^1 Wash, rtx^ni ."5 
Broadhust.John T. h Cox bldg. 
Brooks B. ll.,L5 Peiiiiierton sq. 
Brown E. 11. at Citv Engineer's, 

City Hall 
Bryant G. J. F. & L. P. Rogers, 17 

Pernberton sn. 
liLTlK IBiR.CCE F. is Peml<er- 
-'-' ton M^uare isee puL-e t;7()) 
Cahut E. C. •-' I'einherton sq. 
Chandler F. W. U lJe'.on>hire 
Chandler T. P. )r. 14 Devonsldre 
ClouL'h Geo A.'^r, Bron.tield 
Culburn T. E. l'7 Studio t)uil<lins 
Cuiiiniinss Jt Sears-, SJ PeTnt;ertiMJ 

Dah"X^H. at Atlantic Works, E. 

B. (navaO 
Dorr Mollis, .'i'l Studio building 

D')\VNING OLl\ER H. l.v'J 
I)wij,'ht B. F. I'O Treinont 
Eaton J. F. 1 Peniherf n sfj. rin. 17 
Emerson .t Feiimer, l.' West 
F.jty .\le.xander li. ;; Caimge ave. 
Faulkner H. Flnvd .v (ieorjie K. 
Clarke, :.;.; and -4 Studiv) build g 
Fox John A. I'l DevoiK.hire 
Frlnk A. -.s Sr He. and :.'_' Guild r. 

-*■ berton .s(inare 

Goul.l Forrest li. ^7 Leverett 

Graves H. 1'. Conirress 

Griffin Tristram, l.Vi rreniont 

IJall Henrv P. 7 Peni berton eq. 

LI ALL JOHN R. .7 Old State 


I j AH 1 WELL & SWASEY, 31 

^^ l'.'inbei-ton stiuare 

El'SON SA.MIEL, hsuj Wusli- 

'J in-t.>n 

Jones W. 11. 11:^ Dudhn- 
Ktrl)v Chas. K. 17 P. nibcrton sq. 
L;,ns:erteldt T. O. 17 ^tudlo t^iiild. 
Luwlor U. J., Condor, cor. Mend- 
Lord '.■(. Fuller, .i Peinberton sq. 
[ U.M.MtS WM. W, -M} .state, 
■^ rouin 4J 

Martin A. C. 1> Pemberton sq. 
.Meacham Geor-e F. -:; Congress 
Merrill W. F. 1st eiuberton sq. 
Mdehk-ll.t. A. 1 Pemberton aq. 
-'-•■ :',! Pe.nb-rtoii squaie 
.Mo.,re !• redk II. :.■; .Sehool, r'ni 'J<) 
Newconit) L. .>t Son, 1.' West 

V(i r 1 .\(;k >. c. & SOX. si 

^^ Wa>lun-toll 

O.lh.rne .N; Wheeier, ryl Pember- 
ton s.juare 
Park Wio. S. i'i Court, room 10 
P.ukerCl.a-s. Edwd..sC incress.sq. ,<r .Stearic--', II Devou-hire 
Pope ti-edeiic-sl W-jsli. room l-i 
Pratt ^u[lluel F. i'.; .-sear.-t linildmtr 
i'leston J. 1.1 l)eVon»lure,rm.m 10 
Preston Wn>. G. 10 Dcv'sh., r'ni 10 

TTXION STONE CO. •-".< Kilb; 

Quinlivnn ,T. G. .T Schiw] 
Pvand.J. It. IN Er,ehan--e 
Ka:liard^.<. P.irk. ■<■. Court 
Ropes '.. o. jr. ':j Pemberton i^. 
Uvder .■• llarrii.Vl Tren^ont 
^-.uiAiels Isaac B.44'. C'Mirt 
Saver li. i'- PeCTi'crion st|nare 
>^illo',«.ay Thomas W. 71 'ireen 
<LACK: P^ IL 10 PemUrf.ti 

Snell ,^ T'.re'.;! r»on, \S StucVio hidj-. 
Sparrell W\r.. -^1 WasU. rm,in ■_■-> ' 
(^TEl'HE.VSoN 11. M. lo Fe.uv 
^ beitvo ^^uare 
Stevens Joiiii, 7 Pe!i>bertoTi sq. 
SlurL'ii J. H. * Charlts Bn:.;!iam. 

; l'eiivt>«Tton sanare 
TavlorJam^s V. M Wash, j-oom Ji 
Toll, er Geo. B. \-^ Pembertou so.. 
Thaver S. J. F. :>.» Court, room 10 
Toplitf Geo. B. 1 I'embeiton -q. 

n^owi.E J*^>UN' i). i --o.N. ;•■ 

-*■ Studi . buildinv'. HO Tre'iio.r. 
l'nderw<->'d L. 1-! Lsirhauyv, 
VoeWkera 1 hco. f^> \Vashm.L!r.on 
Ware A Van Brnnt,-J Pe!';ber!;'n .-n. 
Wasjilnirn * .Sn-n. 7 l-'han-e avt. 
Wei-s-t.«in L. li.; DvifUey 
Weld Samnel IJ. is Pemb«rton sq. 
XyENTWuRl'U W. P. 10 Guild 

Weston Jfe Rand. 17 Pemberton sq. 
Whitman iStBr. ck.Sl Wash.rjii. :;j 
^^ SOX,--'-. Congress 
Woodcock S S. lo Exchans-'e 
Woodman Henry, r;\ Devou.shlre 
Woodv^ard Wm. E. ^ and 4;; Old 
State House 

ArcUitectural Ornu- 

CO.. E. .M. Woo(L tr^-ae., VJ. 
Pembi-rton square 
see inside back cover; 

Art ruMisUers. 

^ A GllEEN. l.jBowker 

URAXG L. m CO. Jib-' Wush- 
-*■ ington 

Arieuian ^Veli*. 

PIERCE EDWIN R. U-' State . 
^ and .'0 Bremen 

ArtiiU-litl L,imb«*. 

Drake Jolin S. "dj Trcmont 
Fvster G. B. "'A" Fark, e. Trem'nt 
GilmanJoel E, I'ni Meiidiau , E.B. 
Jewett Leu Co., Park, c. Treniout 
-'-' (see page t^d) 
Palmer B. i'rank, '<^ Green 
Randall G. W. '.)7 HaverhiU (arms'- 

Artilic'ial Stone. 

rjNlOX Srt.LXK CO. ■-■•.• Kllby 
^ (see inside back cover) 
{S'.e P(ii,ittrs, l-vitraii, etc.) 
Ai-tl>it*»' M:itei»:il». 
-'-' G ESS,. 'li Broad 
Ln<OS I' & ADA.MS, :« and ;'J 
-»■ Coruhill fsee pa^ie TlH) 
ir AS nXGS F.C.\: CO. .',4Cora- 
^^ hill (>ee paL'e 7ol ) 
^PIHXGEB. L. U. ..^d Washiue- 
^ ton (?<'e pa;.'e 7U4) 
YYALKER a. a. i.'7 Tremoni 

Wheeler Asahel. 07 Water 
A*>tiiyeri* unil lCeliiier». 

Gnilu S. F. 11 Bromheld 
Haves A. A. -''-i s-ate (state) 
Haves S. Diioa, 'j* Stale '.state) 
Hood.s; Kevnolils. 5. Jackson place 
Jackson Charles T. 47 Court Utate) 
KerrR. -M. 5, llamillon place 

Lister Thomas, "JJ Lowell 

Atoiiii:^.iiiK 'I'tibes. 

^ and l.> Iremonttsee p. o-J) 
Holmes Thomas J. OJ Sudbury 


Abrams 1. 17:; Hanover 

Drowiie, ii Co. 14.-5 Ilati- 

Atwood Geo. M. Si \ 
[jAKEK K. W.O'J .Court, room .' 

Uab-lripCS rci.ivUea, iUGLerS it. llOl.L.l.\Cr!!» a: CO., OOU coital. 



l>rV Gideon & Son. Ifil Trcnr^nt 
U I It 1> C. (i. & CO. JJ Wuslitii?- 

lull") IIKNRV C. ftCO. 1« 
^^ Tr.inotit 

Jt!(HKl O. S. & C^., -jr* Broidwny 
llrowM Unc. 1!' d'urt 
lii.iwn 11. A, .'rt SlrtCu, 2 
lUirU-tl A Wilis, iKS II ui.-vtT 
C.p'" A. I).. Ulvcr, M 
C'lupi. C. W. ,t C. 1 •■ rivn>.-.nt r..*- 
/ H»I.L.*M()Rh 11, L. Ill iUiJ U-> 
>• ' Ci.iirt 

/-HH.MAy MDSKS & SON',!-'!, 
^ Ij; aiHlir. Parttuixl, and r.M 

Frifiid (joe i):i-.- ri>;) 
Conwiiy Join:, jr. >l \»'.i!^t\. r<io>n 3 
<.\u.k rolciMiiii,." M'lviritk.-'C.K.U, 
C.M-lt Wirt, -t Co. K CMiijiii^.TCiai 
<'<.«in;r.t Hjtcli. ■!■"> I'.iirl 
Cu,hmr Buith-rs, ■!;i Miifc; 
I)i-arl>..n) .t; C, Court llon?^ 

•*-^ in£t«a 

Drurv C. F.&Crt. K^i Court 
Dver'B. Brnce, 17 Wattr 
Flntliarr. .1. C. .SI Stale 
Hull Eaward F. :!l UcvopsHre 
Jlarris C. L. ft Co. V* CViitra.1 wiiC 

II irris lloiiitio & Ci*. Is India 
Hatch SaiRuel & Co. :i Morton fA. 
ilaycs s: Co. l':t> VVast-.inijtoil 
tli-nrv Jokn .1. ;-•. Pi-arl 
ilenshaw & Bra. 5 Mi rch'ts Eyck. 
Hi.-h!iorK <Jeiv. K.S: C>'. ^-i Court 
Jlildr.tli Jo,,as U. M Statii, fin 11 

•*-■'- S«cli.>.>I 
flvde J. F. C.'2 Court sq. 
l^hurtr *: Rowland, .s and ]^ East 
lACKSON S. S. l^Congrnii 

Kilrfiv Pi/.r-ldc. l:!17 Tremont 
J^YLE W. ^.i T. hi Stafe 

Leonard Frank A. ■'»»! Winter 
Leonard fe Co. 4S Bi'oiKneli 
Lester .J^lin li. (slun-s). If, Pearl. 

and ('real estate), JJ Old State W. 
Merriini W. U. :>> Exehan'.'C 
MltcliellW. 11. & Co..>e ttRd .52 

Nnson S. >Ietcair. #* Scliool 
"VUTTAGE U. li. >i Washinr- 
^^ ton 

Osgood Freeman D. "iT Guild row 
<i-2ood John H..C M.Ik 
I'utton, Giniv i Foli^er, 1.V1 Com'i 
p 11 1 N X E Y it \V A T S U X, l/i 

I'orter /. K. S: Co. .5 Court 
I'orter J. !>. i> Kilbv 
Po*er T. C. it Co. :'> Sciiool 
Spaldip.? K. H. lis llanever 
Spiuuey E. B. & Co. l-i Consre* 
*^P'a:.'ue Frat:cis A; Co. 11 Central 
:Snllivun fe .Mt><:ilo!iuJd, -i Schooi 
Sweet A. a. ^i liaiiover 
ThiLver E. F. F.. !l Cuurt 
Tlionipsuti Neweil A. sCcWand 

11 Old State Hon.,. 
Towiie Fra;;k, IK' Hanover 
Tvlc-rJ.din. I- India 
yo.SE KoiiL. Jk. 1.' PeiRfeertoR 

Walkir .i. U. & Co. fS Winter 
Walki-r C. T. & Co. il Federal 
"^Valkcr .Sanuiel .A. 1;» L>oaiie 
Wvbb T. U. i Bro. J^ Pearl 

Auditor wf Ae«'ount*. 

■^-^ School 


Hartley F. V.'. 2 Davis 

Autoiuuti«' Heat Gov 

*■ IlEAT<;t>\'KU\t<li CU. ili 
Congre>rt (^eei.a^'e t^'l) 

Autoiuutic Otlrrtt. 


■^ U:^ market »q. <s<.t; pu>;e i/V; 


ROW EN R. S. & CO. !>; Norrh 

" Mark.'l 

£]KlCK.Si>.V .V-.i-: Nonii Market 

f.AMPllELLt M.4KBLE, iV 

U-VliriX JAMES .V SON, 114 
* <.'oinm.-!eial m e p;U.'c ii:«j; 

_\ EI.SUN .M. s/; Coniincrnal 

Yale IC M. U Commervial 

Amoskens .\xl- Co. vm Kilhy 
D.v.ij-las Axe Mamif:i. ■taring Co., 
I). 1). Dana, trea*. -!■- Kderal — 
WrELCU .<i GKIFI nils, 14.5 
^^ Fi-deraU-e.- p. '.N>i 

Axle Orr 



Rrooks J. B. :>J 1- niton 
f' L>! M.Ik 


H ;>to>i Korse Co. -.'4 KilUy 
JOHNSON If. M. .>:• Indit 

Il:«oen "Works. 

CiirtiN. Krowles, .<c Co. .--I i and .Si.'O 
Harri~ou ave., and Nurtlv, cor. 

Vf 1^.,-iu L.P. *c Co.^rn liarrisenav. 

\riTCir E EL A. %V. 4: CO. 
-^'^ y Clian^e ave. 


Clia-':- II. i: I..-:- -tite 
Kl;i,i):!il Oaniel, P'li Pulton 
MeAl!i^ter .M. yi-> Cro#. 
■I:'p;.an i. II. .A. & Or. .< .Mi\k 
W^ VMAN A: ARK.LAV, in Sum- 
'* nier tburhips tnui bagging) 

ISulI Con»iuiKs*ioi»er. 

]> i; K B -V N K ROBE R T I. 4*! 
^ Court, room 2 


Allen ,k>lin, 8J Britriiton 
.Amrhein .A- 44 Oneida 
A US TIN C. F. & CO. 11'-: Ccin- 
■^ niereia! 

Bain Win. '.'2 Princeton, E. B. 
Bincrott John \f .41 Soutli 
Barrett Charles E., Cliapman.cor. 

Barrv E. W. '>» Fourth 
RAP. fLETT .A. G. & CO. 21 E. 
■^ l^edliani, 8tiy .Alljany, and IW 

Bean L> L. SrU Camhridce 
Beeker Ernest, BenniuL'i .n, cor. 

Porter, and. V. Meridian. E- B. 
Beiwis O. i;'-v; Washiu:.'toii 
Beui!.!.'hot .V. i P. L'lo Tr. moct 
Kills James P. U-SI rn'ii'.ont 
Blaser Jotm C inrii Tr.inout 
Bla.<er John J. Mrs. U' Eliot 
l^OSl) TIMOTHY D. 1.' Canal 

^ CO. 14v* Washincu, ort-ee IJ 
CanaU Thos. J. Oar-.ui, Ereas. 
Boviitop .t Bro*-n, -A'^ Friend 
Breivi^^eil Jotiii. 21-.i Suumer, MB. 
Brewer i F'twi", f'-i CoiKinerciui 

an<l "4 Lewis, E. B. 
Bnsl-.aii! John .A. .i:'.' S!\ i»-niut av. 
Brown Gilliert C. i'! Pk-asaiit 
Brown i. U.'.i.< Prim.- 
Brown Wii!. F. ,5.' lliidsoij. and 

Ijo lIarri>on avf. 
Bnrk.' Uiet-.urd. !:<; T\ ler 
Callayiiai. John, .UJ .^uinuor, E.B. 
C.U!;iL.'hui. .Midiael, K: Central .^. 
Culta^lijn Philip, 4;J Gonon and .>5 

(MI .AT E U JAME.-:. s« Wash- 

^ ill -'{(ill and '.'-} >(,uth 
/U.ft.-'E JOHN & su.V, Clifton 
^ place 

C .iiiiell .Vnstin IE l.M Hampden 
l/:irrah J. V-'i' and IX > TremonC 
l):ivU Willi:n.i. ..i" North 
T'eiin-rriUCulviii. T^ W. (>.jar 
Uovl,. Michael/. H.-; Alh!;!)V 
Enl'lisu Mimriee, Islo Wash, acd 

4.i V'. Ordhani 
Feuiuilv I'.itri.k. II Wiurhfiiter 
Fifld G.-o. JI. 411 I' 
Fi-h.T E. I4f Court 
lord iJi/alxth, U'o .N.irthamjkOR 
Fo~!,r F. H. 14'; N*.rthan;ptoa 
LMit>> T (iV.o. :'A J;it>tr, corner 
*■ Wiiisiow 

G ir, i Aii.-uste, r.»-2 Wa-hinjtoa 
Giou >.imuel N. 4:4 Wsalun-tun 
(. i.oa Win. \t.7j<. Harii-<.u uve. 
G'.o.inow J. W. l:;; W:irrra 
Gri-.ii.- I). F. l."'i« Broadway 
^jj KIGGS E. W. •J<> Caiadea 

Grottendiek Henry, ! 2.'! Tremont 

Hamblen TL .T. Mrs. ]4"i Brooks 
Harlan N. 1 ■-;* Beach, Pi *.K;on(i, 

.v;2 Uorch. a\c. and '-y'. Liiieolu 
Harlow J. 11. (IV.t I'arker 
H.ivtutu'-. Geo. :;JS Clu l.-ea, E. B. 
Henhy L. liV; Treuiont 
lifwis i. F. 14(1 Pi-ince, and •'!> 

IKvl A. .v. IT! Br.ndway 
H"»r Th'ina-, h41 Huirfi»on ave. 
Hocrnie .^lh^ C K B-OMiet 
Hoernle L. '.'1 Warr. nton 
]lo(,.,i ,„k Jolm.! •-•( .rr^t.riil.'C 
Ilof^.lauk J'.hii .1. 24 -Mln.-aii 
Ho»ui(i K. L. i. Co. ^1 raii^cw£7 
Noward Sartiucl .Mrs. 42 .Myitk? 
Hunter N. C. l^ N. B.iis.eU 
HarterJ. .A. 4'." War-entrm 
Irvine W. j. 14 Cainhridire 
JAMES T. H. IS42 Washmstoa 

Johnson S'arah B. •'^'' Meridiaa 
Kaiser M. •"'.2 Yeoman 
Kairher J.irob, !«'.» Sal<;m 
Kniiilit C. I. 14 Cross, Hi Cam- 

h idi.^^, Pi Andersoii, and i» 

Kraft Albert, rs Eighth 
Laii;brei.'ht Jolui, 4!s Hanover 
Lan>; John P. l''<> U ashin^rton 
Litul P. H. SI Maverirk 
Litchfield A Fox. TS West Cedar 
L<iud J. C. & E. A- :ri Prin<-e, KrJ 

Salem, 1'?^ Hanover. & .■i22 N<jrtli 
Maheux Mary L. .Mrs. 22 Fahin 
llartui F. 42 Northatnpt-.m, and 

StoV!!rht'»n, n. Hudson, ward J6 
McAnlie Hetirv, l.i East 
M.Dfvitt R'l'ert,42 Broadway 
McDonald f^ Bird, 211-'. 
Me<;ill 4. 1.-14 E, eor. Eisliui 
McReE/.ie .A. };« Salem 
McSliaue Henry, i;i2 North 
Mcrelco J, IP'.Ki Washington, and 

')*i2 Trcniont 
Miller J. .?4 Dorchester, and 05 

Millett Chark-s L.;'*i W. Cedar 
.VTitchell Robert, Iti"-; Wasbinston 
Morl.y:k Jacob. 22 Fleet 
.Morrid Geo. E. '^i; .Mf.veriok. E.B. 
Morse A. .'!2 and .■i22 Broadway, 

and K:0 D^ireliester 
Morton IL I4.- Can I bridge 
."\{k len Thomas, t-o Green 
Midler John, ^5 Pleasant, and 54 

MnrdoK.-k John & Son, t>7 Fourth, 

and Fifth, between O and P 
Miiiray Edward \V. .iw Broadway 

and 22^' Fourtii 
Newtnarcb K. J. it Bedford 
Parinelce L. G. r. i-i Chester park 
Pastor J. T. ■'.< LaGraiiffe 
Peri- ny Juachin P., <" Willard 
Perrv Alnion, l-^^^I Kn3i:lfS 
Poo"*- \Vm. II. 14.^0 Washirr£rt<^a 
Rotihins B. T-i Leveiett 
BolHitsou Dani^jl, IS Chadwink 
Rothfucii-: Christian, -JM Harr. av«. 
Ku_'g -M. F. I.rii Wa=hin-^on, and 

i^uV.J Ti-eincnC 
•^ iiicrcon 
Shields Jaine«, 4X Levereit. *'2 and 

lii." Eniiicott. and 221 North 
Shute .^L li. P"i FriMce(.>n. 11 B. 
Shejjatd tloratii) G^ Manco<k, cor. 

W it(ter, ward n- 
Smith Jopas «i II Warreu ave. 
Smith J. R. i:'.i Mavi-rick 
Sniitli Williaim."! Poplar 
Stackpole S. .\. l.k* Fourth 
Stainii! Lewis A. ■Ill Fourtk 
Stone Et>-'n.. 42-i Hanover 
Tavlor & Co. S^V Wash, and iS 

1 uttle Thos. W. 104 Essex 
V.v.'.l /;eorL'e. :.2 Fifth 
V.'arhtliT Moritz, 7 Parksnan 
Wak.ii.ld 1). K.n Mavciick 
Wullari.- VVilliaiii, :-.<l H>- -rij-.n s.7. 
Wtisiipy.d .>». 41 ClaretKlon 
\V'elc!ilin Chark-s F. J:;-',2 Treinoat 

and ."^- West Dedham 
Welle rC.S Holii- ,ilar« 
M'cntworth J. !>.;'.? ILirri:*->n ave. 
Werner, >■■' ' J'r. lu-nt 
Wesner Matthi is. i]\: rr.ii.. .ut 
Weston Charles I) :: J.mciu 
WlKMh.n W. H. Mrs..>;.i Ei^-hth 
W^HITCO.MB E. D.iv-,4 W.ish- 
** ii.L'to,!. l.iK Cabot, and M 

Willard ,>l Be in is. Dearborn comer 


Wiiui T. sn and i'.r> Harrison av. 
W 00,1 I'. K. H iiitvu, 12 Church, 

and Id I'ortland 
Wvcth .V. .S. |:;» IJarri.son ave. 
Voun^' O. L. Jk C. L. 1.'4 Pleasant 
Zieliiiger Charles. ■-2 Chelsea 

JJ±\JlXXtKjai V/lUL^Hb, V cl&Cb) J!»lieet, ItoMou, li. I1«>JLI.I.N«J.S «K; CO. 



Atkin-on .lu-^-i-h. 'JJ Court 0'Jl<;''') 
liaklutx l»o\va«-rfc. 

Buy >t:it*-- ll'ltin-', Vowiiur Co. 4 
f. Co. ll>Cain'l 


pivi;.>riiN NV-M. B. y-uud ii 

•*■ irhrii.t 


Brovi.-u J. .V S..U, 1>> Ci..iijin».r':ia\ 

Bank Siiles imd ]^>t-k!S. 

\lil'llKi:>('.\' E. M. i^ Suite 


AttWDod Gilbert & Co. U Mtr- 

Uuii^s, Colli u, .5c Co. '^S ^^tatt■ 

B.v.nk. ui ui;ji'*>sii. 1. A. 
lluwlfv i Co. 1 lJcv<.i,shiie 
iiutes .v Ailiee, .'J lJevoii> 
Ucnuttt t. il..kCo. S^ta:c 
iiwiKe li.os. A; Co. -N SUiti; 
i3oUe.s Mutthtw & Co. :'n State 
iiow ks liros. ic Co. S st.itf 
l,rcw,ti.T, Svvtel. i Cu.4t) State 
Briiitis U. & Co. t«> State 
Bro\Mi H1..5.A: Co. (.<■' state 
broA-.. \> 1.1. li. l.J t^o.n« 
Cliaso U. tiurdiier i: Co- t'.l! Cvn- 

Coc Jamfs .^. <t»St:ae 
Cowlcs, Lovejoy. & Co -y.) State 
Curtis Uuiuei Sar-.n-iit. ij: M:H«; 
iJav U. L. i; Coob, .jI Kiiby and 

lii l.inaall 
Dui r Claieiice A. 4') State, rooiu 2 
L<wii.'ht Cliarl>-'S,7(i State 
>'o_'i Uios. .<i Co. •-''> Cougrvss 
iV'tc A t rtiiL-h, 7 Coiiiirvsi 
Fuller C. K. a; Co. -^ Mate 
Gilbcri U. W. U Lxtuaiitre 
1 1 A WLLIY F. A. A: CO.l Dtvon- 
^^ shire 
liubbui-a lJro3. & Co. U Devsliire, 

rooui 'J 
lluinicwfli il. II. i Sous, 1 ; Scots 

I'IDULli, P1:A1U)UY, i CO. w 
•^^ State. r.".,u > 
Lawrciioe Wiiliaiu F. .>> Coni'ieaS, lliL--nisoii, X Co. -Ml Stale 
Lee niuu.a,J. A:ilUl.i..l Mate 
ilflviiiiiev Aaarew, Ti, St;ite 
ilirtliu B. C. A. CO. -:> Loi,-re=s sq. 
iloors.I. ii.x Co. ro State 
Mor.<e !■:. Koiliurf i liio. :j-> ^tatc, 

ro.Mii lii 
Aluuioe John i. Co. 4l State 
V^.VSll & CLSUIXU, :: i-.ath 

pAGF, HlClI.UiDSON, .Si CO. 

•*• 70 state 

Parker .v CobI), ■;>; Devonshire 
rutiuim Cliurles A. li) state 
Kieliarasoii, llill, &. Co. a Seurd 

Ko-ers. i.ush, a Co. .V. Con.-e..* 
Siniiti K.lwurd .M. jc Co. 47 \.V;i;cr 
Pi:.\\Fi{, VILA. &; CO. l:! 

W rr..N^. l-.l 
^ Cor..Me 


Sti^Nens, Auiorv. Jt to. 
Stoue .V Downer, :;> .State 
Thavi-.J. L. .'<c Hro.:;:! sears build. 
Tower. OiddiuL'j.Jt l\>rre\ ,74 State 
AViiiker i .Mvifiam. 'J Con-'re^-s 
\V:,i-d Saioilel <;. .^State'^ 

Wuiriii (_. \V. x CO. »'i state 

V\ ay . aiiuul A. .<^ Co. +; Sl;vle 

Bill' Ptii'iii»>hiii<; (aoixls. 

\| rNUoK A l;. Jk. '.^ C' ii^-re*» 


iJurnh.uu L:..-.. V.d U.of ■ r w harf 

ttiid l',rojd«u>,eor. i>._.u h. ave. 


nlOi)LK->lO.N' J. 


CILlLia CllAS. A 



ijo.toi. Il:.rr.l C-.., S. s. Oray, 

H..U. Sev-.nth,ioriur .\ 
Br.'U^i l»aM.l..M ll:in,t..l,u 
taloll iho.,,a», Uol.'i.e.Ma 
Siiiitlk Wiliurd W. IM i'orthib.d 

BuMket Mitkei'M. 

IX^Rri.K JA.MLS, IV. lUaclc- 
-•■ stone 

ISiiskets ifciid Toyt*. 

[JAIU'KU i CO. 41 Teiiiple pL 

llr.iiian F. \n'. \V'a8lunu"on 
IlLYLU JLiKt>S. in^ Summer 

i.>AKL-llFI.MULLEIl F. 4 Lo\v- 

^ ell i.Lo-.- 

kjTi:AKNS.\.C. 1.' to IH Urotn- 

'^ lieldc-vf iia.e (■.,-•/ 

11 L (\ I) G K r r CYIU'S- rent 
' .MirU>.>ro- Hotel, -.;i W,,.|,i,i:<- 
toii (.Turi^isli. vapor, Niilpiiiir 
luiiie. and eieeVrt>-';l\eiuie..L, 
s..e pa-eM-.S) 
Bruce Cvrus. Crairie'* bri.!-o 
Uu-ciu-ii.oder Joiiii, H-i \V-.,s!i. 
llLvUuud Win. .V. 47s VV:isliiiiL'tot> 
Lipmaii J. C. s; sudhurv 
>iaz!e Will. F., WaneirbridL-e 

BetUlin;;, FeutUers, .l:c. 

Urabrook L. IL 4 Uiuoii 
I-<Ko<.HvS \V. 1'. li. .«;£ CO. 114 
^ Lil.iek.-^toiie. and \i .Marshall 
|J[ALLt:i'i' ii CO. 17 i.>oek"sq. 

UlASlCEi.L A. L. Jij SOX, L'4 
-»■-'- ila.iuver 

[IUL.MaN ,J. & CO. .;!)■ Union 
^^ ana 47 Faei.d 
Hopkins Cliarles, :;y C.vrnhiU 
IL.ra .<;C... l;.>.! Wa>!vuixioii 
INSTl L'lTivJX Full THE 
■^ ULLV1>. -J} Broinrteld <see 

pa-e tWl) 
Kituv.l!.'e F. O. (husk,-).2(; Canal 
I ,A\VKEXCE, Wli>DE, & 
-^ tH'Li„-l- to 4-S Corniull 
-Maiiniim, Giover. iCo.luj Hanor 
MAKS( >XS .<; T'OiUiEV, 4iiO and 
-^ 4'H WastuiiL';oii 
SaiiMirt G. .\. W» iilackstone 
UniFKLEll A. W. & CO. 21 

pOBUKN J.VS. F. (;'3 Coninier- 
^ i-ial (tUe Chase spnni,' bed) 
-^ Brattle 

Bc-d»Ce:iLd .'^luiiur. 

(JO.MINS GEO. r. iji Xortb 

Beer. i^Sntall ,»■ Jl,, ■,.■.'.) 
f'UiJL'KX, LA.N'G, Jt CO. liX> 
^ W,, reenter (see pa^eT.^M 
( iO>ls'i'oCK, GOVE, & CO. 30 
^ Canal 

Ctishmg John IL -.'7^ Coniniereial V. ,'7 Cliadwiek (^spriiei. > 
-'■ Howard -Vtlieiiieuni buildiiig^ 

.M.e \):\iif i>:'). 
O'Doiinell Uernard, l.'J Ch:irle-->fn 
Y^LVCE.Nl, HAi'liAWAV, Jt 
' Co. lO'J iJroad 

ISeer l*«>\vdei"^. 

>yOYES I'EllsOX, 47 India (, see 

Bell Founders. 

Blake SSni.n. Vo., iii i^-lUou, cor. 

ir*OSTEU .t EOBY, 17S and ia) 
^ CoMinK-rcial 
-Michant \. .">4l Wash, (eleetrie) 
Nailurot Co. tiUliVL-r 

Beli llu>i<;er». 

{> LACK wool) ALEX AXDEIi, 
-•-* 177.' Wa,hmL'ton " 
Chuudk-r S. S I17i; Wash. 
Crane X. U. .J H-aih 
L^LLLFK SErilW. i> Devon- 
A shir.- (.see lM-e..xs) 
Hail E. r. G. 7-:: EinerMin 
HarrinL:ton Geo. E. ::, I'rovinee 
I^AilKOlJ B. C. 4'^it Treniont 

Ml k y 

»s. l.l';iWashi 

] [o\S 1. X.VFoLEON B. 47;)Tre- 


K. 10 .Maveru'k s 
AUvms , e..r. Way 

Lortv A. E. ,v Co. ,'i Wu.-luii,iJtoU 
lSell«i\V!!. .\liiiiiit'. 

Garland Junies, l.lij l>iiieolu 

Belt Sc Lesith. Stiiniiiz, 

MOVES l'KKSt)X, 47 1iidia (,,ee 
■-^ page t;.4; 

Belt 8tiuU. 

1 TOOl) <;i.O. iHBiake'8 i)ateat; 


Aiiibiooe ,J. S. ti") Hiuiover 
IJoston IbUliFtr Co :>~t. Sumnier 

uos I'ox ELASTIC Fabric 

•^ (O. .?iMilk 

(H..VF1', E\ AXS, & CO. L'< 

^ Suiiinivr Ouhber and leather, 

(iLARlv ~A. X. & CO. OiKUuifs.) 
^ 111 Kilby and fJ Water ^see i>. 

( 'ORBETT a. O. 1" Battery- 
^ n.areh (leather, rubbei. lace 

leather, .<;c.. See paae t,4:i) 
|[ILE, CLARKE, i CO. WJ Milk 

j[J[OOI) GEOKGE \\. 'Si Water 

•■-^ Devonshire, and 22 Mort-ii 

plaee <,see pa'^e U,W) 
\r .-i Y ot CO. 1 Broad (see huidc- 
-^'-^ hack c.>ver> 
jJAGE E. F. a CO. 4t; Cou-res* 

PRATT R. W. i CO. 33 Uaver- 

^ hill 

PL'TXA.M & ALLEY^ 3 Federal 

^ (kather and rubber) 

I^IXG CHARLES W. :oni!> I, 

•^^ baseuKiit. .Merchant-, build- 

iiu', Cun;,'ress, cor. Water 
WELCH .sT GRlFFrrHS, 145 -t 
^* 147 Federal (.See pageti^^) 
W1LS(JX JA.MES w.jc CO. 7^ 
^^ an.i .>il Hnverhill 
Y\''OOOS S. A. & CO. t>7 Sudbury 

Belfrns OiJ. 

VOYES PERSON, 47 ludja (see 
-^^ ixigeb'.'4) 

Bill rosters, 

Donaeli) John .t Sons, y Wilson 

Kelly, Foley, i Co. r> WilUttina ct. 

Billiurd l£uoiu«. 

Bail y .V .Muishall, 114 Sudbury 
Burke X Hixoii..-;,> Wusbm^toii 
Cuniertord J. A: Co 7;J Hanover 
Cuiiniufjuani F. H. .57 i'eniple pL 
Curraii C. L. S. ;>'.) Kueelaud 
Daniels E. 7 Green 
Davis .lames, I7)ly Washinitoa 
Do.vlev WiUiaiu.:]'7 Xoith 
Enierson ii Co. 44 Portland 
Eniniel William, IS Howard 
Garritraii James H. .">■! H.mover 
(ioell Frank A. Fi'.) Washin.'toa 
Hancock S. A. bd Caiabiid-e 
Hess Charles. l.> Eliot 
Homer Valentine, l-vJ'! Wash. 
Hjward ,<: spauliliug, 16 Hanover 
Jones Charles G., Friend, corner 

Joiie:, W. Gordon, .%7 \Vush. 
Kane Jaiue^, Ij'way, cor. Eniersoa 
Leekie Chark-s D. 1,V)7 Wash. 
Leonard Deuius B. li'Jl U.nchester 
LiesenJ'eld Authony.loj Pleasant 
Lowd T. t^uincy, .^4 W. Spruig- 

.Murliare E. T. 24b Meridian, E.U. 
Mar^h H. A. .>W Wasliin-toii 
.Marsha 1 J. H. .<< Co. i':i .>ieridiaQ 
.Massie A. .M. bdi' Wa^hin-ton 
.Masters E. W. a; Co. 47 Hanover 
.Merrill .<. Oaltou, 12 Maverick 
.^Iltcllell T. .•-77 Wa.diin-.'ton 
.Murpliy John C iojo \>, ash. 
XVai .Vlbert H. S.";,' Broadway 
Newiiall L. C. 7.% Court 
Newman Charles, d Canal 
X'ewtou W. W. U.) Court 
XoLin T. F. lie, I Wasiiiiisrton 
Xooiian T. 7j.l NVashin^'ton 
OCoiiuor Patiick, basement Siier- 

man House 
Pa^'e Geoi-e,:-;;iBroadwav 
I'hiiip Al(.\aiHier y\. .".14 Wash. 
Pitclier J. W. 1 Coohdae ouiidm.; 
Portloek Cluirles, .V-7 VVashir.utou 
Pratt Hei.rv, Nevonset ave, cor. 

\V,.;nut. »;!icl b-. 
S' or K N. ,'c-. \N :. ;i,ii oou 
s; Ml (,eo. il. - !,(;. iuU 
1 i.i-t, .i -. i'l. A. - ■ Me^i.uau 
Twiekler 1 u.o. ^e,, U ;,,.;,. 
\Vilhams 1'. P. Iv, i;iacn = tono 
Winh .V Ikeker. 4.-, l-.i„.t 
Wnght B. S. .V Co., si Court 

GAS "FIXTUPES "t^*'*""*>«^'i"««:'?*-i*'«*«^"''.' •***'•* '*v_'»*">""irt'»«»>»t-. Bostou, 

B. ll01^1.lACi5» ci: CO., MiiuuJaeturer». 

^f:;:iii: iiXJlil.aAa 


H lilfv A. W. L-(4 Hurriscii nvc. 
IJHKiiiS (). I... over H-vhton 
^* MMiA.'t. r...>m « 
f VV.Mi; J. E. A: CO. Ui Sudbury 

Heims llorrv. in^ s;ii<ll)nrv 
yclioulltr M" KM I \^;«;hniptori 

ISilliaiMl Table Xrlin'*. 

Havens S. !« Cmirt 

ISIfiW a.M«l C'aee*. 

RRKWSTEH C. G. 4n; Wadi- 
-*-' in-r.,;! 

^' NV. V^ C'wjiK^ee m.-e^ri) 
l>KICnK ClIAS. & P.llU. Lt Cow- 

*•- .i,,i„ <vn. 

JJICE r.EO. K, CC Eiiot 

WALKER F. A. * CO. sn an«l 
' ' Ml Cornlnri, anil 0' and « Brat- 
tle icii^o; 

Hitters Mnniif, 

nLAPP GEO. r.;i luul H Cam- 
^ brid.'f (East India K.,ot, ste 

ni DEEY .t THORNTON, 67 
■^ KilNv (.JvK-kev Ciul)) 
Fari-if Win. A. Jc" Co, K«; Sudbury 

ishorrv winp) 
Nati'uial Tonic irntcrs, Rttnisdcll 

A:Co. .V La Grnn-e 
Winsl'.w Cluric D. 4 ML'r-,:h. rov 
v:MfTIl RALPH & CO. iM Ex- 
*■- c!iar>ge 

ISIackTSoora ^ranuts. 

A M ER I C A N 1' A B L E T C IJ.. 1'3 
-'^ Brattle, U. A. Ciart, a-eut 


RA.sssETT X %vnrrco-MB, r 

" Hnth 

UHAY X H.VYES,14.i Milk., agt. 

^^ I):iv V M^irtin, and Frcnvih 

i:iR(J\\ X B. F. .*t CO. vr.i Fultoa 

•*-' ^see pa-e fisii) 

Cahill M. <.. lis Congrro's (bronze) 

CoilaMi^re WiUiar.i, -«; N. .Markc.-t 

Craein L L. & Co. J 44 State t Dob- 

CutiLT C. K. 1 Peari 

ifatithawiiv C. L. & Son-s, 'Or, and 
y> Hi-K ■ 

MasdnV CkalV-n'.'.' Rlackinii, Gw. 
Mffrili. ai:oii{. J> South MarVet 

PACKAH 1) FRED (LTJwti drws- 

' inir) I'l' (V.iur.'ss 

PA'I'TEN O. O. (dree^iiis, &C.) 2 

^ Pvarljt. Hon..' 


• '' CO. -X CiKtvui M har.V har^ 

Stewart Gfo. C. 4^ Broad 

"Whiu- & Grant, 1 Pi irf 

Whitlemore D. 1-J4 C.>n3r«>g 

TSlairk I.e:t(!. 


Cat,t,,a, .Ma.-.: ^..J,d.^1v Farrar, 
¥"<.nett. i Co. r-.i ljla;-ktc<>!»« 
(.S'-e na^e TifT) 

Schuuia'i tr J. .V Co. \^ Doaii*; 

Webb U..bert, U; Bt:tck.stone 


(See alM. Jl.jr^- Shu.r^; ulso Sli'.xt- 

(-IlliU, s. > 

Baker John, K Fir-t 
i-tarrv J<.hn, ►.!»;-,<k?n 
Uartlctt S. A., liLiHi. .jt/r. Nortk- 

Buttt-nuaii John A .»i.:u. 471 Uirri- 

IJentrMi G. A. i '^o. Co fXirth. ave. 
£i*-rrv<;. NV.. N<|.,.usvt aie. cic-ar 

Walnut, ward W. 
RI.kmU: J«dkr.-,s. U' Bridi 
Boii.I Jaivirt W. vU >!i .>M.'Ut. ave. 
brack.-it Au.lrt-w O. .'*ij ^liuiruiut 

Llruck Wui. -I.^,- 
iir/.w(; I'airick, C^noiuroUL, Opp- 

NVa.,hiu-'t<.ii. 'i>i 
Tmruhaiu vt I^.v,vll, M CLimlrxi 
liut» Gt.-uri,>e W. 4: C>>.lis u,iH 

Cull.)b:.a X. -i-, StiUinan 
«. a.npdcll Frank J. II llaultiug 
Ca-r,.ll IL. S.^\H,d,..r. .'< 
(JHAUUTcK a. Ji. 1.4 IX)vor 

<-'!'.!-!«>iui Al.-xui3der. r-.r Lin?,*-ii 
Coawiaii P. 4./J l;!af HiUuve. 
C..!,noll<v -i'., i--. ,-,.r. Jiiird 
<-"..pjth.y.u W. E. .t J..v; i^.limoiid 
torLifh J..I111, 1.' JV..pic-, !■-. riv iiv. 

Crane IL. Wash. n. River, wd. IR, lames T !C Beverlv 
Cuinir-'lunn Wni. H '.:'■. Fourth 
DaltoM .1. W., N,ix,ns<t av. wd. J*; 
DuaicU ."iDliii, Dui^lii'ster ave. a. 

Coniin.Tviid. ward V, 
Dfsuv TiuK.Tbv, font ( h-r^tnut 
lUvJrn W!n."l'.x; Blue Hill av«-, 

opp. Mavwoo,l 
r»<»k-f <?. 1;. w.ll.l^; Pc.ilhuid 
i)i>n(ivan .L. \. poii>i.t ave., ne«r 

T.avt-.r, waril ir, 
Dono\ar\ Tlicv a-. .ViO Sewud 
J)ow,1,.nat'na.. !!.;> l.u.v> 
Dov-.l r>. S:.I.,V, l>,,!,r,. r 
J) "v\'i'lrai!i..M I'Ucs 
Ear,,n II. R. 1 IJ'.. Ticnimit 
Eliir^on <iro.W,X:Co., llaiKTOck, ru 

Coliitnhia. waid F*. 
Fall Henrv, -jTr Federal 
Flavin Jaine^. ISTu 'r.r 
pOSS A. S. i;4r, F:.B. 

Garrttv Martin, n^ar V.^14 TreRvont 
G.Tn^jhtv 'A'.o. 1.-dr Tr- numt 
Q.<»LI)IE BROS, if.t W. DL-dhara 

Goldrup .Vfiha, XepoRst<t avenue, 

r.ear Tavlor 
CJrouse Daiiifl. 3"-t Shaw.mut ave- 
ri;i_'L'irfy .lohn, Dorch. ave. near 

C'liumrriMaU ward l'.! 
Hall n.V.. \:,r, B.-;K;h 
Harti^aii J •f.14 Hinn>-on nverue 
llcrsev i S<^'aiimll, Rivtr, aj)OV« 

Hewitt .loiin. -V, Hati-.p«hir<; 
HicTjiii- & :sicCanh.v, Liverpool, a. 

Cei-Ural square 
Ivwker l)avidS. ViZ Smcinej- 
U.rn I . M. r,H Poitlinid 
■ Hou-,-^ T. W.«:! 
Kn fe ?M"artin, 4."">C. Ham-on a-re. ,V;dui. SD Traver.-s 
Laki:. SVlve>l<-r WZ B <.ad 
La.-ell Wiij. \\.i\ Punr.<t.-ad ct. 
lA'a.vitt Samuel. Rji\coek. (.\>nK'r 

C'dunitiia, ward V- 
Le\vi.- .To,.! SV. ^> Biv-hu'.ond 
^iewl•^^: Brown, L-iii P>rn;ul 
Lord ,t Brown. ;>1'.' Di^ehe-ter ave. 
Low Wni. H. -'-^ Harvard place 
Mack N.;Mt Shawniut ave. 
Maclean Edward, Adstns, near 

Park, ward W 
"!^| AGRATU P. H. 2i Laneasttr 

Mannliu' G. W. Jfi Morton pi. 
\IA^o^' LEW1> & SOX, iVA 
~^*- Warehir:.-.! 

.\irRi.rp^.ii f^ ],i»cas.-r E. Deilh;;ti2 
Mcliarron v'c Paton. ,"ki ErneiaJd 
MrCk)ckv ]). A. 4! Sumner. E.B. 
Mei)on;M .Tohn. Coniuieroial, it. 

UnicH), ward W 
MclViuaW TtMS , Lotiu-w'ood ave 

McGi'd Hu;:li, llymptoti., iwar Al- 

han V I 
Meln'tire U Bn/:rvll, VS Portland 
Me!'itv,sli Ja.-. F.'.d4 .^liawuiut av. 
McKee H. J. Vj; Srcot.d 
^^_•K^•llr,eJ Oani. !, V-'i l).^•atu^ 
\It LaFTHLIX G. I'. SCO. 12kj 
**^- Fulton !s,-e pa L:-e.-;r4.) 
^fcMFKriiiE HORACE & 
^*-'- CO. .-d VViiter, n-Mu 4:'. 
Meade Wn:.*;-.'.! Hiirri-on avr, 
.V^'jii:i-.Ge<.i4;e, Parker, n. Lon>?- 

w<>,,<l ave. 
Mildrau; .<. B., Fe^ieraLojr. -ML 

\Va-hin!:ton live. 
\{"Oi)V A BriiNETT, IJaiwl 
-^^ UBo.?.k.r 
-M .rri- Prter 4^)7 BIi>e Hd'i ave. 

I^rorw r pleasant tool 

-^^ WOP.K-S X. vinlk ave. 
MMunriov \\n\. \'l Per <r. E.B. 
Mullowu.v Mieiiatd. 11:. .Merrwiac 
.>(!irpii- ii.MMtlian, :;5 Huwki-r 
.Mu.-|.i,v Pal lick. :1 V\v-l 
K.->Aio,iii A. W. i\ Eii.-tis 
<»-l',ii. ti P. K.S.-; Ham.-H.n ave. 
OCaliahao .1. C, C^^i uuu'jia, oeri. 

B:r<i. f.-MKi 1,: 

01.\vr .V \V,,li:itu--. •.':■', PiftM 
Ond.-nl.-nk S\. \ . t'.; Uivetif 
O Ncil.I. i,n, .-. l;iri;iuim 
<j'Snr,iv:,n Hi tiJH< F-, .\lt>any, c. 

E. C;int..n 
PeriV (^ i;i,.k«<.rd, .VS IVa-.tIv 
Fru'o'C. II. I', N<.,!;i Aiid.Ti,.u 
Bav Kii iiai<l. Grtmitc, B. .-iuii wf, 
K-.v ;;.,•» rt,-j;r:-, S.avnd 
l\i. .'lard^ iJ.jvid W. ,»)! Cotilin«-r- 

B |. . l.ihii. r<ar.SO Hamivkii 
jM.lil.UlS J. L. &C<>..>-; .Verrv- 


I^'urke A CVj. !:;.'; lW.-ik;h 

Sawyer W^. W. r,,"; Beverly 
Scannell l)enni« .M. , River, n. Xor- 

tolk. ward \r, 
Sli if'er .V O'Connor. 111.' OrWatis 
Shn-ard Wm. K^; Travers 
^.^IMPSOX I). S. IK llearH 

i;^MrrH G. W. & F. 41 W Federal 

CMrrHsiLOVETT, \-ri to 12s 

'■- Alhanv 

CTONE HENRY X. r,-2 Com- 

^ UMTriaUs..,. ,.a-e<tv-,) 

Stone AV. P. I7!< Fii~t 

Svvcene\- .laints. .V^ Hampden 

fjMH^.MAS JOHX. .•>) Eustii? 

Tuekerrnan W. I. Sf.i Dorch. av«. 
qiWlTCHELL !k. LIBBY. 4.v 

*■ Craisewar 

Warr-.Mi X Bu'sbv, 59 Hampden 
W eekes liirhard. -lH Centre 
^Veevnan .Marshall F.. Plue Hi!i 

ave. cor. Ki'.er. ward Ki 
\\riLSO\ J. W. & CO.rSand SI 

^* Haverliill 

Itlaek ItValimt Frames. 

nol;(iE. COLLIER. .-£ Piri- 
^ KINS, H,-. Wash, (sec p. (.!l! 

Ttlaiik: ISook j>C^aiiur. 

n KOVv'X G EO. B. & CO. '.'4 St;it* 

r<i;:TTEE, tower, & co. a? 

^ Milk 

])AV.L1XG CILVS. K. L> Ex- 

^^ don,-e 

}) ELAND W. L. -22 Congress 

^ State 

Fletcher David B. 'M BroinHeld 
Q. AY AARON K. fe CO. V'M State 

Gav Richard L. *.r.r..^^ Milk 
(^k(Ml\t THO:.[AS & CO. 82 
^-* State 

Ilallsre 11 R. J. & Co. 7:1 Milk 
IfAV.METT i. I- %t arid ^J* 
^^ Kn.til>' 

IIOOPFR, LEWIS. & CO. ]::(♦ 
^^ a'.id \." State 
IJuniplu-ev B. F. IW State 
Lvained L. S.i Co.!--; lk>vo«shire 
Li'tle X.& Co. 4',t Coruhill 
f OCKE -T. S. & CO. .'A a5id*:y: 
*-" Co.-.,hill 
!\£cAD.lMS JAMES, 74 State 

.Af.Trick C. L. t Co. '.'7 CorrhiU 
YICU(i..SS: HALL. :!J Broni- 

Walker : 

^y ARD SAMUEL & C0.8 Stat* 

WrARREN M. K. & CO. 14 

*'' School 

A^ERKINTON F. M. 117 Sum- 
liKl-r I see pape r<H; 


<.5^<'a^o l:oi>a,tic hat IM>:ach- 

Fifher Wm. L.-.y"; Wasliincrton 
Lnweil, S. G. Suellin...', r,j Miik 
.Midi.Mt-cx. James <,t Indii 
<: I'OLKK J.W. 51.' NVashiiiL'toE 

JSIItifi aiw! >(asb Makers' 

Mcintosh H. nry .M.«;i Hampshire 
Y^rASHliCHX B. D. i:^" Co!i- 


Sturtev.iut B F. 7.' Sudhurv 


Riv i^tnti' Col,,r Co. .n X. Market 
i.?Ro\VX B. F..<.CO. t :J lult-.c 

■'^ (s^'e pa-'e (NO 

Hartshoin E .<i Si.ns, IS Rlacksfn/; 

National Chendcal Co., CD. Well 

*i Biv,. 4; C.Mlral 
t^AWVJlH H. L'O North Marktt 

ISuar^llii)!; IIoii.>«eH.. 

.«.diu:i> X. \V. U« C-.uit 
Anns Asa. 4 Munt-onu-rv pi. i>t!;.i B. -4 iN^.-x 
.\tl;in... lO C)mv<. il. l.V. C.^urt 
An_'n-, \-\ 171- V\ avUiiiirtott . 
/;..-!.■■, Daniel. I. i.v; Han<<ver 
Bi.;oir,:;.,T jac,.!,. pi Aery 
B-iv'.-s, l-j7-.'Trcn,on/-. 
H..dc!l A. D. 11 I'aniunter 
B.ll ili. hanl, 144 .'-aiL-jn 
li.!usctt P. JS .\I,»II1 
Bcrrv Jului B. ■.7 Ha^ri^^ll ave. 

pa-e 0-1) 
144 Hanover 

Gas Stoves, 

ijia«. lleatrrM, <ia-» Fl:it Iron*, A|>parat9iM I'or HAS, Tor iiuinerouc 
l>uj|<o<.t>.. It. lli*lAASUS 4V: I 0>. ;tGJ> \) a«liiiii.tuii >»«re<f. 


4 "?? 

|i, ,,..?? 



B-rry M;\ry ». Misi-. h> My rtle 
Bertv >ar.ili, Mrs,, riiion, i-oriieT 

CoirniUTL-inI, w.irM (>: 
B'-.-l.-w f. K. Mi>.. l»ir Wash. 
Bi!Hiij-^.;..hii. r-J ^Sisi.iiictOil 

Dra. Jv.-lt U. F. :» Ks~.x 
Br-.<lt,,r.i J. IC. >frs. ;;j I'. r'!:»r 
BrL'^M M irri. :, .Mr-<. TK' N\ash. 
Hri.vrii Snl,,t»««ti,-ir (•!•.-!< 
Vr.-.nX (.'..vrs:,-, l'>;: AVa4iin?toii 
Um'iw-* S. V..7:\ H.rri-- 'II av-. 
Car.\»..n Sarali U. ::> lior.ivr, F.B. 
Carr A'f..-il.l' Lvinle 
larur ."Vfarv T. .". It-ifr'mrh phice 
Carter >ii-iuri B. '.V. Mr;r_'ii).i! 
Cass K. K. ■.-_' Slmwifiiit iivf nue 
Cauikin> I.. B. Mrs. I :j ^umiK-T- 
Clark !;.'f»ena Mrs. .^lu Wajh. 
C.'k- Wi!5iDm. 14 Parnurtir 
C..l!)ert ,Iol!ii. Mrs. .;.-..! llain.vtr 
C..1.- All-frt C. >rrN. ■>i Iprou 
C'»;.-- Wii>. Mrs. i> Avlihurt..!! rilaco 
Collainorp F:iva, Mrs. :;i3 a^^d 1^0 

Cfvlliiij .\. S. •-'•Try lor 
C'iiiiis J'OiJi 11. V Ifarrisf/n are. 
C..1U.1S \l.l>-.:sFIc( r 
Ccis. r \V. A- Mrs. ■_•»> Chestrr park 
C-'.K Tht.inis. li:>(_ >, irl,>towi. 
Cornii-r J. H. -,i'\ . ^t-.„ 
Cilir.!nin-s(\ 1!. Mrs. .; .\lt-l._,!i 
Cu-lMiis K. .>4 l,.:iL' whari 
Da VI. C. Mrs. .ItJA 
D.icht-rJ jMhii J.:..7 Fssex 
Dill Gf... H. ■■;') North titnnet 
Do:an Christut'hfr. ."W f linv.ver 
J)i..w.l%- Marv .M,,s. WWa-d 
Drviian J.jyUfft 
Dui.Ur Pfter f. M.3 H/ M ait- 

Cop.uTV p!a?f 
Flilrf.!-..- lU-t- V >fn;. '.'M.»v 
£n..irr Charl.--. -J.K Dorche'i or 

i:i,..s'A. 1.-: Kl .t 

faVr Saraii, .Aliss. 4 I.a Grazige 
Fariiiiiii Geo. li. luSnrii.t,' 
Jei;..YTs(». S. Mrs. -7 I) 
firuiesran Luke, o7 l.d-AtH 
Fletcher S. A. .5 Chf-ksvu. K.B. 
fktcher S. A. Mrs. -^;MttroI;o)i- 
^.^n place 
Gulia!:her Owen .T. 1 4;* Dover 
Garl.anlt J. rtar -J."/ ^ lii.f 
Ga'-lv Th,.s, M.S. 70 Vui'm Pk.^t. 
Gatfs G.M.. <,v: Fifth>ii ..)(ihii W. -^ liidiaEu place 
G..!jr!t K. L-J 
Grirtiii F r-r iru-lnnf-nd 
(Jrithn M. -^' liie!itiH.r,d 
lI:iii,o> Fraiu-is, ?■; .\l.„.n 
Il-.niiir.- It. W. Mrs. r.> Esiex 
ffirp.-r H. hn yj<r\<\Mu 
If arris AViii. A. .Mrs. lu: llarr. ar. 
HuUr Ar.,.a .Mrs.i'/* PoitSuut 
li'Tny,j\ Ch.rl.s. I'fr, asvl •.i«" Kliol 
Her^.:.i K. .S. .Mrs. •.':.'•.' UaJiov er 
Iliik.v Calliarim-.L', .Miju.t 
Ilicki.; J..hi!. 14 I'.n, unl 
Hij-'ins K. A. r \ V pta-f- 
l£..u-^(.-;-r:.,n., 7 ;;.,h5„rl, ,,lar-c 
H-ut- «;■... -: \lM„r:o.,nTV t.i ,.-e 
li, J.M.ii.s. t! \(..n!_--a:,try pf. 
Ju.-kMU (..-... A. ;.ri,a:i-.T 
J..!ui-..'!i n. U. .NIr-. ?l .\. i;,-nMet 
J' ill II St. .r> liurrii t, Ti; t') ■^" Grt- en 
K-.Kr F. K. -J-JSninn. r. F.ti. 
K-i .T Nancv .». ir.s Suiuntr. E.B. 
K-;iv.),.hn."44 (.>(... s 
Kiiili.'re!i A i icrnbtoiii, 7(; llairver 
Ki(r.-.J -)i- .M"rs. .-.J I^i •.,■■« 
Kl.-txSatk Ihco. .-»; Carver 
Km-.-ht^.h. Il; C 
Kni-lit Kn.ilv .\t!s. r.; Dovtr 
X.ii.*lt,.r>,I.'.' I!..w< 
l.aus ('. A.m: Fri- ri I*- Til. .mas D. >;.; Lf'Ttn-tt 
Lavt.i.) A. 1 !...«< il 
Lawrr-ii. r .\i.r,- H. 7 D.avis 
jr..v.r l-^. , 1,. jji llar.-is..n avc. 
I^FU 1^ >.. J. 4."<> a-,.J tr.' llaa- 

I.'t^.-. .•<>;\..rth 

Ltr; ■ II. 11. L'!l,...ti live. 

l.ittU. l.urv. l.ji •(■r.M,i...i: 

I-itorfi.- .IF. F I"l FM.r 

l.<.riii.,- .<umuil \-.7 r^n.hnil^'e 

)...«.- Ue., ■_^ l.;.,,.-i.t,-r 'i . I,. Mr*. ;» .Ain„fi.oi.5'v pi. 

.".u-i iv; Shuwiiml UVI-. 
>! irfn .\iit..tii... '.I \r. ri.fiau 
^[AKIl.N JoSFl'H, ;l..wU 

Mn IN.i),.|ia.7 
M.l»,..,a\.>.)..)iti U. ■:■: IJ'ni..ver 
-M. K.niv, V >. M.S. 1.. C, .H-; 
M.Kr.i/R- M;>rv >ri-s. ,1 IM i,*- 
M.-l,...,,} Dri.i.l.j,:, r..|,.'...r. la! M. A. II Mv.riai.<u 
M..,:anl l..,!]) Kanovr 
-M.rsv D. 1.. 1.' liu«-,l.,ii) 
Miircti .Miiry A. 1'j7 Sui..ner. K.B. 

XororovJ A C. 'J Riillinrh place 
<)si.'(mh1 K. n. .iCtJini'ri.l-e 
I'aj.-Jc.hii W.-.'l);('aN.t 
F.iirr.v \r. L. Mrs. f-',-f Washin^tn 
I'ark. r FfUf, >rrs. f. ilowiloin 
I\'itisl.. A. ::<'o..iuT 
niiilu's CluirScs, sSal.TM 
l^ullij.s r...;. IF :.r, » hai:!ber» 
T'-.llanI Isaac. -j; .-s.ui.-rset 
l\,ud Williain, 1 Kartl. tt r'l- 
I' .f. IF firti \Vas!,i„.-t.^n 
KnhfTfs S. /■;. Mrs.l'l I -.M-X 

li.ifiiMir/ Ui!|.h. l.^'IFulf-ye7 

l;..tli All- i-, ),, (Jraii-.. 
S-,il,,rs' H,.i,u-.;'M',, :■,-!, as.. 
.^illt-liu'iT .-snah \V.,T: H<-ac^ 
S-aviiia.- .Mars/anr. )_' Fa Gran:;f 
^^av,•v,.r 11. A. 1.". .Mfriilmn 
Scaiilaii ]>..r. >rrs. IF' Salem 
Smith Gi-o. ^» Fri.-n.l 
Snow .Ada .Mrs li>l' Washin£rtr>n 
i«|>'iif (;*■!>. n. ii Caiiibridi^i;, & 

4 liaj\i>. t-k 
Stanwoiwl [.muse M. M.s. 7eS 

Stein kranssChas. L. -jO Came ■way 
Stod(?anl S. P. fCn WasliinstOfi 
Sti.iie .S. O. 7;if) Wi.sbinc'tf.n' 
Stevens E. J. .Mrs.KJ; llarrisfin av. 
Thnriinsnn Jfis. W. }'.> .Nfendiiin 
YU-KXBLOM J. C>. 70 HuMurer 

Tti!l<-r Catharine. J.WK Tremoii* 

T.vj-ht All>ert. 7.-; F.lif.t 

Walker Caroline Afrs. 107,5 Wash. 

W, !eh Win. .-Vt .■^aleni 

TVi'ii 5e IkMmnn,.') Fnvette o..i>rt 

Whiteh^'r.!. A. .Mrs. li;y ;lia-»niui 

■Wliite C 47.N'ar.-m 
White :<(arv .!..■;;(; rfanne.^r 
White M. M. Mrs. l(,\\.;nbrn\e 
AVhite M. .7. Mrs. .vS .Mar.jinaJ 
Wisiitmnn Clara D. .Mrs'. J Fran- 

€is olace 
Wjlkin.s .lunisfii.^ 7-.'Po,tV,tid 
Wilson Karie F. >frs. ]7i;'.» Wash. 
Woodt)urn F. C. -27 l)..ver 

ISoat Sails*. 

C'.mrnerfial i.Sfe page (^>'i") 

Rout.H^i: ISfw^e BnlKlers. 

^N'DEK,<(.>\ SVM. F. f. ^ of K 

Bi!)F.'r Bros. fo,.(: of Si.xth 
Brooks r,. S. It:.-; Sunvn.r 
fv-iein ,t She). 1. .11. .,vl Urond 

DA\'IS \UR\M \ K;.-. Surrrner, 
n ORGAN 'riro>f.\S, O. corner 
.AF-ieoinlier C. D.. P, crtr. Sixth 
Nnrrr.-ss Wm. T. 'j:': CMinm, rtial 
O'Hil.-v rnrr.'t. Carlt..:,-- « t,arr- 
I'arteli.w C. M. fr. XV! Coinriiercla? 
Pierce Bi-orhers. -IH Si.nt'i . near P 
pierce,/. H. fl.-.Siiinner, F.B. 
Pirchie,). A. T7? Siitnner. JR.B. 
V'-lfelv Thos. fo Siunn<-r, E.R. 
■^S'insor Park.r, !:l ConiinerT whf. 

ISoatH to I^ee. 
.YNDEK'SON \yyi. L. foMof K 

Cvne T^atrick, F:ii,'hth. cor. O 

Tl KGAN THOMAS, O. torner 

^^ Seventh 

Macoiiifier C. I).. P, cor. Si.icfh 

Winters P. foot ot'Conitnercird wf. 

ISoiler Felt^ns- 

(JORBFT'I- A. O. i:; Batterv- 
march i fiairaiid wov>|, .s.-e p.W'J') 

JS«»iIfl- Ir«»«i. 

npAFT .T(»nN B. fi> Oliver (s«e 
fronr ciilored pajre) 

l««)ller 3rakeii». 

A LI. EX .% ENDiCOTT, ,) Lib- 
-^ erty.s;, 

\ r L A N TIC WO HK S . 72 
•-»■ Bor.lpr, E B. 
Brav t..n (;eo. B. v; Court 
Ca-nphifl, ■VVhiltier. « Co. n7« 

nillBBCCK 8. E * SONS. 'in 
^ Ti.-t-i-.nt 

( n,(K;«;'l( >.N T. S. -V CO. N» and 
^ .V' SiiillHirv 

Gn.sven.'r.F .X . I f P. mtH-rton sr). 
j [ILF.CLAUKE. A- Ci>. -^'Milfe 

f » I N f^' T- f- V v ^V I L L I A '\f S 

' ' Ui>f::kS, :..',! II .rri^.i. ave. 
TIOblJF F. .V (•( ).!.;<> 1,:\-. rfool. 
•^ *■ iM ir Cntral s»f. F.B. i.see 

J^ALiTy JOHN, First, c./r. Grati- 

J^OiUNCt IJARKrS(KV, City P't. 


^'•*- E.B. (s..,. IiiL'et;.--) 

ATcLAF rilFIN (;F(». T. .* CO- 

-^'- |-_'"Kiilr,.,Ms..ei.aL'e».7{) 

.-,1 Water 
Miles (;.i.r-e. Fir.s!. near B 
(JSBOKN LOUIS. 7J >iur?inal. 
^ E.K. (s.'epa-t..-;^ 
pCTNA.M .St ALLEY,. 7 Federal 
-* (dealers) 
eoL'THER JOHN & CO. foot 

'-' of A 

^yillTELEY E.CI CliarJeslown 

IVOOOS S. A. 3c CO. 67 Snd- 
^^ bury 

Koilei- Rivets* *fe Tube!*. 

I OTllKOP & CO. U to -1) Cu»- 

•*-' t.iin House St. 

National Tiil;€ Works Co. 11 T'eai- 

h.rton s,,. 
TVALES BROS. 17 Battcry- 
*^ inarcli 

\\r.\L WORTH J J. .*i CO. 1 

^^ Bath 

J6«»iler X«jl>e S<'rai»oi'><. 

^^ and .-.1 Haverhill (see p. tir-i; 

BoU Maimers. 

^^ cor. E 

Jlt>It Kope. 

L' E .V R I N G . HOD M A N . & 

SWIF'i". L'.'iasul iJComsnerciai 
(see p;.s.'e lifts; 

35 CBltinss Cloth*. 

■'•-'- Hayinarket sfj. (see p. CJi) 

J OTliUoP A CO. li toLDCus- 

^ toin House St. 

AI.VY Sn CO. 1 Brand i(see inside 

•^'•^ Uiok cover> 


Jii>uOs^ l>i'afC*, Checks, 

■RUFFORD JOHN H. ^») Wasi.- 
-"^ iugto'i 

l*unnet and llaS 

Aiilrtch F.C. V.H Wushin.n..,i> 

Baker NelM.u, l?.* ^\ a.shiric::.ri 

Ciurk v<i Pii-s, I'.h; Sn.-nner,"E.B, 

Cutler Janie.s. ijj Hanover 

D ,rin.Hn Charles H. ls.->7 Waih. 

Fisher W. .vLHitCoisrI 

Kii.^' 1>. J. 4-V Wa^h;n-ton 

p< >OL BROTUEK.S, 10. Hanover 

gTORER J, W. 510 WasluTigton 

Taft Sanin^},-:-''! WnsHinstvn 
Tlinn as J. .t Co. .V> Province (hat) 
Tliuini,is.,ii H. B. ItJL'. Wa.jiingt-jn 

BiMvnet Frauie Mawut*. 

]^ IRC II &: CO. H Suujrner 

||ENDEKSOX R. B. 1.9 Milk 

Hodizes y. F. 170 Washington 
L,.v. joy C. A. * C,>. Li Avvu 
M.>r-an C. i Co. L-_' Winu-r 
Seliusier Fnifst. !'.» 
j^HEPUE Dk L. .t CO. 17 Milk 

B<»ulv Aaeiify. 

(^TIROES B. R. ^1 Wa.^fiinj- 

^ ton, r..o\)i I j ( _-eii.-ral agelicv 
tor jiuliseriptiun Lwioks) 


Ahhott S. K-.v Co. i: Wasliinst.jn 
Aduais l;enj.L-7 Cnrnliili 
Adams .« Baker, V, \Vashin:;ton 
Aihinis A Yenetelu,.s<l Wa.-ii.n,.t'n 
BnlIi^•^• Ira -V Co. jn ^^ M-.hiii;.'t'.ii 
Carter G.-o. P. >t: Co. 7(i Sn.lfnrv 
Ciiivk* .Vndrew.s.-_'l Frai,:«! in 
Coleman (.cirL'tA Co. .^1 .Mi'.kanci 

):;i \Va-hini.'t..n 
Colman Weo. .c Co. 174 V.'.ish. 
G'H.niii.-. \ Bnllinir. •■;( Coriildd 
{M«)-.VF!.I. THUS. Y. su-.ees- 
^ s,,rt., i;,.n;. Bradlev .t Co...:r 

Fojter U.'r. (o, (.'!.'„,« 
Gorli.iiii Andrew, i.:ii ^(at? 
Giiaidviiii r .-.u;i!d 
Harris.* Fel.'i, :.n l!r. niiiel.l 
Hersiv Charles, f7:i SVusliint'to-i 

iWiN ,^ CO. ru 


XVOlOSCnO ;{«o \va*iiiH« 


r IS. ll<>i.I.I><;s cC C<». 

Sti-eet, I&u»tou. 



Jl O L Z K R U. 541 Washiucton 

Juckiton ThiKidfirp, 11 ^[o^t'^n pi. 
M.rrick r. L. \ Co. lT Cornliill 
M<>.:rv Al.x. U Hn.iufield 
llin.l O. J. r:i Milk 
l<i|vl.v J.,sei)h W. •_'! Cnrnhin 
K<'l)ert>_,]. (r. \ Co.lU Chapman pi. 

f>rss' WILLIAM li. 1.5 Water 

Satihorn S. II. '.'.r, Flnnovfr 
"^ci.Icnc.-tii-k.T.T. l!:< \\ is>iir.irtoa 
T.Trv Ilenrv (i.e.: Su i! .iry 
TvU-r thurir. K. :-.; Kil-.r " 
I'itnan \N in. 4.''.i \Vu-iii!i!,'t.",n 

j:j EKRY J. & J. i Co. n.S Cornhiil 

r»ane H. A. & Son. .V1 CornhiR 
Slarshall. Son, & Co. i7 CoruhUl 

ISook I^etterinu: jjHd 

(^flASE WM. P. 4 ' Washingtoa 

Kooli. leaser. 

Ifathnwny Alfred, II.; V.'ashinsf a 
ISouk<sel)er«t niul I'uh- 

(See ah<) PenclirnU.^ 
Adams. Sampson. & Co. see Samp- 
son, liuTfuport, & Co. ^ Ct>n- 
Adair. 'I S: Co. '!'• Rrom field 
Allen J. II. .T/; \Vu<^hin 't..n 
Allyn .Tohn. -Jl Br<.:nr,,.]d 
-Am. Miss. Assoc. .^ I'e'nheKon ee. 
Am. S. S. ITiuon, 4" 'VVin'er 
Am. Tract Soimhh-, lir \Vj>:h. 
Am. Trar t S x^etr, N'. £, Branch, 

lir, Wa.sluneton 
Xm. rnitarnin Assac. 42 Chauncv 
Backup John. li>S Dudley 
1? irtlett X. .7. f,-.' and ni O.rnhiU 
iI?oston NVwrs Co. 4 F.-ovinct et. 
Bowies Leouard C, Beuci.m, sixth. 

door from Tremont 
Bradley Ira St Co. ^'''i \V.i<Mnetoia. 
Krexrer v^ Tile>t..n, 17 Milk " 
I^ri-srs.V Co. -.r-. Kilbv 
Brook*^ I). B. fc Hro.'.v, Wa-h. 
15rix.ks .Tohn I). 1". ■.''■ W.uh 
Hrown P.ros. .11 E.'cchanse (Cath.'* 
Hrown F. Cr. .", Trein.'nt rr,\r, rm .>s 
«IlOWN GEORGE B. & CO. 94 
■" State 
Brown II. A. & Co. 144 TremuRt 

Burnham T. O. K. P. C-^ School 
Butler It. Vincent. .V.t A\ jshuigtoii 
Campbell Jaiees. IS Treitiont 
Carter .v Pettee. .■', Heacon 

. -"4 
- , . ^.- pa' 
rjLAPP orFS,3 Beac..u<h.>n;ffi- 


Clark k Jiihn»on, r^J CornhiU 
Co esw-.rtKy Ch fri.x ,T. ;u C^rt 
Colesw,,rthr 1). C. r,,; Cornliin 
Cons. Pub Societv. \\ C.-.rnhill 
Crocker, Cornish.Sc Co. 0I.5 Wasli. 
y rocker A: Brewster, ol Wnsh. 
Crour. L. P. & <on. .^CVrrinill 
«.-iimmin?s S. P. •.'.» Men-hant^; Fx 
Jjavi, R,^h,Pt S.,^C,,. ■■..; Kromti'd 
iJenuet Wm. H. loj Wa->iin.-t.)u 
i).KkhamC. A.',-.;\\M.air-",M 

I rake.I.M.'F.. I", Hovlfton 

iJrake >.(;. ^ ) ir Brora- 

[><i.Uey r>ean. ^ Con/rv-ss :hj. 
KsrlcIaoM-- It. Ik; U a.hinrtnR 
l-.ilsworth Oliver. T I C.rni.^.l 

3-,«ll..r Horaee R. U Hr,,M,ri. !d 

J'HlI^.lu.^ H.,:;, ,.„J^,^ 
-•.nn Hr -'.rrs. Beat- .,n-, liixih door 

_ Wnsh. v'see psire '.n i 


k and I'raa 
Caiiek, u.'t. 

W. Old Stat- \h 
V I.INCuLN..:,:- 


X 1: 


';-'-'-.'oi_'U.4,,n^.^ V Co. -..1; Wa.sK. 
V.'T'.'T'"' ^'*"- •♦•-' NVa,hin''. .n 
n VLi. THOMAS. l;i lironmUd 

'I^H-tir A.*^ Wash. 

nHwke« Goo. P. m Mrfimtield 
Hirst .John. -VI Broinlield 
Ho.lirsS. W. 14 B. MM. held 
lloyt Il.'nrv.f) <'..rnhi-,l 
Johnson. Fry, ,^ Co. j-j Bromfi^ld 
Lee ,V .Shrp:,id. I 1,^ \V:i-lun-.;ton 

LIFT IK. BKMWN. ,<t CO., no 

\> a,-li. and -.W l)<v..n,l,ir.. 
Littleneld <.eo,--e F. i;r Cornhdl 

LorinpT A. K. J';.', W;ishin-tor\ 
L.throp 1). ,^ Co. ;>; ,v 4,, Cornhill 
lyoveiin-.Z .VM» rt W . S'^: WryA^ 
Lnnt Win. Pmson.s, V)> W;,.sh. 
Mn^e<! .lames P. airf. .'W Bix.mti^ld 
.^^'^*,h Thomns.4ii Beach 
Marvin T. H. .V: Son. V\\ Con^ircss 
.Mass. Bible Depositi.rv, U", Cmihil! 
^'-^ hC Fndieottf Catholic') 
Mendiim .7. P. S4 \f a-hinct<in 
Methodist B.Kjk bei-osi.-ory, 38 

Moo'e .\. -i ffamilto 1 p'l.'rce 
Morse Sidney li. -j.i Brom field 
National Pnhlishiii- Co.,s;. Cowrt 
\IC!IOI.S .vc 11A!,L, -,-Br.>m- 
^^ riohUseepa.'iM;.;i) 
Xoycs, llohnes. X Co. 117 Wash. 
Os'^o.wl .Tallies R ,<c Co. l-.'4 Treut'nt 
Piper ^ . H. .^ Co. i;:> Wu.hin.n'a 
Pratt BrotluTs, Mt W asliinjtou " 
J>AND0LPII P. K. s', c.-'^irt 

Richardson I. X. *. Co. 0^ CortshiM 

Kichardson W. L. )4 TCi'hv 

Roberts Brotit.-rs. \^^ Washinr'ton 

Kus.sell B. B..»Covnhiri 


^ CO 47 Con-res^ publish tlie 

Jjoston Director'', Bostm X\- 

nsanac and Bniiiiics Diroc- 

tory. Xew End ind Dinvtorv, 

No«^ Yor'K St.are DirectojV, 

Massail-.usi-tts Reiris'er aiid 

D'rectory: alio Directories for 

Albany. Trov, rrovidence, 

Charlestowii. LvTin, XtwlKir\-- 

port, Sak-m, FallP,.iver, .Mait- 

cliester. Taunton. Lavrence, 

Lowell, and ^.^loucerttr. Di- 

reetoiies for oiiier parts <n' 

I Kited States, aiid fi>r€iga 

eouf.tries. for sale. 

Sarqent M. H. V.\ C<irnhin 

Schoenhof fe Moelltr, 4« Winter 

&crii>, Tract Eepositorv, If. 

L. Ha^fin-s, 1;- Lin.lail 
Shorev.Iohn L. .'X Bnnnheld 
Suuth Geo. M. « Co. iiV. Wash. 
Spra-ue C. F. tVl Brattle ^antique 

and inodoiaO 
gTFRGKS B. K. M WasUin-ton, 

Svujonds .!'.' Henry, 4 Lihertv sq. 
TeutUorn F. B. .U Fliot f Ger.-ian) 
Teuthorn.Tn'ins, p. B.-aeh .Ger.) 
Tewk^biirv W in. P. 4^-.l' Wash. 
Thonu-: At'Tallu.t, D."! Con-ios^ 
Thompson, Biu-elow, & Bwwn. -25 

and ■-^^ CornhiU 
TiPon .f. K. h Cm. ltd Washin^non 
T ifetF. 107 Hanover 
Univers;,|;st PiihlisiiiiijT House. .T 

nrbiPo S. H. 4it Winter (fo-.-lsn) 
Tsher James M. 21 and .'7 Cornhili 
Vir-in <,eori.'e A. il Wat4-r, 

Virtue & Vors'on..>'tBromneW 
3^.alker Saumol K Co. ,S 'I'r.-ro't rovr 
Walker Thomas O.L'lr.oP.i ton |.l. 
Warren T-:rael P. .-,.' W:is!,in 'ton 
Wentworth B. .v Co. 1:> Cenlril 
Weslevan .\ssoc \ ■» Weed 

aL'ent. ".;■ Hi.unf.el.i 
Wldte Wm. ,V Co. i.vs W- <hiT..:(ou 
U hitt.nwre J. .M. .^ Co. U,; W>...|i. 
^V||,!e Wni. A. -t Co. 1 CwrnliiU 
^ViUiams A. S; Co. l.v, W .sjiin-t.-n 
AnhiunsX. M. fjo"! Wash., Cath.) 
\»\U'.tz Henry A. ,V Co. ^4 Cvirnirl 

Iloot, Sh<>e,:in<i Leather 
l»e:tierM. i U A../, ,.,,/,-.) 
<S:,^aU„ li:,l.'.,ui.l I^a(h>r.) 
Adden .1. H. ,<• (-,,. p- i',..„.| 
A!e;,n ., lf'r,M,.f..i,:or IVari 
Alt ; i. \ ,. > .M..-u!'..u>-i 
a;.. :i .1. > , = r, :,,.! 

An.( r-.,.., r, , ... y c.i 1 .s ^iu.-jnner 
Aridei.,.u ,. U. ^n,.l N, .-.-. I'.-.rl 
\X\^y'V■^^. .>^t,.'„,M. ^ Co. '.{ l\.arl 
Ha,-!iell„r.F IV. i I'.erl 
!Ve!.:,.r.V: Man n e, :s lV:irI 
ilailev K. C. ::.^ IVurl 
Ball H. A. r.-. 
Ban,-,rd J. W. (o I\.,„l 
b:iit(.ilJ.jr. 4S Hanover 

Rassr-tf William. 120 Hanov^T 
Batchelder W. S. .-^1 IVurl 
^ ■•'■< FuiuMiil H. .5 .Vorth 
Ratcheller K.,V A.H. .V Co.C.3 Pearl 
ii-X,-, K. C.4.H Uant.v.T 
Rath John.;-:.' Federal 
Battles VV..I. («i CV. li'i IVarS 
Be ,;< .\n7Hstn,s 4.S H mover 
i^l-lier A. A G. W. 16 Hipti 
B-et US.;) Pearl 
PeikeG. B.iC->. HUPearl 
Bl.aV.e .s. ,;s IV-iiH 
lllaneli.srd fra. m) Pearl 
B]o.H,a.'d B. -C Co. Ii2 Pearl 
Blunrhard I,. 7olV,irl 
hi.anchard W. ,',: C. |,-,s Pearl 
!!■ in'.r^an H. P. 4^ Ifanovor 
!;oir<:nivn X. H. 44 |{,novor 
Bowker L. n.\- Co. !>:! Pearl 
ho\-,| .f,K.-5,ti i Bn-iuim. 7.5 Pear! 
o*,,^ I*., Corey, Punieroy, xi Co. lui 

B^iyjitori K. P.. .W Har.«ver 
Koynt^Ki W.H.^r, U.„„.ner 
Boysm .1. M.fc Co. 4.S Hanover 
RrajL' Fowier. .57 Hanover 
Krainh.dl Xi Webst.T, 7J Uutoa 
BraT W Ml. 7P, Pea-d 
Brett George. 4'' Hanover 
Bnirham .1. W. Ac Co. 5-:i Pearl 
13 ROOKS -%L D. & CO. Pearf 

Bro*:n .Tonatha-n, 44 ITano-v-er 
lirown iz G<>...(lwiu. i;7 Pearl 
Brucie GtxMire Vt". tr. Kan;ive' 
Bryant S. I IVarl St. House * 
Kneknu^ii-. C. 145 IVari 
■ tiiui D. C. 117 Pra-l 
li a ra,re.t Kei,.,!. ;::.■! Peari 
Caiiey B. F. 4- Han,.ver 
Cdk-y i. S..n,t;.i ir^wver 
Canterbury N. I), m. Pearl 
Chapiaa-n .\;!>ert H. -.Vi Milk 
Chasv'. Merritt. & Blanciiurd, Jl} 

Chessman X. & Co. 14.5 Pearl 

CiliM i Cn. .V. Feder;d 
Clafiin A..t Co.y.i Pourt 
ChoVin, Atie-i, & C(t w: Peari 
C.afiin C'd,uri,,&Co.^;:.!P«arl 
Clartui V\ m. ;<; Co. h'! Peari 
Clafiin & Thayer, '.«5 Peari 
Clanp A. \V k Co. H.i Federal 
C lupp James H. & Co. ,5 Pearl 
ClappJo^enhH. i.V.iPfari 
Cianp .^. l]i-:iin2s. ;.! IVuri 
Clark A. * Son, 4 Pearl 
Clark, Kvnt. &Co. 10} Pearl 
CiarkM Warr«m,7Gi 
Cleraer.t, Coliuirn. & Co. US Peari 
Cohurn A. & Co. M Pearl 
Cohh A. Hanover 
Cohh 4. F. M Co. r,:; Pearl 
Cochrane i Thaver, .si Feari 
C<;.-iriii G. A. 4S llanover 
Cole, Wood, .V Co. 1,5 Pearl A. P. .vCo.tih p...xrl 
Converse Franklin. l.;i Pearl 
Conv<M->e H. W. r.5 H:n,over 
Coriiinj-, Putnam. .V Co. 115 Pcnri 
^Tu^^-': ^''"'■''■""' ^ Co. 1 Pearl St. 
Cow,i,_- i Hatch. 4.5 and 47 Peari 
Cow ('..<: M. ■_-.-, P, arl 
Cratts M.,s..s*,Co. ,-., iv^^rl 
Crain, Ueidenreich, & Gvouib*, Hi.'J 

Crooks i Co. M Pe;irl 
Cros:, I). K.:c Co. VlVc^ri 
Ciiinmin-s D. .t Co. 44 Hanover 
Cnnunin^s,^ Redman, .'.'IV:irl 
Currier .C C. .-c Co. l.:ii Summer 
Curti.s Aimer, ,51 Pearl 
Cu.-ris.5„,l(i7 Peail 
Curtis T. .t Co. U2 .Milk 
Da-:^ett H. L. & Co. Ml g,id 10;5 

I earl 
r>aii\oii Henry. 2ii Franklin 
Damon. T.homa.s, v Lewis .37 


Dane Frsncis ,t Co. r«) Milk 
Dane J. F., Grinnell&Co. ijl and 

. ! Pearl 
Davis Andrew, 2 Pearl St. House ~ 
-I'.vis li„vev, .\:Co. ..s P..;,rl 
Divis Pr.u! S.4.S Hanover 
Deiiipsvy .S.: LeL-ro, 4s Hanover 
p ck.nsoii F. .M .■(. Co. lus Summer 
Dike Lvman, n I>,.;,,1 
Dili V:H..:A.\>; :e,rl 
i.>ill Jo>,.,,h,r;; l',..,,i 
Di;<er M. C. A C... ,"■ Pearl 
l>»-d:;e K. P. .^ Co.:. Fr-.r! 
Dod-e X. !>.,■. Bro. •■ ,.,,,, 
jjy^^^'j.^l>.'-:'t. ^Ji:il-, .-.iPoarl 

Drew & Bii^-M.', li :, . le-Vrl 
J>rivcr :: 1', .,ri 
Dur.ham .V \\ luturv. l_j Summer 
Duuiii J. i Soii.tii Pearl 

WiUS'^V:M;^Ji Gas Fixtures ^^- "*»» i »^i^s a 

<'0.,:it MAiW IMCM' 
toil ?^tie«-t, .liunlou. 



I>«jrjri'i SaTiii' I, +s Il:ui(>vcr 
Itv.r ir 4^ri:.. ..-..-r 

V\,e \S . |■^ II •" VtT 

K.!o),ii„N.r. '. I'.irl 

K.M- .in Z. Itr-. .C Co. 7f> Peart 

Kl! .r. I> I' I'-irl 

f:-.„r-,n K. S^ Miiin.i.^J Pearl 


Y.w.uu.r,' :.V;s^r> .^ C.i. -Ji^P.-irl 
y V. r. (t. r.,!;.- , \- <•■>. !!.■< Pi or} 
F«rr.n W . |).,:t IVurl 
Kfiiw.!) <•. f. \- (■(/ A-* Il.morer 
»iix..ii H. K. .t C.-. ri Pearl 
Tav X St.,11.', H Hi.-h 

ri«!>J. 'I'Huj-L-r, & \Vhit!-on->b, SS 
y Finh e. H. A Co. 1.-? PearJ 
'\ Ti^-J, H.)U-liton, & Cooiidge, '0 

,-a PiMrl 

V:^ Furl) C. W. ;t Co. ;r, Pearl 
Foriies* E. XC". --iiPfjirl 
r'w> ,fno. F. .t Co. .'.>■ i^l loki-tone 
F..<f.T \- r'.Tlvii.s, 4s n:inr-ver 
FiHuei^,^ NFilion. 77 .Mi.k 
Fr.n.-h \V. It ■;!.|'inri 
fru-.lMKM, !!-os..;TlV,.,rJ 
F.irU-rLMvrurcf H. .V C.x T:'", Peart 
(;ilm(^re A. A. -v C<,.>;k [v.-uI 
ft'iliirMre, S.uilonl. X- Cu. ;;' Pear) 
f;."ltr«rv B. I). .-,1) M:lk 
(;oltr.y C. H. .vC....;-Peav} 
<;<.Mt,'.wuit .v r..sNT. ,;l' FtrCfrai 
fJoul,! Chris. If. 77 Pc.iri 
»;.)nl(I7. .M. ii.r p<.nrl 
Grr,.,, M P^arf 
<irtt)n R. II.* Brn..(;l Waucry-er 
H n>ni, \I A. l^.-f Canere-3 
Hap-.v^.I .t Co. .V4 tr, .^f P\.,]pral 
Ilarris.y. * S,.„>,M>:in,lSjpi;ar? 
irirttj. .t C... ri-{P,:irl 
HurvfV .i. Li. ,t Co.r*; Pear} I). ,<; Co 17 1>(-arf 
?Iat,'h.7. -W.^ HiuiuTer 
H:ith:.w;iy ,T. (;. .v (-.,. i-j7 Ptarr 
lla.v.ifn, Guardemer, A; Co. 83 

JI.iyi-s C."E. 5t S. C. Wiinfl'SPear} 
lUvfs K. * Son. :>:? Ptiirf 
Mc.'ftt U.-,x.«. A Co. t! tc- VI Pe-ri 
il.ii.lirsim F. W. X- C. <".' Milk 
ilLJirv .John S Co. Icf PeurJ 
?f-Tiry.| J. .« P>>tir! 
Heiin- S. G. .V Co. ■» Pear? 
M.-iirv,vt Daniels. riiPtar! 
Herrick Charles * Co. 4t ItmoTer 

frr.-.>y c;iu-i) w. no iri-h 

5 ' Jt-^-^^Co. I:.'?<umuvev 
H'll.roho .!c I'o. M.purJ 

i;iii .t Ku«v. rr ivarr 

Uitclvcock John A JXiviJ ^X. 66 

nitebiMjr-»C. 9. -(8 I£an»>T,r 
Huhart. \V,„,c3. A-Co. s" p^a-I»uu,. Mark.. .^C...r;.> Pear} 
io brook A. .V Co. .'-V Pearl 
H.'KSr.^.k, IIol«irt. * Porter, E3 

JJolton Fnurerick * Co. (Vart 
H-M'km.*. \Vmo<5, .fc Co. 5 'Varl 
l|o.l,,er A n-i„eh B,-..?.. 47 t e,Iora] 
. ..ii!.>!iton .<: An.e.s.ia/Pe.,rl 

iloM-'ituii .(L- [iitley. Ii's Sun\n>eT 
{owant {>i„ie!,.'r IVurl 

..we-r..l.., Co .iP,.rt 
} -wo. Thayer. X- Co., -.^\nilt 
il-vt \\l,eek.r. .t Ura.Hey. Jit) 

P' iirl 
l|ur,i,,hr»;-v Rrr..... ?:: Peart 
«<;n.f A. >,'. XCo. :,- Pearl 
JH^Vr. Cux. .<. KILIUTCX, 23 

Hiiiit Kavi.l.'.i P.irl 
""lit K. A. f'4 p.irf 
jjiinr. .^„.o ,i„.*Co. I-.V Pf^nrl 
Jnr.t.v K,,.., H. -'mu/j-f I e.fero} 
lra<!,_.nsClu!.-le. S.-I■^i (.inner 
•iU!>,n..v riou<l:.r.j..,:.-, \\m\ 
"^'.<'. IIulehiii.on..*Co. TGaiiJ 78 

l/'>'.iij..t Sous ■■) Pear! 

\ V ■!> i-. i. ; P.arl 

■i-^r.u c. f;. ^^ ij,,_ Cbrou-nns) 

J-M,,on. K-e!Iey.,V Co. Li P, art 
J-'.ii*.wi, \V.v.,!..%:K„,r. < Pejr) 
|"o. Pre,!, ri k->tC,.. ^^'P■,rl 
J-i.-^ N.hiiii. .t Co. .-.7 i-. jr! 
^•:;f.rl{ro..7.-. Pearl 

^' ^> I .V I Pearl St. Hu.ise 
^•■'^' M. I..-:lV:,rl 

K-o'.«li J. It. .vCo. jKTP.url 

'-■ 'Mil 4 V.,,1 %\»)rhi». 7; Peurt 

Kinr J.B. r:'HVarl 
Kiii-nian F. x F. i.T irnnm'er 

Kni.-i,t Mm... ;» M .no,er 
• Km,. wit.. n V- l,.;Mie-, J, Pe:ArI 
I-».M X. K. 4s Kauowr 
J.:/THa<ter «•(,!.. H. fj;' Peart 
I.nne.^.iiKiMs.v Sons [Is Pear? 
T><,| \V . II. fl) .Marshall 
Leo lip.S. K. Ili,..h 
F^.- r. \r. -I iii.'K 
T-.v.N G.o. .J. in lfi;rh 
/.>.':.'ni S,,n,,;Per.T> 
F--r r.J. II. ]-l Peart 

^-tu,\,j. n. jr. r-rvart 

I..-v.-t.^O.,f. l-x .Sunnier 
LneNU-y & C.(t.l>s. I- Federal 
I.itchouni iiruf. IS IJanover 
Lifrletield E. W. A G. W. V,\ SDJ 

I.'vrhi 7 .<: RovnoK"!'.^ 2 Ri^h 
Lorin-. Seart..tCo.7.sPear? 
-irnhirrK^t Hurler, .••?•. IVart 
>F.n!n.Peal.s.'«[ Co. U>7 Peart 
Mami P.»v,verr<.X Sawyer lT Fed! 
Slann FlbnoL-e .vc Son. Ii«: Peurf 
Mmn ii Braekett, .JIH Pe-.vrl 
-"^firtiii A. P. V Co. ;»/Miij; 
-'^rart;!) Geo. 15. A Brvant, l.VPeap] 
^raitine/ F. P. I.-,I PVart 
-MawhiAuey H. 11. * Co. 3! Pei/i-l 
>rayl:vw- A. C. .'c Co. .^,• Peart 
Vavht w i Braiiliaio. ;i'./ Pearl 
Afe'.,e-vrG.F.;r, Peart 
3/elen(iy. De.xter, & Co. 105 Dev- 
-■Meiinu'j. ni.TOn.A Co. IiTiJEk'von- 

:^rerri.ain E. P. A: Co. a> Pe;:r) 
-Aren-iek V/. T7. 2;,; Cohrress 
3ferrin .c LxirtKr, .■;.; F. II s.-jx^ars 
Merr/ri .x: ('one, lii Ilanovfr 
-IJoore Beoj. F. 124 Peart 
^Jorrcn >'. >s- Cf,. +s HaooTer 
:-li-..,'i7e F. 5c A. ^: Co. 1" dish 
Main:, E.lson .<: Co. JS- Peart 
Mi>n}.ch X- I)iek<o-fl, IL'S Surimci- 
Aash. t reneh, ,^t Co. 4J/Peari 
Na-hJ. L. v'Peurl 
Xi>h M X G. T. .-1 Peart 
^■l<h S. W. X E. 411 Pea>-> 
yv]<fm .(. S-. X- Co. >.7 Peart 
^ev.-^■«>lnb .v Co. -l-'. BroviincU 
>.ewhaH A. C..1:' Peart 
^■ewhnlI H. M. A Co. T-v Suiy.mcr 
iNewhall H. xCo. .TMIish 
I^evvton X IfarSt.ll-f Pearl 
Xiehols X Fari.nvorrh, <:; Flanov.*?- 
ITiirh.-f--. "^Vinn, X Co. -):; Hi^jh 
-Vou-ell !). S.4~s Hanover 
Noweli T. ,< ,-t Co. -.7 >mk 
Note L.'wi..* W.,"> Pearl 
<>-C,.nnel!.T.>hu,L':; Pear?- 
f^liver .•<.•• plien, jr. t:.-t PtarJ 
Orne .«c .Mernit, .:7 Hanovsr 
C/rr X Sear?-. 4.1 IIuM-ver 
Oti-^ Ge.,. II. ;i-i Peart 
Packard .7. A. X- 1). [f. > irarsover 
P.iekard >r. P.. X Co. .;> Hanover 
T-'i-e x- \roran. f l_' Pearl 
I'ark'-r (.has. F. x Co. .••>&2(>Hi-Eh 
Parker I>avi,! .^t Co. ;7? Peart 
P.rker.-. E. I .'■_' I'eart 
Pir-^on,.; C. S. A Son.s. 55 Pear] 
Pecker G. lp;Pe.rl 
Pvrry .5. X: C... :' I'eart St. House- 
Perre W. (i. Tu fVart 
P!iiirv[).< E. p. ,<i Co. :'4 Pearl 
I nilMi^ Wai. H.&Co.;.:; P-art 
Pik.-.J. 1). xCo.(;t>anc>i;j Peurt 
Pol in, f Benj. X- Sons, H ISunovtr 
Poi>. l.a l\ 77 Pearl 
Porfer F. E.XrCo. ?.'(llV-irt 
P.. ter X Packard. -.IS H.nio-/vy 
I^'tter ,< xCo. >7 Pearl 
Fotier. \V:.i?e. ,^t P.aviev. .S Vcar'i 
Prav 'nio.iias (V. \!4' 
Prentis. llenrv. Is HaiioVi^r 
Pj.T-ron .T Blake, «< lloiovep 
Presfon .C .>^tet-...n, IH IV' ir? 
Pn-.'tor.J<4\n lM. !.>I5.n(,Ter 
r"lltl.-:l!i> I. H..t U'lieeler. IK Pwr? 
I'litoaii, ^V. K. .vC.». '..-_• IVart 
Ui.i e' John,C>IJ.,i>..ver 
llad.yiii C. E. .tCo. .>:.' IVuri 
Kaddii) r. I-j Peart 
Kawsot, i>. G..^'Co.7l>1\':u) 
K-O.firkr. S. 7^ lYart 
iUn-d laaac. 4slianovvr 
K-edJ..M"ahxCo Iim; Pear] 
K.yrroid..^ O. Pj{ Part 
Uhodes. P,,i-c, ,<■ Co.,-,j p^>,u-J T. ^r .V. P. art 
Pic.t llu felon ...•.■-, ivart 
l: !ianl< V. S. .t 1... :>: Pear) 
l;i'h .rd.',.,n. Kiii-i.j. * i'mU-dy. i 

Ki-iiiii;. Tho!i>i.s-.n, .t Co. l-J) and 

Ho!,i>,'n* .\'.'li. ir, HL-H 
K.,-en-to,k. IViee, .«: (\<. i!'7Pear) 
l{o>eiulial, Feder, -t Co. 7.-. Purl 

Rtuldoek Tliomai .5. sn Pe-irl 
.•^ander-i A. .V. .t Co. jT 1',-..t\ 
!^utlderd .M. .M. (;:i Pearl 
f^aunder* Brother* Co. 1--4 Pecfl 
Savf Li Samuel X Son, 4^ Hun,-.,- 
.lawyer,/. M..:; HanoTcr 
>elmiertz W. E .v Co. !i/S Prarl 
Shaw S. X .Sin.'.i.-. Pearl 
Shaw TlMrna^ .V Co. -1 Peart 
Shaw \V. A. :•■{ Pearl 
Sfllar? M. .V Geor^f. 4X Flanover 
Sloan M. B.XCo. 4^ Hanover 
SIncoi.ii, .7. \V. X- Son. L'-. Peart 
Smith Adoniratn, n-> Huiover 
Smith. Biickett, -t Co. .54 Pearl 
Smith C'A:ir]oi,-iH Hanover 
Smith X .McIntvre.L'f Com-l.rnanf. . 
Sop.tlv Shore Boot and Shoe Co .r 

Southwiok C. T. 4.S Hanover 
Sparhawk S. 77 Pearl 
Sparrow li. V.J Pearl St Hou=e 
^'Vi^'iian B. F. X Co 4'! P, arl 
Sprai^'Me.*: .MoK'av. .M-Peurl 
Stfele.John. ;,v.. p,..jrl 
Stern Poui^ X Bros, [-jo Summer 
Steven? Wm. jr. is Hanover 
SticRney C. .V; Co. Ivo Sun.iner 
Stone Albert, .'!;{ Ilii^h 
Stone S. B. X Cn. v.' Pearl 
Stowe. Bills. X Whitnev. r,< Pea- 
StrMi- E. A. .1 Burt. ;.;. pvart 
.Studley X Turner, ^^ Ifancver 
Swan .7. X Co. .vH Peur) 
SAnither? C. G. T. -ts Hanover 
SwertL. G. X- Co. VoMir< 
Tap4e.v Amos P. & Co. >4 Milk 
Temple H. 14-5 Pearl 
Tetuiey, A/dMch. .sr C-i. •"! PearJ 
Tenner X- Co. :;o', Pari 
ThaxterS. B.^.; Peart 
Thsy^r K. H. .yi Cainhrids* 
ThaverK. L. ;«IVt;rl 
Thaver F. A. X H. B. 43 Hanovey 
Iha\er(_ni>, :<) Pearl 
Thayer X Brother. :'4 Peart 
Thins X' .Vorri-s. '.7 and Z:f Peart 
Thomas J. (s:hik<Ten'3 shoes;, I". 

Thurston Charles W. i-2S Samrrti 
Torrev .\. .y Co. /■_>:"! Pearl" 
Torrey C. A. >;.> Peart 
Torrev C. W. (il Har.over 
Torroy .Ju'sies .v Co. 7 7 Pear) 
Torrey* Gurnev.4.s Jianc^-^r 
Travj.? E'. P 4-'- Hanover 
TrescottE. iD Federa! 
Tucker E. X Son. ?) Peart 
Tucke-r James X Co. 1;;; PoarJ 
llmlerwivid Sons X Fi5her.i'-> Pear! 
barney Widiam 11. PJ:i Peart 
Vaiich.m G-. 1>. X Co. 3i!4 Sut7ime j 
Vaughn .7oseph X Co. P's Suinnie.- 
Vtn>nj: A. -i-i HriioTtr 
Vjulcott E. X Xiehols. 124 Sumn:x!r J-ohn P. 44 Hanorer 
Wales. E>v,mons„ ic Co. ?rubb>fr> 

i7? Pearl 
TV-ales Geo. 4HILinoT8r 
^Valker J .hn H. -}v IfanoTer 
Walker , I. X Co. .>; Peart 
Walker S. .% tVy. 1 1;>- Snn.-mer 
Walker. Short. U Co. V.> IV-rt 
Wai^acv VV. X.7. 41 and 4; Pearl 
TVaBaee .t >?acomber. I!.' IVari 
WaUois X- Wil..^n, 4,s Ikin.A-er 
Ward Charles H. ln Pear^ 
Ware P. jr. X- Co. li>.< I\-aid 
Wurren C. C. T'.l Pearl 
Warrer> l}ora>.'e S. ii> Pear; 
Wurren .> .l\n L). X Co. iit Pear? 
■^^Vl).->ter CL>a^ \V. ii (N>. -4 P-ari 
Wenjvxorth G- B. l'! IVarl 
Wheeler FrvdvrH' I-. .>c Co. X> Pearl 
Wlieolor \V. II. '.v.Wlk 
WhicherJ. I). X Co. l.:> Peart 
Whitcotnb* Pahie, .'7 Uarover 
Wl,Vt^,H>n>b X Thaver. J.', Peari 
Wl'dt- Brothers. 4^ Haaover 
Whi:e (\>. Ji i'eart 
WluW Waller, ;.M'. art 
Whitin- L. 147 IV.,rl 
Wliitnvm, V/hitcrMiib. x Co. 121 

V;i:itnev C. B. 2 ami ti His^h 
Whitnev F. 122 Smmixr 
'VVilkiii>.J. H..'2 Pearl 
Winch W.J. 77 Peart 
VSIse E. X C. 102 Peari 
W..o<J E. Ci. 4.S llan.wor 
Woodniati.h.Un I.. 4n Hjnr.ver 
Wo.>ld,^.d■.'e.>. XCo. V, IV.rl 
Wooi-lred-' .>v Bart!ett,C> 

K«M>ts :iu«i Shoe*, ^/^;■.'u./.^ 

Allei, Win. ii.:4 t :,inlel,,_e 
Allen SVm. \V. x Son, '.J Faneuii 

Hall -e,| 
Appleto,, (has. T. P. r.7 I.everett 
.•\i«.H.,'i X- ^e..;T. .'.•■4 W;usn;ni:ton 

i»A Kr!u;i.ui:u X i.Kvc oi.x'. 

-*■' ■:■; Fanend Hdl ,0. -i .i Xurti". 
ButU Jl,1u>, .>;;< Wu^lun-t.'H 

Gas Pipes \V.v-;;.-iV Meters 

K.. H<»I. I.I.N <;.ScV: CO., Oby touii. 



Baxter T. T., Comni'l, near Dor- 

.•lu-stcravc, w(l. I<; 
P..11 Tli.'o. H. 1-.; \V";i!!hlnk'ton 
]!. iKiri lo-i,.|,'i.4I.'. \V;i>h"niL't.>n 

n,«u-i-!i N. 4 i.i In an<iifs') \[. I.ilH \V:i-li. 
BitutrG.'O. M. lirl II mover 
Brown J. K. Hi ; W:i-iiiini.'toa 
Biji'ttnor I.. r.>s \V;i>h. 
Hur-'i-- K. .M. -;i I'l-Ms-uit 
(■iirK-t'>n Koli.-rt II. !;'•; M:inf)vtT .\.il..Tt II ■■■> Milk 
Colt. urn II. 4'l M. roluints row 
C'nlriv II. C. •■■! Liventt 
Conn.ll K. li') jhiuvimit ave. 

Corti:.'-u' .<; Shiirtl.ff. iM-'. Meridian 
CostMie X. T. :i.-, \',.:h-U 
Cotter Tiiii.itln. l.-.r I-'eaeni' 
Croeker.I..^. Jos (' ,m'I. .1- 1 Lewis 
Cronin W. .T. :I Til--to„ 
Cuuiin.-k> v' Mi>', I'l.'.s .Merrimac I.'':, 1'.. iMs \V;i>li. 
l):llt,>.. J. H. !C !;r .n.lAav 
Dixon s !.'! A- --,!-., ].-,:. Court 
Donne. I. C. J"! Ihuiover 
Dole Ciiarlod E. -iT-j. lliinover 
J)()XKGAN W. Ill,-, North 

J Hire John P. 0.-, Reach 
Dver J. & V. S.'.i [{rorulwav 
E^lnev (ie... P. 14f' Cainh'ridffe 
F.l.!ri<"lse v.. \). & Co. l'm.". Hanover 
P-nL'li>h Wii;iani. il Kneebnd 
Fandel ISros. ]-j;i W. Ciinton 
Feinier Chas. F. I>:i.i Wash. 
Fennt-r Wm. B. l.>:! Washington 
Field F. H. *; Mavt..riek >o. KiB. 
Fiilohrowu Wjili ,ni, V'A Court 
Fisk A. J. i;l''» C.-tiinierci-^I 
Fianasan James. Jl'4 !'.'n;tli 
Fliuiders A. .M. <7..7 -IViMnont 
Folsom F. 1<;: WasliiiuTon 
Ford 1). K. Jt-- Conrr 
Frifsf Will. 1141' 'I'reniont 
Fuller J .liii E. :'. Whithrop block. 
Fuller R. A. in F.liot 
Gleasou L. P. ir l-ssex 
Gohlthwait I). F. i>i". Washineton 
(Joodwm R.ut.en, VW) Meridian 
Graliaui M. H. .>;i W;,shington 
(;niham x Co. 4 Water 
Green Johiu-^^S Broadway 
Ilarniou Frank A. olo Dorch. ave. 
Hiirri.-. Joseph. 41 Esse.X 
II;i>ki!i Theodore. V)2 Dover 
Datlu w-:'.y F. E., Merch. row, cor. 

Ileeliiucer Alex, ^^i^^^ i5roidway 
Heileman Wrn. Vi:> Canibriil.'e 
Hill M. 'r. &Co. lot; Merrini le 
Ilobirt Jo,iuh A' Co. ;M7 Wash. 
Hohbi P.n.s. jij Wasli. 
llolton Lemuel. Tn Court 
Hoitoti ."^annul S. lI-'ilLnover 
Hook Aaron. '.'."^ U mover 
Hovcv A. E.L'.' Elm 
Movt W. A. IIM Court 
Jenk.s H. W. A- Co. liKi Court 
Je^-ser Franeis J.M"4 Wash. 
lu-alLs G. W. !,;.'<- I(;4 Court 
Keuip R..In.Tt H. rttj .t r:i4 Wash. 
Ke'npto. .<; Turner l-.CCurt 
Knot' 11,4 1 lirr.Mitield d:idies) 
La'nkin (inv, In ! reniont row 
L. arinrd W. H. 1;. M .r,ha!l 
Ltt Tiiomas i Co. .'>i>.') Broad wav 
Leonard S. \V.. .Adauis, near Au- 

ourn, ward lU 
Limoli, P. s Broadwav 
Lit-li!;. Id .<: Howe. l.s:;i Wash. 
M.iun n. .M. II.-. Hanover [row Son. HTreniont 
■M^-.VidleJ.';;-; IJnr.dwiv 
M.-Carthy Put. iek. 'l ClielM-a.E.B. 
>«:G:-,ith IX A..-,l liroiiilield 
•M'-Keunev .Vliiolo,-.' II imilton pi. 
■Mel.ean .Vrc!u!.aM.s4 Merninac 
Me.L,-aii K.^L.t Co., irwav.cor. D 
M.Leau.t Co. ■_.-, Es,, Y " 





l\ ■M 

Sr ho 



1 r t 


.: .1 

1, 1 '' 

1 Wa 




:. .1 


1 A. 

i;'f u 




•■ ( 1 

H. •-•■ 

\It ri 





< !' 


.\. 1,' 

(,". \V. 



■■• 'J 

1 In 


(i. ir 

;. \\ 


■X .1 

s H. 

r —; ■ 






y 1 


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•tt .V 

( "i 

'. ITo 




in r 

... v 


OW 1 

-■_' Co 


i;i - 

■ Oil. 


■js c 







Im W. .-( 








C. .■^ C. K. 


; I 



i J. 


, Ch 





v.. ^.r-nnS.L. :•.;:• Hanover 

':' T H. IJ. .V (V,. ^,; Kssex 
„ "''■';' I homa^.jsr ijioail 
«^/e Eh.j, U..V! North Market 
»■'* i-erh. B. .^Co. JoGuil.l ro 

Parker Wrn, J. .".'i; Hanover 
Pearson Geo. E. 14L' Hanover 
Pea son W. H. & Co. Jl and liS 

Temple pi. 
Pevear C. 15. l^-il Wns-hin -ton 
Pevear James M ,<;Co. ;;)o \\\,sh. 
Power A White. J.;;, I(r u'iN^ay 
Pi-eon E. T. nr Meridi in 
Prav John b . fc -ons, \nj Wa>h. 
Re-d Gnstav.Ls S. ■-< Federal 
Ro<.'an John 1!. 4J Ks.e.x 
Richardson F.CL.v Co. Ird7 Wash. 
Rogers J(diii II. I and.iTremont 
Rowe IJ. S. ><i Co. i.s md ■:! E,sex 
Russell Lawrence. 1'.*.) Broadway 
Rvder J. A; Co. 1 !:> Cmirt 
Sciiaver Bros. 4:! Com/ress 
Sinn;,tt Wm.HJ Merrimac 
South worth Chas. -Jl.i Hanover 
Stanitord \- Co. l".'S Broadwav 
Stetson (ieo. II. 1.-.S Ihmoeef 
Stoddard Wm. H. I;««J Wash. 
Stewart R W. P.Ts Tremont 
Stratfou Chas. .s.-) Leverett 
Sulivun Bros. 47.S Broadway 
Tiia\er E. H. .^o Camiiridse 
Tophani J. 14'.i Broadway^ 
Tucker F. I), lili Boyl ton 
Turner Chas. A. 'iiji Hanover 
Turner (ieo. E. .t Co. ;;j Essex 
Tuttle H. H. & Co. -JM and 2(il 

Twomhiy Jusuih F., Washington. 

near River, ward hJ 
Tvler Asa, :ii) Tremont (gents 

^'an Kurau Cornelius, .Vi? Trem't 
Vinin- D. W. (ladies' boots), -JO 

■Wallace J. iX Essex 
Waters Ahram, 77 Meridian 
Wan-h W. W. 1771 Wash. 
Weht-r Andrew. l:;(>i Tremont 
Weiler.L lO'.il Tremont 
Wendermutli EriKst R., Wash., n. 

Dorch. ave., wd. K! 
Whitius S. C. ic Co. 1.>S Court 
Whittredije & Bro. .sii7 Wash. 
AV'hittrediie.T. J. :;:";.s Federal 
Wisweli I). ^V. ii2_' Hanover 
Woodward James, li'^-j Tremont 

ISoot uiiil S])oe ISiic-kles 

"U r TT F I! Fl E L D W M. & 
•^ >V(:)H|>.MAN, 45 Uieh ^see 
paije 7iiJ) 

Koot siikI Shoe <'able 
Screw ."^lafhijie*. 

"DU T T E K F I E L I) ^VM. & 
■^ AVOO D.MAX, 4.3 Hi-h Csee 
page 7oj) 

Boot imd Slioe Cable 

"DU T T E R F r E L D W >L & 
■L> WO(H).\LVN, 4.5 High (see 

ISoot and Shoe I>les and 

Blanchnrd & Lavers, I'lj Pearl and 

4(! Alhmv 
-D W^>01 J.MAN, 4.5 HiL'h csee 

j^.\RTF(")'rD T. T. 40 Pearl 

CTEVEXS E. M. CJ Sudbury 

^ I see p-i^'e tv/n 

'J'AVLiJii S. K. .fc CO. 145 South 

'pRIPP. EDDY, i CO. &•_> Milk 

ISoot anil Sh«»e l>rt''s«iei'. 

|).VN-V11V M. y. l<o ivari 

liout and Sh^te Findlns)^* 

AHev J. B. .<; Co. ;s Pearl 
Baxter L. 7 T'nion 
BeleherO. (iieel>)4l Hi-h 
Bovce W. S. i Sons, '] Pearl st. 

Bn'c.l Geo. F. 71 Hi-h 
j^ ROOKS i Yul NG, .58 Pearl 

Brvaut C. J. lo7 Milk 
J^riLEU E. K. 57 lliijh (see 

^ WOODMAN, 4.5 Hi-h (see 

pa-- 7o.>, 
Ciapp !\ !;• V (' ., - 'Pearl 

rM..\i:i::: ai; : \i\ \i .■k co. v> 

^ H,--., -..'- ..-,■ pa. -e ,:•.,, 
^OLIM K\ I.>A.VC -s CO. IV2 

Cra.'n,',''r.'.''J, .t Co. P.I HiLdi 
Da_-_'eit H. L. .V Co. HO Pearl 
Dwyer.<- Barrett, l.'.'.t Summer 
Faxon. Elms,.t Co. 115 Hi.'h 

Fleteher.^: Wnite. 4 Lincoln 
Fliii' a: C! "Mr. h"! Ili-h ( >ol..s, Ac.) 
Fos. .J,,:.,, 1-. V (•.,, .-,s Bl., ketone 
GiL^.n s: W ;i.;er.lsih,nov.riiasts) 
Huitliaseae C. L. .v Sons.:-, Hi-h 
Hieen .V Wri.dit. L't; Pearl 
\ I FXSILVW E. & CO.','.' and 94 
^'^ Milk 

Henshaw I. M. .J.' Pearl 
Holbrook H.J. li'5 >nik 
How Bro.. .<Co 11 iv.irl 
Kittield Henrv.v mmi . 7 Bath 
Mi-rriam .<; Xorton, (machine shoe 

binun.'.i >1 lli.-'i 
Nichols v Farnswi.rth, <►' Hanover 
Patent .Metallic Button Hole Pro- 

r.-cr,,r Co. .v; P,.„rl 
-•• Lie HEEI, Co., B.'; Milk f s-e p. CiO) 
Patent Shoe Slav Co. :u p, arl 
Pelton. Sn.'ll..t' Co. ;;i lli'.'h 
PHILLIPS E. BT IM. 141 Pearl 
-^ (shoe and slipper) 
Phinnev fi I'hilhps, 1.5 HiL'h 
Pope Albert A. & Co. 47 Pearl 

Pratt Jared, 2 Pearl St. House 
Pvand II. C. Jc Co. 45 .Merchant's 

Robertson D. M. 11 Hawkins 

'screw miils) 
P'.SS, PEARCE, &C0. oSand 
^^ t>l .Milk 

Sears Isaac H. 110 Summer 
S'-ars & Warner, ,',", Pearl 
•^ MAX, 4-J Summer (machine 

Siebert F. F. \^ EHot 
Skilton& Dole. 10 Pearl 
^TEVENS E. M. i;2 Sudhury 
'■-' ^see pa^e iJiX)) 
Sweetland C. W. 2 Pearl Street 

'J' AYLOR S. K. & CO. 14.5 South 

TiUson & Co. 104 :\rilk 

Weiler Josei^h, PX'l Tremont 
W.-=t jt Valois, hWT'nion 
Wilson & Merrill. 75 Hi-h 
Young C. H. «: Co. ^l' Pearl 

r&oot and *hoe !!eel and 
Toe Tionn. 


-'-' :« Faneuil Hall square 

]^ ROOKS 3c Y'OUNG, .58 Pearl 

'^ MUk 


-■- Lie HEEL CO.. John B. 

Archer, sec. W Milk (see page 

ISoot Jt Shoe Heelers, 

Crane A. O. 9-5 Kin-ston 
Warner J. W. & Son, 2 Pearl st. 

ISoot and Shoe lleelH. 

Builev Heel Manuf. Co. (wooden 

heels, ,■.-{ Elm 
Crane Rotary Heel Co. 81 Milk 

ISoot an<l Shoe Keeling: 

WOOD.MAN, 4.5 Iliirh (see 
page 702) 

ISoot and Slioe T.,acina: 

Fletcher .ManntactiuinL' Co. S. G. 

Tripne. a-ent. I*.*; Federal 
Intiian .Manuf. Co. .^'.i Franklin 
Jenkins Bro. it Co. .".7 Hii:h 
Pratt Jared, 2 Pearl St. HouSe 

Pratt J. W. & Co. .T,i Pearl (leather) 

ISoot antl Shoe I..inlnKS 

(^MITH EDWIN E. 24 Exchange 

^* 11.5 Summer (see pa::e.V.5; 

ISoot *%: .Shoe Machines. 

Am. .Id Edward, (■.5 H Miov.-r 

Fed. ral 

Bean E. E. 41 High 
Blanehard .-<: Lavers, 2*! Peari 
B-rt H. W.4'. Hi.'li 
]>UooKS & YolNG, .^-1 Pearl 

-'-' WOODMAN, 4o Hi-h (see 

nLARKE 'aRTHT-R * CO. 46 

^' Hi_'h vshoe tools, see page >j'M) 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, C "^V",':'.;^;;,',;;.^ 

If S, »Vr.. :HH» M'aHhlniftua 
11. H01.I.l.\«iS 4.1: CO. 





/i/.of V >■'"'>' yfrrrhiii.:' — rnnHnufil. 
'- .«nrnr.,.-r 
r. '.. :m in-. U.2 liutll 

1 I VWKINS O. C. -' Buth 

Jliwki'K I.. J). .<- Co. 1:.'4 Congress 

J(..w,- J.rvi-. t.-. Ili.-h 

51. Kny 1|. .-iiii.- Macliine Asiocia- 

tl.'Tl.'.J I'till.Tl-'S 

ll.t. n—ii 1». .■•.'.•tir. 12 r.iith 
.•>.i:)-..r.l.J. A. M Ili'-'h 
S,-.-- tit.t — Pli r. 7>; Sii.lhnrv 
^il\KN^ K. M. *!-' Sudbury 

n\\vV.<>U :^. K. i CO. 145 South 

fJMtli'r. KDDY, & CO. '.).> Milk 

W)!itt. ninre David, ll".' and 1-1) 

ISoot t5L' Shoe ^Innurn) 

Am. S'Hndnrd 1 lax Spinning Co. 

VA F.-Ural 
■Dl'l I.l.ll E. K. 57 Ilish (see 


^ Summer 

HiivtMi .<t Wriciit, W Pc-irl 

I I A^ DKN' \: BALCOM, 1 Pearl 

■*-*• Str.rt HnllS.- 

I?.-n-^b:,w- fMwnrd .t Co. 92 Milk 
ll.-n.<lniw I. M.r;j P.jirl 

I I () P K I X S GEO K G E J. IIG 
-•-^ IV-irl 

Pfltoii. Siitll, * Co. .-n lli-h 
l^lu->r.ani'Jre ,% Kimball, '.'7 Pearl 
■Walker S. .>s E. Cunton (nianuf.) 

Boot <V' Shoe r*:»tterns. 

Dauyn M. W. 8t; Hi<jh 
rr AKTIOKD [ HOS. T. 40 Pearl 
^^ (See p:ii?tM;'.>.5) 
Sliorev ,<: Co. 10.-, I'earl 
Silv.-st.T X. ry, Pearl 
WHITE AVM. B. 114 Ili-hCsee 
** p-'-enin 
"WhitU-more E. W. 110 IIi?h 

JSoot and Shoe It'vets. 

(S^:{r' Fa.<«i;niyi'j.) 

■RU T T E R F T E I. D AV M. & 
^, WOODMAX, 45 niah.(soe 

Boot j!»m1 Shoe Sewiiifc 

■Rr T T K H F I E L 1) W M. Si 
-" WOODMAN. 45 lli-h (see 
page 70L') 

Boot and Shoe Shank 

Wat.-on J. M. * Co. tW' nnd ('..' Pearl 

Boot »*' Shoe Thi'ea«l 

"l^OS^, PEAllCE. it CO. 5S and 00 
•*•*- Milk 

Boot and Shoe TlJ^s. 

American Shoe Tip Co. 5>'> Pearl 
B<»ot and Shoe XooW. 


^ IliL'h (See page O'.i.S) 

Boot ti: Shoe Varnish. 


Boot Buttonert«. 

PARR M \V. .t CO. (Goldth- 
^ W!ute-s)';s Water 

Boot Tounter ::«rakerH. 

Cu.shinf? R. .T. ]„s IVnrl 
Faunee W. T. -JiH Exclian^e 

Boot C'l-IniperM. 

HalfT JererrUi',. IhS liIuek,.^»onfi 
Mah..iiev Jer.niinh .1. U Cou-res3 
Staal) Chas. .H Ihiwiey 

Boot C'rlnip. ^lachlnen. 

I^KOOKS Si YOING, .v> IVarl 

I5oi>t Fitter*. 

Parrow W-r, I.-^i<.ver 
Katriinl. r Hro'^. Is It. dlunl 
Keil.v llir:!!., H. 1 -. MMr-huil 
•Mirr-.v K. W. ^; Sudl.urv 

Vr,, ',,r.T '■. Su,!ln:rv " 

-•.■.. .--. r,t.-i,-k, lo.; Uluek-tone 
'■ !t,r-.n.l..l,n..-.4 M.iwlev 
\Ne,t <: \-M,.,<. loj l-„i,.u ■ 

Boot WehhitiiT- 

}^J,**;^-^..1;FAUCE, iCO. M and 

to .\Iiik. 

Boot «tr Shoe >lakcr»*. 

Ab.-l Arwirew,.;!.-, Tliird 
Ack.T An.lrew. ;'-r. Foortll 
Adun- .!..>,.ph K.7 Pinekney 
Aiiler.r 1,11.4 l',e,,n.-t 
Allen M. E. •.':» Meridian 
Anderson H. .M. I.-, ll.iwley 
Arnold Sninuel V. (_' Elm 
AtA-ood ,<• Seott. .'XU Wa.-ihington 
Bai' II'.' I'hii-;rint 
Barker .lames, isi E^s.'x 
Barntio.). II. :.'■_' Ciuiard 
Burllioln.e/ Geo. & V. Schayer, 7 

Patci .\sa, as Broadway 
Bean .lohn, .".'.I Merchant's row 
Beatv W. L. .'U) Chirk 
Bi^elow Eiisha C. Ki.i Meridian 
Bhniev Danid. .^> Chiekstone 
Bodenbrown "Wm. & Co. S' .Milk 
Bodwell X. (huiie^^i 4 Lineoln 
Brown Benj. >■•_' Meridian, E.R. 
Brown James B, Orle-in-;, c. Havre 
Brown Thou, as, li^ Fifth 
Bnckinister Wni. I',i Clark 
Buettner L. fHs Wn^h. 
Burehurd Thomas .V. r.r,-> Dorch. 
B'lrc'hart Anton, River, near Blue 

hill avenue 
Enrke i:,.t>ert, .^0 Prinoe 
Burke Wm. 4 Havre. E.B. 
Burns AVm. .1. 7i', (^ross 
Bush P. W. tdO Washin<rton 
Campbell Svlvanus. •.'70 Meridian 
Cannavan Thomn'^. l-_'2 Havre 
Cannon M. Hr. i:ndieotr 
Cannon Peter, .^1 Causeway 
Carev Matthew, lli> Xorthampon 
Carlisle James. 14 r:u-ve 
Cavaniiffh C. J. -4»; North 
Chambers J. G. lo;) Fnierson 
Child? Joseph: M Sumner, E.B. 
Clearv Wm. hS Newti.n pi. 
Cliff Jo-;eph,i:il Fourth 
Coan W. A. .w .Maveriek sq. 
Coburn James F. 174 Hanover 
Commin Andrew, 'Jl .Averv 

and 111 W. Rrookline 
Connellv F. 147 Fi-hth 
Connelly Michael, rear 2*5 Cherry, 

ward 14 
^ School 

Converse B. M. 213 Broadway 
Cook Henrv, 74 Friend Cha's. C. ."S Central sq. 
Cotter J-ime?.;t2C 
Cosie Michael. 21.«t Sumner E. B. 
Cronin Daniel, lli:! Fourth 
Dadman J. 2.!.', T'nion Park st. 
Dailey J.nnes,^';*;" Broad 
I'avis William, 2l''.i Hanover 
Deacv Tiniothv, 4 Stoddard 
De La Roi H. 1). ■J4 Carver 
Desmond J. 444 Commercial 
Devlin J.. Bedford, cor. Kingston 
Dohertv Patrick, V.'!! Prince 
Dolun .John, 1442 Tremont 
Dolaii Michael, 24 Hampshire 
Dolun Patnek,25 Avcrv 
Donnelly Wm. l'4 Grove 
Donoluie Wm. id Prince 
Doolev James, r.T Faneuil H,dl sq. 
Dorcev James. eor. East 
Dore i'alrick. 7;) Chambers 
Durham F. (r. 22\ F.xchan;;e 
rocker Andrew, .';;". Fourth 
Ecker Leopold, lid D 
Eckcrt V. 1.'. Lincoln 
E-'an Xicholas. tl Cottage pi. 
Elliott Wm. H. .■;.'7 Beneington 
En -el Peter. 7 Hotel Pelhaul 
ErickMm J. IV, Fleet 
Evans Wm. 11 ^Linjuouth 
Fan.lel .M ,<: T. 127 vv. Canton 
Fenton Thomas, .si C 
Fe!':.'usou .Mex.:;s Kingston 
Finn Cornelius l':4 lOssex 
Flana^.au James, l'J4 Fourth 
Folev J,.hn,:;4 Border 
FoleV Tliomas, M Swan 
Eraser Joim. 174.". Wa-himrton 
Freeman Tlionias F. 5-^ Clsar- 

Gabei Henrv. 10 Ytoman 
(iauderer '(',.. Park, near the 

Depot, ward it! 
Geit. Jacob. Stoughton, near Ilud- 

s<in. ward \>'> 
Gi ivin John. Neponset ave. near 

Tavlor, war.l hi 
Crl.-ason M. J., rear 240 Hanover 
GUnnon 1". s' llanirwliire 
Goimau Peter, i/""^i Wa.-.l'.in--ton 
( ,« Co. 4 Water 
(JreeiiI.erLr H. Ld Fourth 
(uitfiu Thos..-,.' Liverpool, E.B. 
(.roves Joh.n. Isil Dorchester uve. 
(luuning E. C. '.'.". So.lhury 
Guthrie John, 4i;4 Harrison ave. 
Gutermutli Henry. I Berkeley 

Wuin'in C. W. .-^IC North 

Hall A. .M. V> f;arden 

Hall S. P. 24 .Mvrtle 

Hamilton P. ^.2 Cross 

Haiirahan M. 2n I 

Harper Wm. E. 21'! Commercial 

Hart Karan. Dorchester ave., cor. 

Ilauser .M.. Drap. r's Court, wd. hi 
Havilen Arthur T,. '4 (ireen 
llavdiT, T. J..".;, Sudburv 
Haves Wm. l.';7 ",..., -h 
lleimes-ev J. :;7:'. Fe.|eral 
Henrv Wm. C. Id Cah-t 
Hes7;"AmlreW, ;U H,wlev 
Hitr-ins Timothv.iXi I'itts 
Hineliev P.J. LO Charles 
Ilirsch .Alayer, 52.V Pleas mt 
HIrsche MMiriee."2tl' Exchange 
Hitchin!?s Wm. L". Temple pi. 
Ilock (!,ihriel,74 Green 
H.ick Joseph, •J.-.o', Fifth 
H..lderried Jacob. )-l Dorcb.esfer 
Ilohman J-hn. Isl4 Washington 
Holman J. S. Ids Federal 
llnwe F:dward, 442 Coimiieriial 
Hunter N. C. 2l X. Ru-sed 
Hurlev Jeremiah,. •:.;4 Federal 
Hurley .John, :";:";.s Federal 
Hurley .M., Nepon-et ave. -w'dli 
Jsinher- L. l'.' Sal-m 
Jenkins Wm. II O.ik pi. 
Jesser F. J. s04 Wushi niton 
Johnson Wm. T., Wash, near 

River, ward 10 
Jnd.'e Bernard. I'W Tremon 
Karcher C. .544 Dorch. ave. 
Karns M.-V, Harvard 
Kelley Thos. Commercial, Wd 1« 
Kinu Henry a., Adams, near Mil- 
ton line 
Kinlin Timothy B., Fliot square 
Kirehsesner .Martin, '.'■' Car'.'er 
Knauber F'rederiek. 7s7 Tremont 
Knott R. 4'". Bromrield Hadie.-^) 
Knbasrh IL "Joi Harrison ave. 
Lacount T. M Anderson 
Lahm Daniel, 1140 Washington 
Lnllv Patrick, IS Fusris 
Landin Adnni. I'o Dudlav- 
Lan-e'der Rerni. .S.j*' Broadway 
Laui'^'an James. 5o South 
Lanau'cn John, Albany, cor. B'way 
Lary Richard, Xeiioliset aveuue 

near .Minot 
Leonard Edward, 1.^4 E 
Leavitt T. OlS Dorc hester ave. 
Leear Henrv, H;7s Washin-jrton 
Leussler J. E. V)i Biackstone 
Levi S. l.V, I.everett 
Lichter M. 470 Tremont 
Liuahan James, "^d Bennin<:ton 
Lutz J. J. 10 Adan.s 
I,ynoh P( ter. \S2 Endicott 
I/vnch Tbcmias. ]'<7 Wa'-renton 
LVous William,].". Wharf 
?,Ia!:rrath Bros. M Bn.mtield 
Mahonev Wm. lf.S4 V.'ashington 
Major Peter, 95 Fifh 
:\Ta'lone Martin. I'.'5 Harrison ave. 
Malone Kobert, IS Beiitnrd 
Manary James. 01 Em.-rsor, 
Marciiant J-hn F. 11 '1 puton 
Marnuand Henrv. .".s Ptineetoa 
.Afarshall Ge,.. V»'. P.*. Fveritt 
Marshall John. 407 H:inover 
Mathews W. A.. Tavh,.r. ward lii 
Malt Xavier, 24 Gr.,tim 
Mavhew Chas. .w F. H. Square 
MeBride John. 2'. Travers 
.McCallam Wm. M. loo Fr.taw 
McCarthv John, itMi Broad 
.McCarthv Pat ick. i^t Prince 
MeCaulev J. -.'7 No'th sii. 
McDavitt John X. 3 Tremont row, 

room "0 
aMcD(.nald Allen. 79 W. Dedham 
McDonald James, Shawinut ave. 

cor. W. Concord 
McDonald Mat. llsO Tremont 
Me(Jillan Th.,s. .302 (.'oiumercial 
.McGrann Thos. R. 75 i;verett 
McGullin Beter, t;.-. Cotta-e 
McKennev Alrmlo.2 H.-milton nl. 
M. Kiei Sl'-DonaM -7 Le.\i,i.inon 
McMahon James,;;- Beverly 
.MeXaliv I), h'.-. Leverett 
.MeXally John. Chelsea, cor. Sara- 

McXausrht Alex. M Gooch 
McXeil J,.mes,i.9 Hampden 
Mcl'iiteb.dl R. 4 Dohertv et. E.B. 
Meeuav F. W. s:! Sudbury 
M-ver.Iai'nb. 3.5 Stathm 
Miller [{ A. 40 Kilbv 
Mittelstadt Wm.oU Carver 
Monroe David B. 24-. Meri<lian 
Mmo'c F. (L 0! 1 Broadway 
M, J. ir.'S Tien.ont 
Mor.-an .M ichael. 4.'.s Hanover 
Slorri-on I'eOr. .o'l Cambridge 
.Mountain K. 5.: Fleet 

Gas Fixtures "« M 

»ui5r:t<'t«irerH' QftQ \Va«.hIiii>:toH T> TT 
I'liee*., OOV iMieel, AV. -ll 



Miirphv .Inhn, "'.r2 JSiimner, E.B. 
Muri'hv Hii'htir.l. v: I'oplar 
Sliirrar Daviil, l"T W,t<!iiiii:ton 
Murniv Jus. H. l;»;i \Vu--.hiiif<toa 
MurraV.I. K. M (.'r"S<: 
Mvcr- Fr,-il.Tick. U: Salem 
N,-,v(-(.n>t> CI. "' Sii.'in 
N..wi(>mbW. .\r. 7 Chan.'o ave. 
NfW<'(inib .^ Co. 4". Hromhcld 
Newman Win. .'.'ki Shawnuit ave. 
NIL'S Chirl.-s, n) II'un|>.l.-n 
NoMpG.-... V.W IlnnoviT 
N.t t!ierJat'i)h. -^r I'lea^aiit 
N....i,an T. 4 l!r,v„l 
N..r-A"Oil C. :».':> Siiinner. F.. B. 
«>'Hrif!i .! Tr.'ir.-nit Kow 
O'Bri.ii M 10 Ilowurrt 
(>!.nwal.l Cert. W. <V.\ Chestnut 
O'li.iin.U B. -JO StiUrMan 
D'O.innoU .Micluul. !N Kndicot 
().'Nclusj.>r A. If, Hruttle 
O'Ktefe.Iohii, I'.i C 
(>"Mara Jaiiu-s. 47- Kins*ton 
O'N.'ll Francis.- >iin r,.iirt st. 
(»'Neil Gtortre. f.: Kii'.'stmi 
<)ppeiih<'iiiu r Juliii-.,.">4 .Mclrose 
Oshorti Curlns U Kmir^ton 
O'Slu-a Tliomas I'sr Hroa.l 
O'SuUivan Daniel. :;'-' Cnm'l 
O'SuUivan .Michael, lul Second 
rarnhley C. Ni Hi.'lHiioiirt 
P.Httcrson Thomas, 1>"> Dorch. ave. 
IVvser Joseph. +•; Caniliridije 
Pitman Jnhn, II Franklin ave. 
Tif.'nan Thomas V. -^ Brattle 
Povtcr I):ivi(l.t;! ' ro-s 
Pn.cticJ. s; Sndhurv 
Prf.ctr.r Win. I'.i Water 
Qniiilan P. li>si) Tr-innnt 
Quinn P. F. r-j:: Wu^hington 
Kiardon T. I."-"! .^Ier^ilaac 
Keid A. B. W Blo-.^nm 
Remmes Bernard 'd I Harrison av. 
RtvTiolds .J. Y. .Oil.") Tremont 
Richardson Jarncs, r. L'Jj Tremont 
Ritter.I(>hn..Vt l.inox 
Robbins I. H. 7 Sp' ins lane 
R'lherts James, jr. ,54 K. Canton 
J^OCUE P. C. 7 Province 

RiH-inev Peter. 15->2 Was 

Roth M. (L^3 Parkier 

Rul)y J. G. S5 West Canton 

Rupert Geo. L.>Mi.i ,Toy 

Schleicher Adam, K. P^. crossing 

Schaver Bros. +"> Congress 
iichaVer V. 7 Milk 
Schickel Charles F. IW Cambridge 
i^cholpp I.ouis, '.V W, Concird 
S'cliwartz Simon, '> Yeoman 
Schworer Williaui, 144 Pvnchon 
Sherhnrne C. H. J) Tremout (rub- 

hcr repairini:) 
Silva .losepn, i'4 Moon 
Silva J. F. 17 Fleet [field 

SMiall Frederick A Son. 5-1 Brom- 
Smith A. .•;i:} Sumner, E.B. 
^nnth J„hn.4L' Fitth 
Siiiirh K. lici Eust'9 
Sujith M. H City Hall avenue 
."riiith Thiima-.'JI ('ouLTess 
^■■uiup p.. I. 1-.4 K'in-st.n 
i^'i'w P. Kidnev..sjl Wash. 
>pii:.iUe.Mieliaei, l-IS r.cverttt 
>pr,,i:ue C. H 1.;.' Leverett 
S:rv,-i:s(,u II. . J. 1«).; Water 
■^trnu.'c Fierce, fW Portland 
>u,:ivan John.4o;; Chel-ea 
>urter Jos,-ph, -;i-; l>„!clieiter 
^'itt..n li.:-.! Leverett 
s*ain S. ,--.» 
• ^>iney .I.tiiu'^, t'.<i Hampden 
l-ickal>erry .1. H. 4't Causeway 
1 .ia\er A. L. ^'ii' HarriMju ave. 
.j" ru.y 1'. pi.4 n;irri>.in ave. 
J •;nnan.Jac,,b, .'r." Fleet 
|-M,,.n,l G. W. |.;s Friend 
'.•■•< .V J. 4 North Ander:,un 
'/".ler.Iaim-s O. 141 Salern 
lr..";'>r James, Ku K. Dover 
^ ' " II. 1'..%: Co. HUM, Ik 
\\j';t Jacob. >il Camhridse 
^; -'-rah . oni.s. S.V! Albany 
^v"''! ! .''srles. .-:r, Harris., nave, 

■ I atru'k, ."->:; Harri.-on ave. 

■ • r I-ru-l..-,: Chiireh 
■'.'-I'-rf J. 1 Market 

i--h:ich Adimi, s Webber 
'■> Jaeiib, Northampton, near 


!' J;'iii,.s. v:-> Ninth 
'-'• ■" !>. 4'-. Can^euav 

<-; ' •hn V. I'l-, i:ii,,"t 

■' 'o_-,. -I \V ,:r,-a 

!- I'e.;r.l, ll.Mieock, COfTier 

••■^ [■h.iTU's'Lr'U North 
W,l|i;,,n,;'S School 
\» , j' I.-*.!> I'orchester ave. 
"•''••■ I'utriok, VeomuM.n.Orch'd 

'.S , . ., 

Worwlworth K. F. •_' Citv Hall ave. 
Worden Charks. UN Harris-m ave. 
Wvman A. C. IJ>< Canibnd-e 
Y.iumi B. 1-J Pleasant 
Yunker G.-o. ;_'l K 

ZrU-k C.opn. •.•-1.-, Ijshth 

Zi.-^'ler FVter, 4! (barl.'S 

ISotanic MetliiliiCA. 

ipUCK L. W. Mra. irf Winter 


noBt'RN, I.aNG, & rn. lOO 

^ Wnreestcr(scepaL'.Mis(l, 
nOMST(JCK, GOVE .<; CO. 00 
^ Canal 

-•■ H.iward AtheiUEum (see pa'.^e 


* CO. !<«> Broad 


i^ India 

ArUNKOE A B Jk. GS Consress 
■^^ (See page tiVJ) 

IJowlins Saloons. 

Brown If. O. Wasji. 
Emerson Abner J. •_' Chapman pL 
Harris* Rollins, ;',7.t Wash. 
Roach Suniuel, M Portland 

Box M aniiractiirers. 

(.sv.r al-o !',,,.u- /;o7v.s.) 
gAIRD J. 16 Bedford (paper) 

Bat<-helder & Pool, 9.3 lliiverhill 
(U'RiTS IIIRA.M. Commercial, 
^ opp. r>inden, ward Itl 
T)RlSKO P. C, Swett, near 
-^ Northamoton 

^ Con-re-s (paper, see pas- iis7) 
T|AKi;iNG'li>N GEOIUrE B. 
-*-*- S P;ttj(paptr, see ja-e <;7:n 
Keith A. W., Livcrpivd. n. Dec itur 
LeiirhtoTi Box Co, r. 51S Ilarr, ave. 

and s't; Water 
AIcNUTT JOHN J., Novelty 
Wood Works, Wareham, cor, 
■^'allien (see pase I'tTO) 
]\JORSE BROS. L'-i Bromfield 

piERCE S. a. L. 415 Dorchester 

■PAND & BLAKE, 17 and 19 


ISox \l^ooa. 

"ROBERTS BROS. G Franklin 
-'■^ ave. 

l5oy»' <'lothinsr. 

^^ 4.') Sninnier 
Hohart J. H. :ry. Wash. 
TJOLLANDl-.R M. T. & CO. "2 

Temple place 
-^'-*- & CO.. sucoe.ssors to Geo. A. 

Feniio, l;) t -Ji Dock siuiure 
Pearson II. A. -J Beac.n 

Kraoket cV: I?«M>k XCack 

rilLMoKE R. S. .t CO. ;.:,aad 

^ ■•;y Wareham 

JACKSON C. A. A: CO. t>3 

" Charl.stown 

r,AMlNG & ORISKO, Swett, n. 

-L' R-ed 

j^[OULTON BROS. .31 Way 

\ E W .M A N &: COLBY, Al- 

banv.opp. Wareham rhonse) 
pEIKCE GEO. W, 71 Sutibury 

** -and .51 Wareham 


RRIGH A.M W. C. ,t CO. IS 

^' l.'rattie square (s,.e pa-e .)-») 
T7.\s TON i (■(». -s Dock .square 

(>c.- pajCfW.^ 
JACOBS UHOS. I.sFanciiil Hall 

b.iuare (di,tUlers',see pa:.'e t»0 

\ MFKIC VN li'ol. A.VI) yi\- 
■^*- Cin.Nl-; CO. M Kin.'.-r'in tand 

riiiisher-' too! maniUacriirer.-) 
f^il.MILToN W. n. 4i; Cou-re,3 

Cb'rk Wi„, !'. :.■> I'.owker 
('L'M.^ ION T. S. >t CO. M> and 
^ .sj Muiburv 

Connor llo-h,'i;-. Sumner. E. B. 
Curley X: Lennon, V.i Sprin- lune 

POSTERS ROCY,178 and 180 

^ Commenial 
Kaiii Wm. 17 Harvard nl. 
r,.\N(;LEY, CARBEE, & CO. 
-'-' .n7 Border. F.P.. (s,-e pat:,. (;;.-,) 
AIcG.VNN THO.M \S i'.>V\ Port- 

-^" land I see pa.',. 7U-;) 

AfEAI) A .VDDY. •-' Bath (see 
-^'-^ pa-..(i7;0 

An '^'^^'^'- BTRNS, ft FITZ- 
-"-'^ GER.\LD,(;Cbarlestown 
Pntr.r A. I). 4S I'.,rtlan<l 
R <!<ern W. (\';!' Haverhill 
^TO.NE HENRY N. 1>J Com- 
"■^ nUTciid (see paire >','.'.') 
Strator Herman *; Sons, 78 Sud- 

Pnmmcr.s i Hunt, .-.7 Haverhill 
q^HE GRUNDY CO. 40 Congress 

TTPHAM TIIOS. A. 17 Harvard 


* Fulton 
Vose AV. T. .si; I'tica 
Walker G. A.'.' Green 
2ANE J. & CO. Si Sudbury 

UrnsM Founders. 

Blake Wm. & Co., Bri^Miton, cor. 

nODY EDWARD, S3 Hawkins 

^ (see pase t7:,) 

Connor Hush. 13.3 Sumner, E.B. 

nROWLEY J., Curve, comer 

^ Albany 

Curlev & Lennon. ]!> Spring lane 

POSTER & ROBY, 17Sand 180 

Gillies R. L'l Harvard pi. 

TTALLJOHN & SON, 25 South 

^^ Mar-in 

f r T L L IIOWLAND. Carlton's 

-* ^ wharf. E.B. ("see paee (;7.5) 


-^*- WORKS, .5,52 Harrison ave. 

In-ols J. p. &Co. 113 A 

■\rORSE A. J. .& SOX, 124 and 

-^'-^ !2(; Contrress 

Peet Valve Co. 152 Hampden 

Robinson G. W. & Co. &> Rich- 

Savase Georse, .3;3 Haverhill 

(.:T0NE II. N. 1.32 Commercial 

'^- (see na-e >:K) 



-•■ Cn 

YANNEVAR E. B. & CO. 58 
* F'ulton 

Itcasst ASaiiulliieturers. 

-'-' .MAN!:F. CO. (IS Federal, H. 

W^ Brooks, asent ( ^ee p. (kIi;) 
-'-' & CO. asents, 1 Broad (see 

inside back cover) 
^^ DENS. 17 Federal 

Scovill ;Munufaetiiring Co. 131 

THo.MAS :manuf. CO. A. J. 

-^ Wilkinson i Co. ajents, 2 
AVashin^ton (see pase 704) 

ISra<iAclr Copper Tublnjf. 

^^ Broa.lway 

JSt-a^tt Spinners. 

-^'-^ GERALD, f, Oiarlestown 


■^ CO. Hsfi Washin?ton 
nRIGGS E. W. L'u Camden 
^^ (home-made cuke and pastry) 


Allev & Nicb.ols, Burton Brewery, 

Heath, cor. Parker 
Bo.ton Co., D. H. Tully, 

tr.'as. 1',' Central wharf 
Burkhardt Goitleib F., Parker, 

cor. Staficn. dep.,t 3 
nol'.URN, L.VNG, -t CO. 100 
^ V/orev-reri-.-enaL-e.^sj.) 
/H)MS lOCK, GOVE, .S CO. .30 

^ Canal 

QOOK U-AAC .<• CO. 25 Central 

Cushins J. H. 27S Commereukl 
Ea^t I!..>ton Brewery, C. Decher 

.V- Co. Ail. a place 
ElmwiMjd SpruiL's Brcwerv-. H, S. 

Martin, Elmwood, cor. King 

Gas Stoves <^^»« »»«•»«<" 

v» »>^\j\j \ %js3t putpo»e 

»"K, <ia«« Fin t IfoiiH, .\ppai-atii«. for <i.\S Tor iMiinerouN 

..A,.M^Vi ;i .- 




/?,--' irrr^—rriitlin'ied. 
r'AinRANK> MOSKS ft CO., 
■*• ll/.vrar.l Athcn.cuin (see puge 

Gliifx' n-'-wt-rw 41 umi 45 Utica 

an.! Il'^ 
Tonus FUA.VK& C0.:15 Devon- 

K'-niifv N'iil, \:iC Tremont 
^\.rl(.!k Urowt-r^-, A. Ilicluirdson, 
171 C. .ii'-..-T l'vi!,-li.u, 

pFMF H. .^; J. "7 Milk, and 

■pen" KI.ANl) URKWIRV. A.J. 
^^ II-u_'lLt.>n & Co.. Haliock, n. i Son. 401 Wash, and 

l:5 Fvncln.n 
Rueter -t AlFn-, Richland e^prinss 

Brewerv, Xew Hi>!Vth.cor Parktr 
Soiitlier Ilonry A (n. ,',_;s Sofond 
Taylor. I. ■? Sons. IIT Commercial 
Trt-mont Browerv, Castle, corner 


* CO. W Broad 

* * Sprint Brv'A-»-rv. ](>-:.' Tn-in't 
WOEK.VLE. LL'-fZ, k CO. 7 

Brimmer pi. 


Babhitt W. W. 2-2 Stnto 

Bay State Brick d. 17 Femberton 

■n/s IMF AM JOHX P.. Comnier- 
^^ <-•.!., .pp. P;,rk. wn-d IC, 

Dana Janus, 14 OM State House 
Davis & Ch.idd.x-k (fire), ll,". 

\S atiT 
Edm.-torW. -y^ 
Fi.-k lit-nianiiii, l'i' Smtc 
Hani JojVph. Xorthampton, cor. 

Holt ChJnnev.iL' State 
Littletield Sntniiel. !'•_' State 
Massachusetts Brick Co., R. n. 

Sholton. treas. 12 F.-mberton sq. 
MrClure Jolin. -21' Sfite 
-^'-^ CO.,K,lmiind .M \V,,od. trca- 

SMr..-r. \J Peinb,.'r-ton square 
^ew En-I md Brick Co. H Pem- 

berti.ii --.1. 
Portland Brick Co. 11 Pemberton 

Sands J. L. •>_> State 
gllFPARD H. S. .<: CHESTER, 

.-0 Con:^r.-ss. 4 (see p. G5^) 
Smith .). W. L'2 Srate 
Swett Xatli:inie!. ?j Smte 
Tuft.' BncK >(aii!itacturinir Co. 

lb Pembi'rtr.n square 
Washburn r):ivid. L'.' State 
"^ :;+) Federal 

Britk .^rathljii-s. 

"K L A K E GEO. F. * CO. 51 
^ Chard.tu (.-e piHV'J4.-> 
^^^ l-'O Fulton (see page <;.7-f) 

Brl«lse«*r WharriSuild- 

Bixbv X: Co!c, 1.'-.' S'ate 
Den-y C. T. -• <tut,- 
Ken rick W. A. •_'•.' State 
Mavo \V. (>. -. <;ate 
Ros"s * Lord. -.'J Stite 
Whitcomb & Pcrttr, L'-J State 

ISiltanniit Ware 3Iniiur. 

DEWEY F. U. ::s Canal 

Dover Stampin-:: Co. ^^ North 

Dunham R. ilsX rth 

pr, ETCHER W. G. JO Milk 

]\[OKEY.fe SMITH. 4;> Ilavcr- 

Smith Thoina;i,jr lij t'nion 


Carruthers «k Co. F.ii Hanover 
Elliott II. t\ lu'i Black.tuae 

C'Mon anl f'rhit Cloths. 
Bacon Francis E. .v; State 

Kendrick & Elwtil. ;i State 

Cttstom IIou^. 
Stotie & Downer, i;S State 

Rush Gro. H. .% Co. r Butterym'h 
Cole F. \V. Ill Central 
Cu.^hiui,'. Porter, & Cadis. IGl 

Fr.nch C R. II Central wliarf 
Hov.v A. W. Ill Lewis wharf 
M m^Held Ira K. .".4 India 
SviMin Paul M. 47 I' 
■\yEEKS & J>[.'PEK, l.-,0 State 

Flour and f^rain, 
Davis S. M. I North M;irket 
fJreelev ,<; HL!nnni>nd, l.'-s State 
Sprin- Cliurk's i Co. 14 Comm'l 

Phipps Wm. jr. 44 Kilbv 
Sawyer Leonard, I'l Kilby 

Rates William A. HJ Kilby 
Southwick >t Sands. KV, Hieh 
Wetherill, Morey, i Co. 2iW Cong. 

Allen & Lord. .^ State 
Anderson Wm. P. .'■•l State 
Baker Chas. T. 1.5 Oev.mshire 
ULAXEY I). H. .i Wiathrop 
^ block. E.B. 

Boanlman C. H. 102 Washin^'ton 
Bradtord &Fol;rer, .v; State 
Brown n. A., Pope -'i: Co. :;;) State 
Coffin G. W. 4 .Mrrchants Exch. 
Cuutz Otto. 1.3 Cu-tom H,)u-est. 
De Bacon Chas. K; Devonshire 
n»,»\V EDWIN B.&CO. 4'J Dov- 
-^ ousliire 

Foster .^ Cole. 1.5 Devonshire 
Freeman Horace it Co. 2:1 Water 
Frot!-,i..-ham Chas. H. 1.51 Wash. 
Goo. win Danirl. .^1 Washin^non 
\Uv^< II. Y. 14 Exchnn-c 
Hincklev Frederick. 2"i Water 
Howanl'll. 2t; Central 
Jenney Wrn. P. .S Devonshire 
Kennedv I'hos. C. 1.5 Devonshire 
Lorins W. H. 2 Old State House 
Lorm-.<: Clark. 1.5 Kilby 
Pearson F. AV. .<: Co. C Concrress 
Pinkham Albion B. 27 State 
Poole Hrnrv .1. ;;7(; Broadway 
Reed T. Frank, 20 Devonshire 
^EARSW. B. 411 State, room 2 
'-' (sei- leafopp. pau'e 12i)) 
Tavlor S. P .t Co. l.S State 
Thompson .t Reed, o; State 
Walk.-r Charles H. 2! Water 

Ahien .t Edmands. 2.'. India 
Allen J. Milner,^;i; State 
Ander-on W. L. ;t) Friend 
Austin Wm. R. .5',t ijroad 
Bacon Chas. F. & Co. .5 Chatham 

Banchor John F. & Co. (spirit), 
liic, and ins Rroad 

Banks D. S. (tea) S-. Central 

Barnes L. B. .<: Son (tea and to- 
bacco), 1,5 India 

Bates Geo. P. 27 India 

liraman Bros. S'M State 

Blaiicliiird J. Henry (chemicals), 

Rov|,ro"i''i' Co. 2.>< India 
Brarnliall .t Turner. 22 Broad 

(dv.-nitrs andclu-micals) 
]:>l'SH GEO. H. Jt CO. r Batlery- 
-L> march 

Cab(,t. Bowles, & Co, 15 Kilby 
Cauterhurv it Co. 11'! Central 
Clark Charles, 70 
Cl.irk (ieo. A. l.V.l Milk 
Clt-avi.> X. .■<: Son, (oil and spirits), 

.•IC.'Utrai whart 
Cn^luiii:. Portrr. i Cades, lul 

Ci.t'-r E. P. 15 Kilbv (metals) 
D:irrin,' C. B. .■t Soil, (.nhrits), 129 

Dickerman B. C Chatham row 
Dickson John, 1.5o State 
I)'W,)ii J. L. 2t (\iitral 
Flulich S. .-oj Wu-iiin.-ton 
Elliot II. F. l.-.i Pd.u-k.toue 
Emmons J. A. ;v: Co. i;» India 

F'Mrinu' Lincoln. FM StLite 
Fiske Edward. i;s C.m-r.'s3 
French Cluis. E. (drucs;, U Cen- 
tral wb.arl 
Gould H. A. (dv.< stuffs) .W Kilby 
<;r.--,.r\ i). A. li Cha-liam row 
Hall v! B. .t Co. FI4 State 
Hall (;vor..-.. T. -^ Co. F Imlia 
Jew. It I), i:. 2; Ci ntral(colt>-eand 

MiFIrov J. W. J4 Broi.d (tobacco) 
McLellau Wm. 11.37 Central 


Morcy Wm. C. i Co. (hi'le«), 1 .-. 

Morse S. Henry, (spirit) ",4 Iinin 
0'liara.<i Bnlla'r.l. 2:^ India 
Pel niman A. P. 24 Central 
Perkins A. 1'. Ivi .Merrimiic 
Putn.un E. t Co. ■<.5 Watrr ,'-n !■ 
Randall Davi.l .v Co. •.'.i In.lia 
Reynolds E. B. 44 K.ll.v 
Ro-er< (icrae E. II D.^ane 
R0L'er<J. (•.& Co. .".o Central 
Shattuek L. A. Jt Co. .5 \•,T.■■^\ 
(metals. rt, .•;,:. 

Sihbee. Fowler. A- Co. 17 Ba.t, -v. 
Slater Ik Co. 44 Central 
Starbuck Walter, 1 in Water 
Stone J. W. (provisions), i:< Coini 
Townsend & Co. .'.(i Central 
Tucker H. F. FS Doaneu.iis) 
Tuckerman G. .t Co. 2.5 KiK.v 
Wainwiicht & Amorv, 40 St ite 
Waters Wm. C. & Co. (tobaccii, 

1;; India 
Weld Aaron D. Sons, T.'.T State 
Wetherill, Morey, & Cc^. l'o> Con- 
gress (soal skins and hidt-s) 
W illiams Robert .<.- Sou, i:) lire:'..; 
Wii.-.t Morse, 12 India 
V<>1 ■^'0 HENRY P. 10^ p. 
-•- laud 

Howard Benj.'s Sons, 10 Doane 

"RARNES& CARTER, 51 Water. 
^ and .57 Conaress, room 22 
"PIRD C. G. & CO. 52 Wa=liin-- 
■^ ton 

Brown Seth E. 2-T Consre-* 
\i R O W X C. W A R R E X', '.l 
^ School 

Cnandler H. P. 15 Devonslure 
Clapn C. W. & Co. F! Tremont row 
Coffin &; Gray. 31 State, room 1 
Cook .<: Carter, 21;! Washington 
Davis J. C. 15 School 
-^ State House 
Evans 1$. S. 2S State, room 8 
Fav C. F. ;: School 
UkENClI JAMES, 80 Washinr:- 
-'• ton 

(^GODWIN GEO. B. ^4 Wash- 
^ in.'ton 

Jeff'ries .lohn ir. 15 Devonshire 
-^ Wa<!i;n<;ti>n(se.'tronlcolMp.' 
ArEIililT'l- -^ SMITH. 14 and 15 
-^'•^ Traveller buildinu' 
Mever Josepii, 5 Kilbv 
\TAYLORR. F. .x,» "Court, room 
-^^ 11 (see paire>;<4) 
Norris Hinrv- A. Fs Exchance 
Stiirk John 11., Fi-hth,bft. L -<: .M 
Sullivan .<: Macdohald, H School 
Thomiison, Faxon, i Co. 1 Pcin- 

herton ,.-<i. 
Wakerteld E. H. & Co. 81 Wasli. 
Ward C. T. lOi; Court 
Ward H. B. 2 Court s.iuare 
Warnrr E. .•<; Co. 20 WasliiuL'ton 
Wliitakcr .V Moore, Fi Travclivf 


Alderuian J. F. & Co. 4 Consre.'SS 
Batvs .<; Alliee. :! Devonshire 
Belcher 1). E. IS State 
Bribes Harrison, 0^ State 
Brown B. .<: S,,ns, .5d State 
Burt E. N. ;'.'.i Court 
Cha^e R. (i. -t Co. t;2 Conzress 
Cowles. Lovejov. & Co. ;;v State, r.2 
Davis J. C. &'Co. F5 School 
Dorr. 4: Williams. 40 State 
Frothimiham W. H. S. r.'.t Wash. 
Gardiner W. H. ir. i:; Do-.uie 
Gav Wm. B. S. :; D.-voii>Uire 
Lawrence (J.-o. 1 1. ,50 CoUL-roS 
l,awrence W. F. .5o Con-rrss 
T EI C EST E R (; K o. \'. -'' 
^ Wash.t^eeTVontcol'a pi.-t ) 
March J. S.'7o Milk 
May Wm. B. ii Traveller biiiidiis.' 
Mvyer, Kilbv 
Morse E. Rollins i Bro. 2S St.ite. 

AyA.'-H k- Cl'SHlNG,2 Bath 

VAVLOR' R. F. .S'J Court, room 
-"< II (^.,■pa,.'el;^4) 
P-f-ter- >*.- F;irkiMS<m, .'^1 Con-ress 
T->I( IIAKDSON C. E. .-J.; {),:'"■»■ 
^^ ^!urv(M-e pa,- <;■.'.■•.) 
Richardson, Hiii, .M Co. .S Scars !■:. 
RoL'crs, Bush. .>; Co. .55 CoeLT.r- 
Sn.itli F.iward .M. .V Co. 47 \^ ■■■■■' 
Sp, tb.r.l Samuel W.'.l State 
T:!>i(0-\ Co. 20 >t:ae 
Thaver James 11. \i\ Con-resj 
Waoiwri-lit L P. |.^ State 
Wri'ks r. C. 70 .State, room 'J 

A lareo a««4»rt 
** nientut' 

T^rkVrtc/ina pn AMM'l.ll.KS OCQ AVa».Ji>ii_'lon St., i;. .*».»«•• 
llGlOSeilG O ana I. \,>i I'Sat oDJ JS. IIO J.l.l.N CiJ* cV: < <>• 


141 • 


;>> Mi;iTiinac 


& CO. 
4j<J Washington 
\n<lor6on A. S-S Friend 
Anderson W. L. TO Friend 
Ari)ii--"H llonrv. I'.»r; \'. ash. 
lijldwm, Walker, -<: Cu. >4 Wash. 
Bi.wdiaii tKiiry, 'i ^a'uin. and o\ 
Biijii J' c;ilb.rt D. -"» Il.niover 
Cu--; Iv r. F. l.-i Ki.eelaiid 
C .!u-u"iJ. 1^ Sal. Ill 
(Vila Adijiph, "> I'lirtland 
l',.|-,aut Ctia*. O.'l, 
Khrlii-li S. .=-,i)j WashiUL-ton 
KlU'.'tt Luther, IT Bratcir .-ri. 
t '11. ■r\- ot Scluih, l-"> Endicolt 
l-eU:iril. i:.4 Saicm 
(•rank L-aao, I-V famhrid-e 
t-,,ll C. It. t [■.meuil Hall Miuare 
ll-iiieiiiaun B. -.'•i lirattie square 
Knopf l.evv-iii, 4'.' .NIerriniac 
I V.NODON WM. ti. & CO. 40 
^ K;m 

Lani:le\ E. C. & Co. ^>VJ Hanover 
Leach i Co. !■> Brattle square 
Le.i A. til Canihiidi^e 
Lissner li. L. L'4 Merri 
Liisuer Ephiuni U. -.V r>ait!.i 
Loviii-ki A. 1-' Braitlc siiuare 
Luv,e James, J I Merriinac 
.\!oiit ii-e -Jo:!!! & Co. 4 Brattle sq. 
.Mver- A. ■;■» Morri.f.a.; 
Ni-Ui'ii B..^) .Merriinac 
NeUou H. .^L 1.-.^ K<,ex 
\ei-on X. ^L';.M HaiHv.vr 
No-.e- A. L. la r. S. Hotel 
i'a^e yi. S., SaleMi, cor. Lndicutt 
IV'rkins A. P. 1^" .Mfi-riinac 
I'iiilliiis G. 4 I .\Lerriuiao 
K.ivinoiid Hearv, -iii .Merrimac 
Kijli >.-ni, 11 suicm 
Kiehard-' J. L. 7 Bratlle s<iuure 
Savu-'e T. L. ■: aui! J Liuiicott 
Sterutmrg H. iH .Merriiii.ic 
\Var>;iauer JaL-o{),ii'>'.' wash. 
SVUliainSoU i Co. ;'.i:}\Vush. 
VJl NCr IILXKY P. 1U.S Port- 

■»■ land 

Real E<tnlt. 
Alexander J. L. 14 Pcniberton sq. 
Apthorp, Hazard. *: Co. o Post 

P AKEK K. W..W Court, room 5 

U ARXES & CARTER, .51 Water 
••• and 'm Coni'ress, room -jj 
|M:LL x CHA'PI.V, l.l Washing- 
-" to;i (^see pa-re '>J1> 
j[jIKl.) C. tr. & CO. 5J Washiiig- 

Bodveil J. O. .^1 Was lincrton 
Brewer Natli'l jr. [1 Suboo! 
Brown J. & C'.'. -51 Wa.s .m.'ton 
Cdll-y i Libriej-, '.•'.•, Wa:,niu-tou 
Cothu S: Grav, 01 Sta'e, room I 
C-.liiiii Alistni D. 4 1 Congress 
Cos (i.u. U. -^ Old .State House i Dcrbv. lm Old Mate llo. 
i*:>i.. ..uChas. W. 1.-. Coiiirrtss 
1-' .•,,iam,.V. B 
l).u_:u E. .si Wast..r.«MHS 
La-tii, m J. S. l!'l State 
j."DvlC.N"lJ3 CtlA.>. IJ Old State 

Eldredge James T. i Co. S', Con- 

E Holt R. C.->> Washinston 
L-aiij B. S. -Si State, room S 
r -rrm-tou H. Is uM State House 
t.-iT'M. E. 40 federal 
El-ke u. W.-,! i:x.':;aii,'e 
l-iJi.der-O. H.M Wa^l■Ul-:on 
1-TLe, Wni. W.:.;l'e 
!• -t.;r !). W. i;i >rtire, H 
|.'UEXCI1 J. ftii Wasl.uiJtou 

••'ilier Samuel D. tiW 
*^-.u-..„ 1,. W.a: Co."1 '_- Wa-h. 
(I'-toUWIX CxEU. B. ■<4 Wash. 

room t;. 
'i-rham Lot. .'ll Exelian.-e 
jla!,<|..ett P. S. :..; Wa^hiuLrton 

ii>--i!i.'s Will. Js >t.te, rooms 
Haven jJenj. K.-): i remoiu 

«-*k,..<T. B.U.H^tate 


'ii-lrediJ B. 11 r.-niwiler b 

"•■I'Took \ Fox, ■> Ixilbv 

l[l -N I IXO G. t . i: LEAVITT, 

''>-■• J- F. C.l Court square 

J.;,-,,,,„ K. H. V, Slate 

J ACKStjN S. s. l.> Congress 

J "'US E. Worthen. S Tremoiit 

f. * and 1,: Popiur 
^ ■>''■■ < X B.;weu. 4'.r Brondwav 
-• '": .L H. 11 Traveller Duiidlug 
J -'vi William. l:i Exchange 

^ Devonshire 
T^YLEW. S. & T. 10 State 

Leach & Co. i:'. Brattle square 
Lee .M. .M. .'t Co. 7 I'reiiM.ut row 
Loring i: Lotcan. >-'.' Court 
Mavnard J. W. -Il Stat ■. njom 8 
.Mavo H. L. lo'.i Wu>bim<ron 
Mclntire Charles, .'il State, room 8 
Munroe & Co. 1>) State 
Xason .><; .Meti-alt, 4'i School 
V AYLOR 1!. F. Si. Court, room 
-'' IKseei.agetisi) 
Newman Mtuiv, l.i Congress 
No. ris H. A. Is Exchange 
Xourse B. V.-lo Kilhy 
Pear>on S. E. & Co. 81 Washing- 
ton, room r.t 
Peterson C. A. 'M Exchange 
Porter Alex. S. 27 Stite 
Power T. C. & Co. l.=i School 
Priest D. H. & Co. :; Tremont row- 
Read J. Slacv, ;> Peml»erton iq. 
Reed & Co. 7-.' Friend 
Richardson J. C. SI Wash, room 'J 
l!i(U'\vav Edward W. 15 Congress 
OircHlE JA.MES, 4.S sears 
^^ building 

Roi>in,-on & HuntUv, 20 State 
Rogers O. C. SI Wash, i 
Saiinders II. i W. A. 

Ballon .^r. R. 20 Devonshire 

WsxwjA. Cotlin, .<: Co. S.S State 
Bates H. M. -1 Sta;e 
Bates & Alhee, -i Devonsliire 
J?ECK: BRi/niERS, successors 

Beck -t Sayles, 13 


Shattuck Isaac, .'U Exchancre 

Sheridan W. A. & Co. 7 G een 

Skilton John, FSExchanL'e 

Sowdon A.J. C. 10 Devonshire 

Spoouer S. !0i> Blackstone 

C I'EVEXSOXJA.NlEb, I'.'r Hau- 

^ over 

Siockwell Geo. '-'A Exchai ae 

.>turtevant J. D.'.t7 State 

Sullivan i .Maedouald,;; School 

Tavlor i Co. 20 >tate 

Tli'oMipson X. A. A: Co. 10 and 11 

Old Stare House 
Tdden Nelson H. 4'.i Sears bldg. 
Veazie J. -V. 7o State 
Wainsvncht I. P. IS -it.te 
WaketitldE. IL.Sl Wash. 
"Walker A: Co. L'3 Court 
Ward H. B. 2 Court square 
VSebster Geo. \. t<'.i v\ asliineton 
White Charles Wasuu.gton 
Whitaker a: Moore, L! Traveller 

\^ hito.i Lhailes G. l->; Court 
Whirteinore B. F. .30 Comrress 
Will -low Henry M. & Co. 102 


Baker Freeman, Il'o Commercial 
Barney*: Lynde, .". Commercial 
B:unev C.,L F. 14 Kilbv 
Bixuv Thomas E. & Co. lUS State 
B a chard. Pousland, & Co. 1 10 

Bniige. Lord. A: Co. hsl State 
Brown .t WiMe. I'J.S State 
Clark Geo. P. .<: Co. l':« ^tate 
Conant E. S. & Co. Long wl'., cor. 

Atlantic ave. 
Cook Wm..t Co. 14 Com'l 
Dawes C. .>. 171 Commercial 
Doane A Crowell, 111 Commercial 
Emvrv J. S. .v Co. l.'>4 Siate 
Fitz Bri>s. & Co. Ill Couiiaercial 
Frothingham X. F. Iii4 S.ace 
Hall J. U.& Co. 04 
Hannum James W. X; Co. o Com'l 
IL.skell r. 11. i;o State 
Hunt Chas. ;; .Merchants row 
Hunter Geo. W. i Co. 1 Commer- 

eial wharf 
Kiliiam, Loud, .<: Co. 21 CoinM 
\ i E 11 C 11 A X T S. L. .V CO. 27 
-"'^ Central whf. (>ee page Ol.')) 
Pa-e D.ivio P. .t Co. S(;>tate 
Patton, Gii.n. & loitrer, V:u Com'l 
Preston .V Dill n,i! Central wharf 
Rav M W.ilter, lOS State 
K( d 1*. ^V. ,^ '. o. 7;; Commercial 
K. drr 11. T-'J Connnercial 
Siu-.'es R. C. i Co. 'J Merchants 

Thaver.t Lincoln, F! Com 1 
TnaVer Acl'.ahody. IW St.ite 
Torrey E. E. ct Co. 1j7 Com'l 

H '. 



gs, Cotlin 
uuotr .1 u 

!l: .V Kilo 

,.tt -v; li." 
ie.<r Dow 
rster Bros 

, .\ Co, ^S state 
:ii ,>^tate 
.e-,::r S;.Mte 

n. t't,- --iite 
:er, -J-- M:..t.' 
. .t Bab.-. 01, 7 State 




Arnold Charles, 
Attwood Gilbei 

2 Chan.e five, 
t i Co. -14 Mer. 




ut low price 

to Di 

Blake Bros. & Co. 2S State 
Bcdies .Matthew & Co. HO State 
BraiUtre.-t .t V'lnt'jii, .'il Devi)n6h'e 
Brewer James P. r....m A, Travel- 
ler buil.Uii-'..d .Slate 
Brewjter lienj. b", Kil -v 
Brewster. Sv^eet. .\ Co. 40 State 
Broad head 1). D. 7 Doane 
Browu Benjamin i Sous, 56 

Clark & Jones,J'.4 Devonshire 
(aie James A. 70 State 
Comitis L. B. •■;i State 
Cutter J. A. B. 21 Central 
Davis F. A. 2 Chanye avenue 
Davis James W. 2 Change avenue 
Davis Wm. F.2 Chan-e uve. 
Dav K. L. X Cobb, M Kilby 
Doane <ieo. A. .' Change avenue 
DwL'iit Cliurles, 70 State 
i'a-l.y Gustavus, 2 ehange ave. 
Far.ey J. P. 20 Devonshire 
Farle* Robert, 2 Change avenue 
Fav Wilson v\ . x Co. 7 Traveller 

Fiske Joseph .N'. '•'■ State 
Foote & French, 7 Coiisjresa 
Fuller C. E. « Co. 2 State 
Gates Geo. F. IS State 
Gilbert B. W. 14 Exchange 
Gilbert Samuel, 14 .Mer. Lx. 
GiUev Johu £. M. 2 Old State 

H.J use 
Goriiam Francis, \'> Congress 
Hall C.C. li Lxchangr 
Hummett James, .u State 
Hastings J. P. 2'i l<evonshire 
Hawkt,., T. B. 10 Exchange 
U AWLE Y F. A. 5: CO. 1 Dcvon- 

Head .& Perkins, 22 Devonshire 
Heath C. 11. 'J2 State 
Heath F. A. 2 Change avenue 
Ueiisiiaw A: Brother, o .Mercnants 

Hiibbard ijrothers & Co. 14 Devon- 
shire, room 2 
Johnston T. A. 2 CliaiiL'e avenue 
Keith Win. W. l.j Coinl'iess 
Lee, Duiiforth, X Lo. 4s State 
Lee, HiL'urmson & Co. 40 State 
Lee John' C. 40 St.ite 
Lee John K. 40 ?uite 
Lee Thos. J. .>t Hill, 00 State 
r EIC ESTER GEO. T. 815 
^ Wa,h CseelVoutcordpage) 
Lincoln Chas. D. « Congress »q. 
Long Geo. W. Ji Co. 24 Congress 

Loiiirop C. S. '.1 State 
Manin Joseph G. U) State 
Mav Wm. li.O rr^.veller building 
,MeN\;.l J. D. ..;0 Washington 
Mead Samuel O. 2 CiiaiiL'e ave. 
^Jilhn B. C. & Co. 20 Congress sq. 
\lORSEE. RoLLlXS .Sc BRo. 
^'-'- _,S .'State, room 10 
Morse George .M. 7 State 
;M.)rse S. jr. 2''> Contriess square 
Mynck O. U. Lindail 
^ 70 State 

Parker ,t Cobb,;:0 Devonshire 
Perkins T. llenr,\,2i Congress sq 
Peteis & Parkm-on, :;0 Congress 
Pickering H. W. 4.S State 
Pickerin- J. 40 State 
Pratt K. .M. lOi State 
Pvcott A: Bennett, .s State 
Putnam ChaM. .V. Oo State 
R..'ed Will. LV Devonshire 
Riciiards.ui, Hill. .tCo. ;; Sears bg. 
R.igers, iiu.-h, ,sc Co. :,r, Congress 
Smith C. H. d Stale, room il 
Smith G. H. X ( o. 10:; State 
Soley J.J. 1.; Exchange 
Speneer .\. W. 1 '. Coiii^ress 
CPKXt IK. VILA, i CO. 13 
^ Coiiizress 

Stevens,'. Vmory, .<c Co. .!'.' State 
Stowell Jolin B'. jr. s Coiigre.sS sq. 
Studley S. G. "d State, room ;} 
Murges R. C. 1) .Merc: imts row 
Tenney 15- i'- ' I'o't Olhee ave. 
Tower. Giddings. i Torrey, 74 

T\ler W. C. Ls state 
Waiuwri-.'hti: Aoiorv, 4" -^tale 
W:ilker.\; .Mrrnain. '.i I ..n/re--s 
Wetherbee John,2«.bai,i:e avo. 
Wilder Georce E. Jl IJevoiishire 
■Will:am> .1. F. o Devm-hire 
Wilson William A. l.S State 
Woiater Bros. ABubson, 7 State 

Q^Q Un>hl,i-tou 
OKJU (>»ireet. 






nrnnze C'j»«tlnc«. 

•^ W. I'. Hunt, trciis. V. ioumiry 

Itronze for ISootii and 


]>l'.()\V.V B. 1: . .v CO. V'-o Fulton 

Urunze Iron OuodM. 

JONLS .M. l>. Jt CO. o2 Sudbury 

STK.VKNS X. €. 1-.', ]':, and 18 
Hruiiirifid (ste puire fj'i:.') 
liroiiy.e I'ovvders. 
J)0XAL1J W. C. &CO. ::JMilk 

\rORRILL GEO. H. SG Water 


llronze Statuary. 

Motallio Art Wurk^, Curry .^t Co. 
i;. >t:^te 

i CO. l';J \Va4u:i.toii 
Kroiizer and t.lectro 

Whiteley 11. :i ^prin_' lane 
ISruuiii 3(uniitV> 

TNSTl ririoN ion THE 
-•■ BLIND, -.V and I'J Kroinlield 

(5etpu,i.'e •)'.'!; 
Manleftoii & Co. 19 Lewis 

Packard & lu krill, 3.5 

••• Lxcl.aiiL'e (.rattiiio 
W'uKlK,- LLR & AUSTIN, bO 

' ' Cnaruon (rattan, see p. ^Jfo) 
Wotton C. W. & (Jo. y:i und !>4 

U>ru«h 31ann*'acturers. 
Avcrill i Hunting', sti VVater 

BURTON, tEi.i.OWS, & CO. 
.'i Exchange 
Easthaui \V. W. ir,7 Summer 
Hall Charles IV>. Ua.-hintrton 
-^•^ MANLlr ACTORY. .Murphy, 
Leavtns. & Co. .'■< E:xt;hunge 
Morris Geo. G. S; Co., F, c. Tliird 
^ Exchange 
gHERRlFi s: CO. 1+-; Wash. 

White D. & Sons, 27 Excliange 
Whiiing J. L. S Blackstone 
\\:^ORCE.STER « Al :s TIN, 86 
' ' Chiirdon (.>ee pa-e liTo) 
Bru>th A'eiieers Alanuf. 
pOLDSMlTII F. L. iW. Char- 
^^ don 

ISnUderij' Hardware. 
"PosioN Lock Co.. j- R. 

-•■'' Ha>ncs, IH Wareliani 
liuiiainti Materials. 

Ham Jiis. Northampton, corner 

HAYES MARTIN. 3 and 5 
Berkehv uec pa-eOH:) 
Lash A. F. Ld E^jex >Lrl Hand) 
^ >wftt, loot of Northaniptfin, 
and .JO Conifriss i,?ee puLje (iO'^) 
ISiiUtliii^ Movers. 
Blair & St- .'.''_' Harrison ave. 
Royutou Broj. & i reeman, S^ Cou- 

Cuvan^a-hW. R. & W. P., Cot- 
tu^re, u. railroad., & :.':: State 
Druiuu M. loot ot' ^hlrl^.y 

ISuiiu'* and Xa|»H. 

Conrov E.O.; Alh.nv 
-^'■*- 71 Sudhury 

IS II a tint;, 
p E A R I N G, R 1 ) D SI A N, & 

SWIFT, li; 1 

Clal (^ee pU-.". 


liurielstr Alai'iii Tele- 


]_[OLMFSE. 1. -v CO. 3 Milk 


^ 41 Ki.Oy 

Kuriiiiii; ISritiidH. 
J^ARNES.V SMITH, ,'4 Wash. 

Jacobs GEoiiGE, im wash. 

W'lLLIAMS G. W. & CO. 11 

Uuttcrvmun li 

llurnlne Fluid. 

"VJOYi:.-; l'i:i;S«)N, ir India (.see 

*^ Jii-'C ..'4) 

IXjKIt.K .KMIN % CO. 101 
■"■ \\ uter (sce [Mizc. tA!) 

Ifiurr 31IUi»tonen. 

"ni'NCAN x Cdl'EL.VND, 37;> 
^ Co.:UMefCudiM.'op:.Z.-'»;) 
^^ Hnniarket sq. (s.-e pa-,'e >;'.'r ) 
AIcLKaN CHAS. R. IbV Lewis, 
-*J E. U. 

ISutC Iliiitfe Maiiut'ac- 

^ MVNIF. CO. IW Federal. H. 

W. Br.-^ks. a'tnt(jce p. M'li 
T OTHROl' GEO. B. & CO. M 
^ Excnani^e 

ISiittoii ]> eaters. 

Q.LAZ1ER G. M. ^l Summer 

(IRISWOLD D. C. & CO. i^a 

^ und l<y, Devonshire 

ISiittuit Hole Maehiiies. 

A MEIUCAN lil iroN-llOLE. 
"^ 0\ KU .si: A MING. AND 
E'lward Dtwev, agent, ;i->5 
Unw)n l;uti(m-Hole Machine Co. 
■.•; Chaid'n, D.SV.G. Humphrey, 
\yoOD AMOS L..51 Water 

Cabinet Makers. 

Armstr(jn^ Geo. 4 Faneuil Hall 

UEAi.i 11ooI'ER,.;a:4 Holmes 
-^ bi.ick, Ha\niaiket.M)uare 
Blake Chr|s[c,plur. IH) North 
L?0.-?>O.M 5c BORSH,(>'S Albany 

-^ (see page OKi) 

Bowden Jolin C. "AC Hampden 

U RAM AN, SHA.>, & CO. -JT 

-^ SudL.ary 

Brit','s ^tth, 10 Chapman place 

Browned B. C. 3.: Sudbury 

Lady W ni. A., Clarendon, corner 

W arren ave. 
Cleret. Sesbler, & Co. 500 Tremont 
Co.-;tidio Eilward .1. bii North 
Crowle\ Janu.s, ^7 Can^eway 
Curry I'. W. .v Co. W I tica , 
Davenpoit Janus, BowUom, nOar 

Grtcii, ward It; 
Del..x.k Matthew. ■^^9 Eierhth 
Dunham 1. P. <■^7 Causeway 
Ellis James, ."'0 Albany 
i-ieUliiiiT J. P. & ?on..34" B'wav 
(J.yi FIN H. ->.. »r Causeway ' 

Gifford J. A. IHO Court 
Godlrey John G. .Id Portland 
Grant Wui. *4 Utica, and S.-> Knee- 
Haskell AuLTustus, Sd Utica 
IF.xon E. \ <. o. ir.' Wasliine-on 
{ I ' »J,.M ES i. M. & CO. l.v, Hun- 
-*--'- oyer 

Howard .lames H. IHI Portland 
llLiClUNSON BROS , Uorch. 
-*-■'- ave., cor. t odman, P. V. ad- 
dress. Miltoi . Mass. 
TACK>*»N CHAS. A. & CO. <i3 
" C harlestown 
Jelinek Cnai les. :'-^i Federal 
T EWIS J. D. -M Poitland (see 
-^ pa.-edM() 

Lun 1 J. J. y.lM Wasliington 
.NFdiar E. •■;•.<'» Trenn.iit 
^^^ Border, cor. Decatur, E. B. 

(see pau'e i;:.3) 
.Miller Wiiham. ;;j! Shawmutave. 
.MitcluU & Caujewuv 
Mi.U:i.'au .Jani.s. 4 .Mechanics 

lib ck. E. W .Itham 
pElRCE GEO. W. 71 Sudbury 

I'mud Bros. j<i Albanv 

pi TNA.M .t COCHRAN, 40 

^ Ri.!:mon<l 

Ratuhid s .McCaw, x7 Causeway 

Keed Henrv F..;; Sudburv 

K.djerls Charles B. L.'/" Cabot 

Rot.v A. H. .V Co. 4S Albany 

SCALES HENR\, -ft Union 

•^ I'.irk street 

SCALES J A.MES & CO. 1.'<V.' Tre- 

*■- moot 

Schul/. .V. & Co. 744 Washineton 

Sh.acktord h.rlwiu. SI W. Concord 

ClI.Vl.l.S |i ,t CO., First, near E 

i si e i'a"i' 'it ') 
Sheruiun,.]oluison,&Co.48 Albany 
Sinit.!i E. ^^ Causeway 

Smith George, 120 Merrimar; 
Soulo *! <.:<)., Com menial, nrar 

Dorcdiester avei\ue. ward I'i 
Sovard C. J. ••;',i.' I'r.'mout 
Taylor H. R. 1',^|^ Wa.hinL'ton 
Thwaites Wm. G. ■'■'> Hu.i.mi 
Touissamt W. S: Co. .>U Wa-h. 
Walsh Wn\. I'.t Harvard place 
Watts Edward.-.'; ilaivurd 
Weafer Bichard, im' Cam brid-e 
W,eks M. T. C. L's Eu-tis 
Wetherbee J. W. 1:;.' Portland 
WILLIAMS (;eo. W.Jd Por:- 

WIL.-^ON -v lir(;HES,44l Tre- 
' ' mont (sewni.Miiachin.- ':ases) 
AVoodbury, Gray, A; Co. !:;'.< Port- 

Cabinet .'♦Bakers' Sup- 

rtOLDSMITH F. L. ZiV: Char- 
^-' don (neadless wire nails; 
^PURR CH.VS. W. 43 Summer 

Calico rrinters' JSiip- 

^ Broad 

Calkln<; Cotton. 

Morss A. S. l^lo Commercial 

Caloric K«sjliie«i. 

■pRIl'l' A. W. 1,7 South 

Cameru ISox Manufs, 

]?OBEKTS BR(;S. 6 Franklin 
-*-^ avenue 

Can Openers. 

^ ,>!aud.55 Haverhill (sec pace 


Cancellinj; Stamps. 

n H A M B E R LAIN N. L. i37 

^ ^Vashi^gton 

('UTTER, lOWER, & CO. Sj 

^ Milk 

J) A VIS W. H. H. 41 Brattle 

Ciip ^lakers. 

I^ENT & BUSH. 273 Washington 

Brinkman Theo. !■* Faneuil H. sq. 
Gould G. F. ll'J Washiii.'ion 
HoUander J. L. 171) Wasnir.i'toQ 
Kuttner T. S. W Court 
Louis .t Cohen, S4 Summer 
.Mvcrsi.- Knapp, l.l summ.?r 
pAND.VLL J. E. u4- Washins- 

^^ toil 

Slrecker Bros. (1! Sumruer 
Taylor G. M. ik Son, 2bii Washier- 
ton (and cU>lh hatsi 
Woltt William. 4b Chuuncy 

Cap Xrlininln^rs. (I'atent 

Capstans. {Fou-cr V Cixumon.) 

('OIFIN i WottDWARU. 1-:J 
^ Ciiitral, und SM State (see p. 

CTONE H. N. 1.32 Commercial 
^ (see page 0;t,-.) 

Car Sejit Manulactorj". 

-^ RY CO. 1./.) ir:end 

Car Seat Spriiiur Maiin- 
tiietui'ei >•. 

(JOBB Z. & SONS. -.^ John 

Car SpiluKs. 

-^ Geor^'o Dunbar \; Cc, aveuls, 

4s Water 
-^^ Stephen G. Deblois. agent, 'J 

New York Car Spring Co., F. J. 
Calhoun, •_'7 Doasie 

Car Stoves. 

T Ol'DO.V, TOW ER, i CO. Ill 
-^ and 113 Wat^r 

Car 'l''rlininiii<<:s, 

nORBE'J'T A. O. v. Battory- 
^ march (see pa^'e 04J) 
I OUDON, roWER, i CO. 1-11 
■^ and 113 Water 

Car Wheels. 

AfAYNARD JA.ME> A., Ncv,- 
-'-^ street, t.. B. (Maynards Eiao- 
tic, see page uj.'S; 

Gas Pip 

f^„ altered and 
v30 repttlred, 

Meters :i:Crt al7.Ve! B. H' 


;ftJ«J \l ashin^toii St. 

f. flJ 1 * - ■ 





Card Maiiufaoturer. 

l\rkins L. I..U Milk. 

'-^ Ucvoiisliire 

C';»rd«. (Shnir.) 

\] AH-ilALL J. P. C. l.'J Wush- 

t'urpeatei-* ilr ISiilI<ler<>. 

,\.lrfiii> I;. (». i Si*ii, I. ".I Mtrniiiac 
A'l-ini- VV. 1>. uvci-H Da lUv 
AllM-,';ll,t A. :;t) B.i'.vkcr" 

\LK\ANIJKK i \Vl.i.L>UX.5 

AKx.iii.Kr W. ii. 4M rreui.-nt 
A..i':iL'i>t Joliii G., AHljru'lit court 

Ali.ti M. .M. :->.; Trernont 

Alius >. :t II. n Favi.-[(e 

Aiiiiatiie C. C. H Ai'.iaiiv 

Ariiotr.iii.' Gt-o. 4 1-iu.euil Ifall sq. 

l,:u.,ii J. F. .:< Fultou 

liiilov J. F. :;r4 lirui.l 

l.dilt-V II. LI. Fvcixtt, E.ii. 

li^.U'y I', i.-^ HrLiUL-ii 

|> VKFll -v CA.Mi'BLLL, 127 \V. 

-L» Bruokiine 

liiich 1-. It W^bstiruve. 

l;./rkiT C. .t G. -'i otverly 

I'.urKer Jum-js A. oJ ». Murtria 

ll.rkor J. 11. 0-- Cliarlfj 

Hir..jvs- 1.. F;.. Alaihtr. n. Dorches- 

Ui uvc. Waal K; 
If uiud Cuitis, IS^ PortUiid 
li.trtklt E. L. iL' UaAlfv 
I^VK10\ & BaKiLETT, Go 
^ SVurfliiiiu, and ordtr box -^ 

ilussctt Jusepli, Old Harbor, near 

H ,tci 1.. 1<. rear IS Bedford 
Hal. s & Fiiior>oji, f.i Biuad 
Uati^ .11 Will. 44 Albany 
li.-alJ. II. J, M 
ikaii I\i.; y, ■_'_' s.:att; 
l;. il J iiius A., Br.iad, cor. Oliver 
li-lyi-a 11. .J. :H Cliapinaa 
Uciiiictt S. i'., ClicstnuMi. Charles 
b' iixjii C. T. 1^1* cbarUstowa 
Birry I). A. i.'.t K 
U-.>ti.jI> & Ku^scll, Castle, cor. Hax- 

ri-oii avc. 
fUaUoird Geo. 14 North Cen re 
i5,.^ULUard U. \V., Walnut, uear 

-N.puiK.etavt. vvard i^; 
lit.'iL'i tt C. II. .>,si) .-<lunvinut ave. 
li..".l Win. U. \r .\lw.t..uplat:e 
U-lWfh (J. il..-l Albaiiv 
K'jkj W.irren, ..'> U..i\-.<t.r 
ll'.aiiU 11. C, Fer(iiiiaud, comer 

Ij.nirii .t l.tuvitt, ::_■ State, an 1 146 

Ml. Vein. .11 
!:.-»-o Timothy F. .".l K.vchanee 
li.A'j W in. rear l',l>, WasliinJt-jn 
l''>'*r.iiS ,i.Lo.sZ'j, l^r i'urt- 

i'-.« ker B.'nj. C Glide, ward HJ 
Bo** Kcr Fdiiinna, ."(iJ Ciiarlc-town 
ii.^vK.r Freeman, 'Jt W. Cr-iar 
i-'-k.. r Gfii-^- W., Aiuanv, cor. 

1-i-i l^nliam. and .'.' Slate 
l'" il ih.Hni)s..!i, Cuiiiinercial, n. 

I- n. .1;, wuni Hi 
l'.J> iv. It U. ury L. M Travers 
iwa.i:„.-,i riu.ju.s, 4.V, freniout 
'- •'*u K. F., K. C.ini.u.e. .Vlbaiiv 
i- ••«ii «.. U. i (.u..:ili, ■.Va.c.i.ili 
1. • wn J.,hii K. Ijl i;..rder, K.B. 
]^,i;o\\\\ J. 1,. jt CO. iTandly 

'•"■-■•.-'' L. .VI. M Chard..n 
«' ..t.aain G. T. ilii i.'..r!land 
J' luis I.).., ,,1.1 W. rear i44 Kudlcy 
'■''■r ln.-..,,, ],- Ulu,.M,n 
'• "S J. il. .v (^'o., i>iue Hid ave. n. 

H.-..r, «ardl'i 
'•' r .n J..!iii .\l. i;!;.{ llarrisou ave. 
' ^ ■■-.!.. 1 in K. :.' War/.n 
' ■■■ ■>!' .V <.„. 1,-,;. l\u-r 

■- •:• J'.bii J. ::.M I-.iurth 

< ■•v.iy Janice Llmwuua, n. Dun- 

* "*-'U I. (;.. Carletotrs whf. F..B. 
■ -^li'.iUn V ,M.u>toii. SH Broad 

< '-i;.r .M,.„., K. -.! CtiuiMiiau 
^. 'i'^Man A. il.l::;K„rx 
(.l».Vl'.\lA.\ J. M. 'A chupniun 

' '^ .Hi Davi-on, ls> Hunover 
'i' -'n .t ihtll, ;i4 Iravcrs 

, ■■">'■-.»•. i>.l-.'| Un-'-i.,s 
^»' >. \ . I.rj B,,id..r, L.B. 
-i.^-y .\itenms F. ,NV>, .\lbany 

*-'-"i.-y iinnliers, 71 Wurchain 

Clark F. O.. Tudor, n. Doroh. 
CUavtn S. L., Border. oi>. Le.xing- 
ClLinent .^^ ( rer<!.v. JJ State [ton 
Clirr..r.i \V. 117 Concre^!) 
C.irtin r. H. 17-J E. Dover 
pU(.(..l.NS W. H. & L. M. 144 

Colcord & Kinsr, 4-'54 Trent. .nt 
C..ltur J..iin, A.lains.n. I'urk.wd lU 
C.u.uiit Frc.1.1'. 7,-, W. Kedhaiii 
C.Miul..^nie Cha:,. V . 1.5- H.jver 
Coopi-r A. Co. '.'<• Federal 
Corinick Jo.-epli, New Albunv, n. 

East CuiUuii 
Cotton Ije-.vis F. 'Vi Province 
Cowin K. S. :>H' Conunercial 
Co.x Geoi::e U. 'Ai Cox building, 

anil .) Old StJte ll.nue 
Co.x Tnoni is W. jt .Judah H., Cox 

buil.iiii_'. nd H.I Washington 
Crawrord E. F., Park, uear depot, 

svar.l lij 
Creoy i Xoyes, 5-'5 to oO Wareham 
Croiuv & Dakm, l'.'O t'vnciAon 
CuMiiiunsj i Carlisle. l4ii I'vler 
CuiiniiiL'hani G H.:;ii.i Bolton 
Curtis llira.ii, •_'_' scale 
Curtis T.J. 7'J West Uedhara 
Curtis & Drisko, 41J Treni-jnt 
Uaiiion C. A..i-' Ivlcr 
Da.iioii lJavi>, -.^4 B..rder, E.B. 
Duiiion Heniv, .'J W. IJedhani 
Du.areiiJ. >. \: Co. 4 N. Un^sell 
F'anturth Thuinas S. ■ .J Rui:„des 
Dauut r. K. -7-, Federal 
L);ivviipori Calvin, Greeu.n. Bow- 

doin, ward lo 
Davenport H rtford, Hancock, c. 

Colu.iibiu, ward I'j [..on 

Davies Daniel -v Son, 1.^4 .Mt. Ver- 
iJuvis C. D. ih Ciiarlcslown 
Dean J. W. 4-w Blue hill avenue 
Dearborn J. B. & son. jZ llawiey 
Delano,). W. 7'J vV. Uediiaiu 
Delue Wni H. Ij-i Con-.ess 
Dkiwih: J..I.»;iU .•>,xili 
Ditson Floratio, J7 Kingston 
Dobson J. 1'4 iiawley 
Doheriv J. :-;7 Fliet 
DohertV J. .s: X. Id Ru.'deg 
Donavan D. J. 44 Albanv 
Dounell H. U. ImJ Bioad 
Dow Daniel. -W Portland 
Dowliii- .Mark, rear:;7 Kingston 


Draper .t N'anshn, li2 State 

Dn^coU .\I. 1.' SA-an 

Drury Koger, J_' State 

iJunbJr L .tner W. .'71 Charles 

Duper Charles, .;.' Liuicaster 

Diipee Louis, i7s K. ]ji,ver 

La.ue 4c Brown, <i A.rt;saus' block, 

Lnion Park ,c. 
Easurbrook Isaac, 7 River 
ULDER GEO. G. x SOX, 401 
■^ Albany 

Einer»uu Geo. ".i-S Travers 
F.inerson j: LUi-'ett, 4ry Trernont 
Eo...rv A.J r> W. iK-.iUam 
i.-ty .J. J., .Ma\erick, loot Cottage 
E\e.ett .A.. 14t; UiiUle^ 
La ell diaries, Green, n. Bowdoin, 

war.l It; 
Farrellx Y. aton, l.-;d Dover 
1 ariit!:;lou Joiui r . 4J-: llarr. ave. 
i eiin D. <.'.'o W asiiin-ton 
Fitir-ld 0.,.J^arrl^on ave. c. Dudley 
Fitcii Jonas Ji Co. -.s; Fedeial 
Flaii'iers B. H. ^4 Albany, and :i2 

FUniingA Co. lit State 
Foi-oiu A. W. 17 Kun.' 
Folsoin J laes A. l-H .vlt. Vernon 
tord i>aiiici li. lol W. iirooKlme 
i- o5ier J.icob., n. Doreliester 

ave. wara hi 
Frame Jiuiies, '.''.* Border, F,.B. 
i-reei.ian .ViOert. U-; .\(eriiniac 
Flench, Kiiiei'son,& Co.fv;,j r ourth 
iiiz/ell Lliaries, .j7 Troy J, .\l. J Bread 
Fr.i.-t Wni. B. J Bread 
Fuller Cliarles C, Xew Albany, 

opp. E. Bro..kiine L. E. il iVniberton sq. 
Fi.rne=s& Clirf..rd, 1^ UaA-.eV 
Gal.a-'lier Joiin E. 7;) U . De.Iham 
Gariick i< E. 17.'4 Wa«hiut;U)u 
v.> riiJti 1,. C. .-Mt .North 
(littord -M. S. _•".■> Purtland 
Gibert Cui.inun.'s, l.V.s Wash. 
Cii.bert J. .till, ave. near 

Gdle^pieJohn W. (I Artisan's blk. 

I Park »t. 
G idh n K. 1., My I tie. a. Stous'h- 

(t..oii«ni i Ui.;_-in^, J.'T Trernont 
Oouid D. 1. 1... Con^'re!"s 
(.ij.e 1 . K. ^ i o. h."> Lilackstono 
U.unt L>. lU i.>lcr 

Grenn C. A., Everett ave., near 

StoiiL'hton, wan! Id 
Gr..--aii A. W. \ J. H. Id.T Cross .V Bruce, l.Vi Con-ress 
Haines J. !•■. .■t U.J. A Co., Liver- 

p..ol, U'ar Decaliir, KB. 
Hall .V: Fat..n.:;js .Vtheiis 
Hal.^..n A. s4 Hud=ou 
Hardint; x Neilv, 4r.U Trernont 
Mar-rase G-.-.;. 1 J4 Lexiu_'t.;n, E.B. 
llarriioan .\. (i. l.'d Portl.uid 
H;ut Xiithaniel O. 7."> Wareharn, 

and -.' Stale 
Hirvev A F. .52 Charles 
Haskell P. F. rear i.t Joy [bion 
Has et Ge..rL'e, Cliapiii.ui, cor. Al- 
Hatha^ay A. to.,t.>t River 
Hawes Belli. '.«» Ilariison ave. 
Hawkes x Co., E. Dover 
Ha/lett Nivoii, •-■'.> P.'ince 
Heath Dana, l.")i> Chariestown 
Hiidreth J. \V. .'74 Br./ud 
Hill Jacob J., Chiipnian, cor. Eme- 
rald [Parker 
IliU Jt Dufresne, Lon;j:wood av. u. 
nine E. B. 1.' Creek sijuare 
nOBART PETEK, Jk. 15 Har- 
^^ vara pi. 

HolbrooK &: Harlow, 2-1^ Third 
Hidden Henry .\. 4.;-> Fremont 
HoUnes Chester U. .U Creeli su. 
Honon G. W. ll.j .Merriniuc 
Huii Owen, .J'.tJ Albany 
Hug'.'ins C. -M. 4.V) Freuiont 
Hunt John, F; Oliver 
Hunt Win. -^iO Uarrisoa ave. 
Irving C. K. .;.: Sudnury 
James Wni..Jl KicUmond 
Je.ikius Heiuv, 4."4 I'reniont 
John.^ou A. 4r"Z.igler 
JohnM-u i u^aton, i;) X. Russell 
Jones Geo. W. 82 Cnaidun 
Jordan Henry S. o2 SuUbi^ry 
Jordan 1. B.,'Liverpu.,l, n. Deeat'r 
Joyce Aloii/..i,40 li.Cteryiilurch 
Keene Brothers. 4iO iJoichester 
l/EXXEV H. i SOX,l>J Border, 
-^^ E.a. (.see p.igeti77> 
King Augustus, rear I'.ij Eit^hth 
Iviugsbu.y Edward, l.d Ru^-les 

LA.MLnG & uKlsKO, Srtett, C. 
Reed, and 22 .■rCate 
Lane Patrick, 4 .Mecuauics' block. 

E. Waltham 
Lani^ 9. oj Richmond [1(5 

Lapnam li. M., Bowdoin ave. wd. 
Leiimanii J. C. A. 7oo \Va>nington 
Lewis A'U. 11 E. spriiu'iield 
Lewis J.iiiii, 4 ;o ConuuerciiJ 
Lincoln Geo. L. l-i il.iwley 
Lltchheld La, hi X. Russell 
JLOiiL' JaiiKi. 4 X. Rn.-.-ell 
Lord J. W. .V Son.G.} Warren 
L.jW W. a. oi I.e. i ..' Harrison av. 
Lund J. C. 1.30 Charleslown 
Lydston A. 11., l.") Wmslow 
Lytord Thonui- A; Co. 2l Barrett 

-'-'-^ 4>, rremont 
Magrath John, 41S Treinont 
.Mainland John V.'.,C' Harrison av. Ale.vauder, U7 
MansrieUi >lichaei, 117 Meniinac 

•^'-*- Border, cor. Decalur. E. tS. 

(.-eepat;e l./j) 
Marsliail S..muel, s7 Hu.lson 
.M.-u-.-l..iil Win. 11 Beai...d 

•^lARSFON J. .U. i; Paber 

.Martin i Wilson, rear 1707 Wash. 
^|A^ON L.ScsOSy'^'i Wurehain 

M-.y Peter, 7 Mechaides' block, E. 

McAlcer P. 21 Province 
JVlc.on.d.l U. o .Mechauics' bl'k, 

i-.a.-t Walthun 
.McEAt-n i .McDoinild, 4.S Albany;le Cliarles, j Creek sij. 
.Mcliuloe Geo. D. T.' Spring laue 
.Mclutosil R..\al, bowner 
Ali.KAV D. H., Dorchester ave. 
^'-^ n. .Mt. \e:i.on, ward I'J 
.McKcchnie Edward, Hancock, n. 

Coiumoia. wuru Id 
.McLaren A. .& Co. Id Border, and 

22 Suite 
McLean .\ngus, l.'.i W. Brookline 
McLean Lvaac. In Noitli .Ai.uersoa 
McNeil A: Bros., Alb. on, eor. Paul 
\|t.NL If J. J.. .Novelty Wood 
^^^ Works. Uarehaui. eor. Mai- 

Mern.l s. .> . :■ l'> ler 
Met/1, r C. New Healn 
M;der Ja.i.e, L. 4 Gatc.i [ter 

.Miichcll .V»a, lioHeii. u. Dorches- 
Morri.-on J. ii.ll Leatl.ei s.juare 
'^[OiClilSON N. .M. .0 Pius 

Morse W. H. i:j LiverpvK)! 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, Card Ii'''^''^^ii}'n\;i:i:{^^ti:^''*''*' 

1 vrtt 



Carjientf^rs V B'ohleri— continued. 
Morse W.4 .M;i:l 

.Mortuu C. 1!. l'»; AVaU-r fwd. IG 
Moit.'ii ,I,),l•l.hl•^. .Mt.H..w.l.iiii av. 
Morli.ii vV L l.i>;i V , ;iuiia 7> Wurt- 

huiii, and ■."".' >tutt: 
Muuitiiii A; il:.iLHi-.jn, 175 I'ljrtl'd 
Muuri^c llviir> jr. i, (. Ini'iiiau jil. 
Miiriihv J. 'till, 4", rriiii.,111 
V'LSV'.MA.N .V COLhV, Albany, 
^^ L>iPi'. sVanliaia 
Nichol, 1*. i'., I'ark, ward l-i 
Mcli.'l., \Viir; UJ IMlT \V. rvur-J.M H;ii;.ni.T 
^ ii L;ui-t^.uux, \i" iJU'iifV 
Wowfll G. i C. >4 CUurcli, and Tl 


Nowcil *■). S. Is"*) ^Vu^i^!nl:t^ln 
Nii\.s J. M C. A. lo Cl>ai'i.i:iii iJi. 

O.'VK.MAX lIL.SKi 1-.. Walnut, 
\Kanl 1<; 
i'aine J. L). 1.4 Dover 
Patch traiikiu..;.); Travcrs 
pAi'ii.H.>UX \V M. -.i Aitisans' 
^ block, Ki:>t lni...u 1-uik »t. 

•'■ urd. r \<u\ -Z state 
Ptard W. i4 A 
Ptikiijs iJa\ id, :^.-s ilawlev 
Peikii.s L. A., i'u.tuu, ward IC 
'Perkins ^. s. .'■_' sutc 
Pcrkiiis i Wfeks. nui 'J4 Joy 
PerSMiiS J. It. i: Co. .^.i liavcis 
PettTsoij X Goodwin, Ti .ioy 
Pickt-ruii; L.fonaru, lin.-uit;ii, near 

MavciiVk, iL.ii. 
Pickett \V;ii. b., Urleaiii, corner 

-Murray C(jurt 
Pierce .ioim. J;;4 Charlestown ' 
piLKCK s. Li. I.., 410 Dorchester 

Pike Andrew, IIT Merriumc 
Pike i:. \V., Cau.-eway.c. i^..rt!and 
Pike Geo. >. 117 .Memiii^ic 
Polaml J>. i-,. i Co. 11? Water 
Poland W . C. i Son, - M-tC 
fond Cianitoii,!'! iai'Ui 
Pope Janie>, Adams, ward I'j 
Porleuus Andrew, b Ucacli 
Pratt r . i.. i Ueach 
yuiniby Ira i;. 4 .Murrav ct. E.B. 
iuiinsdell s. 13. lu',1 Uaisovcr 
Kaiid Daniel \V. To W. i/euJiaui 
Kawaon \'» . i J. 44'J Treimnt 
Ketd Alton G 171 L-inlev 
Keed GUo il. l-Ul \S usiiinL'ton 
Khoud.s ij.fil i- uU..a 
Hice Thomas, .\iatlier, n. AUton, 

ward li> 
KicUarasou A. £., lio.tou, a. All- 

brigut cl. N\ard i<> 
Richaid5..n oi Vonnj, L'u Ueverly 
Kicker A: ILnuUiil, •>) I'leLin.oUt 
Kidluu Kicliui-a.1,1 >o. -Uari^in 
Kipley A. b. jj i^nieraia, aiid 'Zl 

Kotjerts i Damon, J^ Pitta 
Kobin^ou 5etli, 1-. liaw.ey 
Kobuison \V. >.:volla;Ti=on ave. 

o-.i> J. 11. Ml Cha.Uou 
Ri.-ers 1'. ii,.>.Sn.iin 
Ko^e Fabius, liairison uve. bet. 

Dudlev aiid WarreU 
Ro.-e liiv'h a. -S.", Llarrison uve. 
Kuninil i; Mautori, 1n.> Wujren, 

Cor. Walnut ave. 
Runey i-n.nk, s;' Clu.pmau 
Kujsed iiue, r.ur 14. i^nUiev 
fcarturd Kdviaid, :; I'aui, and 41:.'' 

Sander^ SS m. ,a;4 K 
Sclieli i-rauk, l-.anw c'id.c. Dunbar 
h-clielKieo. .U. 1_'7 ilii^r-ies 
Scott Kus>eU,.:-7 Ku.-tis 
Scott .'t IJeLlle. 41-> l.tinort 
^evnlour t . M l.i!ar)■■^,..>^ n 
Se«aMUv .Motiran. r. .;■ l'o:!iai.d 
SliuiileiLii -M. G. -v K. iVj ^. end 
hliarj. 11. .\. .;- Or;eun.-. i...ii. 
^haw J.J. ■;. iWoad 
Sl^ilrt- i: -Morn.-on. 4-.J liemuiit 
Sdlo«av Xi.!iri A. i: .N. Anue,v-on 
Suva -M"..-. AMu-ans" blk. 1.. L niou 

I'urk .-t. 
SiniUii,n.i Charles, head ol ^llm- 

ner, L. v.. 
Mnmi Ml.-,:i Lime 
Smii^-ou 1.' ..i^ D., ^> i;.ls whaif 
Sauer G. W . 1 1> l».*w r 
k^.MAl.D ALJl.i, c. u.. Warehanj 

SinallJ. D. Id .>tule 
j-^.Mi'lJl C. >. ;■•; -Merruiiuc 

Smith Fdwanl >.. : 1 C; d' 
Sinitll J.oei.h .V. 7,. \\ . l/ea:i..m 
Sinilii N. S.-.i . r..:iTtti 
Smitl. Win. Ml i;..\skei 
^iie.l .1. l.un.x, :A i;...,. r.wiy 
.Miow, lio l' 
Soule Wni..d lio'.sker 
Si>eiice Andrew. 4 Head piaoe 

Spencely C. J. .VJ Sawver 
S|)rai.'ue Jiiine.s H., rear >•' Warren 
StaekiL.le All)ert, ;;>, .V. Kussell 
^ banv 

Sturrett Jolm, l-jn Cliarlestown 
Steilinan Alb.-rt, lo| W. brook.ine 
Steele .V. K. IS Uawh-v 
Mevens John >.>u iieve Iv 
<,TEWAUr W.M. H. . ■::",; Albany 

Stetson C. P. 1-S Canibridiie 
Stinson Charle.<, .i; llaniiui.-ii 
Stinsoil ,t Ihisk.ll, .-.Ml lieinont 
.-utiles D. D. 7.-. We>t D.diiam 
Sti:e,>x Atkins. U, X. Uuisell 
Stone .Marshall S. .v; IMer 
Mrutt'/ii 11. d. 1.; v.. ^l>iingtield 
Strout A. J. \\1 Dudley 
SlubiiB ^aInuel, L'J Slate 
StUiliey G. W., Paik, n. Exchanse, 

ward Id 
Sutheiland J. A. t>^ iJurtlett 
Swaln)w Calvin, 7&() Tremont, and 

■SI State 
Sweetland R. L. i^.'l Tieniont 
Swett A Abuott. Win^rlow 
Swift \Vm. A. 7<i Aihany 
Tarr David S., Itu^»e,^ jilace 
^pATKU GjlO. 1-J W. iiiookline 

Tennev & White, Blossotn place 
lhux;er i- . ixl I'yler 
'IhonuKs Geo. C. re;.r,V)l Wa.<h. 
Thomas Joseph .M. 4i Way 
ThompS' u -Miles, rear 14 \Varren 
Xibbetts A. J. .3 Startord 
TibLieits -Mark, 7iAi Wa-hinirton 
Tiehe James i'., Liowen,"b.t. F 

and Dorcitester 
TllUeli CI1.1.-5. ji. V, and .>7 Warren 
I'owle Sainuei i'. i.>;(i \\ ashingt(ju 
Towntend Geo. u. S< Aveiy 
Tuckei 1/. S. -li S'.ute 
iurnbull D. i . 117 .Merrimac 
Waict i: Casey, ,n' Nortlianii.ton 
AValsh J:tmes. -' Downer 
Wanur-v Noves, 44 .vlbaiiy 
AVutermati T. ^:i Fuitoii 
Weaver Kobt. C. i"-!"? NS'ashington 
Weld i iJovs'jn, :;'Jo Treinoiit 
■Wells U. >."1.7 .Meniimic 
Weltch. llenrv. j;7 1 remont 
West J. vV. iCurl'l^Feueial 
Wester John u. l\<; Dudlev . 
AVestou W. L. ';i Tv.e;- ' 
Wheeler G. li. liw i'oitiand 
Wheeler N'. .v Co. ^ -Mechanics' 

block, K. W.ltham 
Whiieuuib Beiij. D :;,i to. « Ware- 
ham, and :;■-' ."taie 
White 1'. .<: W. S. \<' Hanover 
\ V il 1 T :; i i- D U -\ -V L D, 47 
* ^ Warebain 
Whitta^ei .V uiaee, ll'> TWer 
Uaner B. C, Doreh. ave. near 

Commeiciai, ward b> 
Wne Zerah, Codman park 
Willcutt John, ll.i .Mernmac 
Wiaout:hby \Vm. W. i?4 l.everett 
v\ iis..n I'. ;i4 Liaveis 
Witi,eispo<.,n L. B. :i5 Waieiiain 
AVood M. is Hawlev 
WooUside J. C. 4 L o.v buiidii.i^ 
Wrij;!u John. 7.^ \\est Deuham 
\\' 1 1-lr. CiiAULi:-^, u Jack.-on 

yuL.NG C. li. lid W. Brookline 

C'ui'peii t t'i->'*V IiiiHi>et'i>' 

m'LlMl Ctl,V>. W. 4; Summer 

|]_OiriU-\ U. 7. il;ue,hiil 

jMCil, PlT.MA-W'iCU. ?>; I nion 

Blaekmau il-lir. ■:4 D\ 
LUiot il. F. i Lo., -\Kany, corner 

Cant n 
C.\l \K1' CII.VS. L. foot of Bea- 

^uuut luci'.ird.toi.t Deacn 
Ti!ornii~..n .\. II. X Co., Lmerald, 

I'.NUi.N c.vKiT.r i;i:AiJ.NG 

^ CO., lieiij. Mmmons, Cam- 
briuire, cor. Cnar.e^ 

|^u;t;iii \v.\i. 1.. a: ca1'K-V, 

nd ..::; Wuj,. 
[>Un.,K. VV. r. 1. 

i-. ii. .V CO. 114 

aiid :> M.u-ball 
l:Min,-r-...i J. 1 . .v- c... I i> T;-. ni.nt 
(jilil.l)-. ( U>i.>L.\, .V LA.\h, 

rjiui'u'A-^ ' (,1.0. w. X CO. ic; .1 1 laiiover uminu;.-. 

Cnnnin?luun B. P.,'*; Co. •.".«; Wah 
L''01..'^<">.M A. Jt SONS, 77 .Sun... 
nier tmanulacturer.s tl'.or oil 
Fol-ni J. B. .>Oti.-(oilclotli^) 
U^OWl.K. lOHKLV, A: CO. l',4 
^ Wa^hm-mn 

( ' (H.J> 1 U W ATI', SNOW. ,v 
^ KMGU 1, v; Wushm.'!,.ii 
Hervev W in. 11.,'^ ( o. :, Inion 
[ ,F.Vk.NAl(l) .>;; UAKi Li:V, 1 ! 
-^ llanwverand'yi Fnion 
J[^0\ FJOV J. ,<; SONS, 14 Sum- 

-Melntosh M. 01 Hampshire (rnau- 

.Miller P. H. Ut N'eruon 
Nuyjor Geo. liM Wash, (manuf.) 
X. E. Curiiet Co. 7i. to >.' Friend 
Packard 1'. F. Sc Sons, .jii Union 

and 4 :; Friend 
Peasiey i Bond, 4" Washinttton 
MBAVJ. H. SONS, & CO. r.'.; 
•*■ WnshiiiLiton. S', Franklin, ai,d 

01 and t^; llawley 
I'utney ,t Cordon, 7.-. votirt 
l>.c\'ii;RV CaRL'ET CO. 1-7 
^^ -M.Ik 

Sweetser 4 -Vbbott, 47 Temple r-l. 
WakeHeld Cyru.^. ou Canal •,c;uie 

Wentuoiih Fred. B. i: Co. M, 


CurpetiiiH:s (.Oil). 
pOLSiJ.M A. .Si SONS, 77 Suni- 
•'■ uier 

Cai'pet JLiiiin;;. 

^ CO., -Aliieo -Mayal, agent, :4-.' 

(.niip.viAN GEO. w. i CO. -y, 

^ Cur, and .-. Hanover 
Dunham Thomas H. 1^ >tate 

Cai-pet 3Ialiei-s. 

Berrv Kuchel, o7 Kneeland 
Clt'tc .Maria !• . 4.. Piedmont 
Carroll -Margaret A. Ii Noiloik id. 
Fisk Caroline H. rear 107 I'leasai.: 
llersey Sarah -A.. IS Winchester 
Hurley .Marv .Mrs. ■-".» Taber. wd.l:; 
Parker Dyuia O. .Mrs. 14.-.: Wa.h. 
Kowell -M. A. -•■IBradiord 
Stoddard Han let, iiOi- F. 
VoUNGA. 11. ;; Tieniont r-w 
ami 1- Howard (see paye 'j-1; 

Carpet iSlippei' ManuJ'. 

piilLDlPS E. B. 141 Pearl 

Carpet Sweepers. 

American Carpet Cleaning Co- 
•J. i'le.lp;, tit.i^. L'4 i.rem(<nt row 
Ri.Dbias .). .V. 7.:. i'ortiaud 
\yEED Oil^ 11. iCO. -J Court 

Cai-rJ:i<.ie 35oxer ami 

\^' ORiaS IS AlAH B. L'ti Beve: \J 

Cai-riase SJuiitlers. 

C-Ve <iUo \Vhi:clw, iijiiU.) 
.\l)bott, Downini:, .V Co. J- Broad 
Bailey i; York. 4 ; Bowker 
Bartlelt tiancis E. ■.■(J Iravers 
Ijartlett S. A. 7> Northampton 
ts-ueneid' r t . U. 1 17'.' 1 reiiiouC 
i,..te^ A. -M. 7.-; and lo Uuu.n 
Baiteimau John x Son, 47;; Har;i- 

Bml' George Ii., River, n. BUe 

Hill avenue, wuva bi 
Blood \. U.'. 10 UU i-.liot 
Blood <v Judki!,--, 14',' Ueaeh 
Lr.diiurd E. 11., Dorch. ave., co". 

IMtoWN B. F., Bowdoin, ue.;r 
-^ Geneva, ward 10 
Buriis.ue A. .d.H Washili'.:ton 
Chiimberlam H. B., Harn.-on aW- 

cor. l.n.-ti.> 
Curner W. A. 11 Temple nl. 
Dai v P. 77 1-11 til 

l^auiel^.-n ."^ loM'Si-i:. -!.-. Clun-.-- 
I )i.i,AM) h. 1 ..'v CO. .\>i-'n-'i 
-'-' ave.. oclnw .\lu.ot, P.O. aii'i:--' 

Dowlii.a J„hn .V Co. :.d Tiavem 
iMic.os a: Clluia-., ! 10 -Vluany 
Eiuot H. 1. 17.1 Iremoiu 
1 r\e J )■..", Di.rciu.vier 
Gnehiut Will. 171 Border. E.B. 

C .Li d d'hos. llo teaerai 

(J. I liNEV J. iHEO. ;. 4. and 

H.dl Janies .V Sen. .1 Hawkins 
j,^l.Ml!Ai,E IJUOs. 11- ^ua:>i-: 

-McGowen Geo. U. Lsj Second 



Gas Pixtures at Manufacturers' Prices, "aio ^l^^at^i;^.;:^ 4t"- 

D'l r.'''r:i}i' 




M>»rriom G. O., Dorch. ave. cor. 

Mit.'hfll i C". -'1 F.liot 

NicluiN D. v. Si Co. UN W. Brook- 

Paiiiu'rJ. A. 10 I<anonstcr 

Penn .lost-ph & Co. nU Friend (?x- 

IVrry UrQ,in>rd, 'J(l W. Brookhno 
I'ray Jujepu F., Beucon, opposite 

Fi.-rce .* Co. •><) Vernon 
KiiMli- Uros. 1 Norfolk ave. 
K'HS C. * Co. -li-'! Northampton 
S in;>!it & Him, L'' ti- .>i Howker 
^ t.>r.', Siicibuiv- 
C.VKGKNT \V.\I. P. & CO. U 
•^ Smlbiirv ami 1V> Treiuont 
Sawyer \V. "VV. (« Be\ orly 
Scott Jolin A. 4.i to 4-^ Warren 
>>ear*. Kiiiond, * Nichols, ir-^S 

Sladc Ho>rjrd, 2»i.> Federal aad 2S 

and ;;!' t-:;ist 

Smith John T. 18-V. Wash. 
slNOsV & ilAZELTINE, ©T 
•^ Wanh. (childrt-n .-) 
Swan Win. G., Neputi^ct ave.opp. 

Walnut, ward I'i 
Thomas CliMuiicey. foot Ch.?tnut 
TiickiT Win., Wudh. near Kiver, 

wai d 1<! 
Warnke E. 5'.1 Palmer 
Welcome F. F. IK' Summer 

Ciirrlaare I>e|io«lt«)rIes. 

Bates A. -M. 7:5 and -",) Union 
nOi^.MAN -M. & SUN, l.'l to 125 
^ Portland and IM Friend (^se*; 

puj,'e 7i):)) 
Elliot a. r. ir« Tremont 
Hale E. W. •.'.I and :^7 Uaverhill 
I-ourph & K.wlaiid, S and ia Eaat 
J^I.MiiALl. BROS. 112 Sudbary 

Prav J. F., Beacon, opp. Parker 
Kiddle Edward .v; Son, IJti Union 
*^ to r; Sudbury 
CAKUENT W.>r. P. & CO. 14 
^ Sud!>ury and l.Vi Tremout 
Scott John A. 42 to 4ti Warreu 
Smitli John T. ISjt \Va-,hini,'ton 
Tnurstoii i Strong, ls« Sumner 
Walker C. T. & Co. 'A Federul 

C;»rriu}ire Smiths. 

Arbuckle W. J. & Co. lOJ F 
iiracKett A. i). JS2 Suuwmut a%'e. 
Chill Leander, i*j Liverpool 
Daniels J., oorcli. uve., n. Corr.1, 

ward 10 
Dod;:e A Roweil, 1S;{ Portland 
l>odd (ieorge, Id Medtbrd 
Dowd I). « J. .x> Palmer 
ilatnaway Saniuei, i.>4 Border 
Kennedy John, ■<;) Travers 
Luzell W. li. jiSon.'i Bumsteadct. 
Menniif Geo., Parker, , cor. J-ong- 

^wood ave. 
NeHinan Andrew W. 44 Eustis 
j^OUlNSON A. E. 14 J Second 

Welcome F. F. rear 187 Sumner 

Carrij»ije Si»«}, Hubs, 
NliitCtA, JCiiiis, uuU 

]|EEO CllAS. G. bO and SS Utica 
^^ (see pa^f ;;-k5> 

Cui-fltisre stock. 

.\merican Sleigh & Carnage Iron 

Co. :;t liowker 
(JOBH Z. & SONS, 27 John 

(.spring cushions) 
l>oii-f, Giloert, & Co. 37 Kilby 
Fouvr; Colburu, Si Co. J:Jl Aluk 
pKENCll s COFFIN, ::• Milk 

(' ILLETT E. A. & O. S. i: CO. 

^ 1)0 and iij Beverly unauurs. 

bent work) 
JEW KLL gEO. M. IW Milk (see 

PeaLoTy u.^l. Tj Kilhv 

j.'r.K,.) CU VlM.I.s G. -^j and S.S 

^•^ 1 tKM(,cvp.;.-e;.,;. 

V-'(«> 1 A. .M. i C. .M. >>; Beverly 
C'urrlu;:*' X«»|» 3i«»«l llar- 

s;r(>.>0.\UI) N. W. a: CO. 4*j 

'" ni.^h (Elastic, see iia^'e iJ'-i) 

I'nerljijfe 'rriimnlnif ■<• 

pitENCil Jt C<.>FF1N, i'j MUk 

• 'urverit. (,Ar'hitectti.raL) 
\[< SVVr J. J., Wureha.n, cjr. 
Muldeu (see page C7'J) 

Cnrvert*. (Omnm'-ntaL) 

Duroohe Frank, r. P.N >Jerrimac 
Diinonil C. C. 1".' Cwirt 
I-'mron Tliomas, ir.vj v\ash. 
Ilastin-s K. \\ . :.l C.-in'l 
||0\VAKU J. K. l.d Portland 

" Charle-town 
Lees A. ;>■> Smlburv 
l.<?onard, Clark, .t Co. 2() Beach 

.Mal;er E.:','.*<i Ircmotit 
McClelian Br.-;. i;';i I'ortl.and 
Molntvre .t (iiea-on, :.'l C-ni'l 
;\|OL'Ll'ON BKoS.:;i Way 

Mullisen Michael, 9 Bowker 
Nve .\ltred, 114 H-.irrison ave. 
Ostheiiner A. 4>v; Tremont 
pElIlCE GEO. W. 71 Sudbury 

Pinsonault L. Ud Portland 
Priestinan James. 4^ J Tremont 
Qainn C. F. AJ. E. Uo Portland 
Scallan L. 4.V. Tremont 

Carvei's (Ship.) 
Ha-atincrs E. W. 51 Commercial 
Mcliitvre x Gleaso,,, -1 Com'l 
Ituiimey'; Com'l 

Ciirvluff Tools. 

'• Washington (see pr.^'e 704) 

Ca«ik. l>ealer«. 

II ILLS WUIGHT, 145 and 157 
^^ Sunmer, E.B. 


pEAK JOHN & SON, 14*5 Friend 

Castor Oil Stuffing. 

>JOYES PERSON, 47 India (see 
-^ pu=/e >i-i) 

Cast Steel l^ocomotive 

q^AFT JOHN B. 10 Oliver (see 
"*■ tront colored page) 


Doolinfj James, 124'.» Wa>h. 
Moore J. J.5Citv Hull ave. 
Reed L. E. W.'L' Wash. 
Smith J. B. Vi Bulimch 
Tutta Wm. 7^7 Washington 


PJSPH AM JOHN F.,Com'l, opp. 
-^ Park, wd. 10 

RRaV Sc ilAYES (Roman & 
-^ Portlan<i)l45.Miik 
Brighain i Piper, 'JJO Federal 
Cook, Jordan, & Morse, Albany, 

loot ot -Maiden 
trOMONI) JAMES & CO. 394 
^ Federal 

/'ORELY G. IE, 15 Doane 
^ (v.liolesale) 

UOXIE T. W. &CO. "3 Long 
■*-•■ wharf, (Newark Co's, Koniaa 

& I'ortland) 
JNGRAHAM D. H. 75 State 

\rERCIIANT S. L. & CO. 27 
■''-'- Central wharf (Portland and 

Roman, see pa^-e ti4>) 
■[.JOBY D. i CO. i^5(' Causeway 


■^ j<< Cl'nl:^e^s uee pat'e 0.-'..^ ) 
IT.nION SI'ONE Cu. -■! Kilby 
^ (see inside back cover) 
Vulanite Leather Cement Co. 

5.»<i Wajhiiiffton 
W'ALUO J. ADAN, 13 Liborty 

** -<|. (see front Colored pa-e) 

♦* ^el Federal 

WriNG.ii. IE .-k: FIELD, Otis wf., 
.** I'.is liroad 
Y0( NG & E.MERSON, 75 State 

■*• a;ia 413 Coianv/ri.'iai 

Chain Cable* and 

P E A R I N G, K ( > U .M A N. & 
••■ SWIFT, -; and S-y C.KUuer- 

ci'tl (-.ce pa-'e 'i.'M 
''' -.i^ Com mere lal 

Chain Makers. 

L^EAHlNf;, K OILMAN, «: 
^ SVVIF r, •_■.! aiMl -.7. >.>.iiimer- 

ciai ^^ee put-e i^'.'S) 
Hl'.l BrotnerH. t.cor. Tl-ird 
VV-^ALDKON J. \. .t liKO. H'. 
Court I martili^'iiie chau.s and 
j;ag dropi tor liariieis; 

Chair IVealern antl 

J^OSSOM i I'.OltSH, CM Albany 

J^OSTON CHAIR CO. 14t North 

JjOWKER F. IC'J Fulton 

IJrown W. ri. HI Fulton 
Chapman Wm. !••; Fulton 
Conant Brothers & Co. IC Rich- 
Oerbv P.* Co. 141 North 

Hod^e A. S. i Co. 70 !■ uUon 
Uoilhon Henrv, "-J Fulton 
Ilolman R. t;5'Fiilton 
McLean, Dickerinan, <• Co. 178 

]<^£OORE J. A. lOSand 112 Fulton 

>^ EAGLE WILLIA.M.lir, North 

Nichols Wm. 1(»1 Cro«s 

Parker, White. <•^ 102 North 

tnianuf. cane scat) 
Perry J. W. .t Co. 57 Fulton 
jJEIRCE F. & CO. 70 Richmond 

Safford Hiram & Son, 4 North 

Shattuck W. G. 72 Fulton 
Stuart B. & J. H. frl .^ pu Fulton 
Stuart F. E. it ". tnul 101 Fulton 
Stnrtevant C. W. !»7 to in; Cross 
Tlifnip-.on, Perlev, & White, 159 

Wadeworth Geo. P. 173 Fulton & 

!!'S Commercial 
Watson J. 77 Fulton 

Chair ManuTs. 

Anderson John, Linden, n. Dorch. 

ave. wd. Iti 
-^' (see page 04*.;) 

■^ BaKsett, 144 North 
Comins Bros. Merrimac 
-^ 1211 Portland 
Goss Geo. D. 144 Blackstone 
] rOLMES F. M. i CO. ISO Ilan- 
-^^ over 

Hod(?e A. S. & Co. 74 Fulton 
IIL'BBARD J. C. 701 Washing- 
-*-^ ton 
]y£O0RE JAS. A. 108 Fulton 

Roach Geo. F. .<c Co. 121 Fulton 
^HALES D. .^ CO., First, befn 
"^ E and F (see pajre lOj) 
Stuart F. E.9:! and 101 Fulton 
Thompso 1, Perley i Waite, VJi 

Chalk. (Importers.) 

rT.4.SSE & PRATT, Maverick, n. 

Orleans, E. B. (see pa?e tW7) 

\JERCHANT S. L. i CO. 27 

-^ - Central whf. (importers, eee 

pa,'e ''A') 
i-:TlCKNEi- J. W. & CO. &i 
'-* Broad 
'J'OWNSEND T. W. P20 Milk 


(^ AVES T. E. & F. II. 10 

^ Peniberton sq. 


I^ O G G JULIAN A. 1141 

•*■ Washington 

VVrAi.DKON J. V. & BRO. 115 

^^ Court 

Check and Ticket X^um- 

Hathaway Alfred, 114 Wash. 

Check SaanuTsi 


••'' iiruttle S'luare (see pa;re 044) 
I^OBBINS D. C. 4.' Kiieeland 

l>OliBlNS JOHN, 42 
^*' (bagi:a}.'c) 

Chemical Apparatus. 

^ :;i2 Washington (See page OiJ.) 
Spracue A. W. 'J Bromrield 

Chemical I^xti-acts. 


W Vlti,|f,,i'S! 


TIT ^T'TTT Dl?2 't*^-* Wawhlniton Street, lloston, 

k 12LI UXVll^O, It. JllOl.i.lAO-i *fc CO., 

iit Io»v pr.ves. 




Ap[il< t'»n 0>-on'f II . Kir»t, n. I> 
JiAliCut A JAMKS K. A: CO. 
■*-» M U..vl.-tr.n i-'i- i.:u'^ '■<-') 
Bay ^uit'.- Cli< riiiciu Co., H- Hus- 
ton. SkTfnt, :i"> \V;it»T 
inmi. Iitlti (>uviil,5 llunipden 
Boston O.eniicul Wnrki:. K.twnr.l 

Ci>ani»-rluiii & Co. -l Cfntrul 
■*' Libt-r' V gfiiiure 
U<.»tiMi l;,\-«.<i(l i Chemical Co. 
11.; M IK 

Bl SU <;K(). U. &C0.7Battery- 

4 hiiiiiyN .% Ilorton, tJ Centnil 
(^OCIIKANE A. .% CO. 11* Broad 

Lvun» IL P. .% Co. .-i-j VnintcT 
>n-« mar. Wn.. F. & Co. 11 India 
ll..tjl)^. I'opt, * Co. (.importers) T21 
I ll(xl:;i-i Coolidge, & Co. 1 Central 

r- MA.WING MANUF. CO. 147 
a -^^^ Miik 

/ Mcrriiiute Chemical Co., C. T. 
-- Ilo*-arJ, trcnc, Lt-nj. Iloward'a 
Sons, iuei!tj, i;i Douae 

WKT* :a},F THKU. * CO. 
i>:i Trfiiont (see pugi> ti'^U 
New Kr.L-laiid Cheinicnl Co., VVm. 

H. F. M.r.tii-;.s. hJMiik 
N. E. I'hiiruiaceutk-iil Co.. "W. J. 
Stet.'on.jr. trtim. U ' C'>mmerciul 
^^ l,VK'i n:jrtss (.see pncrc t2'")) 
Pettcs G. W. .t Co. JJM Milk 
Salem Laboratory Co.. T. P. 

^VMlon.l^. Mtreiit, 3 Central wf. 
Snrtoik Chemieal Co. 3:,' North 

■*■ Bn.a.l 
Whitiitv ]). R. & Co. 110 Milk 

WIN-"' '>\'' ^v. n. & CO. 147 

»'' Milk 


Atwood C. H. 14 ( entral wharf 
"6 A B C (.) C K J A M i; S F. 8 

'*-' lioj Uiou (:iTii'.l.\ lipiil und ton- 

sui'tiir.'. sef pjue (jC'.i) 
Baxter K"bi rf. I'M IL.riison ave. 
Brown J,.li!i 1. k Soii«, -Jt; Ki-^ex 



L^0L>UM JAML.-i. 'lai Commer- 
"*■ cin! aid 1 1 astt-ni avenue 
Jt'OAVLt. ULNRV U. 71 Prince 

rjILM AX AL 4CS Broadway 

Greenorsh B. F. '■)[) India 
Ilawes J. 11., Vi h.iha wtiarf 
liuyes A. A. Ji State (iinalyticnll 
Hayes S. D. -Jti State (analvtical) 
Hodges C...,li(lir<-, & Co. I'Centrul 

« hsirf (inannt- ; 
JJ^OLLIS THu.MAS. 2.3 Union 

Jnck«on C. T. 47 Courtfaiialytical) 
l.B Kothe A.* Ci'. .T Cl lilhani row 
Lathuiii J. .<: Co. •.".»_' Wash. 
Merrick & Grav. .',;i Bn-ad 
•*■ l.VJ C'T,i.'re-.8 (nianufacturers, 

see puce Ml.")) 
Oxnard Knbett, l.T [)n.ine 
Frtston A: .Mtrrijl. 77 State, and 57 

I'urclnii'e (.maiiutV) 
CMienilotH* OIa««s "Ware. 
Sumiford Jolin VV. & Co. :>> 

Cheroot Miinufat'turer. 

CLADK <JE UGK F. 14 Broad 

^ (manutactoiy, 3 School, at 


Chl;;;iion ]tlilliuf. 

Norria Juniah. rvar ^n; Wnsii. 

Chll(li*t*ii*M 1t«>itiiet>(, 

.lotkey*, «V:« . 

gllEPLlL Ut L. & Lu. 17 Milk 

C"hn«lren'» C'i»rrlatre«. 

jl^BBuTT & BROOKS, I« West 

KtMlifrnoji A Peat orjv. h F. 11. sq 
f:nt,.i). J..,,!.-. .V (,,.'(, Ih,liMi.s hk. 
||LVKll liiiOS. UX> Suiiuner 

|.;iM BALLS. H. 25 Union .<£ Diuton. 77 rn!<.n 
J^VPPLN <t. & CO. 2t; l^oLk t<\. 

J{ rh»-l-on IL M. 77 Union 
, vVajiti. 
Kamner M. B. 57 Temple j Uce 

Chliiinc}' Sweep*. 

Ahleton F. IH Itnittle 
Scarlett Ji.i,ep!i,44J Brattlo 

Chimney Topn. 

-*-* Province court < ve pnje 7n\) 
1-1).M(>M> J A. MLS .!L CO. .i'.i4 
-^^ I'c.leru) 

<»:T01(Y .'^ MFLLF.X, 112 Tre- 
'^ m.ia 

WALUO J. ADAN, T, Liberty 
sq. (.-ee iVolit col'd 

China t'lay. 


■^ Fe.l.iul 


-^'-^ C.-ntial whf. (^ce pascl^^n) 
WALDO J. A1>AN. Ui Liberty 
si\. I bee lioni col'd page) 

China l>ecoratorii. 

Boston China iJ.coratiug Co. 

Porctlain place. \A) i oplar 
J^KIGGS KICHaKD, 1;j7 Wash. 


VRLNCH ABllAM & CO. 151 
■^ Milk 

^ STRATTON, -JS So. Market 

(see pH,i.'ei^7> 
Qiif en or ^llel)a Importing Co. 322 

Walter Theodore. 21 School 

China Jtepalrer. 

Clement K. To Trtmoiit 


Bond L. E. 17 H-b-n..* 
Caro t. A. Mrs. HLV Wa*h. 
Chntr.n G. L. 5 Mik 
Eck.^tudt John G. 7;i Hanover 
GoiUdsbiirgh J. .M. oiii Tremont, 

and o Church 
Kenison N. A Son, 57 Temple pi. 

and :J7 Tremont 
Kenison Parker, Ho Treinont 
Perkinii F. B. 3 Waiter 

Chocolate Maiitif's. 

RAKLK WaLILU & CO. :.01 

^-' State 

pKESTON JOHN, 1C2 State 

VVE'^K JOSI AH & CO. 48 Cha- 

^ * thaui 

Chopping; 3Iachlne*. 

()SBORX LOllS. 7j .Mar;;inal, 
'-' i.pp. C'.inard'B wht.. E.B. (see 

page lirO) 
Chi'onio IL,ltln>tc«"a|»her». 

■^ & GRFLX, l.> Bowk.r 
■1>U1: FORU JOHN IL iW Wash- 

URANg".. & CO. 2182 Washing- 
■^ ton 


•r)RY ANT GEORGE S.&C0.34 
-•-* Bronitieid 

-•-' Kl.NS, 11 ; SVach.iMe p. M\) 
•^ NuVL>. 1.7 Trenuuit 
••■ l.'l Couit(sce iiu«e ;ul) 



-•-* Cou-ress 

_Jy|UXHuE JAMES, 127 State 

Church Furulture. 

-'-'- Canal 


-^ KLR. lo-> C.'iunur'l 
Harris Bios. 'Jti fq. 
C I F K I . L K VI X E (i A R 
^ WOP.KS, Luke Peikiub.u-t., 
is: WhUT 

Cltfsir .tlaiiuractiirers. 

Ab^rlt .Jucc.h, H H-..'-vard 
Adaoi J.ti'.n, i-!4 L.u.t 
Allt n .V to. :►:<> llunorer 
B.rki r J. * Sun..-.-, Ne«.l:inil 
URKWFR C. vt .SONS. 14 South 

-'^ .\tarl^,.U>..-p;.-,. ,.■^^ 

(] .\ P. Ill 1 II C. IL Ic CO. 40 

K.idHoui J..»eph,G) Broad 
LMU.iCU WM. S. Jr. 'JCbaii-,'c 

Geishocker Matthew, Prencoft 

cor. Eustij 
Q.ILLETT O. L. 15 Broad 

r^OTTHARDT H. M. G Court 
^-" s<|uare 

GrceriUiit S. '.) India wharf 
• Hairis I. I'Oi; llunovcr 
Jacobs J. •_';;'.• IVderal 
T ACOBSON J. 7 Broad ("see pace 
*^ IW.>) 

Kimball Charles'J dnnliridce 
Kevoii N. B. I'.xiConiinerciul 
Lakemun J. E. 51 Conniiercial 
Lopez F. .'d ConiTuerciul 
Lulz P. i:t;4 Tremont 
Mucuire D.J. 17.>t Wa^hinn.ton 
Martin A. A. 1.^ Lewis. E.B. 
.Miles J. Frank, i-jo Wash. 
Koliini-on J. W. 3 Lewis 
Rvley M.;;.i Snowhill 
^LADE GEORGE F. 14 Broad 
^ (cheroots) 

Smith Thomas E. 377 Washini^ton 
Swain O. J. ^^ Co. 22 Elm 
VaTi Etnden A. 17.'> Doichester av. 
Wi.itt .<: Bonil, 4 Bhickstone 
Wilder & Estubrook, 7 Com'l 

Clffiir and Snuff* Stores. 

(^e al.-'o Tobacco.) 
Abraham Ferdinand. 11*;'.) Wash. 
Abrums Harriet. liU Caluit 
Adam Mar-Chwc ,141 Lli..t 
Adler Wm. I114-) Trei.;o,,t 
Alles John, I5<; Canil)ndi.'e 
Ashton J. II. .0 N. Market 
Bacon S. IL 27 Green 
BarRcbulir Max., 1140 Wash. 
Barneit K ate. i» Leverctt 

BARRETT C. B. 46 i 4^5 Xortli 
Burrv Simon, 27 Orange 
Bassett Wm. A. 57 Eim 
Beaven T. S. 117 D.uch. avenue 
Beinbar.l B. S. .ii' Lli.-t 
Benihurd Daniel, 62 Eliot 
-'-' South Market (see page <>4) 
Bricklev John J. 5.J Enieisyu 
Brombrn,' Levi, li'.Jj Tiemont 
n A RR 1' T H C. H. i CO. 46 
^ Hanover 
Clevt riy H. F. KX) E.-^sex 
Conaut C. P. 177 Wa.-h. 
Crawford T. 462 Broadway 
Cutting A. A. 72V Wa>h. 
Dashuck A. 5 Hotel Pclham 
Dashuck J 7 Camden 
Davenport & Le-s, ;,'J Broad 
De.Mena M. F. 17 Water 
^^ Hanover and L>Treiuout 
]<]LL1S C. C.y Boybston 

Ellis Geo. A. 141 Hanover 
Efoerson Alice Mrs. 1773 Wuah. 
Emer^o^l & Co. l4_l'ortl:tnd 
Engei Isaac, l.'M.'i Tninont 
Estabrook R. & Co. 7n Wash. 
Forrester M. -Jl Ftderid 
]^''KETCH WM. S. y ChaTi-e ave. 

Gnlnaizh Edwnni. 10 Stillman 
Garve> J. A. lij Lcverett 
(j|,ILLETT O. L. 16 and 17 Broad 

Giro & Parets, 72 and 374 Wa^h. 
Goldsmith Nathan, S14 and .?71 

Gott F. M State 
( 'OTTIIARDT II. M. G Court 

Gotthiudt S. US2 Washington 
Goulston E. .s. l.vs State 
(jraiit Ge.'. Iii7'.l Wa.-hin^ton 
Green Chas. Iv7 Canibricue 
Gn.,|jiiiski M. J.'.H \Va:,li. and U 

Court .^.juare 
Gr/vmiseh Samuel. 21d Tremont 
GnjL'enheim J. 176i Wa,-h. 
Hale (ieo. E. ::! Tiemont 
Hanibro L. lo-lJ Washmu'tot: 
Heinnian D. 6J4 Wa>niiigton 
Hamilton .<: Breniuui. CU iVway 
Hurt Abram.l.iVJ Wasldngtou 
H..>kell L. p. 13.-; .suiuiiur 

Helibach Wm. l.'Jl TiCinont 
llincke (itistavu-'. 26 Boyl-ton 
Hyains Henry M. .W4 Wualun'^tDn 
H.vams S. .M." ■-■:;; Hanover 
Jackson Bros, .'i-w BrouUway 
Johnson N. 77 ILmover 
Kie-.->ling J. airent. 6V Eliot 
Kmioail P. S. :,»[ Wa>!i;n.'ton 
Kiii.iM.l John .V C'. ;:o6 Wa>h. 
Kr.ilt Lor. 11/. >. M Cl,. rrv 
Kru'i.-e F. is t\ iiit 
T ANZA C \i:l.()S. 121 Wujh. 
-'"' vimporter, -i-». pugf mt) 
Luthrop W. L. 4.) Conj^ress 


ulterrtl and 
I et>iiilreU 


oiiiierted at i>h'»rt notice 
IC.ilOl.I.iACiS »4: CO., 

q^Q AVa»hlna 

ijyjii tou St. 

uuaiUi?* liuai-M-aa jjiitjcviuui. 


Leonard D. A. filS Br.vidway 
I,..nlJ"hii.4 Cnii>owav 
Xaiik-i J. 1 India 
W i-nire Daniel J. K.H Wash. 
.Mjrtid AntoiiK" A. 1> Lewis, K.B. 
X.i^M' Mdtir. Ul-; \V:i-.h. 
Mil"(.iiiiill Jamc'i \. 4<' Salem 
M-Klr.iV- M, II. .V C.>. -.H l!r..a.l 
M.'l-<''><1 Geo. .M. *.-■.,nTCiaJ 
Morrill * Cliurch, Ml Su.t'niry 
M>rvt;r«oi, Albert, ini \V a-U. 
MiUiitCliarl.-s A.-'; Bopler, E.O. 
,M:I.s.I. F. ■.-.■<» \V..>lun,'ton 
^iri'OIIKLL A. K. ;s Central 

Mock G. net WiL-^luuzton, and 

rj3'; Trentniit C.y.r C.tinbr d./.' 
Morsi- Sumuf), I.^lii Wash, 
MossdorfKr.d. I Lucai 
Mower J. W.'.n Vuum 
NfLTUu A. In; Cimhri.^e 
N.'Noii Uiiirv. I Lin. '.ail 
N'-wliull. Kiniball, A Co. 4 City 

Hall avenue 
a:tfM;.'cr Jo^e|.h lU Pleasant 
Faine Josepli, l.s;i.' Wu'ih. 
Parker Cha-;. D. l.i:» IJmadway 
Park Isaac, 1.">S D^irenriter ave. 
Perkins & \V(M>dman, i:^ Milk 

Piirci.- I'hllii., -jI West Canton 
UIEKCt: S, S., Treinont, corner 
*■ Court 

Punch »)avid.4!4 Tremont 
Quick liros 47 and 4 ' Sudbury 
(^iiiim Krancis. >~-' Merriroac 
Q'liiin Joseph, M.' jouth 
Ociinn J.;wl Federal 
Ki.l.lin F. L. & .J. A. 14<; Hanover 
Rand.dl Geo. II. ,& Co. ll/j State, 

a. id sn Treiiioiit 
Roddeli EiUunl .t Co. .*i Carab'ge 
R>ed J. Iv. P. l';>t;,te 
Ki<,h I. A. 1.54 Court 
Richards C. A. i Co.W Wash. 
Kobinso.i J. \V.3 Leu-is 
R)ck P. E. i>j.3 Huu.-ver and 31 

Roscubertr Samuel. "TV Pleasant 
Kussell H. H. IJ, Tr.-.aont 
SaniutI Nathan, :U and !s Kilby 
Sanborn .V. H. o Cluirdon 
Stiuttuck & Farwei!, ',1.' Court 
hij;wiirt F. W.'^ I'reinont 
Simpson W. L. .C Co. 44 Camb'dge 
Slade Heurv, Ki') State 
Shide L:i Kov S. L'4 Uroad 
Smallev L. \V'.;!J Ciurt 
Smith Geo. O. li»Lii, l:ill Thotnus K. ;j;; 

c.MiTH Ralph & co. l-oex- 

^ chanoe 

Sotari G. & Co. S.s Union 
Spellniun .M. J. 7(i P..;t!and 
Stadel.nan Ch .s. X. >;;ii Wash. 
yXEFFKXS i\ W.iJltJ Wathin?- 
^ ton 

StegMiutdler F.J. ^ Paul 
Stevenson .). L. ".' i". 11. square 
Susmann Bros. It I'ltl in 
Swain U. J. & Co. _■.• Llm 
Sweetser 15rus. M'i <outh Market 
Taniienbauin J. IM;' \Va.,h. 
Tewk;d.ury T. S. i Co. -10 Tre- 

Thayer E. I. S. i) Beach 
ThoMip*iii A. J-J't Broadway 
Trui>er Henry. IS, Court 
Turner C. E. .<: Co. l'.s", Hanover 
V<:rveer L. .tfj ll.m over 
Waitiwriirlu L. l.'i .■Minnier, E. B. 
V>«ltt i Uoiul. -.' S >rt:x 
W;i8,..rhoehr Clias. L..") iLmovcr 
Wasserbochf J. E. i: Sou. SS Han- 
Weil Isaac, 'is Uroaii 
Wed Fred. -1 H..*ii,d 
We^eiiskv.!. liw Broadw-av- 
** W.i,!,in 'ton 
Whiti.,n E. .V. .Mrs. ji.-si Wash. 
VVhiton J.P. -t i;r.,4d 
Whitou .L W. -J'l V:-.Mnre 
Wil.i.ri E-tai.n-.k.r C^m'l 
Wilkiuioi, L. II. M Suiibm-v 
W,>if,[,,se!.li,.VM W.;,|,in-tbn 
W,„ct.ier A. W. .', G .en" 
W-ri.-t.t .<: (iouM. 1^ ii-v Nton 
YouHiC II. W. i7.<:, W;j_.luni:toa 

CWtern Jluildor. 

Slade Wm. J. l.-.i aad Iv; Portlaad 


Si- alA't M.^KtH.'-ai j:,i-jiii/-i',f.) 
^^N!>1:KN ALU\N', 4 Liberty 

Apphton nl*. II Peinb.rton 8 1. 
Appl.t-.i. T. 11 IVmbertoi, «<j, 
A;<liburner ^diiiuei, .11 Kilby 

B«rbour Win. S. -JH 'iUU\ n>om .Ui 
HitChelder,). M. !•; lN:n;nTtoi, .r^. 
UAl'LMV.N (II \^. H. 7 C-nrt 
-»-' so. roMiis (1 aii^l 4' Kt'- p. TiMj 
l{Atl> M(>>K-;..-d Water, r.H;ni 

^ :!Mts-,.e p:.-ei;i4. 

Hreck C. K. C. M SV.ish.. room -.'. 
Hr-L'.s L. .V Co. SI Wi-h., n.'.m :W 
Carter T. W.. Sevser oIKce, C. Hall 
(]0()K IIUL'TS, .Sears building, 
^ ro.iiii.";*; 
Crafts N. Henry, City Hall (City 

Davis Tlios. W., City Surveyor, 

Ci'v H dl 
Ellis S. Cliirvnce, Surveyor's office, 

Citv Hall 
Fri/rll J. P. ", S.. irs biuldin:: 
|h^K JST BROS. -IS Coruhiil 


^ Wit<h. room 4 
Garhett W. X. lij Guild row 
Gates Sti ph'-ii K. 4i> Court, rin. 'iO 
Gav Chii^. W. VM) Dorchester 
Gran-er David & Sou, 13 Old 

State ILiustt 
Harris Charles, Supt. Streets. City 

Henck Edward W. 2 Cox build's 
Henck L B. 41 State 
llepineii/e L. ,"i Pcnh'Tton p<!ii ire 
XT Ei^SCHKL C. :♦ State (also hy- 
^^ dra ilie en-.nceri 
TACKS! »N W.M. II. ;« School 
** room G 
Learned W. P., City Eng. ofSce, 

City H.-ill 
Lewan do Clias. .'^.U Studio buildin;^ 
Mmley H.. City Engineer's oriice, 

Citv Hall 
McConnell Walter F., City En- 

ameer's olRce 
-Minot S. L. 7 Court sfj., roini 47 
Morton C, Cits- Surveyor's o.tice 
Moses II. IL;i;5 Dullev 
Mo-es T. U. I Dudley block 
Natter E. ■'! Sciiool, room 2 
Noble John. •"D Court and << Win- 

throp block. K.B. 
"\OTT GOllDON" H., Bo.^ton & 
-^^ Low-ell H. H depot, Causeway 

(see pa^^e 0.W) 
Perkins C. C, Surveyor's ofliee, 

City Hall 
Pette W.diiarn. Citv Hall 
8ultin;r eoL-ineer, Hoosac Tun- 
nel, iJ West 
Pratt r. Willis, Sears building, 

room oO 
Ric!\ardson Geo. L. 2S State 
Kobiii,on J. R. -^ State 
tCHEDD .% SAWYER, T Court 
'^ -quare. rofiiii-'ls (see puae (o'i) 
C .MI ru SI.MEuN B. j^i BroiP.- 
^ field 

Tidd .M. M. n; Court, room IS 
Tower G. B. N. i Pemberton sq. 
Tuilor Fre'lerick, Scars' buiklinff, 

rooin Tii) 
Wadswnrth Alex. 9 R. K. Ex- 

Wr'-v'sH JAMES. 7 Court sq. 
'* roon» 41 (See i.a-e (i;!:)) 
Whitman H. V. SI VVsish., room .'5 
Whitney W. IL, Surveyor's ottico, 

Citv Hull 
Wiahtman H. M. ass't City Ea- 

■jincT, Citv Hdl 
Wilson H.Tirv \V. 1:hI Don-loster 
Wood C. H. W. J.' Guild lo.v 

Cr.iini .\K'e»tH. 
TJKLL JAMES U. I.' old State 
^^ House 

Clark I. P. 11.! Washin,i:ton 
Cowlev Charles, -.-7 Merciiantj Ex. 
Dre* S. S.."^l Court 
Dvcr Franci.-- S. .s;t Wash. 
Ei.-tc'ier jM-i.ih,.",.-, Court 
Gav El.e:,e.^,T.4-' CourC 
Holibs Wm. li> S[ate 
Howe .M. G. .;.-) (.".iiirt 
.Murdock J..SI Wasli., room 2-2 
Prescott Levi T. ■^^; Court 
Woodman Horatio, ;',r Court sq. 


nOUTKLLE S. A. .M.-s. 07 
^* Frien.l 

Chandk- C. Mrs. 'i Garaux place 
Currier John H. .I'.t Wall 
I'el-au.-r Mad o„e, L' ; Winter 
D.>x!er K. C. .Mrs. y.ii Lreniont 
l.l!.)'il;a A. -Mrs. ■.,",• WiulMiipton 
Eidri L'.- A. Mr^ 1 Oak 
l-ro,.- ^l...i^•M, v; (i lU'h 
Fp.:.C's ^. J 'vV i.r.'ir.Mi 
b.ieul J. \(. \lr<. i :l Harrison av. 
(i IV M. <■. I,'.' U .;Ti.-on .iwtiue 
Huse A. li. 7 I'reio.'utn.w 
Jepson Alice .Mn*. 1:V Harr. ave. 


L)>c.'!^« Chun. Mrs. M Essex- 

1^ vrilAM J. .<: A. C. -./.' Wush- 

liaiira \( i l.-une, I .Viulerson placo 
Litch L. W. Mrs. l.;;Coort 
Mnnder W. U. .Mrs. 170 V\-. Sprinif- 

X.Weil L. E. Mrs. <;:s Wa.ih. 
Palmer Ft .raJ..-.;f Pleasstot 
Ploml> J. L. Mrs. CV.) Wash. 
Porter M. A. .-^ La (irai,.-e 
Roval Grace, ,'>>.•< W.^^ll. 
S K^'eiit L. A. .Mrs. .;.' West Cedar 
Wil<ou Aiuiii Mis-, 7ii IVeinont 
York Loana, ■>4 PU'a.*ant 

CTUItBS J. A. 1^-J Commt 
•^ (see pager,,;;*) 


(JAVERLY CIIAS. Ju. 47 Coa- 
greas, r<K>nj .-i^ 


(S>'ttU'{or^r h^ston Churrhrs.'t 

Ah'ne F. R. fC, T.) P.easatit, cor. 

Pearl, ward Id 
Alden Ed:uuri I K. (0. T.) 44J 

Alexaiider'A. (Jewish) 20 0-an?e 
Allen llowland H. (C. T.) 18 Wal- 
nut, w o-d n; 
Ames.L A. ( ,M. E.) If, Dover pi. 
An-ier L. H. (,P, es.) (^) Broadway 
Bab :ock Wm. G. iC. U.) It; Flor- 
Ba 1 .'er H. C. (C.U.) 220 W. Spriu"- 

Barrows B. W. (B.) Plain st. vd. 16 
Barrol Cyrus A. (Coiijj.; 17 Chest- 
Buss Henry (M.) Adams House 
B.'ckley Jidm T. (B.), Somerset .st- 
Bu-elow I. B. (M. E.) at .\c.poas-t 
B.a-den Geo. W. (C. T.) 4 J Bow'- 

Bluik.e Alex. ( IVes.) at Forest Hill 

Bienkinsop William A. (Fi.C.)5o 

Bradiee (\ileb D. (^C. U.) 17 Ches- 
ter I'ark 
Bradv Kot.ert W.(Fl.C.U(>^» S.dem 
Bri-x's L. L. (\-v.) 7.! W. Broo'<line 
Br., mil Tiieo lore vL.) hU Chelsea 
BiooKs Ph! Hotel Kemp- 
ton, B.TK.ley cor. Xewhurv 
Burroughs Henry (E.) 6J Mt. 

Bush S. W. (C. r.> 42 Cliauncy 
Buteux S.(,R. C.)7-;i Harnsou ave 
Byrne Wm. . R. C.) lUi: Wash. 
Byr:ies 1' O.V. Circuit 
Cun(dl .Vn^'elo t,Sl. E.) Vi Temple 
Carpenter C. . (C. U.> Conim m- 

weaith ll.):el 
Carroll M, X. (R C.) r. St. Pat- 
rick's Church. X'ortnainpton St. 
Cassim Joseph 11. (R.C.) 404 .-sujU- 

uer, E.B. 
Chanev (ieo. L. (C. U.) Cominou- 

wcalth Hotel 
Charlier Alpiionse (R. C.) 7iJl 

H irnson avenue 
Ciieney- D. B. (!{.) 27 Saratoga 
Clark Geo ..M. (Pres.) .'7ti .Me.idian 
C arke .as. 1: . ^C. U.) 4J Chauacy 
Clarke Wm. yl\.) Forest Hiil ave. 

cor. Saiitora, ward Id 
Clinch J. H. ,,E.).M4Broidway 
Colby Levn.s li>; Bovlst n 
C.)!lyer Is-.uic J. P. ( .M. E.) :J Kear- 

;iargo ave. 
Conlan .M. (ii. C.) <i Allen 
Converse Geo. S. (E.) P.S Cedar 
CooKc Henry A. (B.) VM Salem 
Cooluk-e J. i. T. (E.;;i*J Broad- 
Crut't ■Samuel B. (U.) 2Ul Shaw- 

iiiut ave. 
Cudworth W. H. (C. U.)l .Meri- 
Cii:inin?haui C. (E. A.) oj 

Cusiiman Henry L(Cv.) 1;V1 War- 
Daily John J. (R. C.) II'JJ Wash. 
Davenport J(dniS. ^C. A. C.) 7.S 

Djyie< I'hion, (.Missionary) 102 

1) '/'kl'r'wm H.(M. E.), X. R^.s-cll 
Denii^i.'ii tieu.i.E.; 4.1 CheUea.K.B. 
i). Witl Juhu(C. P.) U) St. James 

Dexter Heii.-y M. (C. T.) IJ Corn- 
I/ic'^iTson Jaine* S. .I'lS ''ourtli 
Dolun .\Iieh (i:. C.).V. Broad-*ay 
I) .inpieri F. lU. C.) lo.i S dein 
Dow J. .M. H. i,C. T.) 47 Caani- 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases. Card «'='ii.\T,.VK'.'fuy.?i:i'OJ;.c:i!'^i?"*'- 

V ,r;i-)ClU 



Clri-^r/m^t—<jnn tin vp'I. 
Dunn Jatiies U. ^I'res.) l^^ West 

Duniiinv' A. K. (C. T/> 7'.<S Parker 
Ka.tbiirn >Jant<,n (K. > l->> Tre- 

La-tmiin I.iioius 1{- <C. T.) box 

in, I'rvmoiit 
Ediv {). C (B.> •->•*.' W. Spring- 

rirlj'uin.l!. E.iw;irl (Ch. ) 77 J)uvpr 
Kllis .\l.-xui.<l.r(H.) 5 ^t^.!lt:I>!. 

Kllif K,.Iu^(C. I .) 1": .M:iril,nru' 
> ii> IKiu' .-■; Warnii place 
J-arfll V. I'. iS. .v.; 7-) AVu-h. 
Kiti.Hi Jaiup.s I 11. C,i .Muverick 
Flutl. V M. b'. ( K. C.) 7.> AU.Hiiy 
J o<iti- Henry W. (,C. I'O J'> Brim- 
Fuit.m Justin D. (B.) 3-J Miltird 
Fulton K..b«rt J. (K.C.)7i:i llttfri- 

Fmbt^r Franklin (M. E.) Wash. 

near Siiiif.'rii, ward M 
Gallaphcr J..sM'!> H-'H. C.) r. St. 

Patrii^ks Chu.'ch, Nnrthanipton 
Gnrnfr W \\\. V. (B.) 0.> Ciiarlfs 
Gerhi K. O. S. F. i,R. C.) Fourth, 

near I 
Gi-rrv K.J. (C. T.) at S. nierviUe 
Gordon A. i.i 


. (B.) \nl W. Brook- 

Graham Wm. (Rtf. Pres.)170Tre- 

Gritrin James (R. C.) I'V, Vernon 
Cirimes Leunurd A.(ll. ) rhiUips ..*t. 
Giiinzburg A. <Pol. Jew), 7 -VV. 

Hale toward E. (C. U.) ■'a* High 

Hah H. P. CM. F.^ 1« Chester sq. 
Hall Xuthani-UC. T.) Coknnbia, 

luur Bellcvue, war^l Iti 
ll:»inbiir^_'Lr .U. J. (liol. Jew) 141 

llaiiutord J. L.(M. E.) f^> Appleton 
Jlnn?ur<)tto (Gcr. L,u.)7o ^haw- 

nnit avenue 
Hare Geo. S. (M. E.) 57 Rutland 
Haskins Geo. F. (,R. C.) -J North 

Hnye* S. H. (C. T.) church. Salrcn 

c. N. Benntt 
Ht-aU A. S. (R. C.) liyj "Wash. 
Heulv Jaine.i A. (K. C.) 7.> .\lbany 
Herrick Samuel E. (C. T.) Mt. 

Vernon thureh 
Hewilt tlonitio II. (E.) Linden 

liieh William C. (JI. E.) 41 Sara- 

toi?a, E.B. 
Hit/.elt)eru-er Alex. L.(R. C.) 7t;i 

Hiirrij'on avenue 
House T. J. B. (B:jp.") J4 Cortfs 
Hudson il. N. CE.) BuHrii^h pi. 
Jenkins .M. ( K. C.) K'.i ?altm 
Keily James (R. C.)!'. A!!-, n 
K.lly Wm. D. i. R. C.) 7.; Purchase 
Kin^ Edwanl P. (M. E.) K Kendall 
Kin„'ller.rv M. i B.) 1 l^unf-rth pi. 
Kirk Edward N. (.C- T.) o bum\- 

Krans Edward II. tE.) h. Fer- 
Lamb Peter F. (R. C.) Maverick 
Lane Michael ( K. (.'.).V) Bn>adwav 
Lewis Eviin cB.) 7t;7 Fourth 
J^ewi* J. J. <,Lv.> I'yi^ S venth 
Lilientlial L. M. (Jewish;, :.'4 Gcn- 

L Timer Geo. C. (B.) 50J Colum- 
bus uve. 

I^othrop .<uniuel K. (C. U.) 12 

Lyndon P. F. (R.C.) 6 Allen 

Manninjf Jacob M. (C. T. ) i> Boyl- 
8toii place [hers 

Mars John E. (.M.E.) i:;i Clrnm- 

.^U:Carlv J. < K. C.) .Maveiick 

.MoCo.klc Wm. A. (Pres.) 118 W. 
Che>tiir Park 

McNuity Iho-^. J. (R.C.) r>orche»- 
ter avt-ntie, ward l'< 

McCiuaid W. 1'. ( K.C. ) la- Vernon 

Mean* James 11 <C-T.) Washing- 
ton, nejir Centre, ward \>] 

M.-a!i8 J,.hn O. (,C. T.) 31 Mt. 
PliM^ant avenue 

Mills Will. H. (E.) Pleasant, cor. 
Pearl, Want M 

Miner Alonzo A. (Uv.) .V.^Colum- 
Ixi' awnne 

Slornmn Anthony J. fR. C.> 2 
North mimre 

Morrf.m U.iiry(M.)MiTean Chapel 

Morrirt-rankiin G. (M.E.) 112 

l'r:o,-.t E.B. 

M tt.' M. I. (C. C.)';w Beacon 
MuntforU Ihoa. J. (C. l".; Wash., 

corner Snnlord. ward \'\ 
.Murrr.v Wiiliu.-n H. 11. (C. T.) 

371 Wa»hinwton 

Neale Rollin II. ( B.) 1!> Somerset 
Nickcr^on A. S.M'. F.i «t(1 IC, 
Nuliol^oi, \v. K. (K.) i:;.loy 
Nopper F. K. ( R. C.) ::.' .Mnldlesex 
Novfs G.'or-e S.( .\L E.) 11 North -1(1 
(»'Brien Jiime-. K (H ( .1 V, Albany 
O'Callnloin D.iiiiis (K.C.) Dor- 

che-it.T St. 
O-Karrell I). J. J. ( R.C.) i North sq. 
O'llii^'en J. H. ! U.C.) 7-d flarr. av. 
OrcokJ. .M.(S. A.i t>. Kiieeland 
Palmer K. B. (L.)Jlt; Pierpont 
Parson» H. M.' U'les.; <,3 W. New- 
I'atterson A. J. (,1'v.) .'«S Forest 
Pehrx.son G. A. (!*. L,) 57 (iruy 
PI iUij)-! John C. (O. C.) 74 Marl- 
Praes.sur 11. ,R.C.).",2 Middlesex 
Prescott O. S. (E.; -f.' St:initbrd 
Pride E. W. (I'..) l>farl)orn st. 
Pureed J. B. fR. C.) U'.fJ \Vu-»h. 
Pntnam George (.C. V .) V.'.>) High- 
Rand Edward A.CC.T.) 1(1 Linden 
Reed Jamen (Swed.) 45 Pinckney 
Reeves U. M. t U.) study 1 Chardon 
Richard.son W. N. (.M. E.) 'M^> 

Rockwowi L. B. lit; Washinston 
Robhms Chandler (C. U.) 114 

R-.binson J. P. ( F.) 7<,t Bedford 
Roaers J. ( li. C.) Northampton st. 
RoWe C. 11. ( B.) Berkeley pl.wd. 10 
Rowell Nil than L. (F.B.iN.Btnnet 
Rvan James (Pv.C.) -"> C ireiiit 
Rvan ,I(din J. ( li. C.) 5.". Circuit 
ballnway James (C. U.) 415 Dor- 
chester, Washinuton Village 
Sar-ent J. T. (C. V .) \^ Ch..stnut 
Schemerhf'rti M. K. (,C. U.) Cuin- 

monwealth Hotel 
Schonineer J. (Jewish) 45 Melrose 
Schwarz Loui.s B. (G. E. RetM) 

157 Charle.^ 
Schwarz Plulip A. ((i. R.) La 

(iranse place 
Scott Jost-ph (M. E.)l Melrose 
Seymour R. G.(.B.) 475 Shiiwniut 

aven ue 
Sheridan E.J (R.C.) 7.) Pnrcha.^e 
Shreses J. P. (M./ B-tliel church 
Sdver Abiel (N J.> Dudley Hall 
Simeon J. cU.C.i'L' Middlesex 
Simons V. M.C.M.E.) B.-omtield bt. 
Shifter E. F. H Beacon 
Tenney E. P. ^C.T.; 117 Wash. 
ThaverGeo. A.(C. T.) 7,^ Fourth 
Thayer Thos. B. (,Uv.):;.S.> Beacon 
Thompson A. C. (C. T.) UW War- 

Tiffunv C. C. (E.) St. Mark's ch. 

Tilden Wm. P. (.C. U.) ;>t5 Shaw- 
iiuit avenue 

Tracy Albion (B.) \Z Hull 

Trafton Mark (M. E.; 14i) Dor- 

Tucker Hilary (R. C.) llCi' Wash- 
in irton 

Tupper Michael (R.C.) 7i;i Harri- 
son ave. 

Upham Samuel F. (M. E.) 1 More- 

Vihlx-rt G. H. (Uv.) Central sq., 


Vinton Alexander H. (E.) 77 Marl- 

Waldron D. W. (.C. T.) Maverick, 

Wallon Louis (Ger. M. E.) 54.5 
Shiiwmut avenue 

Warland Win. (E.) at Cambridge 

Waterston Robert (C.U.)71 Chester 

W:,t.-onJ-hn L. (F.)n7 Purcha-* 

Wibt) Kawin B. (C. T.)<i;sTre- 

Welch E. H. (R. C.) Harri.-ion av. 
corner Concord 

Wells E. M. P. ( K.) r',7 Purchase 


Williams John (C. V.) HI E. Con- 

Williams John J. , R.C. ) lli'^Wa.'ih. 

Wiiliiiin- Prllumi ■ E.) 7:! Applettm 

Wmklcv Samuel H. (C. U.) 7 

Wri-ht Wm.B.CC. T.) lowest 

CloukM und Mantillii»». 

Dame, Tuekc, .\ Co. loT Summer 

(ioodiiow K. H.i Winr.r 

I I AI.KV Jt DlliELL, 15 Tre- 

-^* moot row 

Ide (iio. 1,., Carter, A Co. 35 

Wnitirund.--, IVnip!" jdiice 
SpriM;;er I'.r.'i tj S,nom.-r 

PEV ENS JOHN J. jsjWaah- 


Adims A. K. h Co. V, .Maverick ,». 
I> AN FIELD, rOKHlsr.Vl.l, v 
" CO. 'JM and M Federal ,-.,;r 

pai;e tJtiS) 
BeaN J. J. Ill Hanover 

*'•» ;;;i v%uhhiM?ton 

Bradley B. A; Co. l.;j Hanover 
Brickett Wni. H. V.*.> Wa-liinu'ton 
lM{()i)KS WM. P. B. A ( I). 114 
^* Blu.Ustoiie, 9 Mai.shall, uimI 

•Jff, ll.,no\er 
CRANK MOSES G. 17) Wash- 
^ iiijt m , tower; 
/ iALE W \I. T. .t CO.-2'.'l Wash- 

^ iuHtoM ( cuckoo; 

(J.KAY & BAIL, .'M Union 

Grueby Ceo, H. 40 Con^rc.s i-cai- 

n AH WOOD BROS. S, Brom- 

ri EVER BROS. 11)0 Suinmer(im- 

•"^ porters) 

U OLLLNGS U. & CO. .%'J Wash. 

-•-^ (see toot lines) 


^^ CO. 114 'Fremont 

Kennard C. W. ,■« Co. (dealers), 

\T1 Fremont 
Ntles, De.Mt rritt, & Co. 12<) Han'v- 

ver (masonit.-) 
pal.mer, BACHELDERS, a 
"*- CO. Hi.' Wushin-ton 
PARTRIDGE H. 51 A ,>: Han- 
■*- over 

RidKway Charles L. 4't Cambridge 
^^EABL'RY ISAAC, 4.5 HanovL-r 

CTEVENS G. M. & CO. W Sud- 
bur) (tower clocks, see p. o.0> 
Weston Broa. 141 Harrison ave. 

Cloekmukerii^ cfc Ke- 

Albro Warren M.. Adams, near 

iJorchester, ward l'> 
-'■-'■ CO. 114 Tr<:-mont 
^ Union 

CTEVhNS G. M. & CO. ',Y) Snd- 
^^ bury i^tower clocks, st e p. Gi'i) ; 
Weston Brothers, 141 Harrisfju av. 

Cluih Fini!«herM. 

Birkmaier i Burns. -j'. .Morton pi. 
I. rotm Louis, y HawU-v 
j^J_AYER J. S. .-xi Federal 

Cloth l»rJnter. 

Locke Will. H. 5<> Summer 

Cloth Sponser. 

]I^J[AYER J. S. S(. iederal 

Clothe!^ ClejMier*. 

■^ Brattle 

Anderson .^amutl, 47 Coneress 
Bacheller ILll.V Causeway 
^OBURN J. P'. & CO. uu Brattle 

Dinsinorc Wm. M. 11 Dock sq. 
Easton, ID', Beach 
Elias Jo.s.-|)h. I',",d Washiui.'t..n 
HambroJohn, ll)4'i \Va»lun-tou 
Hamiiiond John. >; Winchester 
Hicks P. B. i;N. Ku.^seli 
Hurd Cbarles, 2 Harri.-on ave. 
JOHNSON J. J. :i-i brattle 

Kcnnev J. F. X- Co. -JK Tremont 
L;wev'W. H. (W Leverett 
.Murtiii James,;; Bennet 
McKen/ie R. .t Co. .i Cumbridi?e 
MoUov Edward, 15 Lowell 
Olmsteiid .M. 'iS Avc-ry 
Pierce J. G. •!'> Howard 
Roberts 1). 14 Battery 
Russell Philip. 10 Franklin ave. 
Scott James, I L'.* Merriinac 
Sidney J. T. U Lindall 
Smith H. 7 Citv Haliavi-nue 
Sterhiijj J. 11. at Fraiiklm uve. 
SuUivun A.J. 11 Howard 
Thomson J. V. i> Citv Hall ave. 
Wasiunston B. F. *> Franklin ave. 
Watson Charles, 1 Sianitord 
Watson D. Cs Bulluich 
Williams Josipii, l:; BedJoid 

Clothew IJi-ltT*. 



*^*- Cuniil 

?ON, -U 

Gas Fixtures at Manufacturers' Prices, 

It. ii<>i>r>iNc;.s A' <»>.. 
ao» \vu<<uiuut.**it !^t. 



Clothew Frnme««fe In*n- 
Inx ISuu.r<l». 

0*ipj<id E. H. 5 Cainbndiije 
ClotheM %%'rlii(;e(' ICoIIh. 

Th.ivtr, F'ovjte, * Co. lt>4 Fedwral 
(Tuwer's patent) 

Clothes Wfinffert*. 

l.urfkivCl..thoH Wriii-cr «Ni. T. J. 

\1.x:vii.Kt. a.'.-Mt,,>-> F*-(1.-r,-il 
/ M, ATI', KVAXS, ,<: CO. L^ Sum- 
^' i.i.ririit)i>frr..lis, s-e i,.v- ■ dinj) 
H^n.i.T>..n W. H. 7.; Con. hill 
II<'"1> GHORtiK H., u-ent, W 
''^ Wuter 

S.*vntr J. F.. n-c-nf, 40 Uromtleld 
Si.rinan Urin «c Co., ,Cl Bnittle 
Ts^v-r H. S.4- Klin 
^y'EED OTIS il. & CO. 25 Court 

ClothiDE. (U-hnlemte.) 
U!i?s Whiting, MoKenua, &; Co. 
16 Frail klin [shire 

Chainbe'lin <c Currier, I'W Di'vou- 
fJistxiuix, Hlaki', & Co. 4.i .Milk 
tenno Isaac *: Co. »i<) Franklin 
Frcelanrl, Hi'ai<i, & Richardson, 

I.'iJ Devoiijhire 
niLBFRT G. H. (manuf.) UW 
'"' Hanover 

Oixilard, Smith, & Cheney, 79 
Suniiiier [l?<'Arch 

IU«l."l..n U. M. & Co. !> Otis and>on .1. C. 10,5 Dfvonshire 
.I'irdan, Clark, & Co. •;;• Suniri'.er 
Kt-tttinir. I.nne. & Co, .M Fr iiklin 
Knowlcs .<c i,elau(l, H" r)evoi!shire 
Iceland, Rice. & Co. lie. Dev'shire 
Ijjiiih. .<awver. & Co. xi) Fedfrul 
Lane Geo. lil., Brett i Co,48 Sum- 
L<^fhn>p, Everbeck, &Co.4S Char- 

-'^ PARKER. -J^) Vva>hin-ton 
Merrill i Co. lotto 110 Devonshire 
Herrill A; Ixivejov, '4 Franklin 
Miner. Beal, i Ilackett, 11 Otio, & 

•Ji' Arth 
Palmer J. B. & Co. 91 Devonshire 
Phillips, Shunmii, & Co. oH Sum- 
Pond Georje F. 71 Summer 
Rhodes, Riplev, & Co. 71 Summer 
Stiles. Edoiunds, i Co. 12 Otis 4 

'.-J Arch 
Stone & Bier, 5t North 
VVhittrn, Burdftt, & Youncr, 79 
Franklin and IJ) Devonshire 

Clothlllj^. (A'e?<a7.> 
(S^e als^> Tailors and Drapers.) 
Adams Geo. T. 107 Hanover 
Adatii.< ^ Sun. 1.5 Gn'en 
Al en R. B. (buv.'*'>041 Wash. 
Alv.'.* ,7. J. & Co'. ,r>5 H .nover 
Arv..,-,,! Hro.. ivs un f 40 W^^h. 
Atu.>,.-. ,J. X. & Co. 17s:j Wash. 
li:ikcr M. 1,1.' Broadway 
{{KaX N. J. fe CO. 10 and 1-' 

B- it M.irv A. Mrs. 4':7 Br. tidway 

Btnuctt S. P. i Co. 4.>> Wash. 

I'l -v-eii P. 1 Ea.'^tern avenue 

H. rr\ C.^o. W. V'j llauover 

Hi- r .\l i;4 Salem 

iUackie John i Co. KM] Hanover 

H..<.k Ja.-ob. .51 Union 

Boies .<c rnifant, "."Jj Commercial, 

and;;!.' Ilinover 
Ii<.i-e L. D. & Co. .^1 WasliinRtoa 
»-ito!.. Charles, Hl-J Uiui-ver 
lk>rn«.leui Hei.rv, -J and 4 .North 
B.,r!i,[rin J. I.. 'oO North 
li- i:'-*ell C. II. i Co. •:.'') Wash. 
fi- C. H. i C). ."l L)ock so. 
'i.-o'v:. .intonio, it'. Coouiierciul 
f"> r-o-, .t U'tsf. i2 Wii-lun;.'tOQ 
• -liMi (nil (<;ii), l!a, tU Mi-rriinac 
('AllXFS G. W.i C0.4.J ttudiS 
^ Suiomer crxu-s') 
Ci.irk .Murk, l.J S\lem 
*.'"''v J'hiiii> s Co., I'nion, comer 

<''M^r Ji.>, 10fo-J4 Wash. 
' '^no.-C. A. II- Doreh. Hve. 
C-,nhe:!, Noyi,.^,« Co. '.tv- a Wa«h, 
*"„(>> Anthony. Li^i; Hanover 
Curu, John,U and « North 
l>:iU!,-i!i Isaa^r. 4o North nnanuf.) 
l>':i<u Amos J. l-vt,-, Wahhiofe'ton 
i'-'*.y .4- Palmer, •.-•; C.ooiu.-reial 
[v.,u F/.-a-. S..n. l^■(;u,nnu.■l■cull 
^-.'^ n K/r.t (♦. ^.^7 North 
J-^;- 11.V M.rtitt.iy.l Wu.shintJlon 
>-i-!:.u, :tti J. I.. -;,i Wu-hin-lon 

i-^\ll!■.l^GTo^• i. ii. om \^aiih- 

{•»fn!,.t,,i, sk Kent, 1771 Wa«h. 
t^'-oiu, Geo. A. ii Co. 4^4 \Vai,h- 


Fo«sett W. G. ffl.5 Waahinirtoa 
Fowie il.-jr, Wa«hiML'ton 
Frecdinan I). II. M linion 
Freeniiiii. Curv, * Co. I,V, Waxh. 
Friedlaiidcr .Vdolph, 117 IVach 
Gambiei. Wm. K. ,5; .M.Tidiaa 
(ilassett Thomas. SIJ Wanh. 
(Jle.ison Thos.. ,", l-::i,tein nv.nue 
{joi.L-ti.-n H. Ni Sunnier, E.B. 
(irant Chus. H. 177.) Wash. 
Giittin K.I sLaiioinv' ) 7.'. llichmond 
ilM.molhiir- K. 104 Bio.oUi.v 
ILimiltoii \'utli:iniel. II North sq. 
Hapzood W. -A) WMshim^-tou 
Hard Charles, I'U Brijad 
Harris .M. '.C. Fiiion 
Ilohart J. H. .VS; Washington 
lOLf.ANDKR M. T. & CO. '-2 
Temple pi. (mens' and hoyg") 
Holman S. H 1,5 Avon (hovs') " 
H<ilmcs A.Mi.^,17\Va!tlium (hoys') 
Huntin:: & Charles, L'70 

Hutehincs U.S. & Co. l,5;i Meridian 
Jackman i Merrill, IL' and 1,3 Dock 

Jacob.^- .M. Mr*. 77 Portland 
J sslyn T. A. 171 Commeroial 
KetlevJohnT & Co. ikn) Wash. 
Krev II. 14 Fleet 
Lane & Bond, -.tu X'^orth 
Litz M.7;! Camhridsre 
Lawrence il. S. & Co. l'J3.3 to iy.'57 

Levi HI mm. 24 North 
Levi M. ■SJ'.l Hanover 
Levi W. L. 24 Salem 
Levy Henri* (ta, 11» Salem 
Linf-cott John, (0 Elm, and 12 

Lomhard H. S. .52 Clinton 
Lov. jov Cliag. .1. 1 North 
Mic'iuurrie .^ Chisliolm, .'VSit 

^^^ PARKER. 'JM) Washin-trm 
Mansfield S. A. Mrs. •J.H Winter 

Marshall C. S. 3 N. Market 
McLarty William & Son, 154 Sum- 
ner. E. n. 
■^"^ CO. successors to George \. 
Fen no, VJ and 22 Dock sq. 
Monnev S. 2."i5 Hanover 
Morris Wm. ,5 Lewis, E B. 
Morse Leoi)old & Co. i',) Dock sq. 
Moses Houry, 217 Hanover 
Nooiian John, 12 X'oith 
Nordensheld Fuist, 7i;.5 Wash. 
O'Kelly William, :m Hanover 
Olmstead st Hammond, 2.S Avery 
Paretts Ibaac, 141 Essex 
Parker Robert W. 117 Hanover 

Pearson II. A, Beacon, fourth 

d(Kjr from Tremont (boVs') 
Pond S. H. & Farrm'iton, tiU 

Pru-er, Bock. & Co. 14 & \5 Dock 

sq. and ir. and 15.5 Hanover 
Pro.'tor N. B. & A. K. 200 Com'l 
Pushee Ja«. II. 1,57 Court (boys') 
Reinstein .S. K'.M Wu^hiiiLTton 
Richards Geo. 11.24 Dock square 
Riley Joseph C. :'Ai Broadway 
>OGEUS & ALI,EN, 10 Faneuil 
Hail square 
Rowe Bros. -jS Waslunk'ton 
Rubv W. W. 1070 Tremont 
Saye'r James F. & Co. 2S I- ultu 
Shaucrimessy Emma. 4S0 Dorches- 
ter ave. 
Shuiaaii .\braham, 1S,S4 Wash. 
Silbir Solonian, 2<;; Hanover 
Simmons G. W. & Son, ;U North 
Simon A. Mi ilimo\er 
Simon Brothers, 1,V. linadway 
Snow H. F. '.<27 Tn ni..i t 
SoloiiKins & Samiuli*, U ".Vash. 
Spit/ J., '^l Hanover 
Sul/biirv J..!:us, ^1 Carver 
Sun:m.T,-rii I I > 1 1 ! C:ii,r!>ri<ls<e 
Tewksburv,,. C. lls; Wasli. 
Tiiinar M.'U; Fnion 
Toppan F. 1.. .<: ' ... 7s-> Wash. 
Topp.'n Lewi-. 741 Wnsomiiron 
Trow C. K. .t Co. !!■; Wu^hlnrft,lU 
Tucker .t (_;.-tclieli, i;.7 Wu»U. 
Vore.ibur.: U. .S l'..,dcr 
War=.liaii,T i-.. s ^^.n, Ji North 
Wek!> K. «:.,<• r,>. 7 I.ewi„. KB. 
WhUebone A. A: •■>. ITl .t 175 K.iot 
Wilm-.t H.B.&Co. 121 to 1^ Wash- 
in i/ton 
Wtlmr Bros. 7:1 T'nion L. .-.s*; Hunover 
Win/er»ky Samml. -;.■ Hanover 
Wint'er^kv Surah. 4IHI Ihuiovnr 
Wohi^-.nintii Joseph, It, BrutUe 
Wolt J.:!2.5 Hai.owr 

CluthinHT. (Second Hand.) 

Abrarns I. 10 Salem 
A bee J. \.'J<> Friend 


\ L h. X .V X I 
"»■ 10 Urallle 


Apolebaiim J. 1J.5 Essex 
Barnanl 1). .5:t Salem 
Baniott I) Mrs. 1.5; .Merrimuc 
Bensemoll S. 1 '.;.; Tremont 
Bous Suriih.xj ^iilem 
Borko^'skv (". 41 Sah-m 
Bont.-i;,. li. Ills Doreliest rave. 
Brown" W. W,-_'4 tUiutle 
Buitekan Alex. 1 + 4 Essex 
Buitekan 1. '.is Dorche-ter ave. 
Campbell I. 01 MernmuC 
Clark Jonas W. Is Brattle 
(■•UHrRX J. P. ot CO. JO Brattle 
^ and.V.tCornhiil 
Cohen A. •J.! Endictt 
Cohn Hernion 15.5 Camhridge 
Copeluod S. lieu Blaekstone 
Dann H. K.i;4 S'akin 
Delano .Marv, H .Maverick sq. 
DeVoumr Ueiij. 12 Beach 
De^"ollnpr Samuel, 141 Dover 
DeVount: Simon, lil Dover 
Dickson Wm. E. 14 v Brattle 
Ehrlich N. '.I.I Cambridtre 
Fitz-er-jld J. 04 Broadway 
Gilrain .M. 41 Salem 
Grt-enw! od S. .52 Salem 
Haviis H. Mrs, ,s4 ^alem 
Hart .J.M Jov (ladies') 
Hi-^ins JaiiH-;,;-;'; Federal 
Holr M. 1.51 Kne. land 
JOHNSON J. J. 22 Brattle 

Johnson Richmond. 10"> Eliot 
Kantijrowich .). 74 Salem 
Kennedy Margaret (women's), 85 

Knisrht T. N. 0<> Merrimac 
Lami) Mnry, l.t; Dover 
I.,evi Simon,, "i.'s Salem 
Levi ok Sii-'arman. :.".» S.deni 
Levy Suniiitd, 0-; Saloni 
Lew-is S. H. 411 Brattle 
Lip J. :U! Federal 
Mock B. 172 Dorchester ave. 
Moses Robert. 1J4'J Tietnont 
Nelson B. SO Merrimac 
O'Brien Edmund. 101 Eliot 
Pitts A: Brown, 24 IJrattle 
Reinstein S. I24i; Tiemont 
Runkei Jacob (women si, 77 Salem 
Scott James S. l'.n< .Meriimac 
Smith Henry, 7 City Hall a\e. 
Stanley Thomas, 70 Salem 
Stott James C. IJO Esse.x: 
Streep .Murk, 147 Dover 
Suearman & Wener. 4 Kneelaud, 

and l-'.t Dover 
Thompson J. V. It City Hall ave. 
Vanvolen Jane, li'.t Dover 
■V'anvolen Nathan, |;;7 Dover 
Walker Mary E. .Mrs. ,>; Salem 

CIutltM »fc ^Vooleiif-uodti. 

(hnpovturs and Jo>jf)crs.) 
Allen E. i Co. .'=«! Franklin 
Barnes, Ward. & Co. 77 Franklia 
Bean James M. & Co. 17 Otid 
Blake i Stearns, 02 Franklin 
Biidgham, Junes, & Co. l04 Sum- 
Burrai^e Bros. & Co -5 Franklin 
Burra;;e J. C. & Co. 1»:4 Devoush'e 
Clement C. <: Co. Otis 
Dame, Tncko, & Co. Io7 Summer 
Dresser, Parens, Briwlt, i Co. 70 

Eaiier, Bartlett, i Co. •« Summer 
Fernald Bros, .t Co. 11 Arch 
(Jilli- Wm. K. & Co. I'il Wash. 
Gilbert H. C. >v Lovejoy, ',>•> Sum- 
Hardy, Muyhew, & Co. 7i; and 7,S 
Summer [FrJuklin 

Horswell. Kim:slev,& French, 4<> 
James, Losett, Ac Stedmau, 18 

Jewett ,\: Ijush. .><4 Summer 
Kendall, Narrows. & Co. '.t I'rankltn 
Inland, Allen, i Bates, .'j^ uud 06 

Leonard K. F. .t Co. 4S W,L<h. 
\\ .VCl IlAR, WILLIAMS, * 
^*-'- PABKI-.K.-JOo W;.>liiii!;Ion 
Pnsl.y W. A, ll'.l Suiaiiur 
Richaidson, Bird, -v Co. j.i Frank- 
lin r>in 
Sartord. Nut.-, i W,!son.:!7 Frank- 
Smitii, St. blmis, .<; C<... 4,5 and 47 
Franklin [lin 
T,il!.ot, Wil!narth..<;Co.(;7 Fraiik- 
Todd Wm, N. 4: Co. 10.5 Summer 


B.^^toIl ll.jtels Coach Co. hi', Port- 

HM I'itv ii .\H fur iii3iiii'i'«>us 
Gl> \\ )i'»liiui;tun .Stiuet. 



€,'oul Oeuler*. (irAf>l^f.tle.) 
Avaui, Hn»l . A (<•. !' Uoaiie 
Al.Ivn Juhn C. 1' Kiihv 
Ali.-ii <;."'. I». .V < ... JJ KiIJ)y 
AiiiJiMrc ■! r.-Hii.'k f.i. M Kilby 
Aii(l«-iiri< il. N'.rt !i. A Co.!': Uouue 
U:it.»..i, t liarltsjr. 7 Ki.tine 
Hati/kS * ll>.rt(.n, I-* Kill.y 
n:HMnl n M. niifHt. 7 I>oaiU' 
llorih.. K.ller. X Niittivs:. VJ Kilb.r 
Jirviiiit \athiuiis-l H. 1.'7 Siute,11 J. S. 17 IK-ui.e 
Hutl.r K. V. 7 Di.une 
ta^fm-r, Stkkiicy, & WtUiii'^on, 
II Kilhv [KilW 

(•('nin, French, & Co. 4Ji 
I>,rr,.w ChHS. 2.> Kcuno 
Duv. Ihicl.Ull, A Co. V\ Kilbv 
iK'uiiJ [■'. a: Co. -inDoaiie 
D.nrv, Kiiiiirick. .* (. o. 17 Doane 
JJriiki- Aid. n L. 1l'7 Slatf 
tastw'i'k .)o.-i(>i'h II. -.It l)..ane 
h^ n .\ .\ K I. 1 N C U A L, W. B. 
■*• Fi'W K', .!.' Summer, sikI u hurt' 
rf<i I>iin-hf#ttr avi'., ut S. B. 
Gov W»re B. .1 Dnnne 
«iooci. N. U. i':< Kiltiy 
G(i(K-h S. H. i:; Kilhv 
^UKLL\ G. H. 1,> Doane 

Grnfft', Kothfrmel. * Co. « Kilby 
Hiu'kcr W. Alfro.l.-.'.) Dr.ane 
Hull. Biilklev, A Co. IH Stiite 
HullJohli O:^ Co. -J-, l)o;ine 
Hiirnmet, Mtil, A Ci> .'."> Doane 
HnwanlJ. K. ',» K'ilbv 
Howes H. L. & Co. :v [loane 
Jucksoii ..J Wiri.-or, .'U Doane 
Lee D. 'W.-7 Dnaii'; 
J.ittl^ S. O. L'J Kilby 
Lochniiiii J. E. •.'.> i)oanp 
I.ove, Ihivwird. x » ••. :<T >tate 
Mitthi'll ;h.Kir* n. VL' S!ii:e 
Moody J. (i. .",.; S>iiiit!ii(?r 
>Ios.|i-v, 3l' Suimner 
Mosdv'C. H. uaeiit. Boston vf. 
N'-viirG. P. 1{ Kil'.y 
Q 'lOKNE F. H. .*; State 

I'liipe C. E. bafement."?! Kilby 
Kcpiili-^r J. L. -7 Doane 
Kepi)lier. Gordon. A Co. L'7 Doane 
Hoininel.J.jr. & Bro. -.'1 Doane 
Kii-2 <. D.Kii.e 
heoit John C. A- Sons, 7 Doane 
^iinnil k.'j-n * Co. 'VJ Siiniiiit?r 
Siitlliiij; Howard A Co. :►; Cong. 
Stevenson & I'ierson, is Kilby 
T.ivlor S. I'. .^ Co. !■< Mate 
ThVif. <r S. C. & Co. 77 State 
Tyler J. .M.25Di^ane 
Vttii Dusen. Brotiier, & Co. 5 

Vau£^l,un H. 41 In.lia 
AValiace W. X- Co. 1! Doane 
■\,.r, Do!iaid*nn, & Co. 10 

"VVaiuicionchcr & Sorn. "il Kilby 
Wayland & l.awton, .111 Kilbv 
Wvtd, Uio... <tCo. II D..ano" 
"White John R. & Son, C<;lby's 

whf. Mt. ^S'ash. avenue 
Uilliiiin. .J^nne.i .\I. \V..-3; Kilbv 
\Vii,8!..vv Gtor-e M. & Co. Vj^ 

Ciiii:icwav, an(i ].'':i Cross 
AViintrt il 0. D. '.'.') State 

CoiU MlnlnifCotnpanleii. 

Acadia Coal Co., F. H. Odiorne, 

s*: State 
Caledonia Coal and Railway Co., 

J. H. Converse, trea-.. .;,) Stute 
Coiisobdarion C^d Co., C. fl. 

DuUon. prt-s., o<> Sc»irg buiidilig 

and 4-S Kilbv 
Dtl.. Lark , .v" WVsfern K. R. Co., 

F. II. O I'orne.xt; Stute 
i;verh;ir: C-d Co. E. Smith. 

tr as. 11 Stars bui!.;inie 
F,>L-vl-i. r Coul .Mininj Co.. C. W. 

Klll^^U•v, treus. li Ki.iiV 
G Ibe.trii'C MiM v.... t. 1.. Hnnt- 

im-'tcn, trt.n<. ■'-'.•l >t';:i - liiuidir.a 
Gourie Mines, F. 11. ^Mliorne. ■>() 

llanui^hireA Baltimore Coal Co., 

1-oxe, iluvwurd, .V: Co., u^;ent8, 

!t7 St:ite 
llifernKli. nal Coal ,v Riiilway Co., 

F. H. Odiorne, n; State 
L(iMi>t Da'.e Coul Co F. Jacjues, 

treas. ]'\ Stars biiildinj 
IVnn. (;;is Coul Co.,F. U. <Jdiorne, 

To ouiae Coal Co.. C.Clnulbourne, 

tria.«., i BiitTtrvniartU 
roweit^Mi Coal and Ir-.n Co., 7 

R'HJrioK Rrook Cool Co., J. F. 

I.'ei:n. Irea*., j'! Doane 
Sprin- U U < (,„i C...,.)n^. Ilay.len, 

irrt.*.. I.; Did Mate Ilou^e 

Stm:kbrids/e Iron Co.. E. r.,.Baker, 

tri-n-< -M Searx buii<lin3 
Sntl'.lk Coil Co, T. 11. IJacon, 

tr''nn. '.'J ( on'^eM 
S\nnniit B.'-anrii K. K. Co., "Win. 

a. t'oule, manager,,"-' Summer, 

room d 

Coid tXz \Voo4i IteiilerH. J. Si Co. .'.riXiiarlcs 
Ad:Mim J. K. A O. ■<:] Albany 
.\d:onv Wn, l(,.,,rv, 17 \Vutcr 
Aldtn ,). 11. 1 • :j Waslnm^'toii 
Ander.-on Samn. 1 1.. >,i .)oy 
Arnold (i,M.ri;c. .:n \Vut.-r 
BaMuin .). jr. 11 Do:,;u- 
Barrv Jot!>am,-4Ji Kilhv 
Batciold. r Bros, -.l.r, federal and 

•_V^i Broa.l 
Catcbelder H. 1.. fi Co. H ". Ilarr. 

ave., tordin.nnd, near .Melrose, 

and lliinoock, cor. Columbia, 

wa d 1»"- 

Bosw,.rth & Hamlin. -J-M; Federal 
Hri-ham Xuhnni, .".7(1 Federal 
Bri-ham Si Piper, '.'•;» Fetlt-ral 
Bullard, Thomns, A Co. -'78 Al- 
bany, and b>l Stat- 
Burnlijiii Brobi., Broadway. cOr. 
Doreh. ave., and Old Harbor wt'. 
Burn ham L. G. .% Co. 1!2 Charles 
Cakf A. D. ■ iH) Harrison ave. ui»d 

4IS l-ederal 
Cuk- Juhn F. ^M^ Harrison ave. 
Cliutt' p .*t Ciininiing,*, 22 State 

Chambtrlam Charles P. .'^iW Wash. 
Clark Wm. A Co. 1 b>l Trenn.nt 
Cole .lames, l.-d Dorth. iivemie 
n OLE GATE Wyi. A.r, Thacher 

Conlev S. B. A A. F. ;;7.S First 
CtK>k,'JordHn, .t .Morse, lH;t; Wash. 
&+it;to5')4 Albany, order box, 
'J.' State 
Crafts Henry & Son, 2H Dorch. 

Crowed J. D., Mercantile wharf 
Curtis Fre erick, 2^) Fetleral 
Curtis Josiah P. Com'l, opp. Ells- 
worth, wtird li'> 
Cu.'ihinic Perez, bo C, cor. First 
Dearborn W. (L, Atkins' wliarf, 

.'■).'l Commercial 
Dilio.sjhain (it-o. B. 17 N. P.;i:*sed 
I)H.VK1-. ALDE.V L. lL'7 State 
-^ and Wii,.i.^,.rs wharf, Albany, 

corner D<.ver 
DnnninL' (ieo. C., .>'^4 Harrison av. 
Knierv VVm. H. & S. 1... l',Sc> Fed- 
Faunce C. B. vV Co. ia)l Tremont 
Fernandez Fnineis, 128Leverett 
Finn H. W. in E.ssex 
L-'LOVD W.\I. H, Tencan whf. 
-*■ Con>'l. ward I'i 
Fo-ter i'lios. P. i S >n, loot Han- 
over, ord.r b"i A2\ Kilbv 
Frnoi-e John W..:l Ander-on 
UllANKl.l.V Ci>.VL, "..' Siimmer 

and ';n DoreUe>ter ave. 
Freneh Chirles K. -»!,■< Federal 
Frost <.t.o. H.. Nepon.stt ave. near 

'I'avlor, vvard lU 
Gert/. VV. II. .Mi Water [E.B. 

(Jibs .n .V.hcmi'ah .^c Co. HP Lewis 
(iihuo e .>!: i;arton. in.v; Wash, 
(iordon II. N. (U .\. (;rove 
Gove .\. s S n, \Veek.s' wharf, L'U 

Bor.Kr. E.B. 
(Jreen (J. w. W. -14 Phillips 
Greer J.'lin, rear .•>! \V,.-,t Cedar 
Hail Alfred A. ."..■5 Church 
Hall L. .<: Co. W .b^ur. c. Orleans 
Halt S. .V Co. U.s Border 
Hani.s J. & Son. 1!, cor. Third 
Hatli wav t;(0. F. 1>J.' Wa*h. 
Hru.K'r.v".u H.7.'<Pliillips 
lb hoes R. -Irt border 
Howe W III. H. b.S Salem 
Hii-lica hrunk W.vo l,everett 
ilM-i.p. 11. L..v;Pitt- 
H!inti>\ W,,,. C. n7iin<l lir> Essejc 
Keete Wni. J. ,<: (i. H. 11,'vt 1 re- 
mont, ai..! li ^et Fifih and Sixth 
r.eaeh Chis. P-.V! Waslun<:ton 
Liitb- S. u. j: l-:i!''V 
Loved m!:i<. T:. W. Dedhani 
L\ol,S Ml iiiol. 11 Piii:iips 
.MeCobO W. V. U:i I!. ::e!i 
.McKeroia ii. 1-. !>-■! ,|.n.rldr;0 
.M.NilfT't-omas, '>'' 
.M.>ri,e L. ;t. -s^o Hirr ^oii avenue 
.Mnlvev;. J.V^ >al. !U 
Nirnr.U Win. H.. l!.irllclf« wharf, 

.Ml Commercial 
N'.iVeM Beoiam.n, J"-.' State 
Q;)IOll.\'k F. H. w; State 

O^b'Ood F. D. :.'l<i Rii^'^le* 

Pcnniman J. M.. ,7.'' Fonrth 
Pennunun H., O, cr. Eiizbth 
-•■ J. I. Calilwell.agent. .^4 Doreh. 
avenue, formerly Buruhaui'a 
Pratt C. H F'.O Cro->9 
Prentice Theodore, .y»> Brond 
Prtntice W. H. i Soi,,:;_i; Broad 
IVe-^-ott W. L. .t C. .;.. -J'l Har- 
rison avenue, corner Castle 
Prescott * Chapin, Liverpi>ol wf. 
KJehardson C. R. 4 Water (kind- 
Rilev Andrew, Second, cor. Doreh 
R(d)\)in- J. .t Co. \VJ Sumner ami 

.TA' Border, E.B. 
Robbins S. :>>">) Broad and 3<X; 

OOB Y D. A CO. 280 Causeway 

Rueslfs David S. KM Brishtou 
Sami>son lehul^od, t i.ike'» wharf, 

4tV; Commercial 
Sawin Geo. H. UJ E^^sex 
Seaver E. 25 Kilbv 
Seaver O. L. 114 Dover 
Smith Sabin .\L, Liucfdn's ■wharf 
Snellin- Howard A Co. :;; Con-. & 

Atkin.-! wbart, and .>S> Alhany 
Staples J. Edwfird. -jfJi Causeway 
Stetson A. SUSc Co. Find, loot oM 
Stevens R. ,57 No. Anderson 
Sweenv James, 11 Cypiess place 
Talbot'j. V2*i Fourth 
Tavtor Simeon P. & Co. l.H State 
nniAYER D. W. & CO. 114 
-»■ Dover 

Tirred Je.vcse & Co. .T<)4 Federal 
Tobey & Pray. 17di:. Dover 
Turner .A. E. 2o Goueh 
Turner James, rear I'V Cambridge 
Vina! C. P. :::A CharWs, fr. Po^iar 
Walsh D. A. 1.-. Indiana place 
Warren F. C, Charles, fl. of Allen 
\VEl^I>lN'OTON A. C. it CO. 
** •i^Olederal 
Wellinston Bro;:. H Kilby 
■VVillian)^J..M. W. .Xi Kilby 
* ^ Broad 
Win slow G. M. & Co. 223 Cauae- 

wav and V?.) Cross 
Wiswall & Co. 2:y2 Federal 
Withered (>. D. it.) State 
Wood C. B. 4ln Charles, corner 

^yV.MAN WM. 40Stii(e. rooms 

^ Comi and 7j State 

Cocos* Ilutfcer. 


^ -^tate 

•*■ s,,uti', wird W. 
\\rElili.JOSl\lL & CO. 4S Cha- 
'* tham 

Cocoa Xut. ( l'^-epare>i ) 
Robinson Wa», F. 8 N. Market 

Cucua>\ut Cake Itak- 

Kaiser Maximilian, ."_' "Veomnn 
Krie;;el <;eorj,'e, 21 Chudwiek. 
afhce 5 Dock syuare 

4;o(ree und Spice Milln. 

Berry N. & Sons, '.'K Central 
Bri^iTS & Parker, 'J*; Broad 
(K-iUTKR, MAN-N, 4: CO. 2"' 
^ ^tate 
Chase. Raymond, & Ayer, '<■% 

-^ ;• Green 

Dwinell .^ Co. rW Batterymarb 
Ji^ULLAUTON J. & CO. « N. 

■•■ .Maiket 

CJnrhel.i Wm. H. ID Harvard pi. 
(iline.sJ. T. ,^- N.-J Ha \ market s(l. 
Havwar.l fi Ciu 5 and 7 llaverhid 
Lane (;. K. (; Hav ir.irkt t ..o. 
New hall H. ii.4.-i Broad 
OrieiilMl lea fo.,sr Ij-nrt 
pKl.\( K A CO 1 TON, iJ Chut- 

Uand'w. D. KS^ State 
San bo,-,, J. v.. .«i l.w. U\ Beverly 
-^L.VDE D. a L. 21 India (seft 
"^ [M-e U*.) 
Stieknev ft Poor. 2<) India 
CU.VIN, l-.ARLE, & CO. Ci 
"-^ (^ee pn^-e f;;-), 
Tremont C. Jfee and >\wt: .Mills, 
J. F. Gault, iit,'ent, 4; Way 

Als»m«a»«ort- XT r^^^f^ct^^ c pll VM> 1" KI S.itS O^Q AVa*hln M«..i St., IJo^fon 
uieutof XLerOSGllO U una JLA.Ml'.Sut oOy IC. lii>I.iaA<^Sct,:CO. 



Coffee If uller*. 

AU)ion Coffte Hiillcr Co., J. F. B. 
ifu-sliaU, treas. ,',"♦; Wash. 

Codln \Viirehou»e«. 

Rrown 'W. H. !i> lionniii^ton 
Cotter Jumcs. •.'.'.: F( tieral 
KHinl IMni. 1. '-i'> Fe.l.ral 
H.-inf/ .Tohn, H '4 rrernont 

IOIn'K.S I.KWIS & SON, 21 
*' l..(Iruv_'o 
Kf iiif '<•■ T'liil. -Vtl Il'irrison ave. 


Mini.n r).'.»»ni1 11 Nn. 15ennet 

n';*i'i''-tVAN' DENxis. sr 

^ M.rriMKR' 

pEAK J. *: SOX, \Mi Friend 

piERCE J. W. 104 Ilarrisoa ave. 

Raffi-rtv- P. li.' Mprrimnc 
Srnith Bi'mumin F. -V-.l Trcmont 
Tinkhum J. 'jil Houanl 
Watrrinan Joseph S. lUVi Wash. 
Whitney N. P. I'.t Blo-^sora 


Vir-in G. A. 11 Water 

(.See n'-o Pd/'cr Collar 2fanu/$.) 
Q.LAZIER GEO. M. 81 Summer 

(JRISWOLD D. C. & CO. 1C4 
*^ and 1*;*; Devonshire 
yOUXG k PIDGIX. r>71 
■*■ Broadway 

Collection I^aw Office. 

■" berton sj,. (see page TOJ) 


Baxter Fruncis .T. .5 Court sq. 
B/>wt'n Ilciirv, iTt! Washingtoa 
CuviTly Charles, •."i State 
Connor .lumes, 281 Wnshington 
Emerv Caleb S. I'JT Ru-gles (con- 
Fiiunce T. 4 F. 11. sqnnre 
Harrinaton .John C. in X'orth sq. 
Havfunl II. L. li;:i-)AVas!unii:ton 
Miirtin D. X. 47 Congress, roum S 
■^'■^ Sch.x)l 

Neaie John B. 74 Washingtoa 
R»ymo!\tl E. "it Court 8f|. 
^ Sfluiol. room 'Jl C^ee page tJ58) 
SiLhv J. P. It Court s.i. 
Thin'-J. M. -.;) Court 
Thoinp:ion Geo. 70 Tremont 
Watts Caleb B.31 Devonshire 
Whitney E. M. ir, Harvard pi. 

<"ol«»r .>l:tnutiictiirerti. 
■•-* (. K >-,•.-. Broud 
^ .<c .\I<»Rlt)X, 77 Clint-!. 
Morris Tiiuuiu^ D. -.'l lUvcrtull 
Wood Henry's Son .<: Co. 0*1 Broad 

Comb ^lakers. 

Gray Thonms A. (-^h.U) r.:rj Wash. 
G.reenwooil J. M. l,") Smunier 
Josselyn K. K. 1*) Wash. 
Union Comb Co. l.'i Scnimer 

Commercial ISrokers. 
|;JIUD C. G.iCO.oJ Wash. 

Elliott H. F. l-r, Blackstone 
Keud i C(v. 7J Fru iid 
Mttv nurd J. SV. :'.l >tjte, room 8 
Coiiitiiet-clal CoUesres. 

]H) S r u X C (J .\l .M E R C I A L 

^ C«)LL1:GE, A. D. Bill, • 

Wu.<tiin.'t(iii (see imce tiili) 
Brv:uit, Stratton, i Hiotjard, .T^IG 


(V>.MKR GEORGE N., presi- 

^ d'T.r, :>.';'. Wa.^hin-rton 
♦•aw>^r Or,,. A. -71 Wa,«lun?ton 
luioo^ss ColK_'c.4^0 Wa^h. 


H<-»i'(,~nt in Ho'fon. .)fa.<'.,n/'i>oint- 
<'/ ';;•/ othir S'ati .< to takr !■ -ti- 
tiioni/ I,, iv. HM,l, a„'t Acin ul- 
'''■■!■ '11, i,ts Of ,i':e:l3 to be r<.t:ord- 
t-J, in Miul States. 

> A. B. Al.botf. Charles B. F. 
AljMi.., Alii.-rt W. Adanm. An- 
K_-a.v.J.-„.n,-.n. [lI<ot,c 

♦Ja«. IJ. ISeH, l.> Old .State 
A. F. Ii,att,*..,th. U. 11. Cur- 
■-"•r, Altad F. Gd(^. J,.hn P. 
H>ai.\ . A. JiickK*u, Daniel ?hurp 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F- 
Adam-.. Albert W. Adams, An- 
gell .V .fciini-nn [State Home 
«Jumefi JS. IScM. 12 Old 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charl.^8 B. F. 
Ad.ima, Alh'-rt W. Adainu. Au- 
?"!1 i Jcnuison. [House 

Jan. IB. JJell, 12 Old State 


S. A. B. At.bott, Charles B. F. 
Adams, Allx'rt W. Adams, An- 
pell i .Ii'iuiison [li'oise 

Jan. 15. Hell, 12 Old State 
A. K. Biitferuorth, B. H. Curn- 
er, Dan'l Sharp 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Ailams, Albert W. Adams. An- 
pell .'V .k-nni-on [H 'Use 

aa-». B. ISell, 12 Old State 
A. F. Bntttrwiirth, B. A. (x. Ful- 
ler, Heiij. H. Currier, Chas. C. 
Kendall,' Benj. Pond, U.J.Wells, 
Daniel Sharp 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Albert W. Adams, An- 
?pll & Jennison [House 

«Ja«k. it. Hell, 12 OlA State 
Samuel S. Curtis, O. G. Randall, 

I. H. Wrii,dit 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F 
Adams. Albert W. Adams. An- 
peil i Jeiinison [House 

.f a». li. KiHl, 12 Old State 
E. A. Alfjer, Samuel A. Bent, 
Edward Bnek. A. F. Butter- 
worth, David H. ConlidL'e, B. H. 
Currier, Siuiuel S. Curtis, F. H. 
Graves, Willi;im Hobbs, jr., Da- 
vid P. Kimball, Florentine W. 
Peltou, Benj. Pond, Augustus 
E. Seott. Daniel Sharp, VViiiiam 
U. Towne 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adams, An- 
g^li it J.^nnisoii [House 

«Jas.. IS. Bell, 12 Old SUte 
A. F. Butterwoith 


S. A. B. Abb'dt. Charles B. F. 
Adams, AU>ert W. Adams, An- 
jrell S: Jcnnison [House 

Jas. J5. Bell, 12 Old State 
S. B. All.n. B. H. Currier, Otis 
G. Randall, Daniel Sharp 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adams. An^'ell &: .Jeniii-uu 
ejas. B.Bell,!.' Old State 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adams. An- 
peil ..Hz Jfuni.S'in [House 

Ja*. 15. iiell, 12 Old State 
Daniel Suarp 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams. .Albert W. Adams. An- 
g'.dl i J. nnison [^House 

»Ia«. It. JSell, 12 Old State 
Edward Buck, A. F. Butter- 

. worth, B. H. Currier, S. S. Cur- 
tis. Daniel sharp 


S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adums, Albert W. Adams. An- 
iTid! ,t J. iiiM-oii (House 

.in*, n. Itell, 12 Old State 
A. F. Butter worth 

S. A. B. Ab!>o*t, Charles B. F. 
Adams, .\llxrt W. Adams, An- 
peU.S..I<-nmsun ;ilo,r.e 

,Ja-. n. Bell, 12 Old >tate 
Cha.,. 1 i:!:;<jis Aduiiis,jr.. DuVid 

II. f..ol,d.'e. B. H. Cp-rtur. 
S.imuil C. Da\is,jr.. Cb^irles P. 
Gre.'non;.-u. William Hobbs, jr., 
Otii U. Run.lall. Au^'ustus K. 
Si-o(t, Daniel Sharp. Tbeodore 
H. Tyndale, Isaac H. Wright 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adiims. Albert W. Adams, An- 
pi'll it .biini-on [House 

.Ia». B. Bell. 12 0:d State 
Charles F. Ailams. jr.. Edward 
Buck. B. H. Currier, S. S. Cur- 
tis. Wni. Hobbs, jr., A. E. Scott, 
Daniel Sharp 


S. A. R. Abbott. Chirles B. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adjms. An- 
gel! iC .),niiisi>n I House 
♦Ju». B. Bell, 12 Obi St^t* 
Joshua i). Bull. A. F. ButtL-r- 
worth. C. H. CurruT, S. S. Cur- 
tis. B. A. G. Fuller. William 
Hobbs, jr.. Benj. Pond. An?. 
Russ, Daniel Sharp, James B. 
Thayer, Peter S. Wheelock 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F • 
Adams. AH-ert W. A<lams. An- 
cell i [Houw 

Jas. B. Bell, 12 Old State 
A. F. tUitterworth. Duvid H. 
Coolidsre. iJenjamin II. Cvirrier, 
Samuel S. Curt s. Otis G. Ran- 
dall. A. K Scott, Dauiel Sharp, 
J. \V. Thorntou 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Altx-rt W. Adams. An- 
p(-ll& Jennison [Hous<i 

JTas. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

A. F. Butterworth, Edwd. Buck. 
Benj. H. Curri.-r, S. S. Curtis, 
Alfred B. Ely, Thos. S. Harlow. 
Dan'l Sharp, J. Winjate Thorn- 
ton, John M. Way 


3. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adams, An- 
trell i Jennison [House 

tJa*. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

J. 1-. Audreus, G. E. Betton 
Benjamin II. Currier, Sinuiel S. 
Curtis. Wm. Dehon. Altred U. 
Ely, X'athan Morse, C. C. Nut- 
ter. F. O. Prince, Otis G. Rm- 
dail. Geo. P. Sung r, J. W. 
Thornton, Daniel Sharp 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adams. An- 
g-ell & Jeiini^ion THotise 

Jas. B. ISell, 12 Old State 
Edwin A. Al-er. Cuas. H. Bacon. 
Moses Bi-.te.s. A. F. Hloeh, A. IL 
Bri-.'s. Ephriam Bn>wn. A. F. 
Butterworth, D. H. Coolidse, 
Tho-ras W. Ch-rk. B. H. Cur- 
rier, S. S. Curtis, Samuel C. I 'ar- 
lin-. W. A. Fu'ld, B. A. G. Ful- 
ler,' Wm. .1. Forsiith. John E. S\. 
Giil.'v, S. l:,>wland ILut. H. L. 
Ila/.t-dtou, Edwin S. Ilovev. I). 
P. Kimhull. C. C. Xutter, Benj. 
Tond, F. O. Prince. Samuel .Vl. 
Quincv. Geo. S. Scammon. A. E. 
Scott, Dan'l Sharp, Ht-nry Hyde, 
Smitn, Oliver Stevens, Steidien 
Thaclier. J. B. Thayer, J. O. 
Thom.-on. W. H. Towne, Am- 
brose Wellington, W. C. Wil- 


S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adam^ Albert W. Adams, An- 
|.'.-!1 ,<: J.nni-,Mi f House 

Jan. B, ISell, 12 Old State 

B. H. <.:irricr, Abraui Jackson, 
Daniel Sharp 


8. A. B. Ab'oott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Albeit W. .Vdams, An- 
eiH & Jennison [House 

■«JuH. B. Ji»-ll, 12 OI.J State 

C. F. .\dams.jr., I.J. Austin, A. 
W. Boardman, F. A. Brooks, 
Edward Buek. A. F. Butter- 
worth. D. H. C<'olid!.'e, Benj. 
II. <'iirricr, Samuel S, rurtis, 
Allr>.<l B. Ely. J. E. .M. (jUIev, 
(i.o. K. Hastln-s, Wm. B. Du- 
rant. H. L. Hn/elton. Wiliium 
Ho!!l)S,ir.. Hfiirv .V. John.-on, 

D. P. kimlmll, t'ieo. 11. Kin>:s- 
burv. .M ireus .Morton. Bei.iiunia 
Pond. Uti.s G. Vv, A. 
Kiebardoon. Danul Sharp, li. 
W. Suti r, J. B. liiayir 

R. Hollings & Co., Dealers in GAS FIXTURES, ^'r,.'^r.-J'Jr- 

Ml ■-1 





S. A. U. Ahr>.)tt. Charles B. F. 
A'ljfii^. AllHit W. Adiiiiis, An- 
^,•11 * J.M. ,,<,.n [Mouse 

Jai.. IS. ISell, V2 Old State 
A. t. liuri.-iAurili. H. II. Ciir- 
pt-r. SiiiiU'l S. Curtig, J. E. M. 
rjill.'v. I);iiucl Sharp, ^1. Smith, 
J. II.NVurd 

S. \. H. Ahontt. Chnrlos B. F. 
A. Inn-*. A hert W. Adaiii:*. An- 
pell .t .I.iH>i>oii I House 

Ju«. 15. IJfll, !•-' ^)ld Stute 
a. 11. Curritr, Daniel Sharp 


S. A. H. Abbott. Charles B. F. 

Adams Albert W. Adams. An- 
i ffj'll & Jcnnis.m [House 

3 JTai*. It. Bell, 12 Ola State 

C. y. A'tums. jr., Benjamin H. 
Currier, S. S. Curtis.Dan'l Sharp 

S. A. B. Abbntt. Chi^ries B. F. 
Adams, Albert W. Adam«, An- 
frell& J.niii-on [House 

«Iu». 15. liell, 12 Old State 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Alb-rt W. Adams. An- 
p^ll .t J.nii;s n [House 

«Ju*. 15. 15«'ll, 12 Old .^tate 
Otis G. Kanuall, lianiel Sharp 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adatns, Albert W. Adams, An- 
pell & .Teuni on [House 

«Ju?.. J5. ISell, 12 Old Stute 
Otis G. lUnUuU 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Albert W. Adajns. An- 
gell «: Jeniiis'.n [House 

Jus. IS. ISell, 12 Old State 
E. A. A]-x-T. Stiiliuan B. Alien, 
SumntT Albt-e, A. F. Bloch, J. 
Q. A. Brackett. David Lfrvaut, 
N. B. Br\at.t. Robt. I. Durban k, 

A. F. Buterworth, Joseph M. 
Churchill, W. V: . Cotf.n. Vim. 
Colburn. D. 11. Co-.Iidge. Sam'l 
R. Cr..cker. Berij. H. Currier, 
SiniUfl S. Curtis, E. S. Cutter, 
Geo. "VV. R^itubrook, C. K. Fav, 
Vim. J. Forsaith, H. F. Frt lu'ii, 
Geo. R. Fowler. Georeo S. Frost, 
J. E. M. Gilkv, FrankW. HacK- 
eft, H. L. Hazelton. Geoi.'eS. 
Hale, Fraiicis B. Hayes. \v,n. 
Hobb.'.jr., Albion K. P. Jov, 

D. P. Kimball, Charles F. Kit- 
tre<l_'e, B. C. Moulton, John 
Noble, A. E. FilUburv, Benj. 
Fond. 0(is G. Randall. E. W. 
Sanborn, A. E. Scott, Daniel 
Sharj), Robt. 1>. Smith, J. 0.-car 
Teele, J. D. Thom>.n, J. W. 
Titus. William H. Towne, Shiu'I 
WvUs, jr.. A. B. W.'iiiworth, 
Alex. S. Wheeler. C. Whtekr 

S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adams, A'N-rt W. Adams. .Vn- 
pell * J.M.m>..n 'Ibnise 

«Ja». 15. I$ell, 12 (^Id St:>to 

B. II. ( urrer, D. I'. KimLail, 
Georsre W. FtiiMips. Bern. I'o,,d, 
Otis (;. Riiiiilail, Daniel Sliarp 
Gerard C. Tu'oey 

S. .\. B. Abb^)tt. Cbarles B F. 
Adam-.. AU-rt W. AdaiM^ An- 
K-ll.'ii iHou^e 

.Ju». 15. ISt'lI, 12 OH State 
B. 11. Currier, O. G. lUndall 


S. .V. I!. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adaii':=, AI'...Tt W. Adari;., An- 
;.'.'!i i J i-.niM.n iH.'U^e 

.Ju». II. I5«'ll, li o; 1 St fe 
Kd*i.. A. A!..'tr. A. F. IJl^h. B. 
U. Currier, F. H. Graves F. O. 
Prime, H. Point, .\. E. Scott, 
Francis W. paUrey. Diiu'l Siiaip 


S. A. M. Abb.. It, Ctnrles B. F. 
Ado-is Ail..-rt W. Adai;,s Au- 
»r'it.V.I,„,u*on iHoUM- 

• lu». IS. IS.-II, 12 (Md State 
Davi.l H. l....;MU.e, B.nj. H. 
\ iirrir^r, s. s. Curti-, O. G- lUu- 
«U11,J. W. Tliorutun 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adani.«. Alb'rt W. Adams, .\n- 
p.ll i .I-iuii-wn (House 

.Ia«. 16. IS.-II, 12 Old State 
Cha.^. h. A.!:i!o-, jr.. Ivl'.vard 
Buck, H. H. Currie'. Samuel S. 
Curtis. C. K. l-::v, Wm. llobbs, 
jr., Davnt P. Kiioball. 1 ronciM E. 
Parker, l)tis G. Randall, .lu^'tus 
E. Seott, Duu'l Sharp, Hules W. 

S. A. B., Charles B. F. 
Adxins, Albert VV. Adams, An- 
drei 1 & Jen rison [House 
Jan. B. ISfll, 12 Old State 
Benjannn H. Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis, Otis G. Ptandall 


S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adams Albert W. Adams, An- 
^eilA Jcnnwon [House 

«Jii(i. 15. Bell, 12 Old State 

. Ivers J. Austin, J. I). Ball, Ed- 
ward Buck, Asa Cottrtll, B. H. 
Currier. S. S. Curtis, Charles 
Deniond. Frank W. Hackett, 
Charles C. Nutter. Frederick O, 
Prince, Otis G. Raudall, James 
AV. Rollins. Augustus E. Scott, 
James L. Staekpole, Hales W. 
Suter, J. Wincrate Thornton, 
Chas. W. Tuttle 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
xidam.-). Albert W. Adams. An- 
gell & JenuJpon [House 

aa«». 15. ISell, 12 Old St..te 

A. F. Bloch. Edward P. Brown. 

B. H. Currier, S. S. Curtis. W. 

C. Greene, F. H. Graves, David 
P. Kimball, Daniel Sharp. J. W. 
Thornton, Wm. IL Towue 


S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
Adains. Albert W. Adams, An- 
ffcU&Jennison [House 

Jas. 15. Bell, 12 Ola State 
S. S. Curtis, L.ll. Currier 

S. .V. B. Abbott Charles B. F. 
Adams, Albert >V. Adams, An- 
frell .* Jcnuison [House 

.las. 15. Bell, 12 Old State 
B. H. Currier, S. S..Curtis. Dan- 
iel Sharp 


S. A. B. Abbott, Charles B. F. 
.•tdam.s, Albert W. Adam.*-. An- 
gell & Jenni,M-.n [Hou^o 

Jan. 15. 16 ell, 12 Old State 
Wm. Aspinwall. A. F. Hutter- 
worlh, B. H. Currier. Edward 
Fiske, Geo. S. Hule, D. P. Kim- 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams, Albert W. Adams, An- 
geil & Jetinisi'ii [House 

*f as. B. Bell, 12 Old State 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charles B. F. 
Adams Albert W. Adams, An- 
gell i Jenni-on [Hcjuse 

.la»*. 15. 15ell, 12 Old State 
Sumiur Albie, S. B. Allen, Ivers 
J. Au>lni. H. J. ISoardman, A. 
R. Browu, Rrd)ert I. liurbank, 
J. H. Butler, .V. B. Collin, Benj. 
H. Currier. Samuel S. Curtis, 
Altr,<l B. Elv. W. A. Field, (ieo. 
S. Hale. S. W. Hatluiwav. Fran- 
cis B. Haves, Wm. H.'bbs, ir., 
Edward F. Hodges, Josiah \V. 
Hubb.rd, H-urv C. llut.-bins, 
il..rvtv,lewell, James .\1. Keitn, 
D I'.'Kiiobail. .M...-.on. 
.\atban .M'.r.-e, It, nj. Pond, Otis 
',. Banaali. A. A. Rav.ney, A. 
E. >.-ott. Darnel Slmr!), H. W. 
Suter. D. -M. B. Thaxter. J. W. 
Th.,rnto,>, T. L. WakeUcld, IL 

S. .V. n., Charles B. F. 
Adums. Albert W. Adams, .Vn- 
(tell A; J,'iuii,-..n [Hou^e 

.law. IS. I6ell, 12 Old State 
]■:. C. B.,Ke.-, J. -M. Cluir. bill, B. 
H. Cum. r. Sunuel .s. (. urti.^-, 
G.o. S. Hale, W. llubb^. jr.. A. 
J.ukr-ou. E. B. Otis, Otis G. . 

S. A. B. Abbott. Charl-s H. F. 
Adams. Albert W. Adam^. A-s- 
tr-l! .V J. nni-.u lllou-o 
J as. IS. ISell, 12 Old >UU: 
Oliver Stevens, B. U. Currier 


S. A. B. Abtw.t. CharUs B. F. 
Aciam^, AUvrt W. Adam,. An- 
pell A: J.iin.^..ri [llouv- 

Jas. B. Bell, 12 Old Stat.; 


S. A. B. Abbott. Charle- B. F. 
Adams. Alb.-rt W. Adaiii>. \n- 
2.-iU<c Jeniiisou [Houie 

J as. 15. Bell, 12 Old State 
B. 11. Currier. Samuel S. Curtis 
Robt. Codman, D. P. Kiml;all, 
Beniamin Pond, A. E. Sei>tt, 
J. Win-ate Thornton. Wm. H. 
Towne, M. Wav. Ambrose 
Wellington, Daniel Sharp 

S. A. B. .\ Charb-s B. F. 
Adams. Albeit W. Adam.... An- 
irell&Jeuni-on [Hou.e 

«Jas. 15. BelU 12 Old State 

Comnilsslunefs, (U. S.^ 

(.See Iiukx.) 

Coniniissioii Alerelt:intti. 

Abbot Geo. W. & Co. 21 CenUal 

Adams C, W. & Co. 7 Doane 
Adams & Taylor, i'o Broad ( IoFd) 
Aiken H. M. P'J Devonshire 
Alden & Edinand.s 2^1 India 
Alleu Daniel & Co. 14;> Blacksfn 
Alien S. G. llsMiik 
Alleu S. M. 2:! Con'.ness 
Aniory Cbas., jr. ,s- .Mdk 
Andrew--; Chas. L. 1 Central whf. 
Archibald G. F. ::*; Kilbv 
Atkin.' Elisha ot Co. 97 State 
Atwood E.H. if: Comnrercial 
Austin Joseph. .'<: Fulton 
Avery H. N. 40 N. .Market 
Aver ."i: Farwell, ;J Commerce 
Eiibcoek John B. In and bi Arch 
Bailey A. II. S Co. PJ N. .Market 
Bailey, Jenkins, & Garrison, 1U4 

Baker i .Morrill, 1-3 Commercial 
Bal.lwin Wm. H. ■; Commerce 
Banchor John F. etc Co. MH Hroud 
Bard well. Ca.-ti> ,s.(.:v.4tj Cliauncv 
-^ 44 Kill-.v 

Barnard G." M. & Co. :?J State 
Barr Georse L.l-.'7 Broad 
Barrett Edwin S. % Milk 
Bartlett C. L. & Co. Iti Broad 
Butiett J. R. l--'7 State 
Bavlev J. R. l.s South Market 
Bay ley. Rollins, i Co. 4o Kilby 
Beainan Bros. j.U' State 
Belknap L. & Co. FJ Clinton 
Benner E. & Co. 1 Cmu"! wliarf 
Bettelev A. C. 4J Kilbv 
Bird, Perkins. & Job. .•;'J India whf. 
Blake John S. ic Co. I'J Central 

B.'-irs C. D. & Co. \m 
Bor-esM. de F. H. Ill Com'! 
Bowdlear. Hurter, & Co. lioMJlk 
Bovle J. O. & Co. i.'l Ind a wharf 
Bovnton N. & Co. ^7 and v.» Cotn'l 
Bovnton W. II. .t C(\ 7 Central 
Brackett Jeffrey R. .;.' Devonshire 
Braj,'elman .t Nlarsiiall, •_".' Avon 
Brainerd H. H. >;i Franklin 
Brav T. C. Jl Central w f. .liquor,-) 
B.i<U-e J.P. 2 P...t buildin- 
Brl-trs James W. si Central .oil) 
Brigham Edward .V. 1.) Uev.m. 
Bri<:ham J. B. & Co. 40 Central 
BriiCkwav C. G. lo'i Com'l 
Broekwav C. J. o Cliatliam row 
UROOKSH. C.x Ct). tr Com- 
^ mereial 

^ Broad 
Bur?. . s Benj. & Sons, 5 Merchant.i 

Ex eh an. J.. 

HUSH GEO. H. &CO.rBattery- 
^^ march 

Bu..^h vt Cotnstnek, I'J Doane 
Batman F. C. .:> Central 
Bvru.'s W. M.-S'O State 
Cabot. Bowle.s.v "-'o. 1 '' KiF)y 
Curaill J. H C..i.o!..r.iai 
Carb.t.m F. V. ]•>■ -ui.uner 
Carlet..n (,. .,: Kdbv 
Carruth A S*eet-er, .■.-. Broad 
C'Lr'.er u. .V C... :►; Cliatliam 
Chapin l-;u,' !ie, r.') Summer 
Chandler \V . T. .t li. J. J' City wf. 
Chtuery & Co, l'."i ^tate 

" lor the ouleul' UrdS X iJLLUl t/S, Hlieet, Bostou, At l.U\V 1* Kl* !..«». 



^IIKS>MAN W. 11., 9 Central 

C'liild DiKll.'V R. ril Dtvnnshire 
Clark Siniiu."l.."7 ('..inmcnM;!! 
Clark * W.Mwlwunl. ■.'•J4 Hiciad 
C,.tit) .SiiiiiucI ('. .'> -MtTcluuit!! row 
(...rtin N. K A Co. -Ji City wharf 
-•OM.AMOUK H. L. A CO., 113 


^ CoUTt 

C.imint H. W.a; KiU.y (dru-s) 
C-*'HMiit K. S. .V V'}. .StUe, comer 

Atlimtic avciiiic 
CoiKiMt M. .1. fc Co. ): V II. gq. 
Cotton A Ilul.-v. l-.w ,st.Jte 
Cro<'kcr M < V'<.'.> In.'.i i 
Crockett [Jn.thiMs. H Ctntnil wharf 
Crosby >I;itfh<'w. jr., '.».' >itite 
Cuiiiiiiiiis T. K. X Co. .;■_• Devon. 
Cwrti. N.-t X. \\. rii) Stut<- 
CiiHhin-. VnrUT. A Cad.-^. Ml >Iilk 
<'iistiiiitr, YoiiiiiT. A Cii..v; smn'r 
Cutler J E. '.W CoinnuToial 
CiitkT, Mi;Leaii. * Co. JH State 
Cutter C. L. * Co. liS S. Market 
Daland Bros. '.>7 State 
Dana Bros. 1 Cc-ntru! wharf 
Durlinj.' C. IJ .t .S,.n. l_«.t >tate 
Davis .\dr)h)hii,s. Hi Central wharf 
Davis W. H..;r Bn.nd 
Decostir, Plumcr, & Co. -1+) North 

Delnno & Dinsmore, 1 Faneuii 

Ilnll Market 
Di loii^r ,t Seaman. .i Central wf. 
Demiicliimes, :;2ii State 
Denny, Rice, & Co. 49 Franklin 


D«-s.haii James, ]m; State 

Diek-Min John, IM State (liquors) 
Diiniek & Kusseli, 45 Commercial 

Drake Geo. B. A Co. 1.5 India whf. 
Drurv Otis, (iruv'? whaif 
Dunbar K. F.:'A Cei.tral 
Dupee John. S!i Frai.kiin 
Dyer K. C. I.W nevo„,.<hire 
]) Y£K S N. Jr. U Central whf. 

Eaton, Cumlnss. & Co. 2>i Central 
|<]D.MONU J. i CO. .J-.M Fede-ral 

Everett R. B. & Co. ,54 Milk 
Ea-er & I'nllen. n; C.minercial 
Jarl.iw John S. A Co. .'-s India 
Furwell A. G. & Co. 1 Femberton 

Faxon Isaiah & Son, .'6 Sum'r 
[.(''EARIXG JA.MES H. .50 School 
rviom t>(nianut'. een"! agency) 
Fearins Lincoln, H'A St:ite 
Fenn... Ahhott. A Co. l:;j Federal 
Ferris John, in .Vorth Market 
t isher & Co. •_'■; Central wharf 
ti-herJt l-airhaiiks, -(.'. \. Market 
t lajjs J. P. A Co. SI) Miik (wool) 
Flint Thos. x: Co. :-) Fedei-al 
^oley Henrv W . -JsS State 
Fwl„mi J. R. -J Bath 
Furrest W. B. .-S Hroad 
ioster, Candler, A Co..:) Merchants 

Foster. Swazey. & Co. 1.5 Doane 
K.Twle & Carroll. .Jl India wharf 
Fowler M. !• i.dd A Co. 144 .State 
F-.y Fred B. .; Clinton 
i rarur .\. A. I.'s State 
i roxt Henry A Co. >J) Summer 
hivUi A. R. tV; Mdk 
FuriH-r E.lward II. A Co. l.M Pearl 
Gardner E. -J Bath 
<iavl« i Co. .5! Coininercial 
Gill ,t Loot/, t; (.'entrui wf. 
</od.|eu & WiUiuins !U State 
G.-.dwin, L.K-ke, & Co. -17 Statd 
(JOKKLV G. tl. lo Doane 

G.,nnan Win. IH Broad 

G ,<- A0i.-1,L'.;5 state 


^' Fori U, HS hidia 

Gf<».-liv Win. (I. A Co. -.T Doane 

Gruviwld, VVniiuey, A Co. :i7 .Mer- 

cl'.uTit> row 
'I'il K.lwii, II. in C.nffresa 

ol J:i „b,-,L, VVutrr 

'i> J.. I,, I (;. .v Co. o4 Chatham 
il«i!. .Myrick. & Co. L!4 >Ut<i 
{[ALL S. W. ;w t ulton 

•1 'H .^ .M!'coiiili,.r, 41 State 

li.i! ,w,.U 4 Coburn. W Federal 

!'-'o.,K s. L5 Broa.l 
I •:■!.'.- N.L.i Centra! whf. ttik-g) 
ll^r.Jv Alj.henw ..^ Co. Isl State 
}| \ln:i.\(i UiN \. J. cellar; 
., N. f. II. .Market 
.ir.l«L. It. .'_• N,,rth -Market 
-rl S. Rwwlund..:! Exehanxe 
H>«,Uu,eJ.K.iiM Water 

Hase'.tine W.B.A Cn.l.T Foster's w». 
Haskell T. IL 1 Ul State 
Ha.skins Wm. A Son. il Kilby 
H .Hkins A .MontaL-up, ITO Broad 
J£Arcll I.A.ACO. IS Kingston 

Huwos Win. "JX) Com'! (lumber) 
H"uth Aiu'ustns IL '.i.s Devonshire 
II<,-athheld T. D. HI Coin, wharf 
Ilenrv S. a. A Co. .■:i» Pearl 
Her^ev A .Ma-on. .{ Cotnioercial 
HicksMohn J. M Central wharf 
Hill A Bu-hn-!l. -j; Central 
T i ILTOX, BROS. A CO. :i F. IL 
-•-^ .Market, cellar (produce) 
TflN'CKLEY E. R. A CO. 4 

Lijertv «iuare 
Hod.siion B. P. A Co. 11 N. Market 
Hoi leii Geo. IL 1 ('» Commercial 
Holland John, UH X. .Market 
Holmes Bale.s,A NielioU, li.' Broad 
Hood, S«-i;t, A Co. IJ India 
Hovev, -Mead A Co. 71 North A 25 

North Market 
Howard B.'s Sons. 19 Doane 
Howard Bros. A Co. 5tj Chatham 

Howe F. " Doane 
Howe Wni. G. 2 Chunfje avenue 
Howes. Scudder, A Crocker, 'JH A 

W Citv- wharf 
Howes A Crowell, 45 Kilb^r 
HowlPtt Geo. C. i;.5 Central wharf 

HON IE T. W. i, CO. 06 Long 
Hughes A Co. 21 Lewis wharf 
XI LNT E. W. A CO. 22 Kings- 
-*■-*- ton (see pa^re TrMn 
Hunt H. W. A Co p; Central wL 
Hyson C. A Co. 122 Commercial 
In?raha?n David !1. ",5 State 
Jenkins A Co. Hit Milk 
Jenney Stephen, 4o Ir.dia (oils) 
JohnsoT r. J. 44'v SuinniCr 
Jones T. J. A Co.'2i.s Broad (tish & 

Joy A Gibson. «1 Milk 
Kaan Georiie, Vi Central wharf 
Kemble Edmund, 142 Pearl 
Kemhie A IIastin''s,jr Commercial 
Kendall C. C. 4'! Fulton 
Kendall H. A. 4') Fulton 
Kent William H. A Co. 144 State 

Keyes Amos A Co. 2<) Clinton 
Kitjhe, Ciiaifee, Shreve, A Co. 22 

Kidder Frederie. li» Doane 
Kilham A. D. A Co. 5 No. Market 
Kimball A Bates, <i.5 Commercial 
Kin?siev C. W. ]:; Kilbv 
Kiniman Wm. IL A Co. 2^9 State 
Kniicht J. A Co. 31 Exchange 

Laforme .\. B. 22.5 State 
Lamb Salem T. •.'■'. Central 
Lane Clia.s. A Co. 11.". Federal 
LansA Delano, .">.S India whf. 
[ ANZA CARLOS, 121 Waahing- 
■'-' ton (see pa_'e r»;'.') 
Lawrence C. 11. A Co. 1>V) State 
Lawrence Daniel \V. 127 Ij-i-oad 
Leland Chas. .M.o Arch 
Leobo!dti A -Maver. 4'; Chuunov 
T KiiNWRD. SON", A CO. 4 Lil>- 
^ erty s^jare (oiN) 
Lewis A. S. A W. G. A Co. 17 

iU>w<:s wharf 
Lewis F. IL .5 Temnle place 
Lewis A Hall. '.> Merchants row 
Lincoln J. .M. A Son, 2J"* State 
LindL-r .V.Meyer, lis Milk 
Linnernan C. .\. 2S Chauncy 
T O.MBARD A CO. 113 Lewis whf. 
■" cor. Atlantic ave. (see p. ijin)) 
Lord Geo. C. A Co. 24 Merchanta 


Loring A Co. lo;; State 
Lorin,' A Siuite, -Ji', Inroad 
Li/'.hrup S. F. .v: Co. 21 Arch 
Lovtjov -t C -iper. 112 XVa.shing'n 
U.wrv'.M. A Co. 101 Devonshire' 
Lyon'.v V,.se. .'. Liberty scj. 
^lann N. P. .v *.'o. J»it State 
.ManmiiRj. E. :;;» Kilbv 
.Marcn A. S. A Co. tw Milk 
Murean ,4; Co. |o.-, Summer 
.Marsliail Caleb S. '. No. Market 
.Marshall F. H. 2.5 John 
.M.iXAell K. H. (4 l! (liq'a) 
MavJ,.hn K.'.: C..i;Hnercial whf. 
M.-L -1.-.. J-iiP. Ur (. oiiirress 
\tK: 11A.\ WILLIA.M, y Ceu- 
-* *■ '.* Iiarf' 

\| KKCII.VN r S. L. A CO. 27 
-'^ C. iitrul wharf ( see piifie t>ti> 
.Merrow John F. •; Fulton 
\IILLER BROS. 127 State 
^'-'- (lumber) 
Mitchell A Plumlev,.'J No. Market 

Morey A Co. 107 Stife 
.Mf)ulton (ieo. S. .« c'o. !>•! Summer 
.Mowry W. B. 2.S North .Market 
.Mud:.'ett VV. S. 2 Bath 
.MuUav John. .51) Court 
Nasii, S Paulding, ic Cn 2'! Broad 
Nazro Bros. .5 Chatham row 
Na/.roC. (;. 1.5 Dcvon.s'dre 
Nuzro A Co. I) Commercial 
Neai A Crowninsliield.t; Central 
Nelson J L I Liiidail (-i-ara) 
NewcDiiib .folm J. i;i) Commercial 
Ni<lioi-., Park'T, A Dupee, lUJ 

Federal (wool) 
Nicker.-oii I. .\L I'r.) Commercial 
Norcross \V. F. I.) Doani; 
Xoiirse Benj. F. .VI Coio/res.s 

O'Donnell J. 1(!2 Broad 
OslKirn J. W. !(« Commercial 
O^^iiOKN A. A CO. 25 Central 
^ whf. 

Otis Wrn. C. 100 State (liquors) 
Pace, French, A Kidder. 51 Coin'l 
-•- 70 St'ite 

Parker M. G. A Co. 14 Central whf. 
Parker S. T. A Co. .5'.) Causeway 
Paine Wm. R. :<*; Broad 
Patch Daniel A. 45 Kilbv 
Paul A HoUis, .5*) North .Market 
-*- .Atlantic av. nnd 41 India whf. 
Pearson A Co. 2.i'5 State and l.iO 

Feck A. -M. A Co. IM Water, and 

2 Cooks pi. (liquors) 
Percivai Charles. 77 Summer 
Perkins IL R. ,5 Chatham row 
Perrv A Stanton. 141 Commercial 
Perrv Wm. S. ]'.» Central 
PeteVs E. D.A Co. 12 Central whf 
piilXXEY A WATSON, 171 
^ Tremont 

Pitcher. Flitncr. .« Co. 2i)0 Coui'l 
Plumer A Co. 17.:! State 
Pollard S. S. A Co. 7 Central 
Potter A Damon. LSI) State 
Pratt S. B. ■« Summer 
pRAY B. S & CO. LSO State 

Prenon F. P. .'(North Market 

wharf ("see p:iu'e ti*i.5) 
Pilchard A Co. t; Central 
Priest Chas. C. A Co. 152 Consress 
Priest John L. 14 Central wharf 
Proctor S. O. 47 Black.^toue and 286 

PUTNAM E. & CO.« Water(see 
^ pa-eOd) 

Quincy Thos. D. A Co. 40 Com'l 
Rae<ier Ilenrv A Co. 22.5 State 
Rait James. I'd Federal 
Rea Wm. A. •'« Kilbv 
PEED A BOVVEN, ;>1 Kilbv 
^^ r'.7(; Albany 

Ilevnolds W. B. A Co 2<)1 State and 
Rice .M. T. A Co. •■«) Kilbv 
Rice A Davis, .5 Central wliarf 
Rich Sliebnah A Co. .51 Lonj whf. 
Richard, Adams A Co. •j.;,5 State 
Kich.srdsou H. H.4t Kilbv 
l>iCH VRDSON (iEO. C. A CO. 
'Jtj Dc:V»>n-;t\ire 
•ICHMO.N'D C. C. A CO. 20 
Central whf. 
Robinson Thos. H.. Battery whf. 
Robinson A Co. 147 .Milk 
Kodehjanachi J. .M. A Co. 17 Cen- 
tral wharf 
Ro-ers Gorham.lW Federal 
RoL'ers John P. A Co. 217 Federal 
|>OSS, PEARCE, A CO. 60 Milk 

Runlett Taylor. Il'J Broad 
Ryder A H irdv. ii.5 Commercial 
Sawyer, HoUis, A Co. .51 North 

Market (produce A provisions) 
Saxton A Carr. ^S Chauncy 
Schriitzer Jacob. .>'. Central whf. 
^ State 

"^ ER, -.'.'.ind 40 India 
ShuiiK'.eher J. A C >. I'.t D^iane 
Scndder, Hiirtlett, A Co. .si Com'l 
Scudder Ihtrvcv A Co. 174 State 
.Scudder Horace A Co. 12! Cm'l 
Seaver Ja. lib W. A Co. 44 Kilby 
Seaverns .V. 120 .Milk 
Siiaw Jamea .M. ','7 State 
Siiaw ji Un;.'ers, IP.) .Milk 
Shelton P. S. .v (... i Ceiit.'-al whf. 
S\(!crs Ch,i.. ,<c r 1. !io Conuuer'l 
Sid. rs.J.e.u li. 1 1^ <■ .im'I 
SiUa, Arc •.■■r.. ■.. < -. j : Slate 
Simpson \V, 1,. ■v C'. l-< t'linton 
Small -v .Vpoi>-t. 0. :«i Water 

c.Mirn CH.\Ki.i;s a co. 7 

^ Central wharf (nee pa^e liLHi) 


Gn«S 'Pir^oe AUer«*«l and Tt'T/if ri>'r« cohjumM o«l a 

vjaa JTipes itcpajrcu, itlOteiS It. ltOl.1. 

t »hoi-t iiotitM 
lAt«» tt CO., 

369 ^^ -'•'"''" 




Corum L<finn ^ffrrhall^.<^— continued. 
finrWh'.ii S. (i. H.' Milk 

St^-.* .V <.'... "J North MarJt<>t 
St>tHT I-l. * (\i. .'i! KnUnii 
S.nthiirtl. C". .52 Com. 
l^OU Til WICK P. K. K2 I'earl 

!5|iorh«wk D. H. S7 MilW 
Sl.r.i:.'ii<'. ^.iiili'. \ Co. 70 Long wf. 

!iii(l 1.'. I)iv<.,i..!iirf- 
H: 111 ».>.-!Jri.-..i>.^ Co. ION. Market 
S:,rtrii. C.J. ■'4 llu'h ^\'.^ ('(ininiercf 
t;t.-»M>it stillrT.nnW .^^ Chauncy 
Sr,.<l.l.T Cl.rtri.K.'>;Mi!k 
htr"!il:ird. I.cvcrins, .t Co. 4Milk 

*-:oiic C. H. 1.!*; Federal (hard- 
Stone, Dennr, >^ Co.-jO So. Market 
t^totip J. W.'ia Coiriii-r.-inl 
»«tf>ne. Hall, vt <'o. rru w^uh. S wver S. I Milton pi. 
St.Tir K'.ht. n.& C...^',» India whf. 
Storrow & Van Bruut, 40 Con- 
en- <* 
Stowe G. n. H.i Summer 
SturtuHnt J. I). r'J> State 
Suretf'- Louis A. i.- Com'l 
Sutn.-I'heo.-^ Winter 
Swiisev. Klii-), .V Co. ;X> State 
Swelt A. (). .>-l ll.Tnover 
Tnpp.m.l. II. A. & Co. 87 Milk 
Tavlor Geo. "W. 1!,5 Brr«d 
Terrv B. V. H.T Slimmer 
Th:! 11. C. & Co. fi;i Kilbv 
Thiiver. Briijhnni. * Co. ryj India 
'ihaVer C. H. 41 Kilhv 
Thnver.^ Lincohi. I.'> Comm'l 
Th..'rn.-i*.f..!,„ N. t;0 Kiltn- 
YllOMPSOXE. & C0.32 Broad 

Thomrpon 11. W. rm Broadway 
ThwinfrS.C.A Co. rr State 
TilcstoH E. G. & Co. 17 Sears 

Tilton Stephen ft Co. 10 Central wf. 
Torre V K. K. .k Co. l.T Coni'l 
Townsend T. \V. IIH Milk 
Towrsend * Co. W Central 
Tiieker H. F. I", Do.ire 
Turner John B.44 Kilbv 
Ti:rner. Prrsrotf. A Co. -JX Chauncy 
Tuttle J. W. A S<.n^HClifiton 
Tysr.n Marshall, !'.S [)evon.=hire 
Vun Horn G.W.-.'i Mi^rehants row- 
Van PraiijifeCo. ia>St,te 
Vniishan Benjiitnin, 4J India 
Vila Jns. ?c Co 51 Federal (wool) 
Vinal Quinrv A. 174 State 
Vose Thomas B. Llo >it:ite 
\VMd««oi-th C.eo. AV. l;! l.indiU 
TyALDO J. ADAX. l;; Liberty 

S(|iiare (see front cd. pcse) 
Walker K. H. & Co. 10 .Merchants 

"V^'.Tre. Biehardson,& Co. II and 21 

Wnrner B. F. .i Centra! wf. 
W.'Uh .^ We-it. o<) Conirnercial 
}V.!<1 Anr.n D.^. So!,... I,)-; State 
^^eN■.t,ei^ A,lolph..V)Chf.uucv 
%\e!is&M-ilt:i,r, 11 F.-d.-rtd 
^V heeler J, F. jr. 174 St-it.- 
y heehH-k F. F. A Co. 7-.' Federal 
^^ lieclwriirht E. ,'57 FuMnn 
■^'bitniorc C < )..< Son«, 1 CetU'l wf. 
Vv-i,itne> ,^- S-uii|i<oii. 7'i L<.n > wf. 
Whitt. more W X- F. Fl. -ll Broad 
^Vi^!e,i A. H..-7 Fii!t,-.ii 
"NVillirins II. n. r, < hiit^inm row^- Hall,:^' Kilhv 
Wil'.inn.s I[,,rMee V. k Co. \r. Arch 
>\ tli-on John L. 17 R(.we'« wharf 
Win = or .\lfr> d .<: Son, 70 l.oi.s wf. 
\Vin;or Nnthaniel .t Co. 127 State 
Wi-.' & Hip -sell, -.'I.-i State 
V'-'d M. T. * Co. •.-.■' > '^tate 
Wof^wurd. Brown, & Co. 27 So. 


ConipoMltlon JColIers. 
Greene Georpe .\. 21 S-'Ivoi 

C'ompoiin4l for IIor«teB 
mid 4 attlf. 

AfATIIKWS I>. 1". l.>; Commer- 
^'■^ ciul 



C'oiidenBfti Milk. 

I.eai..* \V. K .t Hr.,thers,t».J Broad 

C'unftMtloiK-rN. (Maiiu/s.) 

Br.«»l,nw Albert. 1.' H.^wlev 

\ ^nn «,, .„ce J. i Co. tu, Haverhill 

(JUASK a CO. no C.,„t're.-.j»t!oz- 

«i't:«-)i. K.'c poj.e lit'.) 
l.!et..ent Wm. K. Hiuinond b!k., 
^^^wn»^ t nve., ward IG 

(JOLCORD WM. II. 4 Blossom 
"L^ERA (JI-.O. ;!»■! Washinfrton 

TuftP Wm. 7.T7 Wnshiryfon 
V-azie W. F.. AVarr.n t.rid-e 
Waehter II. rear 'M'> Ciinihridf'e 
Wall Lawrie M. 44 Fifth 
AVallaoe .M. >|rs. Uii-J Tre.nont 

POBKS, HWW.VKO, & CO. .AVallaee .M. Mrs. Uii-J Tre.nont 

'.Klnnd ;;> SiKJi.iiry, (whole- Weber Frederic K. •.'■. Temple pi 

sale, s..'e p.'iL'i- t.'d) Webster Albert, -J^-"^ Wasldn'jton 

sale, si.'e p.'iL'i- i.'d 
Frost Fred.ri.k W. I,s77 Wash. 
Goward W. F. l.". Merchant's row 

Graves F. D. Cii.', Oorche.stcr ave. 
Hill J. H.,, n. N'enon.set ave. 
Mur.ior'h Wni. C. V. Mar.hall 
JFSSOFJ. H. 10 Tremout 

AfARJORAM J. W. W. 6,5 11a- 

^^^ verhill(>e,. i,a-e(;4.3) 
-^'-^ Wa-^hin^non 
Price Henry, .Minot, n. Neponset 

nve.. ward Id 
jgCHIlAFFTW. F. 11 Elm 

mMMOXS DAVID B. 641 Tre- 

•^ ni-ont 

C II N E T Z E R & ABE N- 

^ DKOTH, II Charlestown 

GOUTHMAVD & CO.Tremont, 

•^ corner Hroni Held 

gTAHL WILLIAM F. 37 Essex 

^yRTGHT & MOODY, 18 Corn- 
Con feet I oners. 

Abraham I'enl. 1 iss Wash. 
Averill G. H. 72l Wr'shiiiL-ton 
Belelu r T. J. :'^4 Wnsliio^ton 
B.'llhou.^e Map.'ai>-t, ."Ji7 Tremont 
Blunt H. 7i.i Tremont 
Bradshaw Wm. V,. !i;!7 Wash. 
Casev Thomas. 7i! -Vlb^nv 
Cn.-well G,o. W. Mrs. r,6 Phillios 
QULCORD W. 11. 4 Blosaom 

Copeland A. F. 208 
Copeland C. 4 Tremont row [Park 
Copeland Dnniel T. . Tremont, opp. 
Crawdev W. H. ." Meridian 
Dickey R C. 24-; Hmover 
Doolin^ James. 1247 A 1240 Wash. 
Xi^EKA GEORGE. ;M;; Washing- 
■^ ton (.see paee (,'^tM 
Fessenden J. J{. 4.'.7 Broadway 
Fifield M. B. Mr-^. 2f..T Dudle^ 
"POBES. H AY WARD. * CO. 96 
^ and ;i8 Sudbury (wholesale, 

see pnere (;','] ) 
French G. I.. l,-.7.- Wa«bin?ton 
Frost Fred. W. IS7- Wash,' 
Gunthcr Otto, 2-N Hanover 
Havwnrd J. S. IIO.' WM,.^hincton 
H. ik'c Chas. F. r-.-l", W'ashintrton 
Hill Jonarhaii Mrs. !04 Dorch. 
Hill S. S. 722 Wa>hinL:ton 
James Thos. \\ , ]s^^; Wash. 
Jiiikios 1. X. 11 ? Doreh'-ster 
JESSOPJ. H. 10 Tremont 

T .\NFX: WTTHFRKLL.l and 5 
-'-' Henrv, F.H. ^^ee pase t"7) 
I,incoln M.2i Kss-.-:^ 
LittiiT Mary..-d7 T-einont 
Manlen E.'W. 14; Shawmnt ave. 
May G. R. I02 Court 
MaVer Philip. Il" Kndicott 

Moore Richard. 211 Broadway 
Morrison Si Linciiln. 7S Salcni 
M.irnil J..hTi.-.'.4 Tremont 
Murdoch John. b;(irern 
Munloch Williim C. l.". Marshall 
Xi.l-on J. 11. 772 rremimt 
Xirlu.lfi John,:!!') Hr,.ad*nv 
Nickers- 'U Joseph T., foot of 

Pefiptr J. \V. ^^\ Hanover 
Perkins A. S. 2b; Tremont and 41 

I.", (JruiL'e 
PfttinL- 11 .lames J. 142 Eliot 
Pfiti Henrv. ;i7 ('uion 
Ransiim Wm. H. '.t'l Harrisf-n nv. 
Richardson FraTici.s A. 'J^ Tre- 

R.^bortsJ. A.-Vd Rroa.lwav 
Koherls J. ^\■.uS.■. Wash. 
Sawtrll Isaar P.. 17>7 Waslungfon 
s^CHKAKFT WM. F. 11 E.m 

S,-iberli<-h L.".7 I'nion 

Sils'iv B. F.'K (^.!lrt 

>iocmii I-->a<' F.. •.'.'i! ilarr'son ave. 

colli! M AVI> ,^ t,i).,lrLiiiont 

'^ r..r. Br. !othI<1 

CT.VIIL W M. 1-. ,i7 Essex 

Stark James .Vlr.^. I2<> l)i;<ilev 
Tuyl«.r J. dm N. .'.-o WaHhinl'ton 
ToTuy Xuiu,.-. ^lulwnult ave. 
Treadwell J., Ferry house, 
Lewis St. E.B. 

Wellu Benj. F. 17.', Court 
West Wm.'* Co. 7 Hanover 
Wheeler James It. .54.-. Wash. 
Whiteside H. 77.5 Washington 
Wilkshire Charlotte Mrs. ti35 

WRIGHT & MOODY, wholft- 
'* sale. 18 Condd'l 
Zander John, H.w V\'a.shington 


Areentine Republic, David D. 

Stack pole, 4S State 
Austrian CmiHnl, J. Henry Gou- 

sler, jr. 80 State 
Bavarian Consul. John Schuma- 
cher, 151 Doane 
Bek'ian Consul, H, W. Warren, 

Central wharf 
Brazilian Viee-Consnl, F. II. 

Borpes. Ill Commeicial 
British Consul, C. A. Henderson, 

127 State 
Danish Vico-Consul, E. C. Ham- 
mer, G. Lootz (acting), ti Central 

French Consul, C. Rameau 2.3 

Devonshire, room "2 
Greek Consul, J. .M.Rodocanachi. 

17 Central wharf 
Ilay'tian Consul, Ben.). C. Clark, 4 

Central wharf 
Italian Vice Consul, Gustavus M. 

Flnotti, 17 Broad 
Slexican Vict-(Jonsul, C. L. Bart- 

lett, 1»; Broad 
Nethiriands Consul. G. Lootz, 6 

Central wharf 
Nicaraeua, Jorce Oyarzabul, 103 

Nortli German Confederation Con- 
sul, J. Henry (jossler, .jr. 80 State 
Portugese Vice-Consuii .M. ilc F. 

IL Borces, HI Cumn.ereial 
Russian Vice-Con>ul. W. Brandt 

Storer, 4'.' India wharf 
Spanish Consul, G. Armstrong, 22 

Spanisli Vice Consul, Soto Lorens 

de Iir^intio, 22 (Congress 
Swedi-h ami Xorweirian Mce- 

Consul, G. Loot/., tJ Ceiitral whf. 
Turkish Consul, (ieneral Joseph 

lasi.'i, .'It; Central wharf 
Urusiiay \ice-Conbu!, Charles 

Soule, 15 Devonshire 

Contractors for ISuilil'g:. 

(See also t'ar}itntcr» and LuiUlers) 

Adams Edwin, 22 State 
Adams Willium, 41 Dover 
"^- Jackson place 
Bean H.P. .';07 Sliawnuit avenue 
Cox T. W. & J. IL 4 Co.x huildinR 
Cram Daniel, 11 CheUea, 

E. B. 
TA ACE Y JOHN B.& CO.. Alinot, 
■•^ ward 1<; a^ailroad, i.'.> 
Damon Henry, 7',* W. Dedliani 
J^OWNING O. II. 1.32 Federal 

TARAKE THO.MAS E. l.y W^est 

-^ Brookline 

LM.DER GEO. G. & S(JN, 401 

-^ Albany 

Fitch Jonas, .".S.s Federal 

Fuller L. L. 11 Pi nibcrDn square 

Gibson G. .M.-sl Wa-hioL-ton 

Harmon I. & H. .M. 14'.' .V I''n 

TfAYES MARTIN, 3 Berkc- 

-*■*- ley (see pai.,'e i',V)) 

r AMING .t DRISKO, Swett, 

-*^ near Heed 

Lynch Joliii,4 Everett 

>IarBh Hobt. 1>. Salem 

T\rcKAY I). IL, Dorch. ave. n. 

-'^ .Mt. Vernon, an<l 7j Summer 

Nawn t.)wcn, Wa>h.. cor. .\ iwn 

Poiic Frederick. SI Wad.inL-ton 

Rollins Charl. s, M) Wu-hin-ton 

iStcvcne: V\il;ia:il A. 102 .Marion, 

E. B. 
gTEWART W.M. IL Z'M Albany 

Wadlei^'h Dexter E. Li Dexter 
Wheeler W . J. i E. P. 22 btuto 
2-'; Congreea 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, CardR*^*'^^*^]!"/, 

, A <■„ :»«« Wa-'liliiutou St. 



Co«trn<'t«»r* dtr Public 

Fvans \Villi:un. is Wint'T 
KviHift Wia.J. R. ^s Wintf.T 
(-.lUi^a.i v.. Fir.-t. ii.-rtr H. R. 
TACKSO.V WWI. H. & CO. 33 
«J SoluM.I. ro.):ii (i 
Munsun N. C. 1.' Stii-li/. build. 
Hue (ifo. D. .;•! Selii.,)l,ri)oni U 
K-iwi' S ;^-. Al'.cmy, ciriu-r Eiwt 

Ciiiitiin, iiiui .'"< S'-hmil, ntoin 5 
•^ HeWI 
t^OUTlIKR J. & CO., foot of A 

CoutrjK'tor for Stone* 

Dolan Thomas, 1!.^ llainuien 

Abnimc L. H. ><: (^1. 1)4 W-iih. 

BAKXKS ,<: CAR rEU, 51. Water 
an.i.-.r Cnn-n-^A 
Berrv Mnrrill l>. Ksr "\V;i.xh. 
Crooker C. (J. ]i r.-mhertoti sq. 
Crocker U. U. 14 reinli ifon sq. 
Darv Gi- >. .V. 4'i Wn^hiii-ton 
Diir.'in Mark II. !:• Court 
Fuller IJ. A. G. ■!-' PeiiibiTton sq. 
Kern & Fitch, J Court square 
Stark .lohii II., Eifjhth, siear l>,and 

3.; K.lbv 
Stevens fi. B. & Daughter, 5 Pem- 

bertoii squire 
Thomp^f)!! Win. V. l.i Court 
Vinton Alfred C. 27 Court 

** R. R. Exrh-uiLTe 

Wellin^'ton Ainbro<.., SO Wash. 
Wright A. U. II Old State House 

Coukiii<; A|>iinrat(i!>. 

WUITELEY E. MS: Gl Charles- 
** town 


Abbott T?enj:unin, ."J Medford 
Arnistrouir Sutnuel, 5 Com'l whf. 
Beck L. .<; Son, Boston wharf 
Ciirlton .Toliu K., Carlton's wharf 
Ciite Samuel, opp. 7 Central whf. 
Close Emory, isrt Broad 
Connolly .t Co. 4:) Central 
Cook Henry, 8 .Murray ct. E.B, 
Crowley James IC. 1 Chatham 
Cullen J:nne^:;i Tudor 
Daniels Win. 142 Harrison ave. 
Davis & Stevens, ."'.tj Charles 
Done^jiin Ciio. 2<)-') First 
Dutfv Bernard, .Maver'k. n.Cotta?a 
L]A rON' .J. B. M) and UU 
•^ mercial 

(Janliier Geor<.je Q. V'A Sumner 
Goddard E. Wi iT Richmond 
Gruber .\, D. -jy, Commercial 
Herzit' F.:-h<.l-.' Whiirf 
I FILE i WRKJHT, 145 and 15r 
^^ Sumner, E. B. 
Hinckley V. VX, Commercial 
Hopkins James, J- irst. tor. B 
Him^-v J. X: Co. -.'44 Commercial 
Kelley E. A.;'.') Hawhy 
KtJiney I'lios. I'i) KrIeaTio, E. B. 
Kiirrus H., Granite, cor. Kicliards 
Lunt A Sweet, U» North Centre 
l.vnch S: Barry, I'N Milk 
.^f -r-se A. V. i Co., 1-irst. cor. B 
Nickles.Jiime? .M. Jl Eastern ave. 
OlK-r Jolm P. .'Ij;; Commervi^.l 
O'Brien William & Co. 244 Corn'l 
Patten Wm. C. & Co. -.o.^ Causeway 
Pitman .foi-iuia, 2.) Ferry 
Sunger Z. K Custom House street 
S:!wycr II. .\.-2tii) Commtrciul 
Swett H. I. jr. IS Noith Centre 
Tower Wiilii.m.'do Commercial 
Vonruvur .Mexan.ler, -jiH Stute 
Ver«e J. A. 12 Wharf 
Ver-,. T. K 2.-.! Broad 
Wholley .John. 7-; Br^aa 
Wi-„'in T. B. & Co. :! Bussey pi. 

C^oiiperaiire Stock. 

Kil-ry H. !■: India 

fill. I- 4: WRUiHT, 145 and 157 

f^ .Vnnwer. E. B. 

Isnir.t D. luMO, o\ India whart 

M.lis Jam.s 1,. 4 S,,ns, l.;.i State. 

C'opinT aiitl ISruMM 

(J*>DY EDWARD, r-; Hawkins 

(nu»'.v|,Kv J.', Albany, corner 

u,^'.]Jj. p. .t Co. in A 

*"«IM»f r ,t Ii-ou Pumps. 

■ " AV 4. CO. I Broad (see inside 
bM- k cover) 

< op per ICottoiiiM. 
»S IKU A IKJUY, iraand ISiJ 


Copperplate I'rlnter. 

]>T:FF0RD JOHN n.-i'Ji Wash- 

<'opper l^ealers. 

pOSTER & R<.)BV, 171 and ISO 

AfA Y A Ct^. agents for New Bed- 
■^'-^ ford Cop|)er Co. 1 Broad (see 

inside hack cover) 
^^ CO.,J. C. R<v,'er»i Co.,axtj., 

.;!) Central (.-^ce p:ure 7i.',) 
Revere Copper Co., J. Davis treas. 

47 Kiiby 
Taunton Copper Co., Crocker 
Bros. & Co. UL'ents, 11 Broad 

Copper .>lliilii<; Coiiipu- 
nleM, ll'.tiinq Ojficvs in JUxtou. 

Adams Minim? Co., L. F. Burr, 
treas. .'31 Kilhv 

Allouez .Milling Co., J. S. Ri^e- 
low, treas., 22 Devon, room ijn 

Calumet & Heela Muiini; Co., 
Chu.s. W. Seabury,trea.surer. lU 

Copper Falls Mining Co. H. W. 
Nelson, treus. 22 Devonshire, 
room lii) 

Dana Minlnst Co., H. W. Nelson, 
treas. L'2 Devonshire, room tiO 

Franklin Mining Com. C'uarles 
Kmerv, treas. (i2 Con'.Tre.4s 

Huiicoclt Miiiin2 Co.. Jiio. Brooks, 
treas. 10 PiiceiiLx bld:j. 10 Dev- 

Hanover .Mining Co.. H. W. Nel- 
son, treas. 22 Devonshire, r'm HO 

Humboldt Copper Co , H. W. 
Nelson, treas. 22 Devonshire, 
room &) 

Uuncarian Copper Co., F. Beck, 
treas. 15 Devonshire 

Madison Minin.' Co., F. Beck, 
treas. 1.) Devonihire 

Mesiiard .Miuiiij; Co., L. F. Burr, 
treas. M Kilby 

Native Mininsr Co., John Brooks, 
treas. 10 Pliocnix build. 10 Dev- 

Pethenck Mining Co., 22 Devon- 
shire, room (it 

Pewabic .Minim? Co., C. Emery, 
treas. 'Ji Congress 

Phteni.x Copper Co., W. E. Coffin. 
treas. M Oliver 

Pittsbnri:h and Boston Mining Co. 
E. F. Burr, transi'er ai,'ent, ;U 

South Pewabic Copper Mining 
Co., L. F. Burr, treas. ;;i Kilbv 

Sooth Side Mining Co., H. W. 
Nelson, treas. 22 Dev'shire.r'm tlO 

Winthrop Minins Co., H. W. Nel- 
son, trea.s. 22 Devon, room O) 

Copper Klvetst <!: iSiirw. 

^*~ DEX, 17 Federal 
^ MANUF. CO., i:; Federal 

Copper and Steel l*late 

Gulcher P. G. 15 Morton place 


Allen Phineas I ». .t Co. 1747 Wash. 
A EI.EN SAMUEE H. .iJ Haver- 
•'*• hdl ('i.c [Kiw 7ot) 

i?EAE, ke.Ndall. i CO. or 

-'^ Mcrrimac 

BeUkenhuis & Essman, 1 Coitle, 

Cor. Harrison avi-iuie 
Davis i Ilallbcn;, .■■^;7 Com'l 
iJEDLEV B. F. '..S Harvard 

Fisher* McGrath,12 Garden-ct. 

G.av C. M. 55 Warren 
I I'ICKS & B.VDGER, (;■; Pitts 
-"■ (-.e pui.'ci;7j) 
Hunneman .<; Co. 2'; Union 
|^uRIN(i A. B. .<: S. H. 1 :a Hnr- 

_^£Oi:SE A. J. i SON, 124 Con- 

PutKr A. D.4S Portland 
Strat<r ii..t Sons. :> -io.'.'oirv 
StO'irt Wio. .). X (■■■. ■>: - . -li 
Tav! r ^ (\.itn.-,:>. :r M ,,,.-inal 
T'-IM|vkio-, iM-aiikli,,..- \ i );' 
VA.\'M;V.vR E. B. -v CO. 58 

* )ii!:..n 

W'A 11 US W.M. & S(JN, 141 

** SoniM.r, E.B. 

' ' Harnsoli ave. ^.^eo page 7'.'2; 


Kidder S. B. Mi^s il School 
Smith C. 1). .Mrs. 4.S S.-ar.i build'g 
Woods F. E. .'V! School 


^ NY, 1)1 Court (-ee p. <iri; 

Cortl ^laiiiiraetiirers. 

^ Wellington, (reus. 0*i Chauncy 


Baldwin S. P. D-i Federal 
Butler, .Io;ui->.)n,,<: Co. U-l Federal 
T^IN(iilA^I C<»R1)AGE CO. 
^^ Wmtwn, Brot ler. & Co. 33 

-^ CO. Fearins, Rodman, & 

Swift. 2". an<l 25 Commercial 

(see paw li'S) 
^^ '.15 Commercial 
TeaTsOM Bro & (Jo. SS Wat^r 
Plymouth Cordage Co. 4.'. Kilbv 
Scudder. RoiT.-rs, i Co. 71 Federal 
Sewall, Day, i Co. s;; Coinm'l 

Cork Ciittert*. 

■REECHING R. & CO. SO Black- 

-^ stone 

HOL.MES & CO. IW Blackstone 

McQuade H. 70 Sndhurv 
■^^ 71 Sudbury 
Stinson M. F. A Co. 4 F.II. square 

Corn ISallH uiitl Coru 


POLSOM J. F. 15 John 

Godfrev Henry I. 5.) Carnbridge 
Haskins J. W. & Co. 5 Fulton 


RARTEETT W. C. & CO. 145 

-L> Tremont 

Hicks James K. 15 Bowker 


Adams C. M. Mrs. .".iSS Wash. 
Allen Ezra i- Son. 205 Wash, 
Baxter I. J. i;47 Washington 
Boston Coisft & Skirt Co. 1G7 

Summer (abdominal) 
r^LAPPWM. & CO. 55 Temple 
^ place 
Conant Bros. 39;) Wash, and 72 

Donovan li. Mrs. 14 0xf.)rd 
Foilette L. B. 1127 W.i.hinston 
P'ord J. G. '\lrs..n Temple place 
Q.LAZIEU GEO. .M. Si Summer 

Lovott G. W. & Co. 10 Winter 
riRISWOLD D. C. & CO. 1&4 
^^ and lo') Devonshire 
>fEFF W. J. MRS. 17 Winter 

r.dnier, Williams, & Co. 4 Lincoln 
Saunders D. B. & Co. 'J»i Summer 


.\twood Daniel .1. 17ii Tremont 
Bricher Wm. 5',i4 Washington 
(JLRTIS W. H. .MRS..:!h2 Wash. 

Howard H. R. A Corey nvcnne 
Tuttle .Mary B.2 Ed-cr!y place 
Wilson .Mary .\. .Mrs. (J ' "Chambera 

Cotton IfattH. 


^ PAPER CO., F. .M. Spauld- 

ing, agent, li!t Congress 

<'ottoii ISnyers. 

Appleton 'I'lioinns, 73 Congress 
Baker J. I. .iii Kilby 
Brown .V. D. 7.'! C'lisress 
Dexter ,<£ Saltonstii'l. 51 Water 
Dorr E. L. & Co., 40 Water, and 

47 Conirre-is Brenton H. 51 Water 
Kettell. Dudlev,& Co. 22 Cong. 
Stanwood, Dudley, i Co. 22 Coa- 

Storrow & Van Brunt, 40 Congress 

<'ott<»n IVeiilers. 

Bacon F. K..'-; State 
Bceoe L. .'»lercliants row 
B.Miiis .< Brown, I'..) .Milk 
Iti_''-low E. <:.■.■■>; Kilbv 
]>ISH0P 11.21! Broad 

Bruilloe J.i Son. l.'-S Friend 
Bio..'k.s J. N. & Co. (brokers) 55 

Brown Charles II. a; Water 

Gas Fixtures at Manufacturers' Prices, 

It. i!oi.i.i.\<;s A' CO., 

atii> W u!*Uiiiu;toii St. 

v> ,,,• v:i?.'b;-M r-i; 



Cf tton DeaUrt— continued. 
Bryant H. 1'. (broker), 11 Liberty 

nnrnham J. A.kj Milk 
ChnmlKTlaiti IJio*. it Cm. 117 Kc.i'l 
Diibiicv Bn... ,;h^.ker.^.•r) Kilhy 
F)cwcv S. \V. (hn.kt-r), C' KiH)y 
Erneri<iii .V.& ( o. ^4 Hrn.iiK wnnte) 
Frcc'iDi.n A Co. , t.n.k.T^i, ,-,ii Kilby 
Gray Gorhsim -v Co , M C. ntml 
Oniv .V (^.. <ljr.,kiTs). -.T Kilhv 
Guriu-y & l,<.iji:cf ihrukers), 4 I.ib- 

ertv siiuart- 
Hurt'sho 11 l:. H. (hrok.>r).:i'! Water 
Hc.l)hs John, I I'.i Milk (bo.k.T) 
I.nwt'.n G. i Co. »)?, s: rj'T l?roa<l 
Lincoln J. F. (broker). 44 Kilhy 
I^'finf? at Atkinson. (brok> tb), 09 
i Monninc & Sears, 7.'? Kilhv 
■ M.-Oiivitt I)JP.M.S.S Wuter 
5^ J^EMICK T. .".It; and Slf, Broad 

0-' Kice & Davi^., ,i Central wharf 

<- Kidinss S. r^; Milk 

Fcott liobeit ( lir. k.-r), 7.t Kilbv 
Seaver Geo. (brokfr), H4 Wat<-r 
ScntUler, Hartlcti, * Co. .M Coin'l. 
8rnith B. R. t Co. r>> Kilbv (com.) 
^MIT11 CiI.\RLKS&C().7Cen- 

Snra^iic. S.Mile, k Co. 15 Devon'r. 

Tileston .1. C. (broker), 75 Kilby 
Torrvy .1. C ( broker') , .'Ji Kilby 
Walker D. M. &• Co. 7it Kiihv 
Walk-r For I B. * broker), 7"j Kilby 
Welch J. E. 7'.« Kilhy 
•' Wellman I. W. (broker), f>3 Kilby 
Cotton-&i!i MaiiuPti. 
■pATES. li\ DE, & CO. 9 Sute, 
•*-' uji-stairs 
i'j. Carver Co., A. llobart, jr. 40 

pLATT ER0S.&CO.14I)evon- 
■*■ shire, room 14, Samuel Wood, 

Cotton "Wante. 
Adams Brothers, :'■-) lin :i<l 
^LLEX Si CO. a5 Sudbury, 

glSIIOP ROBERT, 213 Broad 

Clarke F. A. M. CT Fed'l (broker) 

nORBETT A. 0. 13 Batfvmarcti 

y' (SCO pace . '42 ) 

Lawton Ceo. k Co. .3fi.- Broad 

■VflLLEK i KIMBALL, '.'05 

-"-*■ Broad 

J^EMICK T. 310 and 318 Broad 

Cottou tin«l ^%'ooI IVud- 

■RACOX JollX H. 1 Union, 
nuiuufuctory at Winchester 

Cotton and AVoollen 

pLATT BIK )S. ,^- CO. 14 Dt'von- 
■*■ ihire, ruoni 14, Saniuel Wood, 

Cotton "I'arni*, and 

nUKFlS inRA>f, Comm'l, opp. 
Linden, ward it) 


(i'Ve /,««■'/' '■»■■) 
Couattntr-rooni Furni- 

rirGHKS .JOHN A. & CO. 151 

■*•*■ WashiTiiTton 

J^O S S J. L. 42 CliardOQ 


»^ C-TiihiU 

\\ML1,K T r. DRAKE, i CO. 49 

** and .Jl \Si',!iarn 

Court I*lii*t«-r- 

Wootlbtiry A Co. 07} Washington 

Cra<'ker Jiaktrrit. 

AUSTINC. F. &CO. lb: Com- 
■^ inerciul 
J^OXD TIMOTHV D. 1.' Canal 

■^^ CO. l(-i W..'., 
1 Mi A V .<i i 1 A ■V K S , n^r n t«. Peek . 
-*^ Frenii. i Co., London, 145 

QLo>[: JOIIX & SON. CHJt.on 

Thurifon. H:i,!l. -t Co. 4'i Lupr wt". 

Crayon l>ra\%-lutrn. 
"^^ GREEN, 13 Bow ker 

Cream Xnrtar Manufit. 

4L.\[)I-: !). k L. 21 India (see 
^ pu-e '<»■,) 

Crlt> ManuTafturerM. 

-*"•■ gress 


Chitin, (;ln.<.i,aii'/ Karthenicnre. 
IJRK.(;S RICHARD, 137 Wash- 
-'-' iuL-ton 

CaMw.ll 11. P. 21;) Tremont 
Caldwell Thos. C. .t Co. :rj Milk 
Carstensen .V. '4 .Meridian 
Ctirv Phineus, 1.3 Biuch 
QASU S. W. 11U3 WashinRton 

Cash Wm. E. .V'/l W.Tshinirton 
Cntp Xormiin S. KV.'.s W;i-;tiineton 
^ CO. 1111 Wushii.).'ton 
Clark, .-Vdams, i Clark, \rS Con- 
Clark, Plvmpton, & Co. 12 Summer 
Croak Thonin.^. 23 .Maverick sq, 
-^ Union (plnnib.Tr;') 
Dolan Thoiiuis. ns .Meridian 
Dver Fdward. -V.i Sudburv 
FLLIS GKORGK. sy Franklin, 
■^ room Jidiiaiuit'LieturPrs'ag't.) 
Ellison, Nickers, n. & Miller, 24 

Merchant.^ row 
PLETCHER W. G. 10 Milk 


^ Milk 

Gould, Hitchcock. & Co. 129 and 

131 Milk, and 3 and 5 Oliver 
Hall John, 7 Do-me 
Hatch .V. M.)w7 Wnshincton 
Haw kins M. T. S!) 1 ieanant 
Hawkins Tlioin;).^, .".17 Tremont 
irOMER, LANF, .<c CO. .52 Union, 
-'-'- facto, y. C.Muloi St., E. B. 
Hunt John, lOri Woshincton 

TONE S, Mc D U F "FEE. & 
" STRATToX, 24 So. Market 

(see t)!iire ti.^7) 
Kelley Edward, 5fiO Washington 
Levi & Sntrirman, 19 CrO'^s 
Matthews Wni. & Son. 14.' Milk 
Mcl'onald E. .Mc-^. .31 >fa\'icksq. 

MEIJCHANT S. L. k CO. 27 Cen- 
tral wharf, a,<?ent3 (or .Maw's 
encaustic tiiinp and majolica 
ware (see patie ('.43) 
Merriain Win. H' llo Sudbury 
AfOHEY & S.MITH. 4!t Haverhill 
-'■'-'■ (t;las9, see pape (;;'4) 
Nel.^nn' A. M. .S.- Co. Uj» Confrress 
VlCUor,S(.)Xs: FROST, 1.37 and 
-^ ];-,) .Milk 
Norcro.'s, Mellen, & Co. 16 Mer- 

eluint-' row 
Parker R. K. i Co. 33 Exchange 

Pierce J. H., Robertson, & Clark 

47 Broad 
Rogers (Jeo. W. 7 and Wash. 

market and 9il Tn-nnnit 
ROGERS & CO. 107 Federal 

Rogers * Lovett, H.l Congress 
Sawver Wm .57:; Washington 
ISnuth J. B. i:; Bultimh 
C TEDM AX D. B. it CO. 13.<j Sum- 
^■^ nter (importers, fee pase ti'.'.O 
Wellin-ton C. A. & H. D. 149 Tre- 
Well8 Chus. G. 7*14 Wushinfrton 
Wheeler A. M. k Co. Broad 
W .-.jiii C. E. 147 !tn<l Ml) Hnnr.ver 
WILLIAMS WM. B. 113 .Milk 

Crockery MauuO*. 

^^ Union 

Cr«>«iuet K<iii!i>n)entH. 

■PRUJGS O. L. over Boylston 
•^ Market, room *] 


ATAVi CO. I Broad (.see inside 
-•"^ hi!.k cover) 
W'lLKIXSoX A. J & CO. 2 
VT ^^' ■-'-■■igton (see page riH) 

Curled Hair Maiiut'H. 

-^ 14.'. .Milk 

Capen J. & Son, 12H Tvler 
(Jlovcr .<k Willcornb, ['rj^v, r 
-*■■'- Hanover 

-*-■■ (-.uon 

"^YHi-.Fl.ER A. W. & CO. 21 
* Union 


Arpy W. H,282 Commercial 
Bond* Tidd,79 IVarl 
Broderiek John,. 34 Clitpp 
Brvant Eilwnrd, rearM."),'; Albany 
Carl F. UK) Merrimac 
Coian W. F. rear 771 Fifth 
Dolan M. & Co. 22 L.albers i. 
Eberle Frank P., Heath pi. 
Farwell H. B. & Co. ll^.s k 13i. Pearl 
Flnna|;an Patrick, 1.30 Coiiiniercial 
Folev B. 4s Hieh 
Gnird Ch.Pter & Sons, 107 Milk 
Ilij:?inrt H. .M. ii9 Fulton 
JARVTS WM. E. 29 Haverhill 

Linau Kasebier, 113 Haverhill 
Lord & O'Brien, 132 Pearl 
.^Inrshall Andrew, r. 27 Bartlttt 
Maxwell Wm. M. I'MlEustid 
Mavnard E. F. 14.5 Pearl 
McDonou:.'h Patrick F. 9 Gri.Uey 
.Muiuoe.Iohn H. IJ-""' IliiverhiU 
Panton Wm. 9 Gridlev 
Porter A. B. & J. 130 Commercial 
Schayer & Bros. 44 Chadwick 
Swarzwalder Geo. rear IWI Wash. 
Tidd Will. & Co. 11 Ilitrh 
Wai.lmver P. k Co. So and .h2 High 
Wall James & Co. G.3 Charlestown 
Wilson k Kearnev, 13^; Pearl 
Witherell C. H. 50 Comm'l wharf 
Youn,2 Calvin, Highland, near 
East, ward 1*5 

Curriers' Findings. 

James Wm. (tables) ,31 Richmond 
Sawyer Warren & Co. 214 Congrese 

Currleri*' Muohinery. 


Curtain Fixture*. 

Brav Edw. L. 2-'l Wash, room 31 
Brings L. T. 8BoyUlon, room 7 
Fisher. Chandler, k Co., Codnian, 

wartl 1(5 
Knanp A. H. 51h Congre.s9 
Mard.n C. W. .•> Mernniac 
-*- Beach (see last white [>i.£.'c> 
Put: iHo S. S. i Co.. Ericsson, opp. 

Walnut, ward lii 

Curtain Oood». 

(*e Windou: S!i<iiUs, ic) 

Cutlers and Cutlery. 

Aver Wells W. 14d Wasbinet..n 
-'■' CO. •-">i.';<» Federal (,<ee p. 'a^- 
Bartlett & Butman, li>> Waslnim 

Bowker J. E. & Co. .508 Warh. 



f'<)DMAX * SHUR'l'LFFF. 1.3 
^ aud 15 Tremont (.<.-e |)ut;e t;^U) 

Curor* oi" Fl.»h. 


^''- Kinai, .or jL!liit». E. B. oee 


aiul ir.s Washinc:ton 
-*-* -.11 Dock sonare 
^ CO. nil Wa.-.him:ton 
Cushing J. Kice. t;7 Federal 
Eurle 1. C. .Vj-.' Washineton 
Eaton. Wellini.'ton. &; Co. 117 .Milk 
piSHER J. S. iCO. 1.V.>.5 Wa.^h- 
-'■ iii^tou 

Ga-d.i.>r A. -M. 11.37 Wa.^hinpt. n 
IJ^URAN BROS. IJirj Wash. 

Lantz Geo. I'.i Morton place 
.Morss Chas. W. 24 Uni.'ii 
Niethanu'r George, 5 Soring lane 
Oberhaiiser .Mar;in,!t v\ a er 
^ Hanover 
Perham A. S. & Co. 15 Devonsi.ire 

r.:,,i,. 14 
I-' ce->orsto(;eo. H.Chipinan.jr. 

.V Co. -J-: 
Sherman W. F. .v < 'o". 5 Milk 
Smith Bros. 1.(1 Wa.^hin-t()n 
js^lT.DMAX I). H. .V CO. l'^ 

>^(ruth,n, CoreV. x Co. 74 1 eilerni 
W'ALKFK F. A. k CO.^'-i ai.d -5 
*^ Co;nhOl,uiHl.;und - 
Wortinun Aucuft. 17 llowaid pi- 

Gas Stoves, *'"•'; 


*, <Jj»» Iron*, .\|>]>uratuH for <}AS lor nitnitTOiif 
s, II. ilOi.Ll-NiiN ci: CO., ;iOi> W ui»hluuton St. 




I»mfu«Trei>tyj»c Appa- 

ijOD'iK. roM.IKR. * PFR- 
*' KIN'^. Il.i Wii^h. vrtt-e p. r,ll) 

l»»tinK Stitnipw. 

I>UrNTKn MAMK. CO. 14 

lleoaU-omanle Oood*. 

•^ W uwhiiu't.m (see pa^p 7iM^ 
YY'AI.KKK A. A. ur Trcmont 


l{.-i»I« \VillUim,t.8 Pitts 

l-'I.LL JAMKS W.4r7 Tremont 

Urve^e Win. over Boylston »Iar- 
kct, rooMi :> (china) 

/•< VUI. .V, MC)I>Li<JH, '! Studio 

^' l,uil<liiie(see pai-o(;t;4) 

KnnlKill .t Co. I'.t l.iiidall 

r A.Ml'RKI.L i xMAKBLE. ".^ 


[\T(Plii;[lSnX \V. J. 19 & 440 

-*-^*- Tremont 

Kin II a: Co. •<?» Studio building 

ll.H^th C. \V. ■^■> West 

Schneider F., Chapman, cor. Tre- 

Schul/. Adolph, "44 Washin-^ton 

TouisHuint W. & Co. ,>41 Wa-h. 

'I.irner li. A. & Co. 'M West 

XyAlTT J. M. o^MTremint 

l^emlJuhnH, IlottleH, and 

UARRETT C. B. 45 North Mar- 

'* kct 


*-• India 

TVII'-NKOR A. li. Jk. 68 Con- 

^'^ sirc<H(^ee page •).■>'.)) 

Jkental I>epot!*. 

^ and l.i Tremont (see pu^e riSO) 
Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Co. 5 
Temple place 


SlieidonJ. W. (i Tremont 


Adams j^vlveHfer ii. L'S Temple pi. 
Atkins K. N. Hi!) Tremont 
AylinL' Isaac, 4".» East Newton 
IJjlI, Kitch, & Mucdouald, 41 Tre- 
Ball J. Warren, !(« Tremont 
Hsrtlett .% Urrahuni, WJ Wash. 
IJirtlett Jamej W. ?,\> Bovl-ton 
liirtlett t>ani'l P. & Son, 14-' Uoyl- 

Bittlos W. P. 180r Washington 
U.ll John. IJt^Tiemont 
llUke C. '.M Boyl8t..n 
Mmis.l.-ll.Tohn H. IG'J Tremont 
Jirack. tt E. V. Ltx; Tremont 
l;rii; k Mollace. -S Winter 
JUuwn .Vmmi, ■> Dover 
lirown J. A. \\1 Winter 
!!ii!l„rk A. H.-J-J ILuiover 
Huru'iacl! P. K. 170 Tremont 
CaUU.i, Wni. B. l.'O Court 
(MlA.\DJ,EK Ji. B. Ity-.^ Wash- 

li -ton 
Chand.-r Thomas fl. 22-2 Tremont 
Chii«.. .J. 18 Barton 
CtiiM,»i4,,Mier& He»man,.'y) School 
C.><lui:in John T..''.tr Coiumbus hv. 
t>>du)»!\ vv. VV..V! BovNton 
C"«»*»i:i 'Ihomait, I'J West 
Cdt.ii, Dental A>-.-<.«.'ti, .'H liescou 
C "..if!.-. J. B., M.D.. D.D.>). rj 

f-! i'-rtliwuit TIenrv, liW Wash. 

< --rn.r 15. T. '.>'i C.."i)rt 

D»^v V Ko!f.-. -.".t llullis 

I'lnu •« 1.. H. I'J IVeniont row 

I'-'srh r-i C. K. i;^.' B.vvlaton 

I'l kn,.>.n I). D. Ui 1 riniont 

I'liin.-iUM J. H.d Winter 

|'^»' !^ I'.Mfn^ V...V\ Avon 

"-"it,.i .; ii, iiiumin K. .57 Tremont 

"»it-- D. K. r>»,-, W.i,hin.'ton 
•J'lin,!) ,nd Ju«. M., Wasl-.mpton, 

f:-ar Biver. ward Iti 
J'i».:.i:i I,. B., Warren, cor. Zeigler 

* «>t aKi Chaile.-, J.^ Tremont 
» i«"!i k . \\n Court 

* "••'* Allj.rt l'. 1 Mount Vernon 
> r,,. ,«;, ^;^,^g p ., Lewis, E. B. 

» «T!iso!i J. 70 T.-cmunt 

f "■■»' ^ *'<i:'«>d, 2"> rreniont 
■'l-r .\. t:. -jio Warren 
■"f.*: 1 .^c .s,.„, ,;;r, Tr<>mont 

^»«i rt K. D. I.-.i Trvnivnt 
•■ •"■S. A. 4.H Tr.-iiiont 
••" '-liow Wm. 7 Tremont row 

«J'»ce (.CO. A. 110 Hanover 

Grant Ce r'je F. 17-.' C.imbri.lsc 
H un ,S. F. 7t HovNton 
H.rkiii.i D. (^. l.T Tnniont row G. B. 1.', ['r.iot leinplo 
H irrinL.'t.>.i 1). (i. :'.:;l Broadway 
ll.irrn E. .N'.."J4 Trrmont 
H irwiKid D:iai>-!. Jl Summer 
llawe,'' N. W..;-; r,.>vi^ton 
Henderson J. B. •;•;.■, Wa->hin£:ton 
Hitchcock D. K. M;t Trenn.nt 
Hitchcnek T. B.-i-Jj Trrinont 
j IOD(iD():><' C. W. K;.) Court 

Dormer T. B. 114 Hanover 
Ilu;Non n. K. I.".-' Court 
Humphrey .1. *V< Washington 
Jrwell Alheit B. 4>; Dover 
Jolinsr)u W. I.. •-'■>< Winter 
Jone^ I,. F. :U Beacon 
Keep N. C. 74 Boylston 
Kinsman G. M. 1'.' Winter 
I. each EihridfTP G. Itl Boyhtcm 
l.eavitt Wm. P. \\) Tremont row 
l.escur Horiitio. 114 llunover 
Livcrmore A. II. H« Court 
Macdouald W. E.41 Trcir.ont 
.^tanchcster E. L. 141 .Meridian 
Mavo U. K. 2 Dover 
McDoujall S. J. .Wl Tremont 
.Mp vl Bros. Id:,"!) Washin;?ton 
Mdler W. S. \r, Summer 
Mottatt George T.. Hotel Boyl-ton 

Mul'.oney , l.i'.t4 V\ashington 

^lulloy J. J. :il4 Meridian 
Munrtve Chas. .M. 4;i Temple p). 
N-wui:iTi J. Frank, HW Tremont 
NewtjH M. ll.'7 Court 
Nolcn Spencer. .5 Warrcnton 
Noye<» N. N. 12:'.=> Washington 
Oliver & Taher. D4 Tremont 
Oa''i>od Ch rles H. 14-> Tremont 
Oseood E. G-l.i Washington 
O.sgiwd James M. ■S\ Tiemont 
Papv O- F., Codman Pa^k 
Parker .\. H. L'l Summer 
Parker D. M. 1--' Boylston 
Parker D. ^. I'J TrenM.nt row 
Parker Levi, SV Beacon 
Perkins Hornce M. ?<-' Waltham 
Pinkham A Clapp, l-'-^-'J Wash. 
Plumb L. A. nit Hanover 
Pray .M. W. fj'.l Tremont 
Prescott Bcnj. T. .JS Milford 
Prescott Benj. T., jr. :'h Milford 
Prestcm A. F. Il> Bedford 
Provau W. S., Broadway, cor. E 
Reed G. S. 17*3 Tremont 
Kobbin.i R. L. 7('S Tiemont 
Ko-ers Oliver P. 147 Tremont 
Russell li. F. 1.5 Summer 
Salmon Ira \. tiro Tremont 
^aviUc N. E. 41 Tiemont 
•^ imrton 

Shepard L. D- Hotel Bovlston 
Shepherd & Kidgwjiy, S Haiul pi. 
Simoud?> J. L. .b La Grange 
OTEARNS S. F. 4'.! Hancock 

Stetson J. T. \r> Summer 
StocKin:; S. !'.» Tremont row 
Stone W. F. -J-ri Winter 
Sylvester ,t Mackev, l.v,'4Wash. 
I'aft E. F. ill Boylston 
ThresSier J. M. l-!'-' Court 
Tucker E. G. H Ashl)urton pi. 
Tucker J'.shua. Hotel Boylston 
Water.-. G. VM P.-mlierton sq. 
Wel.b K'lir-ir, 17 ii.Mltord 
W«'bt<.r ,1;i!ius ll.:;7 Tiemont 
W. V Twilch=Ml.l'-J-s Wash. 
We'tuT!)oe I, .1. 4'J Dov.t 
Whitcchurch Charles, 1,> Summer 
Wiihams D. G. .>".J Treiiuuit 
Williams Jacob L. I .'Mt. Vernon 
WiH..u E. T. H .Marlboro' 
Woo.lman \V;n. E. 170 Tremont 
l>entl*.t'«' .\litterlal»» and 

^ an.i \o Trenicuit (.s^-e p. i..s'J) 
\\r-Hn"E SAMCEL S. l". and It' 
** T;em...nt row (see p. (.;71; 

Ilt'poult A'aiiltH. 
Union S.ife Deo. vsit Vaults, Lee, 
11^ (.'_'■, iison,.V Co., I'luoii build. 
40 .state 


■ BMbrock Geo. W. is Winter 

Hopkins W. A. 1.11 Hanover 

NDRE.V ALBA.V. 4 Liberty 

A} S. G. W. 147 Tremont 

Bh'KiiV J. & J. * CO. U-sCorn- 
].> RICHER * CONANT, I'J Tre- 
-*-* niout row 

BT'N ! EN .V. rA Water (see page 

POFFLV D. N. B., Jr. 1 W Cen- 

^ tral 


Kilburn S. S. !K! Washington 

I,an.rerfcldt T. O. 17 Stmlio t>rd. 

pi SSKLI, .«; ItlCH.VBDSON, 

^^ ISO WMshington 


'^^ l.iiK'oln 

QPEAli W.M. F. -ll SchcKjl, mom 

^^ 1,-, 

Strntton Wm. I). 71 .Milk 

v^TBACSS F. A. :«.< Washington 

J>eMk MaitutacturerH. 

riONAN T A. & CO. 10.-> Hanover 

^^ Washington 
\rtNL'rTJ. J., Wareham, cor. 
^'-»- .Maiden (see puge •;.:') 
Murphy Michael C. '7J W. Ded- 

Patterson & Lavender, 4.3 and 45 

Corn hill 
^ Cornhiil 

\yiLLETT. DRAKE, & CO. 49 
and 51 Warenuni 


( Independent Lkttcctive Ojnce.) 
Hunt J. S. * Co. W.I Tremout 


J-* .■;".l Wastdn^toi, 

('RUsBV, MOH>E. i FOSS.240 

^ Wasniiigtou (see page tJ.>J) 

( ' AL E VV M. T. i: CO. :.'21 

^ Wushingtoa 

Q.IULD A liKLANO, 2 Winter 

.Mvers S. & J. 90 Washington 
-*- CO. WJ. WushiuL'ton (mount- 
ed and uniiiounte.O 
Remick John A. ;."J Tremont 

Oianiund Cutters. 

^ W asli. (see page <■.'.•_'; 
Keyoer Aarou H. i.'r.i Dorchester 


SPRINGER L. R. .\]RS. .3jl 
^ Washuigtoa (see pUjje 7(>1> 

l>Ie aud Seal I..etter8. 

l>ie HilnkerM and I..etter 
«. uttei-H. 

(.S'.'e ah'j atencil I'lutes.) 
UARNES & SMITH, 74 Wash- 
■^ mgron 

].>ERKY J. & J. & CO. 63 Corn- 
-■-* hiU 

^' lllgtoil 

4.S Winter W. C. A CO. succes- 
cors to Joseph H. .Merruim i 
Co. li ISrattle sq. (see p. i;44> 
■PAS 1 U.V .t CO. ^ i>vck sq. loee 
-^ p.ige<.-^;) 
JACOB? GEO. 151 Washington 

^J^ETCALF L. S. 117 llunover 

\f ITCHELL A. W. & CO. 9 

■^ Chau:re avenue 


^^ Suohury 

T>OW!;k J. ii.& CO. .5 Pearl-St. 

-»■ Hou,e 

Smitii V\. il.',>,'.\ Washington 

s^PEAR WILLIA.M F. .k School, 

•-> ro..m 1.-, 


** Su,il.urv(s e p .ge ..SJ) 
\Y1L1.1A.\IS G. W. i CO. U 

''' Bulterymarch 

I>leii and Cutter*. 

Blanrhard A i.uvers, ■:u Pearl 
/ n»LBl RN !^AAC .s; CO. 112 
^ .-,u,i,iiu-r^ag.-uu) 
Draper Siiiuul t . I' s Hiirb 
M.VRliuKDT. r. 40 Peurl 

\: EWELL J. S. & CO. .V! and 5.5 

-'-^ HaverioU (See p>..:<; '.."0) 
'T'.iVLDR S. K.& ( u. U5 South 

fj^RIPP, EDDY, & CO. 9-> .Milk 

Tho pUceto Buy Gas Pixtures is at 369 Washington St, 

i^< rJ 

;a'i,/'l/»'t etiiJ X' 


KOV.N A llAYt;: 

llil Broad 
f-6 Broad 

/'MA'«K * TKUIL 

Fflt.T, * Mui.f. ■.'•-'I) State 

Fr.Mc)i J. H. 1."',' INm-x 

I MHSoN J >i tON & CO. 121 

^' Ur....l (al;il rictitiiiv) 

/ ' fi A \ f. ^ c 11 1: s T K K ii. as 

LrilAi:! h J, ItOKLLE, & CO. 

"- .; iMit.v 

T AWHK.VCKD. & SONS, lL'7 to 

»^ I .; Hruml 

•J'UAChV JOHN & CO. 85 Broad 

*- INGCO. ;>; Kiiby 

I>ivor<-e ISiireuu. 

Ku«»tll A; Co. '/,» Court 

I>os l>e:iler. 

Turner t^amutl, 1.1 ll;nt'rhill 
Dollitr Kjile Store*. 

Alltn Lucius jr. .".!,) Washington 
CloiKiiimn N. H. )n liiuniver 
Huwes Hriitiierf, li:" Washington 
l.une K. J. I'.t Summer 
Muuiiiu^' J. 11. \Ji llunover 
Mextrvc A to. '.<:; Suiltiury 
Turker & Co 40 Hanover 

I>oor Cheeks. 

Lug in H. N, Ii. (.-ecuiity check) 
d» t edtral 

Door 3Iuts. 

CTEAK.VS N. C. IJ, I<; and 18 
^ lirointield (see page iuj) 

]>oor», S ikhes, unci 

Alhee E. A. -JO I?owkt r 
^LLKN WM. 11. 5a Wareharn 


THOLES L. & SON, also dealers 
■*-' in window pla.'?, iSudtiury, 

cor. Havmutki.t square 
PKOWN J. L. & CO. ly Ware- 
■" ham (.doors; 
( hase 'I'. & J. f. .V) W.-ircham 
Colby Pl.ilii. N. 4.V, Trtiuont 
(U;tM:K& lAKKEH, <> and 10 
^ Charle^-toun 
JJOt. GEO. 1. & CO. <.2 Fulton 

ypj)Y BROS.. Park cor, Adams 
-*■' ward lii 

Farr G. & Son. Ur> Border 
tlint, ller\>-v, ><: Co. V.) Wareham 
IIal|.), irr Hh)ci<ttone 
IIAKUY Al'GLSlLS, T and 8 
-*-^ Ciiuriestown 
Hardy &• Co. InI Blackstone 

Ilutrli I.. Warehum, cor. Maiden 
T I A V LS M.\ KILN, ;i Htrkekv, 

f^ ^«■et.a-el^ti, 

Johnson TtH.uia.s J.(;l,5 Waph, 
Junkins Ctiarlos E. .s.; Cluirch 
Jniikm>.4 < 0(|.(T, !<;: Albany 
L"E\NKY II. .Si SOX, lc3 Border 
**- (se- pace or;; 
KimbaliJ.; I'aris 
Lanenuu.l S. i'. >t Co. 28 and 21) 

Ml.M- IT .!0(1XJ., ^Vareham, 
"'^ c..r. .\L,l.len(>eepaf.'M;7;p; 
I'jttc,. \V. ^. Ik Co. ;;;. Kilby and 

(ilHod..,, «lu.r». K.M. 

i-M E'.iMt ,.i,<l.ii4 Trtniru;! 
PlEitCE S. 11. L. 41.-) l)orc!ie8ter 

oven lie 
Pratt M. C. A Co. ?■.' State 
R chaniiion Jului, '.'t-. I tica 
|>UHLKT.-ON J. .\". ::;).•; Federal 

(bard na-eCXn 
«*;riN-.VFY F. .t CO. L.i .Merri- 
- iiiai: I..,, pi-,- ;it{i 

Stimn,n J. «i Co. n .*: n Fortlan.l 
\a)lur J. L. lot -irjy.-vi 
^.■U7i.- Warren, S«,tf, near Ueed 
^\'•j.• K. i(. ■.•Cr.,k^.H,..rH 
\y A-lliil U\ U .\L hi. X- CO. 
1 1 ; M< rrioiiK, vor. Cauiewuy 
Waterm.ui t . jj st.ue 


uor l*Iut( 

1{ JIK' II A .M W. C. 5: CO. IS 
JJKOW.V c. F/ltKrWu»hini:U)n 



^ W.i.h;nEton 

Smith Wtu. 11. J^ School 

llratn un<i Sewer Pipe. 

(Crn.rjU, ( -liu,, ami Stcti^.) 
\ LI.L.N SVMCKL II. ;;;^ Haver- 

"^ hill :^.-.' ,■.,-,• ;m, 

^^ Irnn. n.'ar KnrnM.ii «ve. 


-^' 41' (.onp.ess 

Carter & Teiuie' . 4.H4 Albany 

Dav Jt Collin.^ 40 Uromtield 


-^ Ff.hTal 

J-_[OXIK T. W. & CO. 38 Long 

"\fEKCHA\T S. L. k CO. 27 
^'-^ C.ntral whf. (sec pa^e Wn 
\[ILLS WM. & CO. ;4 and 76 
^"^ CoTiL-n-ss, corner Milk 
\ FAV eXg. drain pipe CO., 
^ B. -Nnyt s, :iKent. 5<l2 All)any 

andL'.'Stute fs^ee jioee ti(J4) 
CO.. G. 1). Goodrich, apmt, 
4!< Conffre-is and 444 Federal 
Taylor S. P. & Co. IS St..te 
W 'dt Gilbert, 3S4 and ^-SS B'way 
\yALHO J. ADAN, Li Liberty 

»<[. (see front colored pase; 

Oraltis iiiitl Sewer«. 

Barnev (Jeo. C. 2.' Slate 
Tarbe'U S. H. .'- State 

l>rjii>ery C'lirttilus. 

PEAR El) WAR!) W. & CO. 

^ Ma-on.c Ten, pie 


AJfDRKX ALB AN, 4 Liberty 

Beal \> III. 11. at Enj^ineer's office. 

Berry A. Hun, J7 Studio build. 
Boston Maciaae Co., First, cor. 

!:> RICHER & COX.VXT. 19 Tre- 
^-' niont row- 
Brown Cliijrles F. 12 School 
Brown C. ^^ arr.n. .M School 
('OFFIX D. X. B. Ju. 132 Cen- 
^ tral 
J)AME GEO. E. 50 Sudbury 

J7DSON WM. 40 Studio building 

Hurley John J. 124 A Tr.mont 
Johnson S: Dyer, 'Jl Wash, (on 


Lonn;:G. F. at Survevor's office. 

C It V Hall 
T/)MHaRI) X. C. 40 State, room 
-^ 14 ( see pa-.- C:.'.)) 
.Merrill F. T. 13 Howne 
Peabody II. u. 2r4 Washington 

1' < >. E. II Penilierton square 
CHId)!) & SAWNLR, 7 Court 
•^ s(!. (.M-e tuitri-t.Hi) 
^ Lincoln (foeciianicai) 
Sjiriii- F. H. at Sur\eyor'8 otiice 

Citv Hail 

Court (see pnL-e 7»I) 
WALSH JA.\iLS 7 I ourt su., 

ro-iu 4.3 (>.e p.sieCO;*) 
Wilde M. S. G. y, Searu building 

J>ra\%liis luktrunientM. 

\\rjLKL\>0\ A. J. i CO. 

-■ \Sa>linigton v»et- pa>je 704) 

1»rsi\vini; 31aterlalM. 

ITA>riN(LS F. C. .<; CO, 
^^ <'orulH|l(see- 
'^ Treiuont 

I>re4lti:liia; Maehine*. 

TolIN & CO., A, 

Hey Ciias. a: Co. 22 Stxste 

cor riH:R 

^ cor. R,ei 



CO. 127 

Ilra\vliiu;H. ( Mt'-liannal.) 

I>re»» <':i|»K. 

gllEPLlK I'K L. s. C(/ 17 .Milk 

DreMi^iiitcM. (l.'(ither) 
2»R"VVX H. F. .«. CO. i:« Fulton 

Ailams C. M. Miss l.ii Tremont 
Alexan.ler M. IL H .Madison bk., 

andri'S WashinL'ton 
Anden-on J. an, Centre, n. Dorch. 

ave. ward l^j 
Ancier Robt. .Mr.s. 34 Woodward 
A-bman J. S. Mr*. ;;.■; ^Vinch.•sr•■r 
Atw.od A. P. .Mrs. i-.i:.' Wash. 
Aul)r.-v C. I.:j Iremont 
Austrander Ellen .Mis. 47 Har. av. 
liannon .(osephim-. 4t C;iu>eway 
Barker G. 11. .Mrs. .s tiK^en 
Barr Fannie .Mrs. 4o". Sha«ront t>.v. 
Baituich \ ictoria .Mi£i. 13.'J 'Fre- 
Barss Jennie. S.H W. Sprin^'field 
Bates C. -Miss, -8 Temple jilace 
Baxter Julia J., Winter, ward Kj 
Baxter Prudence E.. Winttr, wd. 
Beal Louisa W. is Knox [Iti 

Bennett .Mary A. 7 Suffolk place 
Bennett .Mis:-, 147 Court 
Benson .M. C. 'M) Tremont 
Bent C., Neponset avenue, opp. 

Chickatawbut, ward 10 
Bissell .M. A., Norfolk, n. Wasli. 

ward 10 
Blackstone Misses. ti4.-> 
Blair C. S. Miss L'.i7 Dudley 
Blaisdell Eli/,abetl., txi CarVer 
Bl,'jke A. .M. .Mr.-. 015 Tremont 
Blood .Mary A. .Mri,. lliki Tremont 
Bohannan Amanda J. 'Jl Melrose 
Boothby Carolinn .Miss. -.5 Winter 
BoothbvF. V. .Mis.s, 147 Tremont 
Bowen A. W.. Grant pi. ward 10 
Bradv James .Mrs. ".■; Cross 
Bradley Charlolte. 12 Fayette 
Brennan Eliza, Il'I Esse.x 
Brennan Mar\ , 13 Church 
Brock Charlotte .Mrs. 1 Putnam pi. 
Brown C. S. Mrs. l.Vi Meridian 
Brown Eliza .M. 14 Dover 
Brown Frances E. .Mis-. 13 Phillipu 
Burk. Laura Mis-, 171 Court 
Buller Charles .Mrs. :-,'.> ^Vt•^t 
Gaboon Jt Berrv, 3 'iremont row 
Cahill Marv £."3JKi Harmver 
Capen S. B., Norfolk, near Wash. 

ward 10 
Campbell Sarah J. 1.V28 
Carr .Mary E. Mis. ;»0 Hudson 
Cavanaush E. .Miss, 72 Warrenton 
Cayvau s. D. .Mrs. Aiy-, Wash. 
Chamberlin D. A. Mrs'. 18 Orange 
Chambers & Co. l(»7 Emerson 
Chandler Saiah .Mrs 11 (iuild row- 
Chase Fannie F. I2t» Tremont 
Chase Nancy. 7 West 
Child C. E., .Msnot, cor. 

set, ward 10 
Chrestelier A. .Miss, 75 Hanover 
ChurclilH S. L. lo7 ILirrison ave. 
Clapp .Marv E. l.s Wall 
Ciapp S. X. and J. L. i:t Winter 
Clark Hannah C. .Mr.s. p.^sj Wash. 
Clark .M.J. .Miss, los^ Wash. 
Clark Susan. ::4 Irvint; 
Cleret Estelle. 3 Bviou 
Clous Lticy A. H.".MK-s,.'^72Trem't 
Cloutman x Smith, .';ti;.' Tremont 
C<d)l) A. A. 14 l.nipleplaee 
Coltw (,cor-ie .Mrs. IVJ .V Trem't 
(.'oncy M. E. 141 Tremont 
Con ley .Mary, 41 C 
Conrov L. j', .M ss. 2 Hamilton pi. 
Crai- ^L.-.^*; Tr.inont 
Craven E. .M.J. .Mrs. 22 Derne 
Creamer .A. 2t; Oxford 
Crosby & Nitker.M.n, -5 Winter 
Cuddihne Annie. ■.1)7 Salem 
Cuddy Ann, >s Nashua 
Cunnift- C. & K. .Misses, 7 Guild 

Cuniiinirham .\. rear Wash. opp. 

Dorchesti-r ave. ward lO 
Cuni;in;chaui .\I. under Norfolk 

Cunnin:,diain Sarah. 3.9 Sheafe 
Currie C. -M. .Mrs. r. 2 Crocker pi 
Curtis N. J. -.) .Vvon 
Cuttinc E. W. .Mrs.N;7 Wash. 
Duishy .M. T. .Miss, 4'.» Mavtrick 

Davenport C. W. .Mrs 25 Winter 
Davis -Vuna .\L SJ'i Hirrison ave. 
Davis F. S. .Mrs. n; Irn nd 
Davis .M. .t Co ■;!;» liroadwav 
^ Tern [lie place 
De Maurv .Ma.b.m. , HKS Wash. 
Demiuti S. 11. .Mrs. 10 M, .itord ct. 
Dennis A M Mrs. 1m,'j Wash. 
Dew hurst H. A. .:'.i West 
lAverns I has. .Mis l,',.'-.' Wash. 
Di«-l.oM Fannie .Mrs..". Ld-erly pi. 
Dob, r!v .inna Mi,,s, 51 Lowril 
lioluu C:itliarn,e A. -.-.i (.'alot 
-Donovau C. .Mis. -J l.Mrb- .-t. pl- 
D'W Anna S. U;) \ Trrmont 
Dow A. G llO Tninont 

A lurire HMHort' 
«>ein of 

Kerosene * •* ""'''"v',r,f"»'' i j»"m»«, «t k. hoi.h.xcs ct to. 

AAVAWoviit? .{4>5> \Vu«*hiniitoi» Street, Ji^Ktoii. 





PriT.-Il C. F. .Mis«.8Jl Wash. 
IMiiiiii*; M li. Ms- r. Warren 
j; 1 I uii U M. E. Mi-iu, Het Wash. 
k.\fT'-U Aiii;a, U'^rth. ave. n. Ctu- 


il I' 

Karni.T >. \h-3, >'<"'• Hroadwav 
Karnr( . II. Mi-h ^M Tren,„i.t 
i ,rrur M.irClui H. Mi^s 40 ii^vtre 
h,;i.,s*s M. I". .;i; Wmtu-r 
Ki-iiirt'<;( At I'laui, I'J C unbridle 
^l■.k.• Ai.iia l>. -' I'lynivutli [if. 
hi.ii..l>r-) U. S. .Mrs. J i liiu-r pi. 
h,,i.i-.aii^- S.i.Mii .M.V. I.LVore t 
hk-icii.r 1.. .M. -Miss iW U.irrisou 

n'viit K. K. >frs. « C'anuncy 
Kw.',' A. G. .Mi-s, I'j W:iit<;r 
h.,rr. stcr S. .V. .Mrr,. •_' Osborn pL 
>'.<rri3l!i IJ. t. 'S> Winter 
Kr.ihrrJ.iiie. IM ri.!u-aut 
Krviicli Gv». .Mrs.. Uu'h, wd. 1*3 
turn. 'Si .M. K. Mrri. ::JJ llarns.m 

(iiiU- J. «/. .Mrs. -.'.T Winter, room B 
(jvrm line •>. A. >•> Ciiapinan 
<i<:rrv K. .M. ,\li>.s, y Uxti-rd 
(.ivi-ii .<. Ciu->li-y, .r Winter 
l.lri^oii I,. .Mrs. •;i<"'. Wasnington 
(jUasoii S.J. -i'i SUururd 
Oliue.s Sluv E. Mrs. K'SL Wash, 
tilijver I*. .\. ;;L Winter 
UodiV.-y Mjry 11. 4 Wdlard pi. 
<,..udn.:h M. f.-.:^ Winter 
(i h,<l*in li. E.,.ir,> llarr.ave. 
OumlAiu .\laria '1'. .V.i-) ll.irr. dve. 
inn, Iwill O. .\. -'i. West 

G(M>.lv.ui & Terry, U; Court 
Ui<u;,'a .\un -Mrs., Cuai. a. Union 

(J.ii.L'li Dom .Mrs. IS Pleasant 
Or..iiuiii .M. E. Mrs. :iJj stiawmut 

Or.iMi,'er Susan, 'JIO Cunibridze 
Greene S. I'. .»li5is. J.J Winter 
Grieve .Mary .Mrs. lV«t E 
(.rui)!) A. (.. .';; Irenumt 
ll.iliet Jviiuie .M.=s, »iio Wuah. 
Ihiins U. li'J .\V(iu 
llirvey Annie .M. •-'.*() Merivlian 
Hirvey Strun A. .'.«1 .Mendiau 
lUyiie'n E. S. ■.^^l Ctiuniuers 
ilaves Al)ii.Mil, ■-'.: (..IratiiOers 
ll.iivd.e .\. M. .vlrs. .;U Tremant 
111-- ns EiLi, 1 saiatu.'u pi. E. B. 
llu.lreth Sisters, ISi Ur mdway 
lliil E.J. .Urs. IJ Slian-n 
liill K. E. 1 Eoveriii-' place 
Will S.J. Mr,. -Ji E-hnUoro 
Ihs.up Cn iilotte, ,'ii t'uyetW 
U..iaeii .Vlaiy .\Irs. 14 Luuard 
Jlolnies .Mary A. 37 .M.JUnKiuth 
ll'ipkiu^ !■ lura E. >■*.; .Mor.Uiaa 
it .t-kins .\I.G. 7 ueveirtc 
lliiwe J. W. Mr.-;. 11.;) Tremoat 
llu,'li.-, E. S. l.>;,-, Caini)na,'e 
llurll .\. U. .U.:.,, ,3 I'eaipic pi. 
lluril llarrv .Mrs. .il Evu;,' 
llii.iton Eui.iia S. •« \V. br.okline 
llntciiiiisoii E. ir Llrja<lv.a\ 
llijunin.-..n liarriel li. <>J .Mvrtle 
iu-..ldM,v Ma. (far, t -Mus.-. Iiijoy 
J".i!Mon .>la,y \. H Maitu et. 
K:i'i;!i.)l...Ter <.;,ir-iine, .'n Adams 
K.r.ii Mary Mis.J.'l Sumaer, t..i3. Cl.r.l .Mis. 1 t'aluaai pi. A. .M. .Miss, 14J :>.ortli t-m 
K« luy Wiiiuieil .Mrs. ;> Gaud row 
Keily Au... Hi Marion 
K. Milan A. .Mis<, Centre, u. I>or- 

>t r 1 

K.-., es E. .A. i U. .\. lii-i Wash. 
Ka.iball Si. C. Hi C.-art 
KiuinaU S. J. i.ij Cuu.t 
Kii,,> Warixaiet Misi, JJ .Vurth ave, 
Kn.-nt E. .M. .Mrs. 1<" Av.ju 
Ettnio 11. C. li lenip.e place 
l->a J ,anna .M. t- Winter 
Eai. Jeuiue .>liS5. Ij u'ja uailding 
E<iii-' Adeliu .V. i-l.^ ireni'jiit 
l^iiry .M ir-aret, lij.Newtoa pi. 
1-^ik' it-. II .Va-ellu,_OJ .Menilija 
l^i-'lil..i, hile.. .M. .;.' G:een 
Ev.,at..ii .•,. J. .Mrs. .0 Zojrier 
E-r.i ti ilrul-^t Eruuc<-s, wj Wett 

i>-ihaiji ■ 
1^*1- J .lui .Miss, « Fiuette 
i-:* - I., r . .\l^^ .'.. Winter 
*-«-*ij -Nanvv J.. Nurtii ave. near 

>•-•>. i,;',' wu. lo 
Eiiii.y ,, [| i; irciaoiit 
{.'■..>.[, ha/.alKta, ; West 
'•! i'ti,..;,i r. .V. J.: .\iii>.r 
{•I'-ii-.uia w. ii. .Mi.^.^.iJ Wash. 
\^-:;i,<i..l Mary .Mrs. An jlanovtr 
i'-i ;tu- Eujisii J. .Ui»s, U Vi. 


|- r) Kanue Miss, -.'Oli Ticmont 
i-^' i» Vt K;[:i, lJur.,ti. ave. ii. East, 

^'■v^' 'lie !>. VIr».n-i Tremoat 
J » •>. V TiMiaiuis, «i Winter 
"-:K„uy h. f. .UiM, 11 Cox tj'ding 

Jtakepeace S. J. .Mr-. HVT Wash. 
Munn .\. IJ. 4 Kiu-ianil pi. 
Marsh G. II. .Mrs. 71 Joy 
Martin C. F. >> Winter 
^tathews .M. A. .i I'reniont r»w 
Matthews lluiin di S. Tj Uri^-liton 
.Mattliews Marv .Mrs. Ila4 I'reinont 
Mavnanl Su.aa \.:^n\ Uroudway 
McCabe ,Mary,:i \ .rtu Mjuare 
McCarty Kate, lii .Mavc-rick square 
.McUaniel It. C. I >7 U mip.lea 
McU.aiald A. .1. II .^aniiaer 
McGarke C. .Mis-, l^a Wash. 
Melat<>-h Encntia, 17 ir, Wash. 
McKee .\ndreu- .Mr-. .; Elm pl. 
McEenna E. X. Mrs. In Green 
McEaui.'lil-n M. .Miss.j S,im..setpl. 
McEan^'hlin .M. Il."> Sauwinat ave. 
McEeaii A-'rics, '.rj j,everett 
Me.Malu.n .Marv. .;i Seneea 
Mc-M .nus Murv A. H d Wash. 
McVey Annie Mi.-s. V. LoweU 
Merriuin Juim Mr-. -L' Cambridge 
Merrill E. It. .;r>>;tou 
Miles S. T. .Miss. M Fii^lips 
Miley Cathariae .Mrs. .;-; rortland 
Miley P. F. .Mrs. 1 Elm pl. 
MniiTO G. Miss. J. Allen place 
ilonnev S. P. .'■Irs. si .Maverick 
Monroe" S. C. .Mrs. I4'.i A I'rernoiit 
Morau K. .Miss 11.1 Oudley.rooni 7 
.Morton Hannah s. .y i.awrence 
M'jrse s. Kimball, iTJ .-Vvon 
MoSes L. .diss, o Caaibndije 
Morton Sarah, Ji Fayette 
Murpijy .Vlargjret Mrs. 2 S. Cedar 

St. place 
Nason S. S. .Mis-, G-ii Wash. rm. " 
N'eayle Susan .Mrs. li'S CamiE-n 
Nickersun S. S. -"^ Winter 
Ni.xoii -M. .Ml-.-. •J_'<i itani.-oa ave. 
Norton Anna J. .Mrs. i! Cherry 
Norwood Saiuh E. 4'; Billerica 
Noarse Gc^ri^ie A. -Mi-, a Win't 
Nugent Faaiiv .Mrs. 14" ! Tremoat 
O'lirine -M. .M -M:> <i Xewland 
Pat'e Cattiuriue E. .'J Pinckney 
Patne S. J. .:■< Prescott pl. 
Palmer Henrietta, ■)>> Saratoga 
Pahner N. .M. Mi-s, :;4r Wiisli. 
Partridge C. A. i A. C. IW Trem't 
Pavson lleiirv .Ntrs., Pay sou ave. 

iI. ilaneuck, wa. lo 
P. a-se -M. -M. ilT Worcester 
Percival c. E. Bv^ istou place 
Perkins .M. P. J-; Temp>e 
Perkias & .■ituokwell. 14' Treniont 
t'erley .\. K. -Mrs. !.■> .Meridian 
Pickering E. E. .Mrs. liii Suminer 
Plumaier -Mary .Mrs. 71 EexiugtoQ 
Po<jr sai-ali .\. [I -liaAinnt 
Powers Isabel .vlis. I .\uburn ct. 
Pooler -A. L>. .Mrs. b>i llanover 
Prentiss II. C. :!.'> Avon 
Pfouiv Sarah .\. .Mrs. +-s .Moum'th 
Hand. etc .N. 11. S> Winter 
Puiiikiu .\.. S. C. -."i Winter 
Kislei,'li E. -Mrs. .'.> Cooper 
Kediii:,'toa Kale, ;J.' Porter 
KeedEucv M.d Warren 
Keed & KeUev,4l Warren 
Ke^'an .Mary,l- Oaeida 
Kes'.ell -Mary W. .M.-s. 7j Brighton 
Kevere B. -Mrs. l^-. Pleasant 
Kin- .M. A. -Mr.-. I'J Walthaiil 
UobDias E. E, .Miss, <js Dover 
Koi..ias.>u .M. F. .Hrs. PI Ciinurd 
Kose Catherine, S So. Kussell 
Ko-s Ellea ".Miss. IS.l rreniont 
Kjss Mar-'uret, 4 itavward pl ice 
K m'e -V. .^Is. J'U liarri on ave. 
B.iwe .Marv i'. x ,) . S. .S Winter 
KuninilJane K. .Mi.>. -J.:, .Vvoa 
Kvder Carrie .-, l-> .A.vou 
Kwler M. P. 7 L.vcictt 
Sanborn C. .M. .Mr-. Si Treniont 
Scnaiit/; -NE .Nl. .--,.""> Piiickn>y 
Schauueove It. .V. Mrs. .V.I Pleasant 
SCtiiield.'rP. J Uami.t..n pi. 
Sliav .\l..rv E. .Mis>. 1S^» Wash. 
Shepar.l .M.irv r.. .\Es. 7! Camb'-e 
Siaionds .Marv c. .vlr.-. :,;» Garden 
Sl"an :!ia-aa .Nirs. 7;.' .Vibauy 
Small Win. P. .Mis..L-,7 Silver 
Small .V.J. .Mr.-, lal Court 
Malta C.J. .M..-S. l.^l,> Wash. 
Saiitli 11. r. -S> »Viut<r 
Saiith Jc I'hoia, soa,.;r. Winter 
hau>v ilarriet .s'. .Vlrs. !'-> Winter 
Sno*- C. IE .Mrs. .37 r,ssex 
Snow It. C. .Mr-. 1 i ;.,k 
Sparnm .i. 1'. .Mr-. 'Jla iraiiover 
^uaut /ii J. . .1 .^.H.Oier, E. B. 
Steven.- i;. -N. ^ 1 M iii^a:t low 
Stiekiiov -M. F. -■ ll.iiailli.n pi. 
.'"tuaoo'ave .V. !';i ri.iamit 
SMreUer A. .M. ••• .No. Un^sell 
StaartS. .M. .M -. -■■". Wii^lanv'ton 
Sulav..n C. .M. .".; -..dt'.r.l 
^u^er t.ustavu- .M.5. 44 North- 
Swan -M. C. .Mi>-,:'.<; Edinboro' 

Taylor Jane, It". .Marion 
Tewksbiirv S. .\. .Mi-i, Washing- 
ton, near Centre, wd. Ui 
Thomas .M. B. .\Irs. 7j Cambridge 
Tliompson K. A. .,S Wmter 
Thonip-ioii Sus.iii, •.".) Rutland 
Thoraaike E. .Mr-.'.x) Einooln 
Tower 11. .Mr-..M Green 
Towne M. F. .UH Third Naiicv IE 4.1 Winter 
Tri-k .\. I). iT Chapman 
Triver.-e Kate .Mrs., Castle, cor. 

Ttuk.r ll.irri 't A. Mrs. Id. 19 Wash. 
Tak-v A. I! .t; W\-,t 
Tattle II. C. .Mis-. J I Temple 
Varrell S A. .Mrs. .JI Cla^enden 
Varrell Jt Parker. JS Winter 
Viekery Sarah, .S Hudson 
Walker A: Kice, .M.ulames, 41 Wall 
Ward Rebecca, J) Curve 
Ward well i I IcpMi.s, .37.1 Treniont 
Warren Ellen G. .Mis. -d .Vliuot 
Webb .M. & C. 'i-r, Waslun-ton 
Wc^KS \) C. .Mr.f. IJ Pineetou 
White Ana E. .Mr.-. .3.. Pleasant 
White H. U. :i3a rreiaonc 
Williams A. .Ml,-, .'.> Winter 
Williams Byar 1, 4 Bowdoin 
Willou.'hbv .M. A. .Ml-. .-..I Pleasant 
WiNou E. ".M. .Mrs.-; Winter 
Wdson E. .Mr.. - \'iiie-st. place 
Win-iue E. -Mi.-s, 4S Winter 
Winnek H. E. .Mi-s,i.47 Tremont 
Woodman & Wadlei-li, 141 Fre- 
Worth Nellie .M. .Miss, 4:5 Palmer 
Wri-lu Bell). -Mrs. hi WMl 
W'viaun H.E. .Mrs. .d Willard 
Wyman S. J. -Miss, .;7 Warren 
Zolliiiiier .Mary .Miss, ,3.31. Siiaw- 
inut avenue 

I>ri(i; .Uill MaiiutV. 
J)U.N'CA.V .<c COl'El.A.M), '37'J 

rfUE-\IEs >^ iJEA.Nc'iEUti>, t; 
■^^ Hay murKct s.j. (see pa<,'e 0J7) 

nviiis 3£iUs*. 


-^ Pierce, a-enl. 4 Eiberiy square 
r)UNCA.V j;: C'PEE wVU, :i7'J 
*~^ Com.aercial (,see juige liiMj 
LTOl^.MES & tiE-V.NcH.VKl), 6 
-*-^ HayinarKet sq. (^manuls. of, 
see pa--e ''i)7 ) 

l>rut;y,i«4t»» Articles. 

Beliamv William, 7 Franklin 
Ives D. P. a: Co. 47 .Miik 
Keeler F. .^I. X Co. 41 Saainier 


-^ Washm-foa 


1^ .X> Washia-ton 

Levin J. F. i Co. 11 Broniheld 

\rU.Ml(H-: .i. c!. Ju. u-s ^oagre33 
^'-^ (see pa-e.>3.v 
Shaw, Eivt-naore, Jk Co. 112 Wash. 

I>ruKKl'»i'*' FiiriiUlilna: 

Al UNilOE A. U. Ju. dS Congress 

-^'-*- .;see pa:,'e (3.3;)} 

Wru!;r;il»t»' GIa<t». Ware. 

Buck E. .V. i Co. 1 1 ai.iCk.-toae 
(]HA.MLiEREAl->, il. B. it W. O. 
^ :\V1 Wuslnscepa-e.;:Jl) 
\rUNKUE A. B. JuriiaCougiess 
-^'■^ (see pa-e ti31l) 
Suivin H. J. 4 i.ibertv s((!iare 
V^TAXIFDRI) .luJ.N W. * CO. 
1^ .!.. W.islungton 

l>ru:£», Medicliii'fi, «l:c. 

(.5.-e u/.-o J/..;'/i.://ie.-.) 
Bird J. A. 4 W. A C-. -M State 
^-^ Pierce, a-eiit, 4 Eiuertv siinare 
Boston uyenood A cheaucal Co. 

110 .Milk 

IJLRU .M. S. i CO. S, Tremont 

IMSH GEO. H. & CO. TBattery- 

-*-* march 

^VV..ii'o>.EL ISAAC T. 2^W 

^ Unuulwav 

(BARTER s. WILEY, I'iS Wash- 

/ 1 H EN E V..M Viae K. .t IIOUBS, 


('OCHR.VNE A. i CO. li) Bi-oad 

Conant B. W. t;.3 Kilbv 
Caller Br...-, i Co., Ml I'.nud 
(jLTLEK A. E. jc CO. \\7 .Milk 

Dext.-r Brother-, .V, B.oud 
Ehot J. F. 74 CoimiKreial 

^. HoUings & Co., Dealers in Gas Fixtures, 339 

.*»ti ei.-t. 



/>r-i<fM, if Urinrn, rtr.—roitinr/crf. 
L'(»1.S<<M C. E. & CO. 9 and 10 

1,''01.>OM JAMKS. '.TO 
* rini :iv\ 1 K.iHtern a 

W. St Son?, J Milton 

Fowie Stt 

( " 11, MAN AI, iCA nrradway 

r.ilmin Brpthern, 100 Milk 

/•(►oDWiN Gi:o. C.t CO.. .•« 

n<Tiri*!'iw. B'lrt. A Tarr. IM State 
jloLUS THOMAS, jil Union 

Howe A Frf-nch.ffl&n Rlack-'tone 

I iinnf:n\ki.l j. \v. .^ vo. t 

■**^ unil s CiitnrnerciHl whurf 
L'ING £. * i . A CO. -t! India 

1^[AYXARD & NOYES, 75 Wa- 

^[EKUILI> BROS. 215 State 


^^^ Tri-iiiont (s.c pace t;,sy) 

N. E. I'liar.nacoutic;.! Co.. "W. J. 

Stet'on.jr., trea,-. HH Coinni'l 
V ICHULS J. K. <t CO. 150 Con- 
■*• eress (,*ee pace ijX>)) 
Xolclni C. A. •-') Commercial 
poOK, TOWNE, i CO. "Jt India 

Richardson Chnrles & Co. fil Broad 
Rugprs Ch:is. F. s<; Hanover 
KiiKt Bro.1. .V Bird, 4'. llai.over 
v^TEVEN^H. R. 4i;t Broadway 

gWETTGEO. W. 57 Court 

Thayer, Babson, ft Co. 41 and 4^! 

Weeks & Potter, 170 Washington 

Wheeler L. & Co. 15 Custom Ho. ft. 

Wilson B. O. * G. C. IS & L-O Cen- 
tral (bi>trinic) 

J>riiin Mukers. 

Winn P. K. IJl Court 

J>ry J[>ocki». 

East Boiton Dry Dock Co.. A. 

H. White, treas. l'! Oo^ine 
Fort Hill Dry Dock, B. F. Groton, 

'if J Broad 
Pioneer Drv Dock, Leavitt & Story, 

l^a Broad 
Simpson's Patent Dry Docks. Mar- 

pnal, E.B.. Octavius Howe, supt. 

7o Commercial 

I>i-y Ooo<Ii4. 

ffhnle^ale. Commi^oioT) ilerrhantt. 
(.See o/w Cloths 3r Woolhu G'>o<is.) 
Allen, Lane, .% Co. I.>S Devonshire 
Almv & Co. 'is Franklin 
Bailey R. M. ,V) Chauncy 
Barnes F. I.. ,S Arch 
Harrv & Br-th.-r.O'J F'ederal 
1 -» 1 /A ( ' K 1 ; r U M G E O. .fc C O. im 
^* Coiicre-s 

Braman Geo. II. C". Chauncy 
Brewer G rdii.'rr& Co 5. Federal 
BritTETH A; Co. '.IS Devonshire 
Burrt. W. s Charming 
Conver-,", Kicha.dson,* Co. 182 

Dale Brothers & Co. 61 and fiS 
Franklin j^hire 

Danfurth. Clark, k Co. ISO Devon- 
Davis J<L i- rost. .>> Summer 
Denny, Pn.T, A Co. 4;» tranklin 
Dexter, Al.l.ot. A Co. 1.'4 t ranklia 
Dodv-e Brotlier." .'t Co..;.* Eratikliu 
Dver E'. C. 1.>S Devonshire 
Elden A Co. SJ .Milk 
Everett R. B. A Co. 54 Milk 
Fttnlkner. Page, * Co. 4.S and 50 

Faxon 1. .t Son, .">-; Summer 
Floyd Br..-. A Co. i'4 D-voiishire 
Frost H'lfus S. ,t Co. t.s 1- rankiiu 
I-'rotliin,'h;nn A Co. 5;t Frankliu 
<i.o!.s, IJunitU, k Co. 151 Devon- 
Hale Thpo. P. A Co. Kl Chauncv 
Harditii; Bro^. & C.>. 7 :i Summer 
lI'irainiT., A Co. 4 '. Franklin 
Hat. -a 1. A. .V. t.o. .s Cliauncv 
H.„i-.lon M. W.:h ( fiauncv' 
HoU,.„..k F. W. A C. I undL'OtiH 
Ho-A-ard H„11h M. h Area 
Ho*e.J. C. .t Co. 51 Fr;inkrill 
Hoyt, S;Taj,i, .m, jt Co. v, ^.iiumer 
Jttcki.Mi {', r. :i Fr^u'klui 
J-uki-i- M. \V. i;o Mm< 
Kutter, Euekeaieyer. A Co. 5<J 

Ki'.lie .t Jonen. lUy Slimmer 
I^A\VKKN<.E A CO. i;Cfiauncy 

»-e»J. A J. T i Co. 16 Arch 

Linnemann C. A. 2>< Chauncv 
Little .liimes 1,. A Co. .-J Fnnlklin 
E.K-ke, TwitchfcU, A Co. 15 1 Dev- 
on slii re 
Eovejoy Aui.'. L. .k Co.,'/". Summer 
Mackiiitir. , l^awrie, A Co. 17,^ Dov- 

Mackintosh, Green, A Horton, ."54 

.March A. S. A Co. i'." Milk 
>Tareim A Co. lo:, Summer 
Minot, Hooper, \ I o. lol Summer 
-Motley A Uojc.s. 5) Channcv 
Muii;,'e E. R., Sawyer. A Co. 15 

Xevins A Co. ?> Milk 
Parkcr.WiUler.A Co.4 Winthrop pq. 
Penrce S. H. A Co. fs !■ ranklio 
Perrv, Wendell, Fay, A Co. G.5 

Pippev B. Y. A Co. HI Summer 
PitreJ. Hardv, A Co. 41 Franklin 
Pratt A. S. 4:; Sumnier 
^^ I'd Devonshire 
Sam[>s/^.n. Hall. A Co. ins Devon. 
Smith J. II. ',is Devonshire 
SpraL'ue. ColLiurn. A Co. 57 Sum- 
Stantield. Wentworth, A Co. .58 

Stephenson. A Co. .^^. Milk (varne) 
Stetson John A Co. :>7 Summer 
Stetson S. W. :!J 
Stewart A. T. A Co. •" \\ inthrop sq. 
Strons W. L. A Co. 1>; Devonshire 

(flannels and blankets) 
Townsend A Yale, 4.s Chauncy 
Tutts E. O. A Co. "4 Franklin 
Turner, Preseott.A Co. 21 Chauncy 
Upham, Tucker, A Co.L'l Chauncv 
Wheel, ck F. F. A Co. 2X ChauiH;\- 
WheelwriL'ht, Anuerson, A Co. 74 [Franklin 

Wiiife, Browne. .% Co. :;»; and liS 
Whittemore, Cabot. A Co. 5 Arch 
Williams Horace P. A Co. hi Arch 
Wright J. S. A E. A Co. >j'.> t ranklin 

Jiiipor/erg and Jolhen'. 
Anderson, Hpath, A Co. 5 s 'J vVin- 
throp square and 141 to 14;i Dev- 
Bendix .John H. -''J Summer 
Rrett, Greene, A Co. 24 tis 
Burraire J C. A Co. 1S4 Devonshire 
Chandler A Co. .'5 Winter 
^ 2'i'," Wa.shinjton and 1, :>, and i 

Evans, Webster, A Co. -'i) and 32 

EwniiT, Wise. A Fuller, 5? Summer 
i'urlev, Anis.ien, A Co. '.'5 Summer 
(1H1SWC>LD D. C. Si CU. lt;4 
^ and li;«; Dt\on.shire 
Gardiner O. W. A; Co. UJ4 Federal 
Hamilton A. A Co. llli Devonshire 
Hardy, .May hew, A Co. 70 ana TS 

Haughton, Perkins, Woods, A Co. 

1 and 2 Winthiop square 
Harris. Richardson, A Co. 142 to 

14>; Devonshire 
Hcrrmun 11. A Co. 17 Oi\<i 
Hovev C. F. A Co. 'Vi Summer 
Jackson. Mundell. A Darnell, .s5 A 

f'.T iranklin 
Jordan. Marsh. A Co. 242 Wash. 
Kellv Thomas A Co. 14 Uti^ and 20 

Messiii-er E. F. A Co. .VI Summer 

ami |o Arch 
-""- STF\'E.\S, .>i Summer 
-Morse, Shepard, A Co. 52 and 54 

Nichols C. C. 54 Federal 
Ordwav. Blod-ett, A Co. 170 and 

17ri Devonshire 
Sarsent Bros. A Co..l4S Devonshire 
Sawver, Mausneld. A Co. Ml sum- 
Sett James A Co. o7lt A ;>1 
Spuldm-. Ha\, A WalHs, 1) Winter 
Stod.lanl, Eoverlna, A Co. 4 .viilk, Thomas, A Co. 71. and 7:; 

Tehhetts, Baldwin, A Davis, S3and 

W ulk.'r Jo.,. A Co. S! Devonshire 
W.ilniL'toti Bn.s. ACo. I'iChauncy 
Wlute U . A Co. .'.s l-ede.-al 
^Vi.|-!..u- ir. S. v Co. I. in. I o Arch 
N^ •• i'- rrv Henry. >s Federal 
Woods, Perry, A Co. -A und GG 

Allen Win. ll.2u> Wnshini!ton 
Anthony L/. J67 l tderul 

Arlxicrtist L. 1.".". ].ever<»tt 

^* i^;;»WQvh. 

Baldwin A. L. A Co. 1 and 2 Gui!/l 

Uurkcr, Mann, A Co. 2.'3 Tremont 

Bauckmnn Chipmnn, t<75 Wash. 
Bnuer Elizabeth C, Bowdoin, near 

Geneva, ward Iti 
Bearse A. N. A Co. IOm Hanover 
Ueniiett (i. W. -.'H l enrral S'lua,-* 
lierke Ad<dph. IIU'O Tremont 
Blo<-.h A. F. 21:; Eliot 
Bowers H. .M, HI" Washin-ton 
Brooks N. T. A Co. is 
Brown W. H. ."»;i Washin^'ton 
Bucklev Mary S. Mis. 147 O 
Burns Eli/abeth. H Chndwick 
Butler A Hiirwood,',"! A ^'2 Tremon t 
Carpenter Harvo\ , .Joi; H:iii.)ver 
Chan.ller A Co. -l and l".» Winter 
Chap-ran T. B. 177 Camb- ince 
^ 2<st Wash., and 1, 5, and 7 Win- 
Cloufrh J. N. M. nfi Hanover 
Clouph A Co. .■:4 Hanover 
Cobb James F. l.Vj;; Washington 
Cohen .Michnel, .'HO Hanover 
Cook William A Co. \rn\ Wash. 
CoOp Ellen .Mrs. :j\'.) Hanover 
Crooks M.J. -Mrs. I.V, Meridian 
Currier O. S. A Co. 'M Hanover 
Cushmg Lvmun 1- . .'l-'7 Wash. 
Cushin;^ A'.'Vmes. l2S Hanover 
Cushman A Brooks, .;;7 Temple pi. 
Davis Geo. B. A Co. i;.-<l Wash. 
Denison G. £. 77 Harrison 
Downe Sumner, 151 Court 
Dut^v James .Mrs. 17:;7 Wash. 
Dutt'v Sarah, M Fourth 
Eldridtie B. A Co. 42 Hanover 
Fessenden A Oscood. l.'G Hanover 
Fishel Robert, .•;24 Hanover 
Flusk M. J.2!;5 Fourth 
Forrestall Mary A. Mrs. 1049 Tre- 
Foxwell Benjamin, *'.*>i Parker 
Gallahcr Hugh. :il Prince 
Gates M.K. -*irs. lull Wash. 
Gibbs A Stinson, 1.5 Trem.jnt TOW 
Gleasoa James, 2.S Soiitli 
Goihani, smith, A Cutter, llu Han- 
Gould F. A. A Co. -JX' Hanover 
Grand Estelle. .'5 Cbadwick 
Grant H. E., Neponset ave., near 

Chickatawbut, ward itj 
^^ inoiit row- 
Hall C. P. t;7;j W*ashington 
Harran Wm. l:WO Tremont 
Harris E. 1... 015 broad way 
Hawkins AV. D. li.4 Sumner, and 

5 Meridian. E.ti. 
Hayden T. W. bet. Walnut and 

Taylor, wd. if'> 
Hearn Jamts, i;',t4 Broadwav 
Hoi,'t.', BR)Wn. A U'aylor. r'y A SOI 

Wash, and 7ii Temple place 
Uought(>n S. S. A Co. ,V. and 72 

Tremont, and 5 Tremont row 
Hovey C. F. A Co. .>; Summer 
Howe James, Eliot square 
Hurlbut W. R. 141',) Wasliir..ston 
Hutchiiieon W. H. A Co. 20 Tre- 
mont row 
Jacobs P. 7>o Washington, and 27.? 

Jordan, .Marsh, A Co. 242 to 2.'<0 

Kelly Hii^h, loO Broadway 
Kemptoii, Stephenson, sl Co. 2.''4 

Kendall Henderson, Wa.-hington. 

near Adams, wanl Iti 
Ke\ille P. E. li'::; Washington 
Kimb.ill T R. l-.tii W;i,lin.-ton 
Koop H. E. Mrs.jilii A :;14 Uanuver 
Leiming Geo. 5'17 i'arker 
Luwsoii Win. A Co. :.M Winter 
Litiby Ansel N. A Co. :..•> llauover 
Lir>t)y Frunklin F. 405 Wa^a. 
Libby S. H. .'7 Tiemont 
Littletield .Moses W ..■I'hayer's Ho- 
tel, ward 11; 
Loring ..\. N. 18 A 21 Tremont row 
Lornig John C. :.ti and •I'i TreliioiiS 


^ Wash. 

Low .\l. P. I.VSl Wasbinsrton 
Lowry .M.Mrs. -Id Sumner, K.B. 
Manu. Sumner, .s: Co. ;:1 TieiiK-Jit 
Mavnard C. .^d W;.shin-t..H 
.McCarthv Eli/abelh, - ^ Fourth 
McClureJ. 1- . U* H.oover 
AlcDoiiald J.dni .\l.,l'hiilips, C.Gar- 
den, and l-^;) In 111. .lit 
.McDoiiirall D. 12. .Men. linn 
McLean Hmrv, lJ2u i'remont 

»' li*i the ..Ale ul VXaS jC IXl/UreS, «llo\V|»rUe». oOtJ .Stittt. 



Mtthmel II. ISM Washlnst'in 
.Miitoii Cfeuii,'L- li. ^:;; Wa^hm-ton 
.MuipUy k.. C, .\(laiiis, cor. iJor- «ar(l ]ii 
M...SV K. G. .Vi Laiiii<riili:e 
.\tAiaaiiJui,-uJ), ji; Central sq. F-B. 
Uo^t U. ■>; OiKiiia 
O I'uiiiiOr 1'. ln-'-i Truivint 
vV(.'uunur Tliwiuaj, ■■;.i' liuiiovtr 
Ulliiu L. S. .Mi.-i. i/J Liii/adwuv 
I'ii.'./ >. A.:^A\ iJp.aaw..y 
I'attrr^'jii 11. "iV. lu/.; Wu^hirijzton 
I'cv.-.r M. ••>; Caiia.i-.a-e 
I'li'ii...- VVui. 1,. IJJ liafiuver 
I'iakcl.iti-i S.'",' I'.iii-i 
I'lutuLi.iTi Uouds, ",_' Hariiiver 
Powers' .■iarah .\. -(m; Uixuaway 
Presley L. A.t^NJ VXuiliin.'Cuu 
Kcua K. S. ;j Cf nlral <<iuaif. E.B. 
li:clia dion UuuntUa, -tu i'liuce 
Ko.-cuncia a. JluO \Vu.-!iiii,yIou 
.Saiiiiuru t. \\ . li. 7i CuuiLindge 
^ J. ii. A: Co. iil Uadlty 
*ciiatfiT Jolm .\1. i.y^ Ciuin.U 
^cll./llela M. l. <>l Allitiis 
Sioott J. i: Co, .'i.'y and ;>i Wash. 
HwLl i'atrick 11. J»U W ...ihiiitrloa 
MuiuKiaiul L. t,. ..'f.i Uorcii. a\ t. 
SlifpaKl, .Norwfil, 5: Co. .7J \\ iuter 
Mtuuioii.ib -M. It. li'.i-.; liruadway 
Mofuui A. •>j.j iiioaa\vuy 
Smiui iia.oiuy, i;.«>-i VVarhiuutoa 
buow >. i'. 711.7 \Va.-.hiri,i:iiJu 
Spal.iiug, ilav, & W uiLs, :) Winter 
ftleujiis 11. *\. ir L,s:vert;U 
< I'LAHAs 11. U. ot Cu. S 6um- 

Stewart K. C. l::tJl Washiu.'ton 
^CuiiL* & UowarU. 14 CuLiot' 
Storms \N . ii. _j ^UIllHier . 
ftullivaa H. -\lijj, u.'l iSioad«ay 
isuiiun.r, .viuiui, ii Co. ..;! Irtiiiont 
Xuvlor Aibfit 11. ::'; .Nlavenuk -y. 
'I'aUor O. T. IJ llaLovL-r 
Tliouij)sini & Uilty, -iJl Wa^h. 
Van uaia .\iujL-.~, .u;. r ederal 
Walsh Cutliarii.o, _'!.' E 
Warrea i: Co. U i Wasuinzton 
Watcrliousu M. A. .v Co. .^-i.' \. ash. 
Waicrsoa l\ M. ioo Uroadw ay 
Wutaou Jaiiies S. ..%} lir-Mdway 
Wa}land J. ^v . .\lis..Jlj IJroaui^ay 
Weuuer Josiaa, l/-ii Waaliiajton 
Wolla iS^uaii, 'Ji i,evert' It 
Woiiboin J.uie .Mrs. ll.o i'remont 
■VVfiurtorta tl. ..N. lOiy Wash. 
Wiiftlock iJ. .t Co. 11.5 Uaaover 
Wmie It. ii. A: Co. 44 i: 4v \\ inter 
WduaaK- Geo. i. iTi-; Wailai.yloll 
NViaiaais Jauies, iii'.i ireaiou't 
\Vuauui~ X ii^aid, !■>; iveverett 
\'*'ooa C 11. oi tin-'aloa 
%VooavN-orLa ioaac -U. i Co. i:w. 

vv aaiaa^'Coa 
Vouu^ Isaac, lO.Ji) 'i'remoiit 

l>u.iliii >I.iniir. 

])lTT.\tAK CAilL, •; iraiikiiu. 
waia b'l, aaa J ?tate, rooia » 

"*■ Niciicrjoa .k Co. 'J-j Coaii 

fiU. aUI-nG, itO D .\I A.V, x 

^ ^ W Ir I, S> Loai'i v»ee p. uJ^J 

ji'l iClliiL ivG ulClv -Mii^i..-?. 

Geo. tilac(i.uuru jc Co. 1 <. cou- 

r -vUUEXCE DUI..K CO. i eur- 
la.., ituaiaaa,xs.,virt, -o Coai- 
aicrcial ^;.ee pa^e h. -yj 

\^ lCn.l:,lL^(J-N J. i CU. ;>J Coia- 

(jLij CUCUNV DLCfv CO., 
£ eariaj;, Xiodaiau, s: »v\ lit, _j 
Coaiuieicua ^,^ec lia;,'e Ov^^; 

\Y'ili iO-N iJKU. X CO. •>> Coai- 

U'V. M.V.N .t AUK.LAV,t.l auai- 

l»uiiib Waiter i« heel«. 

\,i.Wi-.i.i. jA.Mi;s ?. >v CU. .x; 

& o-'j iiaVciUili (,50e faj^c Ui u; 
i>> er». 

jjAUUF.Ti.^ uvi: hoi".-;e, 

ijarrtti. .•>. an.. U' \V .i.-a. 
KKuUivS \V..V. .<.: LU. 140 Wash. 

CM-e page: ."iNj; 
(;Ul.i,si..x iJi I, UoL .->!•: AM) 
^ I. A 1. .N wK \, S. Mti.vv. .;, 

IJ.u.vcrs liiL-a.-a^ry. WaiKer i 

liru. aj.-n.-.., [. .Mcrcti. ruw 
i fc. W.V.I. i.»0 .V. J'.l a: l-vH Wa-h- 

•^'-^ Court 

.^ult.p.k i/ve House, 1 Triiu't row 

\ ahi:.n^:. laer .st.aai Clraa.Mug 
and U><ia_'. Ji; Ir.-inout 

Zie;,'ivr Coiiiad, Geor.:e, ii. .Mu;,'a- 

l>ye!<>tuirH, J>i-iit;>>, «!:«!. 

Uaa-.s Wai. A. ■.■.-. Kill.v (on.Ker) 
Uu.->TU.S U\l\ G Ml IJ,.>, J. C. 

^-^ I'len-e, aji ut, 4 ]..ri.rt\ ^q. 

Bo.-tua U\eVM..,a uiid I iiuaucal 

Co. 11'; -viiik 

^ .^Judia 

(JOClilt.WE A. & CO. lit Broiid 

(JUTLEK A. L. Si CO. 117 Milk 

L'OLSO.M C. E. i CO. 'J and 10 

-•■ ludio. 

Freeaiaa W. F. & Co. U India 
Gilaiaa, i'ope, S. C<.'. '..■.■ .v o.'j ilro.ld 
Howe .Maaley..j7i; ii.-..iatta^v 
ilowe 3c Freuch, ii'J aiid 7l ijiack- 

jJ^L .NXEWEEI- J. W. .<; CO. 7 

and a C. 

;reial wi.ari 

V ING t.. A: r. .-;: CU. .o and '^7 

^^ 1..UUI 

\IA», NA>II, .it WINSLOW. 

^^^ I.;- Milk 

KKli.,1^ i!HU.S. :J1.5 State 


-r'scFreach) Dye House, 

Fettes Geo. W. Jk Co. l:.s Milk 
J->OC"K, ToW:sE iCO. -jU ladia 

Heed Geo. U. A Sons, 570 Coui- 

lliercial (liquid dses; 
Kice Edw a 1^. ..<: Co. iu,^ Milk 
lliaycr, oahsoa, ic Co. 4.( Kiiby 
Ttickeraiau J. & Co. Jo £\ilby 

\Vad=wortli, How land, i Co. :'A 

"\yi.EKS & DUPEE, 100 Stuto 

^Vhitaey Dyewood and Dye Stutf 

ami, '>liii^ cor. W eustur 
^Vnuaey U. ii. i Co. 110 .Milk 

l^Iiirtii ClUKets. 

Earcli Closet Co. l;j Uoaiie 
Ka«t liKiia l£out ISittei's. 

(JEAi-F Geo. 1'. •■) and il Cual- 
DriUgc (,.-ee page *j<i'.>) 

JtI»la,e-Xuols .tlsiuut>». 

Biirelow- E. W. 'j Green (spoke- 

Dou„'!as Axe Manutin.turiag Co. 

V. ±j. Uaua. treus. .lio r eueial 
Uudernm iirotUcrs .1 ilaseiUUi 
Caaeiiaii i:.di,'e iool Co., C. B. 

Iriiu, ueas, il,J t ederul 

l^:ia-tic- €ruuijf« .Ylanut'. 


•^ Co. i!>.MnK 

'| U1:..NKV ii SO.V, eius- 

■•- tic wei)..,. o.uucU orfii-e oi/ .>liik, 

faioa Elastic Guous Co. l-V! Es^cx 
Kla>*tie itiUinu: Stoppers. 

^ CcaliaiC^ee page>y/0; 

^ ilo lrea,..i,nseepa,^e..^;.) 
1 E.\<^ti .v GUi.lL.Mu. 1 liaaiaiou 

•^ place 
V \: 111 iE C. \V. i CO. '.fJ Court 


Anders G. 1^. 4'» llaiajver 
Ueua tiiwia i.. ot V» aler 
I j.v.i>lv i.HL'.>i.iS, ii' iJroinheii 

ileaiiuL'tou Wai. 11. i7.JJ Wasa. 

H' 1J1-1AA.>43 \.. Jll. i-u c^urc 

i^leciio ."silvcf I*latc'i'». 

(j.vlU.r.l-U-N -V. U. b\>Li.,aai;- 

AilevirotA pei-f* an<t .•»tef- 

l-».\iLEV ,■<: irU.ui.i; I'.'lluu.i >y. 

pr;=." l;i .-;..,., ;,u:e ^-ec 

j ) 1 J .^'"i"i > .■." V V 1' E t O L N 1 ) K \' . 
-'^'' 11. \\ alDoii, treao. .•>< Kmiy 
Gates iJrotjier , r..t Siaiu^' lane 

pETERS C. J. >V. SON, .■; Wu-h- 

insioa ,...e [Kvjf ^y,\j 

piiEi.i'.^, j>,velo;n. a CO. hi 

^ Wu.louL' (M-e pu-e<H.;) 
|>OCKS\ 1,1.1. ,^ CULKCIUEL, 
-■^ lJ:i Wa>laa-toa 
Stark, Staalcv..v Co. .>! Water 

VV'iirco.Mis a. c, * co, i.^ 

*^ Water 

Wilco.x.J. W., Charles, cor. Caa.- 
l>rid-e'xatoi* .11 ail ul'». 

1>AEI;W1.N .V Cl.AKK. iMJFed- 
•'■' eial 

(]A.Ml'HKEJ>. WillTTIEK. i 
^ t.O. J/oTieiaoijt 
\IcEAFTUi.l.\ GEO. T. ,V CO. 
^'-'- l-.l* Fuitoa (.-ee j)aget;74J 
j\|cEE.V.\ Cli.VS. H. UM^i^cwis 
^ ^ E. Ii. 
Tuft.5 Otis v<; Co. 70 Sudbury 


Aptliorp II. O. 11 ^ulah^l■r 

Fj.V.V M.VCV, l.i iienmnt 

row, room ?5 i voice buiiuaig. 

ste i.uge(;;i.;; 
Diew J.uc.a W. .Miss, ,;i; Winter 
I h-0.\AltUT. i. Ei; Tremout, 

House 57 uo. [Place 

.Maloomoe H. .M. .Mi>s, i; Wav^^ny 
CFO.NE i. 11. i-. KcN. Ill Fre- 

iiiont row, rixaa il 
Fletcher Jolia, Ei^Kiae llouse 

JBinbltMuallc lSi;;ii!i». 
]3 L U I E K X CO. _'o Exchange (see 

•::iuuo.>nea Tickets. 

JJF.N.slSO.N .M CO. .1 Mnk 

AJiu>>u.«.<!.iiiJMr sjijiaipi,. 

]>KlGli.V.\l W. C. A: CO., J.S 
-^ iSratCie =q. (.see page tJ14) 
(JCFif-li, FoWi^ii, a: CO. &J 
^ .Milk 
pili-N'FEK .MA.N'UF. CO. 14 

^ Allijj 

S!:uii»i-oidei-y .*« tamper*. 

Bigelow .M. L.. ^g(Jld aud silvciv, 

Clapp Joua u. A; Co. l(l(J Treinont 
Giauy .M. F. .Mis.^ :jr Wiuier 
l.aa.lJ 11. C. .Mrs. 4-j Wiuler 
Farsous A; liiLioey, Si Winter 
States F. J.j.> W uuer 
VVu..ley J. K. i, Winter 
Wiuteaei.i i,. .Mis. -.■^ Winter 
J-.:iuery tl: Kim-i-y I'aper 

Sllltl t lolll. 

[>AE(>EU. AOA.USO.V, & CO. 
14-. .uilK 

/ 'OKi.l. i 1 A. O. l.'i Batterv- 
^' ia.,ica (cnieiy all si.i:es, also 
emery elotu, eoi)pur and brass 
. w .re,-see page Ol.; 

L lAG U. \\ L^ ^i^ i. t^W, A: Co. .Jl 
-^^ Kilby 

,\1 A\ .V CtF ] aroad (see inside 
-*-^ back cover; 
lu.isseudcs.-e (.auuiut.;. L'.'i Central 
Smyrna £,iuerv .MiUs, 61 Kiiuy 

\\, lEivl.Nsii.v .V. ,). ic CO. :.' (.see page r>»4; 
iCmei-y WUeel^^, iSuIid. 

E.^:celsl.u• laaery Wiieel uud 

Hone CO. ..^1.- teiieral 
I .MO.N .-jiU.M-, CO. I'-J IvilDy 
^ (see mside hack cover) 

\vrii.ivi.N^ci.s .V. J. & CO. z 

Wu^iH^ce p.ige iU4; 
Jb:iiiplo> iiieiit As;-eut». 

(.2CC «-so /-((.,:;.,(.;, U^HL\f.) 

llaruiiig S. i>. .Mrs. >,s..', Wash. 
.\lciveiVe.v i:. ou.) W .^sa. -^i iveitii..,o.j W..S11. 
iracy .M. it.oxl W'asaiagtou 
J'lupusium or Faj^hioiiH. 
jjr,.>10£ti..> 1 .M.voA.vlE, 17 

Iwiuiiie IIu»e. 

J30VO.).V.MF3i ftO.N;>..'7 .Mer- 

(1 E .V 1' 1', t.V'.A..\S, a: CO. !.•■> 

(JE.VKiv JOU.N, 0-1 Congress 

Mt Nl, FWTit lli.i.l,. A; CO. 

\ V.W 1. .\G. l'. r.\V .n'h'.i.-.'f 
^' .\L\..\l. 1'. Co.. i. \V. Cae.- 
Seiis, tre.ts.. livi \\ a.^laiigtoa 
(.See iiont colored page; 

w.viti:ii«fci si: 

tot- the Hale ot vxAS X XXl UXvXib, Ol.i!!^ i!i?» ti: Co.. at Utw piice». 

Mi ISii-eet, litxitoii, 



4 I,r.r;N ^ tSUKOTT.S Llb- 

A „.r, i:.ii.„..ur North ferry . 
IMlii* vil.t'. >1. -^ *-^>- »" ^),VV.r3 

^ t I '. UTc. I'rciinnit, ntar I'li^- 
/Mll MK Af. I IHE KN<;iNi: 

f Miihiu CK s. t\ >t soN-S.yn 

^^ fr-uuml 

iM>.)K. HV.Mi:S, .<i: CO. at Lhuv- 

^ i,..t..w.i (portal. (.■) 

UV\\ i S A: Ul-K^lA', Secoud, 
■ c-,.r. E 


VWtvIXS G. C. •} BatVi 

, I n»AI)I.KV.'l. C. ."v CO. n Cus- 

M,L\l 1 ilhlN </..0. T..t CO. 

'-- •''-L 1-,. I 

\N CllAS. K. UK) 1a 

Mi\[i KTIUK IloKACE.«< CO. 
r.i Wm^'! 
U>i;iiK,\ i,oUI>. '-' -Marginal, 

piTNAM A ALLEY, 3 Fiilerai 
1Y*^^*'1>^ '^••^- & CO. CJ Sudbury 

i:ii;;ine« (CWt>/ic). 
'jniUl'l- A. \V. l;'.7 South 

K»i:l»eer»i^ ((.'oiiMrucHnr}). 

ANDKKX ALBAN, 4 Libcity 
""■ r"iU..rt; 

J,i.-k>^..i, U lu. n. .",.". SfKnol, rm. G 
pAKKLULU.VKi.t.s 11. liSt:it« 

K II K I «»»?«?«■** ( Hor:icnIfur>it). 

W II I T E L E Y EUW AKD, i-l 

•* CharK-stowti 
W^OoDUaKu KEUBEN T. ',) 

'♦ Slale 

Kns;iueer» (Il^lrintlic.) 

■*■*• room r 

lACK>oN WM. II. :« School, 
" njoui ti 

C 5 1 E 1 ) u X S AW Y E 11. 7 CoH rt s<i. 
•^ ro(..ii» .ift (.set- |>agc l>^t>; 

]'^ai;iueei-i« {iltchunicul). 

-'*■ CliLVECO. -vl Kiu->t.,« 
^YN'i'lil-^ ALBAX, 4 LibiTty 

Pa 1 l.S .Me>SE.>i, .il Wattr.ruom 

Outo. >. l. loci.iut 

(iiwiVfimr J. A. 11 I'diilR-rton s^. 

ll.nij. a Wui. lLt;i;?;i;itf 

IlluSt.ira \V. C. -ill Mute 

Hill In. rt.'.ie S. A-'. AJiivtrick, 

I O.MI!.\R ) N. C. 41) State, luuiii 

■''' 41 (,s.i- \<^^u^ 1.V.1J 

M.;r,;U.v U:.\e^, '.xi rflC'LV 

^ltKl)l).v^A\VYLU,r C.^uttsq. 

^ r....i.i::.s,^:-v.e paL't-.-N!) 

CPAI ..DI.NU .V SlAl^LES, .Vi 

^ LilRoUv 

Th..ii,|> VVrii. 11. lU Pcnsberton 

e qua re 
Tut!-- Otis, 7(1 .Sutlhury 
\Vn:ker>iiaui W. i:; l\nilH.'rt<.n aq. 
WiUle -M. S. G. :>■> Seais buildin- 

Kii:;iueer (.!///< (V.7). 

JACKSKX WM. IL .'!.! School. G 

(Jrr.,vcli.irJ. A. II IVinhtrtOU sq. 
lU:r,s„„ VV,u. lL(>;Sl.-ite 
K'iiiiiiioii J. U. is sure I consult • 

hij, un,l -uperiiueiuhiig,! 

Furiiier .\\. O. I.'j CoU'^n'Si 

Kutf Juc«T. ( '/•■ro<i'<'ihir<iL) 

J5 VTi.MA.V CIIAS. U. 7 Co-irt 
.-qu.crr. r.M.,.,,, 11 uii.l 4- (^see 

lIi»«ravtMl Mt-tuI Si-fiiK. 

pot;(. JlLiAN A. lUl Wu,h- 


A((;iinsTh.)m'is W. ,-.|7 Wu^iu 
AUn.uii t;. -.Viu. ott BromrtiVi 

Alle 1 l!.i\j. F.yj Wat'.r ("wooci) 
AII.-u.J N.,M \VuUt^«<k.«L) 
All.. .11,1 lleiirv.4'i Teiui'le l.luse 
An, hew .I.vh,i A .<..m, ;". Tenii>le jil. 

Aiiilr. ws ,{()-e))li, I'Vi Tresrvijxt 
Benv -V Bouve. 1 ; We>t ( \A-aU-) 
l.»!.KKV J. & ,/. A CO. lit Corif- 

i;..'ti,n .T. B.'J-.'l W-.i.shini;tr>ii 
|>0Sl'O\ liANU MA.Ml' CO. 
^^ 4S W infer 

It..u\e E. vN .t>Br<.mfieVl(j.lite) 
Bf.vnt..n G. W. L'.-.r ^Vasli. vpiaf/ L. H. II B (.>.,H..m 
p^lUCdEUACO.NA.NT, i.'. Tre- 
-^ m.iiit row (wood) 
Bn">eo,. Uai.iel. ir» \Va>liiu?fOT> 
l>KOW.\ C. !•■. UV; \Va:,h. sdotM- 
■^-* l.late*) 

Bn.WK .\iului>:j, !>; Court, (wtx^.i) 
Biowr. S. l:. U4 Wash- (u, .,..!) 
UL EFOKD .rollX 11. i'.m Wash. 

(jtouf, stei >., aiul .•oi>verj 
j^U.\TEM A. o\ Water tste page 

Clapp Geo W. .T Bromfipl.t 
(JLAXiONE. U i:i_V Tremont 

Cobb F. WUif.uey.r.-; School, room 

.■>■.( liiiioiTaph) 
Daniels. I. 11 Ml Wush. (plate) 
])EAKBOKX N. ». -} School 

Fenno Charles 11. \i", W.n«h. 
Fh J'herG. .P. 1'. I-U Wa-liiufton 
POGG .IFLIAX A. 214! Wush- 
inutoii (letter and ornamentah 
poKBE.S W. ll.a CO. I.VJ WnAi.- 
^ iiiv'-ton 

Ereervari Chiirle* F.*4 Wash. 
Gid.r tliarU-N r^t\ Court 
^^OKUAM W. B. i- tx'hool 

G eene Henrv F. .S'.C. VVa*h, 
Griffin 11. F.4.': Be.llord 
Ua.,keU Lvn-,au.OJ Hanover 
T I ILL F"KANk,.W. Court uHver 
-^*- plate) 

Jenks i.. E. l.> W,.?t (silver) 
Jesson Robert. 7 Proviii« eourt 
J.j'.uisou A: Oypr. 'Jl Wasn.(woo<i) 
Kell.-f.-' .J. G. --S Wusli. (st.-fl) 
Ken.iri.k D.T. -.'l BM>uitiel.l(...fee:) 
Kilburn S. .S. i't> Washiiintoii 
Lawler Wm. -^i.s W ;■..-!>. (silver .te ) 
Libt)y E. W. a Brouiheld (»iWe<- 

J o'wELI. A BRETT, '2:28 W'asli- 
int.T<%n, (tiijrravers & stsiliou- 

LUNr A. -M. 51 Water fwoort) 


-^^ Waler 

Matthews G. 11. & Co. I.y Wash- 

Hiijton (wood) 
Maver.lulius & Co. 4 State 

\1'ITCUEI,L A. W. 3: CO. 9 
-^"- ChaiiL-e ..venue 
M't'.d\ell Utiiry,5 I'remont vp.tone 

and sea! ) 
Mitchell Ueiirv A. -ih Bedford 
Mo se Gr(.. U.'l.-.S Washington 
.Morse W. 11. 147 Tieinont (.wood) 
Aiunav .V.e.xander H. .s' Uromtield 


-^ .Siuibuiy 

JJACLY .^ CALEY, '2 Spring 

T> u'l \ T E n .MAXL F. CO. 14 

-*- KvA<y 

I'leree SV..). 1(C.( Wash. ( w.xxi) 

IJLl \1ER.I. B.& CO. ;J.;j Wath- 

-^ irmtoii 


^^ 114 Washin^'t,.n 

lli.diards.J. li. .;; :^..hool, rooin'Xi 

Ku.M Nati>;ii,iel. ;«; Wa.«h. 
||F.>--^KLL AI.IJEIU' C.7 .Mont- 

]>r--->t;i,i, -t Kicii.vRosox, 

^^ Im; WasUin-toH. (wo.jd; 
C.\R(,E.Nr Orv.ilJRNh X. 14j 
^~ WasbiuKtou 
Sniirh II. W. IV.) A Tremout 

.'^I'luth .'>-idn.v L; n Brointiel.l 

C V 1. A B W I 1. 1, I A .M F. ;>1 

'- .-eloM.i.r. ,-, 

.■st..,-kH. II ^ . i- . :-.> Court 


.v. :>,'( Washington 

nart F. T. 4J C.nrt i st.'t-l. 
iMies B. W. -t; il.oi.i.-ield 
WETr CYRIS A. .M .-School, 
ruuiil 1.; ^uteei uu.l fopi'trplate) 

TaIN>t Ilenrr S. S7 Cawrt 
Tavlor.l. L. .si Wash, (woofi) 
Tr,.s.-hl. r A. & Co. |x> Wash. 
'riittie (.tis r. •_'.<! Wa.sluiiLt..r» 
\\,'Al,l>RON J. V. Jt BRO. 213 
*' C.not 
^Valkep VV nr. F. .;:"<; Wa.shinizton 
\Vile,.x.l. A. J. 2-2>> Wu.sii. ..dleei 

nn„k .Vrw..,.. /?o,,«,/.«. /J///., or ;■>- 

ckanw, CV;-5',/'-<t. -, i> 'm'u, \-. 
■^ A. Cla:it..n dry. uiaan-tr, ;;■' 


^-^ CO.. Aruv.-ti-oin,', .^l,■l.eilan. 

and Green, aire uta, 1.) Bowker 

t'liUfiiverji' I'ool^t. 

!>oUEU ,1. II. & CO. 5 Bear J 
-*■ St. ICn^e 

UriLKLN.-oX A. J. .<c CO. ■£ 
' \Va:»luiiL;tou (see pUL'e Tb-lj 
Cabot J. F. .V Ih-i.dier, v.i Sudhorv 
l>Ol)(iE, COLLIER .V I'KB;. 
-^ KIXS, ll.> WashintjtMi (,suf 

Drew C. X O. 11. L'2 Tre:nont 
-*-^ XOVE<, L7 Treiiious 
-^ IJI Court (See jnico 7tdj 
(iotild .). Jav i- Co. '.''.1 Court 
I I ASKELL ic ALLEN, li Han- 

L.-wery .\. C 14-<Elio: 
JJ^^OLLTOX B. S. 1.3 Ranover 

R ss it Hutfhman, 4.S0 \Viish. 
S-ai'^ent Charles il. (J'.> Cornhill 
Sjini lair IXmeau D. iO BovUton 
*^ W as hi 05; to u 

-" VELOfE LO. 11 .lohn 
(JARIER BROS. Jt CO. 1: -Milk 

TjEAX & CO. 11 John 

j^OWELL & BRETT, iJ* Wash. 

<:aMi'Sox & PL.vrT, lo Ex- 

^ change (dealer*) 

-^ iACIL ia_SG CO., 11. A. 

CUuk, l:'.i Brattle 

Blaneha.d William, U Fulb.n 
^ R. C. Jones, agent, uti Canal 

(i'et U'-<> Jti'itx.) 
^^ Waihiiiiitou 

-^ t,.n und S-.urh Lu.l.r;..s> Tie- 
n^.iUt, 71 I'ynelu.u, .'IJ Court 
s.jaare and CA i_irultU-. Itavei. 
Li>;:.l.'uid», S .A..M. .■ r.Jl.. leaves 
B-?t.>u 11 .\.M. iin 1 6 I'.it. 
TlAi( U.i;CO.. New i>eai.)rd, 'J 
-^^ Milk, und. -'4 i.oiirts.iuartt 
p.Vl l.OLNtj. .\.>v Bea:oid, .:- 
■*■ ami loC'U.t square 

Kye llnv liiMiitute. 

C.vlEULEY A. H. l.l' IrenioUl 

Kyclet .\l:iehlae». 

Eyelet L'..,.l Co.. S. L. :.ud G. W. 
nobuiui. a4;eo^^, 'J tireeu 

Fiiu islu\vef». 

AI AY i: CO. I Liioa.i i,see iu.side 
-'•'*■ b.Lkeovcrj 

v^ll IMIA .4..^ r BEXJ. F. 72 
^ Su.lourv 

(JOXANT A. -V C. >. io.i Hanover 

rsviity Fe:stl»t'r«. 

|[AliPER i CO. 44 iemplepl. 

FiMicy 4j>uu«1«>. 

Ah!v,tt John K. I.'. ila.ris.Hi ave. 
Abbott J. 11. ,'._' l-.-.M'X. mid L" 

ILimsou avenue 
^^BUlTT JSi lii;oOKS, 1,-i West 

Adams A 44.)\*av 
Adumaou C. S. -d.s. lo4 .MtrMuiaC 

ViaO ^ipeS ,ei>ulreU, iSiCtCrS IC. no 1.1.1. \4JSJLC *>„ OOtF t..u SM. 



ATW-n Erra S. Son, 'I^r, Wn<h. 
AiiiMizMino Juoob, i.', Wfst (Turk- 

Aiitoli*' John, '\n S-immtT 
AvtTill ir. ■)•; :iH<l W rainbri'Jre 
>J;ik.T i:ii/ii A. i:;i Warron 
i5iil<er J. S. 11 Summer (<aiK;v 

•J{A\I IKI.n, F()HnI^TAI,l„S: 
** C<t. •---: and .-.■K l-f.ifral aii.l 
Irt.-, (V,;r'r. >,-i >-■.■«• I'.i::..- t - ) 
Prini- (.■. U. J..'.' \Vm 1 uiiton 
ilu-ntl lir,H. |K. ilaiwrr 
1( itcH wiv.. I.'. W. X. < o. f,( IVf^eraJ 
•Hat.-s J. L. I.-.) U.,-iuM-t..n 
r.:iuckinar. < l-,ip,n:in .-.:-. Wash, 
liaXt.T U. r. ll'Sl W ;-iuii-'J.n 
H.i-kfl S: \V,,|;f. •.'41 V::,.l,jn_-,Ofl 
, B.'llamv VVi'.I, :;;,-. 7 I'::i..krL.i 

, DIGKl.ovv, KKSSWiU^Si CO. 

^ -.■::{ \VM-^!in,"ton 
Bl<.(I-.u C. .-x< V ,-lii.T_<on 
I^OS lOX InAlU LK CO.. A. C- 
*-* Cu.-hiiig, treas. '.i-.'i Vt ash., 

Boiinu' .Murv A. !W Rroitks 
*'' Mnr-hi.U 

Jims Iniann & Mirsfiiill, '^.i Avon 
llrmnsn €. A. HCl V, a^hinst.Ki 
EJraiisc.nibo M. Mrs. t.:i«) VVash. 
Uriir.uer Ann, 44 li inler 
ifrooks (). B. .t Or.). .-M Wash. 
Urowii E. J. 'J5 Uieen and li T.«;v- 

Brvant & Oliiev. 41 TniRont (drv) 
iJrVncr J. .■;; Enct 
BuUerficM S. E. .Miss, [S; >^avir- 

ick square 
diinnn^' & .\rcore. S.S Greea 
Cassidv .\1. A. I l'in<:l.n,'V 
^niASiUKKhlA' GKiVRGE, & 
^ CO, II!! \rashi. -'oTi 
Chau'ihT X.irv A. '••< litaoh 
Chatel M.r \Ve^: 
C'l.ii-n.- A. F. .Vi>^ l>-r; V'a^-it. 
•Clark E. K. 2:»(i WaVni^iL'tMn 
•Clark J'.Iin U. 17."! \V ^ifhui-'tOP. 
Ciiirk & Fitts, V.h; Sumner, E.B, 
O^heii ,V[ic-ha.-U .'Vtr, Hanover 
CoU-m in f.eTvis & €o. J and li 

*Ct)rnieraii3 H. & Co. S5 auii ^j? 

Cowley M. Mrs..'>";Sum-er.E.B. 
Cruig.J. S., X«ponnt;t aveiui-s, cor. 

.Mi not 
/^RAXE CGRDfAL, I..i<r Wash- 
^ inirt-'u 

Creech Horace C. 4 L' Wa-h. 
Cn-eeh .Siiuaei W. ;■,.).' Wa-ii. 
Cuiinin^'k^.;i.-,.i I'. F. !-■ <tiKlfl r«v 
CroBS U thiiid T. 2'tU Wash. 
Crow (its-). 64^ Trf-'iaont 
Cushini?Lvi.!aii F. :L'r Wash. 
Cuttfr G-o". 11. HitTr.iyout 
•Ciittor. Hvde, i Co. .^i.' Cliaoncy 
Doarhi'm J. .V. 1:111 Hanover 
I)()I)GE, COl-l-IEK. & PER- 
*^ IvI.NS, II.-. \\'..8l!. (see p. G41) 
lJod-f.!.S. S4 ILinovor 
S)oiiuvaii .M. .\. .\li>3. (i.ri TrtMn't 
D )Wii.< E. .N'..'!.^ •< ashin^'toii 
Dunbar .f F. i Co. iV) Gre..u 
•HuiihaM, C. -t Co. »-:: M;;i< 
Elliott Uas.-fl! I).4,' .\U'r;'iiia,F..B. 
S-;ilis Marv -M. .".s W irrcnf,.ii 
Kvaiis E.'\. >f'-s. 141 l'>P.adv,;)v 
l'ariis.vorlh Roi^ert .(. hJ.'CaiHodV 
FarweJI Addison .Mis., liaiiojuk, 

near Colunjbia, ward Ir- 
FerL:i;-t.i. F. .V. .Miv.^, Iv- Cabot 
Firiel.i .M. U. Mrs. .'K ; biidlev 
Flusk .\I. C. •-■-'I' l)l.^.•L..■^tL-r 
blviin M. ,).,>! H irviird 
•Fiii.'i:.<c .Saw\er, :»r llaii<n-er 
Fn'eifiin ii Cc '■'■\'t Wa-|)|ii:.'!on 

I.''ki:ncii aura.m & co. m 

* and 5-^'. Milk 

<i\lhi£'!ur Wni. .^Irs. -Wl .VCrriJiaR 

and V.M l'riii<r<-'t )n 
Gam i-e .-,4 Federal 

<n.;u.s.,u E. i- M. :;-•■; W.u-U. 

<;r:n-,' .»; ( nidrv, .Vt Warren 
<; av J.dMi C. I'll \Va<Mih?'on 
<.r..i-,-. K. A. .^:l \Va-.lan_T.-n 
•( 'Hl>W(?i,l) i). C. .V. CO. Kt 

'-^ und !.;•; Iirv.iiishire 
Gross P. I-:../, Uashi!i2t..n 
Giiiii/inir.h .M. .<: ^ . ;"; llro.idw.if 
MarMis L. A. 4! U)st 
Jlassuiic Oniar. .';; West 
Ilav^.■H Hr.itiuTS, l.s- Wa.shinston 
ll-cht :- 
Herimin F. Jiit) WjL^tiinu'ton 
*jJ[EYEK HiMS. !-.> Stimn^jr 

n.iltirool^ C. \V. .Vf.t Washington 
•U..nd M. C. i Co. :r) i;cvoiishire, 

and'.tl Dudley 
ll'-pkips J. Mrs., .Meridian, cor. 


Hot 'P F. .J. ."t Co. 4'i Chaunrv 
H.iii;'hti)u E_ L'edar, near Iliver 
Hon..'hton S. S. .t Co. ,7.5 Trera.>nt 
H..we II. F. .5.-» Green 
Hunt .1. G.. X. E. cor. Faneuil 

Hall .Market 
Hmit-r 1.. G. .>^ West Cedar 
IJURD W. J. -J) Kneeland 

•Ives D. P. .V Co 4." M Ik 

.Ucks-.,n Mary J. .Mrs. i7 Lererctt 
Johnson Wiii. F. 4i»i Canihridv'u 
• A. \ Co. L'T Av,,n 
KahlheiA-r Christian, •_"-■ Adams 
Keun .1. E. Miss.c; Meridian. E.B. 
K-<'ler F. .M. * C^. 41 .Suiiricer 
'LTEl-LEV i. EDy.ANOS. !.?•> 

^ \V:t>hin'.'ton 
•Kennani C. W. Jt Co. VJ-J Trem't 
Eeve« K. V. Mis,.y>hl Wa-h. 
Kiuihad D.F. .t Co. Itl-. Wash. 
KiiiiUdl T. R. ):fr. W" asuin-ton 
Lane E..1. A: Cv). !'.• .^ 
Lao- Adeli:^.■;>l Trei-iont 
Lalhe .V .4rrnsTn'R,i. -'.i^ B'v.-av 
*Levin .Juiiies F. it C'l. H Bron\rtd 
♦Lewis \1. .C & Co. ri MiVk 
•LiEnorrno C. X. 'JS Cha'.-iifCV 
Ix)rin3 J. P. .i.-; Winter and 11 

Trei)<i>r».t row 
f U G E K G. H. L CO. KI'H 
^ Wash. A: S*; Lenox 
Lovejov AU'an L. •.'.'.• Wasiuiigtcra 
Low A. F. .V. .Meridian 
.M:\han E.J. Itfl <h;.wmnt 
.Wsrks «. A. & Co. ,-,■;: Vva?h, 
.X .vks E. .M li. Ill: TreinODt 
•Miv Mln)^^aet:lri^s Co. 1G4 FecTl 
M.-Bri.le F. iL'l Dudlev 
M-Closk'.- Jolin, J M.-riiiian. and 

yiendiaiu ei-r. LcKJon, E.B. 
.MeP'rniott .Marv A. IS-X Wash, 
.MoOociald .Vimie, 14 Mvrti'.e 
MeDoiiaid >f,iry, f.o Lincolp. 
.M'jiveP.iia .Margaret, ■J->2 .Meiidian 
Melv-an O. li. .Mrs. JS: C ). .^J. 

McManws Anua A. Mrs. 21 Meri- 

<l.'an. E-B. 
MeiDlKin J. O. .M;rs. TT Tn-niont 
.Merr;il E. 1.::^ W ishincrt,-,,, 
N.'Whall A. .Mrs. 2A'.t BrondwaT- 
Newt..n M. A. Til TreMKjnt 
NichM!?,-,n W.H. .t Ci. -'.4^ Siup.mer 

-^^ Sudbiirv 
Ordvrav & Co.. Dor. ave. c Ea&t 
Ober E. H. & Co. r'.-s Wash. 
Owen Ciias. W. rt-'," Wa.shinrtOK 
P.diuer .M- A. r,^.i Dorch. are. 
Parker L B. ,t Co. ■_'.-• 4 WishiR^tcn 

^ .Vl Han.-ver 
Fiene & Sprague, .T Clarendon 

Pei.ltetnn r^L!.'. B^ach 
Peiiiber^)!! T. Edward. 77 Wes< 

Liercfl .V. S, Mrs. 12^ I. on ion 
FiVe Sarah, nn Uroulwav 
Q veiian .LuD.-s. 01 M-.'ihiian, 
IiM:lru-d-.)ri HeJiriena. 4" Prince 
V. rl-v A. .Mrs. I44'; Wasliint-toR 
K .j.t's F. W. .t Co. 7.) .Sntnnjer 
Rvder Geo. W. -'i Lei-erett 
Rv.ler Ji. N'. -J^ Hatiov^-r 
.>iff..rd (m'o. F. Ltt .Maverii-k sq. 
•Sahou Mark, .%>l rud :'>io Wasiu 

and ■< Hsnover 
Santj.M-n E. W. li. 74 Camhrid-e 

• ^^ \ N O E Pv S A C R ( » > W E E 1 -. •->::; 
^ Ch.iuucv umjiorters) 

Sawver f/ihan. IJeaeli, cor. Tvk'r 
t^awVer Win, .V.S Was' 
CE.VBCRY ISA.VC,45 Hatun-er 

Seelv Samuel W. •.''-■4 >feridian 
*S!iaw, Liv/;rn!ore. 4i Co. Jli 

CJUEPaKD henry C. '2i 
*^-^ Court v^'e pax 7i.i>i 
SisK-iuH .ibiahani, :v:.j Broadway 
Sl.jeuiK E. .V Si.H, 7,,-l 
Sniitn E. y. !'<''> Csinbridj.'e 
SniUn F. R. 71.; Tren.M,L.t 
S,)l.;n;nu Jos.t ."son. I'.'U Wa.^K. 
Son.ln.Min .). 7S Wa^biu-t.-n 
S;.:ril linL' Jas. R. 177 Canairid:(e 
.-|...;r.-rd A A, !-"•■ W^rreii 
St.wart E. C. l.'d Was),. 
St.).M/rd (ieo. V/. ds Vr.iinin 
>t..,u- E. T. Miss J77 Hruadw.!? 
<H»KV & MELEEN. U2 Vrt- 
'-" •w.„t.(;ernuir>) 
Stuart .V. i-s'.- \Vas!iiTi.'t))i\ 

"s.v!it E. .M. :^ C'>.'4r) SiunintT 
Tusker li:^..s. 4-.-> Broadway Wni. K. 4» Grien 

• I'.'topie Chan. E. \12 (.'"Urt 
Tewkiliuiy .M. .Mr*. H .Monmouth 
TIjotnpsoJl C. I, IW- Meriaiaii 

Thompson S: .\ dam", "07 B'wav 
Thornton X. W. l.Vi Broadway 
T).l.uan (;e<,. S. X Co. iV. Waslx. 
Tojipin F. B. 1',) West 
Town^.o.d Geoitre, -J^W Wa^h. 
Treat Wm. P. .Mrs. 7 Het.rv, and 

.•:i' .Maverick .s.(uar.- 
Turts K'.Mrdiier G. 4.-<.S Wa:)h. 
Walker E. H. I.v:^ Cairdjridire 
Wallach A. & E. -jivj Washin-ton 
Watsou T. B.,S Harrison lU/;. 
W..nt>o,n Jn,i% llrr, Tieiwont 
We^tbiir- .Marv A. If, .Maverick 
Westoi) .(ohn H. .ii.' (.cntral S(iuare 
Whrt.i S. <c*.,n,.;l (ireeii 
Wlii.ney M. S. Mrs. ,^7.-! I retnont 
Whitni-v Win. 11:; 
\V!l,l,.r\Vi)i. W. irl W.ush. 
Wlilninis C. T. loi; AVashin-ton 
Williuir^s i- Bvard, i::-; LOv.-iett 
Willi, ot ,Mv,-<)'n.:'«l Wa.shiiigtoa 
Wo if Louis, ■:,j Chaunev 
Wood Juim IE lOK Court 
W,H,ii,naTi H A. .Ml Winf.-r 
Zak.r/.vwska W. j. l^Hl Wash. 

Fancy I»eather. 

UrnriE buos. & kieberx, 

14.) .Siiiiiiner (see pa^'e t^i;) 
Fancy Wood)'. 

pARICER H. & GO. i(> Travers 

*^ J7, Lt'. HHd ul Portland (,see 
j» >>>i2) 

Far'M» Asrents. 

Ci\apiH Gcorse H. :;4 Tr.niontrow- 
(rJGa.son L. W. & Co. 1&2 Wash. 
Ka-OH & .Vietcait, 4^4 Schooi 


^* CO, I Ba:h 

yANE JOS!:;PH .<fe CO. '■I S;.id- 
•^ bury (seil-s.dosing uwd hot 

Feathers, Jfiedw, Aic 

(.v<e i.'.l-'e Ihildhig, Ft'n(fie»:, etc.) 
Brahrook E. H. 4 and€ Union 
]>KOOKS W.M. P. a. & CO. 114 

^-^ l!|,>..L-^t,,i.<i 

iivi a I 

1'.^ Frit?n<1 
FAY, ^ CO. 

T r O L M A .V JOHN & CO. a^ 
^^ Ciriuv. 

■«- BLEND, I'O BTOniheld, (sec 

.4- W. & CO. 21 

I ni'.ii 

Featber Ow-^ters. 


^ Ex-el.M.j^e 

»^Hin KDs C. F. 2'c« Washin.^tOE 

Ciiardoii (tec paore (i7.jj 

Feaths^r I'riniiniii'rs. 

Gidn.v P. \l.:v: Winter 
j:|.U<PEP .v CO. 44 lemple pL 

Feed tor lEurwe^ smd 
< • a 1 1 1 e . 

AT ATHEW- D. P. l.v; Coinmer- 
*--*- cial 

Felt 3fai»iif», 

RACON John H. l Union, 
^^ niantir: at Wineh)-eter 


(jHAP.M.VN .«: .•sdDLN, 
^ Watvr iro)-.tiiii; f.h) 
^ l^;tii.iin & .^.lley, a'a-nts, 3 


CI). .\ l.iterty tquaro (riiotin;^ 

pui'.MAN i A E LEY,.-) Federal 

^ r<MM:v J. C- i CO. lo state 
*-" (rootui-j 

U. S. .t I'orei'.'n SiiJaiDunder Felt- 
inj- C\K27 tJoane 

Fei-f lllxcr*, 

;^.MES PLOW CO. (iuincy IlaU 

I'.artlett C- L. -t Co. IC Bnj-.'.d 
lJ...s/.)n .Mdlinz Co. 4.i 
B'-a.iUv Win. E. I'l Broad 
JhJLLIS GEOliGE, S.i rruuklin 

(J.ORELEY G. U. V, I>3arfe 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, ^^^llJ\yuii\i\l: 

Its, Ac, :t<5» %VaHbins;t< 
IC. 110I.I.l.\<J.S ^V; CO. 




'X>. 11 

jj[()VEV -t CO. .-,! N. -Market 

HOXIKT. W. i CO. '.S Lon' 
T KOXAKD. SON. .<i CO. 4 Lilv 
■^ ertv .() 
p.VKKl.U .^c OVNNKrr. -I'.^N. 

-•■ .\I;i,k't Ulul 1«; \I.Tcil:.UlU row 

Tui'!s.urJ..> A. 1 ; i>..ane 
File MainiJ'Mtiirt-r)». 

A iMJor t .V iiuwAKO, a Oli- 

j.MKlll I" 

•;,,r!u'iiiNl. '.•- H.'vrrlv 


-»■'• Kl.LI-O.V, -v (.>>.*; x sLiUr- 

ty ><iu:i!.' ^ji-e ii;ii?o i;.;-;) 

KiliHT Juiiws. til J^civhcster ave. 
M...„e Uros. ^.^ I.iwis. I..B. 
< MALL, WKTilLuKLL..^ CO. 
'-^ •; ami S l,,ber£V nciuaie (see 

p;l_'i- >■>■')) 

Sjii'lLTlaiid Si 0.:der», P, ci^rner 

qWFT JOHN B. Ill Oiivtr (ste 
■*■ troi;t Lv.lored i):i.'e> 
* ' and Ur Ffdfral (>e.- p. f>-.><) 

Finjuielal Airents. 

r ANOLLV, BLKKV, i CO. 15 

-'-' Congress 

Fire Bitltii*, Clay and 


Biat'ev J. W. V.' vV;.s:,in-ton 
■^ C L A V -M A X U F. CO. .Tuines 
Eiinoiid i: Co. :;;)4 Ffdural 
Davis i Chaddo'.'k, \Vj Water 
^ Fe.kTuI 

J I OX 1 FT. W. & CO. -rji Long 
-••I- v--hjrt' 

M LUC U ANT S. L. & CO.. iT 
-^'^ CfUtral wharf (s,_.e p. ■>!.;> 
^ CO. G. D. Goodiich, agfiU, 

-144 Ft-dt-ral 
-"■ (.'itv wharf tsee pa l'j (>;■;) 
\VALL)0 J. AD AN. V, Liberty 
' ' i\. (,ffe front coloied pa-e) 

Fire Kni;ine»». 

^ CO.. (cibbs and Go 


.V Co 

l-u, ;:trt9. 
.''J Union 

Fire Exti!i;;nishers. 

Anu-rit-an Citii>'iha:iti-d Fire £x- 

tu)_'uirher Co. '.'.", Wat<:r 
New Ell-'. Cheiiueal t no Engine 

Co., G;bl>3vV Gordon. aL'eiiti, OJ 


HlLDREra & JOHNSON, C-^toue 

Fire Work*. 

Cre-rch S. W.'oj W ,.-tui,_-lon 
\yLLLS U. T. .V CO. ; llawley 


Denhirs in Fr: .h F:-'h. 
Adams J. i Co. lT Couiin'l wharf 
Andrews. Rich, A: Co. :; and 11 

C'jrniu'l wliarf, north sidt 
AtMH-iJ. K. ijl Lev, ry-U 
Aiwo.ul E. l'>..'l',.-a-.aut 
Atvv,-.,l F. A. l.>iCiHU-t 
Aull J. R. ,<i Co. .■•; Cuiin'l wh:\rf, 

1 Ro vision 

noith side 
llueotv .l.'hn & S. 

nu.rtv.:t (basement) 
Bakv:r, Withered, .v: Co. .r, and "X, 

C"nirn.reial N»hart 
Uak. r.',: Burro. !,'hs.x-* Kin->ton 
bariett Samuel, JL'ir Tieiuout 

Bum:ev C. A. Tv. Treinnnt 
Brown J, :' ■>'. I liarbs niar't 
limwn :«. t. I W.i.'.lirr.p bik. E. B. 
li-owii. >eav,-y. A Ci. IT, Is, .1>, u 

'A Commercial wb-uf 
Br.iwu ANewhad, 7S W. Sprinu- 

|>.l .NTING .<: h.MlltV, V; .s: .M 
-•* C'n.u;i.T..':;K A:.jit 
Ch-jprnan Aio^- -v ( •. F' I'liarb'g 
C!ia:.mau W,,, \. " : s ■; tji^cii 
Ch;pman 1-.. • • i; • -^ y 
Chijiiii.i'.i W. . ...;'■ ■reli. 
CiaiK .V ^!|.v. . . ' *. >.l.;.i I whu.rf, 

i.-.rth -ide 
Cb-i F. A. f:i W. R,-,...k;i.;f> 
Col, ■man, Son, a Co, -''7 Coiiim'l 

Cook Riflinrd, Dorch.uvo. jiiuct. 

i;,„ .trevt 
C>«-k R,;bert, Thrtyer'« Hotel, 

ward F; 
Coob'V L. .v, C. E., Cruirie'9 br'go. 

Cu-bii.:/ I). W. 71 I'U-.isaiit 
Damon Geo. H. IF',.' \V;,sh. 
Delano VI Orb'aiM 
Dvcr Caleb, FI.V.i Wa..hinffton 
Ellerv H. C. .>! Wash, m.irk.t 
Ei.slin Edward, I'^sj,,t 
Foster J. 1- rank, lid F.o th Jas. E., Wdiiams market 
Freeman x Co. I,i;wi, wii^nt, cor. 

Atlantie av.Mim- 
H.nd.'i.rd A. I'. I bV Harrir^on avf. 
Hardi.M^'F. E.-jr-Coml wbf.nortlt 

H rlley J. W. & Co. 7,} Cmnnil 

Harriiiijton J. A. Si IE L. 4.V> 

H irii(i;it..!i N.. II ivre, e. Sumner 
HirriM -Matthew, 11 Dudley Si \l>} 

11 iskell Wm. jr. I'M Can-jbridire 
Haskins M. \V. & Bro. .^S Coinns'l 

Has.^>ii .Tolin, 40 Hampden 
Hiwe, J. Y. .14.' Hanover 
niLL D. J 14. .<«: CO. IM and :j.5 

Coinm'!. wliarf 
ilill G. L., NeixMiset ave. near 

Minot. ward ir.' 
lliilard Richard W. I. ", Central so. 
ilolbniuk H. A. & Co. '.' Cumn:-1 

Hopkins R. R. 1178 Washinsrfon 
H-wes Ri.hard A. ,i Co. ."d Lom'l 
JaekMni G. 1). I'd Andenson 
Johnson B. C. -'A Charles 
Ji.linsmi i Smith, 4;) BromrieM 
Kiiowles L. H. ."..r. Sinnner, E.B, 
Laken>sn R.W.ID', c 
Lewi.s .V Ilardinu, :.'G Comni'l whf. 

noith side 
Lomba d O. iL'l Chambers 
.Marst..n ,Iohn A Co. i Lewis whf. 

and :_'07 Comineriial 
Mayo R. L. L'>< Commercial wharf. 

north siiie 
McKinlev Ed war(L :;;;•') Suntner 
.^^.rse L.".M. -47 .Meridian 
Nason Saniuel C. 177',* Wash. 
Oakes Geo. H. r^V.t Bmadway 
Paiite BarziUar Sc S^n, A"dan>3, 

ward Id 
Paine I. B. .•>« Tremont 
Parsons X; Co. 4:: .t 44 Con>'l whf. 
Phillips ^Vm. ir.> -Mar-inal 
Pol-on Alexander. Park. cor. Fx- 

chanse. and Field's cor. vd. hj 
ProEtor Chas. '.) St. Charles market 
Ptitfer Napoleon B. -•'.'tj Shawmut 

P.andall ..^i Nelson, 47i Kin'rston 
RiehN. D. 17 Guild f.nv 
Kilev Jt Man tor. .-'.'7 Wuslun'jton 
RoiTor.s, Stone, it Co. IVl Coiu. whf. 
Kollin.s T. W. is.-, Stunner, E.B. 
Rii>s.-n S. P. (a-ent):ii7 Harr. ave. 
Rni.'_'."t Litehrield, h'S B!ack-,tone 
Rvd.T Gilniau .M. I^Jl' Wasii. 
Saville James B. 17 Clinrch 
Shattiick C. P. 1 Bovlstou market 
Skinner James. F^ liorch. 
Small Jol>,W Beach 
Smith'i: Son.7:s Wash. 
Smith L. A. i Co. ;;i) Comd whf. 
Smith W. II. -,-* Derne 
Snow & Fuller, II and F_> Com! 

Sparrow T. C. F'> Conim'l wharf 

north -ido 
Stoekeli (icO.L.jr.l.-iW Harr. ave. 
Stone (JeorLTc G. H'.". Camliridie 
Stowe C. H. 1.-4 Camori.U'e 
Tavior Benj. F. -tii'-t Doivl. ester 
Ti^vlor H. E..^ Co. i: Com. wharf 
Tripp Geo. D.. rreiiiont market 
I'pton F. A. l.-"^> Uadiiii-ton 
Wvbt) Josepli, Id I Trtiimnt 
Wel'ber Bros. i.;',i Shawmnt ave. 
Wilev vV Stubbs, j.J and .jd Com'l 

-VVil.-.Mi J. A.. •>■;■-' Tremo 
Wiiisor J. M. i;-7 -liem. 
Wood LoAell .M..).V.) Fl 


.Sri/< aul Plckkd Fl.-^h. 

Baker, Wltiiereil. .t Co. .V) and ■ iJ 

Commercial w barf 
B.uehelder -■<■ Co. 41 Loui: wharf 
liiowu. Cbiekerim.'. \- Co. j.H ^rate 
Brown IM w ard , ;:.■• i.imir wharf 
Burr F. >t Co., Ca.'irtons wbarf a,.odwurd. Foit Hili wf.> Norfolk avenue 
Davis S. (i. .<i Co. ,»; L..i,i.' wharf 
Endicott S. A. & Co. J-J State 

Erei'man, KnoNrie^, A Co. .St>w', 

(ierndi, Frenidi, Xt Co. '.'I (••.,. 

innciaiand Caileton's whid..ij 
(ire. Ml .J. SV. -.'IdSl^ite 
H.i-kin-. M. W. ,-;: Bro. .■;7 in 1 ., 

l.omm.'ieial wharf 
rriLl. i;. Jk. .<: CO. I'l and . 
^^ Coimnercial wharf 
Holhro .k IE A. * Co.'.>Com. wbt' 
How,-, Ha-hard A. .<« Co. .'d Cooi. 
J-m,::* F. .). .V Co. JF-J Broa,l 
L.-aviu B. .•(£ Co., Pbil.,d,-lp!;,a 

P.icK-t I'ler 
Lin,',.lt> r. W. -J^J Frb'ud 
_|]^[.VNN A. \V. l,i)Bioa,l 

-"'-^ Muru'inal. cor. Jellnes, L.... 

(.^ee pa-e d-^l) 
-Miivo IF.'Drv A Co..) Comnvrc- 
.M:i\,) .\,.ab,.lr., Atlantic ave. ,'or. 
L',ii_' whf. and Claik's wnt..Il ii " 
Nickerj-m K. .\ Co. 7 Conuo.-ve . 
Nickers,, II E.lward G. 4J L,>u^' wt. 
Fars.Mi.s A; Co. 44 Cmmd whuif 
P.-'tc'rsim D. JJ I'ieasiut 
Putnaii^ .Vu_'. W. 7.;'.) Bioadwuy 
Rich Isaac & Co. :;,> Coni'l 
Kich Rici»ard, .Maverick, near Jet- 
Pdch A Co. .ni and 52 T^v.-j; wharf 
Ross C. H., 4.--0 Broadway aa,i 

Show David, ir. & Co. i.>04 and J)^ 

Snow L. & Sons, .'W New 
Su'.w Frankhn & Co. 4 Atlantic 

ave., head T wharf 
Simw s t idler, 11 Comni'l wbart 
Tr-' lick .<i Knupp. .'i'.) Loii;:: wliarf 
Y^^HEELER F. D. ^ Comn.'l 

Willey .,t Stubbs, 5a Commercial 

De'th>r.< in Smoked F^itA. 
Allen James, ."> Union ct, E.B. 
Ciirtis John, N> Norfolk avenue 
burr Francis S Co.. Carltcu's wf. 
^\|ANN A. \V. F>ii) Broad 

\r ARKHA.M .<; 
-^'^ ginal, corner Jeffries, E.iS . 
Csee page tj*ij 

Fisli Carers. 

■^'*- ginul, cor. Jeltries, j:.B. (,je>t 
p.i.Se I>->1) 

Fishiiij; XaeUle. 

•^' l.-ii and 178 Wash. 
Bruce .v Wiutnev, Fi^ Wash. 

r ,0 VELL J Oils B. X SONS. S 
-^ Dock s.i. and 1.:. Washiiurcu 
T^EaD W M. .«:.: SONS. Fi I . H. 
-^^ ^.luare 

\V^ALKER P. H. i CO. tJ F. IF 


-'-' De.Uium, near Albany i Norti' 
Kiver iLig-mgj 


tJOWEN R. S. & CO. l.sNort!> 

-^ Market 

],MllCKSON A. 3S No. Miirket 


■^ sWiFF. -■■; and J.-J ComU.-cc 

T .V.Nl'r'llELL & .MARBLE, -1:7 

-^ Comme,-cial 

Ar.VRlLX Ja.MES & Sl>N. lU 

^'-'- Conime.cial i^sce pairc ,;;•;) 

poLL.Uio.v LElGllTON, K^ 

-*- Tremont 

\"ALE Ii. M. 14 Commercial 

Fliivoiinyr I'xtraft Alati- 

Aiken A. In; >-aral,,i,'a 
Bo«ker H. i.. .t Co..".) Broad 
i;uriiett Jo-eph .t Co. -.'7 Central 

Hurseli J. C. FW Watir 

LeavitlJohn L. I'd lir, 
Nati,,nal t iicnnci C,J., C D. 

I're-ion .v .\U-inll L. 77 Sr.-^tc 
Red.lin^' F. G. a: Co. .'!;, Central 


Bost.m FU.v .Mills. Clias. T. Hub- 
bard trea*. d-i Comnscrciul 


^' i 


GAS FIXTURES, ''' ^'''''''^rO'^i 

l*i-l<-c«, :H',t} Wa^hiiiurtoa St., 18of»t«n, 
l.\4».S»l: CO., ,1laai»ra«tureri». 



Floor Tiles. 

7>RF>JT0X WALTKR I. •_-<» City 

\\:"Al.l)(> J. A!).\N 1'. 1 i.herty 
' ' sq. (see front cclori'ii i>ap'> 


(S''e o/so .\'>"- -»/'('??"». ~i 
j^r.ACK JOIIX A. 4!1 Warren 

IJou-illtch A. 10 Trt-ir.ont utiiI t;4-5 

HoNv.iltvh fl. II.. ■^rr \V-,rr..n W Ch .^. r. ■;>> Wnrron 
Cniil.-v r. J-.un.-.v Co. !,-M Trci.rt 
<-tirtis& CM,. lt;i 'r',i,;.u,t 
j);i\eniH.rt K.., u. i>orcli. 

avc. wnr.l l-". 
{).>e 5; O-.vle, ,-.: T-.-Miont 
nt-rvMfi.lolui.-.'n \V-,sliip-tnn 
J>.>.-i;,- \VrM..;,-;i \V; 
Dnrsvv John \>.:V<L Bine Hill avo. 
For.l I). N. .V C.>.. Mather, near 

D.irch. ave. wnr<l If, 
Fo-tt-r ],. li., Ddroh. av. TiearCon- 

trp. wnrd 1(1 
Gilvin John * Co. Rl TrtMiionT 
<;rf.-fiil;iw Wf-x. 17jr Wj<hin2tm 
r.rmi.l^l II. ]fii:' Shov.'-r.iit ;ivo 
|]OVEY&CO..>;X. Mark-t 

*-' Washiiiirton 

rnwk'rjrihn, Milton, o<->r. Gran- 
it.', ward ]*; 
Manith .rohii. Tludsoii. n. DuflU-v 
M.-Cullr„„'h Wi„.. Birdlanf.otTG 
M 'D, Andrew", Dunlev, eor. 


McXiilty E. P., Wesievave.c. At- 
lantic ave. wanl M 

Morton \- Ford. 7 Bou-ilcin «,-ii-,re 

Murray .Ta<. .\rrs. <i.> IJlue I nil ave. 

Norton Brothers, Bowtloin. eornor 
Grven. ward HI 

Resan Ch:'*. R. & Soo. Washins- 
ton, near Park, ward IC, 

Snow T. X., Mutlit'r. near Dorcii. 

CTKOXG W. C. Jt CO. sate-rm 
'^ 4 nfi..-„n.nnr>ervat Brialuou 
Tarr Xath'l, iL' Warr-'iton " 
T.-nipl,. F!ov.-..r Mart.Ma^o ic Tern 
Tompkins 1- Ilolbrook, C-hunhia, 

near Stinwon ! uve. ward I'i 
Tniiitniaii M..-JI7 \V:.rrert 
^jirnll .J. K. Mi^s. I'.i) Tremont 
White Isaiah, lo<i Tremont 
Floisr »t Cirain J>eale»-*. 
Ainer. Flour Co. 1.^ Wa~h. Mirket 

A HXOI.D L. FKAXK. \<7 l^.v.-- 
•^ ell 

Aver & Farwell. 2 Cr-trimerce 
I5:.ker Frank O. 7^' Kliot 
Hak.-rT. i:.4roniHier(ial 
H'deh AV. P. i^ Ilhiek.tone 
Hallo,, V Frv. :;i F. H. s-niare 
?!'irker H. & C. Tn r>.i„men-ial 
F-:irreft John P. ir, Cotunieivial 
[■■-■'■k F. A. ;W l,-ii..t 
IJ'^knap & Hovnton. 1 niaekstoii^ 
li.rai.- ,<. lirow-n. ic.o Milk 
«^.k.- E. X. fc Co. ^7 Coiiimercial 
IManev W. (). .?•_' C"nim-re'.d 

t^ond:^ew.^n XI. }< Co. 114 l.iiicoln 
Ko-ton Fluiu Co. liLTidMU 
Ho.worth C. E..^- Co '.^, I.navVn 

1>'>\VI)].KAU S. (}. A- CO. V.A 

pray. r,.,l,,nsori, .V Co. is.' .>it:ite 
•rvwer.v Fowle.."! C.^minereud 
r,K,k.& C... !o7 Harrison avenue 
I'r.varit.<: Co. I'.'.l Cau-evi-a v 
Hiinker C. M. it Co. ::75 l!'oad 
•-■••rUT W.C. ,<- Co., Ciiari stown, 
^.cor. Stillniai, 
<h-.db„ ,ra 11. ,tCo. .>«Conri 

< handler C. II .<. d,. .; Com'l 

< le-,v..rUeo. U. 174>t.te 

' hi'k.rin^- Win. :.A ('..minerfial 
I'l'X IJn.tlier. ir::S-a(e 

< irk .<• (\k -r: and -.-< So. Market 
<•■'■>„■!! P. l.;o(\,>n.ncrri:d 

*■ •■-■k. r. .x.Mi'h, *. Co. l.-.s -Jfato 
*.r ■•■k.'tt li', ^ I -ntnil w!,f. 

< r .,■,. <. ,<.. s,„ ^1 |i., ,!,,.,t.rav. 
<.r..-*, II |.. ., < .„,^o(^,,,,„„r^iai 

<'|'-lonaii (■ >. ., , ,, I , M,-ndiai< 
."tl-r. M,-|..,.;,.x . . j.j.-cate 
■■'!;h^. Win „ .;c,. .,(..,, nri 
'"•n,...vCo.. .■,„,....;.■.•..■. Conv'l 
''•';■ -o.,u.l .\,. ,!,.„ker> 4 X. 
"•>.- V •l•1^1o..-» Canal 

''■ •■'■■ ^ r 1). A ( .,. l^t >tat.> 

",". k, Kiiiujj,.v Ku>,.>ell,4.-,CoP.ri 

*' ■'>-,Joh„'L.b'x,,.M'.'rkVt^v>ewt) 

Oas Stoves, •'"r..V.V-V 

■nRAPEU. BAKER. & CO. l". 

r:dL'erlv < hiri.'s B. 4<\>n,-l wharf 
]:'l-'.rly J.,hn S. ::,<.• \ C.,nri wharf 

Klkios'.^ \Vrhh.-r, i.N !.,.V,.',r.ft 
Eusris Jiirio K. F. r.t Corrniercial 
Fah.rfc I'lilirn, \\\ C,„„'l 
Faniuiii K !-ar II. <-.\ I! irr. ave. 
Faiinc.' C. I',. l.;i:; l-nmout 
Faxr.u l',rothrr<,H;i; State 
F. It ?c ( Iko'.-, ■^^ Coinni.Mvia! 
F.TuioJ. r. .V Co. -.'.■N CiMitn? 
Viallirni r. X Co. •>.\ l,ewis. E.G. 
tiavle \- C... .->! Cor,nn.-ri>i d 
Oe;,rJe& Shackford, -JIM State 
Gilinan. Clieiiey, it Co. •>. Mer- 
;-h.ants row [l)e ih.nn 

<;odiVev Chas. \V. .V Co. .'iJ West 
Goo,| J. A. \ Co. ;n Conimereial 
Grant S. M.-;"4 Harrison avenue 
Gn-.dy J,,>c- 1) (hroken ivs st,to 
IVreenousli .lame-: x < .;. 47 C,.ii!'l 
Grirf-2^ Brn). F. :;7il Shawniut ave. 
Gnv T. F. 4'.) Chatham 
IIa_-ar G. W. .t .>. \\ :!7 Eons whf. 
[I irvrv Cha-i. C. i Co. Ifl ConiM 
Uithawav Jt AVooil?, :>, C<.nuneree 
11,-rrick Saiiuiel Iv. (5 Central whf. 
ihil3.<. Br,.. 117 South an.'.'VsUtica 
Ifiniuan 5c Co. 7s Coimu. n-ial 
Holmes F-. M. 4(t an<l 4.' Cr.nVl 
ir.n,'h;on Jov-ph. 1147 Tremont 
l[..v^-|.rd Bros. X Co.:^; VW.x haoi 
Tr(.>WF F. E i CO. (51 Conimer- 

^^ eial 

lIo.<-,.s, Sendder, & CriKiker, i'8 

Citv wharf 
llniuphrev, Fi^kc, & Co. -JU State*on. Freeman, .t Co.',-^ Com'l 
John>on M. M, & Co. 1.^; State 
Joner*.Io.-ad>.<c Co. 7.i Ilave.hill 
Jon.'S, Wiliams. .t Co.7-JC,,r.i-l 
Kemhir & !li-.tin-s,-J7Coe,Cl 
KiiMhall .t Bites t;.-iConnnereiaI 
I^AXE & CO. id Eowell 

Lun^'don ife Bnrleiuh, 18! State 

Eanes S; Co., -JO'I State 

T IXCOLX & BEAL, 1-4 Com- 

-''* mereial 

Lord ,^ Wehster, L>.V1 Commercial 

Mavnnrd .<• Sons, .'U Comme.eial 

MeiJonouffh .M. tis Ilami.den 

MeElrov Ilenrv. i.sOJ Washin-ton 

.Melnrv're P. .v'lo. VM C.unmere.a! 

Merrill E. O. & F. 11. 45 to 51 

Miller B OS. 1-J7 State 
Monks & Co., Second, cor. C 
Mo.. re, Wer. ,<c Co. jj'.i State 
Morse E.S: Co M C.nnm.-rei d 
Munroe (.)tis,'.)J Cotnmercial 
Xazro & Co. ;) Comm.a-eiai 
Xewc.)7nb John J. W Conunereiul 
NVwhill U. H. 4-- Broad 
(iris Iloudand jr. 7o .Meiidian 
P.'riev Ge.-rce'. Ill Albaiiv 
Fiere"e A. 1)\^ C.'. I-'-' Lincoln 
Piteh-r, Fli'ner, & Co. I'l"! C..nrl 
Pmmer.V Co. 17.-'. State 
Vlnn.-t.d M jr. I'.i 
p.mrEIl LLEAZldL L.-. .<. 1S7 
^ Camhrid^e 
Porter i Co. ■■■y<-l Broadwav and :-S.3 

Pewers. Co..k, .V Co. Id Canal 
rroet..r.<: Jones.. Y> Lever.. tt 
K.ael, Alden.S: William--, L1C State 
ILi-e & I 'avis, h Central wharf 
K.cliards, A.Lmis, ,<,- Co. - ;;> >t ite 
K.)i,in.son Jas. F., Xepon^ot av. ii. 

Tavl..r, w.i d lU 
R .hin^oll ,<■• l),,(L'c, '.-J Canal 
l{.>hinson X.T.. Com'l cor. IXireh. 

avenue, war.l 1« 
-S.wni .<v Edwards. 1.5 Hlaek< 
S.uni.ler. Birtlett, .<c Co. 81 Corifl 

Cre<-eivers k\\ 
S.eudiier Harvev ,t Co. 17 t State 
Sh;imwav B. S^ \- Co j;'; Fed rul 
Smith AVni. I). A: Co. 7.s .Soth 
Smitii.^i .Monk-, :Ki k'neehmd 
S..i;er, Aiues. ."^ Co. -ami " Itolia 
S .:a..-ue, So;iie.,'k Co. 7l> Loa.' vlif 
S prin- Charles. .<. C. U C nri 
S!.«art. Xnves. &C.1 (,■< Cont'l 
St. l-..nis Flour Co. ■/.'ChaiU-t-M-n 
^nret•e L,.uis .\. tiJ Ci)niiiu reiai 
S«.eet B. 1). •j:;4 State 
Tiolale. Wilde. .<; C... oH Could 
T..wer .t.l.iv.V, C.m.nerei.d 
TpKoiu (.. P. ,v c„. -JO.; ^ 
r;/..n - .1. -.'11 Ct!-,--'Aas 
^ ,1.,;'. ^ !■. X t.\.- -1 Com'l 
Vm d \. V. I H ivm.i ket s.iirae 
Vliial U. W. IIJ "C...U1 
^'in d (^u.nev .S,. ITt Star>- 
Vittum. Tdin.t. .1 C'. > C.i>ri v.f. 
W i,hhur.i (L .M. \ ( o. \<1 .-rate 
W'.e.l.r J. P. ir. 17 1 Mat.' 
VVi\lteher .V >tratt..n, 'i India 

AVillciit Sr Co. W CTiarlestowTi 
Williams E. .«. Cr.. I.', t.'.-ntr: 1 wharf 
Williams ,<• Kini-ever. :; Cnri 
\Vrii,dit ><.• \\ hiteoudi. ;! Commeree 

ami Jl Cit\ wharf 
Wynian ,t P.itter, 1 Commerce 

Flouriiis: Milu. 

B..-t..n City Fhuir M'lls, P. 'f. Elt- 

inj:, 47. f.i.M' (.'..nmnMeia! wharf 

Flowi-r Jl"ot«i. 

C ^^K^■ .<. MFLLE.v. IIJ Tre- 

•■^ mont 

Flower Stort's. 
QUKTIS ,<: COBB, li;l Tremont 

I'lsie 15i-H!»he>^. 

n ORB Elf A. O. l;! Batterv- 
^ marelnsee i.j-eiM-Jl 

Fort-e l^iiiu|t*i. 

nREW X CDl- FIX. 4 B.jwker, 
^- eor. Sudbnrv 
'^ b-i(hj<a.,,rt 

THE (iurxDY co.mpaxy. w 

^ X- 40 Coii-ress 

YyiSWALL U. M.51.iCon-rcs3 


Bo~;ton ForL'c "Co., James Smith 

tiea.s. and asient.'J4 Kiihv 
Cniumercial Pomt For>_'e. l>ear- 

Imrn. R. hiii.son. -^- Co.. Unb.u, 

warl 10. otliee 17 Kilbv 
\A\rA\. Perkms. i;.- <^.. -js Broad 
^ BaUerymaich i portalde) 

Finmilry F:!?-!!!!!*. 
pOSroX DllVfi MILLS, J. C 
^-' I'iere.'.aL't., 4 Lil-.o't v ^luare 
Boston Mil'.m- Co., B. 'Randall, 

a.^-ent, ■»:; Broa.l 
Dover Sr:nupinu' Co. 8S <k ;m) Xorth 
_ I> ■ 

MAY .<c CO. 1 Broad (see inside 
hack covert 
"WALDO J. AD AX. ll Libert^;' 
' '' sq. (see front colored pa::e > " 
Fowl* :«is»l l»et Animals. 
■^»- i;,,A<loin -ai. 
I^ICE GEORGE E. *x; Eliot 

Freestone and r..inie- 


-*-* D.alhani. n, P!vmpt07l 
B'lsteed Geo. W. -Jl Coinnu'rcial 
Crowley X Conghlun, East Cantun, 

near Albanv 
Dn-an .<, Rutheiford. 4iVi Charles 
(jialvan .leremiah. Pl\ mpton, near 

/'AL\"AX ,<-CrUUIE, E. Ded- 
^ luim, n. -llbanv 
Lee Wm. ,*i Co., Albany, opp. City 

T 'ti.M 1! ARD .1: CO. \% Lewis wiif. 

^^ ;^e.• p;iLa'.:aOi 

MEAXY EDWARD F., .\.lbanv, 
opp. NLdlen. au.l .'1.' State 

Middlesex's roxE brick 
CO.. 1_' Pemberton s.n^are 
VOVKS B.. .'11.' Albanv. and I'l' 
^^ State iBiiena VL>tu tree-lone, 

see pa_'.' !;>;■! i 
pEAi<iCK CHARLES L.. Ea.t 
-L J),-dham, n. Albany 

l'r«-*<M> Fitiiitefs. 

]>riL!:i: p. a. i7 ivudjeiton 

PArT.'T .MODLICII. .? Stu.iio 

*-^ l,ui;,i'm:(seepa-.'e.i.;4) 

1 )n:TFKlCil -t BKl,X>, -jZ w. 

/ ' LEI. PA PillLIP, I.'l Court 

\ I 

I J AXDCoCK Z. * CO. S Tre- 

T } .('v'lTXGS SAMUEL. :;" Ilaw- 

Al, l>llEi:s<»X W.J. l;i :md 4(h 

->i I r. i,,..nt 

V F.l DII.VM CHRlS'roi".n;R 

'^ ..'S Wa-h. 

1>1.> i'MN J.VMi:S W. 4.-1 We.-t 

•'•■ 1 a..(.;i 

s;iiErAi;D LolTs j. .; s.hooi 

< i■o;;^- D. O. ■_■■; Brattle ..juare 

W'uV.KI.n'-x fisher, IJ West 

*' an.l I J ; C..n-T. -< 
AVALBllCi .<c S111:RRY. \il 

'* Harris., nave. 

■jiln»roi' Ci.VS t'of iiiiuiei-oiit 
;j«J» \Va«.liinsl«»ii .Street. 







11 F s r K 
•Jl llarvurd 

11 w 







siuct .-isors 
A>HN<; Jt 

CIt.\>. A. 

to c. vv. > 


,1)1 f'nion [row 

.^ C... U Mtrchinit* 

|)'.>i,iu:ahk, Jl).;; 

^[AlioNV J. F. ") Way 
V()\ Kl.TY WOOIl AVOI'.K'^. 

-^^ .1. .J. McNt TT. ^^^lrl•irdll^ c. 

QMI 1 f£ .<: JACOBS, u";, GT, 
»-> W: 
Wil-l.Frr. DRAKH, iCO. 
'* amUJi Warelum 

Frir>gre* s»n<! T;i'<»e!s>. 

BniiiKU.i .V Walt. FaxoM r>::'.*-e 
I>;iv.l...-.'vl:, -.-.i H.iwivv !)i:u.uf. 
llu" lr.r'!"l>uil .-y, )-.-j Trri.i-n: 
Walki-r Sutu'iei,.'.-^ K. Cunlon 
Zti-Icr A. 1 B«i«ey i lace 

Fl-liit. (Foreh/H mid li,^,n 
Ale.xaii.'.fer Bro,--. i: Co. Al Chx'\v.ia\ 
Baktr G >!• C. 1 .>f.Tc!i mt- r-.w 
Biirr.-tt -v II.K>per. II ?<>nr!i .M:.; ket 
Uunlutt S. (>, n\ Calii:.ri.'."? 
Bartli-n .<: LoririL', I'J-i > 
Bc-an Jt lIa<l\Teii, r» Ir- P'-nl 
Becktoni (\ A. ;'j4 llunovfr 
B.'-'>wii A. S. ii J. ,t C". )1" State 
Burr Chirltd II.. •;;•_' Hjn..Vfr 
Cl.irk .J. K. i .Sni, Ku-'j-'lcs c .riier 



Cole i. K..i,Wns. IS R.mad 
Connnt J. F. it Co. T^i Chajh;;5D 
QRUCKEK S. P.JrCi.ashaiu 

Currier & Deane. ).' M.rc'iai.t* re 
DeKaKrlH Ai.2»-lo. l'.,1 Hanr.vor 
Doane S. P. .S: Co. W C'>::iMf!0'f 
E<i£erton C. C. Hr.-itl.'. . -.r. Coi 
Ellerv H. C. !:;<• V/a..hhr.-tnn 
^Lr.IS i liRFTT, 11 B..yi--t>.n 

Farnmn O. D. II B'.-.-ijton 
Fi»l<l Martin. 5 Gi:(l.-n court 
Flint K. S. ^t Co. 1" .Mc.-riraac ai 

It:! Frit'iirt 
Gilsoii WiUiain.r I5ow(iojn s.). 
r^OKDO.V JiJlI.V i CO. .0 Xi 



il. mark..8,r,U:iri 
Gnii.t ( harlfS K. 7.' Cum! 
«irai,t F,. T. .V- Cu l-_- F. 11 
Hill S. S :--\V;isUii.i:t..n 
Howk.n'KJ.W., i-li-T.r,.i 
Huston James C. > Kne;.'' 
Hyan;- <. M. H'^. Cai.i?.ri..'_'e 
Jo!K*.« FHriiv, i:-"> .<c:.fe 
Kevt-s 1,. G. .t Co. .■;! ,t ..'J Chathain 
Laurt)K-.- Ciutrl.-s. cellar >i, New 

b.'i!.,u/l H:.!l .Mark.t 
Liii.'oif, M .--.haU.-l F.*sei 
Littl<-i..-l,l .<; Fti-liii.'J No. Market 
T OCKK liKtiS.71 Corii!oil,s-;e 
^ pas.-.u;;., 

Lovoiov A. W. A Co. :? <-h:it)Kiiii 
Mattiuvk-s Friuik, 17.'.> Wusiiinuton 
McS.iune I'jr-ick. -;7i Kui^r^toa 
.tLa.l V'. A. iMi- C^'urt 
Mtrritt J. \V. .s G. i! . J .Merchants 

.■\Iorritt * Uichar.l-op. 1 F. U. -u. 
>ro— a!l^V,l;iaIl) 1.. :: W..rcr>.„! 1.. rs Sa'.c.o 
Nii'htiii^'jl.- Jaiiie . ::'» Gri-t-n 

O'C I'.r l..t J. !:.•■ Ca!u!.r:(k-e 

Paine 1!. F. :w Dock ^.i>iare 
Pu.k.-r t li.T--..!. (■■■r. Court 
P..rkcr IFrvcv .1. loj ilarr. avc. 
P;irnu-.,i.r ^'.: I). 11 roKO, 
iniH.r.K'ioK BllOlllF.US. Ml 



J£ liuclianan, 'j Mcr 


R;nn .F.-1I Wm. J. -J Tn 
Rt.w...i! \\i,i. K. I'..' ll:'rM-.u ave. 
Ri'Mci! F. A Co. ;X>C:i!Kiiri.!-e 
Kii---.^e,l & WiU.'V, l;» .M.-rrhants 


el.NMIo.W- t).V\ !0 I 
'^ ...ont 
Smith C. VV. I v; Si 
Siii.w .V Co.::l Nci- 
.So-il.- li. I-. J.' 1 I,: 

COC ItlMAVl) , 

'^ c.r. i^rviotoM 
.Sptrar S; Co. "J an.l .''. <.'!;ni!; 
MTV K..bcr:. {'rj ll..;Ti-.n 
Strattor. ik .M>...r.-<. Ft l'.r"ol 
T.:vi..r./,.hu .N.,-, > \V,-> i, 
Tlabiu-.i i.crv.arilo. F--* A.v 
Troc-.ft \Viili:itn.» D.aiivTti . 
Tslt" F'liiiiiiol »V., Clui'i.utii row 
'|nLFK J. C. i CO. ^ Ct\athafu 

CO. Trvfuont, 


Vwitira lio. 
nCk- F. 1 
\V'HI 11 

^^ V/a, 

IVhit" ]-,.!,!,. I'^i 'lVc.o.,nt 

\\ h-tr.,,|r U. ::,-, V,.i^lii;,L')on 
Wu'A. <. tcrir.ilil, i". I „;..n U)i.l 7 

Young F.SfC! WushitiLzioii 

I'fiiit 1>f>iii;; Ai»|>:ii-a-' 

I5aco!i .S. T. V:. Cil. iiw,.,„I 
Fruit *l:ir». 
(jlIRTlti & COliB. Itil Trctiiont 

Fur llt-;»ier)*. 

(.Srf- «/.-■., In ,„>:<.) 

V.-^t^s Martin A Sons. -jT Kim 

l>o.'l(l (i.oiL'c 1). }■■:•■ >;ilk 

Do(J<l Horaoe. l.";'.' MAk 

D'-iiii 'I'nuotihv. I.-.vA>Filk 

Oriiinell C. }i s .\,rli 

Slocuni V.'ni. JF Fm< Wash, ajid 3 

Frank I'm 
AVistiJRn 3. l*;;^ Suninier 
Fur I>l•c^*el•s. 
Cahlane DanicL ."'r UuvcrhiU 
Mcdiiuiis C. ^i Way 
Fui-njife!» ;in«l ISajiytfH. 
I^Ali.Oi: it CO. 1!.' Fi.r:laJi(2 

T>OS'I''tX ft MAINl-: FOVX- 
-" OKV t.O. l.;'.> Fii. ad 
UUO.MWICIl CllAiiLFS .M. t;i3 
■^^ liroaiUvnc 

(^A.TF ii. XrCKFP.SOX. 17i) 
^ Sm.uncr and L<»t I'cdcrai 
( » II I L S O X G A li .O X F R. !)'J 
^ BJuckstone (.ste inside i'rouS 

QHllHBLCK LEVI, lOBfdforcl 


^ and IH .Vi.rto 

J V F N K L E E B W. .t CO. 11;> 

^ Hlack-l..uo 


-'■ •1\ Budtord (see tjoiit coloifd 

XrOBli^ & STEELE, 4!i3 Tre- 
^^ nioiit 

T EoXABD JOllXL. l.-),1.5, A 17 
-*-' Wc.-t (hut airi 
J^YOXS C. F. 71 W. Contort! 

Masee Furnace Vn.,Vi.V.. Sinitli, 

ncas. .'.'ti a)!d .'IS I'idon 
_^J_FKDOCK & CO. 11 .Marshall 

Xorcros^ K. D. ^4 Xnrth 
pALMFV: -v: CO. i;4J "VYush. 

PONI) >K>.SES i CO. ryandhl 


Pox I) 

-^ stone 

Piin.e.t llu-hos, IWS %V 
Siemens Kei^eiii-rative Gas Fur- 
nace (uietailurL'ical) .5 I'eiiibert'n 

<;.MA1,|'fV .\. F.. Cott^ize A. 

T i N'G i.E Y ArroMATR: 

-^ HE Cr GOVEr..\oR t V). 

.Mi CoMS.css (.sec i.aL-c f,7i) 
)FM.\X CHAS. p., Wa.^hiii-- 
t..n. u-.i,l n; 

,KFR GEO. yV. .>; CO. IS 
id .-Ki Fi,i,>n 
WALWoU'lU J. J. .% CO. 1 
' * i!a!h ilii.t wa;cr:uid steam) 

VV'ESTCOl'r tiioma.-> a. KJ 

** uivl '-.1 Ch;.rlc>toMn 

"IFDEK CIIAS. 15. .t Co. ;>; 

Fiii-iiltiif'e Wejilt-r*. 
Ad.-nin o. .V Sou. 7>j Bi..;ulwav 

\ I.I'.IE II. L. ••'', Union j>iuing 
-^^ I.e. I U,u. .'c>) 
Alcxaniicr A. !'. ,--S <-:in>l)ridi;e 
Adeu A. U I Dock .«nuaie 
.\!.. n Ji.lin. irv.' Wi^l.iii'-'ton 
AU-n. Fc-Mtt. ,%: Co.:::. .-'.idiiuiy 
.MkM:> I :i !t\. i ; FcA,., F. i;. 
B:o;.il N^ . K. .V ......oM Wj^W. 

I •AlsliK I). .V. v >.i.\,_., (.anal 
J* and _,-. .\Fnin.::r 
P.\U\r\F ir.VF, .<^ CO.l'l aud 
-* - ■ SiScoi 
F.;i;rl. tt .V. F. IX! Wu.-ii. 
I'FAF .^: llool FR, " and 4 
^^ 11 




block, Uayi 

■t .ej. 

Bent .t IVa'ifer, \24 VnUc-n 

Ucrrv Geo. W. & Co. 1 av.d " 

Holmes t) Uuvmarkct -o. 
B..ardn,;.n -Fh.-, .r'SI ,cc,-ick -i. 
Black \, F. •.■•/Ciia:l.>t..vMi 
i;:u-.c( i,:i-t..| |M».\.„tli 
Flak.- ,v Aid. II, .-I I!!::nle 
Uo-SO.M 4, l;oK<ll, tis 
^^ ipii!,. ,u,d lii.'urv.s.e)..' M .■ 
l>o>r<>X CHAIR CIA lO.NciM 

i.>os ri>.s FFii:\rfL'Kf;co.(;. 

^ \V. Si. rd.tivas. F'..". trin.d 

and IJ Criiial iparWr) 
Roccc ; ■.!■..>. ;.M Wu.^ldnston 
]>"R.ll;ROOK E. l(. -5 ajid ■; 
-*^ FiU' n. and \ to ,-< 1- rimO 

I'R.'iD'r B.X. * CO. .i'J Broni- 
> liecu-eloMil) 
Brainard A. W. A Co. n Char!e.+- 

town ; tliamtieri 
Bridnard .F F. .t Co. .-..5 Cb.iri.^.t'n 

»^i;.v.M.\x, siiAW. .$ Co. _•: 

^* Sudi>urc nn.l (it; Po'tlaud 
U ROOKS AV. P. B. i CO. 1/1 
-^ and L'<; Hanover 
Browne W. U. 5 Fnion 
^ BOYDEX, .■^^!aud:dl W.Ax. 

(M-e t«i-'e iM^-) 
Hnrr S. S. \\\ Wa.^i. (rarlor he 1<) 
Butler Willuau. l■J.'^o Washiuitvu 
Carstensv-n A. M .Meridian 
Carv P. 771 Wa-^hinffton 
C.-dVrlnnd John, ?i>.) B 
Chapman Jic Hall, ]'>J Friend 

Ch'Se ,t Sterling:, j.'Xi Hanover 
Clarke ./ohn, 4 Charle.-rn»-u 
Cof)inn -S. D. .^t Co. li Cliarter 
Colbv M.-j.vN Br.ftid>-av 
/n>LLA.\iORE li. L. i- CO. IJJ. 
*-' CmTiJ 
QOMiXS GEO. T. l.» Xoith 

CoiiiK.r \Vm. ;51 Orleans (Second 

Conrad llenrv, 12fi7 Tromont 

<>OOEEY A. L. & Co. 40 Lan- 

^ ca.-ter 

Croonic Geo. a Co. ;!iM Wa>h. 

Cunninjlumi B. P. & Co. :!■<; 

I>air!cis, Flarrjsem, & Co. U'.> Sud- 

l)AVEXPiUiT A. -M. 5; CO. up- 

-^ holsterer* iind nianutactiirvr* 
and dealers in drawiiv:;-roein 
and chantbcr furiiifvue, win- 
dow shades, drapery and iace 
eurlnins, matresstti, /Vallic-.-, 
&c., bonk-cascs, librarv-tund- 
ture, ie. Our fa. -ilia. * nr 
\>ij»ut-.ii'turin>.' cnaWe ns t.i o.- 
t'er the be.-t u-ooos at the i<.wc = t 
pr^ce^. Cha^ube■s over :.•', .-i, 
L\;, and ■-^- Cornliill. Entrance 

l>av U. B. V-i Kneelund (i<eoiid 

Dean .Faun sAV.«'i>Leverett 

1 \ F L A PI. !.H'F E ic B F F M ii F K C! , 

-^ F.'»lVrfi-.ind(ebiar.-} 

DcniiuP. M. i!W, IMS, ai.d F'.> 

h'frby. TAVFXER, S XOR- 
^^ RIS.L'.-, MerriuKif 
Diii*moie .Fnnes, I'.v.i Hanover 
Do.- ,<c llnnnt-ueil, l'k^ TieSLiont 
I), liertv P. ::,'> Beverlv 
D..k.ii d'h.uuas, .s^ Mi-ridian 
l)o\V.NFV 1. x ,M. 401) llarrisoo 

Downing .M.:!Ud Il.-\rTim)n avc. 
1\KF\V, .lACKSoX, .».-. CO 17'. 
^ Bluck^U.ue (exun.-^ioji t.d.ic.-) 
Durant Jani.-s 7^! Kin-.-ton 
Fai.Hcld G. \V.,^L' l.inoln 
Ferdiiian.l .t Co. l^lt \Va>hiiiL't.'n Anthony, -J^j Fidtr.-i 

, .-..-cond h.iudi 
Flvnii David. -'. Prince 
Fo'ev Pit lick, >.<.•; >:dein 
yoLElS Ei)\VARU A. ."If. IF..r- 
-•■ riM>n ave. (.new and ittowd 

Foster Fdward A- Co. )7lJ> Wu-di. 
Fox John, f..-, Sulcn. 
till! .Vli.ert.'j.". D.iri h. ave. 
/ ^ R\VF> J. G. I.! Black>Iiose 
VT r.,,. .,,,,..^ I .„_ t... I 

I ' RAY ,v Bail, .;4 Ci:ioii, a; ■.! 
^* l'.'1-r..sid 

.v .N,uc!l.<: Co. Fj;'. Foil.; 
den Cha.,. F..-i Co. ll>' d. 

F. v.. |-.( Meri. 

m. utut lierOSene street, ISu-Iuu.K 

I I AFFV, .MORSE, i CO. 4!1 
-''- Wi^ 

I I AFFE I' I', FAY, & CO. D 
-'-' Dock jiiuure 

110L.I.l.\4^S k\l CO. 



biJir!? Sf< iln^n. -■;:;■. Hjrr. uvfc. 

I I AVNLS J. G. Jot H3rri#<.ti av, 

lUz'U'tn J. E. 114 Mtfrrimtu: Tre- 

ll^nn'.un C 11.4." EH-t 
Hill. Van Wait. & Co. r, Blnckfc 
Ilil!< llviir\- >. Sc Co. *^ U> .VJ lul- 
t/-.n r.-o-tau-y 

II .W.V G. W. V^t tVmoi t 

f lof.MKs F. M. St CO. K-i llan- 

H..!n;»-«, Oooilwin. % Cf. I'ft North 
H'.lfisan K. t C... V. Fulu>n 
Hopkii!^ Chfirle-. :t4 Con.hiH 
HopVir.s kCo(.l:<lzi.-.:ii liiack-jtone 

Cw.'ff.k'-ile C' ;n. ) 
Jlrjr.r.ardi. C. 7<'l WsAl. 
Jenkii.5 W. C. 7r B'.in.Uav 
J-jhrix/jn t F>'i-y, i-» I'J. -<»:int 
Joi)-5 r. 15. & ('•). 104 Cutnmer- 

Hatiid Ml FuiMi 
K'-'-nan s. Il<'iirv. riir Bro^diray 
Ktlharn. Fitz. i. r; .. t; .V.jrth 
Kemp Thotfta-i. -ji Chjrl«?3towa 
Kiiiibalii Co. |^« L;-i.laU 
Kinsman J. .V. '."» M»-rnmae 
T,A W K F. y C K. WILDE, fe 
^ HILL.*!' to 4>, O.rnhiU 
J^eJ. \V.i?iL<fV.-r--tr 
I.t-If.'i-! F!>on A. I:*.*'; Wa-'Mnzton 
]■ EW'I.S J. l>. :^ i'oKlajid («es 

LAndf'Tjntrn 01nf,*',< Meridiaa 
Masann John.'*! PnTici 
Man«..n D.-m'i i .Son.l .C Merrirr,^ 
McArthurt Bro^rn. Vi IJjr.-rhi:l 
McCarthv Call:.dian. M Caindca 
McCuliv H. i C... 1-4 Liricoin 
.M.D..;:'il<J F.lwar<l.:>4 Fe<5- n;l 
^rcGrvXIS & McGOWAN, 
""■^ M-rrimae rnanu;*.) 
MfGu> kian J. ( «v.*ori'i hand), 107;* 

Me.Tiarn Otis W. i- Co. li'l Fultoa 
Jf-'miitrK Mo?'-?. ».'74 WaA. 
-Morris Saraii. Il«4 Treiaont 
Morrow- J.-hn. Ij»; Ch-jrkitowa 
Morton J. E. I'j:*:.' Trcrrh^v.t 
Miilcah'rv I). -,r rT-n'.r: i •« 
Murphv'J. C. .^"«. fironV*-ar 
Xfcilon J, * Co. ]V> Kuilicott 
O'Connor WijIiruK. «« Aloany 
<^>"£iilei- All-n, 17:; Memtnae 
Os20</1 M. K. U; Ca'.ot 
Outt-r, Ger.. L'. ?»> C:i:nbri<l_-e 
PACKARD P. F. & sO^a, 5^ 

Paine J. .>. I;>7 Friend & « Cancil 
Parker i Ilopkii s, .>>.:; Wash, ('par- 
lor b<r<i*t^atls> 
Par^jDS C. W. •;• P.jrtlaa'i and JSI 

an-l rVi Ifai<o%-cr 
pAH>i>X^ t TORELY, 4-;4 

Paul Jaiiif* t Co. ?►« Wa^k. 
pAL L fc CO. IJS- to -« Tremont 

pEA«E Cff A>. G. t CO- 15 and 

U «, :'aric.-t.y*n 
pEIKCE F. & CO. 7C Kich'-ftond 

Pl;in.i.-r \V. S. 74 Porriand 

l^iu.titry i Co. I J Green 

rid-i-on i Wii-,.,,,, ^4^ Alir-snT 

('■t.-corrl i:ar,<li 
'ILE i'<?eritre and exttiijioa 
t->..«3;. 14:4 FtiUoti 
Pljnip^,., fL U. .iv,' Wajh. (parlor 

pr TXA.M & COCHEaX. t, i4:i 

O.ui.-ley W. If. 1.. IJ acii 

K;!-^;. A.17-.M.- .nmac 

K •:;rli G.-0. F. .•;: C... IlI Fu:toa 

K<»f,ti!,s Kii W. l;j Caiiibrwi:fc 

pOIiBIXS W. IL U Mar.-hall 

K 1 ;dtU J. Mr*. ir:» liauivcr 
Ku.l.i,.il \V.„. C u,.,i ..:, I.,-.^rett 
Ku*-,|| i Phrl,... -.1 IJn^'i'.e 
i^''al-i 4-jiii»-< .V (Vf. -.-'J I'rcLa ut 

JSUIXEIK C. 14-. C;.arU-,-to»n, 

_ '. "...'Jth, ar. 1 !'..' !'i*^a>inc 
**aJ y H. C. .l:< K!.jj.-.,£t 
■■>'<!?h Kr.^. l.»»7 Wa-h. 
"li.-.ih F. I». t ( .,. ! ■ 'I Wa-h. 
S*>«1II STEPHFX & CO. .>1 
r ' -ri:' :J| 

:^'",;i IIKRJOIIX D, 41 Vid 4^ 

> 1 i,r,-» Si,|i,^y A:Co. >; • strd >-i 

>VvMi» ( hsrW. 17",-.' \Vj»!Jr!_t«)n 
.-*'^W,:ii« o. W.'yd \Va,hii;:.-t'.u 

Sto.-v C. T. K Co. l.'l Shan-mut av, 

Sto-irt IJ. Sc.I. II. •-■7 1 u;f.,n 

Sf.i:.rt K. K. r; KM:f.ti 

« il'.vun P. F.74 Pi^-'iint 

'p.. i-oifit W. * C....-,!! '.V:i.K. 

']^KAVI< J. IL:»7 11aver(iiU 

Tread w>-il Srimii.-i, S^ M'-rilian 
Tr<-a'i«-<!l S. .\.<i.t StKuridul ave. 
T.iriier ». .V.S:<'.. M W.-t 
Virsj.T I'lL'trsi; :'>:H \V i..lrni.'tou 

w-k.-ti<-id c.'<-aii<->. ;•;<;. ii.i 

WAiU: GK«/UGK W. .t CO. 1.;? 

Wrtlu-rhf.- .1. \V. 1.".^ Portl .nd 
U'hilden &. Jjniie-^.^fi. i_'4 .V{<;ridiaa 
%%hitti'i.l. W. l-.'i Eliot 


* * and 5) Wart-harn 
Wilson «ieo Sf .'^I.^:^ Gr<;<'n 
Woriu-*-o<yi (I. T. r: W. Citit'm 
WiJz'it James, -.'4 l'nn<:« 
Yeoimns <: D.; V'itt, f'j U, and 147 

Vo'.r.L'fc. s..>>; Wn^h- 

Puriiiture M^:inufi». 
Ari'it-r^on i Co. Vis K..i;.,;i 
U AKEU U. A. .t .SOX, i7 M-rri- 
■" r:vaeand:s; 
REAL t HOOPEP^ ^ :nd 4 
" li-.ime^ },lo-.k. n .VMirky-t^q. 
P.-r.t Jc I'e-ajilrv. l.t F'u!f./ri 
Black A, K. •j:}ii Ch-jrii? 
V-j'Kt Chri-to[>l:< r. li»' .VonJi 
HO-^SOMfc E'>K-n. >W A'.fjany 
■L» .^r.^ D-jze .;}■;, 
J>O.S TOX CllAiR CO. !U Xorth 

^ Canal 

^V. »j?i':jrd. retfs. i".* F"rien'l 
*-* Sn'ijnry 
Cain .Mauler W.. Sanford. ntar 

Ct-dir, vafd \<\ 
Ciapp John J., Sanford, n. Cedar, 

CI irke John, 4 Charlestown 
C^.fhn .<£ Robin«/ii, 4-^ U'ai- 
QOMIX.S GEO. T. li'l Xorck 

/'.OOLEY A. L. fe CO. 4-) Lan- 

'^ carter 


•'-' I if' Po.ti-and 

D'>r; V Hurinvwell. 1"- Tn-t.K.r;t 

r>ki:>i.-iXG GLAS-i FIIAME 

^ .MAXI'F. CO-Z-f! Ponlaiid 

Drew, Jackson, fe Co. lT:i li.a.i:k- 

FrazJ^r AIex..v; AJ>.3jiV 

GJover i .J.^r>es. Dorc'n. ave. aeitr 

Commercial. «-•{ M 
Gr-^at WiiliafJl, *"; Kne^-land 
(•KAVE.S J. G. 'j; HIa.lwtonc 
^ ■ ;:arJ..f j^iiirt-. .i<'uu.:e-. .v..-.y 
JTAI.EY. MOflSE, fe CO. 411 

Kali OUvcr t ion, A-iaio^. near 

Ka.-t. ward !'.' 
||AZAPJ> Clllii CO. 5-4 Con- 

f |0J,.ME.S F." M. & C<,i. l>;und 

Il< !ii.^-s, G'r^dwin, & Co. 1.% 

H'j!n..-s Warren. Parkman, iic-ar 

U ri:h.v>t-T ave. -*a. I'. 
T I CGIJKi J. .V. & CO. l-yl Wa^h- 
^-^ ini.tor. :ofn.-e> 
J J I TCHIX.-^OX BiJO.^.. l>.rch. 
^*- ave. i-.^r. C««l!iia«i. ward J'!, P. 

O. a-.Mn-^s. MUt-.n. \\i>^. 
Kennev Zi-Jot ». .SanfiirU, it. For- 

^*: Hill ave. a«L !•; 
r hWi.v J. D. S I'o.'il-and (see 
L< ,,.,_,^ ,,x ,, 

\|.\x.M^x i PEri:ji>'>x. I'd 

-'■'- itJ.rdT. cor. l.>eiatur tehip, 

»<-e i-a^re 075; 
Mt-.Alerv x Fuller, Travere. cfiriier 

Mc.Vrtr.uric Ufwrn. Ki Hav-t-rLiU 
.M-» i.iiv Il.tCo. 1.4 I,;n.-..i.! 
\f< (WXNI.S Sc .M.jG«.>-VAX, « 

.Miir.i.<k I;,-o«. '.<T IVtrdcr. K.IJ. 
S-'-ktii^ V\ ji!,. .*J-aii;<>M!, n- F«'r< -rt 

Hi!; ave. wd. 1^:. .iJuf -. 7f W a^ri. 
Uiai.d.r P.J '.1 U-*,-. t.l;. 
pLASK Cll AK;.KS G. X CO. 1-^ 
■*■ end 14 f ijariftovia 
Kl-.Te J>an!cl. .VilaiJi*. lHr*r Cod- 

fnat. »<1. 10 
pEIKCi: t.KCi). 70 PJchiiiond 

piIKCF.. GILMA.V. ic Tcr- 

■*■ TI.K. ll-J Fu!t. li .«'. ex- 

tcusu>n, aiid library taJjlee; 

•*■ IlJi'liiiiond (clriiiih.T> 
Kan.l^ll Ge<,. \r.;'7 Kave.iiill 
Ki<-hard-'on. II. ward, k Co. 7 and. 

RoSv A. U. .V Ci». 4S AU»any 
T?"J.S.< J. L. (church and »choolX 
'^*- 4J Chardoii 
iiv:(ii //.irr>tL'^'. "Jiidhurv 
J^IIATTI CK \V. G. 7.*, Fulton 


ll-,ol. «-.; I.I'.""-:'0 

ii.-t. E aiid t ( -"-e p;.tfc- »i;.i; 
Sheniian « .Joti!i-..)i. 4-' .Vlhanv 
SrnitU V- ke:idaJL P» Canal, and 9 

<;;o("n]EK JOIIX B. « Unioa 

'P R A V I .S J. II. :i7 IlaverhiU 

Sturffvn.t C. W. ;i7 t/j 1(» : Crosi 

T.,I:ii:iii 2-, Adiuus, n. Aelirnont, 
wd. !4 

WnsiineiuSt Wcitt!e.l4*t Ti^mmit 

U'jC:?on Wait' r »., Kivcr n. Tein- 
i>\<:, ward 10 

W.-rl!<rr.b..e.l. W. r,2 P'.rtland 

\\riLLETT, DKAK-i:;Sc CO. « 
** ail 1.-.! W-arciiaiK 

"WriLLlAMS fr. \V. :.'<)1 P.jrt'and 
** ^se*- [ta/.- *<77; 

Woodhary, Gray, i Co. l:i» Port- 

Furniture Mover*. 

J^LLLY W. li. 10i> Wa,iai,-tOft 

B^rklc-r A. O., order b>x Hr^ 

K: ider .V: Caa9e..57 Cornr.iil 
M"').-e i Co., oitp, 4-"» Ticiiiont 
pooii JAME:^ E. t CO. (XiJ 

Furiiiiure lt«»puirer«. 

E<»-ir.iiiian la'/». ^j .Ma-.-e.-;<.ic s'l- 
Cai;v U. A_, Clarendon, toru-jr 

Warrt-n ave. 
poLLIs E. A. ''^J Uarr!s^>fi ave. 

Haven H. P. 5'.: Catobri'L'e 
^^■"AITT J. M. .V'4 TreniOBt 

YOL'XO A- IL tJ. Uo vrard and 1 


Bamum k \y-.\:hz. '"H Sarniaer 

Hi na Loui». >i' Court 

jjEXT & BL'.SU,:i7;j Waihingtoa 

B'-raey J, *. 11 Tremont rc>ir 
Jir- -A-ii V.'tH. G. 'Sy'l Waifhinjitoa 
J>LLIOTT M. P. 77 Court 

Eichom Br»»S:. *■* Water 
Frev Fr»-den.-k, l«l Wa?h. 
HiiMel Ge... W. !;» Province 
H.aunde J. i.. 17'.) Wa^li. 
K-ikas E. 7 Fran Kim 
X.-.-ro;iJui;..h.j.-d Wa-lu 
Pa/i4t I !i>>3i. C- A; ."vjn, '>^'i V%"ash- 
VivoAl Wii'iiai'i. ■_'{7 '^ aj-Jiiuj.t'j;! 
Pi' « »v-.-ar.;; V/a-Ji- 
i-.ied'-l ll«!>ert,-"i chauacv 
s:!.m!d Joi.ii, I7;j Waoh. ' 
S'k^c'jiu VVia. iL 1-<I Wa=h. aud li 

V.'aiko Martin *. Co. '■'* Sumn>er 
V.-L-:- %L Z. e!):--;h. "^ War.h. 
Widuser The'^iore G. Jll Wisfi. 


.^BBOTT s: BliOOKs, \^ \\<cA 

Adam* n. Co. 'Jyt BromfieI/1 
Out-dfn Kti{;iite'>. 

IJ^OLLIsC. *G. II Cu-t./:n U. 

C>nr<l«rn £S<ior>*r)«. 

pMGEi'.>. .-MJIH. a. CuCri- 
■'^•- iiA.VK. 4-7 Ai:..!.v. i,. t i.i.,ii 

I'a'k ft., ord.-r l-»< r_' .ItaU; 

(>*!>: tnintC'yi jr<-d pa^ej 

CiurcJen VaMe*. 

JOXE3 .H. D. & CO. hi .Sydiiury 

\rERCHAXT K. I^ k CO. ::5' 

*^ ',i-:»;ra2 >t\\\. .<-.- piiTeOt;; 
W'AI.DO .1. .VDA.V. i; Li.'Kfty 
.-•i- ■ fve rroiu oi'd p.-^re; 

Ou« and \%'s«ter Main*. 

|lAV!>. i F ii^M M, -j Wa.-:i 

VV'ii'J -NG L. F- K-iii».lc. nt-ar 
** l5--f..,-. \^:^i Work, i»€e 

pii-e •»■•;/ 

R. Hollings & Co. 

Dealers in Gas Fixtures, 369 ^^' 

"Ml L-. I 

■( ,:,,'0 ri .ivAmU 

Oa« ami '%VMfer I"li»e. 

BK\M \N'. |)'>\V. .t C< >.. ■! and -I 

D.W I S « K \ nSV M. S-J Wash. 
fs,- p:ii-.. (IJh 
MAY 1 Ct ). I IJroad (see inside 
Uu-k .•ov.r) 
CSa« ICiirner*. 
-•■*- rj':.' "\v'-.i-h. (<■■'• f..ot liiifs) 
I^KATOX A. J. r.'ir \Vu5h. 

MCHtJ VV. UrKN'r?. At FITZ- 
f;rK • r.i). •; ('iini-i.'*t..wn 

W^AI.^v Mi;i K J. J. .<: <;o. 1 

Cias ICiitnlna- Inipfuve- 

n( )T,I.INr.< i;. .V CO. ■■>7.< Wash. 
(st-e f-t ln„;<.. 
Cas 4'<»<npaiiieH. 

AmcriL-an Irnprn-'cil <i:i^ I.'irht 
(>. of Boston. Arises W. Kiii- 
der, asent amt treis. KI Cornl'ill 

Boston Gi< I.isht Co.. W. W. 
Groen...,-ii.tre:i--.. •.'(' Wr^t 

Consoii'iati.I (ias Co., .J. J. Wal- 
worth, tna-. •; Hitth 

Dnrolie-t.T Gn^ I.iirht Co.. TV in. 
Popf>, troa-".. W. B. Br'«ks. net., 
CoiiiMUT.Mul. r. I)or<'h,.st.-r ave., 

E--t H.--OI1 G-.'.3 I-i\'ht Co., Goo. 
H. riu'ii'iiiT, treas. 2 Maverick 
s-pin'.-. K.r,. 

LIGHT C<». of Sew 
Kn.-Lin.!. .1. C. Tiffmv, 
= tipr., ^- Kilbv (>oe p.»M>'> 
Sonth Bo-to;i G:i< I.tsht Co.. F. 
H. O'liome. trt-as., K. h Daven- 
port. M_--i;t. D.irch. corner First 
Koxbun- Gis I.i;.'ht Co.. Wm. B. 
Kiiigjlnirv, tn-.i>. :>.' Duciiey 

Bravton Geo. I!, v. Court fmnnuf.l 
CJas Fittiiia: A: Fixtures. 

Hliss .<• Perkins, ■.'.-, and -.'7 W,-t 
"gOS\VL)H'l'li N. 4.V, Trvmont 

x l'k-a<:.nt 
Cirruthcrs.vCo.l MaVick sn..R.B. 
IX-u-ev S. R. ir. .•.:.» Wi,shii;Cton 
T)KF.\V A COKFIX, 4 Bowker, 

cor. Suiltiurv 
T)fiISCo!.L .V VKF.XCH, Ess^x, 

ror. II irrison avenue 
Tri»LLIX<;>* P.. .<:C<>. ..•:;» Wash. 
-•■■»- (.V,,,- f.-.r lin.-^i 
J^ EaToX a. J. i:->7 Wash. 

J^ADD H. A. & SOX. 41 II .novcr 

LuHed T. & W. ;>,-•' Bmn.lwav 

Mr G A X X THoM.\S F. ,v3 
I'.,rl!:,-i -.:t; [.:,-- 7>C.: 

-^''- Cm. -..| W,:,:k 

Al OR K i\ .\.M. .-<; C( >. -<• Fritna 

-^^ (-,:f-.-t,-l.,r...|i,ai:i.) 

AirKKW. iil'ilXS. .V; IITZ- 

-'^ GFr.AI.[).i;rii.irK-<tc.wii,,.„e 

(} >',r t'l'.in BfNt.Tiy iiiriiiu- 

factiircn'-rs uf'iiis Mxriire*. and 

p^'iicrid iTas- riiiis.'ii-rs. .M.-tal 

spiiinins, uiid imnciiiiii.' rione 

to order. .\rL'.md !>iiri:ers, 

p:i3 ti.xtiirt'3 rt-rin slicd in tlie 

iK'sf iiiaiuiir. Sole iiiiiuitac- 

turcrs of Sranw(.o<rs pUtnt 

nui-irless Ar-in.l hiini.r^. ; 

pAUL GEU. K. .t CO. ul Liuon 

pEIIiCE M. W. A CO iL'Sud- 

^ bnrv Tr,.l ]<V Fru.,,d 
piKK John, m l!!.uk.,tune 

Powers 1 .M.firafh. -J.-. Cast!.- 
Slw^,•' F. (,. 1 . Citv Hail ave. 
.'^Ki.v \\. F. I ••: \V:u,h. .(U-.-ler^ 
^LAI'i It (,!.•). P.. ■& So.X. 1-.>1 

Stf!'h.'i-'.n •Fh..mi<.+' lirMrnri.-Id 

v^ IF IS. .X s. A. -v II >. i:; Ti>^- 

Tarh.'ll K. .<; S.-,n. l.' Hn. mfitld 

Torkir .Mtii.t. C... )\r C.iirt 

T-1T.,T X, W. -S liro.l'.l'eid 

W'ALUiiH [ tl J. .1. .V CO. 1 
'* lir.ti 

^^■'i^T,■n.l■v..^ F. .••. Kn.e!.„.l 
Wliitiirv .<: 'l-r.; .u,, ; . \V, r-.r 
W.iknis Fr. ;. -.. k \. .. Wv -t 

Oas Ooverti«ri-H. 

CTri{Gi:s U. K.SI Washington, 
^ room i.) 

C;a«-.ireter 3raiiiir«>. 

An.erif-iii \rvfor Co. :;l'4 ^Va-h. 
Tnirs HrotloT.s. 4-.'. 41, A: 4(.- Sud- 

Oa* T'li.e Fitt«-i!>i. 

Barfiett X- ICi.'hard-.n, .■;'.'l liroad- 
wav & Coinl. n. Dor. av vr'd iU 
P.-li.I.ihn.rv; \Va.lii„iton 
nii<< .'^- IV, kins, ■'.-, \\\<l 
iJOSWOPi'FH .X. i:.r, Trftn't 


Rowrtivui .). a. 7 Spring lane 
Carrufhors .<; Co. 1 Maverick so. 
Dnhertv W. .T.:n' Sndf)urv 
7-)Ki:W ,^;- C(»FFIX, 4 IJowkcr, 
^' e,,r. SMdinirv 
T>KI>C(/FL.-i FKFXCH, Es><x. 
^ i'jn. Harrison ^.ve. 
Drurv Thoma-; .1. f;i Endicott 
Fnnov ft McCaitL-'hltn, IJH Tre- 

Frn-^t G. W.frT Warren 
Grant A. H. ■_' Market fund steam) 
H-MnL's H U. IK 
\] W V FS G F( I I;G E & SOX, 5-> 
J--"- Wash, vv.ard H! . 
-L-L '.r/.t Wnshin-ton (<>'(■ it. Fines) 
I^EATOX' A. .1. r.«.)7 Wash. 

Kent!0dv .T. ir> Maverick sq.. E.P. 
Kne.'land S. H. >S TfMnovor 
J^.VDK H. A. A SUX, 41 Han- 

T .AXGFEY. CARBEE. .-i CO. 8? 

-^ Border, E.B. C^ff i.ase (,7.5; Daniel, .IS Friend 

I.iitted T. A W. n*;'i Rroad«-nv 

McAlesfer Henrv, !'\ Causeway 

MeDonon-h .7. F. r,r Friend " 

Afff; AXX T. F. S\ Portland ("see 

-^■^ na-e 7^n) 

M'.ffirt C. A. WKiehnT^nd 

^r o F F I T T joHx A. vm 

-^1^ Wash. 


^'-^ (.-FPALD, »; Cliarlesiowu 

on? door from Beveilv 
pAFL GK( '. K. A CO. i;4 UT^ion 

pEIRCE M. W. .^ CO. I:.' Sud- 
^ hurv and W Friend 
Perhan.JoIm, 1'^ Bowker 
Perrv .1. P. .<- Co. .V.» Devonshire 
pFRHY R. G. & Co. \M) ^Viiih. 

Fiercf Charles, 'lu Charles 
piKE JOHN, 144 Biatksione 

pOBINSOX J. E. diw Wash. 

T>T SSELL * BURKE, 7f; IIow- 
-'^^ ard 

Pawver E.G. T'l Citv Hall ave. 
Sanre C. O. 71 We'^t Concord 
t;EADER GFO. K. & :SoX, 

^MFfH .X: HAVDEX, :!7 ilaver- 

'- hi!! 

corriiER w. II. .<: CO. lv 

^ HovKton 

CTE r.>i(>X S. A. .t CO. 17;; Tie- 
'■-' inont 

Turner Xath'l W.ij7 Br..mtield 
■\V-V'IFKS WM. .'i .SOX. 141 
^^ E.B. 
Wevrnoulh .^- <;orliam. iL'",' Dudley 
AVIi'ite Danfonl. 12 HraMie 
Widte T. C. .t Co. .v'.v Char!e..fn 
^^'HITELEY E.>;rCharlc.-town 

-\\^HITIXG L. F.. Keuible, n. 
♦* IIan.|.Un 
'^yoi>D A. H. '<':Co!irt 

Wo,.d Wni. A. ,V) Fn.enion 
AV-.o,!roar, E. Jil ;!n„!<l 
W'ooD.M.VX (;EoU(;e & CO. 
^* !.-,.> Mi k 

Oas-Pii>o .^laniitV. 


•*-' and-.'.sX..rth 

f o'!lH;oi'.« CO. li to I'o Cus- 

A I ' <H !•( >.N A..M. .v C< >. .n7 I riend 
-*^ M.efronrcol.r.-d p:,.-; 
i>ACi, (iFoRGE K. X CO. frl 

•1 1 .^: I-,,;.,,. 

Oa« rCefortM. (nm,.-) 

T\rFBCll.\\T S. E. .<: CO. '7 
^'^ Central wharf (see i)a-e (;f ;; 

OaM *Stovf«. 

WIfih;!! ch as. b. & co- 

TJOl. Fixes RICHARD * Co. 

^^ :'.i;:'W:,.hin3fonr>;e..t^,ot linen, 
j^ EATOX A. .7. V.'vr WashliiLUnri 

PFIR<^E .M. W. .<5r CO. V2 Sud- 
-*■ hu'-v and hr. FHend 
Shaw Wilfian. F. I [^7 VS'a.- fnn -'-.•, 

1^1. AD' i; (.FO. R.i SOX, i^^; 

'-' \\-a<i,in-ton 

t;or7iH;R w. n. & no. :"'> 

'■'' Bov!st<.n 

CTFTSoX S. A. i CO. i;.'; 

*^ Treinont 

Oas "IVorl^M 3raiui(*. 

Americrtn Coal Gi-lisht Iniprovc- 

nient Co. Tlf W^itt r 
T)AVIS & F.AR.VFM. .sii Wa.,;;- 
^ ins'ton Csee oase m>) 
Drnke O. I", v, Water 

H0D(;E E. .^ CO. ir,o Liverpool, 
E.B. rtrasoniefers. see ii. I't.) 
EXfJLAXD. .1. C. Titr.Miv. 
snrit . s.T Kilbv ("see iv>i;e l.(<> 
IVfORTOX A. M ScCO. s7Frifiui 
•^'-L («pc f'ont rnlored paael 
pAUL G. K'. A CO. til Inioi: 

C O I" T ir E R W. H. .-; CO. :lu 

^ Boviston 

The X. E. Coal Ga;? Condenser 
Association, •?7 Doane, Geo. If- 
Afair. treasurer 
WALKER G- W. & CO. 4-- 
>^ an.l .7. r-nion 
^^ Pith 
rlH riXG L. F., Kemble, near 

lA^lH riXG L. 
'' Hampden 

'' -Mlik 

;o. .« ci>. ivj 

W,«,.l W. A.. -J Ennrs-.n 
Wo...dinati Geor-je * Co. l.Vj .Milk 

f«aH i:e<£tiIatof>>. 

{,\Mi:i!.\.\KS, BHOWX, .k: CO. 


TTODGE E. A CO. Flo Lirerpool, 
-*■-*- E. B. (see page (_;7.;) 

J) AVIS R. L. 11 Central -fi-harf 


/"'HARLTOX '^^'. B. 46 Congress 
^ (-►■eiia^-e »;i7) 
-*- GAUGE CO. 7 LiJidiill 

O'ts* Fiiral!»hiu'Z Stores. 

( WfM!c.'<!i7e.) 
Brwtn. Moore, & Co. i'>2 Sunime-r 

eor. Oti~ 
BriL-ham Wm. P. * Co. 14 Arch 
Brush i Hart, :.'4 Chauney (nefk- 

Brvanf .^Olnev, .",4 Chnuncy 
Coison Joseph,541 Wash.(ueekties; 
Dain..n, Temple. * Co. .s7Surnnttr 
PARIC, H.ITCH, &CO. i'.- otF-. 

Fisher Sidiifv * Co. 42 and 41 

I-ederal (woolen shirts) 
(:• LAZIER aVAJ. -M. .-I Suiii- 
^-^ ?ner 

and UJ; Devonshire 
IF.wIey, Folsom, & Martin, V'- 

17 .\U-LEY * CO. 12 Elm and 7'.> 
-*-^ Hanover 

:e!an.i E. x Co. 41 Chatiney 
I-eland, Wheeloek. & Ct>. yl Si^'"- 

I.evi Rernhard, 75 lianover oitck- 

Lvons D .^- Co. i; J Summer 
March Bros., Pierce, A Crt. H' 

0?is asid Is .\reh 
-'-*■ C()BCRX. .-.•■; Avon (ne»kfi.-- 
Simons Brothers .t Co. 7 \ S otis 
Walkrr./oserhX Co. .M Devon. 
Wei! Bros. ,t Dreyfus t;t» Suitmur 

Ah.s Joseph .L,v Co. .■;-»-, Han..v«r 
Bacon, HaH-h. .<: Co. ."Ji Hanover 
Jiaeoii RoUTt.v Co. 4;' We.-t 
Barnes S. .M. IH Fremont 
Barred .1.,-.;. F-.-ex 
Hales, A!drie!i,.<; Co. L'CI W.ish. .1. llel.rv ,V Co. .iO^ \\:l-ll. 

j^RllXillA.Sl BROS. Iii7.; Wuifi-\'Tri!roS. 17 Beach 

Brvent .■« 1-, li". Cuinhriil^'O 

Bt.'tler Alford. 1;C Washin-tou 

; f 


W.VICI.IiOl si: flncy T7i*v^iiv.r.c :n;J» \Vii-.liIcit:t.i» Street, lt«><.ton. 

tor th.- ».ule ttf UraS X IXLUieS, K. ll01.I»lA<i!S tV: C«. At t.u\v Prlcci 




t'nrt^r C 1.. jr. •'•" Wachip^tnn 
rtiiltiii .Tcilin C. .t (•.-.. I-.; Wi^h. 
C.llin V. II. A r,,.. «H C:imbridsre 

(■•.I'rior S. D.Ot ILinr.Vrr 
I),,;h.Mr.X Miiukii,-. I'S Court 
I.v.r.l. T.. r.fCnon 
yU'.v Air-tin S. \?>: Fl'.r..-,vcr 
F.irnliMM. .las. H. 'N'.. Wa'^hintrton 

nr.iiit o.r. n n.urt 

C.f.rcT'- <' ('hit>iii;m. '.>7 Ciiii'-t 
Cil-ioii Will. 11. ll:i:'. W,i.-.liiiieton 
('.„'.:■ A. H.rj^.r 
(; 0-r„r. Ml nr.).iiti<^M 
(;-.ftnr> I), a. |,;s \V.,shin?t..n 
TTAMIU.IV H. W. ,<: ro. .-A 
J «-;^r<.;,.v .,n-lrj,;ntvl lu;.-. Wjiflh. 
Tf WI.FV ,^ (■(.. p.. Klin, ry 

-''• If:lIl-'Or ■iri.l 11..] Wt'^h. 
ir.vs.I K. .-Jir \V,.,.|,in--,.n 
H<'ni|iTS(»n ,<; Stunwon.i, and" l."} 

1.7 F.WTN-S A fror.I,T«. ■MoV.-ash- 
■'- iiiL'ton ''see nn-f ^\7]^ 
]r--hh^ A. .<- Son. » ^Iavf.r;o^ ^q. 
Hoiia-htcn S. S. .<■ fV). 4^ <,ho()l 
Howes. I. V.r.:,:] W:,>hiM2ton 
Jr.n. 1 .<• Pirklin-'-t ^^ CnilscTav 
U-LV.VrV GKf). F.. A CO." IS 
■•^ Cambri(!£7P 

Lawrence Tl S. T.'".^ to If.'V "IToih. 
r.nwrtnpt' .Jntnc- .<: Co. 1^.):; W,i=h,ir.Tohn I> Ii! Tr.M-.r,n t --..u- 

Mn-iiiM. .Tolin \r. 4!.-. W-,.h 
Mrrrill T..'wi, ir. AV. !- Wn^h 

.M'wv Ath.Tf. rrr •\v-,.i,i,.nr..n 

Na^li. SiHttlfW. .<• Co. n:, Cr.urt 
X.-l-O!! X. M. .;.-,I l[-,nf.v.r 
Xorri.s & <hiifi-. Fliot. c. Tr.jmont< C. A. .-W SchoAl 
R.pv<.<i Wrn C. 4;l Wn^hiti^ton 
Ri.-kar'l P. R. il^T AV.i.^.hincrtAn 
Riley .Io«<|)h C. .?o-, Rrr.ndwnv 
Pawver G. A. .V Co. ;;l'.-, AVa.-^h. 
SiiiL'leton Geo. W. ]i,:t Cr.iirt 
Spitz r. ?.(•,! II'>novpr 
Ptcrnes Caroline. 1-J<1 Tremont 
Strnnsii R. .<.- Co. mr Cop-t 
Tower -Vlit.ot A. -^i; Ca'iil)rid''e 
Tuft.-; QiMnc-v. .? : V\f.ct 
Warner H A. 11] Court 
Wp>-tf)n J. If. .",ti Ccnt-;il sqiiarp 
Williain.< C. T. KHl Wishin-ton 
"VVillianis G. I. ir-t-; Wa^l.fnct.-.n 

Oermsin Silver :>Ii>niir*. 

■^ DEX.^. ir F..l, 

OildfTii or r»ifture 
Fr;tniP», «V:c-. 

(S,'r F.rfrre F.:,.„.^, ir.) 

Arnniul .7. .T. -j^i Wa^hinston 
An<lri'-AS Jarob R.. R.aeon, Oth 

floor from Tnmont 
Koo.'«T. fi. 7s Kiii2<tf.n 
Cabot Jo.5. F. & Brotlier, ^;i Sud- 

Kllaril Gporcre E. VK .^iKlhnrv 

V r- h r or., & 

f^ XOVKx. l-.TTreiiio-.t 
Hu.ti.,;^. .<- r)av,-pr.rr.-. Province 

n.vdr.Iolni W. 14 i;n...,fi. i.i,l .Tnn.-s X. -.'J <,-l,..„l,.,HV I'Mtri-k. xll Ur..Iii„it..n 
^rKVF'tCliA.-. K. \C<J. rand 
*-^ X ir.lmes block, and lu.j 

Fric:i.| fs.-e paL'.- i;-^;; 
O-Rri.i, Willi:,,,,. L'.-, Cromfifld 
;»N^,.„ .I.F.I I'r'.vi,,,-,., c. School 
n.lh- lli-nrv. is Av.rv- 
IloH- * llatrliinnn. 4'-o Wa^li. 
;^:ir-,.nt C. ir.H'.'C..rnhill 
^Miltb 'A. if.:;; Wa.!:i„.non 
^t.jwartJ. J.4.-.> 'l'r,.,u,.„t 

Cill<lei-«.' \VliUin<;. 

J|A.'^Sf: .^- I'JtA IT. Muv.rick, 
ti«ar (irleaiis .see p i-<^ *>'') 

Fllnt-Gla<i Man •"'artur(:r<>. 
Hoy St.itc Gla«< C<... Ge<.r -e B 

I-.'Ul... >i-.-„t. .=;» Kilbv 
B"^t..„ i;.,ttl.' W, ri,«. .Saml Oak- 

iiiun, ai't-.-it. .'.| WutiT 
iJ"<t..ii an. I Sandwich GlasR Co., 

'^^ M. Ff.-ii-ndeii, D-jent, Jt; Fed- 


H'-t..n Silivr Gla-* Co.. R. T. 

I-.n.l.ard .'^ C....",! Wat.r 
f;n.^ \v;!)i:„.,.s....,.,..l.,...rn.rB 
(J'lAi'.MAX J. X. -T Doane 

pl.FTrUKU W. <;. M .Milk. act. 
I-itf-'n.r... Gla>-. M,„>iN. " 

|^»MiKIJ<»Uo <;i,.v>.< CO. -J;* 

- lii'lin, J. I>. I'litiK.j.i. iifffllt 
'/'•n .Ja„„K R..t:CM. in M,lk 
■Murcha: W.UML'.til Milk 

Mmtnf Wa-1iineton G!.i..<<i W,,rl<«, 
W,ii. L. I.ibS.-v.iiffcnt.'d Milk 

N. F. Gla.- (■n.,-II..nrv Whitn.-y. 
n^piit. 7 K.d-ra! 

PHrrxix GIi,^ Wkj. »;fo„nd. c. R 

CAXox >:in:i;'r ra, vs^ co. 

'-^ IM to 111 Con.'re.-.. .f. M. 
Cook, ai'.-nt r>.-.> i,„L'.-(l^7) 

CTvxrFoRi) .1, w. Hi ro. rr, 

►^ W-.--I1. (hoMi.,-or.Mtl.if) 

cr'FF(tr-K Gr, \<> co.. .J. .Jm- 

•■^ Vin=. treaK. W. I[. Lock.-, ai-t.. 

:■< W„t->r 
TTXrox GLASS CO.. .7. p. 
^ Grc.-ory, i!2.-nt. II.". .Milk 
liiijiorfrrx nt I'liiti- f;in.<v. 
■ROLFS LKVI A: SOX. II:ivniar- 
-^J V"f '.'I., cor. SiKlbiirv 

^ ROVDLX .-II.; and. -,11 Wa-h. 

^ .V MOHTOV. 77 Clirt, ,1 
tTILI,'*. 'ITRXFR. .<• HAR- 
-"■»- MOV,.'^.;tFlni-.-',l ,,.-) 
^ \T.'r-lvinf,- row 
Af-^VFR CIl \s. E. .^- CO. 7 ii>( 
■"'-*- TIavin.-irkct "Oiiare and lO', & 

107 Fri-nd («•.• p-.-,.(Ni;, 
P-?f>. HTdin-. ,<: Co. KM Srat.> 
a IIFHBrHXF R. .it W. -0 and n 
^ Canal, and :il Merrimac 

aJti^-i Wore D'o.?ers. 
A5Mfv.7. F. 7-.'Ki!br 
-•-' X..-th ^rarkl•t 
^^ M Flirvard p'acc 
■DR7GG.S RICHARD, 1.37 AVash- 
-'-' ini'ton 

CnlIfnd.'r.7ohn R. ." 7Cilbv 
pATF&XICKFR-OX. 170Sum- 
^ nier.a.Hi.fioF.'d.'ral 
^ nil ^^■:wh. 

priAMnFRLA7X7LR.& W. O. 

^ :'dJW:i-h. Cchfcinicalnnd ph!- 

losorihii'al. ^.-f- nai'c H'.'l , 
Cor> npr:,i-i IL .<: Co.';.-, to:;:i Federal 
T)FWE V F. O. -i*.) .Mtrriin:;c and 
-^ -3^ Canal 

Foster Geo. W. 14 Black^tone 

pRFvrrr ARRAM & CO. l:;i 

Ila^tin:- p. .7.14 0-,a-don 
||0M R R. L AXE, ic CO. ."2 

" TOX. -J.-: So. .Market r.see pa-e 

50R0- GLASS CO. 40 

f YXDEr 

AfAR.fORAM.L W. W. ra-ent 
-^'-l- Collin's Sun Chinnievs) OJ 

Haverliill Csee pa-_'f •!)■■' > 
Marshall .7. P. & Rro. rr. Co„^r.-ss 
>rorev. Ilav ne«. ,<: Go. ,7) C'".u;:e.~a 
AfORFY >■!: SMITH. 4;) Iluver- 
-'J- hiIl'-.epiL'.-.;:'4, 
A^I'-^'liOK A. R. .In. t;s ConL-ress 
-'-^ .'see p a. -e ■■.-,; I) 
XVIson A. ^T. <• Co. 1 .-nConirro-s 

\r7ciior,sox & FROST, i;;7 & 

^^ l:;;i M.Ik 

J^ICE J. E. Sc CO. W Sudbury 

"ROGERS .<: CO. 10.',. Ii'7, and KfJ 

^^ Fed.ral 

Rnrrors (;.orL'<- W. ns Concrress 


•^ ohan-H 

Smith T'ioinas ir. (l') I'liion 

<^TFr)M.\N i). R. X- CQ. ]■>; 

^T( illy'V .M ELl'eX,' 112 Trc- 
"^ montCshadi-i 
"\yiLLlA.M.S WM. B. lI.TMilk 

D^-nh-rs in Win-'.o'r r,7a.v^. 
gOLES LEVI .<t SON, llay- 

mi --kit 'q. cor. Suribnrv 
Tt R .V ( ; I )< tX. T.V YEXEiL a C O. 
^■* •Mh.lia 

^ AT Mi)R'l'i»X.77 Clinton 
fM)()K J. .M. l.-!l and 141 C.n- 
^ -lessi'^.-e |.-i-.',-io7> 
-»-'- MUX. ••:;»F1mi (importers, -.-e 

tr.>nt .•oior.-d p .-■/■ 
How.- V F:.o,rh.-:^l l5t:iek-tOTi.- 
I f IXXKW ELI. J. W. ,N. CO. 7 A 
•* *- » CorMm.T'iii! wluirf 
T AMUI iir HR<rrHER.S, 10 & 
^ VI ^t. nhant.. row 
A f E \ E R ( I L\ S. E. k CO. 7 a nd 
■^'•^ .-< Il..lm.s block. Hayin:irket 
»i\. and HO and 1 17 1 ricud (ocu 

P'-c.H'irdin?.^- Cn. KM Sfate'^mf').-) 
C;[fi:HIU-R\E R. /.W. -Hiand ■li 
^' Cinal.:>,id i:iaii'I-_'l Merrimac 
Wul,t,d P. .Ill Hanover 
Wa l-w-,rt!i, Howland, & Co. 34 

OlaHH '\VIii<l«»\*- Iiii|»ort- 

«*fH aiiti l»<':il«T>«. 
TIILI.'i. TFP.N'ER. t (LVR- 
^^ MD.V, •;;! Elm f.-ce front col- 
ored r.-L-e; 
C3IaH>t A4lvcrtl'>fnt;Si:;uH. 
Qlt\XE.7. ILC; Inion 

^Y"^1IITXEY W. n. t;0 Water 

OlaHHiiiiii «'Iii'mi«-a1«». 

K7XS, 11.-, W.i-h. (^'-b p. 'HI) 

fwla<><4 Cliinniey Maiiiifi^. 

B<-hcini;m Gl-.s« Co. 1.';.' Water 

OlaMM < tittern and Kii- 

Boston G!ns.-j Ciittir;z Co. 14 Char- 
-'-' H:trv!ird pliice 
p "IOK; .7. .M. ni nnd 141 Con- 
^ ^r.,sr.r.epa,-P.;s7. 

U" E 7. 7. E Y R R O T II E R S, 7 

-'^ Snrin? lane 

]:>ICE.L E. & CO. K Sudbury 

ir-.^nnn-oP. .1. 74 Phardon 

' ' place 

01a»«* Shades. 
CTORY & MELLEX, 112 Tre- 
^ rnont 

OI.TRs ^rakers' Supplies. 
AVIN'^LOW W. IL & CO. 147 

*^ Milk 

C;;^Ias'« Stalners. 

COOK .7. M. 1 n and 141 Consress 
r.pp ,,a,,p,vr-) 
"^YES r SA.MUEL. 19 Morton pi 

01a-/;i*'r*' I»oint«* and 

MON-. .V.i Elm ^ee front coVd 
-'-' .Merchants row 

Ololte Maniif. 

Joslin Gihnan, 5 Mt. Vernon ave. 

Olove* an«l Mittens. 

C>-.v also K'"l Glorr-,., 

TTAWLEY & CO. 12 Elm 

Judson G. C. & Co. (manuf. buck- 
skin") 4 Lincoln _, 
Kent M. \. I'mannf. Plymouth 

Av'hITE 'rR(»S. .<: KILBTTRX, 
'' 14.-. Summer (man Ufa., see p. 

Olue Manufarturers. 

7>\FI)!-T!. ADAMSOX, i CO. 

J-* 14-; Milk ,, ^ 

C.Mpcr, .<: Pi.-cr.. S Custom Ho. cf. 

P \rprvter. woodward. 

^ X MoRToX.77(lintoTi/'^h.'ft) 
pRAXE. W VITE. it CO. H .^^ I'J 
^ Central (de^vlers^ 
E----X Ginp Co.. Walker s Bt<>- 

f'l.T. 17 M'-n-bant- row 
L'lXG D. WEBSTER !^ CO. .jl 
-l^- Kilbv 
^[FRRILL BR05. 21"- State 

TJ PTOX G E( )RG E. :/> KUby 

Ciliie Stock. 

■^y ARD X. s CO. KK Fultoa 


T:>F^HGE0. H. & CO. 7 Bat- 
^■* terymiirch 

Ciold Iteaters. 

Rncon W. Frank. ." Hawkin.^ 
RJackwf.o.l .bones, I : .Marshall 
Ciboi F. >. <; Sn-Uiurv 
J).V\'1S G. W. 17 Spring lane 

D.-.W .7r>-tph L. i Son,G Province 


Kerr v Pr<scott, 7>\ Hamilton pi. 

•joi-l :;.di 
J|OOl> n: REYNOLDS, r, .7ack.- 

T OTHROI*^ E. W. It; Harvard 
\-i ..1 

Gas Pipes "!\:.r,:v!idV' Meters — •"-»--^^»' 

Js. iiui.i.i.\<> 

>itnott<-e, Q/^Q ^\'a".lilna- 
S cV: t t». 0\JiJ iDU St. 

Ool4l rh»In«. 

LfETTKLL J. V. lo^S Wa<hing- 
■■^ ton 

OoUl l.fur !»nd Foil 

>f :iliiir;i<'tui'i-r. 
■n.WIS O. W. ir S!.nni,'lane 

Ot>l«I I"«*ii ^fainifV*. r}IAHI.r:S \V. m,rc.s--r.r 
to r.for'ji- K. Fiirp,N^,,rtli,'Jl 

Snow F. W. '.«.-.; w,..),. 

OmI«1 an«i Silver Pliiterit. 

rjARK >r. W. Sa CO. .>8 Water 

\ -pOKBES A. J. ]0 Bowker 

( Crnmphiirn .Janit^s. K", Sudbury 

] inilmini.T. ,T. '.'4 Sn.ihury 

\ J.nfnn.iP V. 1.-, Wi.ter 

S TJICirATtf)^ II. M..rEWFr.RY. 

r-k -•■*' CO. 7 Gnen. cnr. Chardon 

•!<^ EickerE. J. in N'orth Ctntre 


Gillcspio Governor Co. 10 .Tnhn 
-'-' \0^ St.i'e 

STT'RGES B. R.Sl Wa?h.. room 

rn I y o I, E v at'tomattc 


ConsTTca reoe pfiji- »;7I^ 


Oriiln Klevatoi-i*. 

East Ronton. Grand .Tiinrtiori whf. 
Stebbins S. B. 40 to .vS Eastern ave. 

Oraln Measm-er. 

Ray Geor.-e P. l-.'l Commercial 
Oralner un«I Polisher. 

J^OBERTS C. W. T,» Avery 

Oranite l>ea1erM. 

■*^ ham. n. Plvnipfon 
Barker llenrv S: Rro*. 2-2 
Ble^-iin.'ton Peter, wharf foot of 

Coiiibridcre. and 2l' Stnte 
Boston Re(^tonp Co.. William B. 

Brown, treas. 1"! Do:uie 
Boston .t >T;iine Granite Co. 

order h.ix '.".' Sf:ite 
pAMPHEEL P. .% SOXS. Swctt, 
^' n. Re. d. onler box "-J State 
QLAPP & BALEUE, 22 State 

Corliss D. G. * To. 22 State 

Davis r>. C. 22 St:ite 

D:i%-is i Goudiich, order box 22 

Dell Bros. * Co. 22 State 
Derrv C. T. C^ea w;d!\ 22 State 
Eaines Ezra A- Co. ^'J St;ite 
Frederi.'k .<• Fi-M. 22 St.Ue 
Gilnmn -T. E. .t F. E. •.^' State 
■ ■ Gr.inite R.-,i;«-:iv Co. ;:i Peinberton 
square, and 22 State, 0. E. Shel- 
don, aseiit 
-^-^ Cbarlestow-n and Hd ir.ver- 
hill (Scutch, 8ce back colored 
Unrdwick C. II. .t Co. 22 State 
Hoslev k Rns-sell. -JN Federal 
Leavitt T. 11.41 Kilhy 
Lyons John S., Boston wharf and 
22 St.'He 

Mc A %V LEY EDWARD & St^.V, 
Vr W-.-,.I;;l„, 

■^^^ CO. Ij I\.,at,e.ton s.iuare 
Mitchell Granite Works, 41 Kilhv 
end 22 St.ite. C. R. Mit.diell. aitt. 
Parker A.2'' «-'t.ite^-..ntr.'Mfor> ' 

Quix(^v f;p. vxriE w<,kks, 
41 Kil'.iv, Mitchell. Wendell. 

■t Cn. 

FHwctt. a.'ent. t! Traveller 
Richards I.Mwrfnce. -Mo Federal 
Rieker F. ""t CK :;r!. s 
Kockport Grii;i-- C... .T. Stin.son, 

aceiit. 2 rr;iv, :'. r liiii!diir.;j 
K<.L'ers O. T. V- »'.-. "2 State 
S:iv--nt F. I'. -: -•:^te 


>KV \. ('. .t Ci^. td E. 


> - _■•■ ■•-^'.■■r box 22 Stute 



ill - T. 'v Co. 2-.' State 


s& St-e!iinan,2-2 State 


Orate IRarn. 

nORRETT A. o i ; putterv- 
^ riiarcb, i Rai.dall Skeleton, ste 


^JERDOCK .t CO. H Marshall 

Oreen l|oiix<- ICollerH «i; 

S'";Hi ,«,• Eriirli. r.t PovtlMiid 
^yiUTEEEY E. td Charlestown 


T OMRARO .< fO. i:; Lewis wlif. 
-^ cf>r. .Vtlntitie avo. ("s.^e p. <!'.»)> 

-^"- CeTitrr.l ""lif. ^see nn?e .U-'^ 
77 FAD, SIE\EXSOX. .^ (^O., 
^^ Sari'ent's whf. (--ee pnse (W) 
■iefunMn .7. T. K- Co. :1 Eastern r.vp. 
*- rsee inside baei. cover,! 

Cirl^t MillH. 

Citv Wharf Mill, A. Dow. supt. '7 

]\r<L.vrTHTJV GEO. T.,-^-CO. 
-^'^ l-3t Fulton (-see pn^,- t;r4) 
Ryan Patrick, l.'i) F'ulton 

CJilMt Mill ^t■.inufH. 

DT'XC,\X &- COPKI AXD. .?:o 
Coo.mereinl <.,;. ,v,-,. .;n; , 
XT(n,MFS t Bl.\XCn\RD. t; 

-f^ H-,vtir.rk.t<M.i-e[.M.jei;',l7) 

MrT,\rTin.IX(;Eo. T. &C0. 
121) Fulton (see piise 1,74) 


Allen Daniel X: Co. 140 Blnrkstone 
Allen * Woodworth. l!'."- State 
Alli>on & Mason.. "do Rroad 
Avers -^ Eaton. .50 Cciitr-d 
Bicker C. ."t J. F it Co. 107 Com'l 
Baldwin Wm. H. ,'! Commerce 
Batelielder. M;inp. .«: Co. 210 State 
Bickford I. Il.tW Clinton 
Bliss James, . 'MO Broad 
Rovd, Leeds, & Co. 2lt: State 
Bn-rss-^- Shaituck. X", Milk 
-•■^ Comn^ercial 
C.Tlduell, Tate, & Woodman. 141 

Callender Flenrv & Co. 1 Coin'l 
(•■>rr. To-rev, A:' Co. U^ State 
nARTER," MAXX, & CO. 207 
^ State 
Clnflin, Allison, & Somes, 8 So. 

Clapp J. Gardner, 2" Elm 
Conniit J. F. >t Co. r,|^ Chntham 
^ Market 

Dana, Hvde, & Co. SI Broad 
Dana Thomas & Co. & 11 Com- 
Danforth. Scudder, .t: Co. 20;! State 
Darlin- Geortro, i'.-> P.lackstone 
Dasis ,t Coker, 2<i4 Conimercial 
Demoud Thomas D. & Co. IM 
State finercial 

Dole A. L. & Co. 170 and 172 Corn- 
Dorr, Parks.* Co. 2 Cotmneree 
Eaton Chas. F. 40 Eon? wharf 
Farrinitons. Tozier, i Hall, 146 

Fellows, We'ks, .<■ Co., Lattery- 
march, cor. Hanultoii 
Gamniaiis J. jr. lo:; Coinmerciall 
Gav Timothv A Co. 22 L'.dia 
CiOODXOvV I). & CO. '.daiulO.':! 
^ C-inuK-rcial 

(joodnow (i. i Co. -jO So. Market 
Hall M. L. & Co. Zi FuneuU Hall 

Haskell .t AdaTiis. 210 Stnte 
Hi-LTinsG. W..<^ Co. 141 .MiUc 
Hurd G. F. & B. & Co. 5 South 

Kuulback John G. ir. 12S Water 
Mclntyre P. .<: Co.Ph; C.^mni'l 
Meriai>i S. .t W. .<: Co. ;V,l S. .Murk't 
Miller Bros. 127 State 
Moodv Charles E. i Co. 75 and 77 

Morse, Limler. .<; Co. 4=5 Conuu'l 
Mtmroel. W..^Co. ,-. Cmiu'l 
XoN^.'U J. A. 10;i Bhu•k^toue 
QBEK .i: PEABODY, 187 Black- 

PFdlU'E, DANA, -t CO. 42 

^ Broad 

Peirce Silas & Co. i'.i and 61 Coni- 

"'' 1 ,S: Ho-,e, 'o.s Broad 

; S. S., Court, cor. Tre- 

H. X.>t E.L.l.r, Central 
!><• 1- 1 F!{X: FOSTER, s-^ an<l ■.i) 
^ K,M,eU.I,.l 

Havoion.l F. H. .t Co. .s7 Broad 
R.e. F. .t F..t Co. rs Broad 
Rk:Ii Johu i Co. l^G Coniniercial 

Rich .Matthias & Co. 20 Comr.ri 
Richards. Adams, & Co. •.':.■, ^mv, 
Robert- J. W ,t A. 14H Bh,ek-(.,. . 
KoL'cr- A. C .% ' o. 14 CoMoo, ., . ,i 

wlKirf. unrl 14.-> 
Rvder,<: Hard V, (I- (\.mm.r'!al 
Sawt. II A. .<■ Go. .-.:! So. Ma.k.-t 
Sears .t Co. 17h and Iso Stnte 
ShapleiLdi Win. .\. & Co. i; Citv 

Sleeper S. S. ,% Co. ."..- So. Mark.t 
Smith W. !). ,<• Go. 7S Xorth 
Stearns Wtn. ,t Co. ti'i Ch-i(hain 
Stedinao. Thaver. ,<: Co. '.'I Broud 
Torrev Geori'e W. & Co. 2.-. and •.•; 

South .Market 
Wadlev, Spurr, & Co. 5 India and 

s Rr.iad 
^^ Chatham 

Went'vorth .% Faxon, 20S ^t:i'e 
Winchester, Talbot, .< I'l.hain, .-.; 

Winslow Sc Myrick, I'.V.t State 

Abbott Jame.s E. 110 Pleasant and 
74 Church 

Adams C. H. M Lincoln 

Adims Fessenden, & Co. ir7 

Adams J. Frank, 1701 Wash. 

Adams & Eaton. r\-^7 & .5i.!l Treniout 

Ainda G. B. a"..-. Hanover 

Alden G. O. 12'. Warren 

Allen James, 20:! Ninth 

Andrews Charles. •_'« Kneeland 

Andrews Jolin,2i; I 

Anthes Mitthew, :'41 Eiirhth 

Ar.v L. H. & Co. 1 Chelsea. E. B. 

Atkinson R. II. Vm Wa=h. and lu 

Baker E. & Co. 5.54 Dorch. uve. 

Baker Geo. W.. Dorch. ave., cur. 
Ellsworth, ward bi 

Baker Stephen jr.. Bird. cor. Cev- 
Ion. ward Id 

Baldwin John J. lO^t Hampden 

Bumpton ii Lovejov, l.s.s:» Wash. 

Burden T.J. 27 .Slar-aret 

Barrv E. '-^ Cove 

Barrv John, 4u2 and 410 Hanover 

Harrv John H. 114 P, cor. Filth 

Barrv Marv, (iO Barton 

Barrv Michael M. 2i:o Ei-hth 

BavrV Patrick, 10 Broadwav 

Barry William, .vs South 

Barstow & Frisbic. Bennington, c. 

Baitlett A. M. Mrs. 86 Sumner 

Barton F. W., Wav, cor. Aih;inv 

Batchelder & Co." 28 Friend, 
and -Jd Cambiidffe 

Beal Wilder i Co. 10.-,s Treiu..nt 

Bearse F. 11. ot Co. .50 Bedford 

Beer .Vuthonv.OS Carver 

Bell Wm. Mrs. I2.-.7 Treiuont 
Bennett (;eo. S. To Saratoga, E. B. 
Bennidiotf A. .<i: P. I2lO Treiooi.t 
Bickford W. D. 22Sand l.;o 
Bicknell X. B. ,t Co. 44 Howard 
Bicknell, Youn-, .<: Co. ;; Chari.-s 
Bisch Bernard, :■!'. Xorthaiiipt"U 
Bixbv Elbridcre S. 22 Central mi. 
Blanev X. T. 110 Second 
Blanchard O. J. l;i4 Salem and 7- 

Blasscr Josei-h, 2-.* Russell place. 

ward 15 
Ro-an Edward. 11.5 Third 
B^.-ue iliud,, no Kiiiu-.toii 
B..nd ."t Winch,. ^S Uroadway and 

117 Dorcliester 
Bonner Denids, 15.5 Endicott 
Bonnev H. T. A Co. lo Boy!..ton 
Bowe t'atrick, 25 I, cor. Second 
Bowles Thomas, 1.5-^ D 
Bovie P. ooPvnchon 
Bradlev Bern"ard, .Mrs. 6!,S Fourth 
Branrion Daniel. P..) Tvler 
Brett John. :;20 Harris.. n avenue 
Bre^u.d'.an .M. los Warrentou 
Bresiiaiian T. ■.'2 Averv 
BriL--', X: Clapp. .-UJ D.uchcst.-r 
punioX DAXIEL. Th.aeh..'. 
-1-* cor. X. Mar-in 
Brockway J. L. 16 and l.S r^M-':':''^ 

BroJeiirk M. 116 Ru?-les 
Bn.oke Wm. H. Y. .t C.>. 2.--< D 
Br....ks John C. f. Lowell 
Brooks Levi S. o.-. Meridian. L.H. 
Bro'.vn C. II. W.:;7l Suioner. I'.A' ■ 
Bown C.J. 1.5 Everett, E.B. 
liiown J. A. .<• Sr n, lo C.uitral .-1- 
Brown J. C. t«K5 Broadway 
Bro-.Mi J. J ::[■■; E 
Br.iwii M. -Mrs. .'.o Prentiss 
jirown Ulehanl L. I-Xe\w,ian 
Bn.vvn S. y.x S..n, 4:7 Bioadw^^y 
liiownell Panlon. :;4 Oak 
Brvdeu W. R.. Curve, cor. T> »f 
Buck John, old Eighth 


Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, '^''^^Ji:ii:j:i:^^n^ii:^>i:i:lsl^rro:'''' 


:,:);-j ,.i:.>SiI^/K^' 



PiicklPV John, 4.^ripa'=unt 
I!u.'krK"T T. .;»;:: I)(.rc!.i-st,T 
I>rFt"r-M CAKLO.N, VA Friend 

iluUarrl R. K. S. Inv, Trc-mont 
itilliird N. G. & Co. •■'.I's Unrr. avp. 
liur.-f^s. hiixon.i Co. J-l Fedi-rnl 
i}iiriili:im l.i'wi.>s, Ijl I,(iiitli)n and 

I .» I.txiiictoii 
Hi.iKH MiluJ. isr Dcrchester ave. 
l{ur><0 Win.. Kv., ct. Cott.i-e 
Unrl.'soi) Wtii. C. r.i l'lo;isaiit 
Hums Kdwiini. ;;:■_' .Sffoud 
Htiru^-.r. .1. i:;.-. Srcnd 
liiirr lit tiry T. ".-J aU'l 3.J Lakeman 

Burrows i Mor-i , l<-..5 Wash. 
Hmt^.Jolm.L'i CI irk 
H'l.xtMii Ilnirv.-.iiJ ^i.tlt'iu 
Rii?:/fil .\/ro, "w'o lliuvvLT 
Cadi-i.';in Jainrs, tVJ Liiicciu 
Cahdi M. l.V, 
Call.i-haii 1!. 4.d Pa'ktT 
C.illah.iii .1. .".:,'•_' H:\rns..ii avenue 
Calldian Mary. 4.1 ."Swan 
Callanane Marv.'.d Warrenton 
Canny H. 17.5 kiidi.'ott 
Cardfll i.oring I). 4i;i Hroadway 
Cal'V .lairics, 14 Tat>er 
Carliii .John. .•5.':! Third 
Cariifs John, .-^K. All)ai.y 
Cariuv H. F. 41 'Ihird 
Carnfv John.rx) Salem 
Curr J. A. 1.1-0 Washinston 
C.irrnll John, lO ()<wcjo 
Carroll Patrick, lj;i'! Tremont 
Ca.sey .Tosepli, 177 E 
Cu-sey Will. irtiNoi-tli 
Casw'ell Thoiins, 4's I' 
Cawlev I), jr. & Co. 174 Fn '.icott 
Cluitfee Gi orjjo A. -'4 I'inckney 
Chambers Thoma.s, :',S t'ren'iss 
Chanumoy Chis. S. b6J and Sd4 

Shuwmiit avenue 
Chase J. W. irn Salem 
Chester J. U.y, Dover 
Clancv Michael. 17f» Faetorv 
Clapp" Albert. .-M) Dudlev 
Clapp D. & S. B. S uiid 10 Wdsh- 

iiiL'ton market 
Clurk J:imfcs,."7 S. Marj^iii 
<;iark P. J. 7L'.Merri.nae 
Clearv Thomas. V^ Fifth 
Clitford -M.'.HJ Warrento-i 
Cobb. Bate.^, i Yerxa, ,510 Wash. 

and 4 Bowdom s.j. 
Coi>b Uros. .<: Co. Fsi^ Washington 
Cobb C. I). !k Bros., 5.-)*> Wash. 
Cobb Kdward, 114 Cambiid-e 
Cohb Creoiire F. l:;-o Treniont 
Cobb H. K.Sc Co. IFV, W asliin:.nDn 
Cobb Josiah H. i S..n. lo:'.7 Wusri. 
Coblt-ieh Georue, :.r,: Trr.niont and 

r.» Wasldn-ton market 
Cohiirn S. A. si Green 
Cochran J. .V. .<: Co. l",.-. Princeton 
Cochrane 1". K. V.O West Canton 
Cotlev Daniel, I.Jl Beach 
Cole "a. F. 14J Broadway 
Cole Geo. S., Fit'htt', cor. F 
Coleman Cutlianne Mrs. l.;7 T\ ler 
Coleridge John U. .V. Portland " 
Collins Daniel. h;» Porter. F.B. 
Collins Dennis. 1!. cor. BoltoU 
Collins John, -41 Friend 
Collins J(,h!i, --N-> Alirinv 
C..!lins Patrick, FJ' F^sex 
Cllins Patrick,!' t- K-et 
Colman Joseph J. 177 Salem 
CoiufH.v Martin..-, ( taeida 
Con, Ion John. 17:1 I 
Conn. II lIuL'li, I.!4C 
Connell J. 14'.i D 
Coniiell Maurice,*-; Baxter 
Connelly John, ::M Federal and 43 

Connelly TimotliV, 4*7 Com'l 
Connor'jaine>, 1.;; D..rch.ave. 
Cnnor T. 147 K- evland 
Coiirov .li>hn. iJiil 'I'r. iii.nC 
Conrov >;aitin,.><>.w..-,. 
Conwa\ Thomas. ,m; Fnd;cott 
Coo:< Thnni:'S, l_'l eliarlestown 
Cool.,1^.,. \Vm. C.'.t" ICneeland 

<-oran 1., 4.". IF '.\'-u 

CoifMcH Wall:..., lo-,^ Tremont 
Co.ta I'rank. do i;,:!. llillave. 
<^'ott'e Jon.illian. .o < oDltvSS 
Cn/ldan Thos. 17o Fodieott 
Crane Mi.j.a.l. '^ SoUIh .Mar-in 
Crri.'htoii iio. E. 5-.' Dorchester, 

e-or. Thiiii 
Cr,.rv Brotliers. ll'.Nt Tremont 
Cr,. i,v Purrick D. F«i 1 l::io("(ell 

Cro-,*!,.", 'wm.'-l'o li'.inl' [.voiks 
'I'dily Lawrence, Sw«rt, near .:,'as 

<'nmminijs Pafri.'k.l:! :Cambri.l-e 
C'lunimihum John B. 11:; Nortli- 

Cushman C. S. H Meriillan 
D;ii'.'V Mi.Sci-l.iMl 1-ourth 
DalrV TiMiotlie,! v;Kner!,.nd 
Daiv'C. J., Fi-; til, ■■orner F 
Diiiv Fll-n. I •.-. r-N^.'X 
Dalv John, :,-, !Fo i..<i.'a 
Dal'v .Mirl,:,.-!, •;_•.-, Siitnner, K.U. 
Darlini: x 11 im, I l:, Tvl-r 
DarliiiL' V Poimrov.lui Blarkstone 
Davis .Viva W, ■■■:.: \l,Tidi.,n. E.B. 
Davis X. G. 17.; Slmwmutave. 
Davis .t DriniM-irt. ."t i;,.,c!i 
Day Feu Co. .^i Hromticld 

Tr mont 
Decatur 1). F. 137-2 Tremont 
Decker Chiistian, .'Ijy Sumner 
Deerv W. 4.'.1 Tremont 
Dennritt C. D. & Co. 77 Leverett 
Demnsey P.J. |i)7 Cabot 
['enninu Benj., .\.lnrr 
Derrv H. A. ^,7 Sumner, E.B. 
Devine James, i:,:; K.-litii 
Devoy Fliza .Mrs. •j7;i Fourth 
Dexter .V. S..'J7J Stniwniit avenue 
Dodice Albert S. '.'I I Bn. 'tries 
Dohertv Edward, .-,t; SiKia 
Dohertv Fdwurd, I^o Fv.-rett 
Dohertv Edward, ]■_■',» Fndicott 
Dohertv Goor:,'e, Eudicott, cor. 

Dohertj' Henry, (147 Harrison ave. 
Doherty Jf)hn," Fid Prince 
Dohertv .Veil. l'.". Cooper 
Doherty Patrick, 1S4 D 
Dfiherty P. !».' Prince 
Dohertv Thomas, US Prince 
Dolai! h.UH llamnden 
Dolnn Patrick, Pluilips, near Tre- 
Dote Geo. n« Broadwav 
Donaher John F. 21 Dorchester 
DoncL'an Cathaiine, I'lS Fourth 
Donnelv E. C. Mrs, 4" Foweil 
lionnoilv Marv, S'.ti Evt-rett, E.B. 
Donnelly Patrick, .il .Maiden 
Donovan Bhtckst itF Sii Second 
Donovan Miclir.el. -7 Yeoman 
Donovan M. td Preble aud 4,Sl! 

Dorcli. ave. 
Donoviiu J. l:» Second 
Donovan M. 11. -s.-S Harrison ave. 
Dou2las M. Fj4S rremont 
Dowd Tl'.omas, 4.; Norfolk ave. 
D.ivh' Junes J. _.-,! -Vlbanv 
Do vie I'm trick. Fj;-J Tremont 
Drew Marv, lit Fifth 
Driuan James, -",'S .Vorth 
Driscoll C.J. ;;ii; North 
Drijcoll Dennis C. 74 W. Dedhani 
Driscnll John F. ;;.-..-, North 
DrisCoU Patrick, -T:; First 
Dudley E. A. 14! Sliawmutave. 
Dutfv Edward. H Lancaster 
Durlv & Kilev, is Cross 
Dii.'un D. C-";;j.-) Federal 
Dunbar Welcome & Sou, 17 Mon- 

Dunn M.24«; Centre 
Dnran Patrick. 18'^ Ninth 
Dwyer (.'(jrnelius. Second, cor. F 
Eai-i Charles. ,').S Chirendoii 
Eaton Fben B. lii Pleasant 
F:dwards Pierpuut & Co., JBciicon, 

opp. P.irker 
Elkins J. G., F.lossom, c. Parkman 
Elkins C. 11. * Co. I-Jl Bii-htoii 
Erskine Bedtield, 7.3 Lexin-ton, 

au.l :;.',> Me.idiau 
Erwin Edward, .'Mii Fourtli 
Erwin Wm. 14S Si.ah 
Eustace Alexander. 14'J Pleasant 
Eustace J. F. 4.'-4 Commercial 
Eustace Wm., Church, cor. Wm- 

EvansJ. .\r. 70, L'73, and -JTo Me- 
ridian, E.B. 
Falvev Jeremiah. Orleans, c. .Mav- 
Fales .-i Fuller, Nepoiiset ave. near 

■ .Minot, ward lo 

Furrell .<- Dix.m. •_'•-' Commtrc'l wf. 
Farriiii^'ton Franklin, Dorcli. ave. 

Ci>r. Ea,-,t, ward b! 
Faunce C. B. I:;i3 T emont 
Fuunce i Putnam. "107 Wash. 
Favor E. W. jt Co. l-J Shawmut 

Fav Hcnrv I,..-vS Church 
l-uV IVter'. l7:!C:d..,t 
FaV Thon,,Ms, loij-1'remont 
Fe'nion Wm. ^! C 
Fer.'us.,,,.). .V >.,,„. J-; 
le.-!,:lld,F C, V I .e ,,- i; - . f,-.n 
Fes-enJen -t i']., -, '■ ' : i.i-'lUli 
FieMer.l. A. S I'.r. e 
Finnevan Miomk.-. :o Warren 
Fmne.u- M ,.,,,,, 1 :.,j lien. out 
Fish Hr..s. .-.-^ Border and 77 .Mav- 

■ er:.-k. E.B, 

Fit/ Wm. l-.;i Flint 
Fiti-eruld Bros. M W. Canton 

FitzL'ernId James >rr''. 14.") Eve rett 

Fit/ireral.l James, •'do North 
Fil/irerald .lohn. 47' South 
Fla--.<- F.ivor. l.'O CamOrid-e 
Flaherty .Mar-aret, Js South 
FleioiiiL' Tiioiiias. l.;2 Kingston, 

and F.".! !■ ssex 
Fleteher Samuel, ]<:; Ninth 
Flviin .1.. Kiieeland.i-or. Cove 
Flvnn Pitrick. jr. I.'..-. Hanover 
Flvnn lliom-;-;:-; First 
Fol.v M. Mr-, |or -^i.xtn 
Fo'eV Wm.N', Htfh 
Fohy Wm. H. •.'o South 
Fox C. K. ;<: 'Jo. i>', Fremont 
Frederick E. (>. '.Md I) 
Freeman & Cole. I. C Dorchester 
Fren/,el .\dam. los'.i Tremont 
Fiisbie .A, l!e(i(di'_'!on, e. London 
Fr\e H. B. .^ Co. '.-o l!lnek-tfme 
Ftdler.';: Kelton. loo K and lOtJ P 
Fnnke >L li., Shawmut ave., cor 

Furlo !? Nicholas, 1 i.'t Dorch. ave. 
Furness & Twomhly. Wa.shington, 

near River, ward lii 
Gailivan D. -J") and -<>.' Fourth 
C.allaL'lier Edwanl. "Us Harr. ave. 
Gallaher J. & Son, Clay, c. Hamp- 
Galvin Michael. ;i", Albany 
Galvin Wm, H. l.i,5 Albany 
(ianliner J. H. Isl Cainbrid;?e 
Gardner Josei'h H. »)() Shawmut 

Garrity Lawrence. 112 Ru2'.rle3 
Gavin P. 1(K>3 Harrison avenue 
Gentleman M. II., Decatur, cor. 

Gera-dity John J. 2.S1 Sumner 
Giboons Michael, ;j7l Sumner 
Gibliu Hu-h. -'ti B 
Gilbert John. jr. & Co. 2 Tremont 

row. 4.-. Essex, and L'S West 
Gilberts Knight, I'leasant, corner 

Gile Stephen, 2<H Dorcliester 
Gilfether Daniel, 111 Fourth 
GiUVtiicr F. IS.-; D 
Gilfether M., Third, cor. E 
Gill F.Iward. 74 Fmlicott 
Gillinchum .Vlbert .t Co. i.'12 Eliot 
Gilmartin Hu-h, I4J M.rrimic 
Gleasmi Rosweii .<:, Wash- 
ton, near Bowdoin. waid Id 
Gooiiale M. M.,^.-;s Do.-chr-ster ave. 
Goodman Geor-e W.7',» Phillips 
Gorman Thomas, 217 E 
Gottio!) Julius, .-;i Pleasant 
Gouriev J(din..-,4 Prince 
<iove .Miu), .Mvrtle, cor. Anderson 
Gradv A. N. I'.'3 Havre, E.B. 
Gradv Thomas F. 74 Albany 
lira). am (Jeo.. --•.:« Bi-oadwavicor. O 
Grant J. H. 112 Cambridse 
Grav Eilward J. Fjs Everett 
Grav .t Bro. olCotta.'c.E.B. 
(Tj^RlGGS E. W. -J) Camden 

Gross F. A. 79 West Cedar aud 67 

Do^ er 
Guiltinle >[. 17i;and 17S Third 
HaL^an .lames, ',]>'< Commercial 
Ha-ertv T. F. 4*; Orani.'e 
Hai-hAVm. tl. ls.s \-ernon 
Hale Jerome K. 413 & 41,5 Dudley 
Hall .-Vbijah, Clarendon, cor. Ap- 
ple ton ■ 
H;dl 1>. W. 207 Harrison avenue 
Hall E. 242 I'ourth 
IFiH Harri>ou B. |sU4 Washin^'ton 
Hall Josei>h E., Dorchester ave., 

cor. Adams, ward 10 
Hallahau James, 10" Deeatur 
Hamblen Isaiah B. '.'.s Cambrid?;e 
Hardii.i.' H. B., Neponset ave. 

cor. Walnut. -ivard 10 
Harkins James, ,51 Endicott 
! larkins .M. J. .V, and .57 Endicott 
Harkins Neil D. ,<: Co, 10 Cross 
Harahari 'I'hos. .-;4'i Harrison ave. 
H-irriiiL'ton W. S. 1,52 Sumuer.aud 
5.5Clie!,sea. F.B. 

Harris Wm. H. 4 Pvnchon 

llarrold James S. '.i.3 Charlestown 

Hart C. -J.'. Dneidu 

Hartnett Tunothv C. 131 Brighton 

Harve\ Daniel 172 Pvnchon 

Harvison A. X Bio. -.".C, Fourth 

HaAell 1,. P. l.-;7 Summer 

Hasiim-'s S. B. -J 10 Harri.-^on ave. 

Ihiv. 1, .lames. 1-j A 

Ha\d.M S. W. bet. Tavlor and 


H.i-.. -.I.iiee- .V Co. lo7 Pleasant 
ll:i-. r.:d .\ t'. Ill H. bV:; Wash. 
Havnes i noik IF &: Co. 1 and 3 

Fine tlili ;,\e. 
Heal. V C'nrnrlMis, •2S B fdoin 

Henders.,n W. IF, Beacon. c. Bow- 
llei,!,, ,-ev F.lward. B, cor. Third 
Henn.ssey Maiy, -j.'Swun 

Gas Fixtures at Manufacturers^ Prices, ^' "**' ''"^*^^ ''' * *"" 

atii> W UfliiJi^ilou Sit. 




Ortirrr/i—rnnf in ued. 
TTennp«<<-v P. fW Fifth 
ir.-thcrvfoM An.1r.-«-. 1 ■.>•» W.ish. 
Hill TU■<r^•^■<. C..nri, luar Dorch. 

Bvp. 1<; 
Ilir-ch.' \nt..n.'_'^' nn'rU Ch.irch 
ll.-i..-,),,ii ('..... ('. s: >r;>rinri. K.U. 
ir..,! j.l-.ti.I. *;( Priti.'f't.Mi. R.M. 
H.-.l-hin? <uMiii.-l li. ;;'«1 C'liclsea 
M.ft.nnn Hn--. II Chivlwick 
ir..liin.l I), v;:" l--,Ml.;ral 
II..!iMn I M. MIC 
Hnili^ CbuHMrtP. -J r.i.vir.l 
ll..l!iii-.T..hii. U; < H< Hirr. nvp. 
ir.Iiji.'^ Win. A. <:rn.s.-,(_-a„sow!iy 
If..lz Aiifoii.LTs Ki'-'hfh 
»(Mt,),.r T-oolicC. l(»,;p 
J|Ol'KIXS A. II. -,■22 Parker 

Ilorton T.r)i;i>:. ^IM\ Don"hp<!ter 
H..rt..n W. .=.(•.') Dnrrhp^f.-r ave. 
TT,.iiL.-lUmi Rros. t;-.> Low,-!! 
Howhind Charles C. .^l Shawmut 

JIii-ho« P. im ChpNfn 
IIiniip>ir.>V8 O. H -, Phvlwick 
llylan.l Win. F. II. r^.o n 
Inffrsham <^'alviii C. K. C^^n^i wav 
Jafkniun Goo. C -j^'.i Hroa.lwnv ' 
Jarkson S. A.."'; Wpb>tPr 
Jarvis Chnrlps. 21 L-vrrftt 
Jrihiison K. S. l.-ftl W.,<h. 
Jn-in«i)n .Inhn F."0 Sh.nrnint ave 

Jone.s Creo..A. Field's oorner, Dor- 

clie^^ter nve.. noar Adams 
Jordnt, E. B. 701 Hanimleu 
Jo'-ce John. i;> ■Second 
Joyce Jn^pph. -jsi; Fri-nd 
Knler Fd«ard K. .">0 Sumner, E.B. 
Kane Kdward, .".!i Cros* 
Kane John. 21 Fifth 
Kane Tbonn«, in .Sr-c-ond 
Karle John B., River, near Tem- 
ple, ward 1 ,■ 
Keanv M. 2->2 N'orth 
Keatini" WiIli,,Tii. 21 Snrin'^ 
Keanis Pntrick, Sj Qinn^v' 
Keefe Peter. I> por.. r,..ld' 
Kee?an TIenrv P. ."I Prince 
Keen S. X. 41 Prinoet<.n 
Keennn R. Maverick, p. l.iverpool 
Keenan Thoinn«. "It Vorfh 
Kelley l)aniel.<^l(»Ifnri.onaye. 
Kellev .John F. 11 Ffllnw; 
Kcliey MW^hnel.Tll W^rr-nton 
Kolley Patrick. 42 Couch 
Kelly Daniel, lo.-; Chelsea K B 
^.'•llyJ'-''in.4roro,nnierc'iar ' 
Kellv .lohn. V.) Pro--* 
Kelty Mich,.ipl..'^4 y. Anderson 
Penney M <j Ciilvcrt 
Kennev M-irfin, Quincv, p. Cher- 
ry, wird 14 
Kent S. P. & Son, 1"() .^hawmut 

Kerrigan Fdvrard .T. W Norfolk nv 
Kerri-m M. A. irw Chart, r 
Kiernan P., Minot cor Viihnn 
Kimball F.B..r, Flm '^"^''"^! Georc-e F. 4'.\ and .il Elm 
Kin'-'shiiry Clias. C. & Co ltl<;5 

KircliL'.-Kiicr .S. 'iiV^ Fif'h 
Kni.'htn T..<.-Fro.t.v!Tr.'mont 
Kne.hind Patrick. -is (), .otn'jn 
Knoul-sP. F..n.5 [?enr,in2f.>n 
Knowit'.n Bros. fW Black> 
Konier C. A. cor. S.'cond 
Kramer Matthias. f;2 Middle 
T^Ktl"""'"'- ■-'*'" '■••-'ifh 
J.anih .Ji'hri r.-j,, Slrnvmnt avenue 
I-nmbert Kli/a. 22 Oei.e.:ee 
I.ace Hn-li.:P2 Endicott 
T,anp Th.,rc-,s j_ o,, vverv 
I.anfalimi .r,,hn, 4<r. Commercial 
J.appen Fourth 
I-arkin .Tames, :ai; 'Jiimner E B 
I.uwton W. C. 14-, Beach ' 
I.ea;h W,n. T. 4:< I.everett 
J.eanv John. 114 Prin-'c 
I-eahy.l,,^eph, .\fr.. IV; D 

I..-ahv Willi...,,, Ihv.vrh 
Leavens II. X., X. Russ. 11, corner 

I-envift Thomao. ";■! \'i]|-j.'p 
I.-e llM?h..-,4 W. Dedham 
J-<'rn .M. 4t (iouch 
i-ei-.'b.fnn J.ihn, Central fq, corner 




I--nurd I 

v-len P:„rick. f. S 
Thomas..;'; Kn 


II. E. 


I.,-!,M..i,i .,. A.l.M 1. ,.■.,...■...£ 

I-"tK> n. B. i!d Tr. hP.nt 

J-<k. II,,,,,,. T. .;;i!.v:..-e 

J--I.'.- IVtrick. .Mr-f. ■:.:» Harr. nve. 

I-ontjJ„hn.;ilH Federal 

Lone John, jr. 42 Oneida 
Loon.-v Corii. linv, l:i nr-tt 
I.rM-in, v Tinu.thv. 2t I'h :i>ant 
I.or.l .V Jniir,-,,,,. 7.-. l!,.v|<r,,n 
Eon-hlin liros. :;>; Hr..:,.l «:iv 
L'.veil Andrew J. *:2and >A Cum- 

lAnch IV-rnard, 174 Xinth 
Evnch Jercriiiih. b^ii Warrenton 
Lyn(di M. 2>;.-. Cansevav 
Lvons Joliii, South, cor. Beach 
T.vonri P,itMck II. !' Oneida 
Evons .<: .M.Carvill. r,7 So. Alar-rin 
Mac-nire Willinm. ."..VJ Ilarr. uve. 
.Ala.Men nro<.4'! Oneida 
Alailden Thomas, C.V' Fourth 
Middrn ,<; riii."-'in<. I), cor. Eiffhth 
Ma-iiire Franci,^. d", Preble ' 
j\r..,cMiireP. ,ss Merrimac 
Mairnire Wm. .'1'2 Harrison ave. 
Mahiin Beni. V. .-» Lon? wliarf 
Mahoney John Mrs. 1.-; Wav 
M-ihoney Wm. C. hhi:i Tremont 
Mallorv ^t Co.-.L:rirt', Commercial, 

Malonev .Michael, 27(! North 
Mann E., Jov. cor. Mvrfle 
Mannincr M. .>--: AIIk-uiv 
Mannhi-P. H. 'XA Tremont 
Man.^field ,<• C'. ><!i Mvrtlc 
Mar.len Jesse J. ,^2 B 
M:irIow Wm. 241 Don'hester 
M'lxwell Jame.s F. 112 Sumner 
]\} c \ N r L T Y DANIEL, OT 

McCartv Cornelius. 47 Charter 
McPartv.Tohn. 1 Adams 
]\I.-C;irtv Micl,.ud.2L-.-. Havre, E.B. 
McChrvstal John.4 Fr;n,kr.n nl. 
-MeCluskv John .Mrs. 2t»,S Fifth, 

porner E 
McConnell TI. 12 Clav 
MePreadv Thomas, .so W. Cedar 
McCuc Robert. 2^)1 Fed-'ral 
MeCnll:,.'h ,^' Little. 24;' E 
McDermott James, I7(i I) 
McHermott John, 7.5 Norfolk ave. 
.McDevitt Dominiek. ItW Everett 
McOev itt John, Northampton, cor. 

McDevitt Rose. 102 Everett. E. B. " 
McDewel! & Adams. r;t; Summer 
McD,.nald Charles. 17!i Bowen 
McDoviaM E. .^- A. .V, Portland 
-AlcDonahi J..s.; Fourth 
McDonald J. W. 170 Eliot 
MeDouald Patrick, CC C 
McDonomjh .Michael. tM!) Parker 
.'McDonoiicrh Philip. .-S2 Broadway 
McEIrov.^- Co. 12 Clav 
T\Ic(treavv P,!tri(d<:. 147 London 
McGre..'of Liiia,,TlO Eighth 
MnGiie N. ,t AV. 2 Fifth 
McIIeurv Peter. 47.\ S.uith 
•Mrlntosh B. S. &"Co. 4". and 45 

Lincoln and 147 and I.'id'Summer 
Mrlntosh Thos. 2Cabot ' 
]M.'Intvre (has. D. ]h7 Saratoga 
M'Tutvre R. 0.1.J Broadway, and GG 

McKav Patrick. 2.-. K 
McKeever Patrick. ]:'. <. Mi..r-in 
McKcuna Bernard. (N S,d.-m 
McKenna James, io So. Marsin 
MeKenna P. .",17 Fi-hth 
McLauLdilin Daniel. 17.-. Endicott 
.McLan-hlin II. C, Decatur cor. 

Mcl-auL-hlin Mich'l II. 7:! Albany 
Mc.Mnhau F., M-tVerick, corner 

McMaliaTi John.22t Fourth 
.AIcMahan Tho.s. l.'s Ki-hth 
Mc^ilabaii Jam.s, l.'.-, F.d.eral 
McMabon ,>v Harri.-on av. 
McMauus Patrick. 4.-.0 Comm-l 

.Mc.Vallv . 17i; K 

McVaiifara Brids.t. 170 Ninth 
McC^iillan H. l.>:; Kriend 
Mra.t Charles II. 17.'.;i WashitiL-ton 
.M..UiL'au M ir^aret. KV.i Cambridge 
Meiidum W.i;. 11)2 Dorch. ave. 
Meri-an .Matthesv. 2So Samner 
Merri-.m John, ."is N(,rthampton 

jlirnil .-!, Ca'-ter, '.'7 I.everett, and 

.-7 Phillips, cor. Grove 
.Meniil .V Kowe. 04 Poplar, and lii.5 

Miller Wm. A.i;.- Km.,.lai,d 
.MiUs J. A. C. I';o2 W,!-hiojton 
M..r!v!rr Marv, D, e T. .^ixth FiUvaid J. ..." l.';v,.rn,„,l 




111 1-. 

.^^ John C. <■.<: I'ourth 
M..r.'!aml .'t MeDoiudd, .12 ilurri- 

M.,'.':iii S;u:di. 4" Mindoro 
M..ri;s .M..V P.. Ui\.r. near Blue 

H'.Il nvriiu... w.l. i'i 
M..rri-ou lli.thers, 41 Portland 

INlnrris-iPV Patriek, 2.T Genespe 
Morrow James W. \:'.\ En.'ictt 
Morse L. W. S. ir. F. 1-7 and lO 

.Morton Wdliam II. 70 Pre-^cott 
Moses Jolin, I.-..1 Cabot 
Moulton CtUin 14.1 Lever.-tt 
:\Ioulton .<; Pearson. li;!2 Wa-^h. 
.M.o-nihan, lil Hamp ten 
Mulcahv Wdliam. l.v; S..v,.„rh 
Mulbiiev Thonifis. 2.V.1 Fovirth 
Mullu!.. D. 071 H'^rri^ou nvi-. 
Mull.Ti P'trirk M.-S. r.iY., Har'u av. 
Mullen Patrick. 4ol S.^cml 
Muiphv D'-nni^.iM Hampden 
Murphy Dennis,.-,! Preble 
Murph\- Edmund. .-.71) S.ond 
Mnrphv Frank, WO Parker 
.Murphv, 2.-. Third 
.Mnrpliv John .M. 72 W. Dedlnui 
Murphv Maria Mrs. 40 Church 
Murphv Patrick, 41 First 
Murjihv Thomas J. lo No. Grov,- 
Murphv Timothv. 102 ;5ri-!;t,.n 
.Murphv Wm. B:2-i-! S,-cond 
Murrav .Tames. 14."> Dudley 
Nae!c.Tohn,2;« Fed-ral F. J. & Co. 40 School 
Nash James, '142 P.i-oa.Uv.iy 
Nelson Ilenrv II. f>'<2 Harrison av. 
Newell Anthony. 4S Sr.u'h 
Newell Charles W. 170 ; Wash. 
Niehols Henrv M. 17( Dorchester 
Nirrhtinsale J. F., '",7 West Canton, 

C'lr. Sliawniuc .ave. 
Niles John B. 27 Border. E.B. 
Nix.'U .Vnn .^Irs. 1 '. Linden Park 
Nolan T. ls!i North 
Nolen John 3. r>^^ Dorch. ave. 
Norton John. Oti (Juincv 
Nve Nathaniel F. MU Wa>h. 
OBER & PEABODY, 1.S7 Biaek- 
■^ >tone 

O'Brien J. 248 Everett, E. B. 
O'Brien James, 44 and 40 Gouch 
O'Brien James, 477 Harrisou a\ e. 
O'l^ricn John, Commercial, near 

Dorchester ave. 
O'Brien .t Co. .•122 flair, ave. 
O'Brien M'lurice, 1'^ I 
O'Brien Thomas, 7S Broadway 
O'Brien Thomas J. :■>■/, Harr. ave. 
O'Connell J. 2.i4 Federal lave. 

O'Connell Patrick, ;"!70 Shawtnut 
O'Connell Timothv, 177 Fiuirtn 
O'Connell .<: Lineiran,74 Albanv 
O'Conuer John. 1 Wen, tell 
O'Connor .•<; Bro. I'O South 
O'Dalv Peter, 12.-. Dover 
0'Do;inell John, 4 Greenoush lane 

0'DONN1:LL JOHN, S07 Chel- 
.M:a, E.B. 
O'Dounell Neal. lO.'l Emlicott 
O'Dounell Neal, V>» Piinee 
O'Hairiou Geo. ,'.72 Second 
OTlearn P. 400 First 
O'Keefe .lohn, 120.'. Tremont 
O'Keefe Patrick, 12S Everett 
<)'l,ear-v Daniel C. *;<; Ltnox 
OLearv Dennis. 40 I 
M-l...arv Patrick. 7,s Dorch. ave. 
(fMaibv E. 40:! Harris:. n ave. 
(>M..aie\- Frank. I,M .\iuth 
O'Neil John,,i4l.cor. Third 
O'Neil .Marv E. l".ii Lenox 
(CNeill \huy Mrs. 41 Cluirt'^r 
Dshori; Georffe. 2.-/7 Everett 
Owens K.J. lo'.s Harris. m ave. 
Packard A.. Glendou. cor. Ea-le 
Pa-je William.. so Webster 
Park G.o. W. ,V)4 Dorchester ave. 
Park Hezekiuh, Exchuuje, mar 

Park, wd. p; 
Parker E. K. 1471 Washington 
Parker S. T. & Co. 50 Cau.-eway. 

cor. Lancaster 
I^artridire ^V. J., North sq. Ci-irnef 

Suiiconrt St. 
Pavson Thomas, Hancock, near 

Columbia, wd. 10 
Pear John S. HI Green 
Pear.-ou Eilward,.so; Albanv 
Peckett & Wilson, 7t;i and l-J 

P( rkius Geo. G. 14 Benninpton 
Pi.ikius X: Currier, Benniii-'t.jn. 

ror. Havre 
Peties J. (». & Co. 11 Treinr.nt 
PI,, Ian Thomas, I4S Fourth 
Pliiillps I). D. X- Co. 1.-. and 17 

William.-, imirket 
I'hiiiio.\- (r.'O. P. 4 WilithiaUl blk. 
[.)li;KCE S. S., Treiiiout. ..or. 
-*■ Court 

PilM.urv S. >E 'J40 B.n.uUav 
Plummer (..o. H. 2 .^la^ eri.;k .-.i. 
Pluiik.'tt .b'hu, ,-' 
P..,.i .V l:,.i..-i. ^:2 All.anv 
J>i)'l- i lli .^ 1 o> lEU, Liuc hi. 

Hue. -land 

Powers John T., Pie 


Gas Stoves, 

V.H-* If. 

pin i> 

>Ne«, JC. I 

<* Iron?., .\ |»|»:» «•;«<««'»»"<»»•<• A '*» *'<>'' «>««nnT< 

V'jl'.'. Jairus, .12 and X Causewisv 
t';-..-,c J.iiuii II.. Cliestnut, corner 

I>,,„t..r W. O. lis riousant 
ranii '■"» J. A. r.i l>j.rtii1i)Uth 

f ,.C. T. ■;4 Phillips 

JM-ikU l^hiUipj 

I'itir.iMi A, W., suiniier, corner 

l'.itii:ini X Co. ir,') BUickstone 
t' ; i.ii lii-riiard, 's X'jr.'.^k. ave. 

}";.,: i, ,11 Ivlwill Ir..;-; l'l,;,t 

i:,. r!,..i:i i,,>l.4 \V",:si; U...llUiin 

K ,. iii,.i..i J. -J rioa-ip.t 

1.. . l> .laiu.-s, i;.^ Kinlicott 

i; iiii-'hai r. H. l'i-'> ll^rn.-ui av. 

K. ;:i.ihm1 .v; .M.-lJeniiott, I'-i CroiS 

). • 1 (;. 4lii UiuioVtT 

1. 1 Juiiics il. liij Carver 

I.. 1 v Aliiler. Ji<-uch. c. Lincoln 

K.iilv .V UuilV. l-« Cm.-s 

ll.'.,."u-ii a. .i:.'«> \Va>!i. 

|{ujc Gt-or,'e,;t;i Lou, -11 

Uirlunls .v llortoii, LM Warren 

Kicliaidsoii f. A.>l:; \Va>h. 

i;<Lliurilsini .J. 1>; Lexiii.'ioii 

Ki'lianl'.oii & Kuaadfs. ..'.i li'way 

Kilev James, o I'ravers 

ItaeV l-eter, ;;j Smiiuer, E. B. 

JvileV Terrellce. •<.-, Alhiiiv 

K;l.-y I'h.jmas. U W e^r-ju 

itipley J. T.. SVu.shuu't ai, near 

i^.wdoin, wd. v; . 

KiM-eeu fiederick S. I'Ol Wash. 
it.,;,cliKicliard. ru.-aleiii 
liiii.jits Ouvid ». 7V> tourth 
K.>l.orti & V\ eijster, '.>fi li.a.jk-t' .r.e 
Jtoclie F., Aloaiiv, cor. 0<.s-^jo 
K..-0I-3 A. C. -<c Co. Ho KiacK^tone 
L-.^tT- AltVrd. r.;r ijroadu-av 
Ko.'.a., U. U. l-'J Caiiibnd^e 
Kooirie Win. iL, sai-uU'^a, corner 

Ko--eiinelJ Cliarles, I'.D' Treir.ont 
K-.^L-nuL-M .M. 1I1;J Washington 
i;o=s i>. 11. 7'J I'lince 
l(o*e Aiiii..n T. 1.3.."j ^Vaih. 
Kowell & .\htcileil, -.iH ir'rieii 1 
Kussell T., Noitoik, near iiiue Hill 

uve., vvd. l.i 
Kvan Ld*aid, 04 Cove 
hyaii Jolm A. 0<; Pitts 
K\ an .\hciiael, ;.W Cnapman 
Kiuii i'. l.v^ Ninth 
U> der C. C. 41 Sudbury and tif.fJ 

KyUerM. J.. ■;■".) D 
-> iiideijon 11. 'Ji Lutaw- 
Jijula Patrick, S Cl.iy 
Sawver Josepti, 7tj Merriniac 
S-caunell John, /" Piuliij.^ 
^ci^aln(,crl u. ti. r.lJ i^ii.'Jlea 
belilelhUlK-r Ju^eph, lleatU pi. 
Scluaidt Cl.-inent, l'v Ket-d 
Jichuaar X Co. . 1 .Nlaverick sq. 
sc^iund J. -Mrs. i:', Way 
Scoliaiid Kout. r'. lojj freniont 
^cavL•r Urotliers. 'J-j CaniLtridiTe 
Sta\er A'athaniel, 14 .MaVL'iiclv sq. 
>eaver Wm. ii Son, lUJ TreinouC 
^euvt-rns l>anu.l, TX> Wusii. 
Seuvev U. S. i>JJ TrenioTit 
^••.•Mar O. P. 7^ Pleasant 
•^ E.^sex 

^haniialian Daniel. l.")i:i Tremout 
S.'.aikev C. lilTj Wusn. S., aiieiit, i7 Cliarles 
>!iaw Jcreiniaii, U4 C 
MievUan uarlhoioiiie w, 14ii E^sex 
MiiiLlian Daiuel, si\tii. cor. O 
"' LiUara. l>< -Nmtn 
■^•K-riian 'I'luDthv .v Co. i-ri,' Tiiird 
■■"iicLlian Wni.O." ti 
>.i>ran Ptter, 4J Cliurter 
■»;ieridaii lieauird. lo.' Li.'hth 
>he:ry i'iioiuas, .>J C 
Miunri) J.jsepii, Lo(i_'u-ood ave. 

>i;ainoiis & Co. :.'-•.' lir..adwav 
.^lait.-rv A. K. VA .MV-tr.niac 
filial! t. W..5n .Mount Vernon 
^'oitli (iev)r.;e, l-nluips c.^r. irvin;? 
^miui Jolui ll. -.ol U-rcn- =ter 
-- 'i,tii John >. 4 Co.. per 

>Ho[n P. 11. ;: Lo.v. d 

>a.,* B.nj. t . l.Vi llanllikn 
>l"-'iicer Wui. 11..;.;' Irtinont 
>i" loi'r W. H. s: Wii-ler, J-Oo 

J'l'Uloi.. J;.;i:-^ M. ITo <.-Vcnth 
^I'ra^'u.. .vUM.,, K. l-.'t Wa-.i. 

>i'ra.: ,■ i . W. 11 ; \v , ..-;,! 11 .-...n 

>;> in,:. .-■'i',nli,'..J l.,ia>'..?| 
^'<i.'i John, r.'.' Lharlv~i,.«u 
^'••i.iieii.-ou Cha:-. E.. lUae Hid 

'ive. cor. Kiver, ward in 
^^ v,n, (J,.,,, f. ii--v> l^.reh.aviuue 
>t"d, .>. P.4..iid.i Wu...h.iida. 
^:ull Mary, lo'.f Eliot 

Stone N. -.■;■-' CoinnuToial 
^t..,in Wdiiam \l. SJ.> Kverett 
SiiUivan Clias. P^d 1 1 arri^on ave. 

Sullivan Ueiiius, L'l) Uoclie^tcr 
SiUhvaii L. >■< Cove 
Cn.LnAN' JAMES, .n and .>! 
^ l.inroln 
Sulhvau .(^reiniah, l.ji:) I'remoiit 


S'lHivuu .|..lm ,i..v; I 

r!.uihvaii Jolm P. p.j Warrenton 

Siilhvaii -Micliael, Il'.";U I'reinont 

suhivan .Michael, .-'.l B 

suain Chas. 1). S:Co. :il Guild row 

and m; Dudley 
Swallow- Addi.-oii. pl^ Prince 
^>^■eellev J-dm C. L'ld Mliii.irr 
Talhot ,)ohn ( ., vN a=n. luar Uiver, 

ward ir, 
Taliwii J. ll.tjT.iand i',75 Harrison 

avenue A. C. 407 Fonrth, or. E 
Tavlor i:..lward, Ku Pyiiciion 
icevan James, .>;i Shawmut uve. 

and:*; Chuicli 
Thaver Daniel E- Vi7 Cambi-id-e 
I'nayer ''^'- '- ^- -'•""" iit^'i 
TnvNiug C. 11. .srs Albany 
I'loneci:) J. C. 1V< fourtii 
Tice Ariliur W., .Stouuliton, cor. 

North ave., wd. Id 
Ti,-he .>i iSurlve, .d Cliarles 
Timothy James P. 7 i. en-see 
Tisdale H,-ury W. li-H) Wash. 
Tombs .v PaiKer, U_' t'ourtll 
Toomey .Martin, ill Uiiei'ia 
To'.vle Aloert, ji and .>4 Kiiee!and 
TowleJose!)!i A. lb Ea=t Dedhain 
Tracey E. A. i.i Chels.-a, E. b. 
Traeey ^imon, -'Iii Dorelicster uve. 
Tratton 1. S 0.3 and l'>7 ilu.Uon 
Prail t rederick, 4.W blue iJiUave. 
Tuesiey J. W. 1,-i ueme 
[]PliA.M J. II. .<: CO., Hancock, 
^ cor. st.ju-aton, wa.d lb 
Viies Clinton. -''d Hanover 
>'0i;el iirother>, Ibl C, cor. Third 
Waitt P. li. i:; A !.-> surt.d!; .Mark't 
\\ aldmver Antnonv, 4b Hampden 
WulUonn.b Pearl pi. 
"\\'ALL1^ CHaKlES l':..Shaw- 
' ' m lit ave. c .r. Dc-dhain 
Wailis .\L L. ^U' Washiimton 
Waisli Joliii W. j!b\ ulo;,oia, and 

liu", L.iot 
Wai-h J. J. bi-i Tremont 
Walsh P. ;is A 
Ward ir. it. -jJ Winchester 
Wan Drvdle A. 7- beacli 
Ward Peter, .i.-n ChtL-ca, E. B. 
\UA11,nLU Tli(_>-MA3 N. i CO. 
^^ l.V'iiiackstone 
Warren Jolin, Neponset avenue, 

near Walnut, ward lb 
Watjoii .v. Jc li. 11. r-'i Trtniont 
NVv.-l)b A. N.Too rremont 
Weooer A. 1). IJ; Leveictt 
Wenver Elias N. '.UJ Albany 
Weeks Stephen & C.J. _' b a'nd 1^33 

Weinberg Henrv. Ib'.t Xin'.h 
Wflcii hiorla-c (.}.::■,'. ^h..rtcr 
Welch oeo. .1. bob .Meridian, cor. 

wAJh P'.'lj.' Cijlitn 
Weilor.-i'k A. li:,3:U Dorch. uve. 
Wrlliii.'ton A. .V,.<;Son,14- 
Went A.I- LU i^j.vter ii., 167 and ISIJ 

Wen.'.el X. hWi Tremont 
Wcrmeis J..hii G. J bs I'ourth 
Wueeiock .Vc C'). Tb fortland 
Wince Aliicrt S. -b (,uil.l row 
White 1-. O. \s,:; Wasniii_'t.,m 
VN'hite GeorL'e, b)J VVa-hiTii.'ton 
White Thomas .<; i .... Coinmer- 

ciai,junc-n NLponsct aw. wo. lb 
Wliort Joiiathaii, Adams, Corner 

Hancock, u.l. lb 
Wdhams A. 4'Ai Hanover 
Wbhams Geo. U.41 Kiieeland 
Wibiams Patrick, Tb A 
Wiiliams W...t C. m;i Lir.-adwav 
William... i: Gailaml, Wash, near 

Centie, ward lb 
Wilham. W. S. 1^7 ELot 
Wilson K. U..tCo. l').! Ulackstonc, 

aud.s'.p L'nimi 
Witiicrell J. U..S: C. In-J Emerson 
Wiun P.J. 1>7 .Ninth 
WoltJohn X. l-.i.-. Iremont 
Wolie Jonn, lb Uu.-s.U pi., wd. I.> 
W..o,rx- Murpliv.'.b K, ami 17; I 
W.,odl.urv .s; Mu'riev, Eli...t sip 
W.>rthen"U ilnani 1'. -s: Co. ."'-b 

Woollar.l (-.().:;:■.• Chelsea, E. IJ. 
Wr..'Ut Koi.erf, Dcatur, c..riicr 

Wr...:it Wm. \.. .M and .V, Trenton 
\oUuj n. i. 11" UlaclxsCiie 


ni-NM>O.V & CO. 71 Milk and 

1>U1X ri:H -M.VXLF. CO.. 14 

■•- Kilby 

ClKu>e H. .V E. J.;.; State 
Kimball Damei, |ii.; Fulton 
-Mc.Vlii.^ter -M.chael, Ib.i and ViT 

.MelvLinu-v A. J^l Commercial 
Hin^ .M. .V. ,v .^ons. Jib liroad 
^aaiidcr- J. 1'. ■■Mi C./mmercial 


■^^ G. lav,a-ent. -•:>: .Mate 
Eallin \- liaiid, (xi-o. H. Sampson, 

a:.', lit. ■■;il Devou.-liire 
r .bVr.EE J. p. .^ SOXS,L'7 Dock 
^ sip, and 1.3 Washington 

^ tral A lit. (see pa>re u.iH) 
VUAEKLU P. H. ;t CO. bFan- 
euil Had square 


r UN'ELL J. P. iSOXS.L-r Dock 

P.-att Henry, b7 Dudley 
Sciiaeter V\ m. U. H Uock sq. 
Tonks Josepii, 4;t Union 

f>rUII!.< itilil !>»l>Oftill!J; Ap- 

Barnes Thomas 1'. -s Dock sq. 

Gnrtith Liany, :ibb E'riend 

I o V t^LL J. P. 6c SONS, 27 Dock 

-'-' sq., and 1,5 Washington 

).> LAi> W.\l. .<; SONS, lb Faneuil 

-'-*' HaiUqnire 

XVrALKEK P. U. & CO. OFan- 

^* end Hall square 

Ciuttei's cl: Cuu4liictoi-8. 

Eddy BI-..S. Park, c. Adams, wd. Itj 
i 'li>-MOKL K. S. i CO. ■iotob'J 
^ Warcham 

V fc:\V.\[AN ot COLBY, New Al- 
-"^ bany, opposite Wareiiam 
p E il it V Gll.VX\'ll.LE, 120 
-•- Elmt and :j.i4 I'rcmont 

piEKCi: S. 11. L. 41b Dorchester 
-^ avenue 

^T E A It N S A L BERT T. & 
'^ SONS, -_' sute and Taylor, 
ward i<M [latent, see pa-e bS3; 

\\rHii;.jh.\ .-t cLIXl'tjX, 12S 

Harrison avc. (coiqicr, iron 
and /,inc, see page 70j) 


j^ACON C. 11. bS Eliot 

Barnes A. P. 3 Trem.:int row, 

Butler D. P..-,', Temple place 
Hamlv G.... W. 4!' lv>-cx 
Win,hipGeo. U. :;.31 Washington 

tfiair. {JI'n,.an.) 
Branson Kli/.ibetn U. 7,->4 Wash. 
Br.r-ess P. F. .V Son,!) West 
Caioweli T. !>. & co. .'S-s Wash. 
/ -KANE COllDlAL, 1.307 Wash- 
^ im.'t.,n 

Emerson M. A. .32 Winter 
H..,br....k H. W. a-eut. j'.S Wash. 
\IED1XA J. ,v CO. .;ib and 407 
-'-'-'- Wasliingt..Il .Madeline, 17bb Wash. 
JJKDWAV .■a C().b,7 Washine- 
^ ton (Sfe pau'eb.^) 
Tower L. E. Pi Lauraiige (,iin- 

.-V-lams Jolm Kl. iJb HaverhiU 
All liM.u W. i, li. K; Hami.den 
.Vibr. t Finch, IslJ Washington 
Almida L. I >. r,3 hleet 
Au.;u~te .lu.l.', .b7 and -mJ 




i: Co., T"retnont 

P.imvv Kriiilv C. lb i!l.>ss(>ni 
Larnar.l E. <..-.n Wasluii-'on 
Uaiiatt A. 11.41 Con::rc.,H 
l;arsik..w tharhs. IM 1 fi.rch. ave. 
IJa.vtcr F/ra,.lr. i;«i Commercial 
Bi.der t. a. jb.3 liroad way 
liirnhaum J..>s Siidbiirv 
in,...m Axel, II-; Pua>ant 
P..-U.- J..iin W. l.-,s ( ommtrcial 
Boodro Peter, 1 Xortli square, ISl 
Federal, and 147 Summer 

A Jarue at^ort- 
**• iiieut uT 

Kerosene Ci.^.M'Jilx'-li'i? 369 

\Va^hilll;t«ll St., ISit^toii. 
It. llOi.I.lAO."* cV CO. 




Iftiinfrex^nt — ro n tin tied. 
Boody I,«t. v.> t.a\isiw ly 
Boston Klijiih. Ml Dover 
Brotjaii U..f. ■_' Cr.Ks 
Broiiiicr .1 . (i''.rirt.'. In'*; Tremont 
Brown l-r;ink C ■■i Norttiamptoil 
Bruwii <;. W. lol I'rinre 
Brow II .hi-»i>)i 11. li;j S;imner 
Brown W iU.;.iri ll.-iji- l.evcrett 
Bu.klin All--.. II,, -.-^ Un.'t.iwiv 
Burktuuilr II, t:rv, '".^ Wash. 
Curb .!ii.l;un.-s 1 : I- : .\.."rti 
Carlf Josiuli 1'. .; W iiithr.-p, K.B. 
Ciirti-aux Maauiiie, 4.; Winter 

CiiteOm:ir W., Parks House 
Ctivulier K. K. Mi..., •J;^ M.ndian 
Ceii.^r i:ii, K'.t lin.;..l 
Chciiiiii tnd. It; lJ(irrlie.>ter ave. 
i:hiii\ (:tuirli.->. \'H l.-vciL-tC 
Ch.irM:ix,.-.r l'l.-a>unt 
Clark K.ius, 1 IS ll;in..ver 
Clurk l>:uu\ri;i \V;,.hinL'ton 
Clark Marslujil A. 7^ Lmco.n 
Clash J. F. J> K;,:lunM,,d 
Cl.-urv .M. li. .'> lir;,ttl..- 
Cobt)'C..>J ll:u...s>r 
CokiT J. 11. S'i ll:irMson avenue 
Collins John i-'. .-'.^ Federal 
Col.<on \V. X. 4 Chaiise avenue 
Coroett Aux., M irlhon) Hotel 
Corrao Ji'hii. llii Ccort 
Cowper llii'A laail, -i C> ntral court 
Crane .M. l^. .\irs. v.l:i^i>es'), 3(.ki 

Crawlev 'l'."-lt;.S Coniuiercial 
Cre>to .iolui S. -.h Green 
Davies J<.hii, Ij i.inauU 
Davis Daniirl B. n Hovrard 
Davis Roherr, 171 Harririon ave. 
Dean I'iia-.. li.. Hirnson ave , cor. 

Beach, and o K^^ox 
DeCan> John, l»7 Hanover 
lieCaro L. :mi. iiai;over 
Deleo Gupori 1. 'J.3 AltKiny 
Deniing Ednitjud C. 1 Lxchanse 

Dohr l.ouis, (5'.)2 Washinston 
Drew Mi.*..ies (Uidies") ■j.">S Wash. 
Dudley William. .:! Sohod 
Dugan T. A. li U-wii 
Dunlop J. C. l->- Washington 
Eastou D;ivid, l-o Kli-C 
KdwaiibJ. S. Jl l-.eet 
riCHI-KH A. W. MI."^!*, C42 
^ \\u>h.{.-^i\\.i-) 
Knnis Joi.n 1,. 1- ' Caiuliridge 
Farreiik'^ljf Kudolph, 'A Knee- 

Farrier Anprustn.-. .yjU Wash. 
Ferrtira S. J. ^'i Fuet 
Finkenaiur P. l<m buinner. E.B. 
Fianiaru & I.oCa.->'iii. 1 Court ave. 
Fletcher h ram-is. :; Albany 
Fohes Kdwi.rd, 4.n Faneuil Hall 

Fojitr .t Kidridcre. !."> Sprins lane 
Forrest.). P. unci S Kiiot 
Fo^ter Chas. F. 1 o. Fieniont 
Foster 'riios. F. f.l ' 11 uri.-.n ave. 
Fruiiie Sainoel, l-> CaoM-w.iv 
Fntneis \l:,.l:.ii,e, l"' W. >;iring- 
. Iield(lad,es ) 
Frye lle>.rv .V. --'4:> Oorelic^trr 
Gale A. A. K. 1 v :.!ii i-.-ul-e 
Gaimn'.ii 1). S. -'.- \V,i>h!nston 
Gary II. J. saod '.' l',.i*d..iii s,i. 
Gcller Ldw',id.,V. Uev.,n.'hire 
G>-ii<l.r W m. r,:>i i;r..4dwiiv 
Gerhuh V '.;[<'.>,:>.:. I'n ni.^.it 
Giannvtt...! .-:.-. M '.• 'i. U 
('ll.l.l.l: r A. v C'> -> Wash- 

^ il.-t.-l .-rt- J.:.-,- ....... 

GI-i.^-ow- Wiilis K. iV. triend 
Glovfr II. U. .M Wa-.niii-;t<.n 
Goldt(nv:iile I>r'.>. oil I re>. oit 
Gous.sel>..ire C (i. 4"" llun..Vfr 
Gott-eii U. M. 1-vU 
Gruv Kdward J.-..- N.-wi.n.l 
<..ruv Fr.ii.e:s P. h.v W . ( ..lar 
(Jrelii (,.-... .M.. .\ a.o. ll-.u-e 
Gre<-o Will, I). : 11 ..xurd 
(.rifiiii l-.M.-, J, D.r.. 
(Jsvmn .\ Itiv,--. 7> 
H:i.ll."-k li. F. V- 
Jlall.\; II I s,-.>:o W ..-ninsrton 

H;ur Will' 
H.irkui-. M,:.-v .1 
H.irr .s J. l; U 


Herriu-or.U.r J 
lieyi J..hi. A., u' ;.r R. v. 
Hill W|lau::i.-o r..:,rt 
llottn.-r F. I). I'...* .i.r.'i.'i. 
Home J. W. l,:l <■ ,o.-f y. 1. M l-r.-i: 1 
Howard K. F. :...! ILir,'... 
H..war,lJ. K. \:\ M- : k 

Ju.-kM„. r,..„j. ]..•■;(■,.:..: 

Jaekaon Ji>hii H. lo7 C;;u 


r~. 1 .- lliuY 
II ■:.. V-. r 
KK-1 K1.F>. 5-2 

-.. w' ,:i;n-t.>n 

.fohn?on Hor.neo H. Wi Moridian 

Johnsni, K:,whiiol, I ■ •.".'n 
.Johns., n William, 110 I'l.n-uiit 

J,,1...S A. W. 1^ ( iM,l,.U 

J,,ii.-> (;,.,i. It. 1 .(i.-; IV. i,i,.nt 
Jone> J. W. A. I'" <,..iih 
J,,nes K, P.. .St. .I-,,!,,.. H,,tol 
Jor..e Ji-hn \\". VJ S.uth 
Katzinan II., Filii.t m| iiure 
Keeiian <;ei,rse 1-;.. ( Hurt ovenue 
Keiini y .[ hii,7io Wa-hington 
Kermr Ku:;cne, l),..arborii, corner 

Kiini,;>ll C. 1 btiscment. Court «i., 

iiud ha.«eiii..nt .Sh.T!n:,ti House 
Kiiohall Gio. A. n>; I'nion 
Kine 11. F. M., Clinton, corner 

Kirines Frank I.. 4;'! U.irr, ave. 
Kuo%viton Levi. ;;'.i,-,t IF.iK-ver 
Koll. Jacob, >i Bpnnriel.l 
Korb llenrv, Tiiaver's Hotel, 

v.-anl hi ■ 
Lal„lla Chas-.-^Ui Hanover 
J-ubua Salvi„lora. '.14 Troinont 
1-andv John S. Ills Treniont 
Kandy Ki,:-h:,r,l. 4 Henry, E.B. 
Larose Pi'bert, L'-J I.iiii'ohi 
Laurent J. l.'.i 'Ir. in,>nt 
Law Henr\-, ;! Maverick square 
Lawenee C C. :V Merehants' ro-w 
Leiin,,n D.J. S114 Alh,nv 
Len,,x Cornelius, 11 Bedford 
Lewis 11. A. L'4:; M,iidian, E.B. 
Lipman J. C. .s"'. .Siidburv 
Little J. J., W';, hint, cor. Xepon- 

set avenue, ward p; 
Litzehnnii E. I.-,l.] Wash. 
Lo3an J,,hn,t;:) fnion 
Lovezilan \. l!i7 Xorth 
Lowther G,-o. W. .".J Causeway 
Lucas Sttphen, Ms Leverett 
Ludwi-J. p.Mil Tremont 
Mj-is t hristopher, .51,1, Congress 
-Maas P. .-|,\ (.nsress 
.Marsh Bros .""lli H.ariison avenue 
Marsli S(unuerB., (). C. .v X. K. 
Ma. on Ciias. S. 7:! IFniover 
-M-ison J, P. •.;» Cross 
M:ithews John H. i:-C, Broadway 
Matress F. H., Pvich'd, cr.^Xorth 
McCnr'hv John J. 4 and 7 Cio.-s 
Mcl).>nai,i James, 1,=>l> Brf,ad\vav 
>rcl),.nal,; 'Ihos. K. 7'.>7 Tremont 
McD,.well Wni. H.. .M-J Harr. ave. 
.M,;Swin,-vJani*-^,, ■;>;!; Wash. 
M.n.FnuGeo. E., IJ. .<:; .\L R. R. 

Mid.TOs Andrew, l.-^l Wash. 
Miller Cliarles, :.:11 Federal, 126 

Miller J,.,-ob, !0:^.:1 Washir-trton 
Miller W'lK. II., F\-deral, corner 

Minton William H. (W Leverett 
M,",re F. W. -nr.s W„shin-t,.n 
Moiiaity & Kellev, 11 Summer 

>iorris Cliarles, ."S Warren 
.Murphv .M. .Miss, Tj Hanover 
Xa-le Bon:ive! tor. -jjr Eliot 
Nelson Harris, 1.".' .V,'rtliampton 
Nenman Eu.'cne, Fli^t, c. Trein't 
Xewhall Ch.irl.-,., 47 Han.>ver 
Nolte K. ¥.. P.irker ll.oise 
Xo<.nan Timotliv. 7.;! Wa-h. 
O'iK.nneli C. J. .Mrs. (ladies') 1230 

<vr).,w,l C.ld En.licott 
/)HD^N AV & ((). ••;;7 Washin^'- 
^ ton f.<ee pa-eiUU) 
Ormsbv G.-orL'e, ■■'.-J4' \Va-:h. 
Os'.orn" Win. A. 411 Ch-.-rUs 
Otis Woi. F.!'.-. Meridian, E.B. 
Palmer Geo. -.',:;■.' Sumner, E.B. 
Paradise P.. Qiiiiiev House 
P-irker P. C. C. |,sf Fourth 
Patterson Richard A. 47,s Harrison 

P<V^.-r".L.5o-! Washinc:t.,n 
Pf.iti,.r C. R.. I), c.r. liroadway 
Ptrithr Jacob, 114 Kiiii-ton 
Ph.l.-ui W. C. l.^.S,,„th 
Pindrl! Edward, ,S2 W,.st Sprinff- 

Pindell J.J. H.r. W-,shin?ron 
Port.T William, Is s,,„th 
P..rtl-ii,(l Sim, on, -.',.4 H-irr. ave, 
P.,!t, r Cliarl,.., W. \'. State 
P,.w.!l J.,i:es. 4.-.7 Hitiover 
I've II. nrv. H;. \,,,th 
P.o.ih.ipirH. 10.-, IK-ach 
K -l-m i;,,,. F. 4 Pvnchon 
i;, v,i,.,,n J. D..>7\-|,i..n 
I;, VI, ,.1.1- Audre-.v, 4.5 M.^rriniac- 
K,,-h.,-d.,,n (J. \I..-;-.i II ir.-md 
l;:. h,.r,:-,„ .t. II. ^ l!ovisf-.n 
Hu! .I.- .N. Gar. v..' •( W;,>l,inEton 
1:, !.i.;-.,.M .1..: a K. 1^- H iveriiiU 

It..i, u ,)■-. p'.. .,., ^V ,sh. 

n, L.-i- F. F. jN,,::h Market 
R<.^c Chari-.s. -Jl^ Hanover 

Ross FrnnV, .5S Broad wny 
R.,>H T. 1;, n; I, in, hill 
Ruttin J. D..V J. L. ,;.' (Ireen 
Saut.,3 J. A. .V.::'iO llai.over Geo, R. •-'■.2 M.-ri'lnn,l J. A. 214 Waslii!n;!,,n 
Schirmer C. V.-iJir.\ Washiiut,-! 
SihMartz Jacob, il-r.i Uusli. 
Scott W. 21:' Xorth ' 
Sears .t P..rkilis.,-,0 Boael) 
Shaler H. E. l.l.S Knceland 
Sharper (ieo. Warren, .-,7 C I'.Tr ^. 
Sheelv .M. Ill S,.iitli 
Silvu Frank P. |::.; lilark'itone 
.Simons. I. W. IPUTrcim.i.t 
Smirli John H. .", 
Suiith ,|,)hn J. Ill l-ed. ral 
Smith Lawrence, I'.d P,ul",'1,'A 
Smith <). 11.42 Battcrv 
Smith S.-ririo £'. 14 Krattle fn. 
Smith Th, Unas. 1,5 .Mtirshall 
Smith Tbi'inas J. .",1).' Federal 
Sp.u'h John F. 1K.-15 Washiii-ton 
Sjiarrell Geo. P. & Co. iJ City 11^:; 

S[)i,,nca Solomon, 1.5 Chapman 
Sprague Bros. 2.~t; Washir.cton 
Stahl Jacob, 1 Curt ave. 
Stodder Asa A. l>7!i Wa.^h. 
Strecker Henrv, (;7.S \'. ash. 
Strecker W . 21' Congress 
Strccker Charles, .'/J W. Dedl am 
Sullivan J. T. 1 i 12 Washincrton 
Tanner F. ■■^4ii Broadway 
'J'avlor Charles, American House 
Taylor C. 42 Elm 
Tlmnions Janu'S. 12 Tremont 
Turk Eben. 1.5 .Mar-liall 
Twist W., Bio.uhvav bri.I^e 
Tvl.T William B. .ss Hanover 
\'anderlu,or J. H. ll'Sl Sumner 
Vi-all Josepli. 14 U. S. ilotel bl!-:. 

and .'^'►s Commercial 
Wallace Fr^,nk W. s:i >rerrinia-; 
Ward D. W.lil-; Bi-.,adw:.v 
Washington C. & L. .Mis.;cs, 1,5 

V nion Park St. (ladics'i 
Waters V. S. :;U5 lir,,^,dwav 
Wentworth G. W. ;;4 (iar-Icn 
W.-st J. ]4u Camhrid-e 
White Josl,ua, Is-'I Hampden 
Wnitt'oid J.,s. \V, 144 Xo thamnt, n 
Wifiistack Jusvpli, 1,51 
Williams Allied A. .:.5 Phillips 
Williams John, ;;7 Eaneuii Hii.: 

Williams J. M. 52 Merrimac and 

li'7 P.utland 
Wi.Iiams Henrv C. KilG Wash. 
Wils,m R,.l.ert"C. l:; Nortli 
Winafield Ihos. .^L rear h'l Wa.-h. 
Wiimett tie,-. H. I71<,i Wasii. 
\\Hc J.over Bovlst.n .Mark,-t 
W,,.ltV Peterjr. 177.5 Wa-l\iii::ton 
Wood Mor-an, 14.5 Beach 
WiHMl.suni C. S. 1007 WasliitiL-t(,!i 
Z,inillia M. 2*) Bioad 

Hair a>re<«!«ef»' Sup- 

Ciflord F, S. 411 lir.nitieM 
AtEDlX.V JollX .V CO., '"' 
-^^ ai„l 407 W:i,.l,,n-ton 
Smith Bros, p.d \,\ iislun-ton 
S..,,irh S, !■::., P. 14 Hranle .,;. 


*^ E.Ncaige 

aiulr fof Phi^terliiiT am* 

P.AFDER, ADA.MSON, & ('"■ 
^* 14; .Milk 

LTOXIE T. W. & CO. S^s L.M i 
^^ wharf 
j^EXT EDWARD S, 7,5 Stare 

Kent E!u,ch T. ?^.S andlM.) Fulton 
^^ -240 Fe.leral 

WL\(;a i'F .<: FIELD, Otis wf. 

' * r.'s Broad 

Hair Inner Soles. 

Andrews J,,hn S. .54 Elm 

Hair tJeweliW- 

J^KAXDl.V V. .<: CO. -'-.S W.i--,- 


M.Tuan Au_'ii.-lus, .•■•. BromtieM 

Hair WorU ^laiml*. 

Au--'n^:e Jmle, -.••;7 WnMrnv-'t"n 
l;,_'ilacca P. 4s Winter (la. !,.■».> 
p., -I.. W. .II.' W„^hin„'ton 
|iUAM)L\ V. .S; Cu. 2.s Wi.,: 
^> <>ee pa-el.o-J) 
Buri-ess H. F. .v S.ui. U West 
Carlto.i A. & Co. 5 West 

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;:^a.:}d ailT 



C .'•.Ti M. >r. .<! Co. -JS Winter and 
( .,!L.r (..-... II. in* Ir-Muunt 

i -ILi.hlti' A. .t CO. -.■►S Wash- 
' ' ; I sec piiuv i«;j) 
(,;...< rl 1. -Mrs. liU lir.ia.lsviiy 

l.ia.UK-NUOiitK IKKDER- 
:K, uJ anil o»|.ic- pi. 
K1U.K.1II J. :J-'l VV'.isU. (UcuT) 
Ni.ui..- C'lirist.ijiliLT. J.M Wu-iii. 
I t(i (ii-.K G. H. I'AH Wasli. and 

l.iMiiiinl U-jnry P. J'SJ Wash. 
!.,,>».; S. K. .Mi.s. IW A i'rt;nont 

U:.i)lN.\ J. & CO. -Uiana-ior 
.Mariiiiv .M .>liss ;.■> Hanover 
.Nunol.sun VViiliuiu li. & Co. 4-1} 



/ ) i'i » A A V & CO. .■;•;" Washinsj- 

I'.nk K. .v. Mij.s. .'.•.' \S'as!iiiiL'ton 
iv.IU- Ca.idcs, J.M Wu^lun.'u.'U 
>a>-anl J. A. -U kV.isUin.'tr.ii 
.-in.i. -v U>o IS, 4 ilun.ivcr 
;i:ailvi.-> 1 liuuias, llTj rreiiiout 

\Viikui3 Uiuinas & Co. Greon 
iitar liowduui, ward hi ^.Ctinuie 


Ililllti Stii(lil>N. 

ION HaNo »iA-\IP CO. 


j^iaOiiA.vl W. C. & CO. IS Brat- 
•^^ tic venire U'lbli^n, >ce i>.uU) 
I 'tl.V U.St.KLAlA .N. L.. Jj. 
^ VVasUiiij?tuix 
jjA\i» v>.d. II. II. 41 Bruttle 

p K t X T K K .MAN UF. CO., 1 4 
-'- tCul.j 

^'iin-ili t. i.U W.isliiii-ton 
ticianiL Sale and Macliine Co. 
A. il ifd^ , agent 

Iluaii uiiti l'"'<>ot Power 

^\J^AKSTOX J. M. tJ Taber 

II;ti-l>«>i* AIii<»tei-. 

G.i din.i .luuii T., LasUTii avenue 
« .la.t' 

liiLi-iUvai-e i>ealefs. 


1115 . 

-<: v.'ni 

.Ue, .">; IMiljy 


■a A: 


I, fj VVa^aUi.' 



;in J 

[ . Li 

& Co. '.tjuna 

;.>4 .Vorth 


e.v J 

. \> . 

A Co. .;.' tvnei 





las i'. -,S Uoc 

.4 sijuare 



i.n VVAI. U. 4-; L 1 




J. r. 

•_'(> Guild row 



.u Ci. 

. KH lJu.ene = 

iter ave. 


: 1 .. 

■.:. li.. 



1 .V 

111. G 

. l:;. 4 iVeiiKji 




1 iV v' 

111 11, i L^oe^ 



'.■« I 

oN J 

i.^tClC CO. 1 

,t \\ are- 

j-J • > » J. I-., .v CO. jt>^ Wash. 

■" aud h\-i VVa„nngton 

MUl . . 1-. lau.M.v, I'Hi I'nion 
■" i,ae»^- and seeond-nund; 

^':..''e' ■",;'■ ''■ '" ^^^'^"^'^^'^'^ 

li;v.js.o j< waling', (i Unct .siiuare 
U.-.-wa ... b. .vcu. Ijn iXnuM.av. 
k , .wjI I i' .Si: V\ U.1.1A.M.5, J'J 

D'Hik. Miuare 
iS.J.iii n. i>. .^j X jr Lewis, and 

1-J, I-.. 15. 
1!, J,,un.-.,a,.v Co. IT! fed. 
»-.>.ii.a.K-r Ijenj. ,!i Cu. >J r'ed^-ial 
Ca.A I >,c I. L. >>,,.■ WaMiliiat.jii 
(J V ll. .V .\lv,(vr.U.--U.'., jiro 
^ --.ita.iLT .unl .no ie<li.i-al 
<-i siM L.uuii.- U. ..■>; .\Kii.iau 

t rank- 
.'>'. Sud- 

Hill Thomas, •.•.■'.', Broadwa' 
Hill ■[■. K. -V Co. .;.V,i Urnudv 
tl<.-;m, Clark, Ac Slei-pei, 

hii (wh .Irsdej 
I loL lMi.>lL\ .<c SOX, 
^^ l.ury .-a.idterv; 
llonier, Uisln.p. .tCo. 112 Milk 
I [oil VX lillOS. IJO'.) Washing- 
^^ ion 

Hi>yt.t Ijuwrenee, '-'AT Broadway 
Jolinsi'ii Henry .\L v,iieavyj 'M 


>'l' .<; SAlNDKllS, 21 

Lineoiii .V ll 

,'ii'n u','.0 Ua'veriiiU 

i.ivin:.' K. li 

.. 7^> Kiihv 

i^",'; :'•:." 

■ (;. ,i. .«v CO. .■;o Ex- 


iiui.N 1*. A: SONS, 15 



i.i. 1 Broad, cor. State 
ji je In -k cover) 

-Miiler Bros 

. .t Co. ',11 Hanover 

Mors* Cnarles W. -4 L nion 

\|osi;ll\ .t houg.Man, 75 

^^^ Bioa.l 

].>LAi> WM. & SOXS, 13 Fau- 

euil Hall siiaure 
Kot^hins L. Uana, 115 Dudley 
beholeneld J. Son:j & Goodman, 

11. L. Richards, agent, 16 iiac- 

Soud'der, Bo^'ers, & Co. 'I and 7.3 

Smith I,-aac II. (cabineDUIH l^nion 
Saellin_' W . J.' .Maverick sq. K.B. 
Stun?eli C. C. i;:ii L'luoii (cabnut) 
Stevens X. B. & Co. i.rt Kilby 
kJTF.VUXS N. C. 1-' to IS drom- 
•^^ held isce patrelitiJ) 
Story u. A. jr. i: C . 17 Water 
St.-aiton, Corey, .t Co. 74 tederal 
Tao!iip~ou FuA-ard, ISii Mernniac 
ToiJcv a; Co. RHl Was linuton 
Torjlett, Hinckley,. t Hammond, 

! Xt tederal (heavy; 
Tucker Isaac F. ^-M Washington 
Tucker Jt Appleton, (J4 .Milk. 
W'ALUKOX .J. \ - & HiiO. 115 
'♦ Coua isaiiaiery) 
Wales. -Miiiot, S: Co. iHi federal 
VV.\ i- . A. .<i: CO. .V! and 85 
** Cornhill,andi; liiattle 
\\r.\i.lvLli i: H. -t CO. ti Fao- 
'* euil Hall square 
Warrea .\1. C. .v Co. i builders'), 9 

West, I'arrCniaa, i Son, 5 Dock sq. 
Xyn.KLNSoX A. J. .t CO. -^ 


WashuiiTton (see pn^c .04) 
it ir. s. i Co.-JtiJ federal 

I[ara\vai-e 3Iaiiu*"»*. 

I3(.>S loN LOCK CO., J. F. 
-'-' Havuis, i.eas. I'.l Wareham 
JOXKS .M. U. i CO. 51' Sudbury 

L-FLLKY D. J. 'J Green (iron 
•^^ braeK, t^) 

lIaiMie«» ISIackiiiy;. 

RICH .M O X H C. C. .V CO. 2d 

J^ Central wliarf 

Jlai-nc!!'*! <'a«>UHt. 

I I ILL Ji V\ HIGH r, 145 to 157 
^^ Sumner, i-..B. 

■f ai-iie»i« MaUeii*. 

DAKLU JOHX 15. ot CO. 150 
-^ i're.nout 

Bates .lames i). 17! Doreh. ave. G. II.. L-. '.I Lai^ramre 
Barrett 1 . .L .'l K. Coin-ord 

I-JOV U .LV.dhSS; SoXS,27 Mcr- 

-•-* chants rnv 

Brvuat Al:'e,t. -41 Federal 

P.VCKl'i li'.JOH.N. I'ark, near 
-L* L.^ea;.a-e. uard hi 
Burton W . 1 . .^,). 1!, „v; H'way 
lia>t,a \V. 11. .■'. ■. am'.ri.l-e 
Carleton iliaia. 1 l.a-tM 
Ca-ii.n..n ,i- i. nnali, Ali.allV, Cor. 


1." Geoivc, I -1 • vV-wMiiiii/ron 

iS U.K.). S. i CO. l.'0.j v% ush.- 

/MlA)'>lVs .:: .-lU.VXONlAX 

^ Mvton nriUe 


^< v~ .,. A..-! FederaKcom.) 

( ill.V.'^l. !..«.. i CO. y> tJ 4i> 

^ Saillmn (.fancy saddlery) 


1 1. 

-i to.. ..a., i Co. .■■< leaeral 

Ciiis:i..iai lia^.i L. •.'i4 Doiehes- 



e; i . .el, .S5 Caml.n. U'o 

C .lMi".'.r"''pl..r'.'Su ilo, -v 



•iae! .'... .U. &'co'. II .; \V...-.h. 

/ '*U..\lA.\' \[>)<|.- V -. .s, ]-:\ to 
^-^ to !_., ;• . - . iM,,- fw!) 

l', , 


••.>.»Xou & V\ u,ii I si.vX, 

CiocK, r irwve>. lir >-.:,. i,ei 


.;a\ "Gf.'.'.RGK 11. .V i.AX- 

Cio^- M.iK \V..-,oaud '.JCliardon 
Due 5. Barry, ii SuUl-ury 



t v»i;ia,4-« ii.uii 

»ru .iluetl S. O.V \Vuslai,-to.l 

Heiinmir J. i'.::i See, .ml 
1 f!/-eraid .\L 17 Oliver 



Fleming J. W., River, near Nor- 

tolk, ward l-i 
FoU-er James, lu.'. Water (Col larg) 
Fo.K Geo. .L.VS Cove 
Given William, l.-j Court 
UAMILIOX OITIO, 2.5 and 27 
^^ friend 
Han lull .L W. HI).' Albany, and 

Haneock near Columbia, wd. Iti 
Hannalord F. W. .ir Sndl.ury 
Harvey .J„!in, l.-^4 Ch ul -.-town 
Havdea Mieha-l, ;," Midbury 
HaVdeii Wm. II. 1,1 lJi,r,ler, E.B. 
Ho%4 C. 1!.,^ Ce . Maikit 
Ilos. V Kti.M,::'e ,V. -^i \N .irrea 
.leAitf I iliver, '.. Ml mm ic 
Keiiiio Wilii.m, ;j 11.1 s^ov 
Kennedv .J. .1. 1 : '1 freinont 
Keaney".)ol.u,.-iJ Mimner. E.B. 
i.eomiul II. 1.-"," W a-uiiutoii and 

tin4 Harrison avenue lliam 

-Ma,'< lines Benj. A: Co. '.IS W. Oed- 
.McCaifiey H. ,4 Cliarle>lown 
•McCartliv UeniusJ.471 Harr. av. 
.McUov^eil James, lU'J and 1204 

Murphy James T., X'epon.set ave., 

near Chickatawbut, ward 10 
Murphv i'humas, 411 Federal 
iNewliall O. l). 157 Harr. avenue 
Xewman .John, 15i;4 WasluiiiftoD 
O'Connor B. 122 iieacli 
I'lullips S. L. 4-.S't Tremont 
I'lannett John, i:>d Tremont 
Power William, 270 Friend 
Pratt S. G. 1)5 Sudbury 
Preadeigast .laiiie.s T. H Charles James J. liw Sudbury 
Kowlands Samuel, >> ct. 
C \KGFX1' fllAXClSi CO. 
'-' ;o :; sudbiirv 
CABGFXr W.M. P. & CO. 14 
*^ Sudbury 
Shannon J. J. 20 East 
Sherman P. .'i Broadway 
Smith J. A: Co. -J'l SiidOnry 
Smyth Hagli, I'.'i;.) Wasli. 
Spiiigue Fred. .M. 40O Fremont 
Sprin<;all (ieo. .t Co. 1 Sudbury & 

l.Jll Wa.,!um;lon 
Stowed S. F. 5S Portland 
Taylor James, t;i Sudbary 
Thurston .v Siroiii.', I.s7 Sumner 
Toppaii Wm. o. HS Hover 
Trask H. P. l'.)5 Friend 
Tucker John A., Washington, n. 

Uiver, war<l Hi 
Webber A. D. 1 J,S Leverett 
V\ eeks John W. i4 Fast Concord 
Weeks J. W., Horcii. avenue, cor. 

Commercial, ward Hi 
Wtiailey F. ?.. ll'.ij Tremont 
Wiadship H. A. & Co. 7 Tremont 
Wise Wm. 141 Uorchester ave. 

Killin-sH. L. 21. friend 
JJO\S ,). F. x CO. >5 Hanover 

Hat i;iuck Makers. 

Cliaduicx X. iF, Hairison ave., 

cor. F. Dedham 
DimoiiU J. S. rt BovLton square 
Howard X. F. 1,.' Morton place, 


Jtata wl ISoiiiict Fiaiiie 

v^HFPi.IF Dt. L.M CO. 17 -Milk 

Hat A- <';»!> Tip I'l'iiiter. 

r^ L UN FK G LOKG F, .J Otid 

Hat cir Cai> Xi-iiiiiiiiiiss. 

^M KXFU G FOUGF, ;( Oiis 

Weis-^bein A. ,>o Cliauncy 
Hat*, Viku-*, Fuiw, Ac. 

UFXT & BUSH, 27,5 and 275 

1-* WashiuL'ton 

JJOW J. F. ,t CO. ,M5 Hanover 

Dyer, Taylor, .<; Kice, til Chauncy 
11.; it, T.ieior, .V Co. M to 40 
Chauaey [lin 

tiiee, .•(.^'lr,son,,•.7frallk- 
\ Co. <l', Si i;7 S inimer 
r. >. ■■<■■' Ci'iirt 
milh, .'t Co. 42 Frankhn 
: Ivnapp, IJI Summer, 

i w.or^e.v -^on, l-vl Wii.h. 
^.. W. .-^ I o. ,si; ami -.-> HeV- 

r-on, Foiter, ,V Co. lo.! Suin- 
and rs Bedford 
J. l.x Co. .-^l Franklin 
Taylor A: Sun, 2Ni Wash, (cloth) 

W.^JMilV*?::;:;- Gas Fixtures, "'' ' 

OW I'ltK'TX! :i«»» UaHh-ntftou St., 



IliltA, CllpM, Flll-M, Ac> 

A BOKX S. O. '.O VViishington 
■'*• t,sei: insiifu buck covci; 
Adams Gcoiue T. U,7 ll.inorer 
UACON 1. C. X CO. 1 Union 

Burnum & AVit'ht, 'M Suinnier 
(lull it's'; 

^il s i i liV^n, -:■■> ami 275 

lii2<'l'>w Cnori,'o X. Tit Ihiiiovcr 
Bordcii Clia». J. Tl llaii..vur 

ijnu-.;j. ii. r;«tuna ur.i wush. 

briiiKinau Tlu'odiTf, Vj7 ij.jrch. 

Brock i Atkius, Il'uikI 14 I'liion 
liur=kv IKnrv, > :." 
(Jurttr'll. L. isir VVa-liin-ton 
Cliumb>'rliuu V. A. o'j7 \\ usli. 
Clark Alva, VV. :;.; OoL-k s(i. and 3 

Coggiil" MolviUe, I'tr;; Wusii. 

Coliiiau .\. il. Jt Co. li'l C.-art 
. Comer Jo»et/h,lU to i;4 VVasii. 
Cook A. N. i Co. -10 aud 21" 

Cook & Aidnch, 14.» uud 14rWas)i. 
Cotter Win. 2 Ciiiuu 
Cutter E. l\ 14 Uook square 
Cutter Geo. W. i Co. i Dock sq. 
Dame, llsley. i Co. 22.; Wa^li. 
TJUW J. L. & CO. oo iiauover 

]h]LHOTT AI. r-. 77 Court 

Frankensteia H. 2''2 Broadway 
i'rey Oodtrty, 5-1'; VVashinL'rou 
Getc'liell A. K. .;.'2 VVa>U.:;-[on 
G.ddmau S..;ij Hanoi cr " 
lluUett S:, id J.ineoln 
llA-MliLlN K. \V. u;; aud t;<)j 
*^'- \V'as!\iut;toll 
11 AKn-.Kv-v UO. 44 Temple pi. 
-*-^ UJdu's' and chiidrtn j; 
Uiriuiijton Jfix-mi.ili A. '■'-'> Liui 
ilarrington John, L'i L niuu 
Uibbard li. K. \N . .h'i Waslungton 

Hilboru & I'erry, .'U Treinont 
Hilsel)UJCh freUenek, 1^:^ V\'ash. 
llobus A. & Son, 4 .Ma\'triek .■^(l. 
Jackbou J. A. i Co. ,V.) I'rt-nionc 
Jaekson .Samuel, jr. 1^7,> \>a5a. 
Jones & I'arkJiurft, •■;.5 Cau.-ewuy 
Kantrowit/5 ot Coheij, 7b L uion & 
_2>So Hanover 
Keuna 11. ic Co. ti'.d \Va.ihington 
Kraetzer i{n>,s. 2 Liiion 
Kraetzer i Sun[)5(in. 12 t'nion 
Kreis l.onis, rJHJ \S\i.-hmL:lon 
Kwmkelenuerg D. G and .5 Hano- 
Leaviit H. H. Ml Court 
.Ma=.,ii Ciiaik-b B. .V. X. .>rarket 
MeKenua.Juhn.lJ Uu.snin-ton 
MekLiiiia -Martin, 2ti Dock jquare 
McKeuna A. Co. oLd v-^aMniiL-Con 
Aliirse i: Tuiiibull, r.S-' ILuiover 
MuUeu H. (;■•.:• V\u=iiin-t..n 
Murtu^h 1'. li;ii Broadwuv 
Us^'ooa Geo. !>■; \Vacnio_'ron 
Parker John S. A: Co. l.\f- \Va=h. 
I'uzolt T. C. X: ^on, .jmJ \Va,;i. 
I'erry & Aden, ;.t Court 
Pinkham Henry \. i Co. 2:17 

riatt t. AI. 40 and 4."» Sudburv 
Pollard .\lerriek IL -i;. \S a,t.." 
2.> ANDALL, J. 1.. .) :. V\ ash. 

Raphael Bro.'s. .'c' Faiieuil Hail s j. 
Pvhodes .V. A. .V H. K. iJ.< C.cjrt 
Kunev 1.. A.::i) Doi.'k Miuare 
tsliute' VViii- .M. j« ^..n. i ,'/. Wa.-h. 
y rU-NE J. y Cv). 2t."i Ua,di. 

Struck J. ibi-ph. I'.'oi Wn^iiiiicton 
Streckt-r Bios. •►; ^uinnu-r 
• .J. H. :; Han..i.r 
Tundmll .Jaiiif.i 1'. .)/ .^^e^idian 
Tvii-r Un.s. I--! Wa-^ls. 
VV'aIko .M. .V Co. , -111 ,>ii, inner 
Ware frank i'. s Cornnul 
Wut.-rs .Vbrum. ;,' .Mmduin 
WfisA ZMrbK>eh. -dit Wa^'on 
^yolU'Al.vN \V.\I. 15. il;. L.urt 

Wycth (it-orue K. .■:42 Wa^hineton 

A BOK.V S. <>. ■.I.-, Wad). (-:ce i.-i- 
-^ -Pt.; back covvr- 
Bartl. It .><. I . •• Irai.Kiin av.iiue 

l->K,-.i' -t lU .>H. -:., and -7") 
^^ Wa.-h. nv-ton 
]jK<»UK.> s. (;. 47 Han.A.r 

Brown & Wileox. s 1? ivl^t on <q. 
Cumi.tjcll C. K. 1^ Provin.-c ,,,art 
Clark J. K. ;i2 fanend Had square 

i^'e ave 

Condit S. & Ba 
Condit S. S> Co 
Cosvin W. II. ;i li,, iiiiidd 
Dovie Jb...::a^. ; 1 ah.MuiHall sq. 
(in'vcr ,). I>. (t. ,t., <,:-, Hurr. a^^■. 
Harlow Dc.\t> i. o , .M;ni ,uk vi. 
J toward, 'i oun-. i Co. -Jir. W a.di. 
Kcllcj .). 1). 7.". t nion 
Knij Cliaiie.s 11. 't<7 \Vashinf,'ton 
Knapp Geo. d'.'.i L luon 
-MaiiMi.ld •rhcv)aor<.' 1> 2:! Friend Samuel, )r. 2') Washinijlon 
-Mii'.ta-h iMtfiek, li;o Bnauwuv 
<.)^,'.H„i (Jco. .^ >.uii. Wasli." 
I'arkc-r. James b''- Wa^li. 
I'lan K. .M. 4.; and 4.j Sudbury 
Powei.', liros. l<d Hanover 
San-er C. H. .-;; G. i;..) Wash. 
.-Moc..mbO.J..s: I uion 
'Javlor Chas. ,i I'rouneo [ave. 

Wcilhart a: (rreeUv, b; Irankhu 
u,,iiman V\m. Li. fl;! Court 
Zotlh- .t \SLilhart, o Hotel Ptd- 

Bayley Jame.-i K. 1^ »outli Market 
Burnham J. H. .'..J.-i icder.d 
Calet A. D. ^.0 Hamsun ave. uud 

41,-S tederal 
Car-iU.Jo.^epii. 14 Commercial 
Clark Wm. i; Co. 1P,4 1 rcmont 
Duty N. P. i-;it Canal 
Edglrly P. .'tCo. 122 Canal 
Hull A. A. O-iCnU'ca 
Hail L. a Co., Wciijter, e. Orleans 
Hall s. & Co. 14S border, i-.M. 

-^-L cor. Albany 

Hatnaway Geo, Jr'. .>^4 Shawniut 

a\ enuc 
Hoiu A. D. 112 Canal 
iioitt A. & Sons, lo-> 
J udd -d. l-jj and li-'i Jlerrnnac 
l.ineoln Wm. J..1 Canal 
Mun-\i Geo. O. band. Pvussla whf. 
V K\V 4:.N,GlvA.\U llAi CO. I4b 
"^ Canal and _'72 t'eueial 
l" W m. l.V-Sand ibo Canal i^iv^AZt-K, is.i Cani- 
•^ bri.lge 
llobuison N. T., Doreh. ave. cor. 

Com'l, ward lo 
KoUinson & Kob.n-on. Battery wt'. 
Scott & iiTidue, 14 City u l:aa 
Maples ^. J:.uv\ara. 200 CaUseWav 

^^ federal 
Wade Wiihain F. & Sons, i4t> 

Wai-^U c. C. 124 
\\r 1 N G A r i. J; f 1 E L D, VjH 

^ ' Broad 
^Vood i:.n C. 2^ Everett 

Jlay .Scale!*, {fit;/.) 

HayniaiKet aqua.e, H. A. Davis, 

Jieaii I..iiiiii;;s. 

(]ORBE ii A.O.; ; jjaiteo maich 
^ i,»ee page(:d2> 

lleailiii^ .^leuiiiiiiH. 

r AlHA.d J. -v A. C. -1'2 Wash. 

Jleai-xe and .^lilltary 

^ II O U K L» s C. i- . Ji C U. -Jui 
^ \\a.dimjtou 

lleut JSotaiaiii;; Valve*. 

'1"^ i; T 1 E i .s 1' A I I..N i ii EA r 

-^ KE 1 AlAlNu \ AE\ i-.. I'.l 

lieittiii^ Jk^ppai-atus. 

(UlUBBt'CK S. L.s. SONS,'j71 
^ ireniont 

( <l.UG.-5iuX T. S. jc CO. bdand 
^ a2 Sudinirv 

\I A\-\Aia/jA,>. A., Xew St. 
^'^ t..iJ. v»eepu^e..-o.; 
'V 1 -s G I, E \ At i.)\r.vTIC 

^ II. .Al U(t\ l.i.MM: t 0. ,>! 1, 
Coo-^e>,_,^ee p..4c^. ., 

lleeK. iM'inll,,-.) 
U, ire. ' 

^ l.lC Hl.i.l, \^(->., FranK i.d 


rbomjijon C .\. i . J L u-tuni H'>us 


liet-iiifti< ally ««>ealea 
-1 I lUlen. 

(^MJWEUI. V I,, i'. .V CO. Xian 

Globe Prei*ervini? Worku, 2( \.> 

llamolen, BakiT, & Co. (jirovi- 

.-ions ), l2.'> I' lire base 
niiekmij. H. W., Carney pi;,,,. 
Eewif W. K. .v IJro.^. '.n 
p.VVXE SiEFHEX A: Ct». ■ 
■*■ C,,mm-l(see pa-iMbSt) 
Plnmmer J. P. i U. ■.» and H) Pdaek- 

Underwood Wm. .<• Ci,. b7 lir.. ad 
ili<le» itiKl Keailltei-. 

Ki'': also Lr„th,r !>■ .fl.r.i.) 
Al-'tr >. S. ,^ C.'.C lli.'li 
A El. EX X FlEl.D, 72 ami :\ 
^ Huh 

Allev J, dm B. .s; Co. 77 & 7'.i ili.'h 
Arnold S. S. 12 -Matthews 
Averv H. X. 40 Xoitli .vlarket 
iiarretl C. -M. lo'.i Con.ress 
Barrett E. ». 'X, .Mlik 
tiat s W.A. Jt Co.ti2Kilbv(brok's, 
Bi -elow A. >L& Co. 7r, i'eail 
BidiiiLT.'j Horace A: Son, I'^'i Hi_-!i 
b.-arUliian ]i.G.A:Co. 1>1 Coii-re.-4 
B,,nd Henry, >7and V.j Hi-h 
Booth A; Co. 17, Con^^re^s 
briil^'e Abel f.. v Co."l--o Pearl 
B:own A: Caller, b'J Hign 
Bueknam. haviicr,A; Co. l.lo IVnii 
Ciuu,dler\. tioynton, b'.s iii-b 
Converse A: ^ tan Woo,,, 7b A: 7.^ 1I:.mi 
Cook t:. G. '.12 and b4 lEu'h 
Coon, Crocker, AC Hooart, l.Vi I'earl 
Culliton, Iiead**eli, & Co. ^^ lli.-.n 
Cdmmir._'-s .Joiiii, jr. A: Co. 'j-l Fea-i 
Duvis, E.i.ery, & Co. icJ Conmtsj 


meat.-, Ii,-a 


])EWm,)X, WILEEV.MS, i C(X 
■^ 2lbaii<l Jl> Confess 
Faxon i.. a ^E 121) Pearl 
French Uirani VV . ,y? iii-h 
ir\e J. i. I.ij Pearl 
liealv, Fiiriium, A: Co. 47 lliih 
HiL'hee, Foster, Ac Co. ■,,:} llina 
Higlit M. C. 1 broker; '.«J lii-u 
Hill A: lirowii,.;j iliirn 
ilolmes C. -M. iSi cou-ress 
Homer a. W veth, yb and V-i llildi 
Hull E. Li. .V Co. b2 Hii-di 
Humphiev A. Mb Pelrl 
Jackson \V. T. 56 Hijih 
Johnson, Eaton, a lirackett, IbS to 

172 Con-ress 
Jones J. -U. a; Co. 104 Pearl 
Kendali J. tJ. ( l>roker; .57 Furchase 
Kui-;ht \. \i7 v,oiigr<.s3 
Eow, Herae-y, A: Co. 27 and 2b [Ii--li 
J.-OW J. W . -) Hiifu 
-VLarsli Charles A: Cu. b7 Purcha.-e 
Merrow John Fullou A: 1 ,l,.;;a 
Morey W.C. Jt Co. IC^^i Cou^'res* 

Moseley Alexander, OS and 7U Huh 
Xewiiail Ac ihatcher, liij'i Con:.'ie.-» 
Osbum F.jr. .<c Co. Em iVaii 
Osboru Geoii,-e P. A; Co. Id; Milk 
Ojljoru J. -v lE K. IrtS Coiiiness 
Oih.TU A: Bb>od. '^12 C.'n.:ie.--s 
I'ai-'e E. S. l_o Ivaii (.hoiiis) 
Palmer ^. G. i-^ jJatterymaicli 
Pearson S. G. ii. a Cu. 177 Con- 
gress (.hides and tallow J 
Perry, <^uiler. ,.^c Co. llijh 
Plai = ud Geo. A: Son, .:>.; Conirre--' 
Poor Henry A; Son, iii? Ac I'.tj Coii- 

Potte^Edward, b'; High 

i'nest Ac .^loree, 227 Ac .'..'.J Coniire-- 

Pioctor llu.muB E. 21»b Con-re.-» 

and bU iii_'h 
Ciuirin a: Edwards. 1U'.» .<: ill Pe:ul 
Eead A. u. a: Co. ij,', Cun-ies.- 
ICice X. W . A: Co. Ed Con,7re..» 
llicuards L. ;> lli-h 
iiichaidsoii H. G.ll John 
Kolieits James A. I'.i.j Congress 
Kudgeis J. E. A: H. C. uoinmis- 

sioiw 14b and 14>) Longriss 
Rogers J. P. .t C,/. 7b High 
Saiiord .J. O. Ac Co. lul Convress 
Sawin AC Edwards. 1,> liiacK.-ionC 
j^t»C ill u ICiv P. it. Ib2 i'eari 

Spauldiu- Edwa.d i Bumstcid. 

lo.; H -11 
Spoonei'^ sv . B. X- Co. bv; Coi.gre,* 

>teveus C. C. -:./ Coli,'ie>s 
•l.i,,mp.-..n Albert ac Lo. iTbto l-'2 

Th..,np.,,ii IE F. .V Co. >.; 
'i'liorn like J. U. \. to. ,1 ru,cri-;»t- 

1 llomoike .). f. .7 111 .la \» ut. 
'lirreli J. X A. .V C". ..d i'. .iH 

iorr H. t_. i;--,.t. \^-^ lU^M 
Tucci lEnrv... LUiVm 

Wuks (.c.M:.'e W. itl Sua 
Wiuil J. ii. a; Co. .ij lil-li 

Gas Pipes "l*J7;a;re:;:' Meters 

i-<'I«m1 at •.liiMl iioii<-e. 

369 ^i^:';;^:' 





Hide n.nd I^eather 3Ia- 

irinE .\NI> LLAIIIKK -MA- 
** CHINE CO. 1,1 lli^-h i^ycragu 


llolHtliit; !llaclilne*i. 

p\MPBKl.I„ WlllTlIKR, & 

^ CO. iir.; rrciiK.nt 

Hollow "Ware. 


CTK \!LS> N. C. I J to IS Brom- 

Holly wood. 

C P R 1 N(i K H 1.. K. Mrs. 3ol 

^yALKKJi A. A. IJ; Tremont 

llomoeopiithic Phar- 

Clapp Otis, 3 Bfae-n 
PeaboJy N. C. o'i Beach 


'-^ (see inside back c<.>ver> 

Honey iJealers. 

fiOWDllEV E. T. .<: CO. H) and 
^ ?._' Bru^id (^ce page Cr^; 

Hoop Skirt Manufs. 

Daxt^r I. J. lU: Wr.shin.'Uin 
Bost.iu Corset &; Si<irc Co., G. P^. 

Taber, tiean. 1*7 Sufiimer 
Conai'C tJrother.<, 7:.' Suimaer, and 

l\0 \Va.~lii!!^t<)n 
Ford John G. Mrs. 51 Temple pi. 
/ILAZIEK GEO. M. 8L Sunl- 
it RlVwOLT) I). C. & CO. 104 
^ and I'JI Devonshire 
Hixil M. C. -t Co. '.!.< Devonshire 
\^' E t F W. J. Mus. 17 U- inter 

Tumey P^. M. Miss, sV* Hanover 
Youu^; A. K. & Co. sr summer 

Hop l*i'esi»ei's. 

J)OLE BROS. iJBiaokstone 


Clflup G. Vf'. hv) Commercial 
J)OLE BROS. 1-' Black.^tone 

G.-eeu A. ?. ("i^cnt). l-."> Lincoln 
Jone,-, F. W., a,^'iit. .5 S. Markut 
pL-nnock .v An.lre^*;?. 4 So. Market 
Pratt Ijuc. jr. \M .^[.lk 
Wilson B. O. -t: G. C. : I Central 

Horse Clippers. 

Grimes & McKenzic.r. ."4 Chardon 
Morrisev i Haves, I'.H Dort'i ave. 
Pren lerjast, Oouahue, i Co. 54 

Horse Clothina:. 

(JHASE L. C. & CO. ;;s Sudbury 

F.ureka Ventilating Horse Cover 

Co. 4 0:is 
pRENCH & COFFIN, 59 Milk 

Trott Ciiarles H. '.o Sudbury 

Horne Collar .'♦la nuts* 

Bui-tiu %Vm. H. ■-'".■; Cuiubridge 
K.l,t.'i.ra E, P. T'.i SudDury 
K..r-i; J:i!.i.-. 111.; -Water Kirhard, Si Fnt-nd 
M'lri .iv Thomas, 411 Federal 
iVrry 0. tw Kilby 

K- ardun Maurice, "-■; Sudbury 
W'.udicy F. S. no> Treiaont 

llorse-Shoe Xalls. 

Evans E., Wordswurth, cur. Ben- 

Evaii^ Wm. (iuanuf".> 4';i Chelsea 
\\ AV i CO. 1 Broud (sec inside 
;;-^ b,ckc.,ver) 

1 utnaiii >. S. vv Co.. El io-i^on, opp. 
Wahiiir, ward Hi . roi-r 1) 

Horse Shoers. 

(."i-.t; <t'.>y l>l<lc.'.<ini/h.'.) 
Brack, tt A. D. .>-' Shawiuut ave. 
Brewster J. A. 'jr iSowker 
Urid.;e> C. A. Nl S- cm, 1 
t.""r6e'.t (Jeo. W. -Jh Trvmont 
C.iuillird X Curry, ifi Northamp- 

t-m T.. Bumscead ct. and foot 

<tC host nut 
l> ' M-rty Ed^rard, |l^i Cliarlestown 
D iicsan John, Nepon'et avenue, 

> "^'.,- Brother*. KJ Chardon 

Folev W. C. .V) Charlestown 
<;oo,Uin R. ll.y.r HaverhiU 
(ilruv i: I'.vard, J'l." C'au^c'way 
ll'i^ertv John, D^ircli. ave. near 

CoMi'i, w;.rd ii; 
Haley (Jeor-e W. 14S Poach 
Hardv Win. 4o 1 Dorclie-ter ave. 
Haitiz'Ui .\. 4'.i4 Ha ri-on avenue 
Hill. I. .M..S N..rtti Anderson 
.Maimins J. 10 Swan 
MoBarrou Michael, jr. >JiA Harri- 
son avp. 
Ar.H.I.skv I). A. 4) Sumner, E.B. 
Mclntire'i (iamaL'e, -Jl > Friend 
McKeuney J). !•; De'-atur 
Miirphv I'atrick, .>") Emerald 
O'SulliVau Dennis F., Albany, C. 

E. Canton 
Sands Theodore C. l.^') Tvler 
'■PHOMAS JOHN, .50 Eiistis 

Turner .Michael, F, cor. Athens 
Very i Co. -'i.' Pitts 

Horse Shoes. 

Cornish J. !•_' People's Ferry ave. 

YI AV & CO. 1 Broad, cor. State 
"-^^ (see inside back cover) 
Hortleulttiral Engineer. 
W^HITELEY E. 5'Ji6lChar!es- 
' ' town 

Horticultural and Seed 

WASHBURN .-c CO. 100 Tre- 
^yELES B. T. 3 Hawley 


(.'O. -.N Milk 
pOYD J AS. i SONS, 27 Mer- 
^ chants' row 

B RAMAN, JjOW, & CO. ;> and 
4 llavniiirket isiuare 
C-iLAPP, L\' ANS, & CO. 2S Sum- 
^ mcr (ruober and leather, see 

n LARK JOHN, .50 Congress 

f 1LAESSENS F. W. 179 Wash. 

^ (linen, see front colored pjge) 

Union (also ooupliiii^s) 
'■•■ Devonshire (see naize (J'.W^ 
Goodwin E. Stone, or Water 
-^^ -MANUF. CO. F. W. CI les- 
sen:*, treas. 17^ Wash- ( ;ee 
fro>it eohiieii page) 
CTONE HENRY N*. V'r' Coni'l 
^ (ru'iher and linen, .see p. •i:^''> 
Wi^^^'-VLL HENRY M. oU 
** Ci>ni:re^s (lintu, leather, and 

Hose CoiipJinas. 

(JLARK JOHN. M Congress 

CTON1-; HENRY N. l."i Com- 

'--' niercial (see pa,'e O'Jo) 

Huse IMpe. 

( With intent sivivcl handks) 
/'1LARK JuHN, 50 Congress 

CTONE HENRY N. r,l Com- 
^ mereial (see page ti'Sj) 

Hose l^ipes and Coup- 

Chirdon (see paae 04,-)) 
*^ i^see page b'.'-'i) 

Hosiery and Oloves. 

Real S. G. .«^ Co. •> Otis 

Brown Jus. W. & Co. l'O Chauncy 

Bn.wn I). S. & Co. J4 Miik 

Burr, Titlt. \ Co. 70 Franklin 

Ch impuey Bros, i Co. l.iO Devon- 

Cliristiaii T. & Co. 12 Arch 
/H.aPP W.M. & CO. .:..'. Temple 
^ phice 

CuHEN S. ,<£ CO. '."^.^ and 2.". 
^ uiul 11 ChuMiicy 
Cotter J. dm, lt»J Summer 
Ci.ok.r \. B. .^ OiiJ 
l;ve!i-tt E. D. 'J.^; Hanover 
Fort)es, Richard.sou, i Co. i'J Suni- 

Garduer, .Mackintire, & Co. 41) 

( ' LA/.IER OEtl. .M. ^d Summer 

fiRlSWOLI) I). C. k CO. KM 

^ and ir-; D.vonshire 

n ROSS <: S TRAL'SS. 3:;i and 

^-^ ::j.; Wushinirtt.n 

H.mmI M.C. k C". '<• Devonshire 

Howard J. .\. 40 Winter 

Lewis. Brown, .<c Co. 44 Summer 

r oVEir (;eo. w. .^^ co. s 

■*■'' luid 10 Winter 

Marsh I). F. !.'> h 

Mason, 1 ucker, i Co. \W Devon- 

Suliobury & Adams, .14 Chauacy 
Saxton i: Carr, :j.S Chauncv 
'J'ufts Quiiicy, .;.; Wen: 
Walker Joseph Jt Co. fil Devoi»- 

Hosiery .>f aniirs* 

Busiel L. F. :>4 Franklin 
Uatcli I. A. & Co. IS Kin-ston 

Hot Air Knuiaes.. 

q^RIPP A. W. l.;7 South 


Adnms, .^71 Wash., I). ChamberllQ 
Albion. Bt;aci.«n. cor. Tremont 
A M E RICA N, M 1 Uuover, L. 
-^ Rice & Son 
Andersoji House, 4.3 Essex, and 5 

Harrison ave. 
Arcade Hotel, 11 Pitts. Mrs. A 

Avenue Hotel, l.'U Doreh. avenue, 

Thomas Leavitt 
Avon Uouso, 13 Avon, Frederick 

UARBIER J. B. U. 10 1Iavw.»rd: 
^^ place 

Barton House, 89 Lowell, N. Dftan 
Ben Franklin, 4 Sewali pi. Joha. 

Blue Bonnet, 5 Sowall place, Wm. 

G. Dobbin 
Boston. Harrison ave., cor. Beach, 

"VV. M. Pray 
Canipb. 11 House. G Wilson lane, 

Campbell & Coverlv 
Carney's Hotel, 7<;j Wasiungton, 

S. P. Humphrey 
Centi-al, 'J Brattle sq., Vt'm. li. 

Central House, 4 Central sq.,E.B., 

AViu. Austin 
(JIT Y, 55 B.-attle, Gray & lieU 

Clarendon House, ci'i Tremont, 

Ga^'Ci Co. 
Commercial, ,54 Causeway, C. F. 

Clark & Co. 
Conununwealth, nil Washington 
Continental House, in;; and IC* 

Causeway, Matthews i Brock 
Coolldi^e, Bowdoin sq., S.iiuuel B^ 

Creiu'litiju House. 24.5 Tremnot, 

Ba!ch^v Bie knell 
De Duard Hotel, 7iC T.emont. 

I'ranz Euard 
J)E1CHERT JOHN J. :r. Essex 

DERBY. G. H. Kent. 25 Cam- 
Easie. Lewis, c. I'ulton, N'. Possey 
Ea-le H..ttl.>S Portland, J. Woodj 
i:rs.kiiic Hou^e, 1011 Washinaton, 

Parsons i Stoddard 
Essex Hou=e, hi Es^jx, D. J. 

Evans House, 175 Tremcjnt, Howe 

& Elmer 
Everett House, Wash. c. Camden, 

E. W. Bi.,'elow 
Fenno liuuue, 40 Proviiice.,.T. IL 

Florence House, 20 Howard, J. "W. 

Fourth NS'ard'IIouje. 14 Pitts, M. 

Franklin. 21 North, Charles Lich- 

Glend.m H-mso. 4rd Chels,?a, E. 

B., Bvnj. Wain\Mi.,d.t;:e, .Tj Eiiot, Geo. G. 

Batch.!.. r, 1 Corn court 
I I AK\ AKD HOU-E, 10 Har- 
-•-*- vard, M. HuinpiuLV 
Havward's KiucLuid, or. South, 

j: H. Whittei.ii)re 
Honne.ev. ;)l and U'5 Sufloik. D. 

C. IKluieSeV 
Ili-hbiid Hou.^e. 2117 Washics- 

t..n, C;eo. White 
Hope. 2; North. Warren Ide 
Hotel B. Uevue. 17 Beacon, Dr. 

DJ(; L:wi^ 

Hot'l Boslsttin, Bovlntou, corner 



»i- lUc )*;ile i>t' 

FIXTURES, „.^"'""" 

hiii:;toii Street. ISosioii, 
ItJl.L.l.Vi-'"* ^1: t t>.,atl*i\v j.i Kes, 




Jlyt, lit — continiu d. 
Ilftel H'jilf''r>l, I'uiou Turk st., 

neivr Alii-.i'iv 
n«>t»l i- !..r«;tn-.«, AVajh. C. FliirtncR 
H.,t.l(l.- tr;i"Lf, !•; LaOniTi.'e 
\i'>\v\ \\"MnH<>\\. L-Tncr C'l^miiion- 

^(.-ultli avi-, and (.'IniH'iiiii^n 
llottl Kr-npt^-n, Berkeley, cor. 

llotil IMiiar.i, Hi'vljton.cur, I rp- 

iiinnr, «'. >;iwli rt 
H..te! Nan l•.c!^!>t•l^.pr, "JIW Trr- 

* iti.-tcn, \t. i\. Kvich;utlt 
JefliT-"ii. )■- "V. rth. M. J. F!at!tT 
Jl.'Nt ! H'.N !loV>E. ,'/.' .^Iiir-ri- 


a:,», t:. li.,1). 1. 

I.uin-a?t« r 'Th«), "^Va?h. cor. E, 
Linc'l" llDttl, Thos. gunndere, 

Lowi'll Ho'i-e, 1^7 Canse^vay, H. 

lIuriMT. Hr.u.e. 11 North ?q. 
11 AKLIH.'U(_> -':i7 Washiiitrton, 
•**-*• Unt.ortj 3c Cr.ampiin 
M.irsha',1, 1'-' Mar:hun, J. "Wnds- 

llQ/oaLhii=.-t!i. Endicott, cnrner 

Cr<:,-H, K.-vi Ui.-.cil.jr. 
JIa.>isa«'.it H I'j-e. c' Hyward, Mrs. 

M. A. Ilnnsc-jni 
lIttVfri>.-k H. ;'^->", -4 Miiverifk sq., 

E. B.. John A. I'arks.ncent 
Mechuniv's nous's, ^i Portiand, 

John Hni',''"m 
Mcn/elV il'ottU v." S'-imnier 
WercViants Kxchange, jT and .">;» 

I'orthiiid, John Uarvey, manazer 
Merchuiits', l.'- Change iive., S. W. 

Meridian, 13 Meridian, J. 

\V. Thvir.j.^.;!! 
Mcrrill'i Il'.tei, 44 Portland, O, C. 

MfrrUl !. Co. 
llerriiDac, 3icrritiiac, cor. Frieud, 

G. W. ^lackpole 
National, Blackstone, cor. Cr'i.'<s, 

Oliver yitacpole 
:New Knaland, Clinton, tor. blnck- 

Btone, LuiJibtirt Mayi>.ird 
Jfepons' t House, ^'cponst•t ave., 

opposite Miuot, vrard h'>, Nathan 

Neptune Hotel, 1 North sqi:are, P. 

Sorfolk, l-:iiot eq., Chae. A. Joces 
■Old Colony, Kueeiand, cor, South 
Park Huu-e, 7 Central court, 

■VVm. 1). Park 

FA»nKV:i;, ">6chcol, n. D. Par- 
kvr .^ Co. 
PAKK.-^ UlU'SE, I^ ^VaJlh., si. 
^ T. lio\ !it'-n 
Pavilion, -T Tremont, II. P". Gord- 

Pf;Urs. 1", Pka.-;rit, >Vin. Pfuff 
Phillips House, V'l Sudburv, A. G. 

■Provid'.T.ce House, 149 Pka:?unt, 

Nichols H T.ine 
Priivsnce Uo'j'0. 1 Provinic fourt, 

Oscur I'. L«>-.\vitt 
tiuiiicy, 1 »'r.\tt!e -a., A. I. otic? 
Kailn.rd H. '..■!, lui Lowell. £. N- 

Revert'. !$o-.rd'^;n square, cor. B'll- 

tiiuh. W'.thcrbee, Chatiin, -^ Cu. 
Rink i;xihaii.jc,i'i7 Trtliit,, Peter 


^ Hun,)ver, W. K. Rnturt-.n 
Rt)bHf.y Hoi;^, ?»! PottLuul, hd- 

win tii3. !; 
P.ockl.'»nd House, M. "Wilmot 
Ku.shv Hutel, :•; Knetiaiid.Janrjs 

Kyen- a Hoxite. 174 Prieud. S. 

J<ail<)r?' H":iie. '',• Piircha'^c 
5tar5 H' ii-e, ; :ind 4 Ct<urt ave. 

W. \. iv-n:!;-e 
S-.lfcvn 11 i-i-, -Ji' Harrison a^e., 

.M.^rri.' .V C". 
^wall }( i v. '; Sewall place, 

H( nry ^i', ; ; 'U 
Slia'.viruit 1). !-!. '7s >haw[r,ut 

nveoii''. v'.'-in irair' anV? 
f«ht-a< Hotel, ■; ) Pl'-t, J. 1). u J. 

Sheridan Hoi;".-, ;J7 and •;' Grt^rj, 

Oaniel V.'. I l.n- 
Sh.Tinan 11 v^se. C>f<irtsq., n K.;!! 
bneirs li,>:el. H7 Pieasaut, W. A. 

S-iuantutn llousf, 11 Portlund, J. 

Xt. Clai--. ■^-* a:iJ :A Howard 
tU. ClouJ, Tremt, opp. I'nion Park 

St. Den.nis H<-(el. T4Jl Wu-li. 

y,'r. .'■";i,Mu n<ii;-E. jt Boyis- 

^ t"n, C. K. B. Kd'^.-rty 

St. G-v.r<<«, ly Hownrd, Bil!intrs& 

St. J:llnl.•^ Franklin a<iuare, 11. S. 

C,uck'v\ Son 
Steuiiib.iut House, loj Broad, C. 

T. Wtym'.utli 
SJraiw.ri' HnriH , :>tr.ri-!iial. cor. 

HaM.vs. K. B., Tho... l.arkiu 
SuHmIk H'.;isv, ;;7 and .'iH Green, 

.Mi-h,ud l,.-vrk 
vlLM.MKll ST. H<>{\-iF, I'd 
"^ Summer. J. Uui-m 
T:ivl'r H'.u^e, .\v!il>urton, cor. 

.-ioinerver, A. Tavl^r 
Ternp!- H(i'i-.>,,1 ■Sn<\ 9 Bow Join 

s-i., K. B.I'i, re- 
Thavcr s, Vi'a-luiicton, n. Bridee, 

■»d. If., Warren rf. Thnver 
Thistle Houfe, m Portland, Mrs. 

John Cainemn 
Trainer's H^.tel, Mdl T^'a.shin-jton, 

and n:5 Dover, "VV. Trainer, jr. 
Treinont, TicTiiont, cor. Beacon, 

Wetherbee. Chaiiin, .'i Co. 
TTNn'EU JiTAl'Ki, B-inh, cur. 
^ Lincoln, Burnes :<: Bu':k 
"VV A P. WICK HOT SE. ]0'j!3 
'^' "SVcishinston, R. X. St:irt 
VV-'^-'UlNi, ruN lloCSC, 15 
7 Hou-ird.S. S. Kimball 
"VS'eb^i'er House, :>yJ: Hanover, 

Frank S. Brockway 
"VVel'-sUr, 1« Sumner, J. G. Chan- 
W'lJ.DE'S, 4'3 E'm.Gray, Bell, & 

Williams House, 37 Albany, G. B. 

Winter House, 1 Winter place, J. 

G, Hill 
Wsnthrop House, 3-1 Bo-yrdoin, 

John H. Giout 
Youiit;V Hotel, Court eve., George 


lloteH Checks, 
•^OBBINd JOHN, 42 Kneeiand 

Mouse-Furnlhhinsr Arti- 

Adams O. & Sons. 7D to >'7 Broad- 

BridLreman A Fenbody, 8 Paneiiil 

Hall s^unr"^ 
T3R0MW1CUC. M., m:} Broad- 

Chace J. IC S Warren ave. 
Chase & Sterling?, '.;;'.". HiinoveT 
Coi)urn ^'ilas i^. 2 Ciuater 
Conrad li. l:iU7 Tremont 
Uavis S. G. Jt Co. '.'4 Uiaehstoue 
iJiiismoie .1. li"^'* Hanover 
FerdmniMi F. ITT' Broadway 
F'snlinand A Co. l'<7i; Washinsion 
J^Ki^NCH ABP.AM.*i CO. VA & 
-*■ IJ^JMilk 
Gill J. .M, :; und 5 >ya2hii>gtoii 

Grtt-ne P. J. .^i I'l Hm);>ver 
Hutch N. M. -77 Wasliineton 
I j AYNES JAMES G. -.{4 liarri- 
-*--'- son •.:■ i.Miue 

rriLDUElMl He JOHNSON, <i7 
^J- i;!u.-k-:ton? 

.Irnkins Jan>e3 1). li>'} Tn inont 
j INCOTN .V iH>l'Kt:.vON. 2,> 
•*-* and llj Fancuil H;i!l soitare 
XIAS'tN GEO. H. 1,-4 Blatk- 
■^'-^ sfjue 
"^|OKAN!)I F. 01 and«3 Vnion 

M'^rri" .'^urah. 11S4 Tremont 
Morrison F. C. J'M Wiushinirton 
Murrny.?. A. l-U Caru'rid-e 
.'sV-iUon Wt.i. .\. .M'J Wa-<hinfrton 
N'Tve. K>UvaTd W, n Co. ' l-^.'7 


O'.:ood .M. K. !::■.' Dudliv 
pAl.MEK St CO. 174j"Wrf3hln^'- 
^ ton 

Pardons C. W. 19 Iv-rUand 
Phinney A Co. IJ (iri-n 
Prince .'(c Ihv.'hes, V.dH Washin^tfin 
Spf/arJ"b<i ".(. '.■.v; Tr^mont 
<TEA»!NS N. C. !-J to 1.-^ Br-im- 
^ tieid ti!!\p<'rti.'r, .<ef pa",:f MC't 
Taylor Siiu»f,n N. L' and t" Wurren 
W.nloinn \Nm. B, il;.; W:i-h. 
U'Al.KEll F. A. .\ CO. .%< k 
' .--i Cor;ihill, and \i .«.; i<. Brattle 
Wutenmin i urr.isisin;- .Ssore, 11 

and l.l E-?ex 
^Viiliait^s F. G. .♦< C... 7! Pnion 
Wri^i.t lihi?. bi^d \Va-i,i.,-toii 

Xloime Saiiii. 
jJAVIS JOHN A. -r:'. Federal 

J I ONAUf) C. * SON.'^, oiX) 

Hyatt l.lclit. 

I I AM E. .\r. l.-^i Portland C.^^f 
^-* pa-e7a;) 


i|Ui)i)i,i:si ON J. s. F. 't 

^^ W'ashi)vp!..n 

^lEFEKT CHA9. A. 70 WnMi- 

^ inpton 

lljtjlt'iije 'ri-enluieiit. 

'■JprCK E. W. .\1KS. -J] Winter 

Ice Crtrsxni, 

Bo'tOTi Ice CrciiXii Co. :• Spri.n? 


^ DF.rOT, r.\ iiamilton place. 
Baker .t Watjon, props. 

Ice Ci'csim Fi'oesscr!*, 

■\riI.ES THOS. .^ BUO.. Ihila.. 
■^'-l- FoK-, Hayward, & Co. ai-t«. 

'.h; Sudbury 
TVTALKEK F. A. & CO.n" and 
' * no Cornhill, and \) i H Brattle 

ice 3[>e"alersi. 

gOSTON ICE CO. ini State 

Brijjht H. O. .t .L J. ;.0 Slate 
(nilZEN-S ICE CO. lii) North 
^ Market 

City Ice Co. !) .Merchants row 
Gaee Adilijon i Co. (i* hulesale), 

iL'.s State 
^*- (see i>:iv'e K44) 
Kenebec 4 Bpston Ice Co., II. W. 

Goodwin, air^nt, :d Commercial 
King M. A. & Co., Neponset ave. 

opposite Adarns, vd. Ifi 
Pierce «: Hall, !•> State 
PrvBiott A I'ahner, Palmer, comer 

Eted .\ Bartlett. f*!) State 
Russell Chax. ,:(; Broad 
Stoddard & Co. r;i) .Marcella 
Union Ice Co. .'Jl Commercial yrhi'. 

Indelible lute Maiiuf. 

Q.OKHAM WM. B. 12 School 

^ ;iil H.nll s<\. I'see pnee o'ri) 
JACOBS GEO. 151 Washington 

DOWERS J. II. & CO. 5 Pearl SI. 
■*■ House 

Indlit Kul>l>er Ooodi*. 

(&ie al-^ RvJjber Goo'L^.) 

4<5 Water 
(1LAPP, EVANS. & CO. ->-7 
^ Summer (■ JO c pn','e *Jl"») 

■^ 't'7 Devonshire (see pase C'J^) 

B.ith (niarkinir) 

Child R. 1). ,7 Milk (copyinc) 
lAONAl.U W.C. i CO. I'JMilk 
^ (priiiiinjc) 

^ W O R K s, 3UJKRIEL ■>:; 
WINSLOW, props. & manu- 
I'acturtrs prin tins,' ink, 11 Wa- 
ter (?ei' jiace •■■):i') 
Fl:>33 J. Hei.rv.ol Water 
HaU.'<c .Muse.-";.; I'itts 
llauthaway C. E. .V Sons, 3 ai d ;> 

Howe Manlev, ."7t; Broariwav 
Lewis S. R. '.d W. Spriiit'iefd 
r OCKE J. S. i C<,». ;:4 and i: 
-L* Cornb.iH 

MAVNAUD &i NOYES, 7oand 
77 Water 
VEILSON GEOr.GE, ;;- Wa>h- 
•^ Ina'ton, rooni 11 (mmi 'it. black 

and colored) 
Pettcngill S. .M.ii Co. 10 >Lile 

Inner Sole**, llecU, »!.'<■. 

Allen M. T. V Bowkcr 
Andrew* Jolm S.."4Ehn 
B.dch-'r O. F. 41 Hi_-h 
Cha'uberliii .v. lo:, Haverhill 
Dunham E. U. 4 Biuckstone 
Ed.>.nn a Co. l;;-.' IVarl 
Flint * ClKtur, lin* dish 
j,M(i<; W.M. ■..7 and ;",; Bevi-rly 

H.irain:.'John, W! i nlr..n 
Hurdin:,' Tlioiiius, Icr Fulton 
Liiitcott D. H. H Haw kino 

Gas-Pipes ''1^^:^^:'^ 


oiiucctt'it uJ •.lioit iMttaco. 
.U. lil4M>r.l.%<;i,s ^V; 1 O., 

M uitficM John F, 21'.» North 
M.liitvreO. E. '■'■' BfV.Tly 
M>-l.iiu;Jiliii Htnry & Co. 107 

Virholi, I-ove)oy, & Co. 1(V5 Tearl 
<j,wyer II. E- tii Uoverly 
ln««lveiicy, Cominls- 

fclOUCI'!* of. 

Uh' Willi.. ,n W . 14 'rr.iiir.nt 
CiNilUlu'c David i£. 3-' iVnibert«i 

WillanlJascph, Xilcs block 


O.iv-is Clin9. C. I Cominor! whf- 
Il;.t.'li Kihv.l. 1 Coiiiirien:i:il whf. 
K.'iinov Jolin, 1 Cinniiierciul whf, 
Tcwkibury A. R. 1 Cotninl whf, 

Ue^f 8f I'ork, 
Pitman J. H. 2.5 Ferry 
Riirnham. Andrew. A\ Mavrick 
Hill Increase S. 4-'i Maverick, flB. 

Ftsk. M. 2T wharf 
C')!(,- U'iii:;I.jw, Fort Hill wharf 
Fneinan K. & Co.. Snow's wf. 
tireeii .foj-eph ^V. 41 Long wharf 
.Mann N. P. IS4 Broud 
Nickcrs<in K. k Co. 7 Commerce 
Parker Geo. O., ILirris wharf, foot 

Tracy Christoplier, 8.' Commercial 
Wilde Asa, l-<<i .State 
Youug K. S. Ti Commercial 

Gas and .Utters. 
Stimpson F. E. 313 Washington 

Barnes Israel >I. 120 Canal 
Innian Wm. R.,Orleaus, cor. Mar- 
ginal, E. B. 
LiVermore Samuel B. 129 Comm'l 

Pelrson A. L. 10 Lewis wharf 

Ilodgdon Geo. C. IW High 

Candnge R. G. F. 1" Merchants 

Crowell N. ir. & Co. 30 Commer- 
cial wharf 
Davis Ebenezer, ir Merchants 

Dcvereiix .John, 103 .State 
Ptarce S. S. 21 Commercial 

Faxon Henry, at City Hall 


SItans R. F. 6 Custom House st. 

Pot and I'earl A.~hes, 
(JOOK M. D. 2(;; Causeway 


Chcsl.-y F., India, opp. Custom 
House ft. 

Cleaves Natlianitl & Son. 3 Cen- 
tral wharf 

Davis R. .S. 11 Central wharf 

O'Malley M. 11 Central whaif 


Burnhum Andrew, 43 Maverick 

. Hill Increase S. 43 Maverick, E.B. 

Bemis Emery, 7 India wharf 



312 Wa-shin^ton (see page t;;»l) 

(H)nMAN & .•SHURTLKFF, 13 

and l."i Treiii..nt ( si^e r) i-e isn'.M 

W'HIIE SAMIKL <. 13 and l*i 

Trcniont row (see page 071) 

pKoST i ADAMS, .3.3 and -35 

<-..n.hill(sce pn:!e ^04^ 
(l<i!»'>NOW i WIGHTMAN, 
^ -'JCornhill 

I [ALL THOMA.S. K> Bromfield 


|i/..t Court (see pajrecro) 

M<uhrmnticitl and Oifi^-al. 
U'>>r<'.V Ol'IK'AL WOHKS, 
•*♦ ( liurh's S:.,.l.lrr,a_'.-nt,t.';Milk 
piXiiKK I.itl IS, l.iO ComnuT- 

17 HOST Jt .\I)A.\IS, ,V! and 3.5 

•^ Coridiill (-ee pa-e r(>4) 
AptoDV ,1. i;. between Walnut 
-^^ •.n„lTt.vl,.r.(.pp.,U.pot, ward 

Ii;. I'. () ii.l'ire-., Xcpoiisft 
TTPiLVM T1I(J.\I.\S A. 17 Hur- 
*^ v>.rd pi. (M.ep,..L- .>;.') 
WidditieidA Co. 34 West 

.Hathcinnticid awl Xaittical, al^ 

Uo.ks and Charts. 
r-incoln F. W. jr. & Co. K-fi Com'l 
Thaxter Samuel Sc Son, l2o State 

Watts Joseph, <j Wa.shington 

rniAMBERL.MXH. B. .«. W. O. 

^ .•;i2 Wash, (see pacre ir'l) 
piXtiEU LOUIS, l;i> Comnier- 

J-£a'lL THOMAS, 19 Bromfield 

JJi AMMETT J. L. 37 Brattle 

nrni)i,EsroN^ j. s." f. ;x; 
Lowe X. M. 103 Court (hvgrodeik) 
R.niiiiaton W. H. 17.;j Wjish. 
Ritchie E. S. .^ Son-;, l.>0 Tremout 
<U:FEI;TCHAS. a. 70 Wash- 
'^ in-ton 

^ vard pi. (see page <a;2j 

Surgical and Di^nlal. 

^ and l.> TremcHit tsee paire iW'j) 
■L* place 

Ty HITE S. S. 13 and 1(] Tremont 
' ' row (see page 071) 

Anders G. I/. 40 Hanover 
j[j[ALL THOMAS, I'J Bromfield 

' ^ IW Court (fee pa;e 1170) 

Iiisurnnce ^Vgfeiits. 

Abbe .Tames E. .> Pemberton sq. 

Ailen H. F. 23 Water 

Allen John W. :'.', School 

Allen W. S. tj Wi.uhrop block, E. 

B., (life) 
Allen >^- Lord. 37 State 
Barker F.lmund P. lot", Wash. 

BARXFS .t CARTER, ol Water 
and .-7 Con-re^:^ 
Bartlett Henry S. 17;> Wash. 
Bean Jacoli. pjil TremoiU 
TJEATTIE WM. A. (L' Consrose 

"gEECHER LYMAX, .5 State 

Boanlnian Cha.<». H. l')2 Wash. 
T>OSTWICIv E. W. aii Wubh. 
-L* (Berkshire Lit<0 
Bovdeii Warren. 173 Wash. 
Bradfor.i i Fol^'. r, .in State 
Bradlev Joseph, 1.3 Libertv s<(. 
UllEWLR CYRUS, +1 Conu'ress 
^^ room 3 
Briard Oliver, basement Old State 

Bri'ltiam .Mos.s B. !«•; Wash. 
I^KiiWX FRED. A. 13 Brom- 

Browa 1. J. .5 Devonsliire 

Hri.wii Jchn X. .31 Devonshire 

1^ KOWX W. H. 40 Con-re3.-i 

Br.ivvne Theodore L. 14 Sears 

TM U I r: U fi liOTH EKS, 42 

^^ !».■.. I. ^.-.ire, r.>st buildini? 
]>l .M^ 1 iOAl) JOliX, 173 Wa.^11. 

Hor:.- Lor.n/o.iS Devon.'=hire 
ijUliOESS JAMKS Wu^h. 

I^URMIAM L. W. !o*; Wash. 

P.utttrfield J. l.'i) Tremout 

Callihan Cornelius H. 46 State 

and 14S F 
Carter ('. W. DI W-.^hi o-ton 
(JII\1'M\X A. F. X.J Wash. 

Cherrn.!.'n,n I.. J. lU Wash. 

( lie-t. :- ().<--]ir. ;i-; W-.i^i, 
CliihN 1). W. :.i W»>hin?ton 
(ILAI'P JOHX C. 17 Sears build- 

Clapp oti^^, 3 Albion buildinfr, 

C..thn G. Wintlirop, 4 Merchant's 

Coniey'c.'H. 17.3 
Comey H. H. 17;! Wa.^h. 
Conipton P. J. 1.') Coiitrress 
Cojieland Chas. F. -jfS Devonshire 
Corbey Jolui, tiuincy House 
Corkina ('harle.s R. ■.'•_• School 
Cotton J. Wurren, IJI Wash. 
Cram L. W. I.i State 
Crane W. C. 4l' Devonshire 
Croiiipton P.J. 1.-; ('(m•_,'res.^ 
Cushin;: S. jr. \<1 Wash. 
7)ALlO.N' & BAXCROFT. 3 
-^^ Kilbv 

Daniell J. X'. 70 Washington 
Dariii^' Henry A. c, Stute 
J^AKLIXG il. E. i;7 State 

Dix Geo. Ii. 74 Washmcton 
jJOBSOX'L F.4(J State 

iJoUman J. 140 Wash. 
T)OW KDWTX B. & CO. 49 
■^ D. voiwlnre, cor. Water 
noWXlXG O. E, 40 School 

ro. iru •■; 
Durland J. Henrv, «» Wasli. 
Dyer C. W. lOo \\ ashincton 
Eaton Geoffre £. luj Wash, (tire) 
pATOX E. A. 1 Pemberton sq. 


t?veiU:tt a- peirce .«t c. ii. 

^ FROTlirXGHA.M, \r,\ Wash. 

Faunce Geo. H. -J'J Guild row 


^ School (life) 


•^ ter(iite) 

Vh E T C H E R JO 11 X'^ W. v- 

-■• S.hool 

POSS F. J. O.Ji Wash. (Berkshire 

^ Lite) 

Foster Xuthaniel, jr. 5 Devonsliire 
(tire and marine) 

Foster .t Col.', 1 J Devonsliire 

Fox .larob, I Peii.berton sq. 

Freenmn Horace V. & Co. ;.'3 Wa- 

Frothinsham W. H. S.(;r) Wash. 

Fuller Georpre A. .3(1 Kilby 

Fullerton Ciias. J. S Coniriess sq. 

G.immnns (). X. 17l' Wash. 

(;A\l\Vi;LL E. A. 'j:,y. Wash. 

'-^ .lite) 

Gannett Wm. P. 1.5 State 

Gerry Cluis. F. 14 and 15 Sear? 

Good I 

p,ELL & CHAPIX. 121 Wash- ( 

^^ insrton (sec pa^'e did) 
Bird .V Whittemore, .".<; Wash. 
ULAX-KY D. H. 3 Winthrop 
^ bl.K'k. Maverick sq. E. R 

1 Janie.-^ .<t Co. (I Conjresa 
D.nn.-I.s; W.ish., r::;4 
iX (iUOHtJE W.t .Mer- 

G..uld Jr<<e .>t Swnv..;<i D..v.,„Mure 

/ ' ril.D W. HEXRY,1:.«J Wush- 

^^ in-ti'n 

Hall .V. E.Ol Wiishin-ton 

II.^LL EDWIX A. iU Wash. 

J-*- (hte) 

H lil F. H. & .<on. 40 Coiigrcss 

jrAXSOXi BOXNEY, :.'/ State 

Hardin- Wni. B. PW Doreh. ave. 
Hive< II. V. 14 K.xchaoi:e 
||i:Ain.EV v. C. ioj Wubhing- 

Hi/.-ni-in W. C. 22 Devonihire 

I jOAG (i. C..C CO. .d Old State 

-•■•- II,. use 

Hobiirt Arthur Wm. 02 State 

Ih.ltt J. B.v:; Wush.(life) 

I lOI.DFX C. W. & CO. 102 

^^ W,i.Uinl4ton 

Jp'LUS F. P. Vij Kilby 

Hilman E. ".-i Devonsliire 
Ilr.linim Ii. W.:;s Devon.shire 
J-J^OMFK CHAS. S. 3 School 

H.Mich W. Irviiis?, -.ii State 

T r u \- FY .'c KEN \« ), rravellcr 

-*'- buildii:-. ■•.1 >tate 

Howe C. .\L.;.: Bromtield 

ll.>»e Ja. .\U.irrav. ;t.' State 

J jl rCHIXGS W. v., a Kilby 

|[YDF .t SMITH, IS Sears bid?. 

Jacks<.>n .t .Mu/:zey,4) Killiy 

Bronzes, Clocks, Vases, ^-^Ifc'.V^l'iV^^IL"; 

us, .Vc. :JG1> \V;c4hinutu» 
it. llOKI.lNCi.S »V CO. 



Iii^iirnuC': .t^rntu — corttinvi il. 
Jennev Win. 1'. > I1ov.>ii,I\iri' 

Jor.hin A. S. rmVn^h. 

Jordan. I.ovott. A Co. 11 ?»tate 

Jordan W. 11. S. TiJ Wash. 

Jos,clvn S. 1« .Staff 

L-KI'IH WM. F. t*' Wa.shiii-- 

'^ t-ii Geo. I P.iiil>#rton "q. 

K.nn.av T. C •: \N ii:M,ro|) hl„(k 

Jyj^IlAJOKK J. M. .<. (M>. :;.) KlWry 

Kimliili Sipfuiel,-'! Exchani'e 
^ 1N(.'^. .' State 
T ANK CHA.S. E. A<) Devonshire 

T ETTS CHAS>. 7 Studio buiUl- 

-; -*^ ini; 

', Lewis E. Frauk. \7.\ Wash. 

I Libhey N7. H. V'i Bn-adu-ay 

1^ Little, Knight, i Co. 51 Water, 
room 4.' 

\y y ONG E.J. A CO. 70 Stale ^lifo 

■^ ^-^ and rire» 

L<>riii2 Wni. M. 2 OI'J State llou^ 
Loriii:; i I.O'»an, s:^ Court 
Loriiif; .* Cl.irk. 1'. Kiliiy 
Lovtst II. U. I'jJ WusUiiiirtou 

L(> W E i COLL1X.S, V.y> 
LYOX i .VASON. 15 State (L:ei\- 
eralujents Mat. B«i)cfit I>ife 
Ins. Co.i 
Mandell W. A. 1 IVnibertnn sq. 
^I AUSII FUANCISJy..;; "school 

Marsh Stiliman P. )S Old State 

May nurd S. B. 31 Wash. 
McCov Geo. M.:.> Wir^h. 
Melntire Farrinc;t.>n, H State 
Jf^iid Charles aT l''5! Treinont 
Meri'ir Kdwiii.J Coni.'re!-.s 
■^^^ V) state 

Jliller Wni. N. 14 Soar? hiiildin::: 
■*■ Waah. and 1'! Guild row 
Niles, l)e Mcritte.St Co. Ji'ii Huno'r 
Niver J. Barton, •.iiStai> bnilcling 
Norris 1). 11. 17; \Va..!in>-t..n 
Norri> W. 1£. ^ C^mffress s'luare 
Olivi-r S. C. 1 l\'i;)bt^^r!oi> s<juare 
/JSBOKXE. U. 1 I'einbertnn .-(I. 


pAEMEH H. M. lU WasViinston 

Parsons John, jr. t Heinberton sq. 
Payne Wm. C. sA Wa.^'.dngton 
IVar^on 1 . W. .'t Co. d Con-ress 
P^^rrin John C -'d Cn^rfs.. .kq. 

pilELl'S FRANKLIN ^. •>> 

-•■ State 

piIEl.l'S JAMES T. -; Wa^h- 

-'■ inL't'-.;i 

Pitniui, ""'..irk, '21 

■•■ in-!ou 

pu M\n:u \v. E. cij w 

-*- (11m!.- Mrt. Lifei 
Poole II. J. ■'■>''. Broadway 
Porrtr Elsvard t'. .d Ouvoashirc 
J_->i.)illi:!i J. W. -i: State 

Portvr W. -l- State 

Powell C. T. .-- Court 

pKINCE JAMES H. lo Water 

■•- and 4.' iKvon.-hirc 
Prvor, d Studio buildina 
Pu'tji.ini J. C. :il Kilbv (hrok. -) 
J>AY EDWIN. .s4 Wx-liii!j;ton 

Kiviuond F. -7 Court 

]>TEE1) L. A. .V CO. ■i.;.'? Tren-sont 

■^ rooin-ii S and ♦> 

PEEL) L. Jn. 3 Treinont row 

}|EEI>* BRO.J Old State Ilo. 

Kovd T. Frnrk, •.".> Oevon-ihir,* 
K.'nVi.'k Warr-.ii .!. .•.' Sch.Kd > It. .• r. >-,u 

HH-luir.l* Ki.;-. -- ■ . Wfvrnouth 

A Br,i;:^!r,-. ' -. K'.bv .' 
Uie!i:ir!<vM \\ lu. I: ::! !),-voi,. 
Koi)in-..n V i!.-o*-. ii'C.iiu'rfij 
UoImi, ( ;,ur., « li. i k. W.i-!iM.,'Mn 
H..!le J A. '•'■ '.V;,.'on.;lon 
K..*,- liieh:-.'.;, ,s rrav.-ll-rbtiUd. 
l.HS^t.l.l, l». ^\. li MerehunU 

-••^ Ex.!.,o.','-- 

ijc^-^t-' '• \v ahren e. si 

•^»- \Va-lo.!,K-! -n 

S.iije Di'niii-i, 4d Devonshire 

< AMU (UN v.. w. .t CO. ;;; 

'^ I)evon>fr.-e 

Sttxtuu T. F. '.li Wishini;f(>ii 

C. M> Waih- 

Seott Elhridcre G. 'Jl (iuild row 
Scott I luii.uM A. ^'i: lir..iiitield 
>;EAUs W.M. U. 4.I state (see 
"^ le.if OM-. I.-,,-, l.'.i) 
Sheldon Willuuu E. I (.' Wash. 
.Shi-rnian .-Vnus jr. I'd Dtvonshirc 
Slierinaii Juiii--.'ni >Vu-.U. 
Sherman Joieph, -d Brattle 
Simpson J. B. 2l (iuild row 
Ma.-k 1). E. 14 A: 1.^ Sears bilitd. 
Smith Edward J. o studio build, 
.-mith Win. V. 41 Kildv 
Snowll. .Mloii.'. o U idnn^ton 

Siiroat Charles '\V. ."o 1) von-hire 
StaHonl A I're.sbv. II'.V, Wu>ll. 
Staples II. A. Kit Wu.>linii!foj> 



Stephens John W. 2 Concress 
Stiplunson L. jr.l Pe?n>«rr.n so. 
Stone E. W. 4-J DevoMsl, in- 
Stone S:imuel (,. -J) Sears buiid. 
■r.dt I'hili]), 2 Post boildins 
1\dl.ot.r.>,^iaii W. }:;i>-rremont 
Tar)lev Chu-^. 14 Sears build, and 

K; Devonshire 
Tuplev Dui.'iel J. 14 Sears build. 
T;i|.lev Geo. 14 Sears buildini^ 
Tlmxfer Dr. .MeB.:;7-J HnxidMny 
Thonip'^on & I't-ed. To Sears buiid. 
--P I 1. D E X EDWIX, 4V' Sear^ 
-•■ build in- 

Tilden Nelson II. 4 > Sears build. 
Tisdale (Jcorge "\V. 5 Traveller 

Townsend Janie.s. H*'. Meridian 
'■rR()v\ BRIDGE S. ^V. ,i Tra- 
-"• velk-r building 
Tueker Tho^. W .::i Wash. 
Tyler John S. 2^ State, roon.x B 
Valentine E. 1.5 Sears buildinz 
yiNCEXT "W. IL oi Kilby 

Wnite Chas. •Ji«'/ TrcTji.oot 
Waite Geo. Wm.b»; Wa,h. 
»* Washin-tou 
W^ard J. II. 71) Washint'ton 
Warren (leorse. 4.' l>t:'vonshire 
YY^ELLS CilAS. F. •:>■, Bromrield 

WESTGATE J. E. 31 Devor>- 

^^ shire 
White«.\nb Wm. 11. h Co. :>• Dev- 

Whitney C. C. *> Wa'hinjtnn 
Whitnev Wm. Sevrall, 14 Scarn 

WilltT.<: llolwav.S Treniont row 
W'iiiiett.T, & Co..5Tremjnt 
YYoni^ CHAS. A. l'^ Statw, 

'' room .S 
Works Gto.F. 14 Sears buiidin? 
Y'oun.: D. A Co. '.'7 State 

lutelli$cence Officer, 

Adams .M. 1 Harvard 
Albee John, Id-i Blaek>tone 
Baker Warren M. 7»: dremont 
Clark F. A. 144 W.Cu.-tlj 
Cumniini^s T. J. 1 Cambridse and 

117 Friend 
Diiscoil K. .Mrs. HO Dorchester 
Elder V.'ni. Mrs. .=ii; Leverett 
Gl'.ver \Vm. J. S. 14 1 remont 
Haidhi^ S. B. Mrs. liNli Wa-ii. 
.Harris B. Mrs, i;17 Canlbridue 
Home Guardian ot^iee, 21 Newton 

Kid^'Hum Elizabeth, i" "Winter 
Leake A, Mrs., Cedar, e. Kerere 
.MrKelvey iM>;i Wasliinct.u 
.Mi.rijan Cliapel, Indiana plaee 
Nai.ui X. 1211 Hanovt-r 
No>.a Scotia Eni[dovinei>t Co. o 

Pieree E. L Mrs. l."i) Wash. 
Pike .Marv E. -.'r. .Meridian 
I'itts C. Mr*. d7 Jov 
I'orter W.II. .Mrs.'l4 River 
Power T. (,:. l'. School 
Reed L. H.d7 Friend 
Skope C. G. Mrs. 14d NorthamptoiT 
Smiley .Marthu F. 11 .Mudis(m 
Smith" H. L. Mrs. 3 Garden 

( Freedmen's) 
Smith R. A. Mrs. 4.'5 Phillips 
Smith M'm. C. d7s Washington 
South End Errand Otticf, Brook- 

Une, Cor. \Varren avt.muc 
Spooner S. li!-; Black.-tone 
Seek- l'....-,a,-: Oak 
Tr;uy .M. D. Mrs. 517 Wa,-;!). 
\ uv.i.dit Clara .^!^■^. .'> S'-ars place 
A'-aUdkri- Ma .Mrs. 4 Br:ine: 
W!v,-,d.- <;. II.-;» !!,aN:on 
V. l:i.d-. k o. K- .'-^ Sndbarv 
WioL,' I,. IF 1! H. dtd^a 
\Sono/ii's Honn_.-..'ead League, S'> 

Wrl-ht A. Mrs, 42 Winslow 

Interior Jlecora(or». 

pAUSdXS .^cToKCEY. 4.»an i 

-•■ l';i \Vushm>:ton 

^CIHEZ ADOUPll & CO. 7^< 

^ Wc!sliiii,'t.,n 

CPfRU CHARLES Vf . 4'. Smu- 

'-' y)%er 

'YY .VITT ^. M. 504 Treniont 

Interiinl Kevoiiiie H«>- 

Tucker J. P. 2S State 

l»vaii<I C'j»ri-lnare*. 

j^I.MBALL S. 11. 2.5lnion 

Invaliil I»c<>ni«>tlve 
Ihair Msiiiiit'. 

LIL'KUAEDJ. C. 701 Washir:^- 
^•*- ton 


Court (see page TdJ) 

inventory* Exohance. 

Frail Horace & Cb. !S4 Washin^'Too 
room G 

Iron Kruckets. 

JONES M. D. & CO. 52 Sudbr.ry 

J^ELLEY D. J. GreenCmanuf.) 

Iron IStiildlni; .*: Bridj.' c 


Portlund I see 

cor. Granite 
J][AM L. .M. 158 


'■'• Sears building, Ambrose 

Eaitman, treasurer 

National Bridge and Iron Works. 

Blodaett * Currv.prop.r. l.i Statt- 

pUTXAM & ALLEY, a Federal 

Iron Fence Bnilden*. 

Brainhall Otis, 11:) 
Wl'BIER Jt CO. (succi'sors xc 
^ J. L. Roberts & Co.) -;! Ex- 

chanse (see paze tiUS) 
Run, ham k Eowell. s} Churdon 
(JIIADWTCK A. K. L'4 Dover 

(j^OLDIE BROS.O&W. Dedham 

(iraves R. ic Co. 1"(V Harrison ave, 
riA.M L. M. 15.-i Portland fsec- 
•^-^ pa-reTd.-!) 

Af ASuN LEWIS & SOX. *"• 
^'-'- Warehi.m 

AIcEAr rilLIX GEO. T. .t CO. 
*'-*- I2d Fulton (see pa2edr4) 
J>OBIXS.CVX A. E. Lso Second 

iJMITH G. W. & F., Federal. 
'^ cor. Fnrnr.ce 

W^I'^ON' J-\.MES W. i:CO. 7'.' 
*'' and si Haverhill 

Ir«>n >^ouii4)er8. 

Bisbec. Endicott. .t Co. 24 Kilbv 
Blake G. X- Ci«, 2'; Exchanse 
-^ DBV CO., A. J. Blanchard. 

ar-nf. 4d CaTial 
^ D\cr.H; (iurney. '.''i-' Border 
Cheluutbrd Iron Foandrv Co. -- 

St ite, G. T. Sheldon, Uiient 
^ stone 'sie inside front cover) 

^ & Co. l;tS SeC.Mld 

nAVIS <c FAUNU.M, S2 Wadi. 

^ (seepa-etMi) 


^ and Us North 

TiYER.^: GCKNEY J)2 Border. 

-^ Centred ?([. E.B. 

Eureka Iron F.>irndrv, Jo>hiia D. 

Howard. Earl St. \Viix- Works 
Fulton Iron Foundrv V^j . Clia-- 

A. Tbu.-h.T, tr.-as.-.'Mtroad 
^^ WDllKS. .V>2 Harrison ave. 
'' pies 

\rAVNARl) .7A.MES A.. X'W, 
^^ corner MaveriCK. E.B. > ■!■ e 

Pnitt Mil. s i Co. 112 North 
Pratt .t Wcntwoith, -;i North 
Sliawmut Iron Works, W . J- 

Brid,-. treas. 4;l Broad 
C<)( Ml KOS roN IBON CO., 
^^ W. 1'. llunt,treas..-0 Foundrv l-oundry Co., llamp- 

siiire, ccrnei Culvert 

GAS FIXTUEES ^'* ''^^"'"j 

xvtuvi'vn' Pii<-«'s, :$«<> \V««*hln;rton St.. llontun, 
it. IIt>l.l^l.\OS »^<k! I O., Manut.iituieiM,. 




yANCE t CO. 108 Second 

W, ■.t..n .t Thnn!a.«,."J Hnittic 

\iMirii.N(;'s iitox t<>r\- 

*» i)HV, L.uis r.\Vhith -,!in.p. 
K.nibl.-. liear, uiid 
I'j ^alte (.see puge t>-ilj 

Iron Furniture, i 

IMIHFU S: VO. T, Exdirinire 

»^-* (.».•«• i>ii(je OkHJ 

JONKS M. U. i CO. 52 Sudbury 

IVirce M. W. i Co. 12 Siidbur} i 

|iM Friend 
Tucker Mar.uf. Co. 117 Court 

Iruu uiid Steel. 

A KFIOTT & I1(3WARD, 11 
^ (Mivtr T<-X)l Steel Co. 2.'. Broad 

(.■hroiiif steel) 
Hacuri i Brown. ^O aiul ol Fult.'ii 
Btn ?turti; Iron Co. 2 Pciiibsrton 

i/iIa'ck diamond steel 

" WoKKS, otKci- -(2 Bdttery- 

niart-'ti 'sie xvx^" lir-M 
nU'iU'ftt ,<: Wliitf, m Fulton 
Brid-vwutiT In.n Muiuif. Co., X. 

St,t-oii. l:U Milk 
tiito Is.iue M. 1.; Custom Hi.use st. 
Clupp F. & Sou?, L"J ti. :r. J.iim 
Cotlia W. E. Jt Co. 8 Oliver 
Corncy James A. '.'? Br(.a<l 
Coniey W. G. 1.5 F'ouiulrv, strent 

Wevnioiith Iron Co. 
Cutler E. P. I.'i KiUiv 
Denr.i- S. Jji.ies & Co. 122 Water 
Eii.-t Briilscwater T on Co.. Kog- 

<^r^SL .siu-ldon.n.'; Water 
ri)MOM) JAMES i: CO. :i*4 
^' Federal 

I,!'erv Uiinison (hoopsi 4*; India 
LMUTil TIIOS. & SON;;. 11 Oli- 
Foster W. K. ';2 Su<lbury 
^ North 

Gav. Marison. i Co. 22 Fulton 
IpNCKLEV E. K. &: CO. 4 

TlOWE E.'Jk., agent,42 BiUtery- 

^-^ P. Hunt, agent, lo7 and I>'J 

Jackson A: Winsor, .'^1 Doane 
TEsSOP AVM. & SON?;, V;\ and 
*' 1-ij Federal (.see Iront colored 


Jovce & Richardson, 41 and i'\ 

I.anu' VV. Bailey & Co. ;t Liberty 

Leeds, Hobiii>-on,i Co. T.", N. rlli 
Locke Samu.d B.. Coui.'x s uhf. 
Luring .I*! \V;.!cs tiros. ;;-) "Fulton 
I Ol IIKOP iCO. II to 2> Cus- 
*^^ torn House B.revt 
\IAY & CO. 1 Broad (also tin 
" ^ plate, see inside buck cover) 
.Ml ( ann & Burns, 2 • I'uiton 
M..»rlev F. A.4Libertv ^.4. 
\To.>I;LEY i llODGMAN, 7.3 

-M.nint Hi>pe Iron Co., J. M. Leon- 
ard, a-.ut and treus. Iiii Milk 
Na.<liua Iron Co., M. A. llerriok. 

aL' Milk 
\AYLUR .^ CO. »; Oliver, and 

Constitution wharf 
(t-'lUiKN SAMLKL & CO., 
^ John B. Talt. at;cnt, la Oliver 

tsee front colored pa..'e i 
}>A(;E, NEWELL, i- (.ii. I'.i to 

•-'.♦ Biiltei viiKirch 
PARK, BR<.)THEU, i CO. 42 i 

44 Banters mureh, E. llov.e.jr. 

uijent iBinek Diamond .>tee!. 

i'rat; Iviao" ir!'l.'4 Milk (sfel» 
K"'l John !L.<t <■,,. - 1', mberton 

>■•■<., wau'liou^e '.1> Broad 
R'.cluinS ,t Co. 41M..44 North 
ituhardjou J. & Bros. 2 Central 

» hurt" 
^AXDERSON BROS, .t C(». is 

"tivUinsr S. ti.^J .Milk iron. 
>t»vi.n»Ma & ieir.-<in. -l.s Kilby 

S' »'t'l-E F1;aNCIS, !:'•. Dorch- 

'|VVl 1- Jt»l|\" B. ujjenf. lotihver . 
(•^■e trout colored puvei 

-*■ B. Taft, a::en% in O.iver (-ee 

trciit colorid paire) 
Th )niiis<JU C. iic t. J Custom Ho. 

•?-ooil'l<ni-i Arthur (;..-'! Broad 
IMer William P. .V.i Broad 
\yALI)0 J. AD.VN, 1 . Lil.eity 

!>'!. (see iroiit colore, I paL'O) 
"Warren Henry W. & Co. li Ceulrul 

''^ 2 Wash., a-ent tor Hob^on s 
choice steid (*ee pase 7(4) 
Williams (L W. A. -'A Kilby 
Williams James M. W. ■>;" Ki'by, 
ager.t, J. Rowland i Co. 

Iron I*i|>e sin»l I'liUev 

ATAY i C(.t. 1 Broad (see inside 
■^^ back cover) 

Iron llrtoferis. 

pUTNAMfc ALLEY, ;j Federal 

' * terymarch 
Iron Stable Flxti\re»». 

IMBIER k CO. 2:J E.xchant?«, 
^' . >ee pa-e iKi'^) 

Ii'on Steain«l>i|> «\: Ves- 
S4*l ]Siiil<lei'»«. 

A TLANTIC WORKS, office 72 
^ l^or,i..r, E.B.. near North Ferrv 
-•-' City Point 

Iron Ware. (I'lnmb.-n'.) 


Q.OULD J. D. 21) Union 

Italian Awnlnj^M. 

(See also Awnings.) 
UOWEN R. S. Jt CO. IS North 
-L» .Market 
J.]RICKSON A. :>S No. Market 

T AMl'RELL & MARBLE, .3.)" 
-^ Commercial 

-^ -•■ Commercial (sec paire ii'.'O) 
YAI.F: R. M. 14 Commercial 

Italian Awning; Sup- 

-'-*- Comm'l (see page G.»J) 

Ivory, llornsi, Az Tor- 
toise Sliell>*. 

V.'oodford Pliilip R. 5< Federal 
>Iaeket liettlei*. 

^' Charlestown 

JFapaitued ^Vare Miiiiii- 

AfA^ON GEO. H. !o4 Black- 

-*•- stone 

sJTEAKNS N. C. !>; Bromtield 

^ ,.eepace.;(;2. 

W-^i-''^^-'^ ^'- A. .^c CO. s.; & ^.1 

'* Cornhdl, and .1 -t s Brittle 

Atkinson Chns. J. .".4 r. Wash. 

lien lett \V. U. 1'.) Ha why 

li!ai»emore Wm. rear -JO A\ery 

Cotter E. l::.s J.incoln 

Davis S. O. .<i: Co. IM 

i'it/.emever V^ m. J. lo- Bl'kstone 


-'■-'- Sudburv 

Jones i Carpenter. !'4 Blackst.Mie 

\lASON GEO. 11. I.jt Blaek- 

-'^ ston« 

«J :t r«. ( l'ic/.!<- awl I'n'seii'c.) 
Foster Geo. \V. 14 Blackstone 
Jewellern. (Ma,)Hr.) 
(S'C uIaj li'a'r/i.s. J, i: ,li>i, ami 


Ailmiin J. H. ■;o Uromtield 
IJAILEY BROS. 2.! Winter O.'o. W. SI Court 

)'..ri,I..s, ph (L V.I \Va<hi.i).';on 

}.> iUCLMKS 11. -> Wmter (de- 

>-^ .^i.oH t,.o,,l..n 

Dl'.l LOW, Kf:XNARD, i CO. 

-L> :;,i W;=sion_'ton 

Hrook. L. I. X Co. 2Jl Wushinu- 

t.oi. ro,,m 1-, 
/'ARR .M. W. .<i CO. ".S Water 

Chaw Chiirl'-s O. L. 12 West 
Cha-!.'.^ .\I.;(;inii.2.-.J Wiiwunjton 
Clark-on .v S.'hreiber, 11 W,.,t 
(MtOSl;V, MOUSE,.* FOSS.24<» 
^ \V,-l,. see pa^el.'.rj) 
T\i: VULV(i (.. W. ,<; CO. \rji 

^^ WM-hill-tOU 

De.iriii-'.v ( o'e.-.Ni Haaover 
Ehret F. j'N \V sh'iisiton 
^ in-tm 

Gree,,\r.MMl J. M. l.-, Summer 
( I'.Mi Court 
(1L1LD& DELANO, 2 Winter 

Harrod Wm. F. 220 Washington 
Hers.-v B. A. it^' Washini,'ton 

HiroU'A: .Ubee. •.'lil\ Wasuin^ton 

Jo/efo ,V Wtiiteland, 2.W Wash, 
J^ONG THO.MAS,u2 Sudbury 

-Mecum Charles E. 12 West 

Meek Samuel, '52 Winter 

M'.ri/aii Augustus, o Bro.ntield 

No:limr A B!o.ini, 211) Washington 
I'ereival D. C. jr. i Co. IGll Wash. 
MlIMBY M. T. & CO. 14 Hai.- 


^^' CO. 7 Green, cormr Cbardoii 
Ripley, IJowland, .v Co. 221 Wash. 
Sehuebeler Cha^. 2-.'J Wash. 
Warren Cluis. W. ISO U.Miover 
** Tremontrow 
Wentworth Charles A. W L'tica 
tJeweUer*' Fliitiiiiif^. 

DENNTSON & CO. 71 Milk i 
o Federal 

tie sellers' Trays, 


^^ WashiuL'ton 


-•- Tield 

Thyin G. W. r;4.5; Washingiun 

Jewelry, 'Wati-he*, and 

Adams Geortje E. 073 Wu^hin2ton 
Allen, Creque, X: Co. r.'A Wash. 
Aeerill II. .v C... 411 Cambridge 
Bucon A Co. :;i» Elm 
Baer N. ■i.K) Wa^hmston 
Bailev Simon W. );i; Wash. 
Balcli Gcoree P. ls\^ Wash. 
Baldwin C.~^V. 2'; Wa-binaton 
-L> .■■:;i SVa>h. and in We^t 
Bond Wm. X: Son, 17 Congress 
Brooks Henrv B. I'd Cambridire 
Bu>oks S()uareG. &C0.I07 Dudley 
Brooks William A. 11.^ Cambridge 
Brvant Horatio, IsU H .nover 
Buck. in i Williams, 17 Harvard 

C;::rk IS. A. .< Co. 17 Hanover 
I'ro^bv C. A. W.-;i Wa-bin?ton 
^ Washiiu'tou (See pa-e (,;ij) 
Currier. Troti. .t C,.. I4.S U asli. 
pri'TlNG 11. G. oj Ilaiiover 
^ .see pa.^e .;■;:') 

BE.\.K1N(. (_;. W. & CO. ii;-> 
Din/ey F. V. I'.s WasbinRton 
Do.i-e C. lli''.i \V;uvhint.'rou'e J. S. -1 llunover 
E..>tman E. L. H Wash, market 
Eddv (ieo. It. M Bratt'c squaie 
F:hrlich Samuel. .",iij Wa^hiniiton 
Evan> Edward. :;!•; Broadwuv 
Fairbanks S. W. IS-.'.j Washiiif,'ton 
Fall .VIbert, 40 E. H. siiuaie 
Fiu-r D. T.t,4 Gr. .11 
Fi.v Geo. H. ;i',) {_'ourt 
Federhen John.. ■-■; Court 
Federbeu i FiiL'in, 01 Court 
Foi-i. s H. A. \i'» Wushinaton 
L'OGtJ JULIAN A. 11 U Wash- 

FOf.'-' .'i^ S.iwver, ','7 Hanover 
L"'()RD II. O. .V CO. .S4 Treniont 


LH) Y E G EO. F. i CO. HO Wash- 

•*■ iuL'ton 

Fri.--ille Isaac M. m> Tremont 

i ; \IA: W M. T. i CO. 221 Wash- 

^-^ iiiL'te.n 

<,av L. VI B..-.J7 Washini:ton 

Gol.diii'..'^; Lvtev.-d,f>: W.-Kliinrton 

(irav .V Libl)V. -JV; Wasbimton 

(J LIED. t DELANO, 2 WU;ter 

ll:..!lev Wm. H. I^Jl Wa^h. 

I j AKW miD BROS. :'■> Brom- 

Hu/cltmc W. C. 2:^ Cambridge 

Gas Stoves, 


•i», ii::* r\:tt Irons, At>j»:.i-: 
•♦, It. Jl01vl.l.V<iS *!L: CO., 

i<ii« i'»*v a .VS i\tv niinierouM 
aOi> Wanhiuutou Street. 



Jiwetiy, Watcher, Plc—cnitHnne,!. 
Ilttstitigs D. U. 4 .1. .V.O Wuih. 
Hills lCii-hiir.l..';ifi \V„^h. 
Holbn-Mik C. W.,7.'.> WiisIiinL'ton 
Hnr,„T r.C.L'.M llH„„v,.r 
H.>rn IMwiri 1{. :;j llaiiuv,>r 
IIOUAKD II. 1'. ct CO. 193 
^^ \Vu~>,i,,;:;on 
Joan A. Orunil, 1!'.«1 Tr(iiK.i\t 
Kellcv JjsptT, I'NI \V:ishin.'t..n 
Kcndiill.Tamts, !»') H^iiiovr 
Kennaril Clias. W. * Co. I-'-' Tre- 

Kerr Wm. 11 Huiiov.r 
L'K'ri'KLL J. V. i:.-i Wa-hin.;- 
-^^ foil 
King .M. A., Wash. u. Dorch. are. 

ward Id 

Leach & Co. I.', Brattle Mpmre 

Lin.-oln Albert I,. li'J Wash. 

Lord Chas. F. :?(;■; tiroadwav 

■''"I Li.viiiski Ale.xiindfT. I'J Brattle sq. 

T Marble 1). X. 177:! Wa-ihiii-tiin 
\ Mavnur.l Glo. l\."'< Hanorer 
r Mnyiiard Wm. M. ]',• I5rattle sq. 

rvl Mcdbiiry Charles K. i Co. 1>!5 

)/ Washin-ton 

■ ^ MuJ;.-o A. -anboni. 47 West C. A. B. i;».i Wash.. 
]]^j[VI:RS S. ^- J. ;)() Washinston 

Neilsoii Vt'm. 777 Wiishin:;tim 
Newman L. & Co, 'lh)\\\ ashin^tr«n 
Norcross A. C. \) '. Cnrt 
•*■ CO. h;.' Wa.«!i. 
^ Haii..vt-r 

Pearson Eihrurd O. 40 CnmlirMi'C 
Pcrcivid I). C. & Co. 1*;" VVafh. 
Tcrrv Gcorce A. 7:i Ct)iiit 
Pierce C. 11. * Co. -Jl Hitiover 
Pott-T, Drake, A- Co. 4-i Brr.tiitieM 
Pratt WiUium. r,\:, \Va>hiii.'ton 
QLTMBV M. T. -^ CO. 11 Hauo- 

Raymond F. C. 4 Brnmtield 
Keconl & Cole, I77.'. Washington 
Richards V. L. 21 H-ach 
Howe B. F. S4 Salrm 
Kovre .Joseph U. -I". Court 
Savarv li. H.W.^ V.'ashinetop. 
Spaburv C. 4'.> Hanov^^r 
g AblKV .SAAC.4.- Hanover 

Shermar, W. F. & Co. .- Milk 
ClfllEVE. CRU.MP.A LOW,L>-J(; 
■^ Washin-ton 
Skinner A. ').' Hnnover 
Sniitli H. W. L".! Wuihin^ton 
^^ Washin-'on 
Staiiwood ,1.1). 14': Treinont 
Sfowfll A.& Co. in Winter 
Strotls.^ S. 7.V' Wa-^liin.'ton 
Sumner J. F. 1411 Wa^hin2toD 
Svmonds Joso])li. Wa^li. 
'femple Cha<. E. Ui' Conrt 
Titcon.b W. P. n Hrartles^;. 
Tohuid Hush. I-j7 DMrch. -ter ave. 
Wardwell X- Co. 7 P.o-.v.loin sq. 
Warrintr l>avid, \'t Siuiiiner 
AVeber E. .■;o7 Hanover 
Weiiiu-rstan Aug. & Co. '!:.> Brom- 

Wetherbee S. R 2 Citv Hall ave. 
Wilkins.'^; Hiirdick, .d'.) H'wav 
Warren .t Richmond. -JV, Trnrn't 
Waterman C D. & Co. l.'. Winter 
Wdlard S. * Son, ',' Tremont 
Wo. id N. G. & son, '.».", Court and .T 


«JIb Suwlny:. 

gURT G. L. U Way 

TRTIS HIRVM, Con.meroial, 
-' opp. I. index, w.ird If. 
T^fAHOXY .1. F. ::i Way 

eAXD& BLAKE, 17.^1. 
^-^ li 



Sawv.r \- Barthtf.O! .Merriniac 

RMY I'll .1. VH-Merrimacund \i>i 
WII.I.K 1 T. nil AKE, .t C(:>. 4'.> 
*' and ."d War. hum 

»Ilir S:«\V 5Ji«l»ilf"k. 

•WELCH A CIU!'^I \N..-.i; I>,>r- 
*' cheslerave. 

tliink DeiiicrA. 

Andrews I. N. x C. -jl Hawlev 
B:d!..,i (i, \ A. •--.• <^.!nmereial 
il-rh.v, l.d.v. I.ii,. In.e. INs.-x 
Barnes l.e\i .V C... ....' Ciunm! 

Beattv (,eo. W.m; 
Bovie C. Io7 .Meriiniae 
Hovie 1>. \V1\ l.everelt 
Bntler r. •.•4'.lCai.-,-sv,iy 
Curninie John, .•.it7 llunovr 

Chf evers -ll'^ Cansewav 
Coilim<on J. L'U .\lbunv " 
Collins.. n. J. O. -.'17 lludicott 
Comey Jume!) A. Ii : hromi 
C<.mey S. A.-J^ii Commercial 
Conner .John, !','il H irrr!-on avenue 
(."onwny .Juhn, l'").". Cans.'wav 
Couddan.)Mme-. l';.', Endic^tt 
Cromn I). .M. j.-j) .),,ver 
Croniii .T.ihn.2^ii Dorchester ave. 
D.uey Timothy, :\n:\ Broad 
Dimmock S. i;j X'c.rt lainpton 
Downev .\I:irti!i. Ij l-'irst 
Dnnbaf E. P. •.'>! Commercial 
Fall lienrv, L'.V Federal 
i'annins R. C. ."fl : Commercial 
Farron AVilliam, III Crr.-i 
]^MX£S XORRIS, 1.7 Haverhill 

Finnertv & Shea, l;>i Dorch. ave. 
Flvnn Win. J.4;i Broa<l 
Folsom Mark, si Fulton 
PRIELJUIIX, 77ritt.i 

Glavin & Dee. .T.t) Commercial 
Gorman J. hS Lincoln 
Graves ,T. jr. 4,i Prentiss 
Grittin .M. "S Cove 
Grimes William, .i.> Hampden 
Hallisan .John, 4-1 Harrison ave. 
Harti^'an Patrick. •i:>\ Causeway 
Ha.skii.sS: .Montatme, 170 Broini 
Hard .>i Taylor, 74 AUianv 
Jackson 'i'homas, l.U Kuijglcs 
Keonan J. 1,5'.> Cross 
Kemp. J, A. iw*; iiorchtster ave. Wni. 74 Cross 
Kent A: Goie, hM Canal 
Kuiiilit Hiram, l-.'i Merriniac'en .t Der-, ;;-ji) C,,mmerc :il 
LocLe Simuel li.. Comey's wharf 
Lvnch 'i'hos. •.'7:'. Causeway 
Lvncfi Wn). L's7 Can>ewav 
Malniiiev Patrick. IJS Broad 
Mansr.eld Heni..M4 Broad 
MeCormick Edward. ;i;«I Com'l 
McCiiiUmsh .John Q. 4 Xo. Grove 
McGlinn.I.ihn E. .T.V.' Commercial 
McKoiina Stejihen. .'!.^ Tudoi 
M.-.M.dion W. .-.cs Federal 
.McXaiiL'ht Peter ,■<: Son. 2'.) Burke 
Moore Charie., !L>S4 Fulton 
.MuUen M. lo.S Federal 
Mullen Patri.'k, IVi Federal 
Murphy 1>. Isj Commercial 
.Murphv D. E. 4 Lewis 
Xichols ,t Avery, hiOi Fulton 
X'orton .Michael, K'ii Commercial 
O'Connor Bros. 22,-) Br.utd 
OT'.arra John, -">.■) and 2x7 Broad 
O'Xeil Ja^nes. ■< Farnham 
(.)'Xeil Janies, rear .SO Hampden 
QMIOI.'KKE S. A. 276 Federal 

Perry J. 2f;> North 
Power James .<: Co. 414 Federal 
Qnilty John.IiJ Dover 
Raddy Owen, iIM Harrison ave. 
Ransom E. 24;-! Dorcliesfcr ave. 
Ranson (j. ."J''.' Harrison avenue 
Kossell Amos,:'..-, Richmond 
Sawver C. O. 2,-'7 Cansewav 
"^inlfh D. H. & Co. ,;i.'! Comm'l 
<TE\V.VR r J. & \V. ;;t» Broad 
'■^ (see lua-e y'orA 
Sullivan D. 411 Broad 
Titcomb \- Tims.m, 40'; Broad 
Tolson William, l-:!mwood 
Turner Alvin M. (Bi llarr. ave. 
Vinal & Reeve, '.'.^d Broad 
Whitley JoL(qdi, Dunlow, cor. 

Elm wood 
Wii,-in Edward P. S'Jl Com'l 


QAVEULY C. Ji:. 47 Con-ress 

PDMOXD JAMES .t Co. r.'.)i 

^ Federal 

W'ALDo J. ADAX', V\ Liberty 

'' S(i. (see t'lont Coloreil )i;.-e»«».H»Mi«» IJiiiMiefM jiikI 

I lol.M!>, nouTM, >Hi HAY- 
^^ DENS. 17 1 .deral 
MMli: I'l.fMi: .t AlWOOD 
-■■ MAMF. CO. v. leib.ral 

now DREY E. T. Jt Co. SO and 

^ sjP.roadi..eepaL'e,,7h) 

]>AYXE sri:piiEX .t CO. ;» 

^ C.Mnmercial (see pa.-e 
Kl«l Oloven. 

Chmchdl, i;ih.ian. .<; Co. ,50 

<-!iauu. V 
Go.hIm 11, Bndiih.n, .t Co. in' Snm- 

Holt.!! F. L. .<• Co -jol Wash. 
.Marshall S. .\I. l.'. >MM,n,er ll.nrv .M. IM Chaunev 


CO. Water 
Boston A R.ixbnrv KindlinR W.,.„j 

Co. VM Washinl'ton 
(JOl.EGATE WM. A. ?, Thnche.' 

Cross E. S. .W Castle 

Curtis Josiah P., Com'l, opp. E'i»- 

worth, ward IC 
Finn O. l.U E^se.x 
r.ilmore A Barton, 100 Foundry 
Huntley Wm. C. 117 Essex " 
SnV^olk Kindlinc Co., Fir.^t, n. K 
Whitakcr & Co. ''A,-^, First 

Kitchen FiiriilMhiner 

CTEARXS X. C. 12, jOand H 
^ Bromrield (see pase i>i:i; 

^ wd. ii; 

Knlttlnc: Machines. 

ADA.MS J. Q. & G. W. (CruMci 
■^ 2- Ten.ple I)lace 
Lamb I'aniily Knitiinp Ma.diiiio. 
E. R. Barber, agt. IGl 


T OTHROP G. B. i CO. ."-" Ex- 
^^ change 


nEXXISOX & CO. ri Milk and 
^ ,-. Federal 

^ Kilby 

T^ace I^eather. 
(10RBETT A. O. I". Batt.oy- 
^ march (see pa;;e (;42) 

I^aces, KnibrolderieH, 

Abbot Walter, 74 Hanover 
Furbcr T. F. .')'.» Temple place 
pROSS & STRAUSS, .•;2l and 

^ .■;■.';: Wi-.-himiton 

Holbrool< C. C. "21! Summer 

Holmes G. ;";;)1 Washington 

T-f UXT E. W. & CO. 22 Kingston 

^^ ('see pai^e 7i«h 

Mud-e A. C. 224 W.a shin itton 

Pierrot! Madam, I'.i Mvrtle 

Veazie Wm. H. iCU Washin-ton 


JLa«lio%' l>ress Cap'*, 
Ituc'hes, »V:c. 

|>IRCH^; CO. 11 Summer 

I.adie!«' Furnishing 

Adams Charlotte M. Mrs. '-'aH 

Christie A. F. Miss, IsiS Wash. 
Dolbeare .\- Hawkins, '.n Court 
Follett L. B. 1127 Wadiinsf.n 
Ford J. G. .31 I'emple place 
F'orsvth G. R. •2<i Temple place 
(Jrit^ths Sarah St. II. l.S Guild row 
Murdock E. A. It Temple I'laee 
Steven.s J. J. 2S2 Wushin.^'tjn 

l..a*lies' UiKler Oarni't*- 

Baker J. S. ."V Co. M Summer 
Whitin- M Co. -.-, Hawley 
WlLl.ARD. i.lUt.ur, .<: CO 
*' 2'h". Washington 

liayrer Iteer ISi-ewei-*. 

pFAFF H. .V J. ;37 .Milk. con. or 
■*• Morton place 

I,.:iser IJeei- Saloons. 

Acchtler J. !■;'."' Trenioiit 
Atchtler Plnlip. liO Pvnchon 
Amlros G. l-.n Essex " 
Aivi('r.--on S. --'i;'.! Hanover 
Aii-Mistine Frederick. 1) Prentis 
Aeerlieck Joseph. N Gouch 
BaMenschueider Andrew Jk Co. J 

Baier Cbarks, 44 Harrison nvc. 
BuvuT Jolin X. basement, •-i; Spring* 

Baumann Leopold, 4i) Devcmshiitr 
Beck l-natius, •-() W. Sprm'-'ti-M 
Becker Ji.cob, IbHH Wa^hincf n 
U V. \ ■/. A X r O X,' 1 1 .- 4 W us ! : i 11 ? - 
^* ton 

Ber^'ner F. A. <',.s Sudbury 
His.'be Bernard.. Is X. rtiiampt"'^ 
Bi:.eli Florence. 12.-; W. Cai.t.-n 
Black Ell win,. .i Porli.mi 
Blanchette R. Mrs. 7s Portland 
}'.!ei,elimt/ J. li;-; Cat)Ot 
Bobee J. 1). •j:\ Kiueland 
B..o(iv Lot,.r/lIa. over 
Bo^v.-Tt .Vndreu-. .',.S Sudl.ury 


A iaitte a«.^oi t- IT a ^> -« c r» n /:4 C liantlellei > jjpil l.ain<iH, at 15. Il<» I.T.I^ <;s tV CO. 
uient ul' IVUlUbtlie 3tiU \^ a<<hi 

lin^tun Street, Ito^ton. 



p. t»*^lm».nn, i'.^ Kneoland 
ii > ■•..ii Joliii. 1 V lliiiover 
!>,.-.■:(^^ 1'. J. l-'l llaih.vcr 

Hrvmit (ifo. !•; r VV,ishiii;,'toU 

!iui-«iov Jnji'ph, .;--t ^^ a>liin!rton 
<.a.ii.T..ii .1. A. i'. Ii.>*-iir(l 
i-;v..cj. L. •J^Hi:i.,v,T 
fl.irk'.in A. '.'» (\)ni.'rcs3 
< ,rvo Jo=,|)li. irr H.lin|i(len 

CV.niicllv KaiuuiKl, ID VV. Brook- 

O'Min'iri r. i- 1''* ILmover 

Currier A. S. -J S,>uth 

|>..-,.Ue Micliu-l, U.' Portland 

KuMH IVi'U ;r.l. S>;i \V usliin.^ton 

Jt..i.-rtv T)i'.ii!;is I'lJ Dover^ 

I) lA liv':; .I:uius. -il Wa.-liin?toQ 

Dnxrt-ll Gfii. lU/iJ Tr^'iiiout 

I».,;.u.' .1. P. P.:;C .utrai 

jjii.'.u Jihn. I'.r, K'iot 

Uii.'ii_' M. S. 41 (ireea 

V.i-i. I'ote.-.u"- Milk 

J-U (i-or/e,.;* Liiot 

v:/in3 -1. J.-i i Co'UTuercial 

i:v.'rs Giin;u-, >• Ls-ex 

F«-hon F'raiik A. Si Court, corner 

Fiiulkner Wm. -tif-^ Coniinerciui 
Kinii J. U. lt;t Irinoe 
lla:;.' Charlos H. i Bedford 
Kricker Charles A. Diii Treir.ORt 
FucU« |[enrj-,4.l Frieiid 
OfljziT H. .■>■.!! Washiii2ton 
(;ri;>J.. St()i[i:K*on. tu'nr Hudson 
liihliii Jofeph, L*--' Broadway- 
ijotr.ihalk Ernest, ^ Essex and 4.] 

«;riiier M. & Son. C^77 Washington 
Kayes George, 2 Chardon 
Haytieid Thoiii i«, IS Travers 
H'- tt Adatn.;^ Faitcuil Hall so. 
11. il K. W. :!j HoatK 
H ■Uhacti C. U-.-J Trertiont 
Ufiibach VV. VS.\ Trftimnt 
Kfnnessev J. C. !'.'>.' Hanover 
Hersteiist^in Louis. r^^i.V Ws^h. 
Hr,5,r,,hn. .O"; brattle 
Ilinsclman C. ITi School 
S'oeneninann Wm. OA Boylston 
^^ Lincoln 

n-.llund John, l4fi Cambridge 
H'raer \Mn;i Washington ^ 
H-tu-hnan ><: Son, 7 H(\vlston 
H'/usinan Wri!iani,»i Suinnier 
llvarni S. M. ];:< H mover 
Hvnen--in C. iv,; Kiiot 
Jacobs X. ii\\ Faneuil Hall square 
Jacohu^ Peter, LHl Ffanorer 
Ja?er Honrv, .'yj) Washin?ton 
.Joyce Gf'on^e A. I'.v; Friend 
Jienzlin:; Ilrnrv, l:i<i Tieitiont 
K^li!!-,ofterPlulip,:iJ Adams 
Kiuimi-rer Chri>tian, :.'■(" Dorch. 
Kaiap Ilenrv, 1'* Friend 
Kav:--er 11. Hoi Treiannt 
Kv'i«.'h J-.'hn, -"I Bro.i'iway 
Ki. Ti'inrf H. :'.''0 Harrison avenue 
Klra^a.Iohn, Milk: 
f^i^app C.7 Bovljton 
Kii.ei.MKl Jnine^. lU Dover 
Kv|,.r Tl..r:;'i., L' and 4 LTiut 
Kr..:.ur C. H. ::f- W;;shii:_'t011 
l.a,H!.r..,-')t.r. U>', Hanover 
I-'-ve.iu Ahrel. r.'n J,.-verett 
]■>■ - uhi,;! A!.t.,ii. 1:!5 Pleaiaut 
I-r,-v AP.dr.v.L'Connnon 
M,...^ W. M. ! a;,- Tr.-niont 
Miv'icas Bernhira. :;.-. Minot 
■Me(.or„iiok M. in Wilson lane 
5It (JalRn^an & Dai;er, loO.V Biack- 

M.-I.:vi-'i!in .John. IC Flm 
M.. - H. l,ri,- A.'.nrnion 
> - :, Mn,: \. i.-SuMuner 
M. !''.-r l'-n.'..An.4L' Heath 
Mi.;:':l Chus. ..;il WushLn^-ton 
Mii;.-rJ.C.U:f Court 
Muiit/ l,eopo!d. 4;r, Tremont 
MuUer C. .; »tite 
Murray 1). ii;-, Wa^-hiu,'ton 
Nau-r .r co?i, I: ,4 'Jr-'uion t 
Nenrent.T Anln-w". TM:) \Va^h. 
N'-wc.-.)!, !■•. n. \u< (.\,,.i!,n(l-e 
->>rt M!,!, W.oithrop place 
-Non-ott.V 1. ,■■.-,.,-, K!:reluud 
No':rvt G. Mr.',. II. •, Ctiurch 
Uak. s (,,or-.-. 4-; Seu.'ca 
OMiu^-. r J.!^, ph, lU Pleasant 
O'^niFN P. C. ::! Devonshire, 

., 'CiueinniiLi Bottle Becrdepot) 
'J'l.aUv I. K, > Fli.r 
I »-'• I Hoh.Tt. ■; :-< Tieniont 
1 !u:S Frunk. 47 Riu-. laud 
}i-V:..-:P. M..V, i.n-Mi 
i'vkurt t Have>. 4Ch-»rd0rt 

>'rr.ttC!iu'-l.s./.ol Fijjhth 
^iu!U). J. w;(';iaal 
{t-^.'un P. J., v., Kinaston 
Jv-iu Andrew, lo^ Northampton 

R^inbold J. F. isri! Washinptoa 
Kor-,le John. 401 Washm-tou 
Koosle .John F. under Masonic 

Ruck Josephjr. li-'i) Wa-ihiny:toil 
Saali^'aeehter llerruiun, Knoc- 

laud. cor. Ihut.'.on 
Scluleh Jolui, Ui-i Treiuout 
SchiraJ. i Co. n.'! Court (base- 
SchnatT: Jacob, 1114 Treninnt 
Si'hoeiidorf Ilenrv, 7 Biivlstoa iQ\:n' B. 14'J Treiuont 
Schuhr.I.. IJriuiiner place 
Schu-ter (-adore. :)>u Wasli. and 

luVJ Tremont 
Seeii.' F. 1-' Cornhill 
Siet.-rt A. F. «: R. C. -'i State 
Shaida Frank .1. l.'i Causeway 
Shattnck & Decker, li/.i Broadway 
Shira Fred, i^ • .Sudbury 
Solari G. sS Uniou 
Soinniors Louis, lliOS Tremont 
Sonneman Jolm, 7 La Gramme 
Speidel L.. Water, cor. Wash. 
Stirnler (Jtis, Washin£t«ni market 
Stoehr Henrv, 472 Wa>hin^'toa 
Stoehr Win. 171 Wa-luH„-tou 
Sullivan Michael.. > KinL'<toii 
Sullivan Tirnothv, lv.4 Broad 
SvlvesterPhihp/t;*; Friend 
Tillman Joseph, 27 Province 
Tomtohrde A. 2S Hanover 
Tonitbhrde John, .'iS Portland 
Tomtohrde Thomas. Ii Court sq. 
Tomson David, il Sprinc; lane 
Trembie James, 2S Piedmont 
I'lifrerer Frank, 1 Sndliury 
^'og■el An'.;ust, .i2 Pleasant 
Wagner E- l.jl Court 
Weiioer Geo. p;7 Shawiuut ave. 
Weher Jo.-ieph, 24i I'liion 
WeJhz Christian, V. Pvnchon 
Weiler L 12i''( Tremont 
W'einz J. & Co. 2'! Sudliurv 
Wilfert Ciiri.--tian .5. 1 -i Albany 
Williams John L. 1 Franklin 
Wirth Geo. HI Camden 
Wise Henrv, l:^^ Pleasant 
Withiu-tou Porter, ILi Wash. 
Zimmerman Martin, 22 Marshall 

L<aiii|>bl:ick. 3Ianut». 
^* P.jth (dealers) 
-nOXALD WM. C. & CO. 25 
^ Milk 
^JDRKILL GEO. H. 8(; Water 

Xorf^ilk Lamnblack Co. S*. Water 
•^yEEKS &" DUPEE, 1.50 State 

E<i9nii> Kui-ner Muuut«t. 

Quaker Burner Co. hi KnUy 
l<:iinp Muiiuf and Deal- 

Ashlev ,Iohn E. 72 Kilbv 

BEAUSE II. i CO. i:''» Commer- 
BRi > W X it BARNES, Zr. Broni- 

Cullender John B. .W Kilby cor. 

Carieion Willian-i, *iO Beach 
Clark. Adams, i Clark, !.■/•; Conp. 

DEWEY F. O. 2*.^ .\[erriniac and 
2.-: Canal 
D.vl.-e K. P. .t Co. S Tremont 
Doik'eJohn T. &. Co. Custom 

House street 
TIOLLINGS R. & CO.^j;:* Wash- 
^^ inu'ion (see t,.ot lines) 
ri()I.M!;s, BO«tTll, i HAY- 
^^ DEXS. 17 Federal 
T O X i; S. Mc D I' F F E E, i: 
" STUAT^T()X.24 South .Mar- 
ket (,^ee page i;>7) 
ATc 1<I:N'>'1-^V. Bl'LLARD, i 
-^'^ CO. :y.l Washiii.-ton 

\IOKEY &: S.MlTH, 4^ Haver- 

■^^^ hill ( see pai-ei;!)t) 

^' '"" ' (Jlasrt Works, «1 

Milkiiamps and 

Mt. Washington (Jlass Works, a 

l:;7 an. 


\IOVE-; PERSON, 47 India (sec 
-^^ piL'e i;.M> 

piUM'lY -v THOMPSON, 71 
•"■ Suii!rv;(iernian Itimp cleaner) 
Sta-.i .11 C. C. i;:!!, Uni.m 
C li:rsoNS. A. iCO. I73Tre- 
^'^ mont 

Sloelir 11. .V. 472 Washington 
Tarle-ll K. yc Son. l.'j Bromtieid 

'iMii; iM.r.Mi; .t aI'Wood 

^ M AXCK. in. l: K..M!,ral 
KNION GI. VSN ro., J. P. 
'■-' lir, L'..rv, ;,_., ul, ll;, Milk 
Wh;tu.-v >v 'r ppan. i;, \'. .nter 
Williaiiis F. <;. ,<r r... 71 l.nion 

^^'^u.LiAMs w.M. B. 11.; .vnik 

l.ininp Hhacle Ulaiiur. 

Boston loM in;; Lampshade Co. 

11.5 C.iut 
Vose Clius. H. <»•!'. Shaaniut ave. 

I.iain|> Ti'Ininiiiiu;«. 

TroL.Mi;s. lioorii. i hay- 

^^ DENS, 17 lederal 

IjUiiU Companies. 

Back Bav Land Co. 2'. Tritn't row 
Boston Water Pouer Co., 12 Pem- 

herton s.-iiare 
RkIou .<. R'jKbnrv Mill Corpora- 
tion, W. .s. Whitwell, treas. 2i 

Cary Improvement Co., William 

Pratt, trea^. lo;! State 
East Boston Land Co. .John Noble. 

treasurer.. »l Court 
Southern Land C.>.. J. P. Snow, 

af,'ent, .52 Washint.'ton 
Waverly Laud Co., D. L. Dem- 

mon. treas. P'.o State 
Wirmisimmet Co.. X. .Matthews, 

pres. !X! Washinston 
W<3n Land .V.-sociates, G. F. 

Pinkham. gen. agent, .* State 
£,aud Tileti;. 

WALDO J. ADAX. 1'. Liberty 

* ' sq. (see fiout col'd pc.t;e) 

X^andiacape Gai'deiiers. 

^ Court B.I.. r.M.j.i 4it (^ee \k 70)) 
r,EE FRAXCIS L. M Peuiber- 
-^ tonsq. 

M AY HEXIIY A. VA Washing- 
-'-^ ton 

.Meacham G. F. 2:^. Conprress 
CllEDD & SAWYER, 7 Court 
^ scjuare (see pi^-e r,-M,) 
VyALSH JAMES. 7 Court sq., 
' * room 4.". ( ■^ee page iV.r.t ) 

* ^ State 


BIXXEY JOHN, 122 and 124 
BOW .MAN BEXJ. P. (streeO « 
^ 0. 1^12 Washiiigton (luagic, see 

Chase F. D. 2lfJ Commercial 
p OR RETT A. O. 1'. Battery- 
^ march (see paL,'e 1142) 
-nEWEY FRANCIS O. 2^) Met- 
-^ runac. aml-i-< Canal 
lyj ASON GEO. H. Ij4 Blackstons 

A I GREY & SMITH. 49 Uaver- 

-'-'- hill (sec paisre tl'.H) 
Tufts Brothers. 42 Sudbury 
^ (ircMrv. uirent. ll.-i -Milk 
'^yiLLIA-MS WAL B. ii:! Milk 


Reynolds S. jr. 241 Wash, room 12 
I.artl Oil Maiiuf. 

^LDEN E. G. Brouii 


-^^ 2<.) F. H. Market (xec r. i;.->7^ 
Wrisht C. K Co. ■■l^ X..rlo!k ave. 
otlice 25 North Market 

F-urd juid XalU»\v'. 

.Merrill 1.. F. .v Son, 4o (^i 


■M Faneuil Hall .Market (see 
piiL'e O.T) 
Whituker I..ewis. 04 Norfolk ave. 

T,,aHt Msikers. 

Froh.ick La<t Co. lii.> Pearl, factory 

1.-, H.n.iM.n 
pILsOX .t WALKER. 4>< Han- 
^-^ over and at Cambridjjeport 
HutcliiuL's J. 7 tJarrett 
Lintield .M.& Son, S Bath 
-^J^ACE .4: KEYES.7 to 13 Barrett 

I.atch Maiiur«- 

OL M S T i: A I) S A ^• E T Y 
LATCH CO. 71 Su.lbury 


Cambridge Laundry. L. Cox. 

or.. p. .-,7 (in ..•ili.'ld 

L \rxi»i<\ , 

Wu-i.Ul-V ■!! 

;. S;bU.v. 2\5 

Cit./ens !..,,:.< 

Ca-tle, r:,r. \Vu..ou_tou 
Citv Lauclf. ,;.., ;■>, -tin.) Lenos. 

o'Tiee -il.-. Wa.-hMi-ton 
Crawford J. (.x.i;o7 Washington 

W^,lV,;;/:M;:\;i-Gas Fixtures, 

IIO!.I.I.\<3S «!' CO.. at LOW IMEICK.S, 



•^ BLl.VI), J) Brorntifld (see 

Nickf r^on Elizabeth. f^^J Albany 
tH. JiUMCH. J. (J. Cruwford, W' 

•*• f!7t; Hniadway 
Uoioii L:»iin(lry,X)9 Tromont 

JL.a\v ISIniik I»iibllsher». 

DAUr.I.N'O CHAS. K. 15 Ex- 

WAlUiEN M. K. & CO. 14 

Abbot EiU-in H. 1^ Pombtrtun sq. 
Abbott Ahitl, -'I MtTciiants Ex. 
Abbott Chi-). E. 47 Court, room C, 
Abbott .bill 11 S. -I >reri:hants Ex. 
Abi'Ott JoMnh G. 4l' Court 
Abbott S. A. B. 4J Court 
Ackcnnim Ch'irlcs L. l.> Court sq. 
A(lain>' Charles F. Jr. -il Peiribcr- 

toii sqiiure 
Adams (ii-o. Z. 10 Court 
Aduiui J. Quincy, .'51 Pomhcrton 

A^l^.'liEE SUMNER, iO Court 

ALGER EDWIN A. 13 Court 
-^ Eou.ri- 

Alper iMwin A. ir. AC> WashinLxton 
Ali^er A (iritlin. Vi Washiiicrtoii 
Al on Clr-irk-3 Edward, I Ptniber- 

ton sfiuare 
Allen (.:iijrle3, ,"0 Court 
Allen Stillinau 15. -A* Court 
Ames Fi^^her, 2 Pemberton square 
Almon A. B. 47 Court 
Amorv Tlionias C. 1".> Common- 

•weiiUh nvL'Juie 
Andrews .John L. 4;! Court 
Andii-ws Win. H. H. > State 
•^ Washinicton 
AppUtou Ficd. H. 21) Court 
Apsb'y G. E. 7 Green 
Arnold Howard P. 4 Pcrnborton 

Askeuuhv U. .*?.■? School (German) 
Aspinwall William, 4'.' Court 
Austin Ivtrs .1. "O Court 
A VERY EDWARD. :.l Water 

j^VERY & II0B3S,.:;i Water 

Bftcon .Tohn W.. Court House 

BA K E R J. M I' R R A Y, CS 
ScIkkjI. room H) 
Baker ^^ in. 1". lo Court -<i. 
Biilch F. ^'. -.At Court, room 
Baldwin (ito. W. ."'.i Stnte, room 8 
Raldwiii Hvnr%-, '.» Pemberton sq. 
BullJ. i). |o State 
B;»llar<l.J. M. 11 Hiomtield 
Bancn.ft Crei;. 7 Court sq. 
Ktuicrtitt S. C. '-'Ai Wiisbincrton 
lJan;T<at Sulou. 47 Court, room ti 
limia* Kdw; rd, ;;i l\-inl sq. 
Barbour J. N. 1-' Pembfrt'.u sq. 

Buriiard Cl\as. A., Court House 

^' Couit 

Barrv Geo. M. I'l Pemberton S([. 
-'-' Excb.uneo 

^ F.XChAUlJf 

tJARrEEir SIDNEY Jk. I,', 
■" Exch:.Ti.-e 
BurtlettW. ilium, I'J Lindnll 
Ba«sett Elisliu C. 8., Court House 
jjATCHELDER L. R. 40 Court 

Botchelder Samuel, jr. 10 I'em- 

bt'rton ^qn^re 
Bates J. K. IJ C-urt 
Bati'< S. W. ,". i'l ii;t .Ttoi! .square 
liiivlies Il.'iirv. ! ; ( onrt "quare J. (..'l-. t'.i:il>.-:tou .-q. 
BemiM;.nr_-.', •. ( --.rt 
B.Mliutt C. »I. r. r.:nt,.-rto.n sq. 
n.:niult F. II ■' I -.:rt. n,.„u 7 
B.'Knett J...-. I h,oi t ■■u-A. r<-"in 4 
Beiinrtt Win. 1 . •..' .> .;!-^^' I. Id.'. 
lU'rrv John W. i ; ( .>.!r; ~i|. 
UKkRY .X. C. i; Court square, 

room 1 '. 
Button (;.«. E. 7 P.ioh. i-u), ^q. 
iljckn.ll Km.-rv O. !! 1'. :;.i..-r-n sq. 

i> I (i i; Eo \v E !) \v In m. :..i 

^' >v,-h. «i, room !-; 
lii^-.Io,v t. W.:;j p. i.ibirton sq. 
Bi-elow (;»o. H. -sj. uld s-.ate Ho. 
iiiiincy \V. C. '^o l.'rt^miuld, 

room ."> 
J^ISllOP R. R. 2 Pemberton «q. 

Blackmar W. W. 14 Tromont 

BlaiMl.ll .-SlMik .V.I.-; Conit 

UEAKE EDWAUl), In lUilroad 

^ Exchan-'e 

Bluke Will. 1'. Itt If. K. E.xelian-e 

P.lnndin Chiirlra F. 'il Divonsliire 

UEODGEir CALIiB Jii., a-> 

-'-' Court 

Blurne A. .'V5 School, room .V, 

Boardnmn A. W. 7 Court square, 

room •-".» 
-" .-l-CoiirC 

Boit U. I), jr. 2 Pemberton square 
Holster S. ,V. •J7 Guild row 
TiUWDITCH VV. I. H Railroad 
^* Exelian?e 

Bowniun S. Z. 7 Court snuare 
Bovntoii W. E. ;►! School, room 27 
}]RACKETT J. Q. A. SI Wash- 

inijton, room I:; 
gRADLEY J. H. P' Court 

•^ bertfjn sq. (sec p:o.;e 7<>-J) 
Brewster Atis:. O. T: Court sq. 
B:!:.'-s Andrew H. }•.' Court 
BriL'LTS lienj.F. :^•l (>ld State House 
Brii.'iiam C. -.'t* Court 
Brisham Henry R. ?/2 Pemberton 

Briirhum W. T. r.i Cotirt 
Brooks Eilward. .■>; Teiiifde place 
Brooks Francis, "ij 'IVMuple place 
Brooki Fraiieia A. ijo Siute 
Brooks P. C.C*; Temple 
gROOKS & BALL, 4U State 

Brown Edward P. 1'. Court .sq. 

in^ton, ro' m l-'! 


-^ ALGER (EDWIN A.), 13 
Court square 

Browne Al!)ert G. jr. Court House 

Bri^w-ne Causten, />() Court 

Browne E. I. 4 Peinbertoxi .sq. 

Browne Geo. M., Eastern Railroad 

Browne J. M. V^ Court square 


-•-* Court 

Browne & Thorndike, 4 Pember- 
ton square 

Bruce Geo. A. '24 Tremont row 

Bryant F. E. C. .:JU Court 

J^RY'ANT J. D. G'J Sears build'g 

Bryant N. B. .'^3 School 
Buck Edward, 4 PemOerton sq. 
BuUard John R. 41 State 
Butnpus Everett C. -51 Water, 

room 4.S 
-D Court 

Burnham B. F. o5 Court 
PlRKAt.E W.M. W. ;« School, 

room 4 
Buswell Henrv F. -jT C.mrt 
Butler iieo(. I'. IJ Pemberton gq. 
Putler Jcliii H. 7 Court sq. room 4 
Butterworth .\. F. L''.' School 
Buzell Albert C. P! Pemberton sq. 
Byam Geo. A. 4^^ Court 
Bynner Edwin L. 13 Pemberton 

^' in -to II. room 11 

Y Schord 

Carrett Jamo^ R. 5 Tremont 

Carrutb Wm. W. 47 Srars nuild-j. 


^ Couit 

Chandler T. P. 14 Devonshire 

Chaplin H. W. 7 Court square 

Cheever T. P. ,i Trem-ait 

Ch.ney U.^t-mc R. i:; Court sq. 

Child it Powers, ■_'7 Tremont row 

Choate Chas. F. .a Wa-h. 

Choate F. W. ,-. Court 

Choate Cr. F. 7 Pemberton square 

Churchill A. & J. R. 10 Old >tate 

Churchill Joseph McKcun, 7 Court 

square, room 17 
Clai'p H. .\. 10 Pemberton square 
Clark .Vibe C. (7 Si-ars builtiiii^ 
Claik J..,fq,b F. 11 Pemberton ^q. 
Clarke John J. ■j7 State 
Clarke Tlminas Wni. 31 Studio 


cii'i'Td ?. w. ir. ;v;sc)iooi 

Co.iinar. .Jolni,"!; Pembertim sq. 
ColllrKMl ,V.J. IM on. v7 Kill.v 
(jOFFIN .\. i;. ..: .-^.•l^oul, room 4 

C.^rswc'.l Wm. 7 rrmoL-rton pq. 
Colb'irii Wm. <i. :.o Court 
C 'it. V John F.:--. Court 
ioiUii.H P. A. 10 Wii>U..r;)om 10 
Connolly Wm. T. Court House 

Conver.'e J. P. HI Wonlunirton 
CoiiV.Tw.^: Kellv. H W,i«h. 
(.■ook Wi,i. !1. IJ Triiuoiit 
Coolid.'c A. J. 1.- I\ii.l)erton sq, 
Coolal:;.' David H. ."J IVntoertor. 

8. 1 u 11 re 
Cooliil-e Hornce H. 7 Court nq. 
C.M.iid-e J. K. ."7 Court square 
Cooiuv P. II. 7 Court M,u„re 
CopelaiHl (ieo. W. H ?,■),, brrton ..q 
Cottrell A^H, ■.','/ Tr> mont row 
Cowlrv CIiiuUs, -.'7 Merehnutj Ks 
Craiid ill H. Hmr..-» Tremont 
Crane D.ivid F.-r: Court 
Creech Samuel W. jr. .'•O Court 
Crocker Geori;e G. 14 Pembeiton 

Crocker Uri' 1 H. 14 Pemberton <tq. 

(;;ri>wlev john c.;;; sehoo!. 

^ room 7 and (i WiTithrop bio, k 
Cummin i,'9 Cyrus. ;;<) Old State Hn. 
CumminifS Prentiss. •>! Trem't row 
Currier P.. 11. l.". (»1<1 State Hous.; 
Currier Horace H. :J0 Court 
Currier S. E. D. 47 Court, room r, 
nURRIER THOS. F. ;;; School. 
^ room S 

Curtis B. R. 31 Pemberton square 
Curlis Charles P. '.'7 Kilby 
Curtis Walter. 31 Pemberton .-q. 
Cutler Joseph, 4( Court 
(]UTTER E. S. 81 Wasliingtoii. 

room 14 
Cutter I. J. 11 Court 
Dabney Frederick, U. S. Court 

Dabney L. S. .30 Court 
Dacey T. J. 1:4 Tremont row 
J) ALRY.MPLE WM. H. 13 Court 
■^ sq., room 14 
Dame Abraham A. .5!) Court 
Dame Cliarles C. 7 Court square 
Dame Theodore S. 1 Pemberton 

Dame William A. .W Court 
DunaR H, jr. 30 Court 
Dane & Baker, 14 Devonsliire, 

room 10 [House 

Darlin- Samuel C. 22 Old State 
Davis E. 42 Court 
Davis Geo. T. -311 Court 
Davis James C. 'Ift Court 
Davis Jerome, I'J Court 
Day Joseph M. IS Pemberton sq, 
r)EAN BEN J. 42 Court 

Deau Thog, 22 Tremont row 
Delion Wm. 0;i Sears biiildin? 
Demond Cha^. 'A Wa^ldnston 
Denny Henrv G. •"•7 Court sq. 
Derbv F. II. '40 Court 

EPvBY GEORGE S. 40 Court 


Dexter Everett K. 27 Guild row 
Dexter William S. 40 State 
])ICKINSON M. F. Jk. 14 Pein- 

berton square 
Dodee Frederic. .30 Court 
Dod-eJohn C. 30 Court 
Doherty William W. .>) School, 

room 17 

Jlorr v.. Ritchie. 31 Pemberton .^a. 

()OPU W.VL B. m Dorciiesttr 
^-^ avenue 

Draper John W.22 Devonshire 
Drew C. 11. i'l State, room JS 
Dubois E. C. I Pecnberton S(|uare 
Dudley Dean,s Consress square 
^ Court 

Du;rc:an R. Auiustus, ,'.<; Wa-h. 
Duncan Win. P. ."d Wasliin-ton 
Duneklre Mark F. 81 Wasii'. 
DuruDt Wm. B. l!) Court 
Dyer Frank 13. 12 Tremont 
Dyer >E jr. l.j Pemberton square 
Edwards'!!. J..;,i Court 
Eu'an James, 3.3 Scliool. room 13 
F!drid-e Jolin L.,0 Tremont 
Ellis Cluis. .M.'.i^; Washington 
Ely -V. P. -S State >t 40 Wash. 
E!v F. 1). Ill Devonshire 
Emery Jumos W. 4 Pemberton »q. 
Emeiv Woodward, 4 Pemb. sq. 
Eii-n^h J. L. OS Cornlud 
Eiiudish J. S. f;s Cornhill 
Estabr.-ikGeo. Wm. 41 State 
Estey Wdlard F. 42 Court 
E<tev & Terrv, 42 Court 
Fallon Joseph D. 47 Court 
Falls Charles G. 7 Court sq. 

room 1! 
Farlrs -lamr. F. 47 Court 
iurl.'V .l..:o - G. ir. 7 Court sq. 
Farii-'.v.iKii \V. ('. U ^tatr 
Fav Clfuii-iit K. •) Tremont 
Fr.rh ci,;-,,. i;. I ; t.\,iirt sq. 
I'i. 1,1 \S',;i i, I;,- A. I. i'limont 
LMsCllAe III.R .\1A.V, U IViu- 
berton square 



fi-'^ci Pir»nc AlttiMil and TvT/>fnvc e«»iun«-< tcH :if ^hoit iw»llce, OC\Ck 
VJclS ITipeS Itepalrtd, ilLCteiS li. ilOlul.lN Ci!* .fe CO., OOJ 

t«ni ■St. 



f^^htT Alfred O. HPemberton sq. ■! 
y,*bvr (ifo. A. er Court 
J .♦; 1 lri!>. H. -J" Sf;ite 
»-,./ Oni.iil F. •JX'.uirt 
r.'//--rjM ■!• 1-. ■»' Co.irt 
tiatifV I'. J. ■> C'.nirt si.liare 
; II. W.t Dorch. ave. 
y]..y,\ -aMiucl K.:'.4 S. hnol 
K.n-iiitli \V. J. :;■: S. l\i>.il, room ID 
K -r- r l>wiL'ht, -7.1 Stjite, rCKixi 8 
r,..(.TP. C.:^;Sih..<,l 
>■ ,i»l.r (ifo. K. -J*! Court 
>r'-!i/U Asi. .5 Treinont 
h,!-i..h H.-nrv K. i:; Stui]io build. 
} - .t Co. S.'l'; roiiitH>rt<m =(]. 
^ n.; Ilfiiry W. 4" State, r^jin 'JH 
j f'ttiiiu'tiuin Thomas B. ;>> Tcm- 

Ka '• r Iknrv W. 27 Guild row 

K-ill.r S. IJ. niV Kxchiinge 

i ' ALE W.M. U. IHi Wa.-hington William II. «> Peinber- 

toli sqnnre 
Canlii.T Win. S. '.'" Tromont row 
(i;i-:i>n ^VllIi•Jrll, 5 Treinont and 

■.T <;u;id row 
(;-iv f:h,;,L'zer, 4i Court 

laSFI liKX.I. J. & " " 
II. SOX. II Court 
Gilchrist D. S. 47 C urt 
(iik-s .MtPfd K. ;■') Court 
Oilfs Joul, 1" ^tu lio l.uilding 
(ileasoii Kuniel A. ''. ' Court 
Cu-a-i.ii II'Ttice. .'U W:ist,in2ton 
<iOl)UAH0 MAURICE," 14!» A 
^ Treinont 

«io!(!?!inry John, "I Peniberton so. 
G.K.<-h D. \V. !,>, Ptinherton sq. 
Go<:»<lrich Chas. B. lU Court 
Goo<lrieh & Edwards, 31) Court, 

room o 
Co<Klwin Frank, (t:i Sears bid-, 
(iordon Goo. II. 7 Court square 
G'iri lev Chad. P. .i Peniberton sq. 
GouMins E. P. Vi Pemberton sq. 
(IKAVKS T. E. & F. 11. 10 Pem- 
^" bvrton sq. Csee pa^-e li'O) 
(MlAV J. C. Jk. 4 Peniberton 
^-^ square 
Gr-jv (t. T. 42 Court 
(;UAV (O. T.) S DAVIS (ED- 
^' MINT)), 4J Court 
(;I:KENEN. St. J. 23 Tremont 
*-* row 

(^KKEXE OSCAPwP. :j3 School, 
^^ riKiin 21 

Greene W. C. VZ School, room 19 
Greer.otish Chas. P. 7 Court sq. 
Gre.-' \V. P., Citv Hall 
Gnltiu (Teo. A. 4i;Wash. 
Gritfin William F. 13 Peniberton 

GriL'^'s Gen. lOPemDcrton square 
•jrovifr Emery, bl Washinu'ton, 

Tfxnn 11 
^' \Va--hin;:ton 
Guiney P. n. 47 Court 
Ha!.' A. G. H. ::■', Old State House 
£|.\Li: GEORGE S. LJ'J Court, 

1!:.! Th.>rn;is, r^) Court 

hi;, tt 11. L. .v; S-'hool. room 9 

Ua.raiii:.' Win. P. .-.Tremont!. w Ti...i,,ns S. -.7 State 

H .ri'.nn S. \V. r.i Court 

][.\i;]US & TUCKER, r>l Water 

Il-i-kins David Greene jr. IS Pem- 

bvrt'.M -qnare 
Hu..'<;u.i John T.;» Court 
J.[ATHAWAY S. W. ;3U Court 

Ujyis Benj. F. 47 Court, room 2 
Ha;.' ~ Fr.iticis Ij.'M Piinb. sq. 
li..,^ \V. .\. jr. 17 Pemberton sq. 
II.-. : V,- 11. 1'. •-; Wa.! 
H ,. - ,r.i . iiarle.^ C.-J Seliuol 
Jl'..-lt..u U f.. 1 I'eiobert ,11 sq. 
H- i'.-: Wni. E. 2.-J Treinont row 
H- a,y P. 2 Peniberton sq. 
If' L-e Wrn.r, Curt 
'! :: ■ uvl;■^\■ .\ltred, 7 Court sq. 
H'-rii k Wm. .\. :•>> School, r'ni 2 
«!-■«. tine F. S. 7 Court square, 

r-«un 12 
|I< ■* iij.! James, 1<'. Pembertoft sq. 
Ilil' Clia-s. II. .M Water 
[[H.l.ARI) GEORGE S. 14 

||ii.l. \Ul)','nVi)E, <t DICKIX- 
"^".V, H I'. Mibirton >quare 

'!. 1. -•.!.. f::i..-. Tn-,oont 
[[UM.S C.VEVIX i'. 4<J Court 

jl a:.ii.> Isaac T. 7 PembirtiJn sq. 
»!,-Jr K. K. .'.: S. ,', Pemberfon sq. 
i [< » Li BS G EORt; E M. 51 Water 

H-/bb» William. 10 State 


Hodges Edward F. 42 Court 

and 44 Court 
Holden Artenias R. jr. .j Treniont 
Holland 11. W. lb Court 
J[|OL.MES JABEZ S. ."O Court 

Holmes John S. 4*5 Court 
Holmes O. W. jr. * E. J. 7 Pernb. 

Homer (JeortreF.nPemb. sq. 
Hooper Edward W. 4 Peniberton 

llouchton Charles, 41 State 
Ho\ev Edwin S. 42 Cc)urt 
llown'nt J. .\I. F. 1.'. Peniberton sq. 
U[OWE .MOSES G. -ij Court 

Howes L. W. ?A School, room J 
Howes & Smith, ' .; Seho<.l. roon-. J 
Hubbard C. E.4 I'.'mberlon sq. 
Ilulibard G. (j. '■','> State, room 13 
■^-^ Water, room 44 
Hubbard Sc Emery, 4 Pemberton 

Hudson C. H. W Comhill 
flTDSON JOHN E. 27 Court 

tJUDSOX JOHX W. .30 Court. 

-*-•- room 9 

Humphrey James, 13 Pemberton 

Huntinizton C.W. 1 Pemberton sri. 
Hurd Chas. H. ■'>; Sciiool, room E 
Hunl 1 rancis W'., l'. S. Court Ho. 
Hurd T. C. .5 Tremont 
Hurley Timothy. 44 East Newton 
Hutchins Ileuiy C. Ui' (.'ourt 
Hutchins Hi.rare (i. .1 Court sq. 
■'-'- Court, rooms 2 and 3 
Hutchinson Eben. ',1 Devonshire 
Hutchinson P. H. 9 State 
piVDE HENRY D. 14 Pember- 

t:>n stiuare 
Ireson S. E. 2<» Court 
Ives Stephen B. jr. 42 Court 
Ives i Lincoln, 42 Court 
JACKSON A. 47 Court 


Jacobs F. W. 20 State 
James Genrsre A. 2 Pemberton sq. 
Jennison Samuel. Hi Wash. 
Jewell, Gaston. & Field. ". Trem't 
Jewell Harvey. o TreuKjnt 
Jewell 'William E. o Tremont 
Jewett D. J. M. A. 42 Court 
Johnson Eugene M. 51 Water, 

room 4S 
Johnson Henry A. 27 Kilby 
Jone- Arthur E. .i Pemberton sq. 

Tones augustine.w wash- 

" in-ton 

Jones Leonard A. 13 Pemb. sq. 
Jov A. K. P. >il Wash., room 21 
Judd C. P. 47 Court 
j^EITH JAMES .M. 42 Court 

Kelly E. A. 81 Wa.^hJTij.'ton 
Kendall Robert B. .32 Pemberton 

|,^E YES C. G. 2> State, room 19 

Keves S. F. .^3 School, room 6 
KiUon J. F. 35 Court 
Kimball D. P. «! Wash., room 3 
Kimball Ed-ar L. 20 Court 
Kins; Fr-i!icis L. 7 '. t.'unureiS 
Kin,.' Geo. A. 13 reiiitierton sq. 
Kii'.L' John G. •-7 State 
Kingsbury Aaron. 7 Court square 
Kin,L,'>bury Go. H. ."^i Conjrress 
Kittredge Charles F. 2 Pemberton 

Kittredge Frank W. ,'33 School, 

Knapp O. S. 7 Court square 
j^NOWLTON H. M.42 Court 

Knowlton T. 0.2.5 Tre;;iontrow 
Knowles Isaiah jr. .32 NV'ashington, 

ro(jm 1". 
I.nmson A. W. :":"> School, room U 
l.nthroii John, 1'. Pemberton sq. 
Laihrop, .\bbott, & Jones. 13 Pem- 

bert.iii sq. 
Lincln .Vrthur, 2 Pcmlu-rton sq. 
I.ii-.i" III C. S. l.'> Pi tnberton sq, 
Lin., .In >..l..m,.n ir. 42 Couit a D. C. 11 state, room ti 
Li;.! .Lt F.J, -o State, room. ;b 
Livcrniore Th-uias L. lb Devon- 

Loeke J.3r Tr.-moot 
1... lobar,! R. T. !.-, I'rinbertonsq. U. 211 Curt 
Lord Henry I), lb Court 
Lonl J. Brown, .;.3 School, room 24 

Lord Thomns. 2'> Kilby 

Lorim.' C. W. 1? r.nib.Tton sq. 

r OKI.NC; E.B.. Probate building, 

■'-' Court .,quure 

Lorine E. I). 12 Miiv.ri'-k sq. 

Lorin^' Francis C. 17 IVmb. sq. 

J^ORING JOHN A. .■; Tremont 

TOTIIROPT. K. 2 Pemberton 

-^ square 

Lov.rin.'C.T. 42 Court 

Lund R..liiev, ^.; C.mrt 

JiUnt llenrv, 1 ; 1'. Oibi-iton sq. 

r VNDKcV AliUOl'T, t;s Corn- 

-L* hill 

\[AC.V.VMARA M. H. 17 Pem- 

■^^^ \nnnn .v.j. 

Mairuire Th.iitias F. It Court sq. 

.Mahan J. W. 12 Tre> 

Maine Lebeus C. |::o Tremont 

-Ma-nn l^avid 11.20 Court 

Mason K.lward H. 'J > Court 

Mnson ].\ man, lo Court 

Mason W*. N. l1 old State House 

.Mather 11. II..;'.> OM State House 

May John Wilder, 7 Court square 

Mayna.lier James E. .'iS School, 

n;om 23 
McCartney Wm. H. 7 Court sq. 

room 12 
McCloarv Samuel F.. City Hall 
Mclniire Charles J. VMlWasli. 
McKeever Henrv F. -l.;C.>urt 
Mr Kim John W.'l.-. IVinbe ton sq. 
-M.a.eod A.J. 3 n.w 
Merrill A. B. 47 Sears buildin- 
■'■-'• berton square 
Mf-rwin Elias. 4b State, room 25 
Miller Geo. H. i^ Court 
Millett J. II. .3.; -chofd 
Minot Wm. .'^-' Court, room H 
Minot Wiill:;ni. jr. :;:» Court, r'm 8 
Minot William i.l, .3b Curt, r'm 8 
.M...u,-,,:n. rv Hi..'h. .■i2 >ears bldg. 
M^iny l',.:;3 >..:ho,,l,; 
Morrill George, 47 Court, room 6 
Morris Robert, 43 School, rooms 

<> and 7 
Jtorrison F. 20 State 
Morse Bnshrod. ;Vi School, room S 

and 123 Dudley 
Morse Horace E. 27 Tremont row 
Morse 1. S. & G. A. 12 Pemberton 

Morse Nathan. 45 Court 
.Mor>e Joiin T. jr. Ill Pemberton 

Morse R. Mi. jr. 7 Cottrt square 
.Morse Sidney B. 3'.! Court 
Morse, Stone, & Greenough, 7 

Court square 
Morton i-;dwin. 33 School, room L 
-Morton Elias W' . 2i> State 
.^Inrton FrancisT. 40 State, r'm 28 
Mosebach Fred O. 3.5 Court 
Motte E. L. .-.b Kilbv 
Moult.)n B. C. 23 Court 
MoA-rv O. B.22 Scho.d 
A j ULLIN GEO. H. U Pember- 
■'■-'- ton square 
Muiiroe Fraiu-is J.12 Maverick sq. 

and ■■I Wa.-hin^ton. .5 
.Munnu- William A. :v> Court 
.Muzzev Henrv W. 7 Court sq. 
Nash St- phen G. 9 .Merchants row 
Ncttleton E. v., V. S. Court Ho. 
Newell Robert R. 13 IVmbertou 

Newton J. L. .'V. Studio buiidine 
Nicliols B. W. 40 State 
Nichols J. L. lo State 
NichoU t-it Owen, :.ii State. room tj 
Nickerson John A. 2.s Devonshire 
Nickerson .b.seph. 2.^ Devonshire 
Noble .lohn, 32 Pemberton square 
Norri. G. \V..-,.l Coimress 
Norton -M. 47 C.'urt 
NovL-s Amos. 7 Teiii berton sq. 
Noyes Ctias. J. 1 lVinl>ertou sq. 
NoN'es Georse I). 20 State 
VOVES S.\.MUEL B. IxJ Wash- 
^^ in -ton. room 12 
Nutter C. C. 1,'. Peiniierton square 
Niiit.r T. F. 1.5 Pemberton square 

|LNEV R. .' I'eniberton .sq. 


Os-o(h1 L. W..34 School, room 7 
Otis All)ert 1!.:'.; Wush)i._'t..n 
Otis K.Smund B. 13 Pemberton sq. 

Oti~ (;e,.r:-e F. 13 IVmbiTtoU sq. 

Paine H. W.,:2 Peniiierton sq. 
Paine K..bvrt 'ly--.t. jr. ;2 ('.urt 
1>A!.M{1,V FR.\SC1S W. 13 

-»- F.x.b..l:j.- 

Park t.e.. \V. +H Hirr. ro-vn 11 
l'.i,-k .l..iin C. 1,-. r./iun.rton sq. 
Parker Aurtiius D. -■> <-."irt 
I'arKer h rancis i;>lward. 4J Court 
I'arker 11. G. !•> Washin-tou 
Parker Wm., over Boylston mkt. 

AilUUZeS, lyiOCKS, vases, V street. Uo*tou, it. HOLLlAiiJ^^CO. 




Lawyer*— continiied. 
Parker Win. M. > Stnte 
Parks N. Austin, .■■') Court 
Parin-i'.f.T Uiliumi K. II' Court 
Patlco C\vxf. n. :V! Srh(,..!. ro..ia IV 
Puyne Charles F. '•';] Sr1i'>..|, r'rn V 
Pearson Kob.rt W. S Mtrclianti 

Peltdii F. \V. \2 Penibcrton sq. 
Perkiii? W. F. Ill I)t-vor>-hire 
pi-KllY B. E..;-! Court 

Perrv Francis A. oJ) Old State Ho. 
Phiifips C. A. •■'.'1 Court 
Piiillipi (;eor_'i- Wrn. 7 Court sq. 
Phiihjij St.'plun H. .at Court 
Phillips Wi-iuU-ll. .VI Essux 
Pickering James F. '-'A <.)ld State 

PitkL-rini: J. Winthrop, .'i5 Old 

State House 
Pierce K. H. 50 Court 
Pierce Fdwin r,. I", Old Stato TIo, 
Pike Charles F. is Penihertoii sq. 
piLLSBlKV ALUEEiT £. bl 
^ Washinirton, r.Kim 14 
Pinkerton J. M. i7 State 
Piper Geo. F. ' Court sq. room 15 
Pond Henj. 17 (Jld State House 
Poor Geo. H. II Peniberton square 
Powers Charles Edward, L'7 Tre- 

nifiiit row 
pRATT C. E. 2 Peniberton sq. 

Pratt E. Granviilc, 2.v. Broadway, 

and .5»;2 Wushiuirton 
Prcseott F. A, 15 Peuihcrtou sq. 
Preston James \S'. U.t A Trcniont 
Prince I- redcrick O. 'M Court 
Proctor Thos. Parker, Z.> Pember- 

ton s.|uare 
Proctor, Warren, & Brigham, .32 

Peniberton square 
Putnam Geo. jr. 1'7 Court 
Quincy Jo<iah, 2 H.uiiilton place 
qiiincy S imuel M. •.' Hamilton pi. 
|> -UNO EDW. S. <A, Court 

J^AXD EDW. S. Je. 3() Court 

Randall Otis Gray, 31 Wash. 

Kanney A. A. :J.5 Court 

Rantuul R. S. .32 Pemberton square 

room l.j 
Read C. C. 27 State 
RedficM, Herriok, & Jlillett, 33 

Redtield r.saac F..3:] Sch.^1. room 3 
Reed C M. 31 Pemberton square 
Reed Chester I. 41 State 
Reed Geo. .\t. -7 Court 
Reed Lsaac G l:: Court square 
Reed Joseph \\ . , Court square 
Reedil5ulhird.-)1 >tate 
^"vVt.'''^ H. 40 State, room ni 

'ICII GILES H. 27 Guild row 

Richards G. II. l*; P.-mberton sq. 
Ruhaid^on Abi.iul!, i; Court sq. 
Ric liar, sou 1). t.. l.\ Court sq. 
Richardson I. W. & I. N. iis com- 

Richardson J. B. lO Court 
Richardson S. H. .;.; Wushin^^on 
Richar.l.-on T. F. .!o Court 
R.chaidou Wm. A. .5 Tiemont 
Kile.v f^omas, l'! Court sq. 
Ritchie H.irrison. .V) C„„rt 
Robb James B. L'.j Broinfield (in 

patent case>) 
Roberts <u-o. L. "4 Scho<il. room 7 
Roberts Reuben L. .^ School 

room " 
Robinson A. J. .'.j Pemberton sq. 
Robinson Charles.; ■• " 


ro<jiu II 
Ropers II. M. 42 Court 

i:J C. 


^rs J<, 

ill P. 


Roliiii^J. W. s:.\v.,^j 

}{U1'ES JtjlIN c'. ri'Jnl'berto 

S|U ire 
Ro~s .Numuel J. Sir; Washington 
Ruthn Oeo. L. I.' Treuiont • 
j^L SS A. V> Pemberton square 

Russell Ch 

,^,. . Pi-mberton so. 

[»r -SEIJ.C. T... I. H..undr[. 

MIEK. -T St,t... 
Saflonl Nutiianiel F. lT .Mate 
Sanborn Klward W . ■' State 

gAXFoUD JOS. B. &: Sch.^I. 

n\>i\: Jl 
g A N F O K D & (; U EEN-F. :i 

School, room -.'I !.., e u. ■.^\ 
banper (;,o. P.. Se.srs l.uildin- 
t?ar;:eiit H. B. .io C,,ii.n 
SaundefK Ciil< h. 42 Court 
SHUn.lein Charles (i. f.' Curt 
Saunderg Daniel, ir. 4.' Court 
Sauuders I). C. .t: C G. 4.' Court 

Sawyer F. W. 2") Court 
Sawyer J. .\. 4.' Court 
SnwverA- Api>leton, lio Conrt 
gCA.MMON GEO. a. 7 Court sq, 

SchouUr r<J Kilbv. and ol5 \V.-ishin-tou."l). C. 
Schonler .'<; .Motte, ;;■.) Kilbv, and 
iil.5 Sevpulh. Washington. I). C. 
Scott .\. E. 7 Court sq., room 17 
Scudder Henry A. 1:; Pemberton 

Scnrle (leo. W. 7o Tnmout 
Seurs Phili]! li. i:; IV-nib.Tton so. 
Seil,'wirk A. (...■:;i Court, room \i 
Seniiot Geo. V, Seiiool, room 4 
C E W A L L S A M U E 1- E. 4<J 
'^ Washington 
gHATTUCK GEO. O. 3,3 Court 

Shnw Eemuel, 27 State 
^ buiMini: 

Shaw Samuel S. 13Pember(on sq. 
Shea T. F. .;! School, room 7 
Sheldon Henry N. •_>7 Trcniont row 
SUepard Edward O. .'i 'Jn-mont 
Shimmin Chas F. o Peniberton sq. 
Simmons W. A. 7 Court square 

room •-'^l 
Simpson Wm. H. 4i; Washington 
Sinclair .Vlbcrt T. it) Court 
Sleciit r G. L. / Court so. 
Slocuin Wm F. I'! Peniberton sq. 
Slocum Sc Staples, 13 Pemberton 

Smitii Chauncy, .-> Pemberton sq. 
Smith Emory H. •■>! School, r'rn 1 
Smith Henry Hyde, 15 Old State 

Smith H. Farnham, 5 Pember- 
ton square 
Smith P. B. jr. 27 Guild row- 
Smith Robert J). .12 Pemberton sq. 
Smith i Bates, r, Pemberton sq. 
C.MITH i FULLER, -7 Guild 
^ row 

Snow Samuel. 17 Pemberton sq. 
Sohier Wm. I'.'l W.ish., room »! 
Sotiier i Welch, II Tremont 
gOMERBY G. A. 20 Old State 

SpauldiniT John,. "2 Pemberton sq. 
Spotfc^rd R. S. jr. 27 Tremont row 
Spra^ue Henry 11. 32 Peniberton 

Squire J. RolHn M. .30 Court 
Stackpole.L L -J Peniberton sq. 
Stacj' .Mclvi;le,27 Court 
Stanchfield A. G. o Pemberton sq. 
Standish Wm. 42 Court 
Staples H. li. v. Pemberton sq. 
Stetson Jolm G., U. S. Court Ho. 
Stevens Henrv J. Ii» Court 
Stevens Munroe. SI Wash., room 9 
Stevens Oliver. .'Jo Court 
Ste veils Wm. B. 7 Court sq. 
Stockton Howard, 4 Pemberton 

Stone R. jr. 7 Court sq. 
Storey Cha-s. W. 7 Court sq. 
Storey .'\loortield, 7 Court square, 

room r.t 
Storrow .lames J. 40 State, room 2,5 
CTORV ISAAC, a3 School, 
■^ room v. 
Stratton Chus. E. jr. -/i Tremout 

Stubbe Wm. H. Si Wash., room 21 
Sumner James, 'U School 
Suter H.W.J7 St.ite 
Swan Wm. W. .J Pemhcrton S(). 
Sweetser I. Hoin.-r. .;;( Sea rs bids. 
CWEETSLP. (THEriDuia-: H.) 
^ ,v GAUDXER (WM. S.) 2" 

Tremout row 
Teele J. O. 7 Court S((uare 
Terrv H. B. 4- Court 
berton sqiuire. ro'nu 1 
■*- bertou '-quare. room 1 
nniAXlER DAVID, 13 Ex- 
^ chant'e 
^Y i I A Y E R J A M E S B . 27 Cou rt 

Thomas B. F. 'J Pemberton sq. 
Thomas C. G. •-■» Court 
Thomas J. B. F. 4ii Court 
Thorn;,., >ethJ.4.; Court 
Thouipsou Lu(ian B., V. S. Court 

Thotuj.sou R. II.. V. S. Conrt II. 
T: , ,■. l^oes D. ::'. School 
T ,- ':'.:. '■ n ,v. 4 Pemberton sq. 
T ' 1 ! ill L. 27 Tremont r. 

'ril.i;i\;ii M; S. L. 2 Pember- 
ton Mil, -ire 
Thornt.Mi J. Winsate, -.0 Court 
Tirreii C. Q. -Jl Court 
Titu- John W. 1 ; C.iurt. room IG 
Tobey Gerard C. 40 Stale 

Tompson Fdwnrd W. E. 47 Cur; 
Tompsou Samuel, 47 Court 
Torrey Culvin, 1.1 Peml.eii,,i, ,, , 
Tower J. A. 10 Devonshire 
Towne Truman B. I.l Pemb. ri..- 

Towne Wm. IL.VJ Wash. 
T"RAIX CHAlM.Es R. 7 Court 

square, romn i) and 7 
Treadwell J. P. '■','.> Court, room \ ) 
Trinp Geo. H. .'f; Court 
'pUCKER P. E. ol Water 

Turner (Charles W.)und Chen-v 

(II. R.) l;5 Court Ml. 
Tuttlc Charles W. -.-. Bromfield 
Tu,\t)ury (Jeo. W. I'.l Court 
Tyndale Theodore H. 1.1 iVnibe.-. 

ton square 
Upton E. A. 9 .Merchants row 
U. S. Law Associutiou and Coll.^c- 

tion Union, 22 School. r'H.m M 
Van Duzee Ira D. 7 Pemberton ^i. 
Vinton Alfred C. 27 Court 
^^ R. R. Exchange 
Waketield L. H. 7 Court sq. 
Wakefield Thomas L. 41 Si.ite 
Waleott Chas. F. :',o Court 
Walker Henrv. 42 Court 
Walker Henry W. ij.: Court 
Wallev W. P. 4(1 Slate 
Ward well Henrv. r,-, Court 
. Ware D. E. I'i Pemberton sq. 
^YARE GEO. W. Jk.4o Court 

Ware Horace E..13 School, room M 
Ware i Morse, h; Pemberton su. 
Wnruer A. i:. 2') Court 
** lOX, 42 Court 
Warren William W. 32 Pemb. si- 
Warren Wiiulow. •"-") Court 
Washburn A. C. 40 State 
Washburn B. Davis. 4(1 Court 
Wav John M. W 
Webb Chas. H. 28 Devonsliire 
Welch Wilson J. 31 Dev,.n-liire 
Welliuctcn Ambrose, so V. asii. 
W elliuston Asa, -1 Wash. u:..nn \\ 

WASHixcnox iiiRA."\L ;i 

^^ Exchause 

Weils H. J. 1.') Pemberton square 
Wells Samuel. 31 Pemberton sq. 
Welsh Edward J. 40 Court 

^yEXTWORTH A.B. :^-0 Court 

Wentworth S. H. 81 Wash, r'ni 10 
Weston Thomas, jr. 4t", Wash. 
"^YUEELEll A. S. -.v Cmrl 

^yHEELER CHAS. 3;i Court 

Wheeler Jesse F. 12 School 
Wheelwri-ht A. C. 1.5 Mt. Vernon 
White De Witt C. 47 Cougris^ 

room 8 
"White Georee, 5 Tremont 

»* School 

Whiting & Russell, X, Court 
Whitman J. H. su Court 
Whitman AVm. D. A. 17 Pember- 
ton square 
Whitteniore E. S. 7 Court squa.'^' 

room .S 
Wieain Andrew, 40 Court 
WiL-dns John H. 7 Court siiiiiir-.;, 

ro.>m IG 
AVi-himan J. >L 3-3 School, r'ni i: 
Willard Joseph. 33 School, rooia -^ 
Willev& Fit/, •J) Court 
WilliJms Chas. F. 13 Court sq. 
Williams Moses, jr. .5 Treuv.'ut 

*^ Court 


*^ C.iurt 
Wilson A. P. 2.5 Tremont row 

^yiLSOX JOHN T. 14 Tr.m r.: 

Wilson Thomas, 22 Tremont n'w 
Wood D. W. :■■•.■, Wa>hin.'tou 
WOODBURY .<t IXtrALL-,-'^ 
** state 

Woodman Horatio. ,37 Court .- 1- 
Woodside Franklin, 1 Pcmhert :^ 

"•^ School 

Wri-!it Edwin, Rc-i-try of Dvc.i 

Wri-ht Isaac Hull. .52 Wusli. 

WRiGHi' j.\.M!:s J. i: P •■•• 

' ' tiertou s(i. r.-i!i 7 , 

Wyman Isaac C. .'-; Scho'.'l. r':n li»clilnu: A|M>i'«'«»t"*' 

Eioerv F. W. l'.il Cou,'re>H 

CORBK'ir A. o. i: uy^--^y- 

^ niurch (see pa2eOi2) 


Gas Fixtures "I M= 

iimJuc'tiirerii' Q^JQ AVathlnic 
l»iife», OUkJ Street 

ton T> TXOr.I.lX<iS A- t »^ 
XX, XL Maiiut>». 



Till l*li»e. 

■^ Chudwick .V Co. a-eiita, 4y 
Broad 1,-ef i)ai,'.- toj) 

T^e:t.(l I'lpo siml Nheet 


-^ Cl.iidwick ,\: Co.. n.'tnt.-). 4'J 

Itrond, uiui .^u. tt,<.'ov. Ilump- 

d«Ml !SfO p-..-ci;v,M 

T issi!i;k(;[:i: v. k. Hiand m 

^ Xortli 

CTOXi; IIKXKV X. !.;2 Com- 

^ nierciiil (.see iKi-e O.t.")) 

J^eathev ISeltiii;;. 

(Sre also Ikltiitg.) 
fJL.AKK A.N. ,<• CO. (nianuf.)S);) 
^ AVater, and 01 Kilbv (see page 

Dcinsev ><: Leffiow. 4S Hanover 
^^ Iluvmarkot ?(i.(^,>oii::-e':.C) 
f fU.VT, TWITCflKLL. J^: CO. 
-"■^ !*r Devonshire (see paje '7.1<1 
I^IXG ClIAS. W. 5!V Con-re.3 

Kin^ A AUani.^, 22 Milk 

MAY & CO. I Hroad (see inside 

-^-^ l)ack cover) 

pAGE E. r. & CO. *j Con-ress 

\YEr.CII .t GKIFFTIIS, 14.5 
and 14" Federal ; see p. i;s> ' 

** M liuverhill 

WOODS s. A. & CO. i;r sud- 

^* bury 

l^eather ISoai-tl. 

|£ARWOOI) J. A. .^ X. S-; -Milk 


cor. Federal 
CAMi'SoX & PLATT, 19 Ex- 

\yiLDEK & CO. li><; Conu-ress 

I,eather I>ealers. 

(-S<3d aUo Boofx and 6hoes, aUo 

Jli'fe.f. ) 
Adams A. II. & Co. HI Hiirh 
Adams, Lowe, .v Xewtoii. 7m Hi;;h 
Ames R. W. A Sou. 4.5 Hii:h. fac- 
tory .3-' Ru.;:i,'le3 (patent en 
Atherton, Stetson, .<- Co. 34 Pearl 
Banehor G. P. -J". lUs\\ 
Bartk.ilmoz J. G. .t Co. 07 High 
Baxter L. .<;: Co. 7 L'uion 
Bcebe Lucius, 74 Pearl 
Bernard B. 2 Pearl St. Hou.*e 
Billings Horace & Son, 6.5 and 67 

Bishop C. J. & Co. l-iS & 140 Pearl 
Bl;ike, Higbee, & Co. is and 20 

Brackett Josiah i C(^. l*'.: Pearl 
Braekott.I. D..3 Miitthew.^ 
]j ROOKS .t YOLXG, :S Pearl 

Bn.wn i Caller. i;;i Hi-d 
Bryant .'v; Kin-, Wj IV.ui A. O. llis I't-arl 
CH(H-n E. A. ot Co. li»,'PcarI 
Cluid.F.jr.'.T. Hi-U ,l,nin_'s) 
Cl.iM ^^u^. C. r.iHi.'h 
Cluriin .^ Co. M Pearl 
Ciapp I!enj.A:Co. -jpeorl 
Clark Edward, '.q Hi-ii 
Cuhl. U. KM Hi.'h 
Cot.!) 1. H, n Kilhv 

<-'onn H. .>t Co. 112 and 114 Hi-li 
Connolly John H. i: Co. '.i! IVnrl 
Cor.y L. \\ . i Co. r.". and 225 

Cox M NiclioU. .'. Liberty sq. 
Crane J. P. .<i Co., h-» I't.irl 
Cm.u(iin.T3 K.S, Co. 7 an i •.• Hixh 
CuinmiiKM Franc;:., 41 Hi.-h 
Cnnisi.ini.->.l.jr. iCo.o:; IVarl 
Cununiii-s J. i». .v, Hi-ii 
I'-ivis l;r,„. .V Co. '.'■.. Iliu-h 
>;■>-, \Vilr,,x, vCo. s.... ^2H;::!i 

)!■ kvr.nuM .V U .i.iv.^..::. :■: Hljll 
Jo«- Strpb..,. ,v ( o ^H.,\ 
])owuin^' i;.lw.ud.«. Co.:., IVarl 
>w,ver.v Uarr. tt. l;,'.suir,nuT 
li'-.ip .--mifh,;; l',;..ri (!i(ui).'> 
niiou L. W. l^lC..n.TLS.^' 
t/ixon K. a: .M. 1l-. P, arl 
l^x..u lieo.dini, ,.'.., Ill Hi-h 
t 'rweil H. B. .<; Co. l-Jt LV.i.-! 
f' TiviM ,<c Duni. U. Hi,'h. c. Fvd'l 
J."irv B. ,^ ,\..y, iiiL'h Edward x Co. ''li Peurl 

Loss John F. & Co. 5S Bluckstone, 

and .54 North 
Foiter.v Mobnenx, .Si; Hi^'h 
Gale .Milton .^ Co. 2.5s Con:,'rc.s.s 
Gav, Dana. -<; Co. I54 Hi-h 
Gill Geo. li;; Hi-h 
Ginn Daniil A. .v Co. 177 ConL-res.s 
(ioodnow L. (sliLTpskins),,5(> High 
Gove Ge.). (J..5i) lli^li 
Guild Ch.xtfr.t Sons, in* Milk 
Guild, \VI'.ite. .v Co. V.H Con:.'res3 
Hadlev, White, ii: Co. li^i Con!,'ress 
Hardili-J. C. ;>: Co. Km IVarl 
Hiirrinu'ton .'t Cnirin:in-.<, :>:', Pearl 
Harwood [). .v Co. 17 Pearl 
J j^ARWOOD J. A. & N. SO Milk 

If AYDEX & BALCOM, George 
^^ E. Davis, iiL'cnt. 1 Peurl Street 

House uirtibcial) 
-"-■- !i2 Milk (and tindiuirs) 
Hill .<: Broun, i-i High ^ 
Hitciicock .<: .Vrciicr, hi') Pearl 
llolbrook E. T. & Co. 72 Purchase 
Holmes Charles M. is". Congress 
Hood Si Emerson, bl Hi^'h 
IJOPKIXS G. J. lb; Pearl 

How Calvin & Co. 147 Pearl 
Howe, Liviiiir. .t Co. 4S Hi^h 
Hubbard .>s: Bh'.k.'. H2 Hi-h 
Hull E. B. .<: Co. W Hi-h 
Humphrev Albert. 10 i Pearl 
Hunt E. S. 44 Higii 
Ireson .1. i Sons. .'5 Pearl 
.James. P(jpe, i .lames. Hi) Hi_'h 
JARVIS W. E. 2'.» Haverhill 

Johnson D. a Co. i'! Ilish 
Johnson & Tewksburv, 2« Pearl 
Jones Isaac H. Kd Pearl 
Jones J. M. .^ Co. 104 Pearl 
Keith C. E. &Co. 1(^1 Pearl 
Kennan, French, & Co. 41 Hi^h 
Kidder F. H. & Co. If; Pearl ^ 


CO. 145 summer 
Knowlton G. P. & Co. 114 High 
JjAXE, PIERCE, & CO. Gi High 

Lear Peter, 5 Washington ('cha- 
mois and dru-L,'ists') 
Learoyd A. P. ( titiisher), .5'^ Hijli 
Lewis James j^' Co. is Pearl 
Lincoln J. L. lur Pearl (basement) 
Linnell, Parker, .i Co. 7.5 lli-h 
Lord J. A. i Wm. S.y Hi-li 
Low Hersey & Co. 27 and 2".) Higii 
Low J. W.27and20Hi,'li 
Mahonev Jeremiah, 7'.) Pearl 
Mallard & Butler, ;!<; Pearl 
Mansfield E. A. '„t! and Os Hish 
Mar^h Brotliers, 7.J High and 5G 

Marston H. P. & Co. 1.5.'5 Congress 
Maxwell J. 1 -..5 Congress 
MoConnf 11 .K: GardmT, 01 High 
.Merritt F. S. l-'. lii-h 
Mes--er A. A. !Si Congress 
Moore Perley D.& Co. I'Jo Con- 

MTiUer Wm. jr. 227 Con-ress 
Xash A. P. St'Co. <y, Hi-n 
Xewhall F. S. & Sons, VJ FAm and 

22 Brattle square 
Nichols, McKendry, .>t Stowoll. 21 

Xichols, Lovejov, .t Co. 1(V5 Pearl 
Nichols & Dal'ton, 177 Con-ress 
Osborn F.jr. .<:Co. KO Pearl 
Osborn Ge.)r-e P. i Co. V>. -Milk 
Osborn Jaci.b, Cniii.':e-s 
Otis& Bra-don. --4 Hi-h 
pAtiE E. F. i CO. 415 Congress 
-•• (factorv) 
Paiu'e C. E" ir. 1" Pearl 
Perkins C. C. ••; Pearl (sheepskins) 
Perkins H. J. 212 Con-n.,.< (com.) 
Perrv. Cutter, .s; Co. 2S Hi.'h 
PEVEAR .<: CO. S.5 Mi!k.(-Mo- 
-"- rocco. sherpand calt-kins) 
Poland B. F. 44 Han.iver 
Pollard S. (). .vCo. 01 Hish 
Porter C. B. If.'.i Conu-ress' 
Pratt E. B. ."LCo. !1.', Hi-h ,t .\lbree. 227 and 22:t Cone. 
Proeter Thos. E. 20<; Congress 
Q.H.-in X: Edwards, lO'j and 111 

Rand H. C. -S: Co. l-j Mereh.mta 

RanduU J. A \i'. Pearl 

Reit.'nbaeh Bros. A: .Mink,7.s Hu'h I),.vle,.v (•■.. KH Hi.;h 
Rose .V WaUer. ^>t li;Ji 
Suwver W. .>^ E. 4o||i_'h 
Shaw F. .<; itrotiu r. <.;- lii-h 
Sh.u.'!■.^.•.r..^^<^..■^'laud.-2 Pearl 
S::.-.-itt l.,ru, ll> lliJi 
Skinn-.r J;uues .V Co. :«) Hi-h 
C Ml I'll EDWIX E. 24 Exchange 

Snow Bros. & Durcrln, HS High 

Snow Simeon ,<: Co. :i,5 lli-h 

Southwick P. R. l>:j P.url 

Stackpole R. M. ltd P-arl 

St. ri.tiebl .V. -v Bros. ,52 .v .54 High 

Stimp-on J. C. i;i Hizli 

Stiinpson .t Phabm. 'd Hii:h 

Swa-ev F. R. .V Co. 2.5 llich 

Tho,Mp.,,n B. F. .<: Co. s; High 

■I'idd Wm. .V Co. II lliL'h 

Till-on .<: Co. mi Milk 

TnriiLr 1,. A. H' lli^'h 

Tuttle Wm. Id Hi-li 

rnderliill O. H. H High (commia- 

A'arnev, Ha'^kell. .«: Co. 210 Com;. 
VialLfohn, I 15 Pearl 
Waitt A. 4-; liitrh ( moroeco) 
W.iMniver P. X Co. sd ir-b 
^yALES GEO. W. 141 Summer 

Webster ,'<£ Co. HO .Milk 
Wescott Stephen .t Son. ,s5 High 
West & Valois. lirj Cnion 
W'hall S.J. .<: Co. ■••.7 Hi-h 
Wheeler & Clatiin, ■■<'. Pead 
White A. L. .<■ Co. 171 Congress 
' ' M5 Summer (see pare O^) 
Williams Seth. 141 Siumner 
Wmn, Eaton,* Co. I". Hish 
Winslow Bros. 84 lligii (.sheep- 
Woodman Pebbling Machine Co. 
.S5 Devonshire (patent pebble) 

piloWX B. F. S CO. r>5 Ful- 
-*- ton (see page lioO) 

Lieathei- 0»»otl!* Maiiiil'. 

Spencer John, 40 Hanover.rcom 43 
Leiither Measurers, 

Brajlon Wm. x Son. -li'i Pearl and 
107 High 
JLeather Splitting. 

HOMER GE(\ .'Jo Med ford and 
01 Beverly 

Ijeatho-r Sullttina: 

Ryerson E. & Son, Kemble, near 

l^euther Stuftins. 

X'OYES PERSOX, 47 Inaia (see 
^^ page 0'.' 4) 

Tjeotiare S5ures»us. 

American Literary Bureau, 119 

! Bureau, •">>Bromrd 
Ijeeclie*. (for, i-tn.) 
Daley Elizabeth A. 21 Warrenton 

CTEARXS A. M. & CO. 89 

^^ Court (see page CSl) 

I..etter Cutter. 

gPEAR WM. F. .-U School»i*ni les. 

American .Vc.ideioy ot' Arts and 
Scirnces, at Atheii.vum. Beacon 
American Con,' I Ci'iit tonal Associa- 
tion. 40 Winter 
Athenaum. Beacon, n. Bowdoin 
Austin L..U!.-a. K;;i Meridian 
Boston LiOrarv, is B,.\ !.-ton 
B-ston Soiietv ot .Vatural Histo- 
ry, Berkekv. cor. Boyl-ton 
CeiiiKil Ciri-nhiting Library, 6 

lluniillon pbice 
City Library, l!oyl-ton st. (free) 
Dorchester .Mil. na'uni Library, 

Plt-asant. cor. (J ttai-'e, ward 1(> 
Fk teller's F. 1.5(17 Washington (cir- 

(ieneral Tbeolouical, 12 West 
Hallidai's 14:;Wu,-h. (circulating) 
Law Lit.rarv. 14 Cor.rt House 
Lee C. .M.2:;7 Hanover i .^elect) 
Limlsey <;eo. W. |o;i Wu.-li. 
LisCMii Le\i, u;.> T'reiiiunt (.circu- 



_• Select Libiarv. m". Wash. 
A. F. .--.5 .M, ri.lun. E.B. (cir 

Mass. Historical Society. Ou Tre- 

Mass. Ilonicullural Society, Tre- 

nu.nt.cor. Bron.iiekl 
.Mass. X''w ( iiiirch Free Llbr.iry 

and ICeudinir ii^ oai. 2 Humilton 



Park. cor. E.x- 

Mecluinic .Vnpr..iiticei», ChauQcy 
cor. .\von 

Gas Stoves, 

Oil* Urate 

f», i<i:\n Flat IiMwiti, .Vppar 

iitiiH for C< AS t'ov itiiaterouft 
:KC>i> \\ ahliiiiuioit ^itreet. 


Medical, •■!*;T.-ni pie place 
Mercantile. ;!JSmmii.T _ 

New Kiipluiiil Histi.ri.: (Jen.'alopi- 

cal Soclctv, \r HrniMtiLl.l 
Roxbury Attifiiacuin, S Guild 

Sociul Law>rnrv. 14 Court Ho. 
Sumner. C W iniluup b!.M-k, K.B. 
Walkcr-s -2 liumilfni pi. (circu- 

Wiston J. H., Centrul s<i., corner 

Yoiit'.g M«.-u's Christian As?ocia- 

tioiiT 'IVcnioiit 1 vii:plc 

T.lKhtnlntr lCo«l»- 

QKCr 11 W. A. <;-. Cornlull 

I^fiiie itnd »>iiii(l> 

BlSIMIAM.r.F.. Conuii.rciiilnp. 
I'urk.T. wiinl 1>; 
Botton J. W. :..( Co'i.mcrciiil .^- I'lprr, li-iO fcilcral 
Cobl) J.irno Co. 7:, St:ito 
Ct'Ok, Jordan, .t Morse, Altumy, 

foot of .Ntaliirn, and 1 1'.C, Wash. 
Gratis Henry & Son. •> lAprche>ter 

■^ Federal 

Gove A. .'t Son. 'jlJ Hordcr 
jqAM Jo^hPlI, Northampton, 
■*^ cor. 
Hobbs.T. S. ,<; Co. 14 Commercial 

and Milldaiii wharf 
TJOXIKT. \V. & CO. SS Long 
^^ wharf 
Kent & Co. ss Fulton 
McCarville Jiunei^. l'.' State 


Liine Co. '.) Central, E. 


H. Wade, t 
RobbinsJ. & Co. lln .Samner 
_]^OBY 1). i CO. liS^.i Causeway 

^ Swett. foot of Xorthainpton 

and j»> CriiiLTress (see p. i):>s ) 
XSTAIAX) J. AOAAM^! Liberty 
* ' !i(i. (-ft- front Colored p.^ge) 
ELr,lN{i'l()X A. C. & CO. 

XVI>''(^ATE & FIELD, 198 
** Broad 

yOUNG & EMERSOX,-.5 State 
•*■ and 445 ConinHiieruial 

(JLARKJOIIX. .--'1 Congress 

-'■^ MAXVF. CO., F. W. Clacs- 
seus, treasurer, 17',i Washing- 
ton (>oe fro t colored j'n.'e) 

r.lnen TJiica«l ^la-iuf. 

-^ Miik 

ILilnenH, Ilundee Oood!*, 

e. .t I'uHer, 5'.l Sum'r 
.1) 1). C. X: CO. WA 
and I'Jl Devoiisliire 
Kelly T!)..roas .^ C). lHhh 
Litehf. -M C. r..-, Oiis 
Lowry .M.& Co. (.wholesale), 101 

Mack'.iilir.j, Lawrie. i Co. (whole- 
sale) 17.S Kevoiishire 
Talmer. .Jacobs, i Co. SM) Wash. 
Koj.Ts {.n!-U::m.>-ii Federal 
Spra.'ue Francis ..>;; Co. 11 Central 

Taprau ./. H A. & Co. bT .Milk 

W V M A X & A R K LAY, td 

BOTSfOlil), HALL, .<: CO. ■-■'J 
Holmes I)."W.,<t Co. r Lib.rtv <^.i. 
I'EAUCE. .t Co. O' MAk 

Ewin?, Wi 



^ cor. 


K!>\VIX U. 
-^ I'LATT, 

J Kx 

^L^ i;k lake co.. h. av. 

U.l'injf..n,lr. .i-...^; Chaun.-v 
(, tl-li.r:ulro:.<l3i_',\c.") 


J^BBOTXS 4! India wl 
l^yAKRE.V H. M.; Liberty s.j.«Iiiur 1><-:(1<-ih' €>>1sih<« 



Rfcss (.sfc pa„'v tk.'.i.) 

T YXI)i:i;tiUi) GLASS CO 4'.) 
'■■' India (wine bottles, flasks, 
and demijohns) 

I..l<|UOfM, AV^Inen, »fcc. 

Stale Coiiimt<iio>i<r joi- Ma.i.iar/nt- 

Brodhead J. A. •-••-' Custom House 

Stat" Cu.nmisf-toufir for y. //. 
Lautcn Albert F. ll'.t Broad 

AdaniM & Tavlor, II.". Broad 

*g E. .!.-.' 
H. & Co. 

id o,S South 


BaiicUor John F. & Co. l(x; Broad 
l^AHlUrrT CHAS. IJ. 4o North 
^ Market 

B.nnrtt x WaNh, lis Lincoln 
Bickford Ira H. C! Clinton 
Bixbv W.J4. Co. lb; Hlaekstone 
Biaiichard (L B. .t Co. hi Blacks'e 
Bo.lHMi II. .M. & Co. ■!.'. Haverhill 
Bradford H. B. ',.: Elm (u[i stairs) 
Brav T. C. •.'! Central wharf 
Brintnall Norman Y. lo.", State 
T3U0VVN & HAYES, IJl & 123 
^' Broad 

Krown A Son. H'l Sudbury 
Brown & Yenetrhi, -'i Exchange 
Burbank J..<: Co. ti India 
Burpess. Fax.>n, .t Co. I'ol Federal 
Burke John, hiU Blackstone 
Burroueh P. O. I'J. liroad 
Cain W. .1. .t Co. :.'{ Citv wharf 
Canipbcli J:.llU'^- X Co. ;..s,-, Tremt. 
Cannv P. 441 to 4 V! Hanover 
Carney X: Co. '.v: Federal 
Caron Eucrencli City Hall ave. 
Ca~ev .Morris F. S4 W. JJedham 
PASSIDY JOHN E. 11 Central 
^ wharf 

Chandler Benj. \W Commercial 
pLAPP GEO. P. r» and 11 Cam- 
^ brid-e(seepnic'.y.!i) 
Coehnui S. t^ & Co. <; Conj;. sq. 
C<de M. J. .<: Co. II Central wlif. 
nOLLIXS JAS. & CO. 1*!, 154, 
^ oiui ]-x Bea.di 
f^OOLEY DAXIEL, 31 and 38 
^ Central wbf. 

Coup-hlan Thomas & Co. 587 Har- 
rison avenue 
Crockett C. G. Jt Co. la^; State 
Deinarest J. M. agent, .'V! Central 

-;.; Broad 
"nOHERTYM. &C0. 73 Endi- 
^ cott, .3U» North, and l:X) Knee- 
Duhuc J. P. P. 3 Central 
JJUDLEY & CO. G7 Kilby 

Dunbar T. J. >t Co. 70 Broad, and 

(d3 Wa-^hin2t(.m 
T)YER S. X. jr. 17 Central whf. 

Farrell M. .t Co. O.'J Haverhill 
Farwcll k Reed, s*; Commercial 
Fern O. L. Vol Biackstone 
Flarjii D. F. & Co. H-". Blackstonc 
Jh'^oRD J. 15<> and 158 Federal 

French T. -t W. B. -2*; Exehnnse 
Gus^ett CUarlis R. l.)7 Blackstone 
^ IL'I and Ij:'. B-oad 
Goldsmith N. F. A Co. Cent'l wf. 
Ctortnan Wm. 11>< Broad 
Gran'. G. A. IM Water and 2 

Cook's place 
GRAVES C. II. 35 Hawkins 

Greene & Co, fw Kilhv 

Hnckin.s Hunt. & Co. ;W North 

Johnson Earl W. 73 W-ater 
J.,hn.son (i.4o Howard 
Jone>-. You:i!,', .'<; Co. i : India 
Lraiten A.' F. Ill) Broad. X'. H. 

tate Comi 

SONS, 127 to 
& Co. 11 Broin- 

r AW HENCE 1). 
^' I.;-. Broad 
Levin James F 

•ield (ale, 
Lon- D.J. .V Co. 1 3) LiiT'-oln 

\I AlloNEV \: KIKWIN, 
-'^ Xo'tli ,<-c pa'.'C i:i4) 
Maxwell i;. 11. 11 Broad 

>^|el <>i:\IICIv lillt.MAS, 

MiIU l>. r. .<: Vo. and Fr 
.Minon M. G. 1-: 

-^'-'- Blackstone 

ivin.s". Broad 
i.; (.-. nti-al whf. 

ench spirits) 
and 124 Knce- 

KELLEY, 191 

(VBKIEN J. 50 hndicott. ror-f. 
'-' Cro.;., 43 S. Marj:in,4t and ,-. 

O'Dea J. .t Co. 13 John 
Q'DONNELL P. 72 Endicott 

Os:.'ood & Macrath. 37 India^ 
OtUWm. C imi State 
Paicre E. & Co. 43 .t -H N. Mark- 1 
Patten James & Co. :;27 State 
Pecker Seth E. & Co. 3!l (•..innr •.: 
IVirce- C. -r. & Co. 1.-*; Black..:. • 
PERKINS & STERN. V>s i;,- 
-*- niont (California wims) 
Pierce Geo. B. .■^ Co. 42 
Pliilbrook & Tucker, lo:; B)., k- 

POTTER & FOSTER. Linco'.v. 
■^ cor. IvneelaTid 
■•- (bourborn whiske 

M. F. 


& c< 


^ Albany 

Richards C. A. & Co. W Wash. 

Richards Isaiah D. k Sous, •: 

Richardson Chandler R. .<; Co..; 

j^IORDAX WM. 115 Havtrhi.! 

Robinson T. W. & Bro. '.i Lindal! 
JUGGLES U. X. '.) John 

Shattuck E. G. & Co. 31 Central 
Sherman Bro.--. & Co. -^.34 Stat<- 
Simmcuds Geo. 'J Central wharf 
Smith J. D. & H. 55 and 57 .Mer- 

Smith T. L. 01 Clinton 
Snow T. & Son,.3.s F. Hall sq. 
Stearns C. N. & Co. 110 Lincoln 
Stevenson J. L. 2 F. H. siiuare 
niRACEY JOHN & C0..'-5 Broad, 
-^ InJ. Pearl, X. Y. and lO) Stat-, 

^yALKER A. W. e Cross 

WALSH JAMES, 17 and !•; 
''' Charlestown 

* ^ Blackstone 
AVeld A. II. C. Xorth Market 
Williams J. D. & M. 185 and 1'7 

Wood, Pollard, & Co. 102 Broad 

Ackland Thomas, 4 India wharf 
Ahern I). '.t-2 A 

Alden & Nickolson, lf>2 Comiiri 
Archarabeau P. 2.S1 Federal 
Armstrong 11. ',i2 Charle-'own 
Bacharch M. B. '.M Pleasant 
Ba::rlcy James, (Jl Northampton 
Balfo Thomas, 117 Fourth 
Ballou G. F. 1-40 Tremont 
Barrv M. .5.S.3 Second 
Bai-rV Das id, h'\ South 
Barton Jabez W. 41 CooL'rcss 
Battis John, .>0 Richmond 
Baxter James, G^d Harrison uve. 
Beller William, :.74 Shawmiit :•..•' 
Bellows & Harding, 3l Xort.i 

Bent J. 127 North 
Berrv Charles C. lO'.t Liverpool 
Bird'Johu. UNd Tremont 
Bi.xbv W..S: Co. IP; Blackstone 
Blanchard R. X. I4i! Fulton 
Boardman F.. .V.20 Com:i-ei=.s 
Blood A Raj.'i,do, 24 Brattle ^q. 
Brackett ,lanu-s, l:.s! .Meridian 
Bradford R. B. .>3 Elm 
Baidlev & Wvnian, '.i ', C 
Bradv J. C. .& Co. ltd Cainbrl!--e 
Bradv Thos. E.. Dover, n. M\'.-r.-: 
Bra.lV Thos. F. "/' Fifth 
Brannan Patrick J. ^0 Friend 
Breeii Daniel, ■.'.•2 Charles 
Brennau F. 4't South 
Breiuian, Leonard, iCo. 4l.'> ni-- 

Brew^ter Wilbur F. '.Mi Kneel 
Brock IL 105 Court 
Bropliv Thomas, .324 .<: 32<J N> 
Brort-n .«,; Co. loii Linc<3n 
Bueklev John. 1<^4 Washir.,-- 
Bufbaiik J. \: Co.'i India 
Bur.'.' JoM-ph,47I C..nimerc:' 
Buike.v Mooie, 20 Causcwa' 
Burb'V Charles, Dover, cor. 




Burndrett Jo.soph, h>2 Siimnn 
Biitterlev John X. rr, Sumner 
C:duU,h".hii .t Co. 152 Black-l 
Caldwell James, ^^l Nortiv 
CaliUan Malachi. i:H'.l 'frem.' 
Campbell F. •J»-3 and 2"S 1' 

Campb'eU H. 12 Fleet 
Cumpbell John. '.'I RichmoP.* 
Caiui>bell P. i Co. 'A) A 



I 3 

I \ 

A^-'-f^^i^eol^^-KoroseiiG C»!.^^!»SJ.!4';? 369 '^:'ii:^in^c^:^'^'^^- 





^vSNON .vrSlIN', 106 Endl- 

rj,:i, M I'tti-r, l.".S Endicott 

< .•.iiv V.y.U Ihiiu.ver 

. .IT \ . NV. 1-: Haverhill 

, •,,:<-ll ». ■-"' H'^-ard 

I jrr'-ll 1'- 1-"' ! TriiiKnit 

t i'!v J.iino-" i'. His Washiniiton 

. .rvVi. Clui-. Si Co. 1'-..-, liroiMl 

i^.. V Wrii. •-'■-» Krniidwav 

i'LAlM' OKOKia: 1'. :i :u d 11 

^- C.imbridi.-o (ste pa^L- ui',*; 

« Urk I, ••«■;«, i!") T'.-tt 

( ,.>vC:.n C.vo. A. •Jj;t\.-th 

t . .;iri rutrick.M Til.!;! wharf 

I 1. .1 K. li'» Caiii'-id-e 

I ,..!,[ n.lJl Cuinl.r„l-e 

I'ol.lJNS J. Si CD. Iv'l. 15t. and 

*- !-'■< llL'ich, ^.' South, andj-JiJ4 

(■,,i, Co. in4 Lincoln 
tonmllv John.'!-* F'tdcml 
1 ..iiiullv M. 11 i;u>tis 
t ui:'>r*J.U ir.) Haverhill 
r- k J.iiiR-^ .v. IJ*J Sumner. E.B. 
( 'OOI.KV DAXIEL,"! i "S Cen- 
'-^ Iml whiirt" 
(Vnhicv & Sminders, ">:^ Federal 

< .-r.'oi'an .M. i'S N,,uth 
('.>;u'!iliu Umiiel, :;i Travers 
(■ .lulilan Owen,,-) Wav 
(roil 111 Diiiids, \i:< Joiirth 
Cn.Ni)v William. !'.s Water 
Cr.-hy W. II. J_' lIo-*ard 
<ul;en .Iohn.'!.S Xorth snuare 

< utiiiiin>;8 Clias. D. 'U.i Treniont 
Cuiniuiiu's James, 1"..S >[ervi;iiac 
C'.ii.ttf B^ri.ard & Co. l^r Hamp- 

Currau Matthew, S.^S Cabot 
DtkmChas. M., Sumner, comer 

I) lit V John C. .a;2 Federal 
iiulv'j. r.t South 

i>iMS H. W. >t Co. V'7 Haverhill 
Davi-i John, 1"_'7'! Treinuiit 
i).i\i- J. T. & Co. -.T X. Market 
I)avifl .^ Gorman, 'J')T Broad 
i>uv Miihael F. 'J2 I'rovince 
I>-'irv D. 1.5 fleet J. S. & Co. ,-d:] Flanover 

■ind 4-.'.'> CommerL-ial 
I>.-cclieM. U.'Poitland 
!>. iiiiev Tliomui J. .-. B.-'vlston 
Jvrhv'.t Youui^. !<■•. Sr;i:"e 
li.-inond Timothv. r.M Ilarr. ave. 
i>. ver 11. :..' Endicott 
l>eviiK- .laims, It;-.' Fourth 
Devlin Patnci<,r4 Kiidieott 
DolL'e J. T. 1-:<S Broa.i'A-av 
|)oHFRTV M. .<k C<J. 7] Endi- 
*- cott, y];> North, and 1.3<J 

I>>)hertv Xeil .t Bros, r^-* Endicott 
;>'>lan E'lward, UH Alnmv 
I>>iaii J.ihn.rr llaxerhid " 
I>>m!iher Mi<-huel K. ■.'-' Lancaster 
l>'.nuhv F. :;■;•-• Fed tral 
H'Miovau I). J. lo.>4 Treniont 
r>'.uovan Jc.!in B. .•;4'> l\MltTal 
Iioixnau >L II. ".^^ ILirri.-on ave. 
l»>;ioviin 'limotln-, l)-.' Kneelaiid 
!'"«-d JmIiii,.-..-, iLniiT'deu 
L>-'wiiin>j Mortimer, -vi Uurche^.ter 

'> 'Vle I'utrick, 4'.'S llarri'^^n ave. 
I'l-.-coU M.J. .V. Lon^ whan 
Uurtv Owen, 5 North Square 
I'uiil.ur T. J. & Co. til ; Wii.h. 
I'urkee L. C. Vd Cau^tway 
I'vt-r & Simmons, i,i> Chari>-9 
E rai.-stou .t Sullivan, I-r Broad 
K iwanls E. S. iJl Dover 
Fdwards Win, i>i and 'w Cause- 
_ Wity 

Knier'ion Ahner J. "J Chapman pi. 
r.\<;i;i.HARDT >L i CO. .>^1 
^/ \Vu>hi.,L'ton 

l-nnis lumatius & Son, .i'l Yeomau 
i ail.n Jamos O. •'-:'■"• C<'nimircial 
fay Th-rnas J. 4".-; Fedcnd 
r inn Juwfs H. I< 4 Prince 
r'luieran T. •.''i Wjrrvii 
^it/i^iTold Aiithonv J., D, coruer 

fit.'patriek 'r. J. F.'l Broadway 
rn/oitrick .«k Calluhan, V4 Endi- 

[■■:-•-' Charles 11.4 Hvdf.rd 

Hmiii r)uiiiel F. li;4 Broadway 
• '.vnu JuTUfH J. 'Jii-.i F.-deral 
>^.viiu John N. It;-. Eliot 
F.:.v !». .-i-l-'.vhTal 
»"i-y Maurice, l."J Brvad 
poiUi J. M. 15.; and 1.:.^ Ftderal 

>;> ■"< A. H. .^ Co. 7'. Rowdoin .sq. 
{■ "fer W, H. :'.:, Treuiont 
["X John J, KM* Altianv 
1 rancis John, •-'02 North 

Franev FMwanl, 7-^ M ir:,'inal 
Fren. !, T. .t W, B. I'f, i;.y,han£;e 
Fm ..I1J5 Chaa. & (.D. >• Brattle 
G.-. i„'au i Ilacketl, Albany, cor. 

Gallivan John J. iC .Mbany 
Garrity .M. \S> Uiuiover 
Gurrity i liomas. '.)7 i Harrison av, 
Garvey IM- r, -J.".^ Sumner. E.B. 
(Jarvey Fi t.r A. 4l' Hanover 
Gas-iett L. I N. .Market 
Gately Bernard E., Neponsetave,, 

opp. hav j^cMles, ward hi 
Gately Tliomus, 1l'14 Tremont 
Gavin I'utnck. lo- .1 llurri.-^on uve. 
GeriiKlilv M.4J.'. Hanover 
Gill fc. LI J) Commercial 
Gl;in.:y J-hn, Ml Broad 
Gl:i-^et J. F. 14'; Diirch. are. 
Going Geo. H'! ("auseway 
GiK^<l John, lul') Harrison avenue 
Goodfellow Edward, LttO Dorchei- 

ter avenue 
Graham .lames, 124 Prince 
Gray i Fitield. -.'44 Commercial 
Green WiUlarn AV.t;.' Sumner 
Grirtin Dennis. l.V.' E<~ex 
Ha;?erty Daniel, Dorch. ave, near 

( ommercial, ward IC 
Ilalev Thi>ma.<. 'X> St.-ve7ith 
Ham'moiid .<: Howard, ID. Ilowr'd 
Hunev P. Thomas, hi Broailway 
Hamilton Jame«, 1V( Friend 
Hanley P. T. c!2 Kilby, and 17 

Hardinc O. S. 54 Brattle 
Harkins .fames, .'d Endicott 
Harkins M.J. .-..5 Endic-ft 
Harlow Thoma.s, 1 So. Market 
Hart C. -M North 
Hartmann M. r.ii.' VVashington 
Hartnett Patrick. 47 Eu^tis 
Hast Itine John R. I!!7 Wush. 
Hayn.9 Alhett G. C. l".)? Harr. av, 

corner Castle 
Ilavward 11. .A., C7d Washington 
Heal V John, 17:.' Eliot 
Henii.'?sv W,1:J4 Fourth 
Heron J." C.IO' Eliot 
Hill J. S.HT Kneeland 
Hohart 5; Chandler, hi State 
Holland I). J. .'is Broadway 
Holmes C. K. -Jo! I'ortland 
Horsan Daniel J. t;.'l B'wav 
Houirhton Chas. lo'; North 
Howard Joi\n, Broad way, cor I 
Howe Frank. 174 Friend 
Hughes E. ■")'' Eastern avenue 
Hughes F. M. ;•; E.'^nex 
Hurlev Williiuii. li'4 Beach 
Inelis'Thonias. ;il Tremont 
Jones John, '.'4 Portia, d 
Jones W. H. & Co. o71 Conim'l, 

and "24 State 
Kee.-e .Micl\ael, .S7 Albany 
Keeie Richard, Fourth, cor. B 
Keeler C. P. l.v; Blackstone 
Keenan Thomas, [xi Merrimac 
Kellev William, li;4 Prince 
Kennev Edward, i; Station 
Kenney J. W. ]J^) Tremont 
Kennev Neil, '.'.j Charlestown, and 

Kirwin John, Itt; North 
Kniiiht H. T. & Co. li>s Comm'l 
Kenne\ T. "Jiti Norfolk avenue 
Lallv J. P. Jt Son, oSl Harr. ave. 
Lambert D. P. his Commercial 
Deary T. J. IG Tremt^nt 
Leavitt James. 1S7 Dorch. ave. 
Leo James, 7t) Lincoln 
Leen .Michael, l.">i> Merrimac 
Lennon Nathaniel. "J India whf. 
Leonanl Christopher, 5(X) Com- 
I.imeri.k T. '.'India wharf 
Lo^'tin Bros & Clarke. :'jVT Harri- 
son ave., cor. Dover 
I.ouiider .Iohti,,')4 Border 
T I TZ EDWARDot CO. 7 Brim- 
*^ mer place 
Lvnih Martin. Albany, c. Union 

Lyons 11. M. I."S Cambridge 
Lyons M. hA Merrimac 
Lvo'is Timorhv , ].">/'. Tremont 
Maild.-n I'.ttrick, t:.") Harri.--.on av. 
Madden WilHaMi, .;-.l Harr. ave. 
Mi-uire Jam.H, I .Mar-iual 
Muv'nire P. 04 P;tts 
Ma-uire Thomas, 47 Border 
Mah^r -t C.i-.-v, 11^ Kneeland 
Mahonev J.vniVs. ;'.4.; Hanover 
Muhon.v ,1. '.'o; North 

MMIiAKY .<!: KimVIN, 'y.i 
North i^.e pa.'.' i.,Ui 
Mai!,warrin_', 11, r:'.'.j Wash. 
Miil'V:- l.dwaid, -.v.; Comm'l 
Mivnnini; .Jaim.-s, '.■<; W. Cant.m 
Marsh Wm. H. :iii-_' Commercial 
.Marten \ Davis, D'n ,>«t.ire 
Martin Richard, IS Portland 

Martii Geo. B. 7 Bromfield 
Mathie.i R. 1). \w. rrieml 
Maxwell R. v: (.'j;a-lon 
Maynard.-,: Boswurth, 4 Bowdoin 

M.t aim V. U. 1?.H WaoliitiRton 

McCarthy Da-iiel, \.):t Kneeland, 

ami hV> 1-1 .k-tone 
McCarthv i;uLr.ue .Mrs, 4'.) Border 
McCarthv M. .'.; Haverhill 
.MeCartyDani. I, 1 :". Kiu.dund 
McCarthy J.r, -ni ,h, 4sj ( omin'l 
McClusk.v .V .Npiii^.Hi, ;^.' Fed'l 
McCormick .1 .: , -. ,: : ll.oiover 
ArcCOilMh K ,l.)li.\ .,vj North 
-'•'^ and -JO !■ !, .t 
YlcCORMlCK T. -J* Fleet (see 
-'■'•*■ paire t;>j ) 

McDevitt D. 17 r.Hwi.-i, E.B. 
McDevitt John, -i Cross 
."NIcDevitt .^ (;alli-un, •_'.•! Lewis 
McDonald Br .s. l.V, Eliot and 18!> 

McDonnell lluc;h, 141 .Merrimac 
McDoiiou^'h Michael i Co. 21 

Eastern avenue 
McElroy J. \. ll-i'l Tremont 
.Mi.(iatH;,'an GL.irv:e. 4*; Stillman 
McGarty Ja^l^s, iti'.ii Blackstone 

and iL'li Tremont 
McGlinelvv A. 172 Friend 
MeGonngle.Folui, 111 Urond 
.McGowan .^'W-, .:■.', S^l^'ni 
McGowan P.itriek, .".4 E. Dedhatn 
McGradv J. U. iv, Uroad 
AlcHUGH JOHN B., Castle. 
-'-*-'- corner Wa-iimu'ton 
McKeon Join,.'-.' Cross 
McLauf^hliu John, 171> Dorchester 

McLaughlin John, Commercial. 

cor. Hanover 
Mc Alan us P. .K> Cooper 
McNamara .Mu tin, l"..' Canal 
McNeil C:,roline, :!1 Flmt 
.McSiieii Deiims ."li 1 Il.irrisnr ave. 
McShillVev iiern ird, 1','" Endicott 
-'-'-'- Harrison av. 
McTamney Roarers, tiij Harrison 

Mealey J. 44 Prince 
Meehan James, '.;'.') Friend 
Merrill Parker, l.'.-r Wash. 
Miller John, l.s.i .<: il.S 11 mover 
\rOONEY .<: KELLEY, l»i 
Moore R..b-,t,id En.licott 
Moore i Wilson, IP.-.', Wash. 
Morsan & Swerrev, .;j7 Meridian 
M<;riartv J. P. '."J tloward 
Mor H P., River, above Norfolk, 

ward lii 
Morse Ro!)crt M. .'li Fulton 
Moseley Wm. A.'i'.'i Dorch. ave. 
Mullane P. L'.Vl Federal 
Mullen A. 47J I'retmmt 
Mullin Colman Mrs. dl) Harri.son 

Murphy E.ilo Federal 
.Miirph'v J. F. l•^; Cambridi^ 
Mnrrav Jamr<. 14.". Du.lley 
Murray .M. H. s Guild row 
Nusle "G. Ill Iliv.-rhill 
Nairlfc J..V Co. 47 Lincoln 
Na-le Patrick J. Ks Eliot 
Nich.ds F. A. -t Co. 1.' Broad 
Nichols Wm. I'l Central square 
Norton Bernanl. I~-Jl \Va.shington 
Norton John. 17 '^S Washmi^tori 
Noiton P. l.>-. Plii.-kstoue 
Norton Thonias. 7 Hampden 
n'RHIFN J..-." En.licott, corner 
'-' Cro^s, 4; S... M a-.du, ti and 4tf 

Q'BRIEN J. N. "■:■: Federal 

O'Brien Michael, .riS Wash. 
O'Brien T. 4 lewis 
n'Brvau D. lui Broidwav 
O'Connor 1). ><: T. I,"/l Leverett 
O'Connor A IJro. L.i South 
U'Donnell P. 7.' Fioiieott 
( ("Hare Jcsoph. •Jo^ Commercial 
Oliver GeOrL'e W. 4."' (.'oii'Tesa 
0'N-eilJ..mes,'j7 S.,o.h 
O'N. il Patrick, l.'j Broadway 
O'Ned .<. Co. .■i7 Lincoln 
<»'.Vei!l Jim.s.Ni Leno.x 
Ormami J. F. S-'. Hnward 
Owens .Mit(he«-, 111 .Merrimac 
Patterson A: D-hcrty, l.yj Prince 
Peak Philip, .".J K.-a'di 
Pearce <ie"i-.-, iT.; X,,rth 
IVttink'ill V. ]■ 1. ; 1 , ; 
Ph.nn.'V J. 1! . . r. ■),,;. lereial 
PitJoau Curti-. 11 1. Irrii 
nor rER.»i M>s l ii;. Lincoln. 
■»• cor. Kneeland 
Prescolt Cinrhs W. :i7 Ea-tern a\-. 
Pye ll''!uv, ■■•-■■' Ci.m.nercial 
Qualter- 1'.. C. I'^ii Fnion 

loiH.e».;iU uf <jraS ± IXtUreS, utl«>\vpric«v«. OUJ street. 






« Liqrtnrs, WincM, ttc.—cont'mne'l. 

Rav k Co. 104 Cnnal 

]^1:AGAN' M. F. & CO. 7 Albany 

Real Michael J. L'J Travcrs 
Kf-an Piitriok. +;s Commercial 
R.vaii \V. n. .W Klni 
Rcyiio!d» I'ctiT, l-t.'^ Pleasant 
Kiec James, \W M-'ticli 
Ricbanl;* C. A..<. to. ;.■.> Wnsh. 
Rifhard-on Win. M..',» Inion 
Kilev M.iiirice ' ). Ii;n |il„, 
I^IOllDAX \V.\I. ll,j liavwrliill 

RiiisJolui, 'JJ.') 
Roach Kiclinrd, :>: Snl-m 
Robertson (ieon:!', Jt C"ur\er 
Roilderi Daniel, ■-"-; Causc\fav 
Roddeii liii-h. l'^J Cau-cway' 
R<,wcll H. V. -Ji li-avtTs 
Ryan .1. 7.' Dorch. av,-. 
Ryan .TaiiU'S E. tjro Wash. 
Rvan Wni. 0.' KnethuKl, aiul 83 

Sanborn A. H. 6 Chardon and 6 

Court avenue 
Sandera .Fosepli, l.Vi Rrond 
Sawt.11,1. C. Vl\ Can!t)ri(itre 
Scanlou Ji>hn, •_'44 CornnuTcial 
Scannnell Daniel. S^^i Conniri 
Scolt John F. r,i Lor.;: wharf 
Scott M. 11-; Knoeland 
Sears C. A. 117 llavL-rhiU 
Scaver Chri.stian, lis Cambridge 
Shea J:m!U'.s,i>; South 
Shea James 1). & John, 4i; and 4S 

Shea John, o.'o Federal 
Shea Uichard, ^7 .Maverick 
Shetlian H. ll<) K-ex 
Shet-han John, M Soutli 
Shells Wni. 41S Commercial 
Sherburne J. A. '.*'.' State 
Siinonds I'arker, o4 Province 
Siinond"! T. F. Jt Bro. >'" .Mer.-imac 

and >i Traver.s 
Smith F. L. ti'. Maverick .sq. E. B. 
Smitli 11..',.-. .Meriimac 
Smith J. D. 57 .Merriuiac 
Smith J. S. lis N'orth 
Speidel Leopold, Water cor. Wash. 
St<:inkrau=s Cliarlea L. luj Port- 
Stevens Frank, J-J Howard 
Stevens T. J. (• Cumbiidie 
Stevenson J. L. •-' F. II. sijuare 
Stowell -v; I'o. ■;" Sudbury 
Stuart C. L'lS Friend 
Suf.'rue Cornelius, :W South 
Sullivan \I.:ls So\ith 
cri.LIVAN JAMES, 51 and i3 
^ Line. !n 

SuUi\an rimothv,i>4 Broad 
"^ niercial 

Taff 'Ihomas, lo7 Black.stone 

Teeven James, O^J Church, and ?Al 

Shnwniut ave. 
Tieri.ev M.:.".* Merchants row 
Th..inp<-.n John, l':o North 
HMMONV J. P. L'<i7Fedei2l and 
-•• .':< East 

Trickey J. B. S4 Charltstown 
Turner Samuel, 1-Jl Haverhill 
I'rback Wm. A. ."l M. rrinmc 
Wade John F. 112 Kneeland 
Waicott llarrv, 'Ji Harrison ave. 
WaUi A. P. :;4 i:im 
Walker A. S. 17 No. .Market 
Walker J. T. ."'i Salem 
^,y ALSlI J. 17 .<: IS Cliarlestown 

\U A L S H .MICHAEL, 174 
'* BlAckstone 
Walsh Jolin W. :.r.v B'.o>Mini 
Waj..h William, 1.-.7 Leverett 
W:,rd Patrick. 1.:; CharU-town 
WMiite James P. l.^' i Dorrh. ave. 
White Jivlin, UU Kiiceiand, and 

ll'i .\ll.anv 
Wildcr.vCo. 40 Lincoln T. P. IS-, Hlackstonc 
Wo,k1. Pollard, ."t Co. td Devon- 
W..^.d» Jolin. ss Portland 
W..rf .-ter \\\u-vt \V . .-i Creen 
Wori,,-.v....d II, OS, !,-s>f.te 
Ytat.-n K. 11. s7 Si.<Un,ry 
YounL- I. F. .t (. o. Vi; luion 


A KM- I IloXt;, M. i.El.LAX. 
-^*- \- M:I i:.\, 1-. Howkir 
IJlFFt MID, ). MEN 11. 4,^J Wash- 

Crtrt V.'.V. 71 .Milk 
(JLAXTO.V E. L. 1711 Trtmont 

Cobb F.Whitney, -! School. r"ni ."tl 
Cro8by Ciias. H. -v Co. 4'> Water J. H. 91 Wa-^hinirton 
POKltKS W. H. ,<; CO. l.'/i 
^ in-ton 

Lonct. How H. W. .*<!) Franklin 
j)^J[AVEK JELIES >t CO. 4 State 

Mnrrav AleTandcr IL.S !{romheM 
New En:rland Litho-ra{diic Co. 

h";' Summer 
pU.VXG L. .Hi CO. -.'ISL' Washing- 

l>lc'll'.\IlDS. EVANS, & CO. 
^^ 114 W,i,l,:r,..„n 
Toni|H(,n John O. jr. 2IS-J Wash. 
Trociisler .V. x Co. IsC Wash. 

]L.itho(;rapl)lc I'rinters. 

TiEFFOKD JOHN H. 4'.K) Wash- 
•^-^ in-ton 


l;;i Court Csce pa^'e 701; 

I^obster Ileuleri^. 

Cook Robt., Thavers Hotel 
Coolcv i>. .<: C. E.. Cra-ie's brid-re 
Johnson i Youm;, Warren bridi^e 
Parsons & Co. 4! and 45 Commer- 
cial wliarf 
Weeks J. S. & Co.. foot People's 

Ferry ave. 
Young James A. if; Dorch. ave. 

Lock .Manuructiii'ers. 

T3 0ST0N Lock CO. J. P. Hav- 
■^ nes. treas , III Wareham 
Branford Lock Works. B. Callen- 

dcr & Co. agents, sj Fe(if-ral 
j-lAML. M. I.-.S Portland (prison 
■^-^ cell do, r lock, see pa-c 7o.;i 
^'- liury (trunk) 
■^^ Edwards & Kershaw, li and 

13 Green 
TC)THROP GE(J. B. & CO. 30 

-^ E.xriK.n-e 

McPHEKSOX E. M. I,S State, 
■^ ( bank and safe, see p;it'e 7i)4) 
VaSHI'A lock CO., C. B. 
"•^ Hill, treas., 1::'.) Federal 

Robinson E. 4 Washintjton 
Squaires C. •_'.' State ( bank i safe) 
Treniont S ife and .Machine Co. 40 

School (bank and safe) 
U. S. Lock Co. Dickerman & Farris, 

agents, 5.5 Devon, (permutation) 

l..ooks and Knobs. 

-''* Ilavnes, treas., i;» Wareham 
-'-' and ■.■o Dock >qaare 
T OTHUt.)P (,Eo. B. & CO. 30 
-^ E.xehange o'lanufs.) 

l..oek»iiilths, <i:e. 

•^ Havms, treas., I'J Wareham 
Beckford E. S. 5 Ueach 
Benwuv (ieor^je W. si lilossom 
-'-' \Vash. 

Burlev 1-. G.L'S Pleasant 
(^^iH.VDWlCK A. 11. 124 Dover 

Ch-mdier S. S. 117t; Wash. 
CotHn G. S.3;» .Mercliants row 
Davis C. Francis. 4-' Elm 
Edwards C. O. .;-• Faiieuil H. sq. 
Francis .\. J. hi Chapmun place 
Gill .M. D. & Co.:.o i'.,-v,..rly 
(iilinan Wm. E. 121 Court 
Gre.'orv Harrv 'l'. .-,1 ' Cou-rcss 
Hull K. P. (,. .-.ii F.merson 
Hall Wm. .«c Co. jr Dock sq. 
H.rritv John, l.s. Kndieott 
llAIUlol) BENJ. C. 4s<) Tre- 
H I! A. X. 32 Sotith 
|£ORAN UROS. I2'n» Wash. 

J.inx-. Geo. E. 10 >raverick 9(i. 

I oTilKoP GEO. B. & CO. 30 

'^ Ex'-!,an-e 

Lvon .MaftheW, .s;> Bonier, E.B. 

.Mellen W.J. 2 Federal 

-Merrill Lemuel, 7 Water 


^ Washington 

Pr:itt Henrv, r,.- Dndh'V 

Hahaidson J. li Prni.'e 

It.ovi- .\. E. :<: Co.-i W;;sh. 

Solhcrv C. G.L'f.i EM'hangc 

Strnrns .Vmos O, .■)2 lirattle 

Sti l)liin« Oliver F., Uerkelev [opp. 

Wurn-n uvc 
(..;i'E\ENS GEO. W. 51 Mer- 
•^ rimac 

Thuxter J. R. H Harrison nvc. 
Tuck, rman (J. W. :m s,,,,!!,' 
Wh.:a..n M. 4 N.i. Kn--,;l 
Willcntf ,<: Th.ixt.T, .-...; \V,..;h 
W,„„luard J.inn-, 7 I'r. nti,. 
Young Jo>rph, \v*\ Court 


^^ W01{KS, .-,-,2 Harris.,,. ... . 

f..o4-oii)otive 'I'iiM'H. 

A P POTT >t HO W AHI) ■; 
^^ Oliv.r ■ ■ 

'PAYLOK PROS. & CO., Joif\ 
■^ B. TAIT, agent, in (>:,.. , 
(see front colored [lagc) 

ItOokina-OlitAHen »fc I*l< - 
tiii-e Ki'iiiiieH. 

"RARTLETT W. C. i ( o. [<■ 

" Tremout 

Brai:2 H. IL 21 and 2.'! Portlan.l 

Br.wsfer Wm. A. ti! Eastern av. . 

i:? HOOKS w. p. B. i CO. ;.; 


nOCHKAN S. & CO. 4tl Tr. • 

^ mont 

n ON A NT ALBERT .1- CO. 1 : 

^ Hanover 

Davenport A. :\L .'^- Co. 2S Corn;. !'. 

"nOIXlE, COLLIER, ,^ I'll;. 

^ KINS, 1'5>eep.' i, 

Dunham I. P. S7 Causewav 


-^ 121 Court (.-ee pajre 7.M) 

Gonsalvo & Keid, i) Bov.-ker 

Gray J. J. .i Province court 

Ilali S. KM Su<lburv 

jJ^ASKELL & ALLEN, 14 ILi:.- 

Hendrickson Chas. E. 10 Canui. 

andO Merrinuic 
T A W ]{ E N C E. W I L V) K. .v 
^ HELL, 42 to 4S Cornlull 
Malonv P. Ml Wi.shinLrton 
\rEYER CHAS. E. & CO. 7ai..! 
•^'-*- S Holmes block, Havrnari;.: 


square (see nase "-si,) 
OULTOX B; S. 13 Hanovt 

Poinier Chas. P. & Co. fill Cornhi'.l 
Ross & Hatchmon, Wash. 
CAKGENT CHAS. H. 0.) C.)rn- 
1^ hill 

Sinclair Duncan D. 31 Bovlstoii 
Smith Henrv Q. .3i; Wash.' 
Sowle J<.hn & Co. 5!»i and .iis Hii.'- 

risori avenue and s.i Hanover 
Strombers F. C. 55 Hanover 
qMlO.MPSON & CO. SOO Wush- 
■*- uiirton 

Wachtel P. .341 Hanover 
WAKE GEO. \N. & CO. I'.' 

»^ Ti.-mont 

** Bor.ler (see pace fif4) 
Wbitten .<^ Cottin, 21;* N..rth 

^^ Washington 
Wright Adam, V) Bowkcr 

I.oiini;e Aljimir*. 

pOHERTY P. -IS Beveriy 

Farren Dfnnis, 78 Merrimac 
QRAVES J AS. G. ^', Blacks;. ii« 

Lacount E. D. .37\ ITaverliill 

l<f>zeiiue .^laiiutn. 

fllASE A CO. 110 and Ho C ■ ■ - 
^ ..ress.-e.. page-;;.;;) 
AT A RJ O 11 A .M J. W. W. •- 
^'-'- Haverhill (see page»^3! 

Assumption l.e.ui Co. r> Central 

Abbott E. B. U Stati-(n_-ent) 
AUt n v>i Fiirrar, {M State vsouthem 

ne:irM- Owen .<: (^1. -.K*^ Fe.lera! 
1>ISPH.VM JOHN F., Coioi: .r- 
-*-•' c;:d ut^poMtr I'a.k, «ard \-> 
Bhiii.har.i W. S. fs State 
Bond Thomas, ;t2 Etica 
Burrell, P..nd. i Co.. I is-t. n. V 
(M.APK i LEATHEHiil-'-. 
^ Albany, opposite Di.;; •'• 
and Albcnv, opposite l ' :•' 
(t;ee pa-e .WJ) 
Clark & Smith, Beverlv cur,<r 

Tra\ ers 
Clifton J. tj. .\.. Mav. rick «iu:f. 

v.. I! , M,,,| nil Stat.- 
(U .M.MIXGS. KFXXEY.& d'. 
^ (huiilwood;, 22 State 

U-aS XripeS rei.aiii<l, iVieterS „horliiotl<e, Xi, 11 a<iJ» %V.i-Jwiik»«'ii 



Curtis Goo., Albany, cor. Chester 

Curtis Wm. 'Jt> Eustis 

I>rew I. G. 'A> Coii?rc-9 (commia- 

Du(>-c ,T>)lin, .^',> Franklin 
Durham J. J. & Co., Xortliampton 

EDUV BROS. Park, c. Adams. 

K'n-rv liiram,!'" Doane 

Fl' uii'n-' .<■ Cf>. Ill Stute 

Flint .t lliiil, .-t Kilhy 

FosttT, Sh;i/c'v,X:C>i. I') Doane 

Fiirber & l!:iil'jv, !"l Lehisii 

Ganliicr !■:. J Utith 

(;<.o.lni'W- .I'lSi'iih. -,t4 Cansfwav 

Hamin .^ uhmiit itros. Jt.' Alttuny 

IUwo> Wm.;;i«M;,.mnri 

IIi-.>ov i- M;i-oii. .', Comm'l S. A. & Co. ]7 Bc.wkcr 

Hopkins Franklin, i) Merchanta 

Howland .t Douu'htv, •>.' State 
Uiickin- P. S. & J. !$. i;«l Border 
Hiinterstowa Lumber Co.,